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Saturday, August 4, 2018


Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Saturday, August 4, 2018


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Saturday, August 4, 2018



Saturday, August 4, 2018


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The lily family in Florida? Absolutely This oldfashioned crinum lily was relocated from a pasture to a flower bed. [JUDY

By Judy Greenberg Pioneer Garden Club


Natural light can brighten your home and your mood. [DREAMSTIME]

How to add natural light to your home By Brandon Purdum HomeAdvisor

When natural light has the freedom to flow through your home, it not only gives new life to the neglected nooks, corners and crannies throughout your interior space — it provides an all new window into your home’s hidden potential. Adding a little daylight can go a long way toward brightening dark rooms, revitalizing your home’s interior and even recharging your mood. Here are a few ideas for unleashing the power of natural light in your home: Walk your home Where is your home’s natural light coming from? Which areas or rooms could use a bit more? A roomto-room assessment can

provide you a better sense of your home’s natural light sources — windows, glass doors and skylights — as well as those spots that could use a sun-powered boost. As you walk your home, be sure to note any large plants or furniture preventing outside light from making the maximum impact. You might be surprised how quickly a little rearranging can transform a dusty, under-lit space into a delightful, designbeckoning backdrop. Check your window treatments Dark shades and heavy curtains create havoc for spaces in desperate need of daylight. Consider replacing these treatments with See DESIGN, 6

ilies, tulips and fritillaries are all members of the lily family, Liliaceae. Reputations, fame and wealth have been made and lost by plant hunters and speculators in the pursuit to bring members of this family from wild habitats to cultivated gardens. The “tulipomania” of the early 1600s in Europe is said to have caused one of the strangest flurries of financial speculation the world has seen. Lasting about 15 years, the inflationary bubble for the bulbs burst in 1637 when the market collapsed because there were more sellers than buyers. Today, the trade of tulip bulbs is worth upward of $750 million a year to the Dutch economy. The United States, Germany and Japan are the top importers of the tulip. Tulips are one of the most unlikely of this family to be found in a Florida garden. Lilies on the other hand adorn Florida landscapes and gardens with the greatest of ease. The wild Atamasco lily, or rain lily, can be found along roadsides, limestone outcrops, bluffs and river swamps. A member of the Narcissus Family, Amaryllidaceae, its lily-like bloom is the source of the common name. A handful of rain lily seeds scattered in a moist woodland area may not bring instant gratification, but within a couple of years you will be delighted by the playful meadow-like display. Once established, spear-like stems burst from the ground rapidly


after a rainfall and the lily-like flowers follow. The Florida native crinum lily has glossy erect leaves while the oldfashioned crinum lilies from South Africa and Asia have droopy leaves. Both are actually Amaryllidaceae with lily-like blooms, hence the common name of lily. The old-fashioned ones can be found in dry abandoned ground while the native one prefers a swamps-edge habitat. I found the oldfashioned variety thriving in the abandoned pastures when we first moved to our property in north Marion County roughly 23 years ago. Relocating them to a flower bed near the house was one of my first gardening activities here. Recently, I transplanted a few around the base of the Blue Star Memorial Marker on US 441 in McIntosh. The old-fashioned crinums and some daylilies have proven to be survivors of this harsh roadside habitat. The Pioneer Garden Club emblem is a green triangle with a yellow daylily in the center. “Day–lilies” are members of the Liliaceae,

genus Hemerocallis. These highly tolerant plants thrive from the Artic to the tropics. Flowers of the plant remain open for only one day, giving rise to the scientific name, hemero — meaning “day” and callis — “lily”. According to UF/IFAS, daylilies are drought tolerant and relatively free from serious pests. The variety of colors, flower shapes and long-bloom season make them an excellent choice for any gardener. Daylilies can be planted throughout the year in Florida. Pioneer Garden Club will be planting daylilies at the Tuscawilla Art Park on Aug. 9, beginning at 9 a.m. We welcome you to come out and join us for Fun in the Garden. City of Ocala Horticulturist Suzanne Shuffitt will assist us with the planting. Bring a bottle of water, wear a hat and look for a tent near the planting location. Judy Greenberg is president of the Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala and a member of the Morning Glory Gardening Circle. Visit the club’s website:

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DEED TRANSFERS Warranty deeds in excess of $60,000 as recorded at the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office from July 2-6: • Arbors. Becky Lobozzo Butcher to Terry Castonguay: $307,000. • Autumn Ridge. Goodman Family Living Trust to Janet Lockstampfor: $160,000. • Belleair. Tam Hanson to Kristina Lynn Hunt: $152,000. • Belleview Heights Estates. Thomas Lakin to Joseph Justice: $140,000. • Bessiola Landing. David Berkley to Heather Santos: $220,000. • Brittany Estates at Golden Ocala. James Schneider to Kevin Rozich: $960,000. • Candler Hills East. Donna

Brombacher to Larry Eberly: $186,500. • Candler Hills East. Debra Strob to William J. Lock Trust: $245,000. • Cedars at Bellechase. Mark Irvin to Joseph Robbins: $955,000. • Chazal Dale. Elsie Guinn to Dynamic Transformation LLC: $62,000. • Circle Square Woods. Marylyn Tymon to Jack Santeramo: $69,500. • Circle Square Woods. William Torzsa to Virgil Bushey: $85,000. • Circle Square Woods. Mila Silos to Marva Angela Morrison: $105,000. • Circle Square Woods. Carter Family Trust to David Seay: $129,900. • Cobblestone North. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to

Liguener Robergeau: $222,150. • Country Gardens. Hearts to Homes LLC to Delfin Lopez: $105,000. • Countryside Estates. Wells Fargo Bank N A to Cynthia Ann Hampton: $81,000. • Crystal Square. 6725 Maricamp Road Realty Trust to Florida Ocala Maricamp LLC: $851,000. • Deer Path. Mark Fowler to James John Irizarry: $190,000. • Deer Path. Murphy Development of Ocala Inc. to Jose Campos: $232,000. • Diamond Ridge. Entrust Administration Inc. to Crystal Park Investments LLC: $108,000. • Emil Marr. John Randolph

See DEEDS, 7


Saturday, August 4, 2018



Saturday, August 4, 2018


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Small pitcher actually used to make coffee

From Page 4

lighter, breezier colors and materials that better disperse natural light across dark rooms. A new window dressing may be what you need not only to capture more of the sun’s cleansing rays, but also to transform that boring bathroom, bedroom or kitchen into a brighter, more inviting indoor space.

John Sikorski Q: Regarding the syrup pitcher in The Gainesville Sun (7⁄21), my mother had one which she used for melting butter on the stove whenever we had shrimp or crabs, which was often because we lived on the coast. The spout made it easy to pour the melted butter into her delicate glass serving cups. You did not even have to put it on a burner; the butter would melt if you set it next to a hot burner, cooking rice or frying hush puppies, for example. — M.D., Gainesville A: Sounds like a delicious way to use the item. Thanks for the letter. Q: That is not a Polish syrup pitcher you have in that photograph of The Gainesville Sun (7⁄21). That is a Greek/Turkish/Arabic coffee maker. This one happens to look like it has an enamel finish. I have about six of them, in various sizes and made out of varied materials, usually some kind of metal. It is called a “briki” in Greek or ibrik in Turkish. E bay has an assortment of them. — V.B.S., Gainesville A: I would never have guessed it was intended to make coffee. Now we all know what the item was intended to be used for. Thanks for the letter.   Q: We had one from Turkey, used to make a single demitasse cup of coffee. I can explain the process if you are interested. — M.V., internet A: Thanks for the letter.   Q: I am downsizing and have a lot of unusual collectibles. I have become good friends with the internet and successful so far with research, but some have me stumped. This is one of them. I have had this very old basket a long time.


Pull out the paintbrush A new coat of paint can really perk up those spaces thirsting for a bit of sunlight. Painting dark walls with reflective, light-friendly colors gives daylight more room to roam. Lighter paint can also provide a powerful design element that contrasts any dark furniture, doors and trim that make your space unique. Neutral colors like white, tan and gray have broad design potential and tend to work best for improving a room’s natural light. Get glassy

Reader is looing for help in identifying this old basket. [SUBMITTED PHOTO]

It came to me with notes that it is quite old. It is really unusual, and I do not see anything close to it in my research. I see some offers for antique basket identification and appraisals online but do not like picking someone off the internet. What should I look for, or would you recommend as a reliable source for an identification and appraisal? Many thanks. — J.D., internet A: I have had no experience with antique or vintage baskets. Perhaps one of our readers will recognize where it was made. Q: I have a tintype wedding photo of my grandparents, but I do not have a photographic print. Do you know anywhere that I could get a print made from the tintype? I thought Harmon’s in

Gainesville could do it, but they no longer make prints of any kind. Thank you very much for your help. — R.P., Gainesville A: I suggest you contact John Freund recently retired professor at the University of Florida who is a tintype photograph expert. He will be able to advise you about how to proceed with your family heirloom tintype. His phone number is 352-273-2835. John Sikorski is an Ocala antiques dealer. He hosts a call-in radio show, “Sikorski’s Attic,” on WUFTFM (89.1 FM). It can be heard each Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala Star-Banner, 2121 SW 19th Ave. Road, Ocala, FL 344717752, or email

Replacing solid wood entry and passageway doors with glass doors can be a great way to move more natural light through your home. For those areas that could really benefit from a bigger splash of sunlight — stairwells, entryways and hallways — a new glass door could be a godsend, transforming what was once a shadowy staircase or lackluster landing into a warm and welcoming home interior transition. And for areas where security and privacy are paramount, frosted and tinted glass doors provide a great lightenhancement option — allowing you to rejuvenate that lifeless second bathroom without inviting unwanted attention. Look to the sky Is your kitchen craving the spotlight? With a new skylight above your countertops, you can turn that ordinary, run-of-the-mill space into the conversation-starting centerpiece it was always meant to be. Skylights provide your home direct, day-long access to natural light in ways few other methods can — enhancing atmosphere, adding character and creating the interior space your family will flock to for years to come.

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Composite panels popular for alternative shower stalls By Ed Del Grande Tribune News Service

Q: Dear Ed, we are remodeling our bathroom to include a walk-in shower. We want to design a custom shower, but do not want to use tile. Do you have any suggestions on how we can build our shower stall using alternative materials? — Mary and Tommy, Florida A: Let’s start from the bottom up. If you’re not going to use tile, usually you need to first choose a premade shower base. Shower bases are factorymade and available in different sizes and materials. A cast-iron shower base can be a solid choice. For alternative shower wall and ceiling materials, composite panels are becoming very popular for custom stalls. A composite panel is a high-end, heavy-duty waterproof sheet. The special wall sheets are made in many colors, textures and patterns. They can also be custom cut and joined together with special seams to create a one-of-a-kind look. The main advantage with a composite panel is it goes up in one piece without any grout lines. Bottom line: With composite shower panels, you can wash away any fears about using alternative

A composite panel is a high-end, heavy-duty waterproof sheet. [KOHLER]

materials for your custom shower stall. Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande is known internationally as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s

House Call,” the host of TV and Internet shows, and a LEED green associate. Visit or write Always consult local contractors and codes.

A composite panel is a high-end, heavy-duty waterproof sheet. The special wall sheets are made in many colors, textures and patterns. They can also be custom cut and joined together with special seams to create a one-of-a-kind look.

DEEDS From Page 5

to Jax Home Ventures Inc.: $61,500. • Emil Marr. Jax Home Ventures Inc. to Volusias Best LLC: $80,000. • Evergreen Estates. Triple Crown Homes Inc. to Henri L. Bowen Jr.: $243,661. • Falls of Ocala. Sandra Lanzone to Bonnie Ratajski: $80,000. • Florida Tung Oil Groves Inc. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC: $194,250. • Glenview. William Petenbrink to Peter Kim: $825,000. • Grand Park North. Leona Warren to Carl Ruhland: $280,000. • Green Meadows. Peggy Sparkman to W. Marc Blanchard: $185,000. • Henrietta Heights. Donald Jennings to Raymond H. Kuharski Sr. Trust: $179,500. • Heritage Hills. William Todd Murphy to Sean Howard Esmay: $149,000. • Hidden Oaks. Carol Rook to Bruce Henniger: $172,500. • Hilltop Estates. Stephanie Theordor to Ronald Gould: $79,500. • Hilltop Estates. Luck Family Declaration of Trust to Phyllis Kerr: $135,000. • Hooper Farms. Steven Burnett to Vito Robert Delvento Jr.: $550,000. • Horse Farm Ranchettes. Nancy Wood Bolton to Sierra Leanne Tucker: $106,000. • Hyde Park Subdivision. Three Seas Development LLC to Green Leaf Properties LLC: $650,000. • Indigo East. Miriam McNeilly to Edward Giroux: $175,000. • Indigo East, South. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Deborah Rest: $178,540. • Irish Acres. Jeremy Haskell to Jason Key: $363,550. • J H Foss Subdivision. David Bliss to David Koller: $252,000. • Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Sieu Shiwraj to Kendell Vernon: $185,000.


Saturday, August 4, 2018


• Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Highland Holdings Inc. to Samuel John Leeper: $253,113. • Kingsland Country Estates, Whispering Pines. Frank Spinosa to David Hornberger: $210,000. • Lake Diamond Golf and Country Club. Jeffrey Campbell to Richard Brunke: $257,000. • Lake Weir Shores. Jeff Coan to Hetram Puran: $470,000. • Laws Subdivision. Anthony Law to Diane Weaver: $75,000. • Leeward Air Ranch. Charles M. Cohen Revocable Trust to Joseph F. Conte Jr.: $372,500. • Links of Stonecrest. Ann Marie Arnone to Leslie Morrison: $205,000. • Links of Stonecrest. Josana Berdzinski to Gary Emig: $227,000. • Magnolia. Todd Eichelberger to Tommy Ray Frye: $190,000. • Magnolia. Nicole Cappellano to Peter Stancati: $217,000. • Magnolia Ridge. Kathryn Oswald to Francisco Carrillo: $219,900. • Majestic Oaks. Margaret L. Tims Estate to Glenwood Peterson: $155,000. • Marion County. Paul Semande to Michael Candelaria: $107,000. • Marion County. Cyndee Remmers to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.: $121,032. • Marion County. Moderate Chop LLC to Earle Dawkins: $129,000. • Marion County. Bonnie Grossman to Frank Albert Robarge: $129,900. • Marion County. Dangelo Rental Properties LLC to South Essex Development Corp.: $145,782. • Marion County. Joseph Duryea to Kimberlee Kay Thomas: $162,500. • Marion County. Paul Logas to Shirley Hickey: $165,000. • Marion County. Michael Dinkins to Daryl Collier Trust: $175,000. • Marion County. William Daugherty to Kory Daugherty: $238,000.

See DEEDS, 8


Saturday, August 4, 2018


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DEEDS From Page 7

• Marion County. Sandra Jamerson to Kristina Forrest: $269,000. • Marion County. Tracy Lovelady to Donna Natale: $285,000. • Marion County. Charles Gregory Guynn to Curtis Missall: $310,000. • Marion County. Strickland Family Trust to Duke Energy Florida LLC: $385,000. • Marion Oaks. Aston Johnson to Jax Home Ventures Inc.: $67,000. • Marion Oaks. Milton McDowell to L M C Properties of Florida LLC: $68,000. • Marion Oaks. Guadalupe Contreras to Ayala Maria De Jesus Martinez: $75,400. • Marion Oaks. Jax Home Ventures Inc. to Gweneth Ehler: $82,000. • Marion Oaks. Debra Lucio to CPR Real Estate Solutions LLC Trust: $83,700. • Marion Oaks. Roger Fontanini to U S Bank N A Trust: $87,362. • Marion Oaks. Jeannette Birnbach to Birnbach Ocala 36 LLC: $97,080. • Marion Oaks. A Plus Homes Inc. to Princess Pollard: $114,900. • Marion Oaks. Susan Woolson to Enrique Nunez Hernandez: $118,000. • Marion Oaks. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Frankie Rodriguez Catalan: $130,000. • Marion Oaks. David Dafoe to Ashley Chapman: $131,500. • Marion Oaks. John Caccamise to Marie F. Canelle Barolette: $132,000. • Marion Oaks. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Carmen E. Bermudez Dejesus: $140,000. • Marion Oaks. Tipton Revocable Trust to Michael Grayling Schwades: $142,000. • Marion Oaks. Rajeev Rampersad to Eric Rampersad: $144,750. • Marion Oaks. Fairwinds Credit Union to Aida Montes: $150,000. • Marion Oaks. Worldwide

Alliance LLC to Shane Galvan: $164,900. • Marion Oaks. Luisa Nunez to Sinencia Dominguez: $167,000. • Marion Oaks. Mortgage Solutions & Investments Properties LLC to Maria Mijares: $179,900. • Marion Oaks. Ansil Hosein to Heriberto E. Rivera Diaz: $205,000. • Marion Oaks. EBS Investment Group Inc. to Rapunzel Uy: $205,000. • Mcintosh. Michael Brisky to Lori Ball: $169,000. • Meadow Farms. Frank Vocale to Rachel Marie Doyle: $100,000. • Meadows at Heath Brook. D R Horton Inc. to Abbas Ali: $323,200. • Mobile Home Meadows. Stefanie Keaveny to Evan Warrenchuk: $61,682. • North Valley of Stonecrest. Thomas Roth to Michael Collins: $210,000. • Oak Hill. Barbara Harward to Melissa Ponder: $158,000. • Oak Run. Marcia Hutto to James Graves: $117,500. • Oak Run Park View. Joseph Ned Ortman Amended Trust to Virginia Brabham: $140,000. • Oakhill Acres. Juan Ortiz to Ronald Rodriguez: $114,900. • Ocala Highlands. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Lucky Magnolia LLC: $92,925. • Ocala Highlands. Nancy A. Leonard Revocable Trust to Joshua Fairbrother: $146,000. • Ocala Highlands, Citrus Drive. Donald Mulac to Duane Flesher: $115,000. • Ocala Highlands, Citrus Drive. Mark Levesque to Hannah Vickers: $134,900. • Ocala Palms. Robert Lavern Clawson to Robert McRae: $159,500. • Ocala Park Estates. Arthur Bascom to Floyd Lampkin: $92,500. • Ocala Park Estates. Felicia Brooks to Rick Weinberg: $119,000. • Ocala Preserve. Fred N. Walker Construction Inc. to Haylo Farm & Land LLC: $125,000. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Philip

Marvin Weisberg: $198,475. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Anthony J. Marek Jr.: $261,687. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Eileen Booth Wall: $299,736. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Keith Lake: $506,069. • Ocala Waterway Estates. EA Financial Investments LLC to Theresa Harris: $192,000. • Ocala Waterway Estates. Jason Pruitt to Nelson Del Valle: $209,000. • On Top of the World. Carol Eberly to James Peter Lagges: $195,000. • On Top of the World, Central. Shelley Hyman to Ernst Soelter: $106,900. • Orange Blossom Hills. Carson Building & Development LLC to Johnny Otis Ward: $160,000. • Paddock Villas. Samuel Patidar to Monique Tapanes: $87,500. • Palm Beach County. James Michael Fichera to Francis Henry Gorzynski: $108,000. • Palm Cay. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ocala Fine Homes Inc.: $66,000. • Park Subdivision. Linda Albright to John Landry: $64,000. • Pine Manor. Jan Mills to Kaitlyn Hill: $97,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. Corinne B. Combs Lockhart to William Irving: $82,500. • Pine Ridge Estates. Bernardo Fraioli to Jacqueline Beck: $85,000. • Quail Meadow. Norma Stavropoulos to Robert Chamberlain: $152,500. • Rainbow Gardens. Steven Ray Myers to Rhoda Dianne Hill: $160,000. • Rainbow Heights. Elaine Glisson to Reginald Faison: $250,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Joan Daignault to Noelio Perez: $78,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Berg & Berg Properties LLC to Brandon Wilson: $160,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Patti Presley to Eugene Dellinger: $263,500.

• Rainbow Springs. Paul Sidner to Jeffrey Morrill: $164,000. • Rainbow Springs. Thomas Edwin Odle Estate to Deborah Wright: $174,000. • Rainbow Springs. Frederick Wilber to Michael Grawe: $220,000. • Rainbow Springs. McClaren Family Living Trust to Leo J. Spencer Trust: $250,000. • Rainbow Springs Heights. Willstrong Investments LLC to Rosemarie Ryan: $112,000. • Raven Glen. Chris Fazekas to Patricia Margarete Wallace: $170,000. • Rio Vista. Sharon Hampton to Debbie Donofrio: $65,000. • Silver Meadows Central. Jose A. Ortiz Rivera to Jayne Defend: $305,000. • Silver Palms Estates. Pac 3 Properties LLC to Dennis Bruce Arbenz: $110,000. • Silver Pines. Carl Brannan to Joyce Swain: $189,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Dynamic Venture Partners Inc. to Somraj Seepersaud: $65,500. • Silver Springs Shores. James Thompson to Mortgage Solutions & Investments Properties LLC: $95,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Jeannette Birnbach to Birnbach Willow Property LLC: $103,429. • Silver Springs Shores. Crystal Rose Jones to Brett Austin Brewer: $112,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Dwayne Clarke to Barbara Colon: $115,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Cheryl Constantino to Sara Osburn: $117,700. • Silver Springs Shores. John Muscato to Ernest Knight: $120,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Alma Investment Properties LLC to Capitalis USA XI LLC: $133,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Alma Investment Properties LLC to Capitalis USA XI LLC: $133,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Core DEV LLC to Lyanne Melendez Rivera: $133,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Perfect Deed Homes LLC to Johnnie Redding: $143,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Norman Izzard to Anthony Hart:

$156,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Cap Development of Florida LLC to Alfredo Cortes: $159,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Dennis Brunke to Sandra Flora: $235,900. • Silver Springs Woods. Deborah Andrews to Owen James Nettles: $124,900. • Spruce Creek. Susan Miller to Dalton Murphy Zink: $183,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Castle Pines. Cindy Labuy to Lothar John Knieriemen Trust: $189,900. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Sherwood. John & Rose Jorgensen Revocable Trust to Mark Meese: $293,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Tamarron. Hunt Family Trust to Dale Bolam: $216,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Windward Hills. Dorothy Scarlett to John Strachovsky: $230,000. • Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club, Avenel. John R. Fearday Trust to Julie Dooney: $156,000. • Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club, Avenel. Leonard Fries to Bradford Engleman: $156,000. • Spruce Creek Preserve. Stuart Miller to John Whitehead: $114,000. • Spruce Creek Preserve. Thomas Bonner to Brandie Holmes: $135,000. • Spruce Creek South. James Sellek to Michael Omerzu: $110,000. • Spruce Creek South. Rick Monsipapa to Andrew Bertolino: $112,500. • Spruce Creek South. Thomas Welter to Michael A. Dilorenzo Sr.: $195,000. • Stone Creek, Arlington. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Thomas Castaldo: $428,960. • Stone Creek, Arlington Pinnacles. George Allen to Antoinette Perkins: $395,000. • Stone Creek, Fairfield. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Russell I. Arney Jr.: $418,840. • Stone Creek, Longleaf. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Mary Lance: $222,690. • Stone Creek, Longleaf. Pulte

See DEEDS, 9

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Saturday, August 4, 2018



Market is a treasure hunt on steroids By Mary Carol Garrity Tribune News Service


hen some girlfriends get together, they go to lunch. My friend Rebecca and I go to market. Twice a year, we hop on a plane bound for the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market. Jazzed up on caffeine and adrenaline, we run at a dizzying pace, hunting for treasures we think customers will love. Rebecca and I are kindred spirits. Like me, she is a retail brat who has been going to market most of her life. Some of us can never really get retail out of our blood, so, despite her corporate career and three active kids, she carves out time twice a year to be my market pal. I’m so glad she does, because her positive energy and boundless creativity rev my engine. Here is our 10-point strategy for success during our mad-capped trips to market... 1. MARKET PREP: BRING ON THE DECORATING MAGAZINES!

To get us juiced about

DEEDS From Page 8

Home Co. LLC to Edward Francis Moherek: $242,240. • Thoroughbred Acres. Virginia S. Baxter Trust to Daniel Garretson: $130,000. • Trade Winds Village. Abigale Ault to Claudia Romero: $93,000.

all-things interior design, Rebecca and I pregame by pouring over decorating magazines on the plane ride to Atlanta. Our rule is we have to look at the magazines together, so neither one of us gets to see the best stuff first. (Yes, we are kinda crazy competitive in that way.) 2. CAFFEINE. DUH!

At market, the days start early and last forever, with very few breaks for sustenance. So you have to have to have strong jet fuel in your tank. 3. COVER THE BASICS.

Customers have come to expect key decorating basics at our store, like dishes, seasonal decor, lamps, artwork and linens. So these are at the top of my shopping list. Normally, I save furniture buying for the High Point market, but I saw some wonderful wood pieces in Atlanta. 4. BRING THE VISION TO LIFE.

“I love it when we have an idea we want to execute because it’s like a big treasure hunt to find just the Mary Carol Garrity hunts for treasures at the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market.

See STYLE, 12


• Village. James Eugene Dilimone Jr. to Lynn Snyder: $105,000. • Villages of Marion. James Niesen to Harold Binford: $185,000. • Villages of Marion, Ashleigh Villas. Harold Hall to Barbara R. Ondrisek Trust: $200,000. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Alma Nowobilski: $225,839. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter

Inc. to Patrick John Kent Jr.: $260,385. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Thomas Brewer: $262,879. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Mark Louis Coger Trust: $265,845. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to John J. Kilkelly Trust: $279,748. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere

Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Nora Horne: $307,450. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Cameron. Thomas L. & Lorraine E. Biard Living Trust to Stephen Molnar: $187,500. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Chadwick. Doyle B. & Karen M. Wright Revocable Living Trust to James Hendrix: $188,000. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Morningview. Irmagard Tamas to William L. Descalzi Trust: $185,000. • West End Ocala. Betty Jean

Donaldson to Nature Coast Group LLC: $65,100. • Winding Waters. John Anshutz to Jim Stodola: $85,000. • Woodfields. Ann Hunter to James Jackson: $175,000. • Wynchase Townhomes. Hong Dao Thi Truong to Mufeed Zaqzouq: $102,500. • Wynchase Townhomes. Dorys Zadezensky to Alejandra Maria Arango: $105,000. • Wynchase Townhomes. Michael Hill to Juan Mejia: $137,700.

10 H | Saturday, August 4, 2018


2 BR 1 Bath 10 Minutes From Silver Springs located in safe, clean 55+ park. 1 & 2 bedroom mobiles starting at $450 per month. Water, garbage and lawn care included.Laundromat on premises.From Silver Springs State Park, go 40 east, over the bridge, thru the red light & turn left on NE 145 Ave Rd, (Wiggler’s Bait on corner) go approx.1 mile, Deep Woods MHP is on the right. Deposit & 1st month to move in. Will send pictures of mobiles if requested. (14551 NE 28 Place) $450 (352) 266-2632

Furnished room for rent in Ocala walking distance to shopping. Private bath, rent includes utilities & cable. Preferably Mature Female Call 352-537-9895 Web ID: 35579 MEDIUM FURNISHED ROOM w/ kitchenette, private bath and entrance, in country setting, 8 mi. W of I-75 by 328 & Hwy 40, $125 PER WEEK + last & Security deposit. No Pets Please. Call: 352-237-5852 and leave message Web ID: 36317 One furnished room for rent. $125 per week. Includes own bathroom, cable tv & pool. No smoking. (352) 497-7666 Web ID: 38127 Private Home care in our home by Nurse/ CNA team. One private room available for rent. Beautiful home. Excellent care and references from family. (352) 678-8958 Web ID: 37107 Room for rent, incl. util., NO laundry privileges. Rent per mo. Off Maricamp Rd. E past Wells Fargo, near new Wal-Mart in SSShores. 352-426-0222 Web ID: 36151 Room For rent, located 1 mile from I-75, Exit 341, SW. Ocala. TV, shared Bathroom. Incl WIFI & utilities. No W/D. Call or text 352-307-3311. Web ID: 35690

$370 RV Lots for Rent! Internet, Cable, Swimming Pool! Utilities Included! Lot term tv lots for rent at Arrowhead Campsites & MHP! 30 amp lot-$370/ month- includes everything ( wifi, cable, water, sewer, garbage & electricity) 50amp lot- $370/month- includes everything but electricity- each lot is metered individually. We at Arrowhead Campsites wish to welcome you to a quiet country park that is only 3 miles from town, one mile from local grocery stores, and a quick jump to the interstates. Hidden, away for your quiet enjoyment. Located in the dynamic city of Ocala, Fl. Our Rv Campground Amenities Include: Storage area, dinner & events during the winter season. Television, community building, laundry, mobile home section, swimming pool, electric heat/ac, pets welcome (sorry no Pittbulls, Rottweilers, chows, Dobermans, or German Shepherds)

Room for Rent. Shady Road Area. Incld. all utilities, cable/tv, wifi, washer/dryer, kitchen privileges. Prefer non-smoker. $425/month. (352) 509-4550, leave msg Web ID: 37699 Summerfield - Private Country, Wooded, Efficiency for Singles, Satellite TV, Fridge, All Private, $100/week pays all, plus deposit, Call 407-341-4918 Web ID: 38133

Web ID: 38429

Room for Rent. 55+ quiet neighborhood. Must work during day, no cooking, no washing, preferably one adult. Background check req. Call 352-895-0412 Web ID: 38279

Female seeking a 55+ female roommate to share a home. Large modular home on a golf course w/ glass enclosed lanai, 3 pools & many park amenities. Rent $550/mo. + utilities, no pets. No drugs or alcohol allowed. Must have park approval. Call 570-660-0584 Web ID: 35810 Roommate Wanted Seeking a clean female to share nice 3/2 with in Southeast Ocala. 500 monthly Utilities included. Contact Tim 352-216-7783 Web ID: 36397

SW OCALA: Share 4-acre lg. estate home. One person only. Parking, quiet neighborhood. Accessible to all main stores. $475 mo. 352-237-0363 Web ID: 35397


Classified (352) 372-4222 Big Sun Homes BIG SUN HOMES

2 BR 2 Baths Near SW Ocala PRICE REDUCED beautiful villa in Stone Creek. Maintenance free. Private yard excellent condition priced below market to sell FAST. 9584 SW 70th Loop. Must call for entrance thru security gate. $190,000 (352) 229-3339 3 BR 2 Baths IN FRUITLAND PARK NEWER MANUFACTURED HOME SPLIT PLAN BUILT IN 2001. NEEDS A LITTLE TLC. YOU OWN THE LOT NO HOA. WILL BE SOLD TO FIRST CALLER. $49,900 CASH FIRM. Call for pics (239) 285-5195 Web ID: 34488 2 bd/ 2ba home for sale in Del Web Spruce Creek Golf and Country club. Living rm, dining rm, kitchen, 2 car garage, Kitchen & dining room have hardwood flooring. Gated senior community. Built in 1997, 1 owner. View by appointment only. Call 352-817-0461 Web ID: 37273

2 BR 1 1/2 Baths In SE Ocala 502 SE 9th Street, DOWNTOWN OCALA. Built new to all codes in 2003. Featuring the trending open concept floor plan that permits flexibility such as 3rd bedroom. Brand new stainless steel appliances. Never any pets or smoking. Low maintenance costs. Offers welcome. INTERIOR PICTURES AT $165,000 (352) 843-5441



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Saturday, August 4, 2018


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From Page 9

right items to pull off the vision,” Rebecca said. “Many times, it may just be one or two gems in a whole showroom, but weeding through the items and finding those musthaves is part of the fun.” One of the holiday looks I want to create at the store this year is inspired by the song lyrics “The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is quite delightful.” So our mission at market was to find holiday decor that made a home feel cozy. 5. MAKE EMOTIONAL DECISIONS.

Salsa king Marc Anthony paid $19 million for the Coral Gables home of Bacardi heiress Hilda Maria Bacardi. Called Casa Costanera, the roughly 21,000-square-foot mansion was originally listed for as much as $27.26 million. The property sits on 1.3 acres of grounds with a swimming pool and spa, a 100-foot dock and 480 feet of water frontage. [ZOLTAN PREPSZENT]

A little bit of the romance is gone By Neal J. Leitereg and Jack Flemming Los Angeles Times (TNS)

LOS ANGELES — Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi have made a quiet exit from their Montecito estate, selling the romantic weekend retreat in an off-market deal for $34 million. The couple bought the 16.88-acre spread in 2013 for $26.5 million and spent about four years restoring, updating and expanding the

property. They had asked as much as $45 million for the estate when they put it up for sale last year. At the heart of the gated and forested estate is an Italian villa-style house designed by architect Wallace Frost. Built in the 1930s, the home features a cobblestone motor court, creeping vines and decorative ironwork that give it an air of Old Hollywood glamour. Entered through a custom front door, the 10,500-square-foot house

opens to a tiled hallway that ends in a beamedceiling living room. The living room, with custom built-ins and curated artwork, has one of nine fireplaces. Contemporary pieces and fixtures create visual interest against the home’s solid stone walls. Accompanying the main house is an indoor-outdoor pool house that was built by DeGeneres and De Rossi during their ownership. See PROPERTY, 14

Business gurus would cringe if they knew how I make decisions at market. I don’t use any data on market trends or past sales. I just follow my gut. Here’s why: I can usually tell within seconds whether a piece is right for us. This art of the lovely lady ski team? It made Rebecca and I both smile, so it was on the YES list. 6. ADVIL AT 1:30.

When you are logging 18,000 steps a day on concrete, Advil is your best friend. 7. HUNT FOR UNICORNS.

I want everyone who steps through our doors to fall in love with something within their budget. So I’m always

scouting for affordable substitutes for high-end favorites, cheaters that deliver a similar look without the high price tag. Rebecca was particularly crazy about some glassware we discovered, at really affordable prices. “I cannot wait to see these items get folded into the mix. When your customers lift them up to see the prices, they are going to be thrilled!” she said. 8. ARM OUR VISUAL DESIGN TEAM.

Our visual design team works magic with everything I bring back from market. They can take a single bowl, for example, and style it a dozen different ways. So at market, my goal is to find versatile pieces they can experiment with to create inspiring displays throughout the store. 9. CATCH UP WITH MY RETAIL FAMILY.

I have made some terrific friends at market through the years, so these buying pilgrimages are like a family reunion, minus the crazy relatives. This year, I got to meet Mac, a market friend’s brand new grandson. 10. WIND DOWN WITH SAPPY ROM COMS.

By the end of each day, Rebecca and I practically crawl back at the hotel, prop up our poor aching feet and get lost in chick flicks our husbands would never watch with us at home. The next day, we do it all over again! Garrity’s goal at the market is to find versatile pieces. [MARY CAROL GARRITY/TNS]

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Saturday, August 4, 2018


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PROPERTY From Page 12

Stone excavated from the property was used to build the secondary structure, named Jordan Hall, which has a sunroom, an outdoor kitchen and a wet bar. A sunken tennis court, a badminton court, a lap swimming pool and a Roman-style plunge pool complete the setting. DeGeneres, 60, has won multiple Emmys for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which premiered in 2003. Last year she co-created and produced the show “Little Big Shots” with Steve Harvey. De Rossi, 45, has television credits that include the legal drama “Ally McBeal” and the sitcom “Arrested Development.” She currently appears on the series “Scandal.”

Rapper Logic sold his small compound in a gated Tarzana community for $2.035 million. [NOURMAN & ASSOC.]

The buyer, according to public records, is a trust associated with Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. Salsa king bites on Mediterranean After four years on the market, a lavish Mediterranean mansion in Florida’s

Coral Gables area has found a buyer: Marc Anthony. The Latin singer-actor, through a corporate entity, paid $19 million for the palatial estate, which connects by waterway to Biscayne Bay. Hilda Maria Bacardi, great-great-granddaughter of Bacardi founder Facundo Bacardi Masso, was the seller. She had it listed for

$27.26 million two years ago before dropping the price to $25 million last August. Dubbed Casa Costanera, the estate spans 1.3 acres in the affluent Cocoplum community. Arched doorways and designer finishes fill the interiors, which has 12 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms within its roughly 21,000 square feet. Highlights of the home include an indoor-outdoor living room set beneath coffered ceilings, a doubleisland kitchen with cherry cabinetry and a master suite with a sitting room and fireplace. An elevator serves all three floors. Outside, a loggia leads out to a resort-like backyard with a swimming pool and spa. The property sits on a corner lot and has 480 square feet of water frontage and a 100-foot dock. Anthony, 49, has won two Grammys and five Latin Grammys during his

musical career, which began in the ‘80s. He has an East Coast-inspired Traditional home on the market for $3.25 million in Tarzana. Making sense of the market Logic, a rapper-songwriter-producer, has wrapped up a deal in Tarzana. He’s sold his home in a guard-gated community for $2.035 million. The 28-year-old, born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, bought the place two years ago for $1.9 million, property records show. Built in 1995, the twostory house sits on about 2 acres with a swimming pool and spa, a basketball half-court and a two-bedroom guesthouse. During Logic’s ownership, a portion of the 2,000-squarefoot guesthouse was used as a recording studio.

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Saturday, August 4, 2018


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