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Born in SoCal and inspired by the beach life, Tuesday Cycles makes quality bicycles for the lovers, the dreamers and really rad people. True to its SoCal roots, the Tuesday lineup is full of bright and boldly colored cruiser and pavement bikes designed for a carefree and laid-back ride whether you’re headed down the strand to the beach, or across town to your local coffee shop.



Touch Down Geometry Tuesday bikes are defined by Touch Down Geometry, a technology unique to our brand. “TDG� is embedded in the custom Tuesday frame designs and strategically places the seat and pedals in the ideal position for a noticeably more comfortable ride. Go ahead and give it a try, Tuesday is the real deal.






See how the seat is on an angle so that it is lower and closer to the rear tire? This helps you sit upright.

2. Ideal leg extension. No high knees, no stretching for the pedal. 3. Easy foot-to-ground contact. In a pinch and need to stop? Put your foot down! 4. Tuesday extra-wide handlebars help you sit upright, remain comfortable and let you to take in all of the views while riding.




What’s the difference?

March Ideal Use


Handle Bars

To and from the beach is still cool, but the March has features that make it great for riding on streets and sidewalks as well. Run errands, go grab coffee or meet up with friends!

Slightly more narrow Tuesday Comfort 2.0� Tires allow for a bit more control and agility for riding on streets or in traffic.

Tuesday Comfort Bars on the March are narrower than a cruiser bar. They keep you sitting upright for comfort, but allow for increased agility in traffic while taking up less space.


Both bikes feature TDG.

June Ideal Use


Handle Bars

To the beach, from the beach, strand by the beach, or on the beach! The cruisers are designed to be super comfortable and very laid back.

Wide Tuesday Big Roll 2.35” Balloon Tires can handle the sandy strand with ease and without slipping or skidding.

Extra-wide Tuesday Cruiser Bars keep you sitting upright with arms stretched out comfortably, ideal for taking in those seaside views and salty ocean air. It’s all about slow rollin’ and taking in the views.


Pave me nt

Tuesdaycyc l e s .com

March Comfort is King — or Queen. Either way the Tuesday March and its plush ergonomics will have you feeling like royalty on wheels.



March / Womens

March 1 Low Step / 1-Speed

March 7 Low Step / 7-Speed • • •

Com for t 6061 -T 6 Allu minu m Frame w/ Touch- D ow n Te chno lo gy Shim ano Tour ney 7 Speed Doub le -Wall 26” All oy Rims , 14 g St ainle ss Sp oke s, Fro nt & Rear A lloy Q /R H ub s

March / Mens

March 7 7-Speed • • •

Com for t 6061 -T 6 A llu minu m Frame w/ Touch-Down Te chnology Shim ano Tourney 7 Speed D oub le -Wall 26” Alloy Rims , 14 g Stainles s Spo kes , Fro nt & Re ar Alloy Q /R H ubs


Tuesdaycyc l e s .com

June The June cruiser will steel your heart with a custom Tuesday cruiser frame embedded with TDG. Available with 7-speeds.


Cr u i se r

June / Womens

• • •

H i -Te nsile OS Ste e l Fr am e w/ Touch-Down Techno lo gy Sh i m a no Tourney 7 Sp e e d D ou b l e -Wall 26” Alloy R ims , 14 g Stainles s Spo kes , Fro n t & Re ar Alloy Q /R H ubs

June 7 Low Step / 7-Speed



Living off coffee and sunshine


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Tuesday Bicycles dealer book Australia