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Photo by Elise Kersey

I was always artistic as a child. I first got into cakes after I got married in 1992. A store did my wedding cake. Even though it tasted good, it was not a pretty cake. I had wanted something really different and unique and couldn’t find it, so I told myself I can do this and started taking classes and then started doing cakes for family and friends for free before making cakes professionally for others. I did that for five years. I am a cake artist, not a cake decorator; to me there is a huge difference. Anyone can do a cake, but to make it a piece of art is a whole different world. It takes time, talent and patience.

I had always seen top cake competitions being done all over the U.S. and wondered why Florida, with all our amazing cake-decorating talents, didn’t put one on. So I took ahold of it and became the founder and co-chairman of the show. I love bringing a show like this to Ocala. Some of the best in the country come for this show.

What are common cake problems? The one thing I hear a lot of from people who buy cakes from businesses is how dry they are or how the buttercream or fondant covering tastes bad. My first thing when I started decorating was to make sure to attain a beautiful cake and that the cake itself was moist and delicious. You must always work on the inside of the cake as hard as you work on the outside.

» Balance is key; plan your design in a layout sketch, considering colors and the theme.

» Don’t over decorate your cake, and know when to stop.

» If you’re entering a cake into

ICED, use fondant with fake cake dummies, not real cake.

» Take your time in your art; make it beautiful, elegant, different.

» Go to classes and conventions to learn from the best.

What is a tool you like to use when decorating? The one product I really like is my Edible Icing Sheet printer by Icing Images. This is a printer that will print anything you wish on edible icing sheets, and it has edible inks. It is all food safe, and you can be so creative with it. It saves you tons of time, and lets you take your cakes to a whole new level. Even a novice can use this product right from the start to make their cakes fantastic and beautiful.

Photo by Elise Kersey

When did you become interested in cake decorating?

How did ICED come about?

“There’s tons of information out on cake competitions and how to score points with your entries,” says Lisa Menz. If you think you’ve got what it takes when it comes to your cakes, go to floridaiced.com to register (registration closes March 24). Here is some cake artist wisdom from the pro:

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“Let Your Sweet Dreams Become a Reality” is Cakes by Lisa’s slogan and a motto Lisa Menz lives by. Her cake business’s mission is to make clients’ dreams realized in 3-D—and edible—form for any special occasion. She takes this promise to the next level with the ICED competition by welcoming fellow cake designers to make their sweet dreams a reality and inviting them to showcase their best work. Lisa fills me in on her background and the competition’s.

Photo by Elise Kersey

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