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Newsletter “The Way”

Beatério Sacro Corde Iesu “Contemplatives have as their ideal intimacy with God” (Bishop Werner) The Diocese of Governador Valadares received in the month of March a new mission house of the Institute of the Poor of Jesus Christ, where the Blessed Sacrament was enthroned during Holy Mass presided by Bishop Werner. Also present were religious, lay-associates, friends of our community, and members of the Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Beatério Sacro Corde Iesu

Nº021 - March, 2012

“Sentire cum Ecclesia”

Brothers and sisters in Bolivia at a Franciscan encounter

National Assembly of Street Ministry

Cochabamba with Franciscans from all Our religious brothers and sisters in over Bolivia. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, our Bolivia participated in an encounter in community participated in an encounter of new communities, movements, and associations with Cardinal Claudio Hummes. In Maceio, Brazil, our sisters participated in in an encounter held by CRB with the theme, “creative and participative leaders”. In Belo Horizonte, Brazil, our religious participated in the first National Assembly of Street Ministry. Cardinal Claudio Hummes

Inauguration of the chapel presided by bishop Pedro Luiz Stringhini, and counted on the presence of Monsenhor Jose Geraldo, deacons, religious, lay-associates and friends of our community.

Chapel in Franca-São Paulo

On the 26th of March, on the solemnity of the annunciation of the Lord our new Chapel of Adoration in Franca, Sao Bishop Werner at Beaterio Sacro Corde Iesu Paulo, was inaugurated during Holy Mass

Chapel in Franca-São Paulo


Holy Missions Paying attention to the words of Jesus that tells us to advance to deeper waters , our religious brothers and sisters and layassociates have gone out in mission to places that are far away and difficult to reach. In March we visited places that are on the riverbanks of Castanho River in Manacapuru-Amazonia, in ItamarajuBahia, and Uruburitiba-Amazonia. Itamaraju-Bahia

Rescue-Me in Foz do Iguacu-Parana

In the month of March we had several Rescue-Me encounters in Marituba- Para, Campo Mourao,-Parana, Foz do IguacuParana, and Vila Natal-Sao Paulo, reaching around 600 young people. In the period before the encounter the young people who were helping organize the event in Campo Mourao began a project of evangelization in schools in poor neigh-

Mission in Manacapuru-Amazonia

Traveling by boat to Urucuritiba-Amazonia

Birthday of our Founder

Rescue-Me in Campo Mourao, Parana

borhoods, with theatre showing the situation of those who are involved in the world of drugs. The Rescue-Me in Sao Paulo went beyond the weekend of the encounter by going out to the streets of the city of Sao Paulo, as the fruit of the mission, they brought back four young people to be sheltered in our mission houses.

Street Ministry of the Rescue-me youth

On the 27th of March our community commemorated the birthday of our Founder who was in the State of Maranhao, Brazil, making a pastoral visit to our missions there. Consecrated brothers and sisters, lay-associates, favored sons (our sheltered men and women), and friends of our community were present at the ceremony. Some of our sons who participated in the ceremony had finished their nine months of recuperation at our mission house in Maranhao. “I could not have received a better present than this” (Fr. Gilson)

Visit of our Founder In the last week of March, the mission houses located in the state of Maranhao received the pastoral visit of our Founder who rejoiced with the work that has been accomplished there; visits to prisons, going out to the streets to the homeless, sheltering of the poor and drug and alcohol treatment, mission houses for the homeless and street people to eat and do their personal hygiene, encounters for young people, ministries, adoration, and missions.

Holy Mass in thanksgiving for the birthday of our founder

Central Office: Rua Pe. Benedito de Camargo, 465 Penha - Cep: 03604-010 São Paulo-SP Tel:(11) 2836-5609 (Ir. Suzana/Ir. Amada) Email:

Our Founder in Maranhao, Brazil

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