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Newsletter “The Way”

Nº 026 - August - 2012

With the poor and for the poor

“Sentire cum Ecclesia” th

the morning of the 20 , in Se’ Park, in We were present at the vocational fair memory of the massacre of the homeless promoted by the Diocese of Santo street people in the year 2004. In Amaro, the Vocational festival of the Manaus, Bishop Mario Antonio celebrated with us the first Mass inside of the youth detention center, that with the authorization of the new directors will be Vigil in Se’ Park celebrated monthly. Our religious and In Sao Paulo, the Fraternity of Lay-associates in Rio de Janeiro held a Missionaries participated in a vigil lunch with the street population. Vocation fair in Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo promoted by the Archdiocese of Sao th Paulo on the 19 of August and early in Archdiocese of Belem, and t he procession of Our Lady of Joy in Maceio. Brother Cherubim together with the Sisters of Ouro Preto were in Mariana, Minas Gerais, com Father Julio Lancelloti who was co-decorated with Bishop Lunch in the street in Rio de Janeiro Bishop Mario Antonio in Manaus, Amazonas

Missionáry visits During the month ofAugust, Father Gilson was visiting the missions in Franca, Recife, Campo Mourao, Foz do Iguacu, and Sao Paulo. In each place he took advantage

Campout of prayer On the 25th and 26th of August there was held a traditional campout of prayer promoted by the Fraternity in Campo Mourao, Parana. Religious, layassociates and youth joined forces so that Fr. Julio Lancelloti more than two thousand people present Luciano for their work together with the poor as the Episcopal Vicar of Street People and member of the youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo.

Street Ministry in Recife, Pernambuco

of the occasion to celebrate Mass with the local community, granted new entrances into t he aspirancy and postulancy, participated in ministries, gave formation and animated the community. He was in audience with Bishop Fernando Saburido and Bishop Edvaldo.

Campout of prayer

could take advantage of the moments of talks, prayer and worship. The crowning of a statue of Our Lady, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Holy Mass were the most profound moments.

Heart of Our Lady in the campout of prayer in Campo Mourao, Parana

Feast of Saint Clare

Lent of Saint Michael

Vocational Encounter

Our missions united around the Altar for the celebrat ion of Holy Mass to commemorate the day of our patroness, Saint Clare. During the celebrations many young men and women made their entrance into the aspirancy and postulancy.

On the day that the Church in Brazil celebrated the Solemnity of t he Assumption of Our Lady, with the example of our patron St. Francis, our whole Fraternity began Lent in honor of the Archangel St. Michael. In order that many people could be together with us, Fr. Gilson published a special booklet about the lent. In various missions the local community got together to reflect about the true meaning of this singular time for our Fraternity.

In Maceio and Governador Valadares, in the month dedicated to vocations, around 100 youth participated in encounters promoted by our Fraternity for the religious life, and in Manaus around thirty young people participated in an encounter.

Vocational encounter of lay-persons, Manaus, Amazonas Feast of St. Clare in Belem, Para

Lent of St. Michael book

New Missions

Two new mission houses were inaugurated in Brazil. One was a sisters house in Jaboatao dos Guararapes, in the Feast of St. Clare in Sao Luiz, Maranhao Missions outside of the country region of Recife, and the other was in Vitoria in Espirito Santo. At the request In Kansas, USA, our religious have gone of Bishop Fernando Saburido, our sisters out to the lanes, under bridges, and into of the mission house, Beata Dulce of the the woods in virtue of the street ministry with those who are homeless. In

Come and See in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais

Come and See in Alagoas

Rescue-me Mission house Beata Dulce of the poor

Street Ministry in Kansas, USA

Paraguay, our Founder got together with local community in the missions of Foz and Ciudad del Este in a ministry held weekly with the indigenous population who live in extreme poverty in Paraguay. The brothers and sisters living in Bolivia were in Cochabamba, where they visited

Poor, are beginning a work sheltering pregnant women who are in the situation of drug addiction and exclusion in order for them to not seek out abortions. The brothers of the mission house Sao Pascal Bailao, are working with the prison and with the homeless on the streets. In Sao Paulo, the mission house, Mother of the Poor, is now located in Bom Retiro, next to the house of prayer of the vicariate of People of the Streets. The house was given by the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo in the person of Cardinal Odilo Sherer.

Cochabamba, Bolivia

groups of young people and local parishes together with local Franciscan Friars.

Cardinal Odilo Sherer

During this month there were six encounters held in Belem, Sao Luiz, Sao Mateus, Santo Amaro, Guaianazes and Teixeira de Freitas, with the participation of around 700 young people

Rescue-Me in Teixiera de Freitas, Bahia

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