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Why We Occupy Discussions & Actions For those who feel unrepresented by and alienated from their social institutions, the Occupy Movement provides a space for the 99% to assemble, meet likeminded people, and have their voices heard on any number of specific societal issues. The many who have joined the Occupy Movement do so as individual citizens, gathering into issuespecific discussion groups with the intention of developing specific actions. This action, the Occupy The Rose Parade & New Year’s Day Summit!, is focused on three specific action issues:

Get the Money Out of Politics End Corporate Personhood Stop the Foreclosures

Occupy New Year’s Day Summit! Sunday, January 1, 2012 (Memorial Park Hours 6:00am–10:00pm)

Meet Action Issue Experts 10:00am–12:00pm @ Memorial Park

Discussion on Economic Accountability 12:00pm–2:00pm @ Memorial Park

Press Conference on Foreclosures

3:00pm–6:00pm @ All Saints Church

Occupy the Parade Route (No Tents) All Night @ Colorado Boulevard

Occupy The People’s Parade! Monday, January 2, 2012

Peoples Parade Lineup 5:00am–8:00am @ SW Courner of California Blvd & St. John Ave

Assemble 99% Floats, Banners, and Signs 6:00am–8:00am @ Singer Park

The Rose Parade

9:30am–10:30pm @ Colorado Boulevard

Occupy The Rose Parade

11:00pm–2:00pm @ Pasadena City Hall (East Holly St.)

8:00am–10:00am @ Colorado Boulevard

The Peoples Parade Post Parade Rally


Rose Parade& New Year’s Day Summit!

Discussion on Faith-Based Institutions

What role do Faith-Based Institutions play in light of the Occupy Movement, the Global Economic Crisis, and the Peoples’ uprisings around the world?

Map & Schedule


2:00pm–2:30pm @ Memorial Park

and two specific discussion topics:

In light of the bailouts, the bonuses, the fees, and the foreclosures, what accountability do Economic Institutions owe to society?


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All Saints Church Pasadena City Hall Memorial Park Singer Park Memor’l Pk Stat’n Del Mar Station Fillmore Station Lake Station

The Pasadena Rose Parade has a long history both as an American tradition, and with hundreds of thousands in attendance and millions of viewers across the globe, as a platform for countless peoples’ rights movements over the years. This year, New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday, so in keeping with tradition, the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade will be held on Monday, January 2nd, leaving Sunday, January 1, 2012 for the Occupy New Year’s Day Summit! As we celebrate the passing of one year and the beginning of another, anyone and everyone interested in discussing the Occupy Movement, its events and successes in 2011, its direction and future in 2012, should gather at Pasadena Memorial Park for an all day summit. (park hours are from 6am–10pm). Activists and issue-specific experts will be on hand to discuss the real issues of the 99%, the current state of the Occupy Movement, and the various ways that individuals can take Action on their concerns. In coordination with Pasadena City Officials and the Tournament of Roses, Occupy The Rose Parade has been working tirelessly in preparation of taking part in the festivities. And as always, following the last “official float,” ALL are welcome to take part in the-parade-after-the-parade, what is now known as The People’s Parade!

Get Money Out of Politics

End Corporate Personhood

Stop Foreclosures

Corporate money has corrupted our Democracy

In politics, money has truly become the root of all evil.

Occupy Against Foreclosure

Exhibit A is our depressed economy: between 1998 and 2008, Wall Street investment firms, commercial banks, hedge funds, real estate companies and insurance conglomerates made $1.725 billion in political contributions to elected officials of both parties in Washington, D.C., and spent another $3.4 billion on lobbyists. This overwhelming financial juggernaut was aimed at eliminating federal regulation of the financial industry – laws that had been in place since the Great Depression to prevent speculation, abusive lending practices and banks becoming “too big to fail.”

There have been many attempts to limit the ability of corporations to empty their treasuries on behalf of candidates and causes who will contribute to their bottom line. Indeed, after every national scandal, public outrage has forced lawmakers to impose restrictions on corporate donations and lobbying. But a series of court decisions gradually whittled away those laws on the ground that spending money on lobbyists and elections is exercising “freedom of speech” and therefore protected by the U.S. Constitution.

It worked. As we explain in “Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America,” the financial industry got what it wanted from Washington. Then, when the industry collapsed, driving the American economy into a ditch, Wall Street ran back to Washington. Hundreds of firms got bailouts that grew to trillions of dollars, paid for by—who else—American taxpayers. The rest of us got nothing. No help for our mortgages, our credit cards, our college loans. One out of ten Americans can’t find a job. One of four American families have lived in poverty over the last few years. People have lost their homes, their life savings, their health, their pride and their confidence. Meanwhile, the Wall Street CEOs whose jobs we rescued are making more money than ever before. Our elected officials don’t pay attention to regular Americans because we don’t supply them with the money they need to get elected.

Street Addresses for Event Locations All Saints Church 132 North Euclid Avenue

Memorial Park Station 125 East Holly St.

Pasadena City Hall E Holly St between Marengo & Garfield

Del Mar Station 230 S. Raymond Ave.

Memorial Park Raymond Ave. & Walnut St. Singer Park California Blvd. & St. John Ave.

Fillmore Station 95 Fillmore St. Lake Station 340 North Lake Ave.

The final blow to our democracy came in 2010, when the United States Supreme Court declared that corporations have the same rights as human beings under the First Amendment. The infamous case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, ignited a firestorm of criticism. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the right of corporations to spend money to influence elections, even covertly, and to give money and gifts to politicians for the purpose of influencing their votes, is protected by the First Amendment and cannot be limited or regulated. The Supreme Court’s decision has unleashed a tidal wave of corporate money, often undisclosed, into our elections, one that has drowned out the voices of average Americans and turned our country into an aristocracy in which the People are taxed for the benefit of the powerful elites that run Wall Street and Washington.

Are you facing foreclosure? Is the bank refusing to work with you on a loan modification? Is the bank trying to steal your home? Are you facing eviction? Thousands of families face foreclosure daily.

Occupy LA wants to help you! The City of Los Angeles may have evicted Occupy Los Angeles (OLA) from their encampment but we want to help Angelinos fight banks from doing the same to their families. OLA is a movement that is committed to stand with homeowners. We will fight to save your home. Please contact us. Banks are not playing fair and families are suffering. Banks are continuing their push to take the homes from the people even when many of them clearly qualify for loan modifications. In many other cases, the banks do not have the paperwork or the documents. Or they have manufactured, distorted, or fraudulently used questionable documents to steal homes from the American families.

We will fight to save your home.

All Americans – no matter what your political beliefs – will lose if this Supreme Court decision stands. Our own freedom of speech under the First Amendment is negated when corporations with vastly greater resources start exercising their “freedom of speech.” The only way to stop this nightmare and restore the rights of Americans is to pass a 28 Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Here’s the Amendment we propose: “The protections of the First Amendment that apply to the spending of money on lobbying and elections, whether by contributions, expenditures or otherwise, shall extend only to human beings.”

Contact us at: Photo: Jared Iorio

Occupy the Rose Parade & New Year's Day Summit!  
Occupy the Rose Parade & New Year's Day Summit!  

Occupy the Rose Parade & New Year's Day Summit! from Sunday, January 1st to Monday, January 2nd, 2012.