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January 14, 2017


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Saturday, January 14, 2017


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Saturday, January 14, 2017 3


Saturday, January 14, 2017


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Saturday, January 14, 2017 5


The relentless march of cogongrass A

t times I have puzzled over why some plants make the invasive species list. They are plants I simply don’t see rampantly springing up in landscapes, yards and natural areas. There is, however, one that nobody debates, one that is nearly a poster plant for invasives — cogongrass. This grassy weed often first appears in ditches and road rights-of-way, but quickly spreads into fields, pastures, vacant lots and even yards. What makes it so


Opt p to Adopt Donate V Volunteer (352) 873-7387 (PETS)


Opt p to Adopt Donate Volunteer (352) 873-7387 (PETS)


effective as a competitor against desirable plants? The chief answer to this question lies in the roots of the plant. If you’ve ever seen a stand of cogongrass you’ve probably observed a tall (up to six feet), thick stand of reedy-type

grass. Individual leaf blades are yellow to green in color, flat and serrated, with an offcenter prominent white midrib. The display is notable alongside other grasses which cogongrass is undoubtedly in the process of crowding out and taking over. It is however, what you don’t see — the root system — that makes this plant so successful as an invader. Much like the relentless march of a Roman army cogongrass moves from ditches into established pastures, vacant lots or

Cogongrass creeps from roadsides into pastures. SUBMITTED PHOTO

yards and captures more territory each year until finally occupying the

whole space. Any trace of the desirable grass is hopelessly gone in

the face of this dogged competitor. Although the plant flowers and produces seed, cogongrass primarily spreads locally through an extensive, creeping root system. Called rhizomes, these roots are the reason the plant so successfully sequesters new territory. What you see on the surface is less than half of the plant — more than 60% of the total plant biomass is found in the root system. These SEE COGONGRASS, 6


Saturday, January 14, 2017


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Warranty deed transfers in excess of $60,000 as recorded at the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office from Dec. 12-16: ■ Airport Industrial Park. Charlotte Hunter to Strickland Family Properties LLC: $340,000. ■ Allred’s Addition to Ocala. Carl Bowling to Phoenix Ocala Holdings Inc.: $160,000. ■ Autumn Ridge. Linda Russo to Guo Yun Xie: $147,500. ■ Bahia Oaks. Aida Kocieda to Samira Syed: $69,000. ■ Bahia Oaks. Gochenour Family Trust to Walter Bryant: $75,000. ■ Belleview Heights Estates. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Olga Alfonso: $96,000. ■ Belleview Heights Estates. Alfons Kesseler to Cape Village Group Inc.: $72,500. ■ Blue Cove. Stephen C. Rannells Estate to Robert Lehman:

COGONGRASS Continued from 5

roots perform well even in poor soils, are drought tolerant and in addition to full sun, cogongrass will grow in shade — an unusual circumstance for a grassy plant. Another key to cogongrass invasion is that the root system may produce allelopathic chemicals that reduce the competitive ability of neighboring plants. This extensive root system stores energy — enough energy to push new growth several times after a chemical or heat treatment. Hence the difficulty of getting rid of this pest once you’ve acquired it — you must be more relentless than it is. This has often led people to question whether this undesirable plant can

$230,000. ■ Carol Estates. Housing &

Urban Development to Eric Burton Jackson: $115,700. ■ Circle Square Woods. Magdolna Teizenhoffer to Marilyn Leeds: $64,900. ■ Circle Square Woods. Thomas Weixlmann to Phoebe Boone: $79,000. ■ Circle Square Woods. Cich Family Trust to Robert Hance: $81,000. ■ Circle Square Woods. Gerald Salsbury to Robert Belfour: $127,900. ■ Coral Ridge. James Dean to Eileen Lustgarten: $79,000. ■ Country Club of Ocala. Marc Miller to Kelly Sexton: $737,500. ■ Country Club of Ocala. Country Club of Ocala Inc. to CCO Hospitality LLC: $2,239,815. ■ Country Estates, Kensington Addition. Maria Del C. Ferrer to Rebecca Marie Long: $179,000.

be controlled at all. The answer is yes, but only with time and persistant management. The strategy for control is to damage the root system over several treatments, reducing its capacity to push new growth. Cogongrass is considered a weedy pest in 73 countries and for years research scientists all over the world have studied cogongrass control. Only a few herbicides have proven effective in curbing the march of this plant, specifically glyphosate (Roundup® and other generic glyphosate products) and imazapyr (Arsenal, Stalker, etc.), but long-term control is rarely achieved without several applications. Imazapyr controls a wide range of plants from herbaceous to weedy species. This product

■ Coventry. Leppert Revocable Trust to Rex Brown: $166,000. ■ Creekside Villas. Lawrence Sutton to Tania Graves: $168,000. ■ Dalton Woods. Anita R. Hicken Trust to Tabitha Roberson: $280,000. ■ E-1 Subdivision. Precision Builders of Pinellas Inc. to Swift Transportation Co of Arizona LLC: $250,000. ■ Glendale Manor. John Thompson to New Perspectives Healthy Living LLC: $112,000. ■ Hills of Stonecrest. Francis Strippoli to Sally A. Abernathy Trust: $158,000. ■ Hills of Stonecrest. James Steele to Donald Benson: $190,000. ■ Hunters Ridge. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to J. Daniel Owen: $185,000. ■ Indigo East. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to James Gay: $178,005.

■ Juliette Falls. Ian Clarke to Gene Brown: $420,000. ■ Kingsland Country Estates, Whispering Pines. Rhonda Lee Thomas to Rachel Mazza: $240,000. ■ Lake Weir Gardens. David Grim to Theresa Cipolla: $132,000. ■ Laurel Run. Sherman Kapp to William Trice: $280,000. ■ Magnolia. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Jonathan Cruz: $200,900. ■ Magnolia. Reed Homes at Meadow Glenn LLC to Helen Sickler: $202,770. ■ Magnolia Forest. Dustin Crews to Jay Lee Cortes: $177,000. ■ Majestic Oaks. Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011 1 to Keya Homes Inc.: $114,600. ■ Majestic Oaks. Louis Colaianni to Nora Clemens: $201,800. ■ Marion County. Peggy Dellheim to Norman Dellheim:

Three weeks after a burn, the cogongrass on the left is beginning to re-grow compared with untreated cogongrass on the right. SUBMITTED PHOTO

has a long residual in soil and one or two applications will often provide effective control for up to two years. However this product also kills other desirable grasses and nothing grows on the site for up to six months. It also has potential to

move down slopes during periods of rainfall and can be injurious to desirable trees and shrubs in the impacted areas. Finally, imizapyr may only be used as a spot treatment, with no more than 10 percent of the total pasture area treated per year. It is a

$61,000. ■ Marion County. Clark Evans

to Benita Sandt: $65,000. ■ Marion County. Ronald Marro to Amos Hatfield: $65,000. ■ Marion County. Joebed Investments LLC to Roberto Montanez: $68,324. ■ Marion County. Jocalbro Inc. Profit Sharing Plan Trust to Southern Love Properties LLC: $70,000. ■ Marion County. Verizon Wireless to American Towers LLC: $79,307. ■ Marion County. Verizon Wireless to American Towers LLC: $79,307. ■ Marion County. Verizon Wireless to American Towers LLC: $79,307. ■ Marion County. Otiz Samuel to MG Land Trust LLC: $81,670. ■ Marion County. Marico Properties Inc. to Dansen Property LLC: $90,000. ■ Marion County. John Carroll

product to think carefully about before using. Glyphosate is probably more commonly known and possesses almost no soil residual. Non-target effects during postapplication rainfall are unlikely and while it will also kill desirable grasses these can quickly be reestablished in areas treated with glyphosate. But one treatment with this product is hardly enough to effect long term control of cogongrass. Research in Alabama indicates approximately three years of two applications per year are needed to reduce cogongrass rhizome biomass by 90 percent. Early detection of this plant is a key to control. If it appears in roadside ditches adjacent to your property or in locations in your neighborhood be

Dean, Guardian to Gregory Green: $113,000. ■ Marion County. Elisabeth Mittel to Gail Benton: $124,900. ■ Marion County. Raymond Shaw to Erika Lynn Brandsma: $134,000. ■ Marion County. Mary Thrash to Zachariah Hindman: $144,200. ■ Marion County. Shirley Linda Evans to Smyrna Ready Mix Concrete LLC: $150,000. ■ Marion County. Cirilla Logan to Bucketlist Farms LLC: $175,000. ■ Marion County. Joseph Hooker to Janet Wisnefske: $650,000. ■ Marion County. Frances T. Marino Trust to David Aide: $1,399,000. ■ Marion County. Florida Four Properties LLC to 12980 SW Highway 484 LLC: $2,272,189. ■ Marion Oaks. Gloria SEE DEEDS, 7

on the scout for it on your own property and if spotted, control immediately. For established sites the recommendation is to burn the infested area in August or September, then one to four months later, treat the emerging new growth with imazapyr or glyphosate. In the spring following the fall burn till the area to break up rhizomes and to prepare a good seedbed then sow the desirable crop. Continue to monitor areas that have had cogongrass for four years and spot treat with glyphosate when necessary to remove any new cogongrass growth. Cogongrass is thought of as a persistent pest, but it can be checked. One must be disciplined and more persistent than it is in order to effect control.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017 7


Budweiser lamp worth hundreds Dear John: Here are the photographs of my Budweiser lamp. The lamp measures approximately 22 inches across and is 18 inches high. It has a light and is in working order. The horses go around and around when turned on. Any information you can give is appreciated. J.G., Ocala Dear J.G.: I am glad you followed up with several good photographs of your Budweiser advertising sign. Budweiser produced a large quantity of these, as noted on the lower portion of the light “World Champion Clydesdale Team,” hanging lights. These lights are quite popular and can be found for sale


on the Internet anywhere from $250 to over $1,000. I can see in one of your photographs the glass appears to have several scratches. Potential dollar value is below $500. Dear John: Enclosed are several photos of a beautiful, except for the broken handle, cup and saucer. We have shown it to several dealers and have been told that it is A Budweiser lamp that, depending on the condition, can be worth anywhere between $250-$1,000. SUBMITTED PHOTO

DEEDS Continued from 6

McCarthy to Edward Cortes: $68,000. ■ Marion Oaks. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Anthony Diorio: $99,900. ■ Marion Oaks. Michael Smith to Jerry Lynn Birchfield: $102,000. ■ Marion Oaks. Rafael A. Maldonaldo, Guardian to Laura Cabrera: $105,900. ■ Marion Oaks. Selvin Barrett

to Angelica M. Robles Joiner: $116,000. ■ Marion Oaks. Travis Townsley to Virgilio Marquez: $121,000. ■ Marion Oaks. Michael Taccetta to Carol Carter Smith: $157,000. ■ Marion Oaks. Maculous Smith to Duane Foster: $165,000. ■ Marion Ridge. Flagstar Bank FSB to Daniel Yaccarino: $111,600. ■ McIntosh. Sportsmen Cove LLC to Westgate B & C LLC:

beehive porcelain with no explanation of what that means. We hope you can tell us something about beehive and how old it might be. Also, is it possible to have the broken handle replaced. Y.T., Internet Dear Y.T.: The Royal Porcelain Manufactory of Vienna owned by the Hapsburg family used the shield from the center of their family coat of arms for their mark on porcelain. When the shield is viewed upside down it resembles a beehive. The shield mark was used from 1744 to 1864 and pieces with that mark are known as Royal Vienna. During the 19th and 20th century copycat porcelain companies in Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, and others inverted the shield to avoid legalities, these became known as beehive porcelain. The original Royal Vienna shield mark was hand painted in cobalt blue fired under the glaze. The copycat mark is in cobalt blue applied

on top of the glaze. If you run your fingernail over the mark you will feel it on top of the glaze. The words made in Germany just under the beehive also indicate it was made after World War I. The decoration is hand painted and of very good quality. To have the missing portion of the handle restored contact Leak Enterprises. The phone number is 352-245-8862. Dear John: We just

$1,100,000. ■ Meadow Farms. Suying Ingram to Lissette Goodman: $198,900. ■ Meadow Farms. Theron Corbett to Eula Scott: $310,000. ■ Meadowbrook Ranches. Ronald Williams to Augustine Lombardo: $158,000. ■ Meadowbrook Ranches. William Wabbersen to Richard Wood: $175,000. ■ Meadows at Stonecrest. Dick Vanderheidewijma to Roger Derek West: $280,000. ■ North Valley of Stonecrest.

Maurice Fox to Teresa Ho: $199,700. ■ North Valley of Stonecrest. A Plus Homes Inc. to Everett Petry: $319,500. ■ Oak Run. Henry Rodkin to Ray Hutto: $75,000. ■ Oak Run. David Manseau to Robert Barry: $92,500. ■ Oak Run. Mark Giese to Michael Blanc: $105,000. ■ Oak Run. Bryan Komazec to Gerald Setterlund: $107,000. ■ Oak Run. James Klein to Dale Schaefer: $124,900. ■ Oakhurst. Kathy Ace to

A porcelain cup made in Germany sometime after World War I. SUBMITTED PHOTO

moved to Ocala from Ohio and have discovered your column on antiques in the StarBanner, thanks to a friend who knows we like antiques. My husband has two antique pocket watches that belonged to his father. He has always wondered about their value and how old they are. Is this something you can help with and what do you need to know about them. R.H., Internet Ammar Tarawneh: $114,900. ■ Ocala Palms. Federal

National Mortgage Assoc. to Jerry Rambo: $115,000. ■ Ocala Palms. Carol Lord to Donald Ockunzzi: $155,000. ■ Ocala Palms. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Jacob Beevers: $234,246. ■ Ocala Park Estates. Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC to Shirley Hermanson: $79,075. ■ Ocala Park Estates. Charles Divan to Dalton Bryce Williams: $116,000.

Dear R.H.: I am glad you discovered the column. If you like antiques, I also host a radio show on antiques and collectibles every Saturday at noon on WUFT-FM at 89.1 on the dial. Yes, I can help with your pocket watches. I have been a member of the NAWCC, National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, for over thirty years. Take good clear photographs of the front, back, and dial if it is a hunting case. Be sure to include all the information on the dial, open the back and include all the information you find on the movement. Then I will be glad to help. —John Sikorski is an Ocala antiques dealer. He hosts a call-in radio show, “Sikorski’s Attic,’’ on WUFT-FM (89.1 FM). It can be heard each Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala Star-Banner, 2121 SW 19th Ave. Road, Ocala, FL 34471-7752, or email absantique@aol. com. ■ Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Anthony Mercurio: $295,616. ■ Ocala Thoroughbred Acres. Rachelle Walker to Patricia Lopez: $60,000. ■ Ocala Waterway Estates. Silvia Collantes to Alejandro Colon: $178,000. ■ On Top of the World, Central. Candi Tillman to Henry Dehart: $65,000. ■ On Top of the World, Central. David Jason Goodman SEE DEEDS, 12


Saturday, January 14, 2017


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Saturday, January 14, 2017 9


Saturday, January 14, 2017


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Saturday, January 14, 2017 9

10 H | Saturday, JANUARY 14, 2017



SW Patio Home now leasing 2 BR 2 BA home with attached garage. Last available home remaining for immediate move in & has new carpet. Rent includes utilities, appliances, washer and dryer. Off Hwy 200 & SW 95th Circ. Call 352-895-8861 for more info.



Web ID: 03125

OAK RUN...gated 55+ community Clean as a pin....Charming 2 bedroom 1 bath, recently remodeled. All appliances including washer/dryer. Large yard, 1 car garage, pet possible. Community Pool. Fitness & Golf. Rent includes amenities fee, cable and trash, $700/mo Call for details (561) 866-1197 Web ID: 03660 SW Ocala - 55+ community, 2 or 3 BR's, 2 BA, Garage, 1,100 SF, on .25 acre in safe 55 + Community with pool, club house and activities. Close to shopping and restaurants. $750 / mo. Call 203-874-0640. Web ID: 03386

2 BR 1 Bath 10 Minutes From Silver Springs located in safe, clean, quiet 55+ park. 2 bedroom $475 a month. Water, garbage and lawn care included. Laundromat on premises. From Silver Springs Attraction, go 40 east, over the bridge, thru the red light, turn left on NE 145 Ave Rd, (Wiggler’s Bait on corner) go approx.1 mile, Deep Woods MHP is on the right. Deposit & 1st month to move in $475 (352) 266-2632

10071 SW 76 Lane - Beautiful 3/2/2 w/den (or 4th BR)! Gourmet kitchen w/stainless appliances, beautiful cherry cabinets & granite! Tray ceilings, crown molding, ceiling fans, too many upgrades to mention! Screened lanai & paver patio. On quiet cut-de-sac in very desirable Stone Creek. Tons of amenities & activities, club house, pools, golf & more! Call Marlene @ BHHS Home Team Realty 352-812-9319. Web ID: 98993

3 BR/Den 1 1/2 BA mobile home in North Marion County (close to local shopping), half fenced yard, nice location, country setting, $600/ mo, Rent to own owner financing. Call 352-727-2261 Web ID: 02936

INVESTOR DELIGHT, 3 SF HOMES, NE 31st OCALA, 2/1, REMODELED, $29,900, NE 7th OCALA, 2/1 REMODELED, $30,900, NW 39th 3/2, $45,900 CALL 352-408-8562 OR EMAIL: WKTTAXMAN@AOL.COM Web ID: 03356

OCALA: SHARE NICE POOL HOME! Private BR & Bath. Includes laundry, water, septic. Mowing gets discount. $100 off in November! Call 352-694-3674 Web ID: 01077

 Room, private bath, computer room, with kitchen provisions, gated Golf Course Community, SW area, $600/mo. Call 978-697-1820

SW area - Room w/private bath, kitchen use, utilities & cable included, non smoker, $425 per month, $300 sec. dep. Call 352-552-4730 Web ID: 03118


Own a Jen Home! Payments as low as $322/month, Worried about your credit rating? DON'T!!!!!!! We can help fix bad credit. To apply, or call for an appointment 352-414-2668 Web ID: 02271 Private room & bath, semi Private entry, all utilities, W/D, lrg garage, full kitchen, clean home. W. Ocala. $350/mo, 1st & security. Call 352-304-3244. Web ID: 99417 ROOM FOR RENT in 3/2 Trailer w/ property at 9000 SE 143rd Lane, Summerfield, 34491. $300 A Month. CALL 352-307-8155 Web ID: 00995

Room For rent, located 1 mile from I75, S. Ocala. TV, Shared, Bathroom. Incl WIFI & utilities. No W/D. Call or text 352-307-3311 Web ID: 02578

3 BR 2 Baths In Silver Springs Shores OPEN HOUSE - Sat & Sun, 1/14 - 1/15, 11-2PM. 6 Larch Run, Silver Springs Shores. This beautiful new construction home features upgraded kitchen cabinets w/granite and stainless. Spacious serving counter and dining area. Master B/R offers walk in closet and custom tile bath. Two car garage. Home is bright and sunny! Selling under appraised value! Financing information available. $127,000 (352) 414-6085

OPEN HOUSE - Quail Meadows - Ocala, 3321 NW 44th Court, 34482, 3/2, $139k, Sat. 1/14 + Sun. 1/15 - 11am-3pm, Mon., 1/16 - 2 - 6pm, move-in condition

 Sat, Jan. 14, 1-3p.m. or Appt. Lakefront 4/2 House 10238 SE 139th Place Summerfield, FL 34491 Sunsets from your living room and huge Deck. Priced to sell $349,000 or offer. Lori Busch 352-804-5544, Busch Realty 352-690-1909

13131 SE 100th Avenue, Belleview Immaculate, non-smoking 4/2/2. Gourmet kitchen, custom cabinetry, granite, travertine floors, 2 screened porches, decking, privacy fence, professional landscaping, 2194 sq. ft. For sale by owner, $239,000. Zillow for pictures. 352.288.0171 Web ID: 00090

2 BR 2 Baths In SW Ocala ON TOP OF THE WORLD - Highly desirable Augusta Model, large end unit - Villa Home 1,856 sf, with walk in closets, library/ hobby room or office, 2 car garage, fully enclosed, under air patio room. In a very active 55 and older community, with indoor and outdoor pools, golf and many activities, events and clubs to choose from. $123,900 (305) 588-0482 | OCALA STAR-BANNER

.4 acres in Eureka. NE 165th Pl. Electric, well, partial septic. Frontage on 2 roads. $10,000 OBO, or trade. Willing to finance. Call or text 845-800-5936. Web ID: 03348 GOLDEN HILLS GOLF AND TURF CLUB, VACANT LOT, 0 NW 82ND CT., .65 ACRE, CLOSE TO HITS, SHOPPING, I-75. BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME!!! $47,000. LINDA VARNER, REALTOR, OCALA HOMES & FARMS REALTY. CALL 352-804-3949 Web ID: 03608

In Ocala - Gorgeous 1/2 ACRE PARCELS! Lake View! Paved Road! Easy commute to downtown. Beautiful deed-restricted Neighborhood! Great location near shopping and restaurants! Discount for purchase of both parcels. Only $205/mo $19,900 (352) 215-1018

In SE Ocala LARGE BUILDING LOT Prime location 615 SE 29 Terrace Ocala Highlands off Ft King Street. Also rear blacktop frontage. 90’x128’ clear level ready to build. Zoned R1A. All City of Ocala utilities. Big shade trees on corners. By Owner. $29,500 (352) 843-5441

Golden Pond Village, 1 BR completely furnished, screen porch, 2 decks, $9,800. Call 217-643-7601 Web ID: 03189


Saturday, JANUARY 14, 2017 | 11 H


Saturday, January 14, 2017


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How to redesign using what you have By Cathy Hobbs Tribune News Service

Before you throw away accents and accessories you feel are no longer a fit for your decor, consider repurposing those items instead. Often, redesigning your home using items you already own is a refreshing solution that is also budget-friendly. The key is to essentially shop your house. Looking for redesign tips? Here are 10 Design Recipes ideas. 1. Do a detailed audit. Prioritize your items into three main categories: essentials, negotiable and items you can discard. 2. Select a color palette. Since you are working with current spaces, feel free to build off an existing color palette. Having this direction will make it easier to select pieces to complete the look. 3. Create a floor plan. Furniture placement is key. So often, a space can be enhanced and elevated simply by removing excess pieces. 4. Have an open mind. Free your mind to reimagine different furniture and accessories in different rooms and floors to create a whole new look and feel. 5. Experiment. One of the best tools of redesign is to test a design solution to see if it is the

A spare bedroom feels unfinished. HANDOUT/TNS

Using existing bedding from a linen closet and a rug from a different room, the space feels welcoming and inviting.

right one. 6. Think big, then small. Begin by selecting your large pieces first, then your smaller items such as accessories and accents. 7. Think holistically.

Consider how to create a cohesive look for your entire home or space. 8. Repurpose. Items that may serve one purpose can function as another in the redesign solution.

9. Consider paint or wallpaper as an accent feature. This small touch can reinvigorate existing decor. 10. Purge! Now is the time to get rid of any excess.

Continued from 7

Revocable Living Trust to Beatrice Winsor: $78,500. ■ Orange Blossom Hills. Stephen Philip Campbell Family Trust to Lesley Connell: $184,000. ■ Orange Blossom Hills. Robert McCall to Randy Kiefer: $238,000. ■ Overlook of Stonecrest. Fredrick Collins to Robert B. Stresen Reuter Trust: $162,900. ■ Oxford Heights. Mary Ann Susdorf to Thomas Clark: $212,000. ■ Palm Cay. Richard Toscano to David Reese: $80,000. ■ Pine Ridge Estates. Michael Reid to Delphine Parker: $65,000. ■ Pine Ridge Estates. Robert Benish to Jeffrey Wills: $74,800. ■ Pine Ridge Estates. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Juan J. Ceare Batlle: $96,000. ■ Pinehurst. Robert James Ledford to Scott Lee Tunis Trust: $65,000. ■ Preserve at Heath Brook. Taylor Allison to Frank Vero: $208,000. ■ Quail Hollow. William Miller to Gloria Morris: $200,000. ■ Quail Meadow. Shirley A. Corwin Mancinelli to Craig Balls: $136,500. ■ Quail Meadow. Jack Sheidler to Thomas Smith: $175,500. ■ Rainbow Acres. PNC Bank N A to Gary Kriplean: $117,900. ■ Rainbow Heights. Michael McDonald to Blake Isaacson: $178,000. ■ Rainbow Lake Estates. Shane Bilbrey to Peter Gerard Butterini II: $85,000. ■ Rainbow Lake Estates. Courtney Carnahan to Luis Irizarry Vazquez: $105,000. ■ Rainbow Lake Estates. Zachary Dowlin to Robert Charles Randolph: $144,000. ■ Rainbow Lake Estates. Bernard Holian to Karen Riehm: $212,000. ■ Rainbow Springs. James A. Cochran Revocable Trust to Paul McNamee: $128,000. ■ Rainbow Springs. William Crooks to David Davis: $145,000.

■ Rainbow Springs. David Rust to Alan Hunt: $155,000. ■ Rainbow Springs. Susan Marr to Steven Kendall Colwell Rohn: $205,000. ■ Rainbow Springs Country Club Estates. Beverley Violet Douglas Jones to Barbara McNamee: $150,000. ■ Rainbow's End Estates. David Madeiros to Brandy Madeiros: $120,000. ■ Renaissance Park. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Phillip Karcheski: $230,165. ■ Renassance Park. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Burton Dickinson: $227,480. ■ Ridgewood Park. Esta Global Real Estate Investment LLC to Terrance Johnson: $99,900. ■ Rolling Ranch Estates. Nationstar Mortgage LLC to BCM Capital LLC: $93,450. ■ Rosewoods. Donald Guterman to Eva Maynard: $235,000. ■ Shadow Woods. AJS Property Holdings LLC to David Cruz: $179,900. ■ Silver Oaks. Martha Bindley to Isaura Cordero Roman: $135,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Michaeleen Cegelis to Linda Leanard: $66,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Bryan Cantor to Bryan Macdonald: $73,750. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Pauline Whitton Ellis to Takeram Singh: $74,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Eddy Alberton Perez Mezon to Charlotte Davis: $79,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Anthony Quinnell to Shawna Lewis: $89,900. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Timothy Williams: $99,900. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Foray Investment Group LLC to Tony Herrara: $109,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. M&B Properties LLC to Kyle Notley: $115,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Joseph Dimento: $115,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. SEE DEEDS, 13

BIG SUN HOMES | Ocala Star-Banner |

DEEDS Continued from 12

Virginia Griffis to Fillington Moore: $118,600. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Carmen Espinosa to Betty Barnhard: $120,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. David Ingraham to Cynthia Sheffield: $122,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Paul Hicks to Dustin Perry: $126,300. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Alan Cece to Cynthia Acevedo: $129,900. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Jen Homes LLC to Leanor Morano: $136,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. PMC RET LLC to John Gyenge: $136,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Keith Wirtenson to Emanuel McCall: $152,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Community Bank & Trust of Florida to Fleetwing LLC: $185,000. ■ South Lake Weir. Home Federal to Vincent Nicholas:

$84,900. ■ Spruce Creek. Patricia Lopez to Maria Tripodi: $157,000. ■ Spruce Creek Country Club, Firethorne. Foryst Winship to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.: $304,000. ■ Spruce Creek Country Club, Hampton Hills. Allan Goldberg to Michael E. Wasylak Trust: $212,000. ■ Spruce Creek Country Club, Tamarron. Joseph Raniseski to Karen Johnson: $162,000. ■ Spruce Creek Preserve. Reeve Family Declaration of Trust to Bonnie Bishop: $150,000. ■ Spruce Creek South. Lisa Gregory to Star Management LLC: $100,000. ■ Spruce Creek South. Laurie Maxwell to William Martin: $138,500. ■ Stone Creek, Sandalwood. Pulte Home Corporation to Eileen Schwarz: $285,507. ■ Stone Creek, Sebastian. Redfish Land Trust to Norman Poe: $180,000. ■ Stone Creek, Weston. Pulte

Home Corporation to Donald Gumbiner: $267,440. ■ Stone Hill. U S Bank N A Trust to Diana Laviery: $82,900. ■ Summerglen. Larry & Karen J. Mullner 2014 Joint Revocable Trust to Lavona Sue Harris: $174,000. ■ Summit Ii. Sheri F. Vero Trust to Julie Thomas: $550,000. ■ Sunset Lake. Rigby Construction LLC to Nathan Irwin: $189,900. ■ Trails East. Michael O'Connor to Patricia Barrett: $110,000. ■ Turning Leaf. Gilberto Velez to Ralph Krebs: $150,000. ■ Villages of Marion. Thomas Pellicone to Diane Hunter: $175,000. ■ Villages of Marion. Jerry Maddox to Ricky Smith: $197,500. ■ Villages of Marion. Elizabeth F. Ziegler Inter Vivos Trust to Edward Rust: $205,000. ■ Villages of Marion, Phillips Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Timothy Hutchens:

$249,102. ■ Villas at Paddock Park. Mary Nadeau to Jessica Marie Rodriguez: $147,000. ■ Willow Oaks. Joseph Michael Hanratty to Dorothy Csuka: $226,000. ■ Winter Woods. Robert Milton Jr. & Denise Knorr Nichols Living Revocable Trust to Tucker Branson: $190,000. ■ Wood Ridge. Penny A. Villella Trust to Kenneth Russell: $417,500. ■ Woodfields. Michael Crews to Randle Drawdy: $540,000. ■ Woodland Estates. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Mark Ness: $199,900. ■ Woods & Lakes Subdivision. Jeffrey Smith to Keith Kohl: $64,000. ■ Wynchase Townhomes. Devona Simpson to Veronica Skuhrovec: $120,000. ■ Wynchase Townhomes. Thomas Santangelo to Michael Hill: $124,900. ■ Wynchase Townhomes. Roy Miller to Mark Markovich: $125,900.


Saturday, January 14, 2017



Saturday, January 14, 2017


BIG SUN HOMES | Ocala Star-Banner |


In Hidden Hills, ‘Jenny from the block’ is at it again By Neal J. Leitereg Tribune News Service

LOS ANGELES — Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez has again put her home in Hidden Hills up for sale at $12.5 million. A sale of the 3-plus-acre property in the Ashley

Ridge area had been listed as pending with contingencies but recently returned to active status in the Multiple Listing Service. Built in 1993, the sprawling traditional-style home has 17,129 square feet of living space and a range of amenities. Among features

of note are a breezeway that connects to a work/ entertainment wing with dance and recording studios, a 20-seat theater, a game room and a speakeasy-style bar. Other living spaces include formal and informal living rooms, a

12-person dining room and a wood-paneled office. Including the master suite, which has a sitting area and terrace, there are nine bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Outdoors, there’s a resort-style swimming pool as well as a play area and a lounge. Garage

parking can accommodate up to eight vehicles, and 15 more can be parked in the motor court. Lopez, 47, has film credits that include starring roles in last year’s “The Boy Next Door” and “Lila & Eve” and the 1997 movie “Selena.” Her eight

studio albums include her 1999 debut album “On the 6” and her most recent, “A.K.A.” Earlier this year she paid $28 million for an eightacre estate in Bel-Air formerly owned by actress Sela Ward and her husband, Howard Sherman.

BIG SUN HOMES | Ocala Star-Banner |


Saturday, January 14, 2017



Saturday, January 14, 2017


BIG SUN HOMES | Ocala Star-Banner |

Big Sun Homes for January 14, 2017  

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