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Against all odds Alachua County’s brightest seniors overcome some of life’s toughest challenges Words of Wisdom The Sun asked area high school seniors to share a lesson they have learned in high school that will serve them in college and beyond. Here is what they said: “Never regret your bad decisions, but take them and learn from them to better yourself.” — Karl Zink, Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School “An immature prank is not worth a lifetime of regret.” — Jarred Mercer, Keystone Heights Jr./ Sr. High School “Be who God made you to be … who you are is more than enough.” — Meghan Helsley, Keystone Heights Jr./ Sr. High School “Work first and play later.” — Phillip James, Bradford High School MATT STAMEY/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Gainesville High School graduate Tyler Parker plans to attend Harvard in the fall. Tyler’s mom, who he says was his biggest motivator, died of pancreatic cancer in 2010. library. to Harvard College and a “Instead of complaining, long list of accolades and (Domonique) came up scholarships. igh school is a with a solution to a He’s also been an active hard enough member of the GHS time in anyone’s problem,” David said. Now about to graduate in marching and concert life. BILL PIRZER, Tyler’s band director at Gainesville High School the top 20 percent of her bands, where he plays The subjects class, with two college percussion under band English and keep working of time away from home, get more and traveling around the state scholarships, Domonique director Bill Pirzer. on her writing. more difficult, getting treatment for her This year, Tyler was a She said she would like building to a cre- said she hopes to become a pancreatic cancer. writer. drum major in the marchto write a mystery novel, scendo of Advanced “As a 13-, 14-year-old, I But there was a time ing band, the highest or a paranormal romance. Placement or International still thought that a miracle position of leadership in when Domonique said she Kind of like Twilight, she Baccalaureate classes for the band. said. “Except my vampires could occur,” Tyler said. some, while others scrape felt like taking the easy Joycette died in June way out. Pirzer said Tyler’s won’t sparkle.” by with just enough 2010 after a long struggle. presence has been At the end of her first credits to graduate. Tyler said he was week of high school, she inspirational for other The pressure to earn told her mother, Betsey students. Even with all the support devastated. Though the high marks and get into rest of his family was Walker, that going to “He is one in a million,” in the world, sometimes college is intense, and equally supportive and Pirzer said. “I know that I life throws curveballs. coupled with the emotion- Newberry had been a loving, he had lost the mistake. The commute left can always count on him Tyler Parker, 17, was al challenges of being a person who most encourto do the right thing, but I always a stellar student. teenager, those four years Domonique exhausted aged him to be great. and with little time to can also count on him to He said his biggest are a dramatic time. “I really miss that push,” lead others the same way.” motivator was his mother, But some students have a finish her homework. But she stuck it out. She Tyler reluctantly admits Joycette Hickmon-Parker. he said. harder way to go than But Tyler’s loss didn’t wanted a bright future. he’s proud of himself, but She never stopped others. slow him down. As he In a family of 14 children, pushing him to achieve he said he knows he can’t And even with life’s watched his mother grow times were sometimes rest on his laurels too long. more. obstacles, a few special tough. While she was in He can still hear his For example, when Tyler weaker with her illness, students overcome middle school, Domomother saying, “That’s brought home a high score his desire to achieve grew adversity to become top stronger, he said. nique’s family was once great. But what are you on the PSAT. achievers in high school. By the time his mother evicted from their home. going to do next?” “OK,” he remembers her Here are the stories of a “I really hated the saying, “now you just have passed away, Tyler said he few of Alachua County’s had found the willpower to feeling,” she said. to do great on the SAT.” brightest graduating push himself forward. She vowed to never let it Anna Sucsy said she When Tyler was in seniors. He continued on in the happen to her. thought the hardest parts seventh grade, his mother rigorous Cambridge Domonique will attend were over by the time she became ill. Program at Gainesville Florida Gulf Coast entered high school. For the next three years, Sometimes, just getting High School, taking the University in the fall, Now 18, Anna was she and Tyler’s father, to school is the hardest 90-minute bus ride each where she will study diagnosed with a rare Burton Parker, spent a lot part. way from his home in form of ovarian cancer in For the last four years, High Springs. kindergarten, just after Domonique Cudjo rose at Nearly three years later, her sixth birthday. 5:40 a.m. to take a 90-minhe’s graduating at the top ute bus ride from her home SENIORS on Page 7 GAIL DAVID, Newberry High School guidance counselor of his class, with a full ride in northeast Gainesville to Newberry High School. She could have attended Eastside High School, her neighborhood school. But she said she wanted to get away from some of the people she’d gone to school with previously. She said she was setting her sights high. In middle school, Domonique, now 18, decided she wanted to become a lawyer. She applied to Newberry’s criminal justice academy and was accepted. She excelled at Newberry, taking a total of seven AP classes over four years. “She’s a very focused individual,” said guidance counselor Gail David. A couple of years ago, David said, Domonique noticed the school library was somewhat lacking in titles that might appeal to high schoolers. For the last three years, she has submitted a list of ERICA BROUGH/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER suggested books to Newberry’s media special- Newberry High School senior Domonique Cudjo, 18, has been recognized as a top graduate. Domonique takes a 90-minute bus ride each way every day from her home in northeast Gainesville to Newberry High School. ist, who uses the list to order new books for the By Erin Jester Staff writer


“I know that I can always count on him to do the right thing, but I can also count on him to lead others the same way.”

Tyler Parker

Anna Sucsy

Domonique Cudjo

“Instead of complaining, (Domonique) came up with a solution to a problem.”

“Don’t let other people dictate your future.” — Shauna Gilson, Bradford High School “Your nightmares and fears are only as strong as you allow them to be. Turn them into strengths, and nothing can hinder your dreams.” — Tiffany Ruggles, Buchholz High School “When you finally stop making excuses and blaming others for your mistakes, then you realize that anything is possible.” — Brandon Han, Buchholz High School “In high school it may sometimes appear that your world is falling apart, but just remember, there is always something beautiful just around the corner.” — Aubri SpurginKabinu, Buchholz High School “Keep the drama in Drama.” — Schaefer Lloyd, Buchholz High School “Never choose between having good grades and having fun. Bust your butt and do both!” — Hailey Bason, Chiefland High School “Getting involved is so important. You learn so much more from your experiences in extracurricular activities than you can learn from sitting in a classroom.” — Summer Toler, Chiefland High School “It doesn’t matter where you come from; if you possess the will to do something, do it! Don’t let opportunities slip away from you. High school only comes once in life, so make the best of those times and trust God to get you through these so-called ‘hard years.’ ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.’” — Adam Edwards, Chiefland High School Compiled by Sun correspondent Stacy Fournier


6G | The Gainesville Sun | Sunday, May 26, 2013

Marissa Moore Bradford High School USF


Dustin Swain Bradford High School USF

Ariana Fennell Branford High School SFC

Kendall Hall Branford High School Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Keysha Horn Branford High School North Florida Community College

Raquel Alfonso Bronson High School Flagler

Mary Sue Cano-Hill Bronson High School SFC

Olan Gonzalez Bronson High School SFC

Mikala Marlett Bronson High School SFC

Dakota Robertson Bronson High School SFC

Rickie Roe Bronson High School Stetson

Katelyn Nicole Carty Buchholz High School UF

Ju Kyung Choi Buchholz High School UC Berkeley

Daniel Dewitt Buchholz High School Stanford University

Benjamin Diuguid Buchholz High School UF

Davis Foote Buchholz High School UC Berkeley

Ashley Wilt Buchholz High School UF

Tony Zeng Buchholz High School MIT

Alicia Lambert Cedar Key High School University of North Florida

Sarah Martin Cedar Key High School SFC

Logan Smith Chiefland High School UF

Summer Toler Chiefland High School UCF

Zachary Durkin Columbia High School Washington Lee University

Andrew Johnson Columbia High School University of Alabama

Lyndsey Horton Browning Branford High School Hopkinsville Community College

Jessie Lynn Kelley Branford High School UF

Deesa Patel Branford High School UF

Aubrey Sapp Branford High School UF

Carolyn Woods Branford High School St. Johns River State College

Kelsey Russell Bronson High School UCF

Pablo Sanchez Bronson High School SFC

JD Shouse Bronson High School SFC

Kyndall Turner Bronson High School University of West Florida

Kaitlin Abbott Buchholz High School Brigham Young University

Joshua Brownstein Buchholz High School UF

Steve Han Buchholz High School University of Chicago

John Huber Buchholz High School Notre Dame

Jennifer Li Buchholz High School MIT

Kea Parkyn Buchholz High School UF

Alexander Song Buchholz High School Duke University

Keshav Vemuri Buchholz High School Brown University

Mary-Kate Wilson Buchholz High School UF

Hailey Bason Chiefland High School UF

Danielle Drummond Chiefland High School Leeward Community College

Adam Edwards Chiefland High School U.S. Army

Sarah Ivey Chiefland High School College of Central Florida

Hayley Pate Chiefland High School SFC

Ansley Pentz Chiefland High School UF

Timothy Reidy Chiefland High School Clearwater Christian College

Austin Sheffield Chiefland High School SFC

Holly Wheeler Columbia High School University of North Florida

Devin Gregory Cornerstone Academy UF

Tori Mantel Cornerstone Academy Trinity College

Lane Boals Countryside Christian School SFC

Sophia Fanelli Countryside Christian School SFC

Austin Snook Countryside Christian School SFC

Shayna Chewning Dixie County High School UF

Summer Croft Dixie County High School UF

Bradley Craig Eastside High School Undecided

Nicholas Fethiere Eastside High School USF


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Cole Kruggel Dixie County High School SFC

Dylan Marcks Dixie County High School Emery Riddle

Samantha Morris Dixie County High School UF

Laina Moyer Dixie County High School University of Central Florida

Coatland Hunter Robson Dixie County High School Florida Gateway College

William Tanner Robson Dixie County High School Florida Gateway College

Kyndal VanAernam Dixie County High School Florida Gateway College

Mandy Weaver Dixie County High School UF

Angela Acosta Eastside High School Smith College

Shakita Cash Eastside High School Undecided

Photo Unavailable

Juliana Garcia-Mejia Eastside High School Harvard

Jessica Gower Eastside High School Emory

Bushra Guenoun Eastside High School Undecided

Madison Housden Eastside High School FSU or Flagler

Flora Huang Eastside High School Dartmouth

Erin Isaza Eastside High School Caltech

Austin Landis Eastside High School Undecided

David Liu Eastside High School Brown

Anne Lott Eastside High School Duke University

Akshaya Nataraj Eastside High School UF or Barnard

Annalee Perez Eastside High School Harvard

Juan Rueda Eastside High School Vanderbilt

Rebecca Sugrue Eastside High School MIT

Carsten ThueBludworth Eastside High School Undecided

Lauren von Zabern Eastside High School UF

Ashley Beckman Ft. White High School FSU

Rafael Comesana Ft. White High School Florida Gulf Coast

Kara Davis Ft. White High School Florida Gulf Coast

Kassy Davis Ft. White High School Florida Gulf Coast

Christina Harvey Ft. White High School SFC

Lucas Higginbotham Ft. White High School UCF

Robert Howell Ft. White High School UCF

Sitia Martinez Ft. White High School Florida Atlantic University

Photo Unavailable

Emilie Song Eastside High School Duke University

Photo Unavailable

Carolee Morrow Ft. White High School U.S. Navy

Sarah Rhoades Ft. White High School Florida Gulf Coast

Shana Robinson Ft. White High School Florida Gulf Coast

Brianna Rodriguez Ft. White High School SFC

Conny Ruiz Ft. White High School SFC

Sarah Stringfellow Ft. White High School Lake Sumpter College

Brady Wilkinson Ft. White High School Florida Gateway College

Mathew Armas Gainesville High School UF

David Barbet Gainesville High School Georgia Tech

Jamie Blackband Gainesville High School FSU

Alessandra Ciancone Gainesville High School UF

Travis Markham Gainesville High School UF

Alanna Markowitz Gainesville High School Brown

Tyler Parker Gainesville High School Harvard

Clairee Peterson Gainesville High School USF

Asher Shoucair Gainesville High School UF

Madison Szar Gainesville High School University of North Carolina

Allen Currie Hawthorne High School UF

James McDuffie Jr. Hawthorne High School UF

Jailyn McGruder Hawthorne High School SFC

Courtney O’Brien Hawthorne High School SFC

Kanisha White Hawthorne High School UF

Denna Acree Interlachen High School Undecided

Alexis Adkins Interlachen High School Undecided

Sunday, May 26, 2013 | The Gainesville Sun | 7G



Autumn Griggs Interlachen High School Undecided

Brittany Heeder Interlachen High School Undecided

Jordan Massey Interlachen High School Undecided

Alexis Methvin Interlachen High School Undecided

Skylar Midkiff Interlachen High School Undecided

Sydney Kristine Brown Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Alivia Jane Combass Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Taryn Marie Davis Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School Undecided

Carson Canova Drane Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School FSU

Alexander Ray Johnson Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Mallory Marie Mauldin Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Emily Groeb Newberry High School Flagler College

Kimberly Hipp Newberry High School SFC

Demi Hunt Newberry High School UF

Megan Marcotte Newberry High School FSU

Ena Nater Newberry High School University of North Florida

Morgan Ogg Newberry High School UF

Brodie Roland Newberry High School UF

McKenzie Katherine Hollen Oak Hall School Duke University

Manwen Li Oak Hall School University of California, Los Angeles

Joshua Evan Pincus Oak Hall School UF

Nicklas Alexander Sarantos Oak Hall School Duke University

Henry John Schott Oak Hall School Rhodes College

Jason Scott Sharkey Oak Hall School UF

Daniel Andrew Stirt Oak Hall School Duke University

Zhuowa Wu Oak Hall School Harvey Mudd College

Kailyn Allen P.K. Yonge UNC Chapel Hill

Eva Aranda P.K. Yonge UF

Victoria Banner P.K. Yonge USF

Dylan Batlle P.K. Yonge UF

Juliana Carrillo P.K. Yonge UF

Laykin Forthun Valerie P.K. Yonge TorresUF Rosario P.K. Yonge UF

Kaleigh Wasdin P.K. Yonge UF

Jazz Whittaker P.K. Yonge University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Brittany Dunnam Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC/UF

Sarah Lovett Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC/UCF

Mallory Martin Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC/UF

Thaddeus Morgan Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC/UF

Stanley Alvarez Santa Fe High School SFC

Christian Bingham Santa Fe High School SFC

Sean Calderon Santa Fe High School University of North Florida

Sierra Clemons Santa Fe High School SFC

Rachel Farmer Santa Fe High School UF

Bradley Feagle Santa Fe High School University of Tennessee

Elizabeth Harre Santa Fe High School UF

Wayne Kemp Santa Fe High School UF

Elizabeth Koller Santa Fe High School UF

Kiana Rappa Santa Fe High School Florida Gulf Coast University

Melinda Rhodes Santa Fe High School SFC

Kristen TapiaRuano Santa Fe High School UF

Samantha Unietis Santa Fe High School UF

Ashley Willis Santa Fe High School SFC

Madeline Adkins St. Francis Catholic High School SFC

Cara Anderson St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Emilio Miguel Aragon St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Mikhail Belibasis St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Andrew Bowser St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Aimee Gauvin St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Julia Geraldeli St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Ryan Herring St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Kathryn Herrington St. Francis Catholic High School The Catholic University of

Michael Hughes St. Francis Catholic High School FSU

Alexander Kniseley St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Ryan McCloskey St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Cameron Meyer St. Francis Catholic High School FSU

Ted Mitchell, Jr. St. Francis Catholic High School Stetson University

Jake Nangle St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Michael Neville St. Francis Catholic High School Virginia Military Institute

Max Owen St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Marc Parocha St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Victor ViramontesPattison St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Andrew Wasik St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Gerda Kruckauskaite The Rock School Illinois Institute of Technology

Rachel Penumudi The Rock School UF

Jessica Church Union County High School West Point or community college

Kelsey Harrison Union County High School Florida Gateway College

Shane Hendricks Union County High School Florida Gateway College/ SFC

Tanner Lemay Union County High School Florida Gateway College/ UF

Vanessa Love Union County High School Florida Gateway College/ SFC/UF

Jessica Loznicka Union County High School Florida Gateway College

Danielle Pate Union County High School Liberty University

Dana Seager Union County High School Florida Gateway College

Caitlyn Shealy Union County High School Florida Gateway College

Dalton Townsend Union County High School Florida Gateway College

Makayla Baker Williston High School Florida Atlantic University

James Quincy Cason Williston High School Harvard

Jace Colina Williston High School UF

Ty Cramer Williston High School UF

Scott Cunningham Williston High School University of West Florida

Elizabeth Erickson Williston High School UF

Laquisha Hill Williston High School SFC

Masha Beck Interlachen High School Undecided

Kris Clark Interlachen High School Undecided

Crystal Eason Interlachen High School Undecided

Larissia Erlandson Interlachen High School Undecided

Dijon Green Interlachen High School Undecided

Anthony Parris Jr. Interlachen High School Undecided

Nicholas Peacock Interlachen High School Undecided

Taryn Petersen Interlachen High School Undecided

Astrid Rodriguez Interlachen High School Undecided

David Smith Interlachen High School Undecided

Skyler Weems Interlachen High School Undecided

Garrett Scott McGee Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Brittany Jean Riviere Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Bailey Jo Slater Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School FSU

Raymond Joseph Strickland Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Clayton Boettcher Newberry High School UF

Charlene Stainfield Newberry High School University of North Florida

Serena Colten Stark Newberry High School USF

Yujing Chen Oak Hall School New York University

Amanda Suzanne Evans Oak Hall School New York University

Nicole Marie Yelton Oak Hall School University of Miami

XinQi Zhai Oak Hall Sak Hall School Georgia Institute of Technology

Imari Allen P.K. Yonge UF

Julia Brown Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School College of Central Florida/St. Leo

James Cichewicz III Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC/Harvard

Bailey Gamage Santa Fe High School UF





The 2013 Graduates Madeline Suzanne Adkins*** Cole Alexander McClean Akerman Cara Ellen Anderson*** Emilio Miguel Arevalo Aragon*** Mikhail Emil Belibasis*** Caroline Michelle Bolch** Andrew Paul Bowser*** Jessica Arlene Bradley** Steven Michael Bunde* Marvin Shan Cohen** William Raymond Creamer* Dorothy Amelia Diblin** Darian Gromov Domer* Austin Curran Edwards Sarah Ann Ellis Felicia Grace Fallo**

Christiana Yvonne Marcus* Mason Wade Markham Mouhamadou Mbodj Ryan James McCloskey*** Alyson Nicole McQuillan** Cameron Heyden Meyer*** Ted David Mitchell, Jr.*** Lucas Christopher Muzzey John Alexander Nangle*** Michael Ander Neville*** Max Lee Owen*** Bryan Pacheco Espinal Marc Benedict Parocha*** Juliana Isabel Pernini** Shannon Leigh Richards Gabriel Thomas Salamida**

Thomas Emmett Henslee Ferry Manuel Antonio Fuentes Skylor Gerard Galipeau* Aimee Alissa Gauvin*** Julia De Padua Geraldeli*** Ryan Matthew Herring*** Kathryn Mary Herrington*** Megan Elizabeth Howell Michael Jesse Hughes*** Kevin Alexander Jasinski Alexander Philip Kniseley*** Celia Ann Kniseley Katrina Bente Lagos* Christopher Max Lawson Megan Ryan Lee** Cameron Kennedy Lescault

*** Summa Cum Laude 4.0+


** Magna Cum Laude 3.6-3.99


Community Service

Academic Accomplishments

Our graduates have performed over 11,725 hours of community service.

69% Florida Bright Future Scholars

Andres Luis Samarkos John Michael Sansalone** Austin Randolph Scott** Victoria McKenna Smith Ashton Graziani Stone** Joshua Tyler Stull** Scott Andrew Sturgill-Trahan* Victor Georg Trinidad Viramontes-Pattison*** Christian Yatil Wallace Sean Adam Walter Andrew Ryan Wasik*** Hunter John Williams* Grayson Alyse Zabel

* Cum Laude 3.3-3.59

$2.5 million in scholarships

Congratulations to the Class of 2013 on their college acceptances! Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College** Art Institute of Jacksonville** Auburn University Ave Maria University Averett University Belmont Abbey College Berry College Canisius College The Catholic University of America** The Citadel** Clarkson University Clemson University Coastal Carolina University College of Charleston Colorado State University Concordia University Ann Arbor** Congressional Nomination to the United States Military Academy Diocese of St. Augustine-seminarian Flagler College Florida Atlantic University Florida Gulf Coast University**

Florida Gulf Coast University-Honors Program Florida Southern College Florida State University** Florida State University-Honors Program Florida State University-Panama City Fordham University Franciscan University** George Mason University Georgia Institute of Technology Greensboro College Jacksonville University LaGrange College** Louisiana State University** Marietta College Marymount University Mercer University Methodist University Olivet Nazarene University Pensacola Christian College Providence College Rivier University

Roger Williams University Rollins College Saint Leo University** Saint Mary's College** Saint Vincent College Samford University Santa Fe College** Shenandoah University Silver Lake College Spring Hill College St. John Vianney College Seminary** Stetson University** Tallahassee Community College** Tulane University Universidad de Morelia Michoacan Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México University of Alabama University of Central Florida** University of Florida** University of Iowa University of Maine

Mission/Vision Statement The mission of St. Francis Catholic High School is to develop young men and women into leaders who exhibit service, faith, community, honor and scholarship in the Catholic tradition.

School Community 61 Seniors • 59 Juniors • 53 Sophomores • 64 Freshmen 20% of our students are non-Catholic

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SENIORS: Students balance school, their personal lives Continued from Page 2 She underwent operations and recovered, but three years later needed more surgery. At a young age, Anna said, that kind of illness didn’t slow her down much. She made a full recovery. But during her junior year at Eastside High School, doctors discovered Anna had an ovarian cyst. Normally, cysts don’t require surgery, but because of her medical history, her doctors decided to remove it. She spent five days in the hospital and a total of two and a half weeks out of school. At the time, Anna had rigorously trained with Eastside’s swim team for two years and had finally qualified for the regional competition. But after her surgery, Anna missed most of the season. “I didn’t think it was fair,” she said. Although pain from her last surgery sends Anna to

“She’s just this little package of strength — every kind of strength.” SARAH REYNIERSON, who instructs Anna in the International Baccalaureate program at Eastside physical therapy at Shands twice a week, she has bounced back enough to return to the swim team. She qualified for regionals again and, this time, competed. Her swim coaches awarded her “most improved.” Anna said her condition never held her back, especially in school. Her parents, Peter and Eleta, instilled in Anna and her brother, Kai, a love of education at a young age. Her focus on school turned out to be a blessing, she said. “It doesn’t give you the time to dwell on it.” She’s particularly gifted in English, said Sarah Reynierson, who instructs Anna in the International Baccalaureate program at Eastside. Reynierson said Anna brings a unique perspec-

“I don’t think I could’ve made it through senior year if it wasn’t for the support of my aunt and brother.” KANISHA WHITE, Hawthorne High School senior


Kanisha White, 18, is among the top of her class at Hawthorne High School. Kanisha, whose mother died when she was 5 years old, was raised by her aunt.

tive to every class meeting. Her understanding of the poetry and prose studied is far beyond her years. “She’s just this little package of strength — every kind of strength,” the 25-year veteran English teacher said. “I’m so glad I had the opportunity (to work with Anna). It certainly enriched my experience as a teacher. I’ve learned from her.” This fall, Anna will begin classes at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, where she plans to study international relations. Anna said she hopes to go into politics or to work with a nonprofit organization — wherever she can do the most good. “I think the whole experience has made me want to help people,” she said.

Kanisha White Against steep odds, Kanisha White is coming out on top. Kanisha was 5 years old when her mother died. Her father wasn’t in the picture, so her mother’s sister, Jacklyn Williams, took her in. Kanisha grew up in Hawthorne and said she threw herself headfirst into her studies. Hawthorne Junior/Senior High School doesn’t have as many high-level courses as other schools in the district, but Kanisha took the ones that were offered, including AP statistics and AP literature and composition. She also got involved in extracurriculars, running track and playing basketball and volleyball, as well as joining the cheerleading squad. She said she met students who didn’t care about school, but Kanisha, now 18, wanted a purpose in life. Another student may have gotten lost without a stronger support system, said school counselor Jill Geltner. But Kanisha has a good head on her shoulders. Geltner said she doesn’t have to worry about Kanisha. “She has a good compass,” she said.


Eastside High School senior Anna Sucsy, 18, is shown in the media center at Eastside High School in Gainesville. Anna was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer when she was in kindergarten. A few times this year, Geltner said she would let Kanisha know about a scholarship opportunity, only to find out the senior had already submitted an application. So far, Kanisha has received two scholarships that she will put toward a degree in sports management at the University of Florida. She said she hopes to be a sports trainer after college. Kanisha said she’s motivated to do well in school partly because she wants to thank her aunt by making something of herself. She has the support of her aunt and her older

brother, Keon Williams, with whom Kanisha is close. But she said she does miss her mom. The hardest part about senior year is not having her around, she said. “It’s hard because I don’t have her to attend Parent Night with me. I don’t have her to be excited for me at

prom, and I won’t have her at graduation,” Kanisha said. “I don’t think I could’ve made it through senior year if it wasn’t for the support of my aunt and brother.” Contact Erin Jester at 352338-3166 or erin.jester@




Anna Pallone Williston High School USF

Samantha Sandlin Williston High School USF

Chloe Young Williston High School UF

U.S. Marine Corps Second Lieutenant Dorinda A. Pintos,

Saint Leo University Gainesville Graduating Class of 2013 Master of Accounting Edwin S. Allen III Master of Business Administration Loreth Darecla Elizabeth Graham Hamleen Gregoire Walinda Hart Kinn’zon M. J. Hutchinson Marquetta Monique Lee Claudia Rasnick Marcia L. Richardson Samuel Christopher Rogers Tracy Lynn Ryan Veronica Renee Thompson Master of Education Laura Kay Ashley Shaci Davis Master of Science Letisha Elston Sheron O. Littles Bachelor of Arts Dortha J. Albert Jennifer L. Allen Mac Eugean Allison Jessica Lynn Anderson Krystle Nakita Bickford Tracie Blackford Amanda M. Boggs Ben H. Boukari* Michelle M. Brady Alyanne Janis Brantley Kaitlyn Elaine Brown Christopher F. Bush Sebastian J. Canal Carmen I. Carrera Margarita B. Carrera Jesus Alberto Chapellin Diamond T. Collier Nykeadra Nashay Cooper

Irma Cornejo Shirley Courtney Bonnie Anne Cowie Monica Whitt Cox Kara Ann Devoe Arneth Dix Jessica Douglas Sable Nicole Dye Cheryl L. Farrell*** Amy Lynne Fehrs Chessie Jennings Flanders Raymond H. Fitzgerald Amanda Beth Franco Holly Anne Fremen James Gall Fernando Miguel Garcia Lindsay Chantal Garner** Elizabeth Nichole Gonzalez Naomi Lynn Graham Rube Isiah Grant Monica A. Greene Leanne Grinstead** Jaine Alisha Grogan Mya Michelle Harris*** Easter Cendara Head Amanda Jean Hebert Ryan Keith Helsel Elizabeth Kay Highsmith Kara Hill Stephanie Florence Hopkins Krystal Nicole Hovey* Marisa Anne Ingram Luis Armando Inojosa Jonathan C. James Jeri Lynn Jarvis Lashanda Sherie Jelks Gabrielle Johnson Gregory Scott Johnson

Daniel Richard Kirkendall Ashley Kroll* Dalane Marie Lamm* Rembert Leigh LaVonne Carlo Longoria Marissa Anne Mackritis* Morgan A. Macnichol* Lindsey K. Matthies Savitri Maurice Marian J. McCall Antron DeMario McCullough Kris Nicole McDilda Patrickk Wilson McDonald* Karen Boston McGinnis Ashley Marie McGraw Kimberlee A. McLeod Jessica Nicole Melton* Valarie Marie Merrifield* Jerremy Allen Miller* Matthew Moody Kristi Lynn Neal Valerie Boyett Nipper* Andy Nguyen Nina Lynn Oswald** Valerie Ann Otero Crystal A. Padgett Nicole Elizabeth Paisley Amy Melinda Palazzolo Devin Elizabeth Patterson James Michael Pearson Alicia Jennifer Peaslee Diana Nathalie Pena-Stein Gregory R. Peterson** Shirley Mitchell Polvere* James Thomas Powell** Joseph Rawley** Dakota Gabrielle Reddish LaVonne Leigh Rembert

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daughter of William and Sandra Pintos, graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD on May 24th, 2013 and was commissioned as an Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. 2nd Lt. Pintos successfully completed four years of intensive academic, physical, and professional training, resulting in a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Political Science and a minor in both Japanese and Spanish. As a graduate of the Naval Academy, 2nd Lt. Pintos completed a four-year, total immersion program where a strong, balanced academic program, focused on the educational needs of the Navy and Marine Corps is superimposed on a strict, professional military training environment emphasizing the development of leadership skills. Considered one of the top educational institutions in the country, the U.S. Naval Academy was founded in 1845 and has graduated more than 60,000 men and women as Naval and Marine Corps Officers. Its graduated include 4,000 Admirals and Generals, one President, 200 members of Congress, three Governors, 73 Medal of Honor winners, one Noble Prize winner, and 40 Astronauts. The Naval Academy currently has more than 4,000 students who comprise the Brigade of Midshipmen and who come from every state in the union. Following graduation, 2nd Lt. Pintos has been assigned to The Basic School (TBS) located in Quantico, VA where she will continue training in preparation for her future duty as a company grade officer. 2nd Lt. Pintos is a 2009 graduate of Buchholz High School, Gainesville, Florida.


2013 Graduation Section for May 26, 2013  

2013 Graduation Section for May 26, 2013 for Gainesville, Florida

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