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high-quality products and services for our customers while giving them the lowest price possible.” Running a business is a lot of work, Dela Peña said. “I want to make a difference as a Christian businessman,” Dela Peña said. “I started this business not only to make money, but also to gain influence. I know if I gain influence, people will listen. I want to use the influence to inspire people to live a life of purpose.” Dela Peña said some people think immigrants like him are stealing jobs.

“There is an immigrant here that wants to do business and help people here,” Dela Peña said. In a few years, Dela Peña is hoping to travel back to the Philippines to teach people screen-printing and share his

knowledge. “I believe if you give people fish, they will eat for a day,” Dela Peña said. “If you teach them how to fish, they will feed for life.”

Six Scoops Ice Cream Furlong cousins start ice cream shop in Oswego


ix young ladies have gotten a head start on making extra money for college by recently opening Six Scoops Ice Cream in Oswego. Laurin, 17; Hailey, 16; Elizabeth, 11; Emilie, 11; Clare, 8 and Caroline Furlong, 6, a few years ago thought about opening a side business like an ice cream truck or a hot dog stand to have extra money for college. They also wanted to have a business for the girls of the Furlong family, since their dads own businesses in the area, notably Furlong Properties, a business that maintains rental properties for students and the general public in Oswego. “We wanted a business, and this year we decided to crack down and finally open the business,” Hailey said. “We wanted to get a feel for what this is like and how to be a business owner.” Six Scoops Ice Cream is located at 220 W. Seneca St., near SUNY Oswego. They rent the property from a family member who used it as an office space before. “The location we’re in is ideal,” Laurin said. “We knew here we would get a lot of business because of how many cars drive through here daily.” Hailey said they wanted to stay within their local community and purchase ice cream from local suppliers to give back to the community. The girls said as business owners, they’ve learned that it is hectic. “You need to communicate a lot and you have to learn that you can’t please everyone,” Laurin said. “You also need to be a team. It’s a good thing we’re


Furlong cousins in Oswego in front of their new business, Six Scoops Ice Cream. From left are Hailey, Emilie, Clare, Caroline, Elizabeth, Laurin. doing this as a family and have the experience from our family as well.” Laurin said the girls would have been unable to do it without their family. Since the business opened, Hailey said it has expanded from ice cream to other novelties, including ice cream sandwiches and cakes. They are now experimenting with items like ice cream nachos. Now that Hailey and Laurin went off to college, Elizabeth and Emilie are in charge; when they go to college, Clare and Caroline will take over. “We hope to build the family aspect in,” Hailey said. “We want to attract OSWEGO COUNTY BUSINESS

more families.” There are 17 employees at the ice cream shop, which are mostly high school and college students. “Anything is possible,” Laurin said. “Looking at people our age, I never would expect them to open a business, and I wouldn’t expect myself to open a business.” Being young business owners, it gives the girls the experience and room to grow. “Even last year, I would have never thought I would have owned a business at 16,” Hailey said. “Being so young and being able to do this gives us experience as to what it’s really like. We’re lucky to have this opportunity.” OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018

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ISSUE 158 October/November 18  

ISSUE 158 October/November 18  

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