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For these young grads, it’s all about beating the odds Seniors face some tough challenges but still come out on top.

of everything she did and said, sometimes changing her personality to suit what she thought her foster family would like. “Everything I did, I thought about what would make them happy,” she said. Irvine said her years with the Newberry band and color guard felt like family, but she’s chosen not to continue with guard at UF. She’s nervous about not having that group to fall back on, but said she’s excited to nd her niche on campus. “That’s what I’m all about in life,” she said. “If anything, it’ll be an experience.”

By Erin Jester Staff writer


igh school is no picnic. By the time the shock of the transition from middle school wears off, it’s nearly time to start looking for colleges. And while not everyone plans to go on to college, graduation requirements seem to get harder and harder each year. Not to mention the dramatics of daily life within a throng of hormonal teenagers. But some students have extra struggles. Whether it’s family life or an illness, there are factors at work that make it even harder to excel. Yet many of them do. Here are just a few of Alachua County’s graduating seniors who have beat some tough odds to come out on top.

Becoming a leader

Geremy Kendrick is rounding out his senior year at Eastside High with acceptance letters from the University of Florida, the Coast Guard Academy, the Naval Academy Prep School and a $180,000 Navy ROTC scholarship from Harvard. But he wasn’t always such a stellar student. Kendrick, now 18, got off track when he got to middle school, pulling three F’s on one of his report cards. Looking around his neighborhood, he saw older kids doing drugs and getting into trouble. He decided to change his own ways. “I made up in my mind that I wasn’t going to become a statistic,” he said. “It paid off.” Kendrick’s dad, a widower, and some dedicated teachers at Lincoln Middle got him the help he needed, he said. Kendrick signed up for Eastside’s Navy JROTC program as soon as he could. As the unit’s commanding ofcer now, Kendrick said he’s able to mentor younger students who were struggling the same way he was. He’s also pulled up his grades, earning mostly A’s in his AP classes at Eastside. “It’s taught me some really valuable leadership skills,” he said. “[NJROTC] taught me how to have discipline with myself, and it taught me how to have commitment, not only to yourself but also with a team.” Kendrick leaves soon for New London, Connecticut, to start his studies in mechanical engineering at the United States Coast Guard Academy. He’s never been away from home for more than two weeks, and life at a military academy is sure to be a rigorous change, but Kendrick said he’s ready. “It’s unreal. It just seems like everything’s happening so fast,” he said. “But I’m excited.”

Motherhood and graduation

Kimberly Slevin doesn’t just

New family, new life


ABOVE: Geremy Kendrick, a senior at Eastside High School, will be studying mechanical engineering at the Coast Guard Academy. Kendrick struggled with his grades as a student at Lincoln Middle School, but got back on track when he entered Eastside’s Navy JROTC program. BELOW LEFT: Jessica Irvine is getting ready to graduate as salutatorian of her senior class at Newberry High School and attend the University of Florida. Irvine has been in foster care since fifth grade. BELOW RIGHT: Kimberly Slevin, 19, is graduating from Loften High School. She is shown here with her boyfriend, David Kurtz, 20, and their 18-month-old son, Jordan.

have herself to look out for these days. The 19-year-old Loften High senior is holding down a part-time job, nishing high school and taking care of her 18-month-old son, Jordan. “It’s been really challenging,” she said, “but I have a great support system behind me that’s helped me through all of it.” Slevin started out in the Professional Academies Magnet at Loften as a freshman in the Early Childhood Education academy. Slevin became pregnant in March of her sophomore year. By November of the same year, her junior year, she said it was getting hard to manage her coursework with her pregnancy. She dropped out of the magnet program. Slevin was allowed to stay in the regular academic program at Loften High because of her son. Loften is home to the ACCEPT Program, which provides free childcare for teen parents along with parenting classes and other resources. Having nished a 40-hour Department of Children and



Families training program before leaving the childhood education magnet, Slevin was able to pick up a job at O2B Livingston Kids. On weekdays, she goes to work at the childcare facility from 7 to 11 a.m., goes to school at Loften from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and goes back to work at O2B from 2 to 6 p.m. Slevin and her boyfriend, David Kurtz, moved into their own apartment with their son at the beginning of the month. In June, Slevin will have a full-time job there working with 3-year-olds. She’s counting down the days until May 30 — graduation day. Slevin said she’d consider furthering her education in the future. “But I’ll take a break for a little while. I’ll just go to work and focus on my son,” she said.

Irvine, who goes by the nickname Jessi, has been in foster care since fth grade. Now 18 and getting ready to graduate as salutatorian of her senior class at Newberry High, she’s lived with ve different foster families. Her longest placement was three years. Some have been only a few months. “You just have to learn how to get accustomed to people, different lifestyles,” she said. Although she’s had some positive experiences in foster care, Irvine said it was especially difcult to navigate college and scholarship applications, on top of Advanced Placement classes and color guard, without a real family to back her up. Irvine got into every college she applied to, but chose UF, where she plans to study linguistics and eventually become a Spanish translator. “My whole life’s had a lot of change,” she said. “I was really trying to keep some kind of constant.” Being in a foster home meant walking on eggshells, she said. Not wanting to be handed back to the state, Irvine was mindful

A steadfast resolve

For Jessica Irvine, college means nding herself for the rst time.

About 10 years ago, Svetlana Livingston was living in a bleak orphanage in Ukraine where thoughts of the future were more about the next meal than college. But Livingston, who could not speak English when she and her three sisters were adopted by Melissa and Robert Livingston, has graduated from Gainesville High School’s Cambridge program and will be attending the University of South Florida with hopes of becoming an engineer. “It has been quite a long journey, but I’m really excited to have everything unfold,” Livingston said. “I knew it was going to be hard and difcult — new language, new culture, new parents. Once I got the hang of it, it was good.” Livingston, who goes by the nickname Svieta, is the oldest of the four siblings and was 9 when the Livingstons adopted them. Robert, an assistant Alachua County attorney, and Melissa had intended to adopt just Livingston. But they adopted all four, who were in two different orphanages, to unite the girls. Not only did Livingston have to learn English, she had to catch up in general education after a lack of it in the orphanage. She’s now uent in English and Spanish and her native Russian. Science is her favorite subject. She has a summer internship at Exactech, a Gainesville company that makes orthopedic implant devices, related surgical instruments and biologic materials. “I love learning about life and the different perspectives — you have chemistry with molecules, physics with motion and force, and biology with cells,” Livingston said. She said she chose USF because the campus has a family atmosphere. The fact that Livingston aims to study engineering was something she never dreamed of when she was still in Ukraine. “I honestly didn’t have any hopes or aspirations. I came from barely being able to have food every night. I never thought about going to college. I didn’t know what college was,” Livingston said. “It feels like I’ve lived two separate lives. I can’t believe I’ve gone this far.” Cindy Swirko contributed to this report.

When choosing colleges, parents should calculate the cost By Claudia Buck The Sacramento Bee


his spring, millions of high school seniors are contemplating their college choices for next fall. Near the beach? Closer to bigcity life at campuses in Seattle, San Francisco or New York City? Tucked into a smaller, more intimate college setting? In addition to where, another equally critical calculation in deciding which college to attend is how much. With college costs at budget-breaking levels, it can be a confusing, daunting, discouraging part of the college-acceptance experience. Parents like Mark and Julie Bradford face a double whammy. Their twins, Emma and Justin, have been accepted to a host of public and private universities, from the University of CaliforniaSanta Barbara to New York University. With two freshmen heading off to campus this fall, the Bradfords could easily be staring at $113,000 a year

“Don’t make a choice solely on money, but if you can get by with less debt, you’ll never regret that.” ELENA LARSON, assistant director in the student financial services office at California State University, Sacramento for both kids. “It’s shocking,” said Julie Bradford, speaking by phone recently, during a break between tours in Southern California. She and her husband have lled out the FAFSA nancial aid forms, visited campus aid ofces and pored over campus tuition pages. Until their twins determine exactly which schools they’ll attend, the complete picture of exactly what the Bradford family will have to fork out in double-duty college costs isn’t clear. “It’s hard to gure it all out,” said Julie Bradford, noting that her husband,

an environmental consultant, had compiled an Excel spreadsheet to compare tuition and room/ board costs for each of their 18-year-olds. College and nancial experts feel their pain. In recent years, there’s been a push to make the college-cost comparisons easier for families. For too many families, the how-to-pay-for-college equation has been “complex and confusing,” said Rohit Chopra, student loan ombudsman for the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created by Congress to help consumers better navigate the complex world of nancial products. Under its “Know Before You Owe” project, the CFPB wants to arm students and parents “with clear information and a clear set of facts” before they take out costly student loans. For too long, Chopra said, “Many borrowers didn’t really understand much of the nancial aid information

they got, because it was laden with jargon and lots of ne print.” To strip away the confusion, the CFPB’s rst effort in 2012 was the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet, which is a streamlined, easy-to-read template that colleges can use to send out nancial aid information to their prospective students. It includes details on the school’s graduation rates, loan defaults and other data. As of this month, more than 2,000 public and private schools nationwide have adopted the “shopping sheet” format, ranging from tiny beauty schools to major universities like Stanford. On its website, the CFPB’s “Paying for College” section lets students plug in numbers from schools, three at a time, to make comparisons of rst-year college costs. It also shows your potential student loan debt at graduation. “Even if they haven’t received their nancial aid

offer from their school, they can use it to make estimates,” Chopra said. For example, if a student decides to live in cheaper, off-campus housing, that choice can affect how much they might need to borrow. The motivation behind such tools is trying to ensure that college students don’t blithely rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, which can drag down their post-college nancial life and even have an impact on their future career choices. In 2012, the average amount of U.S. student loan debt for graduating college seniors was $29,400, according to the nonprot Institute for College Access & Success, a research and advocacy group. Elena Larson, assistant director in the student nancial services ofce at California State University, Sacramento, often sees the results of college kids who borrowed too much. In some cases, she

said, they either didn’t consider the nancial burden of paying back loans or thought a degree from an expensive, prestigious university would automatically yield a high-paying job. As the recession proved, that’s not always the case. The nancial burden of huge monthly student loan payments can affect their choices on getting married, buying a rst house or having a child. When choosing a college, “Don’t make a choice solely on money,” Larson said, “but if you can get by with less debt, you’ll never regret that.” With two kids in college this fall, the Bradfords gure they’ll be looking at possible student loans, either public or private. And they fully expect their kids to help foot the bill. Aside from searching for scholarships, which the Bradford twins have already begun to do, their mom says: “We’re denitely telling our kids they’ll be working this summer.”






The 2014 Graduates Babione, Rebecca*** Bell-Higgins, John Belo, Antonio Benmhend, Grace*** Benton, Allison*** Bernal, Virginia*** Bustamante, Daniel* Byrne, Hanna-Li*** Bzoch, Ann Lorrayne** Canfield, Mark*** Carroll, Erin*** Coogan, Charly** Costabile, Gabrielle*** Cousins, Collin* Dailey, Jordan***

Daniels, Ian*** Davis, Chelsea*** Davis, Rebecca*** Debes, Adam** Downey, Margaret*** Fanous, Mohamad Farmer, Michaela Fosmoe, Blake* Glynn, Hannah*** Grantham, Anna* Helms, Wyatt Hernandez, Ian* Hoy, Ashton* Jacobs, Tiffany*** Johnson, Nishauntae

*** Summa Cum Laude 4.0+


Jones, James*** Junior, Eric Klenk, Joseph Ladun, Allison*** Lamadrid, Patricia Lopez, Krizia** Maris, Patricia** Mizrahy, Karli Nilsen, John Norris, Guy*** Oleksy, Gabriel** Oman, Alexandra*** Pardo, Marissa** Parejo, Jose Peeples, Kiersten

** Magna Cum Laude 3.6-3.99


Community Service

Academic Accomplishments

Our graduates have performed over 10,000 hours of community service.

1 National Merit Finalist 50% Florida Bright Future Scholars

Rajaee, Farah*** Rodriguez, Christina*** Ryngaert, Catherine* Sack, Christine*** Sprague, Erin* Stockman, Paige** Sweeney, Erin*** Thornton, Morgan** Van Susteren, Katherine Wallenhorst, Megan*** Williams, Daniel Wright, Kathryn** Zmuda, Mary Grace***

* Cum Laude 3.3-3.59

$3.5 million in scholarships

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 on their college acceptances! Agnes Scott College American University Auburn University Ave Maria University Barry University Belmont Abbey College-Honors Institute Benedictine University Berry College Boston University Case Western Reserve University Catawba College Christendom College Clarkson University Clemson University College of Central Florida Concordia University Ann Arbor Daytona State College Drexel University Elon University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Faulkner University Flagler College Florida Atlantic University

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Nikki Bolender Bell High School UF

Garrett Floyd Bell High School UF

Megan Geiger Bell High School Florida Gateway Col.

Deborah Jones Bell High School FSU

Kristin Martin Bell High School Trevecca Nazarene Univ.



Lindsay Mathis Bell High School SFC

Victoria Ryan Bell High School St. Leo University

Megan Sites Bell High School Trevecca Nazarene Univ.

Justin Terry Bell High School SFC

Aida Valdes Bell High School UF


Wisam Fares Bradford High School UF

Christopher Shannon Bradford High School UF

Rachel Brown Branford High School SFC

Sheri Carter Branford High School Not available

Brittany Hoag Branford High School Not available

Wayne Holder Branford High School USF

Isidro Jimenez Branford High School UF

Taylor Millikan Branford High School Florida Gateway Col.

Ashley Stines Branford High School North Florida Community College

Caitlyn Cates Bronson High School Not available

Ian Howerton Bronson High School Not available

Justin Johnson Bronson High School Not available

Zochil MartinezVelasco Bronson High School Not available

Wade Phillips Bronson High School Not available

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Brandy Weston Bronson High School Not available

Maxwell Bleiweis Buchholz High School Cornell University

Melissa Bowen Buchholz High School UF

Stephen Dolbier Buchholz High School California Institute of Technology

Andrew Fang Buchholz High School UC Berkeley

Hailey Hampton Buchholz High School UF

Kevin Huang Buchholz High School Yale

David Hurst Buchholz High School UF

Andreea Martin Buchholz High School MIT

Claire Murphy Buchholz High School UF

Hyun Jee Rhee Buchholz High School MIT

Stephen So Buchholz High School Duke

Brenan Wayland Buchholz High School Georgia Tech

Robin Xu Buchholz High School University of Cambridge

Minjia Zhong Buchholz High School Stanford University

Vivian Zhu Buchholz High School UF

Brooke Allen Cedar Key High School North Central College, Illinois

Lauren Bartholemy Cedar Key High School U.S. Naval Academy

Kelsi Alexander Chiefland High School SFC

Dale Buchanan Chiefland High School U.S. Marines

Dustin Crews Chiefland High School SFC

Sarah Edison Chiefland High School UF

Caitlyn Fuller Chiefland High School SFC

Grayson Gerhard Chiefland High School SFC

Danielle Lourcey Chiefland High School SFC

Savannah Mills Chiefland High School SFC

Erin Renaud Chiefland High School SFC

Emily Smith Chiefland High School SFC

Anna Trippensee Columbia High School Florida Gateway College/UF

Caitlyn Witt Columbia High School UCF

Danny Abrahantes Cornerstone Academy UF

Daniel Butler Cornerstone Academy UF

Timothy Davis Cornerstone Academy Wheaton College, Illinois

Jack Gregory Cornerstone Academy UF

Andrew Maule Cornerstone Academy Liberty University

Ben Orce Cornerstone Academy UF

Jennifer Wing Cornerstone Academy FSU

Brittany Howe Countryside Christian School SFC

Keri Bump Dixie County High School USF

Brittany Carr Dixie County High School Refuge School of Ministry

Bradley Cooper Dixie County High School Florida Gateway Col.

David Gumbs Dixie County High School Florida Gateway Col.

Taylor Hicks Dixie County High School UF

Sarah Hurst Dixie County High School USF

Eli Long Dixie County High School FSU

Cassie Lord Dixie County High School FSU

Zachary Music Dixie County High School Florida Gateway Col.

Elizabeth Nunez Dixie County High School UF

Todd Pinner Jr. Dixie County High School Florida Gateway Col.

Steven Quaka Dixie County High School USF

Dylan Reed Dixie County High School FSU, Panama City Campus

Brittney Smith Dixie County High School SFC

Brooke Windler Dixie County High School Florida Gateway Col.

Can Cao Eastside High School Brown

Maxwell Curtis Eastside High School Georgia Tech

Evon DeBoseScarlett Eastside High School UF

Alicia Fan Eastside High School Rice University

Samuel Hagen Eastside High School Harvard or Yale

Hannah Hutchison Eastside High School UF

Isaac Knudson Eastside High School UF

Xingchen Li Eastside High School Cornell

Sage Max Eastside High School Barnard College

Amaleah Mirti Eastside High School UF or Williams College

Wesley Olmsted Eastside High School Stanford

Hope Pan Eastside High School Vanderbilt

Lucinda Peng Eastside High School Yale

Christine Pu Eastside High School UF

Christopher Schenck Eastside High School Georgia Tech

Ria Someshwar Eastside High School UC Berkeley or Johns Hopkins

Alexandra Sourakov Eastside High School MIT

Shaleen Thakur Eastside High School UF

Celia Zhang Eastside High School California Institute of Technology

Wenli Zhao Eastside High School University of Pennsylvania

Leslie Ammerman Fort White High School UF

Andrew Baker Fort White High School Florida Gateway Col.

David I. Brown Fort White High School Florida Gateway Col.

Caleb Bundy Fort White High School Florida Gateway College

Lysette Garcia Fort White High School Florida Gateway Col.

Savannah Hearn Fort White High School FSU

Katherine Holmes Fort White High School UF

Andrew Kluess Fort White High School UF

Raeann Meyerhoff Fort White High School UF

Kodey Owens Fort White High School Florida Gateway Col.

Emily Roach Fort White High School USF

Melton Sanders Fort White High School Indian River State College

Kellen Snider Fort White High School Charleston Southern

Quinn Woods Fort White High School SFC

Sadie DePeter Gainesville High School UF

Cameron Guy Gainesville High School UF

Stephanie Hargrave Gainesville High School UCF




Savannah Schaffer Gainesville High School UF

Analiese Wagner Gainesville High School UF

Sheldon Carroll Hawthorne Middle/High School Welding Apprenticeship, WW Gay

Alexis Hunter Hawthorne Middle/High School SFC

Kelsy Smith Hawthorne Middle/High School Not available

Dulce Hernandez Interlachen High School Not available

Angela Hilberger Interlachen High School Not available

Jared Makatura Interlachen High School Not available

Richard Medler Interlachen High School Not available

John Methvin Interlachen High School Not available

Anthony Moran Interlachen High School Not available

John Crittenden Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Emily Frampton Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School SFC

Kayla Grantham Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School SFC

Rebekah Lampkin Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Grant McGee Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School SFC

Joel Michel Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Cory Taylor Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UF

Martina Knechtel Gainesville High School UNC Chapel Hill

Michael Quillen Gainesville High School Georgia Tech

Zachary Read Gainesville High School UF

Lance Reccoppa Gainesville High School UF

Huck Rocca Gainesville High School Harvard

Tori Stewart Hawthorne Middle/High School SFC

Shelby Szot Hawthorne Middle/High School SFC

Shelby Walker Hawthorne Middle/High School SFC

Kiara Beauford Interlachen High School Not available

Keely Brown Interlachen High School Not available

Skyler Burgoyne Interlachen High School Not available

Sarah Otten Interlachen High School Not available

Caroline Parson Interlachen High School Not available

Sarah Woodworth Interlachen High School Not available

Jeffrey Wright Interlachen High School Not available

Kayla Baker Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School FSU


Eric Wood Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School SFC

Shaun Young Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School UNF

Hunter Finley Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC

Courtney Harding Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC

Tallishia Henderson Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC

Taylor Honaker Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC

Victoria Leland Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC

Kristen Palmer Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School SFC

Shelby Chatfield Newberry High School UF

Christy Evans Newberry High School UF

Courtney Evans Newberry High School UF

David Gillis Newberry High School USF

Jessica Irvine Newberry High School UF

Alayna Jackson Newberry High School UF

Zachary Jones Newberry High School SFC

Dominique Lott Newberry High School UF

David Pabst Newberry High School USF

Zechariah Rice Newberry High School Mercer University

Corey Carter Newberry Christian Community School

Michael Dalton Newberry Christian Community School EMT school

Lindsay Langford Newberry Christian Community School SFC

Ariana Agrios Oak Hall School UF

Matthew Bailey Oak Hall School UF

Zackery Beauchamp Oak Hall School Wake Forest University

Erin Euliano Oak Hall School Vanderbilt University

Jordan Katz Oak Hall School University of Michigan

Charles Kennedy V Oak Hall School UF

Jake Kirschner Oak Hall School Brigham Young University

Li Xiangyu Oak Hall School Purdue University

Samuel Malnik Oak Hall School Amherst College

Alexis Mast Oak Hall School Wake Forest University

Kaitlyn Nicole Morse Oak Hall School Georgia Tech

Madison O’Leary Oak Hall School Stanford University

Brittney Olinger Oak Hall School University of Oxford, U.K.

Chandler Bob Zhou Whitefield Oak Hall School Oak Hall School UC Berkeley Georgia Tech


Anya Bernhard P.K. Yonge Haverford College

Christopher Cotter P.K. Yonge UF

Abigail JohnsonHooker P.K. Yonge Smith College

Sienna Horton P.K. Yonge UF

Karah Johns P.K. Yonge UF

Samuel Mahon P.K. Yonge UF

Marta Olmos P.K. Yonge Cornell University

Mason Rawson P.K. Yonge UF

James Von Hollen P.K. Yonge New College of Florida

Davis Waldorff P.K. Yonge UF

Kyle Bishop Santa Fe High School UF

Teresa Cuesta Santa Fe High School UF


Ashtin Ferguson Santa Fe High School UF

Karen Lopez Santa Fe High School SFC

Andrea Monday Santa Fe High School UF

Donald Patterson Santa Fe High School SFC

Shri-Ram Poddar Santa Fe High School UF

Ryan Sanders Santa Fe High School UF

Destany Thomas Santa Fe High School SFC

Feng You Santa Fe High School UF

Grace Benmhend St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Allison Benton St. Francis Catholic High School Catawba College

Virginia Bernal St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Hanna-Li Byrne St. Francis Catholic High School UNF

Erin Carroll St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Gabrielle Costabile St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Jordan Dailey St. Francis Catholic High School New College of Florida

Chelsea Davis St. Francis Catholic High School Florida International University

Rebecca Davis St. Francis Catholic High School Virginia Wesleyan College

Margaret Downey St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Hannah Glynn St. Francis Catholic High School Belmont Abbey College

Guy Norris St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Farah Rajaee St. Francis Catholic High School SFC

Erin Sweeney St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Mary Grace Zmuda St. Francis Catholic High School UF

Mackenzie Chapov The Rock School SFC





By Catherine Rampell The Washington Post

Benjamin Avila Trenton High School UF

Jace Downing Trenton High School Embry Riddle

Erin Jones Trenton High School Florida Gateway College/UF

Ashleigh Keef Trenton High School SFC

Carolyn Sprinkle Trenton High School Florida Gateway College/UF

Darby Battle Williston High School UF

Joel Blitch Williston High School UF

Chelsea Dola Williston High School SFC

Claudio Ortiz Williston High School UF

Shelby Parkinson Williston High School College of Central Florida

Catheline Runager Williston High School UF

Morgan Sapp Williston High School SFC

Heather Terry The Rock School UCF

Jordan Beck Trenton High School SFC/UF

Janie Beckelheimer Trenton High School UF

Esther Deutschlander Trenton High School UF

Austin Polk Trenton High School UF

Melody Schmaltz Trenton High School Florida Atlantic University

Rachel Farmer Williston High School SFC

McKenzie Gakstatter Williston High School UF

Casey Youngblood Williston High School UF

College still a good investment Aleksandra Trisic The Rock School Undecided

Jennifer Nash The Rock School UF

Taylor Whilden Williston High School SFC

Lindsey Raulerson Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

Kyle McCreath Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

Leah Stanfield Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind



Labor Department report released this month nds that the share of young people enrolled in college by the October after they graduate from high school has tumbled in the past few years. From a high of 70.1 percent in 2009, it was down to 65.9 percent in 2013. Other reports have found similar declines in enrollment for the entire universe of college students, not just those coming directly out of high school. No doubt many pundits will celebrate this news. The previous swells in postsecondary enrollment, driven partly by the lackluster job market, brought frequent calls of a “college bubble.” Just as the government subsidized too much homeownership, the argument goes, it’s also been subsidizing too much higher education. After all, freshmen land on college campuses bright-eyed and bushytailed, expecting to enrich their minds and, eventually (post-degree), their bank accounts. Instead, they graduate nancially crippled by loan debts. Many can’t nd jobs, or they nd jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree. But here’s why college is still worth it, and still worth subsidizing. Even though unemployment rates for young college grads seem high — especially in the rst few months after graduation — they’re still much lower than they are for people without degrees. According to Labor Department data, the unemployment rate for Americans ages 20 to 29 who have a bachelor’s







We are so very proud of you!

Congratulations!! So proud of you!! Best wishes at UF.

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Congrats on making the Top 10%!!

Congratulations! We are all so very proud of you.

Congratulations! We’re so proud of all you’ve accomplished. Love, Grandma & Grandpa

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degree was 5.8 percent in 2013. In that same age group, among people with no education beyond a high school diploma, it was 14 percent. And for those who do nd work, the wage premium for higher education has grown over time. In 1979, among full-time workers of all ages, the median college graduate earned 38 percent more than did the median high school graduate; today the college-educated worker earns about 82 percent more. College is, as the Hamilton Project has pointed out, one of the best possible investments you can make, outperforming stocks, gold, long-term Treasurys, AAA corporate bonds and housing. That’s true for both a four-year degree and even more so for an associate’s degree. A college degree is certainly no guarantee of nancial success, but it is nearly a prerequisite for moving up the income ladder if you’re poor. Of Americans born into families in the bottom income quintile, almost half who didn’t get a college degree remained stuck in the poorest income quintile as adults; the same was true for just 10 percent of Americans born poor who then got a college degree, Pew’s Economic Mobility Project found in 2012. As for why higher ed should be subsidized: There are large, positive spillover effects from having a more educated workforce beyond the gains that accrue to the degree-holder. Research has found that having a higher concentration of college graduates in a local economy increases the wages of not only the college grads themselves

but also those without bachelor’s degrees. (Which is why it’s especially shortsighted for states to cut higher education funds, which forces schools to raise tuition and price out the more marginal matriculants.) One of the silver linings of the nancial crisis might be that the lousy job market drove many people into, or back into, college to upgrade their skills. They are reemerging more skilled and better equipped to help expand a 21st-century economy, once it fully heals. That said, critics are right that not everyone is using their college-going years wisely or investing in the most lucrative skills. The usual punchline is that too many people are majoring in women’s studies or English. These are not the biggest sources of growth, though; in fact, “area, ethnic, cultural, gender and group studies” represented less than 1 percent of bachelor’s degrees awarded in 1970-71 and 2011-12, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The share of English majors has shrunk over the past 40 years, both as a percentage of all newly awarded bachelor’s degrees and in raw numbers. Public policy could do much more to nudge students into disciplines that produce bigger private and public economic returns, including better career counseling or tuition discounts in elds where there are expected skill shortages. But rst things rst: We need to stop playing down what a great investment college is for most Americans.






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College graduation: 4 ways things have changed By Leanne Italie The Associated Press


here’s still plenty of pomp and circumstance, inspiring words from lofty speakers and tossing tassels, but graduating from college today is very different from a generation or so ago. Here are four things today’s college graduates may experience that have changed from 30 years ago, when the parents of some of today’s students were picking up their diplomas.

Student loan debt

In 1984, according to some estimates, only half of graduates had debt from college loans, averaging about $2,000. Now, two-thirds of recent bachelor’s degree recipients have outstanding student loans, with an average debt of about $27,000, according to a Pew Research Center report. “Back in 1984, I was a fairly recent college grad. I had a $10,000 student loan and payments were $63.50 per month,” said nancial planner Judy McNary in Broomeld, Colorado. Rent on her apartment was $600, “so that loan payment was about 10 percent of the cost of our housing. Fast forward to 2014, and I have met many recent graduates whose loan payments are anywhere from $900 to $2,000 per month — easily matching or exceeding their housing costs.”


Several schools are urging 2014 graduates to resist the sele when they walk across the stage during commencement to get their diploma and shake hands with the college president or dean of students. But seles are OK at other points in commencements at Bryant University in Smitheld, Rhode Island, and the University of South Florida in Tampa, two schools that banned seles on stage in the interest of time. How painful is the ban? “Nobody cares that we can’t

take seles,” said 22-year-old Ali Luthman, a Bryant senior graduating with a double major in sociology and marketing. “There’s a time and a place when seles are appropriate, and that’s not when you’re crossing the stage.” Three decades ago, the analog version of seles was to have someone else take your picture with a lm camera, then head to the drug store and pay to have the lm developed, hoping for at least one non-blurry shot to freeze the moment. Interestingly, prices haven’t changed that much for those who still use old-fashioned lm cameras. A roll of 24 exposures cost about $3 to $5 in 1984, and developing 4-by-6 prints ran $8 to $15, estimated Matthew Schmidt, a spokesman for FujiFilm America. Today, a four-pack of 24-exposure FujiColor Superia X-Tra lists for $17.95, and Walgreens processes 24 color exposures of 35mm lm for $11.99.


ABOVE: Graduates pose for photographs during commencement at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. LEFT: Dean of students James Annarelli, left, holds a diploma for cat Ani Barker, being held by Jordan Barker, at a pet graduation at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg.

Pet diplomas

It used to be a tearful farewell to Fido or Fluffy when you went away to school. But rules have loosened on some campuses, though dorm policies vary on type of pets, according to a 2011 survey of admissions ofcials by Kaplan Test Prep. Some schools allow pets in tanks, some have cat-designated oors and others have whole dorms dedicated to pet cohabiters. Eckerd College has taken pet-friendly to a whole new level, holding its rst “graduation” ceremony for the critters themselves last year, complete with treats, special diplomas and tiny mortarboards decorated with the initials EC. Dean of students James Annarelli, who ofciated at the school’s commencement in St. Petersburg, said there were a few surprises. “Pet the snake. Watch the bird,” said one student who showed up with a slithery buddy wrapped around one wrist and a sharp-beaked

feathered friend perched on the other. And a dog trained to high-ve accidentally scratched Annarelli; he had to triage with a handkerchief for the rest of the ceremony. But Annarelli, who has a dog and cat, is a fan of pets helping students acclimate to campus life, especially those living far from home. About 20 students in last year’s graduating class of 500 participated in the pet commencement. “What’s so heartwarming is that students with pets who are graduating had friends join them, just as

though their children were graduating,” he said.

Pomp and Circumstance

The traditional march prevails, with some renditions harkening to the past and others looking to the future. At Eckerd, for instance, graduating students walk from the center of the waterfront campus to a tent in a eld, led by ve professional bagpipers playing traditional Scottish music. They switch to hufng and pufng on “Pomp” as

students enter the tent. “The use of bagpipers goes to the earliest days of the college and reects what a number of church-related colleges do,” Annarelli said. On the Atlanta campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology, by contrast, a band of dancing robots called Shimis perform at commencement. Shimi was developed at the school’s Center for Music Technology in conjunction with a media lab in Israel. Controlled by Android smartphone technology, Shimi’s dance moves match whatever music it senses, whether a selected playlist or a drumbeat. Three Shimis performed to “Pomp and Circumstance” from white pedestals during Georgia Tech’s commencement ceremonies last December, and will be front and center again this commencement season.

Students find creative ways to help pay for college From selling T-shirts to crowd-funding to hemming pants, teens find ways to raise funds. By Denise-Marie Ordway Orlando Sentinel


lex Ramirez is the rst in her family to go to college. In August, she’ll start classes at the University of South Florida. But even with grants and scholarships lined up, the Colonial High School senior said she has less than half of the $10,000 she needs for tuition, housing and other costs for the fall semester. So Ramirez is launching her own mini-business to get cash for college. She joins other students trying to raise money in creative ways. T-SHIRTS FOR SALE: Ramirez, an artist with a 4.3 grade-point average who plans to major in biomedical sciences, has put one of her drawings on a T-shirt. Last month, she started selling T-shirts featuring a woman wearing a multi-

colored mask for $20-$22 apiece through her Facebook page, Alex’s Art Shirts. She needs $6,000 by the end of the summer. So far, she has collected $314. “It is an original artwork, and it’s a T-shirt,” said Ramirez, 18. “I think $20 is well worth it.” HORNS, ANYONE: Some college students sell hand-crafted items on Etsy, an online marketplace for artisans. They sell homemade hair bows, scarves or jewelry. Lulu Rolando, 20, of Fort Lauderdale, makes ears and horns. She initially started creating elaborate, painted horns out of clay for personal use — as part of the costumes she likes to wear to Renaissance festivals and conventions for fans of Japanese anime. Then Rolando, a freshman at Valencia College, realized she could sell horns and clay animal ears online to make money for textbooks and groceries. She was excited to nd a market for such items among people who enjoy dressing up as ctional characters,

Where the grads are 68.4 percent of women and 63.5 percent of men. hat do high ■ The college enrollment school graduates was 79.1 percent for do once they get Asians, 67.1 percent for their diplomas? whites, 59.3 percent for The federal government blacks and 59.9 percent for has the answer. Each year, the Bureau of Hispanics. ■ Of those enrolled in Labor Statistics studies college, 92.8 percent were people ages 16 to 24 who graduate from high school full-time students and 34.1 percent were working or between January and looking for work. October. ■ Of those enrolled in In 2013, there were 3 million such young people. four-year schools, 27.8 percent were working or Here’s the breakdown as looking for work. For of October 2013: those enrolled in two-year ■ 65.9 percent were schools, it was 45.2 enrolled in colleges or universities. That includes percent. Staff report



Valencia College student Lulu Rolando, 20, adjusts elaborate animal horns that she creates out of clay to sell to fans of Japanese cartoons and Greek/ Roman mythology. Rolando creates all sorts of things to sell on Etsy to raise money for school. She also sells hand-painted bras and other items. demons and mythological creatures. She said she makes about $500 a semester. One of her biggest sellers: antelope horns. She has made at least 40 pairs over the past year. Customers pay $30 to $100 for each pair of customized horns, depending on their size and detail. CROWD-FUNDING: Terrence Smith, a student at the University of Central Florida, and Josiah Scott,

who goes to Valencia, decided to simply ask the public to donate to their education funds. The two are among more than two dozen Central Florida students using crowd-funding platforms to raise money for tuition, books, international trips and college-related projects. Both Smith and Scott have ads on Smith, 22, an education major from Tallahassee,

wants to raise $2,900 so he can travel to Botswana to volunteer at a school there. So far, he had collected $1,382 from 34 people. “I have a passion for working with students, especially those in low-income areas ... ,” he wrote on his GoFundMe. com page. He added that his “ultimate dream” is to teach English in various countries and to also teach history. Scott has raised $350 of the $6,000 he is requesting. The money, combined with what he earns as a part-time lifeguard, will pay for classes as well as the books and other items he needs to complete his training to become a paramedic reghter. “I didn’t realize how expensive all this stuff was,” Scott, 21, of Winter Garden, says in a video that’s posted to his page. He also included photos of himself at age 6 wearing a reghter’s uniform and sitting in a re truck. “It has been my biggest passion ever since I’ve been a little boy, and this is all I’ve ever wanted to be,”

he says in the video. HEMMING PANTS: Some students offer services for a fee. Erica Walsh, a sophomore studying psychology at UCF, hems pants. Her mom had taught her and her twin sister to sew by hand when they were about 8 years old. A year later, they got their rst sewing machine. Those skills came in handy when Walsh realized that the nancial help she got from her parents and the money she makes at a part-time job on campus did not cover all her needs. She also makes pillows. “I love sewing and made pillows for my own room as a way to cut down on costs,” said Walsh, 20, of Ormond Beach. “Since I enjoyed doing it so much, I gured I could try to make some money out of it.” She does not earn a lot, but every bit helps. During her most lucrative month, she made about $150, which she uses mostly for college living expenses, food and gas. She advertises her pillows on a Facebook page called Erica’s Pillows.

Saint Leo University Gainesville Graduating Class of 2014 Master of Business Administration Cristopher M. Baldwin Lashanna Tywanna Brown La’Shundra D. Coley-Haley Glynda Hailey Md. Nazrul Islam Sophie Lancaster Robert Clinton Mathis Kristy Mattson Chanda Patria Mayes Grant F. Nosko Mauren Piuco Shuzhen Shi Christa Elizabeth Simpson Tahnia Monique Stanley Michelle Troha Rosalba Vassallo Master of Education Eugenia Levonia Campbell Isabel G. Carter Edward Arthur Haukland Jennifer Meadows Nancy Jean Morrison Consuelo E. Owens Raymond James Schaefer, Jr. Leroy Williams Mary McCawley Zinger Master of Science Tawanda L. Evans-Pruitt Nancy Marie Kelley Sonya Tillman

Presenting Bachelors 2014 Degree Candidates *** Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts Christi Leigh Adams* Rachel C. Allen Marco Antonio Anez Salvatierra Kai Anders Bernstein Erik Boggs Dayna Boles Shara M. Bridgemohan Brandon John Brown James Garfield Campbell Isabella Cantwell Britney Renee Carter-Grimes Melvin Nell Carver Anjanae Chever-Watson Balton F. Coleman Jacquelyne Irene Collett-Diamond*** Tammy Lee Collier JacQuan A. Craig Richard Daugherty Candace Sommers Davis Rebeca Denahan** Michael Duncan Lindsay Brooke Durrance* Marriette Ellis Brandon Esposito Justin Philip Evans Sandra Folston Bradley Robert Furr Shelby C. Gentes* Elizabeth Nichole Gonzalez Rube Isiah Grant Bonnie B. Griffis*

Linda Marie Guenther Stephanie Marie Gunter* Brandon Clay Harris Alexander Jose Hernandez Hosni Hernandez** Meagan Jane Hicks Tiajuana Nicole Hill Olivia Ruth Hollier Velma Michelle Hope Joanna Lee Horton Emily Elizabeth Huston*** Marisa Anne Ingram Jennifer Elaine Jackson Sally Ann Jackson** Maria Elaine Jefferson April J. Johnson Gary Johnson Tiara Jones Cherie Adelaide Kirkland Abby Lee Knabb* Mary Catherine Kuzler Wendy Ann Lafferty Cory Ann Lewis** Olivia Nicole Lonon* Vicki Loudermilk** Allison Eugean Mac Ginger Christine Maddox** Justin McKellips** William D. McMahon Akhtar Rubayet Newaz Anthony James Nobles Brandi Nicole Clance Northrup Jessica Leighanne Norton Sarah Elizabeth Pagano Danielle Anna Pagliara Anthony L. Pass Kelley Anne Patterson Jesse Joseph Pettis

Charity Leanne Pittman* Avrianne Y. Powell Lauren Michele Pridgen Nicholas Ramirez Amber Dawn Reines Ryan Rhoden Paul David Richardson Ashley Elena Rock Alexandra Roque Cynthia DeLos Angeles Sandi-Colon Megan Sapelak* Karen LeResa Simmons Brian J. Spiess Nathaniel Ray Sullivan* Harold Miguel Swett Joseph Szymanski Tricia Lynn Taylor Brooke Kristin Teele* Randal Edwin Thompson Roselyn Nicole Todd Jacqueline Jessie Tucker Noelle Elizabeth Vaillancourt* Laura Vassallo Jennifer Velasco Erika Anne Villacampa Robert Wilkes* Tahlia Monique Williams Nathan L. Williams Courtney Samone Wilson Brandy Nichele Winningham Daniel Joseph Wood Tanaka Latrice Wooden Derek Lamar Wright Devin Stubitsch Wright** Amber Lee Yarbrough* Ariana Francesca Young

352-336-3600 or 352-367-1192

Bachelor of Science Alan Takashima Doyle Alisha Antoinette Eiland Georgia Ann Johnson Sara Jo Mefford* Christopher Blake Parsley* Russell R. Preston Minh Stewart Justin Michael Taylor* Carmen Marie Tyler*** Bachelor of Social Work Victoria Alicia Alvarez Veoletta R.Brown Ammorine Cooper Lacee Renee Godwin* Theresa Michelle Jarvis** John William Cephas Jones Sarah Kathleen McKeithen* Patricia Victoria Oneal April Anne Polyak* Emily Irene Rant* Ashlie Marie Roberts Seanetta Sherrie Robinson* Travis Jermaine Scott* Robert Casey Stern*** Elizabeth Marie Swett* Walter Lavoris Wallace


GRADUATION CANDIDATES Alachua County public high school students scheduled to graduate in 2014

A. QUINN JONES Gerald L. Bentley James D. Kennett ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM Chuncey O. Campbell Charity D. Wooden ALACHUA ACADEMY Courtney R. Denmark ALACHUA COUNTY JAIL Paro T. Baker Trevis J. Bell Adarius D. Harris Johntavis E. Taylor Bruce T. Woods Alachua eSchool Billy Dalton BUCHHOLZ Hakeem AbdulMalik Victoria R. Adams Godfrey W. Alexander Andre L. Alford Nicole S. Alford Tyler E. Allen Taylor D. Allen-Boswell Alexandra M. Allgeyer Emily R. Alvarez Brandon S. Amirin Virginia L. Annable Genelle R. Arandia Maxwell D. Armstrong Kevin A. Arneus Ashlyn K. Baillie Karly A. Baker Madison L. Baker Alexis C. Banks Brian D. Barber Julia D. Barboza Andrea B. Bartholomew Adam W. Bartnick Drew K. Battaile Tyler S. Baxter Matthew L. Benck Sarah N. Bennett Nicole L. Berry Glenn M. Best Justin E. Bialosky Noah A. Blakemore Chandler L. Blanchet Stephen C. Blaum Maxwell J. Bleiweis Brittany N. Blumer Chandler B. Bobbitt Cornelius T. Boone Autumn K. Boston Rachel M. Bourgeois Melissa L. Bowen Trevon Q. Boyd Sydney L. Bradley Holly L. Brennan Emily S. Brinkley Isaiah T. Brinza Moriah R. Brown Quiana L. Brown Elly C. Brucker Dan E. Buffkin Matthew T. Burk Alexes A. Burkhardt Sabrina N. Burns Amanda K. Burris Yannick M. Cali Daniel J. Camacho Katelyn A. Canton Joshua J. Carlson Casey R. Carmosino Kieley M. Carter Chase E. Carty Shakita L. Cash Aaron B. Chambers Chase L. Chesonis Michael F. Chittum Brian I. Cho Michael J. Cirigliano Courtney H. Clardy Hannah N. Clarizio Amber M. Clark Jakeria L. Clark William T. Clark Joshua A. Clarry Jahlen T. Claus Carissa P. Coburn Travonte A. Colding Jeremie J. Colon Frederic E. Conkling Jeremy M. Connell Bailey A. Cook Nicholas C. Cormier Isabel Costas-Velasco Dalton K. Cotter Connor J. Courington Matthew D. Craig Jacob T. Crawford Courtney L. Cribb Taylor B. Croft Elsa L. Cuadros Elliot S. Cullen Jatarious D. Curry Maya A. Curry Spencer R. Dalrymple Kenshaine Daniels Alyse K. Darin Chloe J. Davidson Kelci A. Davis Joshua A. Davy Desiree C. Days Kevin K. Dehatti Parker R. Delattibodier Raven D. Delk Keisha M. Demers Clay C. Denney Natalie M. Desrocher Jordan R. Dewitt Manuel F. Diaz Brian A. Diaz-Rosario Ebony S. Dixon Katherine F. Dobson Forrest D. Dohrmann Justine R. Dolbier Stephen Y. Dolbier Samuel G. Domash Andres F. Dorado Shontia R. Douglas Bryan M. Doyle Matthew J. Duncan Lauren S. Duncanson

Craig M. Ebanks Kristin L. Ebbeling Erin L. Eiland Erica C. Eldayrie Kaylin B. Ellison Kerryanne Ellsworth Chloe M. Equizi Benjamin H. Ervin Kaitlyn E. Fair Alissa Famin Andrew R. Fang Amanda M. Fanus Renata C. Fariello Ja’cari D. Faulk Ken’trel D. Faulk Mitchell M. Fearing Matthew G. Fillingim Kevin P. Fisher Guerbrea P. Fort Alshateck M. Frazier Austin M. Freeney James C. Fuce Julianne C. Fuchs Edward Gaines Rochelle D. Gaines Carlos A. Garcia Bryan E. Garlin Matthew T. Garris Hurandon J. Garrison Isaiah A. George-Carter Vincent A. Gerochi Le-Alem Getachew Ariana M. Giampietro Dylan C. Gibson Anthony N. Girard Shakee R. Glover Jared A. Goar Lucas H. Goda Riley S. Goll Joshua A. Gomez Porfirio Gonzalez Riann E. Gonzalez Mariah B. Goodson Alexandria S. Grant Jodeic R. Grant Myles C. Grayson D’Angelo M. Green Diamund D. Green Gabriella R. Groger Alexandra E. Guenther Rebecca L. Guitton Keesia R. Hagley Zoe P. Haight Alexander T. Hall Hailey L. Hampton Houston T. Harp Grayson L. Hartlein Dalton S. Hartman Kelsey R. Havelock Adrienne N. Hayes Colin W. Haynes Joseph T. Heesacker Aiden R. Henderson Rebecca E. Hernandez Emanuel HernandezHernandez Kimberly R. Heskett Emily A. Hodgson Amanda S. Holcomb Alyson C. Hollingsworth Angela Hong Kevin Z. Huang Brandon L. Hudson Linda A. Hughes Andrew K. Hunt David T. Hurst Austin L. Hurt Alfred L. Isaac Ayanna L. Isaac Jada C. Ivory Iesha N. Jackson Lucas D. Jackson Anna X. James Mina S. Javidi Brandi T. Johnson Janae L. Johnson Jerome Johnson Tashana L. Johnson Kendal E. Jones Terrance R. Jones Tyler L. Jones Jamel L. Jordan Minki Jun Melissa J. Karaha Jodie M. Karsono Katelyn N. Kelderman Elvin M. Kelsey Skye T. Kendrick Arjuma Khandakar Samantha J. Kidd Min Jae Kim Nina D. King Jacob D. Klossner Stefan D. Knowles Jessica L. Kolb Thomas L. Koziol Benjamin H. Kramer Justin A. Krol Joseph A. Lacinak Staci L. Lamb Solomon K. Lambert Benjamin H. Lancaster Sarah E. Lapcevic Joshua R. Larson Richard B. Lauramoore Blaire C. Lawson Blaise C. Lawson Brielle M. LeClear Alfred L. LeDoux David C. Lee Katarina E. Leisey Timothy C. Lepore Jaydin N. Leslie Tyler C. Lever Joseph I. Levine Devin K. Lewis Jacorry K. Lewis Melisa V. Lewis William T. Lewis Heather L. Lingenfelter Keri R. Linne Felyschia M. Lledo Rachel R. Loiler Kelsey C. Londagin Amber B. London Quinan D. Loughe Julian Lovreglio Charissa R. Lowe Erik A. Lucas Jessica C. Ludlow

Elliott E. Macphaul Stefan R. Maillart Zaki B. Majboor Mikeisha D. Mangham Elizabeth C. Manley Jerrod L. Mann Clayton J. Manuel Jacob R. Markham Anna C. Markowitz Alexandra N. Martin Andreea F. Martin Latrell D. Martin Emily Martinez Samantha B. Matthews Bevanee S. Maxwell Emmalee A. May Anthony F. Mazza Brittany P. McClain Thomas L. McCord Joshua D. McCullough Cassidy S. McDilda Breanna J. McElrath Chandler J. McFarland Jack C. McFetridge Kenneth C. McKiernan Rachel A. McKivigan Jacob L. McMahon Jake M. Merold Chloe A. Mesa Hannah E. Miller Adam S. Millinoff Anthony C. Mills Bradley R. Mitchell Imani A. Mitchell Ja’quinta J. Mobley Cheyenne Z. Moghadam Ashley V. Monk Andrew J. Monteau Shahiem J. Moore Nicholas J. Morey Ethan E. Moses Clara A. Murphy Danielle L. Nattiel Tina C. Nguyen Jordan T. Nichols Scott A. Nickel Daniel L. Nicolaus Joyce L. Nimmo Eric P. Nimmons Erik G. Nipper Brijae’ D. Noble Zhane J. Nobles Alex M. Noblitt Natalie J. Nolan Sa’ron S. Nubin Dena M. O’Brien Edgar P. O’Neill-Figueroa Marwan Osman Sierra L. Ourada Austin W. Owens Caleb A. Owens Lauryn N. Owens Blake L. Painter Erin G. Park Amber C. Parker Hunter M. Patrick Savannah S. Patterson Kiarra M. Pena Deron L. Pennywell Samuel J. Perelman Zachary I. Perkins Katlyne M. Phillips Sean C. Platt Bresha R. Pleasant Ian N. Pokorny Sydney N. Pratt Gloria L. Prekler Austin H. Price Kirstienne H. Raval Jamahl A. Rawls Adam B. Ray Alexis E. Reed Nathan A. Reiner Nicole M. Reisman Hyun J. Rhee Alisha M. Richardson Brandon L. Richardson Michael C. Richardson Meredith A. Rivers Sheyenne M. Roberts Cailley V. Robinson Gabriella M. Robinson Felipe R. Rodriguez Kaysii J. Rollins Morgan B. Rosario Gary B. Rosselle Liza A. Rothstein Louis B. Salhanick Benjamin E. Sanchez Olivia M. Sanchez Alexander M. Schafer Nicholas D. Schell Collin M. Schramm Corey J. Schramm Brooke K. Schroepfer Mystic L. Schroeter Tyler Schuring Mark L. Scian Jakira M. Scott Madeline A. Segal Andrew J. Seissiger Jeremy C. Selvidge Luke M. Shannon Reginal M. Sheffield Victoria J. Sheftic Lauren C. Sheppard Tierney L. Shimansky Ronald C. Shultz Zana R. Simmons Alexander K. Sinnott Calvin J. Smith Daniella N. Smith Gunner C. Smith Jason T. Smith John T. Smith Kaylee G. Smith Lorenzo K. Smith Prestin D. Smith Tildon J. Smith Stephen M. So Mckenzie E. St Lawrence Daniel C. Stacpoole Susan A. Stanfill Kristen E. States Monica L. Stein-Roosenraad Emma T. Stetter Skylar J. Stevens Daniel W. Stewart Lauren E. Stone Allison J. Sturm

Annie Sun Vincent F. Sunter Peterson C. Swanger Warren G. Sweeney David M. Tait Tierra J. Taylor Kathryn R. Tecler Janse L. Tenefrancia Alicia C. Tennell Joshua D. Theus Sydney D. Thibault Raymond W. Thistle Matthew R. Thoburn Nicholas J. Thoburn Alexander L. Thomas Emily M. Thomas Brian P. Thompson Evan M. Thompson Olivia L. Thompson Victoria L. Thompson Amanda M. Tinker Ilie Tomlin Jordan R. Toney Wyatt P. Tost Ngoc T. Tran Maxwell H. Troha Julia I. Truman Matthew P. Tueth Monique Underberger Matthew D. Upthegrove Emilie A. Ussery Zachary C. Van Wert Taylor M. VanBeek Brandon C. Vanderschoot Austin K. Vang Maria Vargas Aparicio Melissa M. Viera Kelly R. Wakeley Christopher D. Waldo Natavian D. Walker Sean Walker Kyla N. Warm Shakira A. Warmack Quinlan M. Washington Brenan B. Wayland Demitri L. Weekes Logan A. Weekes Ryan C. Wendler Megan C. Werbel Brandon J. Wesley Sarah J. Westbrook Teophiel O. Weston Kelly A. Whitesides Catherine E. Whiting Ashley L. Wiggs Joshua R. Wilkins Dionna S. Williams Jameon C. Williams Lexus R. Williams Nicolas B. Williams Tanzania F. Williams Yomi C. Williams De-Andrea G. Wilson Justin E. Wiscovitch Daniel D. Wishart Arica L. Wolkiewicz Andrew T. Woodward Javier C. Woody Brianne C. Wright Hau-Lin Wu Yu-Tong Xie Robin Z. Xu Stephanie Zelaya Minjia Zhong Aobo Zhou Vivian Zhu Ella M. Zsembik Drew V. Zwilling EASTSIDE Olutosin I. Adesogan Apara Agarwal Jennifer Akhter Dreonda J. Alexander Taurus S. Anderson Denise P. Angeles Meagan E. Ash Dominick J. Aslanian Destinee A. Austin Natryonna T. Baker Eli B. Barrett Ethan C. Beaman Finesse C. Beck Brittany N. Bennett Grant M. Berg Curtis J. Blanton Kathrine D. Blasini Takeria S. Blunt La-Quan Q. Boland Tajonna A. Bonaparte Charles L. Bouie Rosvel D. Bracho-Sanchez Roneka S. Bradley Samuel L. Brantly Desiree D. Brown Kiondre D. Brown Nia S. Brown Raymond Brown Seth L. Brown Teyanna G. Brown Antonio D. Bryant Madison L. Burger Thomas P. Burke Shante L. Campbell Can Cao Latisha A. Castro-Ortiz Roua Y. Choudar Farheen J. Chowdhury Kenneth A. Clark Laura A. Clark Labresha B. Clay Mark B. Colandreo Sarah N. Collings Kate E. Conti Prescott A. Cowles Xavier K. Crawford Asia B. Cromwell Vidal Cruz Micaela R. Cuneo Maxwell N. Curtis Walter C. Daniels Christina David Alton M. Davis De’Vante K. Davis Jalon F. Davis Lacressa S. Davis Florence A. de Asis Victoria B. Deal Quanesia D. Debose Evon M. DeBose-Scarlett

Breanna A. Dede Simeya O. Demps Luca Diplan Delvin L. DuBois Kelsey L. Dunn Yaharrie J. Edwards Abigail L. Eisenstadt Vivian N. El-Salawy Ti-Yana S. Ellis Eriel Q. Emanuel Lenon M. Ewell Alicia L. Fan Alexander I. Fethiere Gregory A. Fletcher Omega G. Franklin Alicia M. Frazer Caroline I. Fried Jordan B. Fulkerson Tiara L. Gaddy Eric K. Gardner Angela U. Gensoli Jacari S. Gent Dershona S. Glenn Emma R. Glover Dedrick A. Gordon Monica N. Graham Brianna N. Grant Morgan E. Gravely Dejah S. Gray Zachary I. Green Nicholas L. Guderian Ahmad M. Guenoun Nydia Y. Guzman Samuel A. Hagen Jacquez J. Hall Alexis H. Hanlon Terrance J. Harden Tristen N. Haysom Parker J. Heavens Aaron C. Henderson Ty C. Henderson Jahmal D. Hendricks Loren J. Hendrickson Dominic R. Henry Livan Hernandez Collado Isabella Herrera Tyler S. Hess Mykell T. Hicks Aubrey V. Hiebert Natalie F. Hill Sir’ron D. Hill Victoria D. Hill Esian J. Hoffert Tyron J. Holder Hannah R. Hutchison Artavia T. Hutto Matthew D. Hymel Artsiom B. Ihnatsenka Matthew I. Ingersent Jessica D. Israel Janale I. Jackson Quadrell T. Jackson Tiana R. Jamison Jamila K. Jefferson Kevin T. Jenkins Alicia R. Johansen Emily L. Johns Barry B. Johnson Derrionte’ W. Johnson Quinshon A. Johnson Ronerica A. Johnson Bryan L. Jones Karla M. Jones Tatiana S. Jones Nicketa Jordan Geremy H. Kendrick Dustin A. Kennedy Quintarvis D. King Isaac J. Knudson Joy J. Kuykendall Jalissa N. Lake Malcolm O. Lawson Atianna L. Lee Sangwook Lee Ma’kaia T. Lewis Xingchen Li Michael R. Linton Derek M. Lipsig Anqi Liu Leah E. Lykins Tachiana L. Lynum Kimberly M. Magee Kirsten E. Mann Patric M. Mann Chrisy A. Mathew Katherine M. Mavins Keyon M. Mayze Austin S. McClain Zhana K. McCoy Tyquasia S. McNair Cassandra M. McPhadden Keshon L. Miles Ryan J. Mimms Aliya D. Miranda Amaleah F. Mirti Ashley K. Moore Briana S. Moorehead Cooper J. Morrone-Webster Gary D. Morrow Akasha L. Moss Kim L. Mueller Shadrekah J. Muhammad Alexandria D. Murphey Juanye’ M. Murray Sierra J. Nesbit Ana L. Nichols-Holcy Natalia A. Nino Emma J. Nolan Malik D. Norman Dayo M. Nunn Opeyemi L. Ogedengbe Iyanuoluwa S. Okeowo Wyatt M. Olitsky Wesley C. Olmsted Agyeiwaa Osei Agyei Asia C. Owens Hope Pan Ishan D. Panchal Michael M. Parson Deep N. Patel Unmil M. Patel Lucinda M. Peng Steven T. Perdue Cody M. Peterson Thomas H. Petruy Quantino M. Pratt Gregory A. Presley Douglas L. Prince Christine A. Pu Anthony M. Pushon

Vanessa I. Quilao Christopher D. Reddick Ashley M. Reedy David A. Reynolds Richard L. Riggins Brittany D. Rim Austin R. Rivera Ricky K. Rivers Emma A. Rivers Baird Darius D. Robinson Devon A. Robinson Kyler M. Rochelle James P. Rogers Matthew M. Ruppert Bianca R. Rutledge Brianna N. Rutledge Ta’vis M. Rutledge Ilyssa L. Schatz Christopher S. Schenck Austen E. Seeberg Sarah C. Seeger Philipp G. Seubert Christian E. Shaw Tiana M. Sheffield Alana S. Sherman Micayla G. Singleton Ketori J. Smart Kitara F. Smith Michael T. Smith Rakeem J. Smith Lucy I. Smith-Williams Tiana M. Sneed Ria A. Someshwar Alexandra A. Sourakov Shawanda A. Stephens Shelby T. Stokes Jaquan L. Strawder James P. Strickland Diarmuid A. Swan Kyle B. Tapley Hilton J. Taylor Mickias B. Tegegn Shaleen Thakur Da’shon L. Thomas Jasmine C. Thomas Joshlyn K. Thomas Marcia A. Thomas Shauna E. Thomas Terrance J. Thomas Tyrone K. Thomas Joiquandai S. Thompson Eugene E. Thurman Timothy J. Tia Kenya J. Tolbert Julian N. Tolentino Alvaro W. Valle Peter J. Van Susteren Dallas D. Vargas Ashley C. Veal Hasha R. Venn Rianna C. Washington Avontre L. Watson Antaijah J. Welch Dedra S. White Khaelyn S. White Tyler M. White Willie Q. White Alexis A. Williams Cassie J. Williams Charquilla Williams Eleasha M. Williams Shaiteria A. Williams Ta’maya L. Williams Warren H. Williams Dantez D. Willis Jasmine K. Wills Hannah L. Wolcott Marquanik K. Woods Eric M. Woolley Holly J. Xin Kentrell S. Young Celia Y. Zhang Wenli Zhao John J. Zokovitch George H. Zurma GAINESVILLE James E. Abernathy Foster A. Abolverdi Jessica N. Aguilera Abdulkarim Al-Issa ZuZu P. Alderson Delilah D. Allen Mariah F. Allen Kelsey M. Anhalt Luis A. Antunez Rivero Jianne M. Apostol Carlos A. Arredondo Payton O. Ashe Savontaee R. Avalo Joedelyn B. Badajos Elizabeth C. Bairley Maya M. Banks Adriel Barrios Phillissa T. Baskin Miranda N. Bass Parker J. Basting Spencer P. Bauer Kelly L. Belanger Maria I. Bengoa-Vera Sierra L. Bennett Joshua D. Benton Christopher L. Berry Shane C. Biery Dalvin D. Birdsong Jared L. Blocker Katie L. Blunt Kevin M. Bolen Ryan M. Booth Robert M. Bowman Marcellus P. Boyd Dakoteh L. Boyer Rodney O. Bradley Christopher H. Branch Alexavia M. Bright Lataijah-Ray N. Britt Ladarius J. Brooks Jordan M. Brown Olympia M. Brown Rahmann O. Brown Brad M. Bryant Malika M. Bryant Maximilian J. Bungert Aviendha L. Burgoyne Charles J. Busch Nakaylia M. Bush Craig A. Butler Kyanna Cadwallader Gary B. Calhoun Darryl M. Cannady

Kylee D. Cannon Melvin J. Carey Kira E. Carusone Daniel R. Carvalho Jarayon J. Cason William R. Castillo Christy A. Caton Eldin O. Chala Karine M. Charles Diamond J. Cheek Chaz B. Chester Shauntina N. Clark Alexis C. Clay Sara N. Cleeton Jordan R. Clements Malcolm T. Clemmons Malik T. Clemmons Rachel P. Collins Shufeira A. Connelly Joyce C. Contreras Sierra C. Coomber Catrina S. Cooper Jack A. Cornell Ainelec A. Cortes Tristany K. Cram William R. Craven Joel Cray Samantha F. Crosby Lindsey N. Currie Derek R. Curtis Tequila T. Curtis Rebekah K. Dain Destiny R. Daniels Esmond X. Daniels Natasha L. Danzy Bruce H. Daugherty Antonia I. Davis Ashton N. Davis Connor H. Davis Kiana A. Davis Laura E. Davis Reginae N. Davis Amyra M. Days Brian J. Dean Garry P. Demosthene Sadie F. DePeter Kaliente’ X. Dixson Kathryn G. Doles John L. Drake Vladyslav Dubinin Dayna L. Duffy Byron K. Dumas Ethan C. Ellis Keoni B. Ellis Stephanie Estrada Sofia J. Eury Dontarian R. Evans Quennon K. Ewing Tamarcus J. Faulkner IV Emerald L. Ferguson Kiandry R. Ferguson Alexandria L. Fischer Shanice L. Flagg Kenneth K. Floyd Stephon L. Foreman Logan A. Forgey Thomas W. Fraleigh Adrian A. Franklin David D. Franz Kaitlyn L. Frening Kyra A. Fulton Jo L Furmanek Pratik P. Gajjar Kandace K. Gales Khalief E. Gamble Jeremy M. Ganora Ying Gao Matias Garces Jon M. Gardner Jaylon L. Garrison Cassidy J. Geltner Anthony Gonzalez Kelsey B. Goodman Brandon M. Goolsby Jacob R. Gordon Jeremiah Gordon Rachel’ T. Graham Amanda L. Gramig James L. Grammer Wesley C. Grawburg Justice N. Greenlee Garrett F. Gregoire Tessie M. Gretter Jonathan H. Griffin Joshua K. Grigger Haley M. Grooms Cameron R. Guy Daniel K. Guzman Chrislin A. Hadley Cecilia E. Haecker Casey E. Halbrook Christopher L. Hall Tamia S. Hall Kelli M. Handley Stephanie H. Hargrave Alexandra N. Harrington Kenneth G. Harrington Dasia A. Harris Isiah K. Harris Rakita T. Harris Tiara M. Haymon Shawn M. Henderson Zoey C. Hendrickson Byers L. Hickmon Kali D. Hill Samuel A. Hill Brooke A. Hines Da’Zah L. Hobson Conor P. Hogan Alexander C. Holloway Joshua W. Holton Ashantea K. Hope Alyssa S. Hopkins Elena M. Howard Robert D. Howard Dalayna D. Howell Shaun A. Hubbard Raoul M. Huisden Kathryn N. Hummel Curtis D. Hyde Lindsay M. Ianuzzi Michael L. Ison Eugene B. Jackson Kayla B. Jackson Danielle C. Jacobs Antonio T. James Kyle A. Jarnagin Juan L. Jenkins Terry L. Jenkins Madison L. Jerrels

SUNDAY, MAY 25, 2014 | THE GAINESVILLE SUN | 9G Shelby B. Jester Akyla B. Johnson Brandon U. Johnson Jazmere Johnson Jermaine G. Johnson Rachel M. Johnson Roderick L. Johnson Shaquille J. Johnson Tyler A. Joiner Carlos J. Jones Damon L. Jones Breanne M. Keen Kelti L. Keister Daniel R. Kelly Jussica J. Keye Justice J. Keye Caela E. Kinder Jessica E. Kinsler Alec C. Kissoondyal Martina A. Knechel Paige A. Knight Andrew T. Konish Sarah X. Kostansek Quinn I. Kravitz Laura R. Landauer Bronson N. Lang Steven Lara Nigel R. Lawson Savannah N. Leach Athena E. Leacock Jasmine V. Lee Corey G. Lehnick Kelly M. Leitner Shaianne L. Lestage Cassie J. Levine Isabella S. Liuzzo Svetlana Livingston Shyne B. Loper Tynesha C. Lovett Ellysia D. Mack John P. Major Wendy J. Mandell Kelly-Anne Mangum Angelica F. Marena Alec R. Marinoff Sofia K. Marlin Joshua S. Martin Patrick H. Martin Nickole A. Martinez-Malo Katie M. Masciale Empress M. Mathes Precious J. Maxwell Aaron E. McCormac David C. McCormac Bailey A. McDaniel Mark H. McGraw Nicholas E. McGriff Jasmine R. McMillion Maximillian G. Mendez Nathan N. Meth Jamell L. Michaels Delanie R. Michel Elizabeth A. Miles Vasheria L. Miles Alexus D. Miller Nicholas E. Milligan Stephanie A. Mitchell Amber R. Monk Marcel R. Monroe Charles O. Monts William J. Moody Shane R. Mooney Gabrielle A. Moore Trentin A. Moore Jordan C. Moretta Geordan I. Mosby Thomas L. Moseley Aaron T. Mosely Juan C. Mosquera Nicholas G. Mueller Kenneth J. Murphy Lucia M. Murphy Devon K. Myers Samuel M. Neal Luke D. Netherland Jenna B. Niblack Demetria M. Norfleet Rachel M. O’Neal Freddy E. Ocasio Bermudez Lorena Oliva Taylor J. Oliver Abel L. Paguio Vincent S. Pandolfo Joshua S. Parker Yana M. Parker Alejandro J. Parrales Parker A. Parrish Samara M. Patz Johannah A. Paulin Dylan J. Peck Elaine K. Penksa Samuel E. Peterson Garion S. Pforr Dylan T. Phelps Grant C. Phillips Jasmine T. Phillips Samuel E. Phillips Mara I. Pino-Diaz Keenan C. Pittman Keith J. Pittman Brandon M. Popp Hunter N. Porter Matthew T. Powell Steven G. Pratt Michael B. Quillen Munif M. Rafid Carlos D. Ramos-Figueroa Zachary A. Read Lance M. Reccoppa Rachel L. Reid Taylor R. Repetto Kiara A. Reynoso Lauren A. Rhodes Tyler S. Rice Breshayla L. Rim Michael S. Rinehart Fernando P. Ritzinger Cole T. Robertson Gregory D. Robinson Lauren A. Robinson Michele D. Robinson Andrew H. Rocca Kacy S. Rodriguez Benjamin D. Roe Carie L. Rosario Joseph J. Rosenstock Richelle V. Ross Nicholas C. Rowe Samantha F. Rudin-Rush O’darius L. Rutledge Micaela G. Saavedra Delaney K. Sagul Aaron J. Sanford Meagan C. Santarsiero Juan C. Santiago Hannah N. Savoie Drew A. Scarborough

Savannah G. Schaffer Florian M. Schneider Mackenzie J. Selle Emily R. Sheehan Brianne L. Sheffield Phillip M. Shelar Faina I. Sherman Adriana S. Shum Jimenez Soher J. Silva-Alvarado Kernise E. Simon Catherine L. Simpson Jerelle K. Singleton Victor Slabushevich Peter T. Slaton Asya T. Smith Kristina B. Smith Paul C. Smith Torres M. Smith Shaquanda J. Snead Shannon A. Snyder Gary S. Solomon Matthew A. Solt Erik J. Stearns Kathryn H. Stephens Tykeria L. Steward Victoria J. Sweat Shelby L. Swilley Matthew S. Tamayo Jevorn M. Taylor Karen D. Tecler Ashton H. Terrell-Young Breanna M. Thomas Charles B. Thomas Danielle C. Thomas La’Dale C. Thomas Owen G. Thomas Sade I. Thomas Tara M. Thomas Taylor E. Thomas John D. Todd Jeremiah J. Torres Ariel M. Trachtenberg Casey L. Troiano Nicole D. Trometer Tristen L. Twist Amelia N. Tyson Kiara J. Tyson Sara M. Uman Nhien T. Van Ashley N. Van Wie Sarah A. Varvel Gabriel A. Vasquez-Peterson Hailey M. Vaughn Tiffany C. Vazquez Blake R. Victorian Sarah J. Vincent Ryan C. Vonesh Joseph M. Waddell Analiese G. Wagner Devin W. Waite Jameka K. Walker Keidric N. Walker Shanteria D. Walker Andrew B. Ward Madeline F. Ward Austin S. Warner Miles H. Warren Shavonne J. Washington Mechelle A. Waters Sith A. Waters Kelsey J. Watts Madison A. Weinberg Jasmine D. Wesley James F. White William W. Whitlock Trevene S. Whyte Tory A. Wiles Austin H. Williams Cornell L. Williams Darilyn M. Williams Kyana T. Williams Omaria K. Williams Gerald B. Williford Gerell B. Williford Alexander J. Wilson BriAnn S. Wishart Kaitlynn B. Wishart David M. Wohl Sarah J. Wolf Angelica L. Woodard Zak A. Woodward Pleshettlynn R. Woody Zachary T. Woolley David J. Wright Kenric L. Young D’kadrian M. Allen Quinn L. Bass Dominique A. Bostic Sheldon A. Carroll Travis R. Cromwell Amber R. Davis Donald J. Dunbar Bethanie M. Funk George M. Handley William T. Head Jimmie C. Henry Alexis D. Hunter Tony L. Ivey Joshua A. Mauk Anthony B. Moore Randy D. Nipper Jeromy N. Norman Brandy M. Pitts Stephanie N. Redmond Ratrell Q. Rutledge Larod D. Sessions Kelsey E. Smith Kendrid A. Smith Victoria A. Stewart Shelby L. Szot Charlie C. Thomas Deandre R. Turner Lavers J. Turner Shelby S. Walker HOME SCHOOL Micah H. Ahmann Ashley N. Blacketer Christian L. Bombardier Courtney S. Brulfer Ryan C. Burgin Elijah M. Caldwell Mark D. Canfield Jennifer A. Carr Cesar C. Carrasquilla Wesley L. Coker Bradley-Nicole A. Collins Colin Z. Conceicao Brittany M. Courtney-Arnold Isabella L. Cox Michael N. Dage Gerry Y. Dixon Alexis A. Elder Morgan A. Elliott-Duncan Peter J. Emery Michael R. Ettel Mark P. Foss

Adriana N. Galarsa Jared B. Godshalk Manuel A. Gonzalez Luke M. Hall James D. Harmeling Michael S. Helvey Christina L. Karafa Tyler J. Kelley Dev Amrit K. Khalsa Michael H. Land Elizabeth A. Lipham Chandler R. Maynard John A. Maze Dasia D.’ Padgett Robert A. Paul Kaylee E. Perez Dylan C. Phillips Michael W. Roberts Hannah A. Robinson Troy Rynning Michael P. Sliwoski Kaetlyn E. Smith Natascha L. Spicer Robert A. Tartaglione Michael J. Triplett Jordan Turchon Amy N. Varnedoe Emily J. Waldo Angel Waldroff Christopher D. Whiley HORIZON CENTER Lavonte L. Dix HOSPITAL HOMEBOUND Brittany F. Butler Rachel R. Freeman Andrew J. Peet Kelvin C. Samuels Steven A. Thomas Michael J. Torres Alfonso J. Velez SIDNEY LANIER Charles D. Adams Jerry R. Barker April L. Bass Victoria H. Boland Evelyn M. Bouton Christopher V. Bryant Luis A. Cecilio Daniel E. Clark Guerline H. Cloutier Shelby A. Crump Joseph A. Dick Matthew B. Dunn Dakota W. Eckman Sarah E. Flowers Matthew D. Geiger Julia A. Gormick Joshua A. Handley Erika A. Hawkins Reniqua Q. Hayes Austin W. Henesy Melissa R. Hines Nathaniel E. Hines Saida I. Kadery Teri L. Konvalinka Trenton E. Littles Lexus S. Quarterman Alex S. Rosenzweig Ian N. Shrock Angel N. Silver Jacob E. Thiele Colton E. Thompson Marquez M. Williams Steffan R. Williams Vincent C. Williams Semaj Kwame A. WilliamsNeal Lindsey E. Wilson Roland N. Woodward LOFTEN Monna C. Anderson William D. Bailey Miguel L. Bean Ashlee A. Berry Brittney Bright Darrell T. Bruce Timothy G. Burkett Zantavia D. Burse Dajarnae’e D. Cartwright Kenneth A. Cormier Rebecca C. Davitz Tony E. Duncan Hunter L. Finley Shelby A. Finley Shelby A. Flint Alexis A. Gray Ashlea A. Gray Breanna C. Hall Kennesha T. Hall Courtenay L. Harding Reonshaye N. Hayes Tallishia L. Henderson Taylor L. Honaker Andrea R. Jarvis Ceilidh S. Johnson Kiondra R. Johnson Sarah C. Kell Victoria R. Leland Timothy S. Lester Kukoyi A. Lockett Amber N. Mann Carneshia B. Miller Jeremisha T. Morabito Gerkaria F. Moreland Octavia L. Mosley Dericashia V. Myers Tara D. Neville Chantel K. O’Neal Kristen E. Palmer Traeci R. Pearson Saquasha Y. Robinson Eugene J. Slevin Kimberly A. Slevin Danisha D. Smith Derrick R. Smith Juliette A. Smith Jordan C. Sweigard Christopher A. Tatum Raistlin O. Thomas Jakesia R. Thompson Rebecca L. VanZant Michael A. Weinrich MYCROSCHOOL Dominique D. Aldridge Lloyd X. Alexander Demari D. Baker Anthony J. Barker Jacob W. Barnhart Morgan W. Barthelme Neylan S. Barthelme Dinieshia L. Bell Herman L. Bellamy Steven S. Bellrichard

Logan J.] Bennett Markezia M. Bennett Rashaad L. Bennett Tia L. Blount Danielle A. Brier Courtney L. Broner Jamal L. Brown-Denney Corey L. Buie Alison E. Canter Jerlisa A. Carty Cheyenne D. Chandler Khadijah I. Cooper Toni S. Cooper Aaliyah M. Crowder Pashada S. Cutter Alexis Q. Dallas Artresia L. Daniels Kadeejah L. Danzy Patricia G. Davis Sharonica G. Davis Tyecell D. Faison Tyerell T. Faison Xavier R. Fayson Asia K. Flowers Mary J. Floyd Zackery D. Freeman Monique J. Galloway Tanner B. Gillespie Liatasha D. Gipson Amy S. Gordon Sheldon K. Griffin Leviticus A. Grimes Joseph C. Hall Marquisha Q. Hall Dasia W. Harris Shaquana A. Harrison Stefan R. Hatcher Malcolm H. Hayes Mycheal I. Hayes Kiara M. Haynes Anquinette J. Henneghan Antoinette S. Henneghan Isis R. Hill Ja’shea M. Howard James M. Howe Rayonna S. Howell Ralphfuel J. Hunter Frank R. Irving Antonio D. Jackson Sharne B. Jackson Dominique C. James Nilicea D. James Amber J. Johnson Carissa N. Johnson Joseph I. Johnson Najei A. Johnson Chad M. Jones Elijah D. Jones Porsha C. Jones Malaika D. Leggon Nathaniel J. Lewis Michelle N. Littleton Nykyta’ R. Lowery James A. Lynch Christina L. Martin Marvinesha Martin Nicole S. Mason Jarheid L. Maxwell Shaquerra T. Mayes Wandie Merelan Alexus D. Mills Willie D. Moore Tekora L. Murphy Tre L. Odom Noel T. Owens Shantinique A. Payne Jeremiah C. Peck Aundre D. Peoples Jacqueline D. Pittman Taylor M. Poole Audrey L. Pryor Kathrine M. Reed Amber R. Richter Breana M. Ricks Sinclair Rivers Zarie T. Rosario Dakota R. Saunders Oriana M. Sheffield Antonia A. Shepherd-Pacheco Rynebow V. Sheppard Quintavis T. Singleton Stefan A. Singleton Azubah A. Skillon Deonte R. Small Helen M. Smith Tamesha S. Smith Mychal T. Sneed Corrine D. Stuckey Taylor S. Sutton Jade E. Taylor Jerika C. Taylor Lamontay T. Taylor Susan C. Thompson Shanavia D. Tomlin Jasmine C. Turner Shawntina R. Washington Roosevelt Watts Tevonte E. White Katherine A. Wildrick Dacorian M. Williams Theresa E. Williams Ryan K. Wimberly David J. Woodring Dylan T. Zeenberg NEWBERRY Kendall N. Addison Zachary P. Andes Scarlette P. Aportela Matthew C. Bailey Alfonso E. Barber Brandon T. Bay Cody D. Bierman Halston Q. Blackwell Shelby C. Blackwell Andrew J. Blair Sarah L. Bleasdale Tyre J. Buchanon Jessica A. Bukas Taylor L. Burgin Jack S. Burris Dameonnia D. Butler Joshua A. Butler Justin K. Cameron Morgan A. Carroll Adrian A. Cartwright Shelby R. Chatfield Spencer E. Coleman Sean D. Crow Marchae D. Dade Kyla R. Dalton Lauren A. Davis John W. Deen James B. Dees Brittany E. Denning Brittany L. Devivo Reidel P. Dolbeck

Troy M. Doris Jeremiah D. Eang Jared L. Edmondson Ethan T. Edwards Korianne L. Ellinger Jamaal Enoch Cheyenne R. Essary Christy M. Evans Courtney M. Evans Marcos M. Fernandez Juliana M. Fonseca Carlton D. Franklin Ava L. Frazier Dakota F. Garcia Tatiana K. Gatlin-Rivas Joseph B. Giddens David M. Gillis Julian A. Gonzalez Erika N. Halpin Bobbie A. Hamilton-Smith Delaney D. Harkins John A. Harmon Avalon J. Harris Victoria L. Hatch Tristian S. Hester Andrew J. Hill Paul W. Hodge Trevor G. Holton Kristen L. Hunt Hannah M. Hurlston Betzaida Ignacio Simon Jessica E. Irvine Alayna N. Jackson John W. Jones Kateria S. Jones Rachel S. Jones Zachary P. Jones Robert E. Jordan Quinton L. Kuykendall Lexi M. Labby Brent Lanier Yovernna X. Lebron-Arroyo Kole M. Lee Toby K. Long Dominique J. Lott Erin P. Ludwig Mudzimu A.. Macharaga Cassidy A. Mark Jimmie L. McCoy Karey L. McDonald Ashley M. McGriff Kaitlyn M. McNeil Allan D. Miles Ryan W. Miller Tyler L. Miller Dilyn C. Monday Justin C. Monge Austin J. Montjoy James M. Murray Leah R. Naylor Jordan A. Nein Anna M. Nellinger Maurice D. Nelson Hannah J. Nix David J. Pabst Xaivera T. Pagan Morganna L. Palmer Jordan A. Parnell Malique J. Payne Jenna C. Poole Dylan G. Purvis Zakary V. Quates Brandon C. Ranslow Dillan N. Renfroe Zechariah D. Rice Jacob T. Rodgers Daniel L. Rushing Johnathan L. Scott Monte F. Seabrook Alexis S. Sellers Shay G. Sigman Ashtyn E. Smith Simon B. Stefanelli Richard A. Suarez Billy D. Tatum Katelyn D. Taylor Addison C. Thomas Danny L. Thompson Diane N. Thompson Wyatt R. Timmons Ashley M. Torres Roshelle Twymon Eduardo E. Vila-Martinez David A. Visconti Branden R. Watson Averianna S. Wilcox Nicholas A. Wilkins Chad D. Williams Jason D. Williams Toccara L. Williams Zachary J. Williams Wendell S. Woods REGIONAL DETENTION Thomas C. Totulis SANTA FE Jozle A. Alfaro Alex J. Allen Marina V. Alonso Vega Brittany A. Amira Dearra L. Anderson Marcus J. Archer Alfred A. Argenio Joshua T. Armstrong Ty’Aja M. Baker George E. Ballard Ja’lea M. Banks Tommy L. Banks Sumner D. Barnard Clarissa R. Barnes Garrett S. Bayles Taylor L. Beach Matthew T. Bednarek Joseph V. Bennett Kyle D. Bishop Hunter S. Boyer Elizabeth H. Brewster Cassie L. Bromenschenkel Casey G. Brooks Zachary D. Brown Hailey J. Browning Jared W. Bryan Makayla M. Bryant Lauren A. Burkett Tyler B. Bush Michael A. Byers Troy R. Cannegieter Alexandria M. Carter William C. Chastain Matthew E. Chewning Cody T. Clark Harlie E. Clark Savannah F. Clayton Tyree L. Coker Alexander J. Coldicott Cody Wade W. Cole

Shayna A. Conrad Samantha E. Cooper Jacey R. Cottingham Jonathan S. Criswell Teresa C. Cuesta Ratilekha Dalchand Jennifer L. Daugherty Cornelia N. Davis Sara E. Deans Timothy L. Deen Molly K. Delaney Domenick R. DelBuco Dean P. Dickhaut Savannah R. DiGioia Edward M. Dinardo Thomas D. Doan Kimber L. Doby Colton A. Dotson Clinton D. Duke Juwan B. Durant Tiffany B. Edenfield Ksamesvari Edwards Vani Eldredge Bradley A. English Brittany A. English Derek A. Etchart Francisco L. Falla-Moloche Ashtin N. Ferguson Gerald M. Flanery Aprella E. Ford Alexander P. Garcia Pedro L. Garcia Hunter B. Gaston Troy A. Gentry Anthony J. Giannilli Rachel T. Gil de Gibaja Deanna D. Gillenwalters Nicole R. Golden Josie L. Goodyear James I. Gordon Heather L. Gould Marshall D. Graves Shelbie C. Green Courtney L. Hall Jonathan E. Hamilton Alyssa L. Harris Denarius J. Harris Jessica B. Haug Nathaniel C. Henry Alexander J. Hentges Enola D. Hernandez Sydney A. Hewit Pierson F. Hilton Walter B. Hodge Jamie E. Holton Jeremy B. Howard Logan T. Howe Leah M. Irwin Darius T. Jackson Dariyan B. Jenkins Jennifer K. Jenkins Cole A. Jensen Tavon D. Johnson Chelsea A. Jones Cory C. Jones Deontray M. Jordan Max Jovel Kelsey V. Kays Brandon M. Keene John-Paul W. Keller Neicea R. Kennedy Austin L. Kenyon Joshua T. Kepner Krishna Khara Curtis L. Kinsey Nicole L. Klacko Tyler J. Klema Joshua K. Knight Janardan Lerra Wesley Lewis Karen N. Lopez Taylor B. Loughran Zachary T. Loveday Cameron K. MacDougall Adarius J. Mack Quinten P. Mansfield Janice Mazon Jannett Mazon Lamar McClain Kimberly D. McCoy Madison L. McCoy Jonathan M. McCumber Amanda G. McGee Bailey O. McLeod Kelsey L. McNeill Marvin J. McReynolds Cheyanne E. Meisel Maitreyi Michel-Trapaga Andrea D. Monday Leonard Montero Coral M. Munkittrick Bennet D. Myers Hannah B. Myers Holli R. New Rylie V. O’Quinn Chad G. Osborne Daniel L. Ousley Nicholas O. Owens Gregory D. Parcells Donald P. Patterson Nadia K. Peattie Nathan A. Pelham Blake R. Penley Spencer D. Perrine Mykalia D. Perry Hannah K. Peters Kathryn M. Peters Justin T. Pfaff Logan M. Phipps Alexander W. Piza Finney Jessyca E. Piza Finney Shri-Ram Poddar Lindsey C. Pope Julia L. Poucher Travyaun P. Presley William J. Ramer Joel Rangel Daniel P. Reineke Akira N. Rembert Davis A. Rembert Emily C. Reveille Tiana S. Richardson Cody G. Riddle Elizabeth A. Roberts Ashley J. Robinson Cecilia C. Rodriguez Ashlyn V. Rolling Katheryn Romero Caroline N. Rowe Alexander M. Russell Ryan S. Sanders Rickie W. Sandusky Taylor L. Sanford Ian J. Sasser Sorcha C. Schumpert Caleb M. Schutt Kyante M. Scott

William B. Shaw John S. Short Balarama Singh Brandon M. Smith Kacey T. Smith Willie G. Smith Kayla M. Smither Laura A. Sollenberger Megan E. Sollenberger Kyle W. Stewart Chad A. Stockdale Jenna L. Studley Starr L. Sykes Sarah A. Symoens Cynthia S. Terrell Patrick A. Thisse Brandon D. Thomas Christopher A. Thomas Destaney C. Thomas Teneshia L. Thomas Devonta K. Thurman Dominique B. Tillman Zachery I. Tingle Taylor N. Tomlinson Trey E. Tyre Krishna D. Uzcategui Carlos J. Valencia Gabriel M. Villali Laura L. Waites Arric D. Wali Joe E. Washington Lee N. Washington Jayanti Watson MacKenzie J. Welch Courtney R. Wesley Joseph D. White Joshua I. Wiley Andrew W. Williams Joqueala M. Williams Solomon C. Williams Tyler D. Williams Connor E. Willingham Malika N. Wimberly Leah S. Woods Feng C. You Danielle M. Zeunik SCHOLARSHIP SCHOOL Caleb T. Alligood James R. Avery Corey T. Carter Nicholas K. Certain Kimberly T. Clayton Ashley R. Dolan Frank W. English Samantha L. Fissell Blake E. Fosmoe Anna M. Grantham Nishauntae K. Johnson Key’on L. Jones Isaac M. Madison Eziah H. Nelly John T. Nilsen Andrew P. Roane Joel E. Thomas Katherine MC Vansusteren Katelynn J. Wade Jonathan K. Yates SIA TECH Vaneshah N. Allen Robneshia A. Anderson Mariam Bakayoko Erica L. Bakke Devin J. Barron JeQuawn J. Bell Nathan S. Bernstein Michelle M. Box James T. Brockington Jordan P. Brown Kenneth D. Bussom Vashon L. Byrd Kesley L. Carpenter Jalisha A. Cheathem Zenaib Choudhry Tyrone R. Collins Robert D. Derochemont Casey R. Dixon Megan L. Douglas Taisha S. Espinal Deja E. Evans Arthur L. Everett Luther J. Fields Gloria A. Gainey Davontee T. Gallon Armando Garcia Juan C. Gonzalez Brea S. Grey Brandon Halstead Tequiria T. Harper Octavia L. Herbert Alicia C. Hernandez Annika A. Hicks Lawrence S. Hoursey Dionna M. Jackson Trey A. Jackson Shiray B. Johnson Dylan T. Lesperance Steven T. Lewis Angela Mancera Quinton D. Maxwell Nicholas R. Mazzarella Jasmine R. McCullum A’shan E. Moore Marcus J. Murdie Makayla A. Murphy Justin T. Murray Lester S. Palmer Timothy L. Perkins Dorian S. Powell Diesha N. Rembert Naikeycia D. Reynolds Eric D. Richardson Anterria O. Robinson Dexter Robinson Jessenya N. Rodriquez Omar A. Rosado Amos D. Rushing James H. Ryan Quinton A. Sanchez Ashleigh L. Schulz Te’ara N. Seamore Montez J. Sherman Andre D. Smith Calvin J. Stephens Kaleigh S. Sullivan Demontrae L. Thurman Ciera L. White Alexis J. Williams D’Aunta L. Williams Dion R. Williams Torneisha M. Williams Divonte Worthy


Graduation for The Gainesville Sun - May 25, 2014  
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