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Saturday, July 14, 2018


Saturday, July 14, 2018

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Saturday, July 14, 2018


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Saturday, July 14, 2018



Saturday, July 14, 2018


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Odd sightings of summer

David Holmes


Kohler offers more than 30 toilet options in black, including this Cimarron toilet. [KOHLER]

The black toilet

An unconventional bathroom accessory that’s back By Jura Koncius The Washington Post

When the jet-black toilet was introduced by Kohler in the 1920s, it was considered so avant-garde that it was featured in a 1929 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit about the design of the “modern bath and dressing room.” This spring, when designer Scott Sanders installed a black toilet (Kohler’s Memoirs Stately) and black sink (Kohler’s Caxton undermount) in his powder room at the 2018 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, it was still considered avant-garde.  “A white toilet and a white sink are the most expected thing you can do in a bathroom,” says Sanders, who is based in New York. “A powder room should be chic and interesting. It’s great to treat your guests to something really unexpected.”  Sanders admits it’s not a look for everyone. “It’s

not the first time I’ve used one. Sometimes if you suggest it, though, you do get some pushback. ‘A black toilet?’ They look at you like you have two heads.” But Sanders explains that basic black blends in more than white does, allowing for a greater number of wallpaper choices. Betsy Froelich, a Kohler marketing manager, says black has been in its line almost continuously for 90 years. But in some decades, such as now, sales of black go up. To put it in perspective, the overwhelming choice in toilets is still white or biscuit. But black is No. 3, and it seems to be getting more attention these days.  Luxury brand Toto sells 15 toilet models that come in black, and spokeswoman Lenora Campos says the company has been getting more requests for them recently.  See DESIGN, H6

he Extension Service email in-box is a treasure trove of odd questions and if others are seeing unusual things in their lawn and landscape perhaps you will observe them in yours. Often odd questions are seasonal and as it is the midst of the summer season, let’s consider a few items that come up at this time of year. The first of these is a green, jelly-like substance growing in lawns, on rocks and on hard surfaces formally known as Nostoc. A type of cyanobacterium, there are several creative slang names associated with nostoc among them witches jelly and trolls butter. Some of the ancients are said to have called it star jelly, based on the belief that it was a remnant of shooting stars that had fallen to earth. Nostoc lies in a dark, crusty state largely unnoticed until the summer rains begin. Rainfall and warm temperatures seem to bring it to life as it takes up moisture and expands to its gelatinous, green state. Its slippery nature can cause falls and in lawns it is usually found in areas that are compacted or overwatered. While it is not the cause of lawn decline it colonizes in areas where turf is thin, often because of soil compaction or overwatering. Nostoc can

be hard to get rid of and it is recommended that core aeration and reduction of phosphorous in fertilizer may help. I have found it in hard limerock along the edge of my driveway and have had some success reducing it by scraping it up with a shovel and sending it to the burn pile. Occasionally at this time of year we get calls about spider-like webbing covering the surface of trees. This is the activity of psocids or barklice, an insect that feeds on the mildew growing on the bark surface. As a means of protection they create a webbing, then hide under it for their feeding activities. Psocids are not harmful and one may think of these almost as a cleaning service for the tree. These psocids appear not as one or two insects but as a small group of 30 to 70. If you observe them outside their webbing and move your hand near them they shy away much like a herd of cattle running from a predator, earning them the nickname “cattle bugs”. If ever you have an encounter with a Hickory Horned Devil it will be a memorable experience for several reasons. First this is a large caterpillar — up to 6 inches long and nearly 1 inch thick. Next, it has a striking color — aqua blue. But what is likely to get your attention and probably its most striking feature is a set of four to six large horns, orange in color with black tips. Moreover, each body segment has a set of small black horns spaced across the back. It feeds on hickory, pecan,

persimmon, sweetgum and walnut trees and if you do not have these you are unlikely to see it. The motion of the large horns when it moves is quite an attention-getter and something about it is very reminiscent of a medieval dragon since when disturbed, the caterpillar thrashes its head back and forth in an effort to scare off any would-be attacker. This caterpillar becomes a large moth, the regal moth. No need for a nickname with this creature — hickory horned devil is quite descriptive. A creature I have seen come to the Extension office only one time during my career is the Florida wormlizard. These spend their entire lives underground and have no eyes or external ear openings. Completely harmless, these resemble large earthworms, yet something about them – size, color and head shape — is distinctly different from night crawlers. Periods of heavy moisture, such as those associated with our summer rains, may drive these above ground and they are sometimes spotted on pavement in suburban neighborhoods following storms. Clearly we have settled into our summer pattern of clear mornings and afternoon storms usually followed by calm evenings. A s you venture out into your yard, be on the lookout for these unusual sightings of summer. David Holmes is the director of the Marion County Extension Office.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018


DEED TRANSFERS Warranty deed transfers in excess of $60,000 as recorded at the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office from June 11-15: • Alderbrook. D R Horton Inc. to Harshal Patel: $257,990. • Belleview Heights Estates. Joseph Lopriore to Kenneth Bigbie: $108,000. • Belleview Heights Estates. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Sergio Quintana: $137,900. • Belleview’s Sunny Skies Subdivision. Jen Homes LLC to Clarence Boyd: $152,000. • Bridle Ridge. Ross Tripp to David Wilklow: $500,000. • Bullock’s Subdivision. Ocala Heart Institute Building LLC to Marion Community Hospital Inc.: $3,800,000. • Candler Hills West, Sanctuary at Stonebridge. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Daryl Bordon: $327,325. • Candler Hills West, Sanctuary at Stonebridge. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Ronald Harden: $354,100. • Circle Square Woods. Correa Morales to Sharon Powell: $74,900. • Circle Square Woods. Marian Donaldson to Deborah Jennings: $81,500. • Circle Square Woods. Lois Ann Newby Revocable Trust to Lorraine Schneider: $84,000. • Circle Square Woods. Gary Peters to Roberto Cosme: $89,900. • Circle Square Woods. Maqsood Faquir to Nancy Rae Narcoma: $113,000. • Circle Square Woods. Jerry Dubose to William Wallenstein: $269,900. • Country Club of Ocala. Ronald Torri to Ross Tripp: $430,000. • Country Estates. Robert Meyer to Beau Inman:

$165,000. • Country Estates East. Jerry Easley to Bart Rowland: $185,000. • Countryside Estates. Betty C. Luther Estate to Michael Howard: $122,500. • Countryside Estates. Evelyn D. Canterberry Revocable Living Trust to Jeffery McCullough: $135,500. • D&J Campsites. Russell Chastain to Thomas Frisbie: $128,000. • Deer Path Estates. Joe Justice to David Haslam: $280,000. • Diamond Ridge. Chris Selleck to Justin McCallister: $148,000. • Edgewater Estates. Dane Clark Drake, Guardian to Gary Williams: $137,500. • Ethan’s Glen. James Booth to Wendy Wright: $106,000. • Fairways of Stonecrest. Carole Preston to Betty Murphy: $191,000. • Falls of Ocala. Wanda Watson to Lorrie Lynn Wilds: $80,000. • Fort King Forest. Gasper Lupo to Efrain Merchan: $205,000. • Fountains at Oak Run. Beninghaus Family Trust to Raelynn Jackson: $92,500. • Fountains at Oak Run. Beninghaus Family Trust to Raelynn Jackson: $92,500. • Greenway Crossings. Lot 8 Greenway Crossings LLC to David Admire: $116,000. • Heritage Hills. Salvation Army to Johnathan West Farrar: $139,350. • Hidden Acres. Mary Alice Herlong Patillo Third Amended & Restated Revocable Living Trust to William Matthew Branch: $675,000. • High Pointe. Hayden Investment Group LLC to Dillon Lawson: $174,000. • Indigo East, South. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to John Hilyard: $208,185.

• Indigo East, South. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Martin Trexler: $234,249. • J.B. Ranch Subdivision. D R Horton Inc. to Douglas Haire: $189,990. • J.B. Ranch Subdivision. D R Horton Inc. to Lisa Marie Bearfield Mcgee: $202,140. • Kingsland Country Estates. Norman Wing to Enilda Macey: $130,000. • Kingsland Country Estates. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Ismael L. De Carvalho: $208,300. • Lake Diamond Golf & Country Club. Adam Reardon to Quicken Loans Inc.: $165,561. • Lake Diamond Golf & Country Club. Matthew Thomas Corrigan to Gary Crull: $217,000. • Lake George Manor. Donna Siefert to Jonathan Couch: $162,500. • Lake Tropicana Ranchettes. Linda Dennis to Kenneth Austin: $210,000. • Lake Weir Heights. Lake Weir Heights LLC to Maria N. Pulgarin Giraldo: $165,900. • Lake Weir Shores. Charles Wyatt to Daniel Steven Taylor: $235,000. • Leeward Air Ranch. Calvin Brandt to Jayson Owen: $300,000. • Magnolia. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Natalie Devoe: $231,100. • Majestic Oaks. Rhonda Thill to Stephanie Shi Iken: $223,000. • Marion County. Jennifer Fischkelta to Jennifer Foster: $66,640. • Marion County. Niki Bouland to Randolph Nichols: $79,900. • Marion County. Grady A. Smith Iii Family Trust to Randy Garrett: $110,000. • Marion County. Sally Chappell to Frank Bellido De Luna De: $110,000. • Marion County. Benjamin

Roberts to Jeffrey Spenard: $132,000. • Marion County. Justin Frankowski to Diocese of Orlando: $140,000. • Marion County. Johnny Sizemore to Jennifer Ullrich: $167,000. • Marion County. Christopher Kinder to Maxwell Christopherson: $175,000. • Marion County. Javier Rodriguez to Carey Wayne Wallace Jr.: $178,000. • Marion County. Vivian Webb to Brenda Coleman: $180,000. • Marion County. Mario Perez Segundo to Lisandra Reloba Llopiz: $210,000. • Marion County. Diane Rich to Hector Luis Palmer Rosa: $220,000. • Marion County. BCAT 2015 14 ATT to Belkys Quintana: $245,000.

• Marion County. Santo Ammirato to Sallie A. Parker Trust: $247,500. • Marion County. Steven Counts to Michael Abbott: $270,000. • Marion County. James Johnson to Luther Randal Smith: $400,000. • Marion County. Daniel Robert to Lisa Scott: $410,000. • Marion County. Michael Richards to Jeffrey Everett: $445,000. • Marion County. Bruce Ekstrom to Rusty Greene: $650,000. • Marion County. Jacob Page Drewry to Shane Beckham: $800,000. • Marion County. Drs2 Enterprise LLC to 10109 E. Colonial Drive LLC: $820,000. • Marion County. Scott

Young to Jeffrey Donaldson: $947,500. • Marion County. Oakhurst Manor Nursing Center LLC to Oh Realty LLC: $18,900,000. • Marion Oaks. Jorge Garcia to CMK Ocala LLC: $70,000. • Marion Oaks. Carlos Mauricio to Jacqueline Virola: $75,000. • Marion Oaks. RMAC Trust Series 2015 ST to Carmen Kensington: $82,500. • Marion Oaks. Luz Celenia Rodriguez to Edgardo Del Valle Rodriguez: $90,000. • Marion Oaks. A Plus Homes Inc. to Lillie Cordes: $114,900. • Marion Oaks. Penny Thomas to Jennifer Steed: $120,000.



Saturday, July 14, 2018


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S I KO R S K I ’ S AT T I C This toy train appears to have a working steampowered engine.

From Page H4


Auction company best source for info on toy train

John Sikorski Q: This old model train has been in my family for years. Have you any idea what it is and its value? — J.M., internet A: I do not recognize your toy train. It appears the engine is a working steam powered engine. The overall quality appears to be really good. I suggest you contact Bertoia Auctions, they are one of the nation’s leading auction companies that specialize in toys. The website is Let us know what you discover. Q: Attached are two pictures of a tea service that my father bought me while stationed in Occupied Japan in the late 1940s. It is a service for

six, never used, in excellent condition. The markings on the bottom say “Made in Occupied Japan.” Does it have any value? Thank you. — B.M., Internet A: From the end of World War II, for seven years, while the United States occupied Japan all things made for export were required to be marked Occupied Japan or Made in Occupied Japan. For the last several decades all these items have been a category of collecting. The tea set you have is low on the totem pole of collector interest. Potential dollar value is below $50 for the set. Q: I have an old book, published in 1866. It is titled “Life & Death in Rebel Prisons, Andersonville & Florence, S.C.”, by Robert Kellogg Sgt. Major 16th Regiment Conn. Volunteers, 1866 by L. Stebbins, Hartford. Conn. It is not in the best of condition. The cover is loose and the

spine cracked, also there are faint moisture lines, but each word is readable. I would like to know the value of it. — J.G., Internet A: Because your book is not in very good condition, the dollar value is diminished considerably. In good condition, the book can be found for sale for under $50. I suggest a donation to your library or local historical society. Q: We have the canister set in the enclosed pictures. We believe they are from the early 1940s. There are 14 pieces in the set. It is a very fine pearlized china. There are the following labeled jars; Rice, sugar, coffee, barley, tea, flour, vinegar, oil, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and pepper. On the bottom they have what looks like a crown seal over “Victoria China” and “Czechoslovakia”. Some also have See SIKORSKI, H7

The styles and shades of black toilets do evolve over time. In the 1920s, black toilets were inspired by art deco; in the 1980s, they had a resurgence because of the popularity of Italian modern design and black lacquer. Today, fashion-forward designers are showing them in dramatic ways and in different finishes and textures. Kohler has more than 30 toilet options in black (as well as 40 black sinks) in a wide range of styles and prices. And the brand is seeing a lot of interest in a new matte finish it is offering in Numi, its luxury “intelligent toilet.” Part of the reason for the surge, Froelich says, is the recent popularity of black stainless kitchen appliances and matte black finishes on cars.  Also, she says, “You see a lot of moody man-cave bathrooms, and that look is brought to life through the use of black fixtures. Black gives the toilet a look of sophistication

DEEDS From Page H5 • Marion Oaks. Edward Manalio to Siuly Perez Gallardo: $130,000. • Marion Oaks. Edward Steven Vanegas to Nigel Jagroop: $134,000. • Marion Oaks. Virginia Aldarondo to Miguel Velez: $141,000. • Marion Oaks. Deltona Corp. to George Kent: $177,000. • Marion Oaks. Laron Brown to Stone Financing LLC: $180,000. • Marion Oaks. Stone Financing LLC to Joseph Hudgens:

that the standard white toilet doesn’t offer.” Sanders says he chose black to add drama to his tiny space at Kips Bay. To dress it up more, he used brushed brass hardware that had a gold hint. He says the black looks great with dim lights, a burning candle and fresh flowers. “The black tends to blend in more, while a white toilet is all you see when you walk in.”  Other designers are not convinced.  “I’m not too fond of them,” says Camille Saum, a Washington, D.C.-area designer. “I don’t like the water spots that show up on the shiny black finishes.”  New York designer Nick Olsen, who grew up in a house in Florida with a black toilet, pedestal sink and tub that his mom was never fond of, says he finds that look quirky and “a bit too out there” for residential bathrooms.  “It would require a very adventurous and open client,” Olsen says. “In a restaurant bathroom, a black toilet could be glamorous and sexy. But at home, it could feel like a 1980s nightclub.”

$180,000. • Marion Ridge. Jeffrey Sleeman to Judy Leacock: $192,000. • Meadow Farms. David Resen to Denise Jordan: $248,750. • Meadows at Stonecrest. Lydia H. Greene Revocable Trust to Daniel Daellenbach: $340,000. • Moss Bluff Haven. Lucien Laprade to Lawrence William Kuminski: $71,500. • Oak Hill Plantation. Jonathan Miller to Cory Pagan: $177,000. • Oak Hill Plantation. D R Horton Inc. to Stacey Smith: $177,990. • Oak Hill Plantation. D R Horton Inc. to Robert Hartman


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From Page H6

S.J. on them. They are all in good condition. Can you give us an idea of their value? — H.R., Internet A: It is nice to see a 14-piece canister set, especially with all in good condition. It is difficult to find large sets. The mark you describe was used by Schmidt & Co. in Czechoslovakia from 1918 until the end of the 1930s or early 1940s.

DEEDS From Page H6

A standby generator runs on natural gas or propane and is permanently installed to your home’s electrical system. [KOHLER]

Hurricane season is also standby generator season By Ed Del Grande Tribune News Service

Q: Ed: Aside from plumbing issues, I enjoy your bonus columns about installing standby generators. I lost my electrical power for days earlier this year due to heavy snowstorms. Now that hurricane weather is here I want to have my own generator installed. Can you please repeat your famous five steps for standby generator installations? — Kevin, Rhode Island A: I get a request for my standby generator install

checklist every hurricane season. Quick note that a standby generator is not a portable generator. It runs on natural gas or propane and is permanently installed to your home’s electrical system. Here’s my basic checklist to follow: 1. Standby generators are professionally installed with permits pulled, so contact your local dealer for proper size and equipment needed. 2. After the location visit by the dealer and/ or installer, the transfer panel switch and standby

generator are set into place. 3. Any trenching holes (if needed) are dug and electrical lines, gas lines and controls are connected. 4. All gas lines and electrical connections are inspected and any trenching holes are backfilled. 5. Finally, your installer starts and tests the system and your new standby generator is ready to light up your life. Contact Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande at Always consult local contractors and codes.

Trust: $178,490. • Oak Hill Plantation. D R Horton Inc. to Victor M. Ramirez Castillo: $208,000. • Oak Hill Plantation. D R Horton Inc. to Justin Michael Johnson: $215,990. • Oak Run. Dorothy Koontz to Denise Bramy: $123,000. • Oak Run. Jon Macht to Robert Horner: $123,500. • Oak Run. Edward Mazuchowski to Joan Roman: $135,000. • Oak Run, Baytree Greens. Phyllis Eileen Vuolo Revocable Living Trust to Edward Mazuchowski: $188,000. • Oak Run, Crescent Oaks. Robert Hanson to Mark Feldpausch: $154,000. • Oak Run, Ridgewood Track. Paul Antram to Housing & Urban Development: $172,859. • Oak Run, Timbergate. Barbara Zullo to Bernard Urbina: $122,000. • Ocala Highlands, Citrus Drive. G C I USA LLC to Nicole Albrecht: $113,500. • Ocala Oaks. Daniel 1 8 LLC Trust to Sean Lee: $132,000. • Ocala Palms. David McDuffie


Saturday, July 14, 2018


Decorative porcelains marked Czechoslovakia have become a specific category of collector interest. The potential dollar value of your set is $150 to $250. John Sikorski is an Ocala antiques dealer. He hosts a call-in radio show, “Sikorski’s Attic,” on WUFT-FM (89.1 FM). It can be heard each Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala Star-Banner, 2121 SW 19th Ave. Road, Ocala, FL 34471-7752, or email

to Thomas Alexander: $114,900. • Ocala Palms. Dona Helmerichs to Robert Monahan: $119,900. • Ocala Palms. Donna Rockrohr to Sharyn Cole Trust: $150,000. • Ocala Palms. Scott Redlinger to Steven Taylor: $153,500. • Ocala Palms. Margaret V. Watson Declaration of Trust to Myron Shore: $180,000. • Ocala Park Estates. Michael Helms to Jenis Medina: $74,000. • Ocala Park Estates. Brent Reynolds to Arlyn Zimmerman: $111,000. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Frank Montgomery Miles: $273,148. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Jan Butterfield Trust: $321,420. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Leon Allen Oltrogge: $404,330. • Ocala Ridge. Olds Family Trust to David Perez: $65,000. • Ocala Waterway Estates. Tiffany Ostrander to Francesco Floro: $166,000. • Ocala Waterway Estates. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Nicholas Rodriguez: $172,775. • On Top of the World. Gerald Lubich to Thomas Allen: $128,000. • On Top of the World.



Saturday, July 14, 2018


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BIG SUN HOMES | Ocala Star-Banner |

DEEDS From Page H7 Patricia McGlynn to James McShanne: $135,000. • On Top of the World. Clarence Wood to Marcia Folks Ferguson Trust: $195,000. • On Top of the World, Central. Penny Krzeminski to Douglas Cannatela: $96,100. • Orange Blossom Hills. Frederick Kluge to Kenneth Averill: $168,900. • Orange Blossom Hills. Vincent Alessandro to Kevin Sackville: $169,000. • Orange Blossom Hills. James Johnson to Russell Raether: $246,000. • Paddock Villas. Harvey Radford to Peter Noel Russell: $91,800. • Palm Terrace of Ocala. On Point Properties LLC to Bonifacio Totaan Floro: $226,000. • Quail Meadows. David A. Passmore Revocable Trust to Terry Sarver: $138,500. • Rainbow Acres. Alvin Sanborn to David Sitterson: $142,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Sharlene Pickard to Luke Jacob Crumley: $113,500. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Mary Jane Bennett to Marco Antonio Delgado: $186,410. • Rainbow Springs. Bahram Atefat to Michelle Boulerice: $150,500. • Rainbow Springs. Gail Healey to James Michael Bozeman: $164,500. • Rainbow’s End Estates. Carol Ann Evans to Rick Klitzing: $95,000. • Ravenhill. William G. Ritter Revocable Trust to Joseph Depalma: $165,000. • Redding Circle. Amanda Peters to Kyle Andrew Werneth: $253,000. • Rolling Ranch Estates. JPMorgan Chase Bank N A to Stephen F. Saint Trust: $107,000. • Roosevelt Village. Church

of Christ to Micney Investments LLC: $236,695. • Rosewoods. Robert Villella to Thomas Leroy Villella: $330,000. • Shady Wood. John Adams to Matthew Corrigan: $241,000. • Silver Springs Forest. Kermit Ferrell to Adrienne Osborn: $193,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Yun Jung Lee to Federico Bonnet: $79,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Raquel Zayas to Joshua Hardin: $85,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Nydia Rivera to Leticia Weeks: $90,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Abiu Cruz to Desmond Johnson: $90,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Alva Halloway to Wells Fargo Bank N A: $100,459. • Silver Springs Shores. Benjamin Quintana to Shaneka Lorraine Goldsmith: $110,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Karla Sutton to BCapital LLC: $117,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Daneen Nicole Muscato to Anita Antonio: $117,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Lynn Snyder to Alan Andrews: $118,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Louise S. Hiatt Trust to Danielle Wagner: $121,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Bray Family Trust to Manuel De La Cruz De: $129,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Florida Academy of Impairment Ratings Inc. to Debra Burckhardt: $137,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Core Dev LLC to Jamie Cavin: $137,650. • Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Ellen Lovell: $137,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Andrew Jason Phillips to Joshua Ayestas: $141,000. • Silver Springs Shores. CGB Construction Group Inc. to Luke Elder: $148,500. • Silver Springs Shores.

Jen Homes LLC to Alvarez Ingrid Cruz: $150,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Erika Donath to Gary Johnson: $153,600. • Silver Springs Shores. KAP Design Group Inc. to Richard Tourtellot: $200,000. • South Bel Lago, South Hamlet. Tuscan Home Builders Inc. to Christopher Luke Leathers: $100,000. • Spruce Creek. Homer F. & Norma L. McKinley Revocable Living Trust to Enid Williams: $74,500. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Firethorne. Fred Gilpin to John Bowie: $269,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Monarch. Richard Letendre to Robert Foran: $219,000. • Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club, Avenel. Nora Clawson to Sandra Payton: $165,000. • Spruce Creek South. Ducillo Family Trust to Kelly Moll: $119,000. • Spruce Creek South. Laverne Lela Dodge to Chrystal Nielsen: $125,000. • Spruce Creek South. John Dunn to Marie Davis: $126,500. • Spruce Creek South. Wanda Otto to Kathleen Grbovac: $135,000. • Spruce Creek South. Lila O’Rourke to Dean Sheridan: $142,500. • Spruce Creek South. Banker Family Trust to John Dunn: $155,000. • Spruce Preserve. Wesley Eugene Hurst to Francis Mcintosh: $162,500. • St. James Park. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to David Santana: $214,100. • Stafford’s Subdivision. Leo A. & Rosella M. Wiechens Amended & Restated Revocable Trust to Matthew Tabacchi: $365,000. • Stone Creek, Arlington. Hazel Ann Silvera to Stanley Traeb: $223,000. • Stone Creek, Arlington.

Kenneth Egan to Keith Presley: $288,000. • Stone Creek, Buckhead. Billy R. Farrar Trust to Matthew Wells: $268,777. • Stone Creek, Fairfield. Pulte Home Company LLC to Judith D. Waldman Trust: $280,524. • Stone Creek, Fairfield. Pulte Home Company LLC to Phillip Warren Stewart: $297,090. • Stone Creek, Fairfield. Pulte Home Company LLC to Ronald Dearing: $367,740. • Stone Creek, Longleaf. Michael John Turcol to Leonard McCann: $196,000. • Stone Creek, Pinebrook. Streets Family Living Trust to Eric Paul Silvera: $172,000. • Stone Creek, Sebastian. Edward Parthemore to Ruben Perez: $204,000. • Stone Creek, Sebastian. Deborah Higgins to Daniel Litwak: $230,000. • Stonecrest Medical & Professional Center Condo. Western Southern Developers LLC to Cardinal Assets 6608 LLC: $755,000.

• Summerglen. Michael Tabone to Patrick Loyacona: $160,000. • Sunset Harbor. U S Bank N A Trust to Steven Paul Lemine: $60,000. • Timucuan Island. Joel Russell Wadsworth Jr. to Donald Mark Olson Jr.: $220,000. • Tropicana Village. Audrey Breiner to Alison Flanary: $100,900. • Villages of Marion. William Hollis to Violet Franks: $187,500. • Villages of Marion. Douglas A. & Elaine A. Wild Revocable Trust to Jennifer Greenberg: $300,000. • Villages of Marion, Ashleigh Villas. Jane A. Trautmann Family Trust to Lance McDonald: $191,000. • Villages of Marion, Greenbriar Villas. Jeffrey Harper to Roger Stewart: $216,000. • Villages of Marion, Ivystone Villas. Benjamin McCrone to Patricia Alessandro: $160,900. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Joseph M.


Saturday, July 14, 2018


Trester Jr. Trust: $221,855. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Randall E. Beck Trust: $261,240. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Sherwood. Josephine W. Wilson Allen to Lucien Hilderbrand: $165,000. • Wedgewood Estates. Chad Schindehette to Samantha Freeman: $210,000. • White Oak Village. Shedric Staley to Kelly Prater: $533,000. • Wilbur’s Plat of Citra. All Florida Truck Sales Inc. to Ken Alan Properties Inc.: $100,000. • Woodland Villages, Maple Townhomes. Tara Williams to Lisa James: $144,000. • Woods & Lakes Subdivision. James Gilbert to Big Pine Key Assets LLC: $90,000. • Woods & Lakes Subdivision. Lois J. Moore Estate to Bonnie Borden: $100,000. • Woodwind Subdivision. PVS Holdings LLC to Dinkins Property Holdings LLC: $420,000.

10 H | Saturday, JULY 14, 2018



For Rent - 1 BR, 1 BA in Springwood Village, between Brick City Park and South Ocala Elementary, quiet neighborhood, pool, clubhouse, tennis court, background check required & must be approved by board. Avail. now. $675 per month. Call 352-816-2822. Web ID: 36721

2 BR 1 Bath 10 Minutes From Silver Springs located in safe, clean 55+ park. 1 & 2 bedroom mobiles starting at $450 per month. Water, garbage and lawn care included.Laundromat on premises.From Silver Springs State Park, go 40 east, over the bridge, thru the red light & turn left on NE 145 Ave Rd, (Wiggler’s Bait on corner) go approx.1 mile, Deep Woods MHP is on the right. Deposit & 1st month to move in. Will send pictures of mobiles if requested. (14551 NE 28 Place) $450 (352) 266-2632


3 BR 2 BA Doublewide in the SE section. Nice Lawn $675 / mo., 1st, Last & $250 Security Deposit, $250 Pet fee per pet. Call 352-629-8799 or 352-362-2445 Web ID: 35692


For Rent 2bdrm 2 bath, fenced on .5 acres. Located in Anthony FL Call 352-8431125 or 352-843-0949

OCALA: SHARE NICE POOL HOME! $100 off in JUNE Private BR & Bath. Includes laundry, water, septic. Mowing gets discount.. Call 352-694-3674 Web ID: 33615 Roommate Wanted Seeking a clean female to share nice 3/2 with in Southeast Ocala. 500 monthly Utilities included. Contact Tim 352-216-7783 Web ID: 36397

SW OCALA: Share 4-acre lg. estate home. One person only. Parking, quiet neighborhood. Accessible to all main stores. $475 mo. 352-237-0363 Web ID: 35397

Beautiful 55+ SW Gated Community. Furnished, LR, BD, BA, W/D, area to cook w/ fridge Prvt entrance, separate area in my home. Many amenities, pools, etc. Utilities incl. 1 person no pets. Must be clean & quiet. $150/wk, $150 deposit. (518) 631-0278. Web ID: 36945 Belleview & Summerfield areas: rooms for rent, seniors & SSI welcome, $500/mo may vary, + deposit, includes cable, elec., W/D & kit. privileges. Call 352-233-1234 Web ID: 34613 Couples only. Can't live at home alone. Want to share my home. Call Bert 352-286-5784. No pets, no cooking. Web ID: 34380 Furnished room for rent in Ocala walking distance to shopping. Private bath, rent includes utilities & cable. Preferably Mature Female Call 352-537-9895 Web ID: 35579

Furnished Room w/ TV, all utilities included, $400/mo, no deposit, Located 475A, SW Ocala. Call 352-300-3793 Leave message please Web ID: 33800 MEDIUM FURNISHED ROOM w/ kitchenette, private bath and entrance, in country setting, 8 mi. W of I-75 by 328 & Hwy 40, $125 PER WEEK + last & Security deposit. No Pets Please. Call: 352-237-5852 and leave message Web ID: 36317 Private Home care in our home by Nurse/ CNA team. One private room available for rent. Beautiful home. Excellent care and references from family. (352) 678-8958 Web ID: 37107 Room for rent, incl. util., NO laundry privileges. Rent per mo. Off Maricamp Rd. E past Wells Fargo, near new Wal-Mart in SSShores. 352-426-0222 Web ID: 36151 Room For rent, located 1 mile from I-75, Exit 341, SW. Ocala. TV, shared Bathroom. Incl WIFI & utilities. No W/D. Call or text 352-307-3311. Web ID: 35690

Female seeking a 55+ female roommate to share a home. Large modular home on a golf course w/ glass enclosed lanai, 3 pools & many park amenities. Rent $550/mo. + utilities, no pets. No drugs or alcohol allowed. Must have park approval. Call 570-660-0584 Web ID: 35810

Unfurnished 2 rooms for rent in Belleview. Utilities included. Non-smoking. Proof of income req. $450/mnth. No deposit (352) 454-3536, leave voice message. Web ID: 34711


2 bd/ 2ba home for sale in Del Web Spruce Creek Golf and Country club. Living rm, dining rm, kitchen, 2 car garage, Kitchen & dining room have hardwood flooring. Gated senior community. Built in 1997, 1 owner. View by appointment only. Call 352-817-0461 Web ID: 37273

Classified (352) 372-4222 Big Sun Homes

2 BR 1 1/2 Baths In SE Ocala 502 SE 9th Street, DOWNTOWN OCALA. Built new to all codes in 2003. Featuring the trending open concept floor plan that permits flexibility such as 3rd bedroom. Brand new stainless steel appliances. Never any pets or smoking. Low maintenance costs. Offers welcome. INTERIOR PICTURES AT $165,000 (352) 843-5441


3BR+, 2BA, 2 car garage. + extra garage. Gas starter for wood-burning stone-faced fireplace. High-end upgrades. Mostly tiled. 3 outside fountains & private butterfly gardens. Plantation shutters. Pictures on Zillow. See house at 580 NE 42nd St. Call Mike (352) 895-6047. Price Reduced, Owner Motivated, $295,500. Web ID: 36757 3 BR 2 Baths IN FRUITLAND PARK NEWER MANUFACTURED HOME SPLIT PLAN BUILT IN 2001. NEEDS A LITTLE TLC. YOU OWN THE LOT NO HOA. WILL BE SOLD TO FIRST CALLER. $69,900 CASH OBO (239) 285-5195 Web ID: 34488

2 BR 2 Baths Near SW Ocala PRICE REDUCED beautiful villa in Stone Creek. Maintenance free. Private yard excellent condition priced below market to sell FAST. 9584 SW 70th Loop. Must call for entrance thru security gate. $190,000 (352) 229-3339

3 BR 2 Baths In SW Ocala 55+ Del Webb with lots of amenities tile, carpet, crown molding, all appliances w/ washer and dryer, screened front porch and lanai, 2 car garage with screen, beautiful palms, ceiling fans. 1736 sq. ft. living area 6611 sw 93rd ct. call 352-678-2403 $202,500 (352) 236-5113

3/2 DW, shady acre+ , den, eat in kitchen, new ac, new roof, wood fireplace, w/d, screened porch, out buildings, cross fenced, paved road. 5 mins to Rainbow River or new SW 200 Ocala restaurants, shops, schools & hospitals. Sale $67,000. Available November. Can build 2nd home on property. 2 acre lot $25,000. Available Now. Bring farm animals/horses. Call 561-339-8820 Web ID: 36152



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Saturday, July 14, 2018


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Goal post moved to Trousdale By Neal J. Leitereg and Jack Flemming Los Angeles Times (TNS)

LOS ANGELES — New York Giants chairman and Hollywood producer Steve Tisch has touched down in the Trousdale area of Beverly Hills, buying a Midcentury home for $10.05 million. The seller was the estate of late music manager Jordan Feldstein. Set behind fences and gates, the Robert Skinnerdesigned home is an example of the International style. Strong horizontal lines, bands of steel-framed casement windows and walls of glass are among visually dramatic features of the home, built in 1962. Raised ceilings and an open-plan layout create a sense of light, volume and flow. Within more than 6,300 square feet of interiors is a two-story great room with a centerpiece fireplace, a loft den/office, a home theater and a chef’s kitchen. The master suite — among the five bedrooms and six bathrooms — has a sitting room. Outside, the nearly 1-acre property holds a sunken terrace, a fire pit and a swimming pool. Landscaping and palms complete the setting. Tisch, 69, has scores of credits as a film and television producer, including the Oscar-winning film “Forrest Gump” (1995), “American History X” (1998) and “The Equalizer” (2014). The son of former Giants co-owner Bob Tisch, he was named chairman and executive vice president of the New York franchise in 2005. Feldstein, brother of actor Jonah Hill, died last year at

Producer and sports team executive Steve Tisch paid $10.05 million for the Trousdale home of late music manager Jordan Feldstein. The International-style home, designed by Robert Skinner and built in 1962, features such modernist design staples as strong horizontal lines, steel-framed casement windows and walls of glass. Tisch’s new home sits on about an acre of grounds that include a sunken terrace, a fire pit and a swimming pool. [SHOOTING LA]

40. He was the founder and chief executive of Career Artist Management and represented such talents as Maroon 5 and Robin Thicke. HIS OUTFIELD IS THE PACIFIC OCEAN Christian Yelich, the Gold Glove-winning outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, has made a play away from the field, buying an oceanfront home in Malibu for $5.6 million. The contemporary-style home, set on the sand near Las Flores Beach, was built last year by Agoura Hillsbased custom-estate builder Peregrine Inc. Designed to maximize the ocean view, it features Fleetwood sliding doors and walls of

windows on each level. A large rooftop terrace holds a spa and fire pit. Inside, some 2,500 square feet of living space holds a vaulted-ceiling family room with a wet bar, a chef’s kitchen, a living/ dining area with a fireplace, three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. An elevator services each floor. There’s also a two-car garage. The property was most recently listed for $6 million, records show. Yelich, a former standout at Westlake High School in Thousand Oaks, Calif., was a first-round draft pick of the Miami Marlins in 2010. The 26-year-old broke into the big leagues in 2013 and has hit .290 with

70 homers and 82 stolen bases across the better part of six seasons with the Marlins and Brewers. He was part of the USA baseball team that took the gold at last year’s World Baseball Classic. A FACE-LIFT, THEN A NEW RELATIONSHIP Actor Jesse Metcalfe has sold a freshly renovated home in West Hollywood’s Norma Triangle area for a little more than $1.807 million. The buyer, according to public records, is music manager and real estate investor David Benveniste. The single-story bungalow, which dates to 1924, presents a contemporary face with modern fixtures

and hardware, greige hues and skylights. The original hardwood floors were restored and given a light stain during the renovation. The 1,300 square feet of interiors include an open living room and two master suites and an additional half bathroom. A granite-topped island/ bar anchors the new-look kitchen, which features a wall of custom cabinetry. A detached bonus room lies in the backyard and currently holds a small studiosize bedroom and bathroom. A patio area sits adjacent. The home originally came up for sale in May for about $1.793 million, records show. Metcalfe paid $1.158 million for the property a year ago. Metcalfe, 39, is known for his television roles on “Desperate Housewives,” “Dallas” and “Passions.” He starred as John Tucker in the 2006 romantic-comedy film “John Tucker Must Die.” Benveniste is the chief executive of Velvet Hammer Music. Among his clients are the groups Alice in Chains, System of a Down, Korn and Smashing Pumpkins. READY TO GIVE UP OWNERSHIP Sheri Salata, the former co-president of the Oprah Winfrey Network, has listed her freshly renovated home in Los Feliz for $6.995 million. The Spanish Colonial home, built in 1927 for silent-film screenwriter Beulah Marie Dix, See PROPERTY, H14

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Saturday, July 14, 2018


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Mix wood furniture for an evolved look wide array of wood finishes and styles. In my home, I don’t think twice about combining a mahogany side table, a natural pine chest, a painted book case and an oak dining table. These different styles and stains add to the story of the room.

By Mary Carol Garrity Tribune News Service


pholstered furniture, like sofas and chairs, bring a lot of razzle-dazzle to our rooms, with their endless options to infuse our spaces with beautiful patterns and colors. But it’s their quieter siblings that provide the backbone to our interior spaces. Wood furniture may not always be as fun as upholstered pieces, but it plays a gigantic role in the design of our rooms. I wanted to share my favorite way to weave wood pieces into my decor. START YOUR ROOM DESIGN WITH YOUR UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE.

When our designers work with our customers to create spaces they love, we start with the upholstered pieces. Sofas and chairs create the color story for a room and set the style. Then, we turn to the wood furnishings. Why? Wood pieces play the supporting role in the room. You can’t pick an end table that’s the right size

PROPERTY From Page H12

was remodeled by noted designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Entered through an arched doorway, the home opens to a spacious tile foyer that leads to dramatic living spaces. Within 4,800 square feet, there’s a living room topped by two chandeliers, a family room full of French doors and a dining room with a


A great way to get an evolved look in a hurry is to use a wide array of wood finishes and styles. [BOB GREENSPAN/TNS]

and shape if you don’t know the style and scale of the chair it will sit next to. Getting wood pieces to match the scale of your room and the other furniture is a fundamental of good design. EVOLVED ROOMS ARE MY FAVORITE.

When I was trying to decide how to decorate our little lake cottage, it took me a while to select the style of furniture I wanted, which upholstery

curved wall of windows. A coved and herringbone-pattern ceiling tops the kitchen, which holds a butcher-block island at the center. Up a winding staircase, the master suite opens to a covered balcony. An attached guesthouse includes a kitchen. The gated grounds, encompassing just over a third of an acre, also hold a brick paver patio and a swimming pool. Tall hedges and lush landscaping privatize the space. A nine-car motor court centered

fabric was my favorite and what other pieces I wanted to include in each room. But the one thing I knew I wanted was a home that felt like it had evolved over time. I wanted the cottage to feel like it had been in the family for generations. An evolved look is my absolute favorite, as if a room has come to life piece by piece, detail by detail, over decades. A great way to get this look in a hurry is to use a

by a hedge-wrapped fountain fronts the residence. Salata served as co-president of the Oprah Winfrey Network for about five years. She left the company two years ago to create the femaleled media company Story. BEACH PAD WAS ENTERTAINMENT HUB The oceanfront estate of Garry Marshall, the late director of “Happy Days” and “Pretty Woman” fame, is for sale in Malibu’s Carbon

It’s a great idea to watch the trends in interior design, both with an eye to see what’s new and as a way to keep your home ever-fresh. But I’m not one who goes for remaking my interior spaces to match a new design trend. For example, the reclaimed wood trend has brought some beautiful looks to the design world and given us a chance to pull beautiful, organic pieces into our spaces. But a room that only features reclaimed wood can begin to feel flat, unimaginative. Instead, I like to add new pieces, as they grab my heart, but hold fast to the wood furniture I have loved for decades.

well-put-together rooms filled with a store’s newest look. They are fun to look at and a good place to get ideas. But I would never encourage anyone to replicate the looks. That is someone else’s vision, not yours. As always, I urge you to only collect things you love, including wood furniture. Life is too short to live with a bookcase, table, end table or dining table that doesn’t make your heart race, right? MIX OLD AND NEW.

We all love to thumb through catalogs that depict

You will find a mix of styles in my cottage. While my truest look is traditional furnishings, I mix my timeless classics with pops of fun new modern pieces. I like to hang a stunning piece of modern art above a worn antique. Splash up my chesterfield sofa with a bouquet of pillows in hip geometric fabrics. If you have inherited some antiques or vintage wood furniture with good bones and in the right scale, but in a stain color that is not your thing, give it a new look. Cover it in a high luster emerald green or royal blue.

Beach for $18 million. The five-bedroom, four-bathroom house was originally built in 1965 for late actress Debbie Reynolds. Marshall bought the home in 1981, more than a decade after the pair worked together on the film “How Sweet It Is!” Within more than 3,200 square feet of living space is a beamed-ceiling living room, which features a wall of windows that face the ocean. A balcony spans the second story, and down below

sits a brick-encased swimming pool and patio area. The home sits on 40 feet of beach frontage, a stretch of sand that appeared in scenes from Marshall’s romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” (2010). Marshall, who died two years ago at 81, directed his first film, “Young Doctors in Love,” in 1982, and went on to direct 18 others, including “Beaches” (1988) and “The Princess Diaries” (2001). He was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1997.


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Saturday, July 14, 2018


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Big Sun Homes for July 14, 2018  

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