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2013 Commemorative Section For Marion County’s High School Graduating Class of 2013



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At the top of their class

Five students from Vanguard, Belleview, Forest earn national honors By Joe Callahan Staff writer


our local students were named as finalists in the prestigious 58th annual National Scholarship Program. The program awards about $35 million in college scholarships. Each year, 1.5 million students vie for scholarships. More than $1.4 billion has been issued since the program started in 1955. With approximately 15,000 finalists nationwide, these students represent less than 1 percent of all U.S. high school seniors. The 2013 local finalists are: Alice Cannon, Forest High School; Jacob Holloway, Belleview High; and Vedant Singh and Malek Hamed, both of Vanguard High. On May 6, Holloway and Hamed were among 8,000 finalists to earn the “Merit Scholar” title and a $2,500 scholarship. High school students enter the National Merit Program by taking the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and a National Merit Scholarship bruce ackerman/staff photographer Qualifying Test. National Achievement Scholarship finalist Ashley Broughton of Vanguard High School, bottom left, poses with the four National The entrants are then ranked. Also, one student qualified for Merit Scholars, back row, from left: Vedant Singh, Vanguard High School; Malek Hamed, Vanguard High School; Jacob Holloway, Belleview High School; and, front right: Alice Cannon, Forest High School. the 49th annual National Achievement Scholarship Program. Of the 4,700 black students who competed, only 800 received the honors and scholarships worth a combined $2.5 million. The local honoree is Ashley Broughton of Vanguard High School. Here are profiles of Marion County’s five honorees.



Malek Hamed

Alice Cannon

Forest’s Alice Cannon, 18, the daughter of Beth and Craig Cannon, is active in community and school activities. Alice, who played varsity volleyball and tennis, will attend Washington and Lee University in Virginia. “As of now I’m interested in pursuing economics because of the economics classes I’ve taken this year in high school,” she noted. “However, I’m not sure yet if that will be the major I end up with.” Alice has been class president all four years of high school. She also has been involved in the National Honor Society and has worked as a volunteer for PACE Center for Girls. “In five years, with whatever major I do choose, I could see myself continuing my education in graduate school,” she said.

Vanguard’s Malek Hamed, 18, son of Dina and Latif Hamed, plans to attend Duke University in the fall. As a member of the school’s cross country team, Malek also was a co-captain of the Florida Student Astronaut Challenge team. He is enrolled in Vanguard’s prestigious International Baccalaureate program and wants to pursue a career in medicine. “Not only do I want to learn about the body through research, I also hope to improve medicine’s ability to interact with the body through creative engineering,” said Malek, who also plays the piano. “In some ways, medicine has not yet been integrated well with its sister sciences and technology, and I would like to help bring it up to date.” Malek attended Madison Street Academy and Howard Middle School.

Jacob Holloway

Belleview’s Jacob Holloway, 18, the son of Kathy and Mike Holloway, is headed to the University of Florida in the fall. “UF has awarded me the Presidential Platinum Scholarship, worth $10,000 per year,” he noted. “I was born and raised a Gator fan.” Jacob has studied in Belleview’s Advance International Certificate of Education (AICE) program, a prestigious program based out of Cambridge, England. Though he says he has no idea what career he will pursue, he says he has narrowed his options. “I likely will be some type of engineer or perhaps go into medical, but I could also end up starting my own business of some sort,” he said.

Vedant Singh

Vanguard’s Vedant Singh, 18, son of Maya and Dr. Chittaranjan Singh, was born with craniosynostosis, a birth defect where the skull is incapable of expanding around the brain during the toddler years. When he was young, Vedant received treatment from the world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. After the surgery, Vedant excelled. Now in Vanguard’s elite IB program, he hopes to be valedictorian. Recently, Vedant won the Youth United Way Volunteer of the Year Award as president for Youth United Way. He is involved in many school organizations and activities. “I have decided to go to either the University of Miami or the University of Florida,” he noted, adding he wants to major in microbiology/immunology and pursue a career as a physician. “I hope to make the same positive effect on patients and on the same scale as Dr. Carson did on my own life,” he said.

High school students enter the National Merit Program by taking the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The entrants are then ranked.

Ashley Broughton

Vanguard’s Ashley Broughton, 17, daughter of Althea BlyeBroughton and Carl Broughton, also plans to make a difference in the medical field. “I will be attending the University of Florida to major in biology in the hopes of becoming an obstetrician,” Ashley said. Also enrolled in Vanguard’s International Baccalaureate program, she is a school drama club member and former officer. In drama club, her troupe won two superior ratings as a large-group musical ensemble. “My ultimate goals in life are to achieve a means to give back to my community and to lastingly inspire other youth, specifically African-American females, to achieve their set goals,” she said. She also was a member of the Inzombiacs, a school robotics team, and member of Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Ocala. She is involved in many more activities. “I believe that staying true to oneself and perpetually pursuing one’s dreams ensures the ultimate happiness,” she noted. “I also aim to, despite how cliché, love everyone.”

GRADUATION DATES May 17 Meadowbrook Academy: 1

p.m., church sanctuary, 4741 SW 20th St. St. John Lutheran School: 6 p.m., St. John Lutheran School, First Baptist Church of Ocala, 2801 SE Maricamp Road

May 23 Academy of Biblical Character Development : 7 p.m., Grace

Presbyterian Church, 2255 SE 38th St.

May 24 Souls Harbor Christian Academy : 7 p.m., Souls Harbor

alan youngblood/staff photographer/File

Graduates toss their caps after the class of 2012 graduates at Dunnellon High School in Dunnellon in June 2012.

First Pentecostal Church of Belleview, church auditorium, 12650 SE County Road 484, Belleview

Trinity Catholic High School : 7

p.m., St. Timothy Catholic Community, 1351 Paige Place, Lady Lake Ocala Christian Academy: 7 p.m., Central Baptist Church, 1714 SE 36th Ave.

May 30 Hale Academy: 6 p.m., Webber Center, 3001 SW College Road

Marion Technical Institute: 6

p.m., Cole Auditorium, 1614 SE Fort King St.

May 31 Hillcrest School: 10 a.m., school gymnasium, 3143 SE 17th St.

June 6 North Marion High School: 7

p.m., Livestock Pavilion, 2232 NE Jacksonville Road

Francis Marion Military Academy: 7 p.m., Klein Center,

3001 SW College Road

Lake Weir High School: 7

p.m., school stadium, 10351 SE Maricamp Road

June 7 West Port High School: 6 p.m.,

school stadium, 3733 SW 80th Ave. Dunnellon High School: 7 p.m., Tiger Stadium, 10055 SW 180th Ave. Road Vanguard High School: 7 p.m., Livestock Pavilion, 2232 NE Jacksonville Road

June 8 Belleview High School: 8 a.m., school stadium, 10400 SE 36th Ave. Forest High School: 8 a.m., Livestock Pavilion, 2232 NE Jacksonville Road

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Eugene Franklin Harper IV

Austin Robinson

Danielle Sweeting

Jonathan Mitchell Johnson

Julianne Ashby

Bubba...We’re So Proud of You! “Do Something for God.” Love, Your Family

We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Kyle & Briana

We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Kyndall and Ashlyn

Congrats Mitchell We are so very proud of you! Love, Mom, Nicholas, Alex, Amelia & Isabel

Milestone Magnificence! Love, Mom & Dad






Joseph Berardi

Abby Zavaski

Adrian Garcia

Angela Mayser

Benjamin Tanner Ellzey

Explore, Dream, Discover Love, Mom, Walt, Nick, Grandma, Brady & Amelia

From the past to the present we will always be proud of you. Love, Aunt Nece, Uncle John & Kaiden

I cannot believe how fast these days have gone by; it’s now your time to spread your wings and fly. Your future is so bright and you have so much to offer the world. Always keep your eyes on God and let Him guide you. We are so proud of you both. Love, Mom & Dad

Congratulations! We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Doug, Noah and all your family and friends

We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Ash & Josh






Robert Ritterhoff

Samantha Marcum

Terrika Faison

Wade Burkley

Andrew J. Sturdivant

Congratulations Robert! We are so proud of you and look forward to seeing your continued success. Love, Mom, Dad & Rachel

My heartfelt congratulations on your graduation! I wish only the best for you as you go out and experience life and continue your education. Love, Mom

Congratulations Terrika!! You did it! So proud of our Honor Graduate! Love, Mom

Congratulations! I’m so proud of you! Gramma

Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad & Grandma






Jordan A. Johnson

Katie N. McEntyre

Brandi Read

Daryl Rhem, Jr.

Julia Rose Richardson

We are proud of you! Love, Grandma Kay, Bear, Mom, Katie, Jade & Josh

Wwe are so proud of you! Love, Grandma K, Dad, Angie, Jordan, Jade and Josh

We are so proud of you! Congratulations!! Love, Dad, Mom, Bryant & Brittany

Congratulations on your graduation. We are very proud of you and all your accomplishments! Love, All of Us

Keep your feet on the path, the Lord has laid for you. Congratulations! Nana & Papa






Kyle Hearns

Tim Pigeon

Tyler Porter

Dr. Sherrie-Lee Brown

Alvin Gordian

We are so proud of you! Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, Katie and Kelsey

We Love You! Love, Mom, Dad, Grandma & Memére

Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Love, Aunt Tanja, Uncle Mike, Kyle & Sean

Congratulations to our Daughter & Sister! May you do great in your residency! Love, Luke, Merlene, La-shae, & Debbie

Good Luck at Harvard! We’re So Proud! Love, Mom, Dad, Carlos, Aldin & Adaly






Kenyari D. Brewton

Lakia Ross

Taylor Noelle Hansen

Wendell Sherman Shaw, Jr.

Brittany Lachelle Kinsler

Congratulations Kenyari! I am so proud of you! Love, Mom

We Love You With All Our Hearts. You Have Made Us So Proud. We Expect Great Things From You. Go and Pursue Your Dreams. Love, Mom, Daddy Ron & Daddy Troy (2012 State Champ)

Congratulations! Love Dad, Mom and Kyle

Congratulations Dell! We’re so proud of you! We love you! Love, Mom and Dad

You Made It!!! We are so proud of you! Love you, The Whole Gang


Sunday, May 26, 2013 | OCALA STAR-BANNER | 3G


On behalf of the Ocala StarBanner Staff we extend an enthusiastic ‘Congratulations’ to our 2013 Graduates. We applaud your achievements, and wish you great opportunities and success in future endeavors.






Talon Turner

Trevor Walker

Tyler C. Linderman

Michael T. Long

Anton Bishop

To my favorite grandson, I am so proud! Love you so much! From Dad, The Grands, Faith Go Gators!

So Proud of You! Love you, Mom

So Proud of You! Love, Dad, Mom and Shelby

Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad

Congratulations! Love, Mom, Stasia, Stacin, and Jason






Francesca Lagasse

Garrett Michael Goldy Jenkins

Jason Hutchison

Jazmin I. Rojas

Micheal Hobbs

We are all so proud of you! Much Love & God’s Blessings, Your Family & Friends

I am so proud of the accomplishments you have reached! Love, Mom

We’re very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Sam

Congratulations, we’re proud of you! You’re a wonderful young lady and we’re so blessed to have you! Believe in yourself & work hard at being the best you can be! Love, Dad, Mom & Jackie

Congratulations! Believe You Can & You Will! Love, Mom and Dad






Will Spear

Zakary Moya

Lora Garcia

Maggie Burgwin

William H. White

We are proud of your accomplishments and excited about your future! Love, Mom, Dad, and Heather

We’re so proud, Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad

Icannotbelievehowfastthesedayshavegoneby,it’s nowtimetospreadyour wingsandfly.Yourfutureis sobrightandyouhavesomuchtooffertheworld. AlwayskeepyoureyesonGodandlethim guideyou.Wearesoproudofyou! Love Mom and Dad

Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, and Jarrett

We’re so proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad






Victoria Cristina Alvarez

Grant Wiles

Kristy Gray

Meghan Brady

Danielle A. Nicholson

Congratulations! We’re very proud of you! Love, Mom and Jan

We’re Pround of You Uncle Mike & Aunt Julie

Congratulations! Love, Mom & Dad

Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, Patrick & Riley

Love, Mom, Grandma & Papa






Breeana Stanley

Brittani Vachon

Brittney Karoline Ellzey

Catherine Raynor

Hannah Batten

Congratulations Breeana we are so proud of you! We love you Big Much!! Mom, Dad & Katelyn

Remember today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. We Love You! Mom, Dad & Courtni

New “Nole” Love, Mom, Dad & Brooke

Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Nana, Mary, Ron, Leif, Marc

Congratulations! Love, Mom-Mom and Poppa



Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Macy Jo Smith

Samantha Jo Horne

We’re so proud and Happy Birthday! Love, Mom, Dad, and Emily

For all the late night studies, lack of sleep, sacrifice of enjoyment & parties, your reward is here. Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Love, Mom & Barbie

Explore. Dream. Discover. ~Attributed to Mark Twain, unconfirmed


Sunday, May 26, 2013 | OCALA STAR-BANNER | 5G

Marion County high schools at a glance Academy of Biblical Character Development

3143 SE 17th St., Ocala Graduating class: 11 Class motto: “To try is everything.�

Dunnellon High School

Principal: Ken McAteer Principal: Ben Roberts Commencement exercises: 7 Commencement exercises: 7 p.m. June 7, Tiger Stadium, 10055 SW p.m. May 23, Grace Presbyterian Principal/Director: Cynthia 180th Ave. Road, Dunnellon Church, 2255 SE 38th St., Ocala Saunders Graduating class: 282 Graduating class: 13 Commencement exercises: 7 Class motto: “You must be the Class song: “For Good� by Step.m. June 6, school stadium, 10351 change you wish to see in the phen Schwarz SE Maricamp Road, Ocala world.� — Mahatma Gandhi Class motto: “Graduation is only Graduating class: 340 a concept. In real life every day you Class song: “Hall of Fame� by The graduate. Graduation is a process Script that goes on until the last day of your Principal/Director: Brent Carson life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make Commencement exercises: 8 a difference.� — Arie Pencovic a.m. June 8, Southeastern Livestock Pavilion, 2232 NE Jacksonville Road, Ocala Principal: Isaac Burgess IV Graduating class: 498 Commencement exercises: 6 Principal: James A. Wohrley Class motto: “You have brains p.m. May 30, MTI Auditorium, 1614 Commencement exercises: 8 in your head. You have feet in your E. Fort King St., Ocala a.m. June 8, BHS Stadium, 10400 SE shoes. You can steer yourself in any Graduating class: 188 36th Ave., Belleview direction you choose.� — Dr. Seuss Graduating class: 312 Class song: “Tattoos on This Town� Class song: “I Was Here� by by Jason Aldean Beyonce

Lake Weir High School

Forest High School

Marion Technical Institute

Belleview High School

Meadowbrook Academy

Crossroads Academy Hale Academy Principal: Mary Beth Anderson Commencement ceremony: 6:30 p.m. June 3, Living Waters Worship Center, 3801 N. U.S. 441, Ocala Graduating class: 3

Dunnellon Christian Academy Principal: Kristy Nelson Commencement exercises: 9 a.m. May 30, school auditorium, 2083 Powell Road, Dunnellon Graduating class: 1

Interim Acting Head of School: Kim Heitmuller Commencement exercises: 6 p.m. May 30, Webber Center, 3001 SW College Road, Ocala Graduating class: 4 Class quote: “Last, but not least.� (The school is closing and this will be the final graduation ceremony.)

Hillcrest School Principal: Lori Manresa Commencement exercises: 10 a.m. May 31, school gymnasium,

Principal: Tina Stelogeannis Commencement exercises: 1 p.m. May 17, Meadowbrook Church, 4741 SW 20th St., Ocala Graduating Class: 10 Class motto: “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.� — Booker T. Washington

North Marion High School

Ocala Christian Academy Administrator: Tim Rowe Principal: Ron Carpenter Commencement exercises: 7 p.m. May 24, Central Baptist Church, 1714 SE 36th Ave., Ocala Graduating class: 9 Class verse: “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.� — Romans 14:8

St. John Lutheran School Principal: Jeffrey R. Knutson Commencement exercises: 6 p.m. May 17, First Baptist Church of Ocala, 2801 SE Maricamp Road, Ocala Graduating class: 38 Class verse: “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.“ Psalm 143:8 Class song: “Send Me on My Way� by Rusted Root

Principal: Mike Kelly

FSU senior starts successful online note-taking business The Tallahassee Democrat

TALLAHASSEE — College students no longer have to take comprehensive notes to help them prepare for finals. Not when they can buy them. Tom Brady figured this out early on, and the Florida State University senior also figured out how to capitalize on this phenomenon. The entrepreneurship business major helped create, an eBay of sorts for college students in need of notes and study guides. It started out as a class project two years ago, produced $200,000 in income last year and is expected to gross in the neighborhood of a half-million dollars this year. Welcome to college in the electronic age, and tip your hat to a young master of the universe. As FSU administrators continue to advance their institution as an entrepreneurial university — with the goal of having an entrepreneurin-residence attached to each college — Brady, who just earned his diploma, is Exhibit A. The Jacksonville native came to Tallahassee hoping to major in multinational business, a program that was cut his freshman year. But he deftly found a comparable skill set by double-majoring in entrepreneurship and international affairs. “I fell in love with entrepreneurship as a lifestyle. The biggest thing that stands out to me with entrepreneurship is it allows you to make the most amount of money possible with the least amount of work,� Brady said. Moolaguides started as a local business, but it quickly expanded beyond FSU. Boston College has become a hotbed, as has New York University, Brady said. There are no limits to where the site can function, servicing transactions between those who have and those who need, and, of course, turning a profit for both note-takers and Brady.

Commencement exercises: 7 p.m. June 6, Southeastern Livestock Pavilion, 2232 NE Jacksonville Road, Ocala Graduating class: 285 Class motto: “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.� — Thomas Jefferson Class song: “Forever Young� by Jay Z

Souls Harbor Christian Academy Principal: Brandy Currie Commencement exercises: 7 p.m. May 24, Souls Harbor First Pentecostal Church, 12650 SE County Road 484, Belleview Graduating class: 4

Trinity Catholic High School Principal: Jacquelyn Gehrsitz Commencement exercises: 7 p.m. May 24, St. Timothy Catholic Church, 1351 Paige Place, Lady Lake Graduating class: 124

Vanguard High School Principal: Cynthia Repp Commencement exercises: 7 p.m. June 7, Southeastern Livestock Pavilion, 2232 NE Jacksonville Road, Ocala Graduating class: 371 Class song: “Hall of Fame,� by The Script

West Port High School Principal: Jayne Ellspermann Commencement exercises: 6 p.m. June 7, West Port Stadium, 3733 SW 80th Ave., Ocala Graduating class: 472 Class song: “Hall of Fame� by The Script Class motto: “The world isn’t ending. We’re just taking over.� — A City Called Home

Proud to run with the Wolf Pack.

the associated press

Florida State University senior Tom Brady poses on the school campus in Tallahassee. The entrepreneurship business major helped create, an eBay of sorts for college students in need of notes and study guides. A typical set of notes, or a study guide, sells for $8. It is classic capitalism. And yes, it is legal. “The better the notes you take, the more money you should make. Our best sellers take very good notes and put a lot of care into it,� he said. “You can develop a following.� James Dever, who oversees the entrepreneur program in the business school’s Jim Moran Institute, is sure that Brady’s business leaves a bad taste in some professors’ mouths. “We’ve had our issues, but it hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be,� he said. “Students have been selling notes to each other for a long time. “Tom is exceptionally driven. He’s just a go-getter. Tom has promoted the thing and improved the website and done an exceptional job with it,� Dever added. It’s critical that the business maintain ethical standards, Brady said. The company does not accept any copyrighted material and Brady said he does not support cheating. “When we’re notified of an infringement, we

handle it instantly,� he said. “We have some teachers who don’t like the service, but we have a lot of teachers who support our service. I think the teachers who don’t like our service are just jealous of students making money — and that’s the truth.� Brady also can brag that moolaguides is an awardwinning business. He took top honors at an innovation competition earlier this semester hosted by the College of Business, which came with a $15,000 check for Brady and his company. The name of the business blends an old-school slang term for money — moola — with a word that captures the product. Brady believes his peers are familiar with “moola� — “even if they can’t all spell it.� His plan following graduation is to relocate to Miami, home to one of the best tech start-up scenes in the Southeast, Brady said. His goal? Well, you probably guessed it by now. “I know it might sound kind of funny,� he said, “but I want to be financially well off and stable by the time I’m 30.�

Munroe Regional Medical Center salutes our partner in education—West Port High School and their seniors—for all of their accomplishments. Congratulations Class of 2013!

We treat families like, well, family. TM

Every day is Mom’s day.

Not enough food at home?


6G | OCALA STAR-BANNER | Sunday, May 26, 2013

GRADUATION CANDIDATES Marion County high school students scheduled to graduate in 2013

BELLEVIEW HIGH Mike A. Acosta • James B. Adair • Annie E. Aliaga Rush • Shanice N. Alvarado • Alexander G. Alvarez • Yair M. Alvarez • Nathan O. Ancrum • Sophina C. Andrade • Andrea F. Andrade Enderica • Ariana M. Arroyo • Julianne V. Ashby • Kenneth A. Aylor • Ashley N. Baldwin • Rebecca N. Barthlow • EJ Bartolome • Jack I. Barton • Jawara K. Battle • Sean A. Bauders • Jacob M. Benoit • Julian C. Betancourt • Amber M. Beyer • Jasen P. Biggins • Jacelyn R. Billbe • Lauren E. Bitter • Catherine R. Blaney • Danielle H. Blower • Ashley D. Boileau • Chase C. Boothby • Amber M. Bowers • Jessica D. Brantley • Ethan W. Brincefield • Leah E. Brown • Shabria S. Brown • Kameron C. Bruha • Kirsten N. Buckland • Jake W. Burnett • Destiny I. Caldero • Zachary A. Carlton • Austin P. Carroll • Jeremy A. Castello • Jovel D. Chambers • Julie E. Chambers • Katie R. Chapman • Eryn R. Chester • Joseph M. Childs • Timothy J. Citro • Dominique J. Claridge • Jamar S. Clark • Raheem K. Clarke • William D. Clifford • Brandon B. Cole • Albertneisha C. Coleman • Carolyn R. Cooley • Yelisa Cora • Michael T. Costello • Joseph C. Crescenzo • Kara M. Crescenzo • Shaelyn A. Criss • Jaleel A. Crossfield • Daniel J. Crouse • Julymar Cruz Garay • Mileidy Cruz-Hernandez • Deandrea R. Cuevas • Zamar K. Curtis • Jamie R. Curtiss • Zachary T. Czternastek • Chelsea A. Daniels • Edric R. Daniels • Landen R. Delk • Brianna M. Derks • Patrick S. Dewees • Joshua A. Dibiasie • Tourae T. Dixon • Wade L. Dobson • Naomi I. Dominguez • Leah A. Donaldson • Dawn E. Drake • Brittany A. Dwyer • Paige M. Ehrhart • Tate M. Ehrhart • Jacob C. Elmer • Rebekah B. Ergle • Amber N. Erhardt • Maria Esposito • Julian R. Estrada • Jubilation L. Exel • Melvin E. Fajardo-Sagastume • Steven J. Favors • Mackenzie A. Fenton • Courtney A. Ferrante • Alexa L. Fortis • Emily N. Foust • Jon M. French • Arianna M. Fret • London J. Fripp • Blake E. Fugate • Brandon M. Gillam • Alaysia B. Gordon • Kalin E. Graham • Corbin J. Granderson • Alyssa N. Grosso • Williams M. Gumbs • Willy J. Gumbs • Brooke E. Hale • Amber R. Harper • Katelyn K. Harper • Molly E. Harward • Amber N. Heasley • Joshua L. Hendrickson • Alexander M. Herring • Mariah N. Hilliard • Lindsey I. Hinerman • Jacob M. Holloway • Kirsten A. Horne • Kiandria R. Howell • Amber M. Hughes • Tyler E. Hunt • Mariah N. Hunter • Lacy N. Iddings • Jacquelnn R. Ingram • Dana R. Jackson • Gabrielle D. James • Tiffany N. Jennings • Cody A. Johns • Jacob M. Johnson • Jonathon M. Johnson • Amanda M. Jones • Amber N. Jones • Mikayla N. Jones • Litt’Rayton A. Kalkai • Anastasia Karetas • Kaitlin C. Kelly • Jacob D. King • Kathryn E. Kirkland • Natalie D. Knowles • Kyle L. Konrath • Katherine R. Kothmayer • William D. Kuehn • Morgan K. Kurth • Karina D. Lamb • Haliegh L. Lane • Molly P. Lane • Kelsey M. Langley • Eugene T. Larkins • Jakwan T. Laster • Ramsey P. Lavigne • Darious S. Lawrence • Dillon P. Lee • Tyler C. Linderman • Ryan D. Linzmaier • Wendy L. Lockamy • Michael V. Lombardi • Josue M. Lopez Carrasquillo • Monica Lucio • Janis A. Luke • Nyoka L. Lyons • Brittany L. Maddix • Ciarria L. Mahaffey • Taylor M. Manges • Yanisse I. Marin • Omar Y. Marroquin • Samuel P. Martel • Ross G. Martin • Candace R. Martsolf • Nathan W. Matos • Ashleigh M. Mayhew • Tiffani A. McCoy • Aidan F. McIntyre • Dustin S. McIntyre • Forrest L. McKay • Evelyn Q. McMurrer • Danny Mejia • Danielle J. Messer • Taylor A. Mihocik • Kristen N. Miller • Rainslee S. Mincy • Allyson N. Montoya • Angel L. Morales • Sharon L. Morgan • Harli B. Mouradian • Erik Z. Muzzy • Amanda L. Nazzaro • Zoe J. Nembhard • Zyanya A. Newe • Phillip A. Nichols • Mikayla E. Nix • Saxsen R. Norton • Jose E. Nunez Cabrera • Jadae L. Nunn • Ariel B. Oglesby • Samuel J. Oibo • Brandon S. Oliver • Colbie T. Oliver • Lydia R. Ort • Samantha K. Owens • Michael A. Palma • Daniel J. Palmer • Austin B. Parker • Stela S. Patidar • Kylie M. Pearson • Angel F. Perez • Fernando J. Perez-Santos • Davon E. Phifer • Natalia I. Piferrer • Jordan W. Poole • Austin J. Poore • Karl Pulvermuller • Brandon A. Randall • Courtney V. Randle • Katelynn L. Reed • Logan W. Rengo • Colton R. Reynolds • James C. Rinne • Austin T. Roberts • Deandra S. Robie • Austin T. Robinson • Noel E. Robinson • Tieler C. Robinson • Zachary M. Rodefer • Andrea N. Rodriguez • Lismarie Rodriguez • Rebecca Rodriguez • Tyler R. Rogers • Carlos A. Rojas-Hernandez • Hunter L. Ross • Jolier F. Saldarriaga Belvis • Alyssa M. Sanders • Guadalupe Santivanez • Adamastor T. Santos • Andrew D. Schmidt • Cagon W. Scroggie • Rickey A. Sellon • Francisco F. Serrano • Dalton C. Shannon • Stephanie J. Shapiro • Miranda S. Shiver • Samantha P. Shoaf • Robert A. Showers • Prachi R. Shukla • Gerard M. Smith • Alexandra G. Spadaro • Justin A. Spencer • Alexis N. Stepp • Erika L. Stepp • Taylor R. Strawn • Savannah M. Swain • Austin W. Swearingen • Danielle D. Sweeting • Joshua Tanon • Rebecca A. Tate • Cayla F. Taylor • Kevin Tejada • Ethan J. Thomas • Reece P. Tobianski • Crystal N. Towe • Magan K. Turner • Talon O. Turner • Thalia A. Valdez • Cassidy E. Varnum • Daniel M. Vazquez • Josanty A. Vega • Diana V. Verduzco • Amanda D. Viaggio • Sarah M. Vickers • Xavier F. Villalona • Shandy S. Walker • Trevor B. Walker • Trevor A. Wallace • Vaughn A. Wallenstein • Faith A. Walton • Lindsey M. Warren • Lauren A. Watson • Leah B. Weber • David M. Whited-Clifton • Hunter C. Whitt • Ian A. Wiley • Corkey L. Williams • Kevin-Jon G. Williams • Quvonta D. Williams • Kimberly L. Wilson • Elizabeth M. Woodward • Alison N. Yarosz • Kayla K. Yates • Melody Yero DUNNELLON HIGH Hari Acosta • Samantha D. Alarcon • Danny Alejandro • Jana N. Alley • DonnaJo Anderson • Elias Andrade • Tyler D. Armstead • Victoria L. Atkinson • Jessica A. Baker • Amanda G. Barber • Storm E. Bazarsky • Giovanni D. Bencini • Shawnique C. Bennett • Joseph P. Berardi • Blaise M. Bergeron • Meranda J. Bettis • Anton S. Bishop • Danielle J. Blake • Jordon M. Boley • Chad M. Bouwens • Derrek S. Boykin • Jessie L. Brown • Melissa D. Brown • Kevin H. Bruno • Ariel A. Buchko • Austin T. Burke • Brandon P. Buxton • Dylan R. Buzbee • Jesse C. Bye • Jared L. Byrd • Jackson C. Cannon • Megan M. Caranci • Anna M. Carmona • Brandon R. Carmona • Nicholas D. Carothers • Christopher A. Cartagena • Jesse R. Carter • Victoria S. Carter • Briana Casanova • Bryan C. Castaneda • Tunisha C. Chest-Moore • Bellmalyz Chevere Davila • Kenneth S. Chew • Joseph J. Chi • Abigail R. Chicas-Aguilar • Victor A. Chicas-Aguilar • Curtis D. Chock • Michael J. Chung • Kerri A. Ciaramella • Melissa L. Clarke • Tylor S. Colston • Austin T. Cooke • Stephanie M. Cordero Velez • Ellaina M. Crooks • Cody L. Crosby • James V. Cruz • Maria V. Cruz Abrams • Bre’anna T. Curtis • Eugene D. Dalton • Marissa L. Daly • Levi M. Daniel • Danielle A. Darling • Angela W. DeGennaro • Patricio T. Delgado • Mellissa K. Dhanraj • Michael S. Donals • Nicole L. Drew • Cassidy L. Duff • Dallas N. Duncan • Jenny Duran • Irma M. Echevarria • Ashley D. Edmonds • Alexis J. Ernst • Jonathan G. Evans • Joseph A. Fernandez • Tatiara I. Fernandez • Zoe L. Ferrall • Erin S. Fitzgerald • Danielle B. Flores • Stephen D. Fontanez • Christopher M. Fortune • John A. Franquiz • Andrea J. Gallant • Celina Garcia Millan • Tania A. Garcia Millan • Jade B. Gardner • Jeremy M. Gatch • Aaliyah D. Gilbert • Eric D. Goicochea • Staci A. Golding • Alexander J. Gonzalez • Christina N. Gonzalez • Geresha G. Gordon • Jesenia G. Guillen • Jaycee Gunter • Belen O. Gutierrez • Lauren A. Hamilton • Cody C. Hankins • Brittany K. Harrod • Codi D. Hart • Alvaro A. Hernandez • Krystal L. Hernandez • Kyla N. Hernandez • Michelle Hernandez • Shakera K. Hilbert • Lawrence H. Hines-Cornell • Kevin J. Hitt • Stanley L. Hodge • Jonathon R. Hogan • Derek S. Holt • Jeremiah N. Honan • Gavin W. Honeysette • Tyrell D. Horn • Rachel D. Horne • Harley D. Hoste • Danielle M. Hurley • Jacilyn F. Indellicati • Cody J. Ingalls • Andre T. Jackson • Christopher A. Jackson • Tanika L. Jackson • Catherine R. Jager • Latricia M. Janicki • Randi L. Jarrell • Jessica B. Jenner • Marcus D. Jennings • Shawna T. Jeroski • Marcus L. Johnson • Lee A. Joiner • Mary E. Jokinen • Caitlin M. Jungwirth • Justin A. Kiger • Jeffry M. Knibbs-Mitchell • Courtney L. Kusmerz • Brittany M. Landers • Michael J. Launier • Richard G. Litterine • Joseph D. Lobsiger • Jaime Lopez • Kelynn N. Lorigan • Tia M. Love • Jordon T. Loyola • Leslie A. Maddox • Terrence J. Magana • Zachary A. Main • Shannie D. Marrero • Shatara K. Marrero • Casundra L. Martin • Zachary D. Matthews • Roni A. McCoy • Marshall D. McDowell • Nickeisha N. McDowell • Amber L. McDuffie • Jamilee C. McFarlane • Kaila D. McKee • Johnathan A. Melendez • Jonathan Melendez • John L. Mendez • Christopher M. Miller • Dustin A. Molina • Ryan N. Molloy • Daisy A. Morris • Heather A. Mumm • D’Andre M. Munford • Jonathan Nedrick • Alex J. Nonnemacher • Omar L. Novoa • Lianna L. O’Bry • James A. Olmo • Mark T. Opatz • Amanda N. Oram • Devon F. Orona • Carlos R. Otero • Zahyrimar Otero Diaz • Kayla J. Owens • Jonathan N. Padilla • Allen A. Palmer • Daniel J. Pastore • Kwanicia L. Perry • Danielle E. Piercy • Hannah P. Pomeroy • Jessica A. Powell • Danielle A. Prinz • Brent A. Proto • Dakota P. Pryor • Maxwell L. Pudlo • Marykay K. Quick • Juan A. Quinones • Rajendra Ram • Kristoff Rampersad • Denver M. Reich • Natalie A. Reid • Chase M. Reilly • Kerry B. Ritzie • Carmen P. Rivera • Christopher H. Rivera • Julian Rivera • Michael K. Roberson • David Roberto • Kelli M. Robinson • Bridgette Rodriguez • Danny Rodriguez • Heidi G. Rodriguez • Karla M. Rodriguez • Nicholas A. Rodriguez • Nicholes A. Rodriguez • Drew P. Rondeau • Austin J. Roosen • Selena Ruiz • Robert S. Rupprecht • Rayven A. Russell • Gabriel B. Saathoff • Megan L. Sain • David Saint Louis • Mirlanda Saint Louis • Jose Guadalupe Sanchez Higuera • Sara Mia Sanchez Perez • Joseph A. Satiro • Annie A. Scharet • Lakiya I. Scott • Kayla A. Sears • Ashley M. Segarra • Roberto Segarra • Morgan R. Shalna • Corey J. Shores • Mark A. Shoults • Ngqabutho N. Sigogo • Jeremy B. Sizemore • Meagin L. Smeriglio • Alexander L. Smith • Christopher M. Smith • Kelvin R. Smith • Quenton M. Smith • Tiana J. Smith • James R. Sponagle • Tyler C. Sponagle • Taylor A. Spoto • Roland H. Stamm • Alexander P. Stetz • Robert L. Stoots • Brittany L. Swaney • J’Von B. Swoll • Devin D. Taylor • Geempsy Telfort • Edward Terrero • Tiara S. Thomas • Michaela J. Thompson • Kelsie J. Tomaine • Chandra M. Torres •

John R. Torres • Germarie Torres Leon • Courtney M. Trapp • Dominique J. Triplett • Chad W. Turner • Raquel Umana • Emmily B. Valeo • Christine G. Valme • Jovon K. Vargas • Trent A. Vaughn • Glory A. Vazquez • Jazmine M. Velez • Teresa M. Vereen • Marquinsia T. Walker • Dana L. Washington • Connor L. Wentz • Stevie R. White • Shane T. Williams • Barret V. Willingham • Ashley M. Wonderly • Elizabeth S. Worner • Elizabeth M. Wright • Erica A. Wygant • Jamie S. Yaklin • Sarah N. Young FOREST HIGH Magno C. Acuria • Austin M. Adams • Audrianne A. Allan • Imilsis S. Alma Fernandez • Joseph A. Alonso • Alisa N. Ames • Brittany M. Anderson • Solange M. Andino-Dejesus • Tiffany M. Angelo • Jordan S. Anthony • Celia M. Arango • Jordon W. Austin • Ty D. Avery • Justin K. Azeez • Jacob S. Azeff • Genesis K. Baez Rivera • Danielle L. Bailey • Brock A. Baker • Gracyella G. Barbosa • Summer D. Barker • Di’Shon J. Barnes • Brian D. Bell • Richanda T. Bell • Christopher G. Bennett • Garryn M. Berkman • Victoria M. Bernardo • Dylan S. Beuthin • Alicia M. Bickel • Haley R. Bingamon • William A. Bingamon • Sheyna B. Black • Marissa L. Blaes • Lucas M. Blair • Donald A. Blakely • Amber V. Blount • Travis L. Blount • Matthew L. Bolomey • Alyssa F. Bordges • Reyanna S. Bostick • Alec C. Bowen • Charles T. Bowen • Mason T. Box • Cyntasia D. Boyd • Monique D. Boyd • Skylar K. Bragg • Arpit P. Brahmbhatt • William C. Bright • Brandon D. Brodkin • Nicholas A. Brooks • Gabrielle N. Brown • Ronald D. Brown • Steven A. Brown • Brent W. Brownell • Chelsea L. Browning • Cody W. Bruce • Valerie L. Bruce • Gerome D. Bryant • Kenion C. Bryant • Kailey E. Buchanan • Ashley D. Burke • Wade H. Burkley • Eric C. Burkowske • Brittany D. Butler • Courtney A. Cameron • Darian A. Campana • Dustin M. Campbell • Erika A. Campbell • Alice L. Cannon • Rafael CaraballoMatias • Juan D. Carmona • Cordelia M. Carpenter • Rachel A. Carpenter • Tyler J. Carpenter • James Z. Carter • Richard N. Carter • Paul A. Casseles • Ryan M. Casseles • Austin C. Chandler • Ashley M. Chaulk • Leandra R. Chisholm • Vincent A. Ciraco • Chelsea M. Clark • Kristy K. Clark • Taylor W. Clark • Ethan L. Clute • Jessica M. Cobine • Jason T. Cole • Cristina M. Colon • Yazmarie Colon • Tyler A. Conklin • Morgan E. Conley • William T. Conrad • Louis B. Contento • Benjamin D. Cook • Tyler K. Corcoran • Jessica N. Corujo • Haley N. Costa • Laurence A. Craggs • Joshua J. Craig • Anthony D. Crenshaw • Anthony S. Crespo • Jamar V. Croskey • Trayonna L. Croskey • Danielle E. Crowe • Rene M. Cruz Funez • Courtney E. Culp • Caroline A. Dailey • Andria N. Dansby • Brett C. Darby • Shauni N. Darley • Jose S. Datil • Lene’ D. Daughtry • Melanie D. Davenport • Taylor M. Davenport • Christhopher A. Davila • Austin S. Davis • Matthew F. Davis • Sara A. Davis • Lauren E. Denault • Andrew S. Dennis • Lela M. DeRosia • Shannon J. Devaughn • Ashiq M. Dharani • Jeremy Diaz • Houston R. Dietrich • Andrea L. Ditto • Laura J. Dizonno • Joab J. Donate-Torres • Cala L. Dresbach • Dalton L. Driscoll • De’Asia K. Dupree • Tanner E. Easton • Maegan N. Eddy • Gera A. Edwards • Lakeisha R. Edwards • Leonardo A. Edwards • Matthew S. Edwards • Robert S. Egan • Darrel W. Ekenstam • Leonard E. Eleam • Benjamin T. Ellzey • Jordan T. Erickson • Needham L. Eubanks • Kristin P. Evans • Taylor P. Evans • Terrika N. Faison • Taylor L. Farr • Ross B. Feinman • Rachel K. Fenton • Daniel S. Ferguson • Kristina P. Ferguson • Steve W. Ferrell • Christian A. Ferrer • Julia H. Fields • Rayquan T. Fields • Brandon J. Finley • Caroline M. Fischer • Noah K. Fisher • Toreka L. Fluker • Zechariah R. Forsythe • Travis A. Fosler • Carldrae D. Foster • Kayleigh N. Fournier • Austin M. Francis • Olivia H. Francis • Amanda F. Franz • Kristina M. Frazer • Angela M. Gaines • Arcangel J. Galarza • Meghan A. Gallo • Edward L. Garcia • Adrian M. Garcia-Hilliard • Nickinson Garcon • Philip M. Garrett • Shekinah N. Gibson • Lindsey N. Gilbert • Matthew C. Goehring • Garrett M. Goldy-Jenkins • Nichole M. Gonzales • Sarah A. Grabenstein • Naterria D. Graham • Ty’rell J. Graham • Brian A. Grant • Logan D. Grantham • Joshua S. Greene • Nicholas P. Gresbach • Kathryn D. Gresham • Jefferson D. Guinn • Cassidy C. Gullic • Cody M. Gullic • Esma T. Gumberidze • Jade E. Gwin • Kaitlyn M. Haines • Kristina L. Hall • Alysha N. Halsteter • Tyler M. Hamilton • Emily K. Hansen • Madison G. Harris • Ronnie J. Hartley • Blake L. Haufler • Stephanie N. Heald • Tyler P. Healy • Quaneshia A. Hecht • Justin J. Hendon • Tori E. Herren • Carrie L. Hewlett • Logan S. Hinterthan • Micheal D. Hobbs • Kyle R. Hodge • Brittany M. Hoffman • Alexis D. Holland • Paris L. Holley • Lester P. Holly • Aaron J. Houck • William C. Howells • Elizabeth R. Hudson • Seymone Q. Huffman • Danielle R. Hunter • Jason D. Hutchison • Tyler A. Hutchison • Samantha E. Irwin • Mohamed K. Jabbar • Ammar A. Jaber • Cody T. Jackson • Brian M. 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Nicolas • Jesse L. Nieman • Juan D. Nutter • Jaclyn D. O’Connor • Miranda M. Oakes • Laura B. Olson • Daniel J. Orrey • Vanessa Ortiz • Carol A. Pachmayer • Brandon M. Parks • Randall L. Parks • Kevin B. Patnode • Jordan T. Pauls • Jaclyn B. Peck • Joshua R. Peck • Abigail C. Pereira • Edwin Perez • Janice M. Perez • Jessica P. Perez • Maria M. Perez • Daniel G. Perry • Aaliyah J. Peterson • Erin A. Peterson • Corey M. Pettis • Callie J. Phillips • James W. Phillips III • Lexey L. Pinkerton • Jhonatan F. Pinzon • Rachel E. Porcelli • Kymberli J. Powers • Nathaniel G. Pressnell • Paul C. Preston • Alison L. Pritchard • Brianna L. Privateer • Jessica R. Proctor • Jordan T. Pye • Ashley M. Query • Alexus R. Quick • Jordan T. Raffield • Zachary N. Ragosta • Rafael J. Ramirez • Sophia V. Ramirez • Alexander E. Ramsey • Lauren M. Randall • Brandon L. Rapalo • Chloe L. Rasmussen • Cameron D. Redding • Abigail E. Reed • Britany L. Reid • Franklin J. Reisner • Taryn A. Rhodes • Charlie R. Richardson • Holly M. Rickolt • Karli A. Rinehart • Jackson R. Ritterhoff • Stephanie M. Rivera • Brittany N. Roberts • Monique D. Robinson • Jazmin I. Rojas • Joshua D. Roman • Yessira I. Rosario Rivera • Brian M. Rosen • Jordan L. Roszkowiak • Alec T. Rowe • Zachary H. Ruff • Jordan P. Runion • Kaitlin A. Salmon • Jacob A. Salser • Jazmine M. Sambula • Kathleen E. Sampson • Toni N. Sands • Steven W. Sapienza • Parisa F. Sarfarazi • Arianna A. Sauer • Francesca K. Scala • William M. Schneider • Hannah E. Schnorrenberg • Christopher M. Schulz • Michael K. Servo • Nicholas J. Shadlich • Roman M. Shawley • Kendall P. Shutters • Blake N. Simmons • Sierra L. Simpson • Deepa Singh • David J. Slack • Mitchell T. Slagle • Alexander L. Sleep • Autum R. Smith • David B. Smith • James L. Smith • Jordan A. Smith • Jordan A. Smith • Katelyn B. Smith • Shaniqua L. Smith • Teyoni A. Smith • Cassi B. Sosa • Christian J. Spaulding • Austin J. St Louis • Noel K. Stalzer • Solomon D. Stapleton • Alexandria N. Stelogeannis • Johnathon G. Stern • Emily N. Stewart • Tanner J. Stewart • Natwan K. Stone • Sarah A. Strausser • Kayla M. Strickland • Austin J. Striggow • Timothy Y. Sunwoo • Tyler S. Sutherland • Reinhardt W. Switzer • Andrew R. Talsky • Ciara N. Taylor • Jazzette K. Taylor • Miles E. Tesch • Tyler D. Tippett • Robert R. Tison • Holly N. Toms • Brianna E. Torres • Patricia A. Torres • Rose L. Torres Pabon • Quameshia K. Townsend • Hank W. Truluck • Kytia S. Tucker • Mary A. Tucker • Steven R. Tucker • Kaye-Anna M. Tullonge • Kimberly V. Tumi • Joe A. Tuzo • Joshua A. Tuzo • Isaiah Underwood • Christine A. Valderrama • Emanuel Valentin • Cassidy R. Vaughn • Vincent T. Velleco • Andrea J. Ventura • Keith L. Vereen • Marlana S. Vereen • Brendon M. Wade • Rachael L. Wade • Matthew V. Walasek • Caitlyn N. Walker • Dylan J. Walker • Jasmine V. Walker • Andrew J. Wantz • Charlene A. Washington • Darrin L. Wasiewicz • Marissa A. Watkins • Mellisa E. Watson • James M. Wear • Tanner D. Weaver • Charles B. Webb • Audriana A. Webber • David A. Weber • Anfernee J. Welch • Shelby C. Welch • Anthony J. Wenk • Lily A. Westerkon • Jacqueline M. Whetzel • Susan G. White • Matthew D. Whitston • Jessica N. Whittington • John W. Wilcox • Scott K. Willeford • Cemetrio A. Williams • Kimberly S. Williams • Stewart B. Williams • Van A. Williams • Yasmine M. Williams • Rebekah E. Willis • Brianna L. Wilson • Courtland A. Wilson • Ashley P. Winfree • Adam J. Wise • Dustin T. Wiskman • Kaylee L. Withrow • Emily C. Wood • Autumn B. Woods • Bailey J. Woods • Eric G. Wright • Morgan J. Wright • Christy A. Yakulevich • Chun Yu • Sierra A. Zanchetta • Abigail D. Zavaski • Thomas C. Zegel • Jordan A. Zellner • Zachary E. Zylstra

FRANCIS MARION MILITARY ACADEMY Kelsey J. Aamland • Sarah B. Ballein • Fawn N. Bennett • Brandon D. Boucher • Zoy D. Chinchilla • J P D. Cole • Harley A. Crosby • Joshua C. Culbreath • Waren Delano • Thomas M. Domit • Joshua C. Escobar • Kimougo A. Freeney • Jasmine S. Galloway • Edward C. Gammage • Pavel Grigar • Garrett C. Haynes • Christopher K. King • Michael A. Lopez • Paul A. Malnasi • Zakary M. Moya • Angela Paparopoli • William E. Spear • Andrew J. Sturdivant • Matthew S. Telese • Rebecca L. Varney • Barbara A. Ziolkoski HILLCREST Maria G. Alfaro • Amber S. Awadallah • Kevin Ayala • Richard A. Barrett • Levi S. Benedict • Jonah E. Bromund • Danielle S. Burgos • Caleb D. Byrd • Kaitlyn M. Chamberlain • Brett M. Cobb • Devyn L. Coe • Aleesha N. Cook • Jeffrey J. Crowe • Edwin J. Cruz Vazquez • Kristian J. Derkay • Benjamin J. Falck • Nathaniel J. Figueroa • Dylon C. Fischer • Darrius L. Galloway • Alexander S. Gil • Cory L. Guyton • Alan W. Harris • Asha S. Harris • Shae M. Harris • Matthew R. Heribacka • Efrain Hernandez • Autumn D. Hughes • Spencer C. Janey • Brenton L. King • Darren J. Kraynak • James K. Kuhn • Taylor R. Kuhn • Bryan K. Lemily • Brittany J. Lonergan • Allison K. Marshall • Melissa A. Martinez • Shataraka L. McCray • Kibriyyil D. Miller • Shukriyyil N. Miller • West G. Milligan • Charles M. Mitchell • Marcus A. Morales • Zackary C. Myer • Byron L. O’Neal • Michael P. Okolo • Danielle E. Olsen • Matthew D. Paglia • Dominick S. Perez • Jamie R. Powell • Brianna L. Robbins • Casey D. Roberts • Marisa I. Rodriguez • Michele A. Scheffer • Edwin L. Shirely • Rebecca Sinsurin • Stacey R. Smith • Breanne M. Torino • Shana E. Turpin • Gabriel A. Valentin • Brandon D. Watson • Deonta K. Williams LAKE WEIR HIGH Carla E. Abbott • Adeola M. Akinyode • Shavonta D. Alexander • Janet M. Allen • William D. Allen • Rebecca H. Anderson • Steven J. Anderson • Angelo J. Auriemma • Luis M. Ayala • Andrew J. Babbitt • Nicholas C. Babcock • David J. Bailey • Kayla S. Barrett • Eric O. Barrientos • Kelly R. Batchelder • Sarah L. Bedford • Justin R. Bell • Shelby L. Bennett • Tabatha A. Bennett • Tiffanie C. Bergquist • Brandon S. Bernard • Kimberly D. Bigio-Guemarez • Jesse T. Bolton • Abigail L. Bowles • Joseph T. Brady-Mark • Christian B. Brinkley • Catherine P. Brooke • Quantavia T. Brown • Joshua M. Brumale • Matthew P. Brunelle • Julian M. Bruno • Crystal J. Bryant • Nicholas J. Bryson • Kar’Juan D. Buie • Tyler B. Bullard • Sierra A. Burgess • Alexis D. Cabrera • Marissa M. Calcione • Glenda G. Calhoun • Wilfredo J. Camacho • Christopher R. Campbell • Samantha Capote • Drayton A. Carlton • Aaron V. Carter • Gabriel L. Castillo • Miranda L. Castleberry • Tyler J. Chappell • Ronald C. Chybar • Vannessa D. Clark • Joe M. Class • Codi N. Claxton • Autumn M. Clifton • Alex J. Colling • Ashley L. Collins • Brianna R. Conklin • Janiel A. Cortes • Amanda F. Crosby • Damian J. Cruz • Thomas C. Cummings • Cody M. Cushman • Danielle N. Dallas • Austin M. Dameron • Joseph E. Daniels • Kristen A. Davison • Brandon A. Day • Matthew S. Dean • Saylor J. Deas • Ashley M. Deck • Christina M. Defrancesco • Megan M. Deming • Linnette J. Diaz Deleon • Deandrew V. Dixon • Fabienne Dumont • Angelica A. Duran • Lauren N. Dyal • Shelby M. Dyson • Ricardo M. Easley • Shonique P. Edwards • Julicia T. English • Jervan J. Etienne • Shawn M. Evans • Sierra C. Everett • Corey D. Eyes • Casey M. Faulstick • Elaine M. Favela • Darya A. Feliciano • Beth D. Fieselman • Jackson A. Finn • Madison E. Fire • Odalis Flores • Jasmine T. Flythe • Mickale N. Foard • Dylan T. Ford • Shanecia L. Forde • Kyle S. Fortner • Nicole R. Fountain • George A. Franqui • Michael J. Fuller • Nicholas L. Gadson • Barris W. Gavin • Melinda G. Geisel • Dawn M. Gibson • Natalia D. Gooden • Emilee A. Goodman • Joshua J. Gordon • Hunter W. Graf • Matthew R. Greene • Denzel L. Gregoire • Erica N. Griffiths • Jordan D. Grisham • Krystal Groover • Theresa O. Hagan • Shelly D. Hall • Heather M. Hamblen • She’Garian D. Hamilton • Rakeem J. Harrell • James F. Hart • Amber M. Haycook • Shelly D. Haynes • Shawn T. Healy • Easie-Nyasha M. Heflin-Parker • William B. Henry • Madeline A. Herlong • Jose A. Hernandez • Kayla R. Hernandez • Jovaun J. Herndon • Marlena C. Hill • Courtney R. Hogan • Jewel M. Holiday • Abigail L. Hubbard • Justin E. Javier • Cody A. Jesiolowski • Jerome R. Johnson • Mckenzie E. Johnson • Matthew D. Johnston • Kayla A. Jones • Wesley G. Jones • Stephon J. Jones-Larson • Charles T. Jordan • Jean M. Joseph • Aaron R. Juopperi • Lisa M. Kaufman • Michael P. Kelly • Lindsey G. Kelton • Javaris M. Kiner • Katherine V. Kliebert • Frank L. Kloza • Keith W. Knudsen • Jordan J. Kozsey • Tyler Z. Kozsey • Coty A. Kruse • Daniel C. Krystek • Kenzie M. Labagh • Jaimie L. Lagasse • De’Shaquanda Y. Lake • Charles E. Laymon • Diadra M. Lee • Taylor M. Leis • Kaylah A. Lewis • Krysta J. Lull • Christopher J. Madden • Daniel Maldonado • Christina M. Mancil • Amber L. Manikowski • Elizabeth J. Mansur • Rachael V. Marcum • Shannon E. Marcum • Sebastian Marin • Jannet Marquez • Benjamin M. Martin • Daniel E. Martinez • Samuel P. Martinez • Patrease S. Mason • Kaitlynn N. Matheney • Joshua L. Matheny • Summer L. Mathews • Ashley N. McMullen • Irene Medina • Colin E. Meek • Linton W. Meggie • Janeliz Mercado-Millet • Brianna L. Merced • Krystal D. Midcap • Allison A. Miller • Stacy N. Miller • Tori Miller • Kylia R. Mills • Fadarrian D. Moore • Antonio Morales • Zachary A. Mordoh • Shiann M. Morris • DeYauna A. Morson-Mitchell • Jamee R. Moss • Nicholas D. Myers • Kaylee A. Nauth • Ashley E. Nelson • Daniel R. Nelson • Michael D. Ness • Caitlin M. Nettles • Eric N. Nielsen • Raymond Nieves • Samuel C. Nutter • Jorelynette OrtizRamos • Misael Pacheco • Adileny Padilla • Andre L. Palmer • Kelly S. Parker • Kyle W. Parker • Brianna J. Parlette • Shane A. Partain • Katelyn D. Perryman • Lora A. Pinkney • Kali N. Prater • Bryan D. Prevatte • Di’Mone L. Pullings • Nicole C. Quesnel • Bryan D. Rabindranauth • Thalia Z. Ramirez • Levi C. Rapalo • Haley N. Rasnick • Tiana T. Ray • Kristin R. Reahm • Stephana D. Reid • Brandy N. Reynolds • Maryanne Reynolds • Deveontae R. Rhem • Graham T. Richmond • Michael R. Riegel • Gianna G. Rivera • Giovanni L. Rivera • Joel A. Rivera • Jorge B. Rivera • Jamaal T. Roberson • Daniel J. Rodriguez • Jeremy C. Rodriguez • Kevin D. Rodriguez • Yacob D. Rodriguez-Gonzalez • Chelsie M. Romero • Moises M. Rosado • Vance J. Rudolph • Brandon S. Russell • Kristien M. Salisbury • Jake D. Salverda • Mechelle N. Salyer • Dyvonte L. Samuel • Marirubi Y. Santiago • Chelsea-Jo L. Scheib • Emily A. Schoen • Anthony F. Schwartz • Keiana Sears • Jahlik J. Serrano • Rebecca C. Shaffer • Austin L. Shelfer • Brooke R. Shelhart • Jes E. Sibbernsen • Andreina Sifontes Carbonara • Jamie L. Silcox • Lionna R. Simmons-Morgan • Deidre R. Sisk • Paris A. 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Murphy • Briana M. Muti • Megan Lee J. Myklegard • Liz M. Negron • Juan V. Nelson • Joshua P. Noel • Alexander B. Odum • Abdul-Kader Okab • Nathan L. Ordway • Nathan A. Osborne • Adriana J. Osier • Simone O. Owen • Andrea S. Pache • Steven L. Padillo • Ashlynne B. Pagan • Tyler A. Pascale • Aakash M. Patel • Tushar S. Patel • Hannah B. Patzwald • Terry J. Pelletier • Eve R. Pendergraft • Brier Z. Pennington • Ryan S. Perkins • Amanda G. Pesare • Rodney A. Pete • Scott G. Petersen • Jordan M. Pietrzak • Mitchell J. Plummer • Taylor J. Presley • Camille J. Quillen • Matthew D. Ragins • Sarah E. Ragle • True C. Rains • Amanda M. Ramos • Anna M. Ranslow • Eric K. Reinholt • Traci A. Rice • Victoria L. Richards • Deamontae E. Richardson • Michael A. Riddle • Daniel W. Riestra • Kevin A. Ringling • Kevin D. Rivers • Ann-Elodie Robert • Elijah K. Robledo • Alexandra Rodriguez Melendez • Jessica M. Romero • Alexandra S. Rondeau • Brandon L. Rountree • Brent O. Rountree • Stephen L. Rousseau • Megan J. Rumans • Nicholas A. Ruotolo • Quandre D. Rushing • Theodore E. Salb • Tina San • Santeria V. Sanders • Scott G. Sanders • Kyle T. Sandner • Lacey R. Sandner • Ricardo M. Sandoval • Robert M. Santiago • Lloyd T. Scaggs • David H. Schafer • Brittany R. Schmidt • Wendell S. Shaw • Georganna S. Simpson • Kayla S. Simpson • Aidid A. Sing • Vedant N. Singh • Vishnu Singh • Mark C. Sipple • Adriana M. Siwek • Michael J. Skinner • Da’Dreina D. Smith • Damontra T. Smith • Gatlin D. Snyder • Julio A. Solis • Haylee L. Sorrell • Allie F. Sparkman • Carolyn L. Spencer • Ocean R. Spencer • Charles W. Stabler • Breeana L. Stanley • Troy C. Starling • Nathan M. Starr • Alexandra Strynkowski • Arlene L. Stuckey • Marcedes J. Sutcliffe • Timmi M. Tan • Robert L. Taylor • Christian M. Tellez • Zaghaun D. Thornton • Robert J. Thorsberg • Fred M. Thrower • Amy Torres-Reyes • Daniel L. Tuggerson • Nathaniel J. Tuggerson • John M. Usher • Brittani L. Vachon • Jaykumar B. Vaghela • Peter M. Velez • Staci D. Vicks • Jennifer Vu • Margaret S. Walker • Darius J. Wallace • Javorise L. Watkins • Joseph D. Watson • Megan C. Watson • Constance V. Wayne • Janerika S. Webb • Johnny M. Welcome • Kirsten C. Wellborn • Iesha L. Wheeler • Jelisa M. White • Sebastian N. Whitehead • Alexandra R. Wilhelm • Kiona R. Willacy • Jahquez S. Williams • Mindy N. Williams • Zachary K. Williams • Dale L. Wise • Haley A. Wright • Peter C. Wyckoff • Earl W. Young • Terrence L. Zackery • Daulton R. Zane • Carolina Zapata WEST PORT HIGH Andrea A. Aarons • Christian A. Acevedo • Jocelyn E. Acevedo • Magali L. Acevedo • Ana S. Acosta • Allison D. Addington • Eric Additon • Ana G. Aguilar • Christina M. Aguilera • Leonel C. Aguirre • Tori L. Ahearn • Amy Alamo • William T. Alexander • Erica Algu • Shanique M. Allen • Sonata J. Allison • Krista M. Alvarado • Katherine Alvarado Ruiz • Raul A. Alvarado Ruiz • Denises Anaya • Austin C. Anderson • Quentin C. Anderson • Edelys Armas • Michael A. Armstrong • Anthony M. Ashberger • Jamiaya R. Austin • Mohamad Aysheh • Gordon D. Babcock • Rajiv J. Badal • Julio C. Baez • Kewrys Baez • Amber N. Baggett • Thomas S. Baker • Audrey T. Barlow • Michael T. Barnett • David J. Barreto • Hayley V. Barrett • Michelle A. Bartlett • Teneal E. Barwick • Darian N. Bateman • Michael Battisti • Jasmine K. Bauer • Julio C. Bautista • Raymundo Baza-Martinez • Farzana Begum • Cassidy N. Beller • Joshua A. Benjamin • Taylor Z. Benjamin • Jonathan W. Benton • Krystal N. Bertic • Hayley Bess • Brandon C. Bible • Alan Blalock • Brandon D. Bonaccorso • Danielle S. Bond • Jillian M. Boose • Amada G. Bordas • Selena J. Borges • Sydney M. Bourgeois • Cody A. Boyle • Nicholas J. Boynton • Shelby K. Bradshaw • Somer C. Breeden • Destiny M. Bringle • Gwendolyn A. Brown • Stacey L. Brown • Angel L. Bruno • Shantel N. Bryan • Ryan M. Buehler • Sadie N. Buenaventura • Johnny Bui • Emily N. Bullard • Onecia E. Burton • Pierina L. Cabezas-Duenas • Tatiana I. Cabrera • Charles C. Callaway • Adanny Camacho • Emily V. Cano • Francis Y. Carrasquillo-Gomez • Britani T. Carter • Haley N. Casko • Gustavo J. Castro • Abigayl N. Centeno • Raquel L. Centeno • Alma D. Cervantes • Denise R. Charlot • Fernando Chavez • Claudine Chery • Jing H. Cheung • Katie E. Cheuvront • Michael C. Chung • Natalie E. Cintron • Kiayana Clark • Kiayara Clark • Alexandrea T. Clegg • Jordan B. Clunn • Andrew C. Cole • Brittany A. Cole • Brianna E. Collier • James E. Collins • Jasharia S. Collins • Zachary J. Compton • Lenale C. Cooke • Kenneth Cooper • Salomon Cortez Macedo • Ja’Neisha T. Cotman • Jessica L. Cox • Graham H. Craft • Brian A. Cruz • Kendrick M. Daniels • Alexus C. Dantzler • Domonique A. DaSilva • Julian A. Dasilva • Corey E. David • Joel T. de Ron • Joseph D. Dedovic • Brianna L. Defio • Yezenia Degross • Emanuel J. Delrio • Oksana S. Deputat • Elias A. Diaz • Jessie L. Diaz • Jordan Diaz • Marbin U. Diaz • Taylor L. Dollinger • Karina Dominguez • Nicolas Dominguez • William R. Dougherty • Bradley G. Dunavan • Daniel Duran • Alexis T. Eason • Daniel M. Easterday • Jesilyn R. Eastup • Fabien F. Eiras • Richard M. Ellers • Angelica M. Ellis • Brittany M. Ellis • Jennifer L. Elsea • Belen E. Esparza • Daniel S. Espinoza • Henry O. Espinoza • Nicolas Estrada • Therman B. Evans • Tucker C. Evans • Brandon C. Falconer • Amanda S. Fasciglione • Anne S. Felix • Austin C. Felt • Chelsea G. Ferguson • Jennifer N. Ficara • Natalia L. Figueroa • Erica L. Finley • Andrew D. Finney • Carlos Flores • Eunice Flores • Jesus E. Flores • Karl G. Forbes • Estelle F. Ford • Maria A. Franco • Addrianne M. Game • Joseph A. Gangi • Karla E. Garcia Carbajal • Isaih A. Garcon • Maxime Gattacieca • Jonathon L. Gennaro • Michelle K. Ghabra • Alan Giraldo • Joshua S. Gitterman • Amanda D. Glenn • Bryan J. Glenn • Dequan M. Gobern • Andrew D. Gomez • Brittany J. Gomez • Joshua Gonzalez • Aubrey S. Grier • Stephaine B. Grunfelder • Jessica Guerra • Lorenz Guerrero • Blayne G. Guest • Garrett P. Guthrie • Ryan R. Guthrie • Amanda Haddad • Salam S. Haddad • Roxy Haitsch • Corey A. Haley • Danielle M. Hamel • Alexander Hansen • Mirzhan E. Haroon • Seth A. Harper • London R. Harris • Markus L. Harris • Nina E. Harris • Zachary Harris • Mikee T. Hayes • Ashley N. Hedrick • Shana N. Hensley • Ritchard Hernandez • Angela Herrera • Jaquelin Herrera • Hailey N. Higginbotham • Josiah A. Hildebrand • Dejon C. Hilton • Alizaman N. Hirani • Megan M. Holmes • Samantha N. Holmes • Courtney T. Honsted • China L. Horne • Samantha J. Horne • Tynire S. Hudson • Kyle A. Humphrey • Savannah L. Idell • Hazel R. Jackson • Louis B. Jacobs • Jaricho A. James • Jacques E. Jean-Baptiste • Alec M. Jewell • Rianna N. Johns • Derrick A. Jones • Kaylee A. Jones • Victoria C. Jones • Jason T. Joseph • Brent T. Jubin • Wayne J. Julson • Angela Jurado • Amber k. Kaestner • Peter Kaminski • Terrance A. 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Those who opt for GED test miss valuable experience, experts say The Washington Post

The GED was designed to give high school dropouts a second chance at higher education and a good job. But every year, hundreds of thousands of teens take the test before their former classmates have graduated, prompting concerns that too many young people are pursuing a GED before they have exhausted their first chance at a more valuable diploma. Some economists and educators are calling for stricter limits on access to the GED for younger teens. A growing body of research shows that very few GED test-takers go on to earn a higher degree, and most fare about the same in the workplace as dropouts who don’t pass the exam. “We are making it easy for them to make a mistake,” said James Heckman, a Nobel Prize winning economist at the University of Chicago who has studied the impact of the GED. He said easier access to the test induces students to drop out of

high school. According to a 2011 report by the GED Testing Service, about a quarter of test-takers across the country are between 16 and 18 years old, an average that is reflected in both Maryland’s and Virginia’s statewide numbers. As pressure mounts for the nation’s high schools to increase graduation rates, the GED is drawing new scrutiny. The test is undergoing its largest overhaul in 70 years to align with the more rigorous demands of colleges and employers. And more school systems are devising flexible ways to keep struggling students in school however they can. Maryland law allows students to drop out of school at age 16 without parental consent — and it also allows them to take the GED at that age — though lawmakers last year voted to raise the age of compulsory education to 18 by 2017. Maryland also offers people who pass the GED an actual high school diploma, rather than an equivalen-

A growing body of research shows that very few GED test-takers go on to earn a higher degree, and most fare about the same in the workplace as dropouts who don’t pass the exam. cy diploma, which some say is another reason more teens decide to pursue it. The high rate of younger test-takers in Prince George’s County, Md., is “an area of concern,” said Patricia Tyler, director of adult education and literacy services for Maryland’s Department of Labor. “It’s always a concern when young people are leaving school prior to graduation in large numbers.” But she said there are many complicated reasons teenagers drop out of school. They might fall behind in credits because their home lives are unstable or because of poor health or pregnancy. When traditional schools

don’t meet their needs, a GED provides a valuable opportunity to help them take the next step, she said. Many teens leave school thinking the GED will be an easier route and are surprised at how hard the test is, several counselors and GED teachers said. The passing score for the GED is set so that dropouts must outperform about 40 percent of graduating seniors. For students who have struggled academically or missed a lot of school, that’s a high bar. In some ways, it’s harder than graduating, said Warees Majeed, director of workforce development at Living Classrooms, which offers GED preparation in the District of Columbia for teenagers released from juvenile detention. Researchers such as Heckman maintain that there is great value in school attendance. If cognitive skills were enough, people who demonstrate high school equivalence by passing the GED would perform equally well in the workplace or in college, he said.

‘Gap year’ students put college on hold to travel, gain life experience The Des Moines Register

DES MOINES, Iowa — Sydni Heron received her diploma from Ames High School in May 2012. In September, she was in Ecuador where she treated machete wounds and helped deliver a baby at a small-town clinic. While many high school graduates head directly to college, Heron, 19, opted to delay college for one year to work and gain life experience, a growing trend called a “gap year.” Heron said living in a foreign land where she did not speak the language helped her develop a newfound confidence. As students finalize plans to enroll in college in the fall, gap year advocates tout the advantages of taking a year to focus on personal development. No one tracks the number of students nationally who opt for a gap year, also called a bridge year. But university officials in Iowa and North Carolina said they’ve noticed a growing awareness of the option among students. They’re also aware of new programs at other institutions that offer financial aid to students taking a year off before heading to college. Heron said she returned from South America with a clearer idea of what she wanted from college. Heron, the daughter of a hog farmer, said she plans to earn degrees in nursing from a community college and a four-year university. “I’m better able to think for myself,” Heron said. “I didn’t even know there was another way to think and do things until I went to Ecuador.” ■■■

Waiting a year to go to college offers several benefits, including broadening a young person’s worldview, building confidence and teaching self-reliance, advocates say. In addition, they add, spending time away from academics could help the nation’s graduation rates by producing more focused freshmen. Currently, 58 percent of full-time students complete college within six years, according to U.S. Department of Education data. Estimates of students who defer college for one year — for whatever reason — range from less than 2 percent to more than 10 percent, said Nina Hoe, a doctoral student at

the University of Pennsylvania studying the effect of gap years. “This has the potential to be a very, very important part of our understanding of college readiness and success,” Hoe said. It’s not unusual for teenagers in other countries to wait a year after high school before heading to college. In Norway, Denmark and Turkey, for instance, more than 50 percent of students take a year off before college, according to the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education in Oslo, Norway. In the U.S., two negative perceptions about gap years prevail: Taking a year off before college is only for affluent students, and doing so sets students back because they step off the high school-to-college “conveyor belt,” said Abby Falik, who in 2009 founded Global Citizen Year, a nonprofit based in Oakland, Calif. Heron, the student who spent her gap year in Ecuador, was among the 80 percent of students in the Global Citizen Year program who received financial aid. One-third received full scholarships from the program, which seeks students with strong leadership potential. Delaying the start of college also could clash with rising economic concerns. Nearly 88 percent of incoming freshmen in 2012 said “to be able to get a better job” was a very important reason for attending college, according to an annual survey from the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of CaliforniaLos Angeles. Only about 68 percent of students in 1976 responded that way. Falik said colleges are key to changing perceptions and behaviors about gap years. About one-third of college freshmen don’t return to the same institution for a second year, according to ACT Inc., an education testing company in Iowa City. While the factors driving this are complex, Falik said it also suggests the U.S. education system pushes students into college without the necessary “focused sense of purpose, independence, self-confidence, grit and resilience.” ■■■

Few colleges in the U.S. formally encourage

students to take a year off for personal development, Falik said. The University of Iowa, Iowa State University and University of Northern Iowa don’t track the number of students who take a gap year, in part because so few do so, officials said. Princeton University has been among the early adopters. The New Jersey-based university’s tuition-free bridge year program will serve up to 35 students this year. At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, up to seven students receive $7,500 scholarships to pursue a gap year of their own design. “We’re looking for resourceful students who can think on their feet and are open-minded,” said Jakelin Bonilla, UNC Global Gap Year Fellowship coordinator. Sometimes it is the parents who need convincing. Nancy Anderson felt her anxiety rise when she realized her daughter was serious about spending nine months in Senegal before college. Anderson had reservations about her daughter veering from the direct path to college the teenager’s two older sisters had taken. Anderson and her husband also feared for their youngest child’s safety in Africa. But a visit four months into Erica Anderson’s time in Senegal left her mother sold on the value of a gap year. “Erica was our tour guide, interpreter, the money person, the haggler. It was such a role-reversal, and it was terribly impressive. You looked at this young woman and you thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, look at what she can do,’ ” Nancy Anderson said. Erica Anderson, now 19, felt she needed the time away from school. She had been a driven student with a 4.0 grade-point-average at Ames High School. “I had a wonderful high school experience, but underlying that was a lot of stress,” she said. Anderson deferred admission to the University of Wisconsin in Madison for one year because she said she wanted time to think, reassess and gain real-life experience. She left high school with illusions of saving the world one person at a time in a faraway land. She returned with a renewed focus on making a

difference in her home country, after she saw foreign aid groups struggle to make an impact in Senegal because of cultural barriers. “Before, I was very interested in working internationally. I could envision myself in some nonprofit,” Anderson said. “Now, I’ve reoriented myself to do work in the U.S.”

Instead, dropping out of high school usually portends a lifelong pattern of dropping out, he said. Studies show high school dropouts have higher rates of job turnover, college attrition, turnover in the military and even divorce, compared with those who stuck it out in high school. “Sitting in school and showing up on time and doing in school what people ask you to do — those are useful, if dull, tedious traits to have,” Heckman said. Some programs offer more comprehensive GED preparation than the average crash course that keeps participants in school-like settings longer and provide more targeted training. In Virginia and about 10 other states, GED preparation is offered within high schools. Requirements

vary, but in Virginia, students who enroll have to create an alternative education plan that includes career counseling, GED preparation courses and vocational training. Advocates say the program has helped students who would otherwise have fallen through the cracks. But education officials in Alexandria, Va., last year decided to stop offering the high school GED program. Madye Henson, deputy superintendent, said the school system did not want to support a “program that is encouraging dropping out of school.” Now the city is offering more flexible ways to pursue a diploma, including a satellite high school campus that opened in the fall at Landmark Mall.

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2013 Graduation Guide  
2013 Graduation Guide  

Official 2013 Graduation Guide of the Ocala StarBanner of Marion County Florida