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November 26, 2016


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Saturday, November 26, 2016


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Saturday, November 26, 2016



Saturday, November 26, 2016


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When plants are shivering P Sculptural faucets and fixtures are currently on trend for both kitchen and bath. HANDOUT/TNS

10 hot trends in kitchens, baths By Cathy Hobbs Tribune News Service

Kitchens and bathrooms remain two key selling features when it comes to real estate. And where experts still sugMinimalist, highly funcgest a homeowner is wise tional kitchens are on trend. to invest their renovation HANDOUT/TNS dollars. Even so, how does one stay on trend Kitchens without being trendy? 1. Lacquer cabinets. The key is to incorpoBelieve it or not, lacquer is rate elements that are more popular than wood not only aesthetically when it comes to kitchen pleasing, but also highly cabinetry. Sleek and minifunctional. mal, a lot of homeowners These days, people love its low maintenance want to be able to use every part of their kitch- and modern edge. 2. Two-tone cabinets. ens and baths, enjoying From mixing materials all the features on a to mixing finishes and regular basis. Gone are appliances that are pretty colors, cabinets that don’t necessarily match are but not highly functional, back are attractive en vogue. The applicaappliances that are work- tion is typically executed with an upper cabinet in horses and won’t let you one finish or treatment down. contrasted by a differNot sure what may be ent finish or material on worth your hard-earned renovation dollars? Here lower cabinets. 3. Highly functionare 10 current trends in ing kitchens, with niche kitchens and bathrooms items such as steam that should help keep you on the right path. SEE DESIGN, 7

lants don’t really shiver, but some don’t tolerate the cold very well. When I was younger, I used to help my mom cover the plants before a freeze. It was this ritual we went through to bring in potted or hanging plants like my mom’s prized staghorn fern and orchids and throw sheets over the ones that couldn’t be moved. I always wondered how she picked the plants to be protected. Was it just the ones she really liked? Now that I know the science behind it, this article will tell you which plants to protect and how to protect them. There are two different types of freezes, radiational and advective freezes, but we commonly refer to them as a frost and hard freeze. A radiational freeze, or frost, occurs on calm, clear nights when the plant loses heat too quickly. It can occur when the temperatures reach the mid-30s or below. The leaves may or may not have ice deposits, depending on if the air is moist. Both can result in plant damage in susceptible plants. Radiant heat loss can be reduced by covering the plant. With an advective freeze, or hard freeze, cold air moves in rapidly bringing in freezing temperatures. Windy conditions are common during freezes. Covering your plant usually doesn’t help during this time. Tropical plants and summer annuals are not adapted to cold temperatures and can be damaged at temperatures below 50°F. Subtropical plants can acclimate to colder temperatures if we have a gradual decrease in temperature and can often withstand temperatures below freezing. An easy way to tell what your plant can survive is to look at the cold hardiness zone of your plant. If I look up the hardiness zone for my mom’s staghorn fern on plants, it says it is in zones 10-15. Comparing that to the USDA


Plant Hardiness Zone Map, zone 10 plants can only withstand lowest temperatures of 30-35°F. In windy conditions, temperatures in the 40s can easily drop into the 30s around the plant. Note that he hardiness zone only predicts survivability not possible plant damage. Plants in containers are also more susceptible to colder temperatures even if their hardiness zone is lower due to the roots being above ground. If you are not bringing your containers inside, move them to where the heat can be trapped, such as under a tree. Push them together and protect them with mulch, leaves, or a covering. When it comes to coverings, you can use cloth sheets, quilts, plastic, or commercial frost cloths. Remember that the coverings protect more from frosts than freezes. The covers need to extend to the ground and be anchored down. They also should not touch the plant foliage, if possible, to reduce cold injury. This is especially important with plastic coverings which will take heat away from the plant if it touches it. Uncover the plants during the day, so you don’t cook the plants. Christmas lights under the cover can provide an additional heat source for the plants and add a little Christmas cheer to your landscape when they are not under a sheet. Even with the effort to protect your plants, you may have plant damage. Cold injury can affect the whole plant or just parts of the

Frost-protective coverings should be taken off during the day to protect plants from heat damage. SALLY LANIGAN/UF/IFAS

plants such as the fruits, flowers, buds, leaves, stems, or roots. A common injury is plant desiccation or the plant drying out, resulting in marginal or leaf tip burn or totally brown leaves. It is important to water your plants before and after a freeze to reduce this type of injury. After a freeze, you can remove any dead leaves, but resist the urge to do any severe pruning until the early spring. Pruning too early can result in a growth flush which is more prone to cold injury. The exception is that pruning of deciduous trees (the leaves fall off) often occurs during the winter, or dormant months. During the late fall and winter, bundle up and keep looking at the weather channel to determine if you need to cover your plants. For more information on protecting your landscape plants from cold, look at the EDIS document, — Dr. Denise DeBusk is the Environmental and Community Horticulture Extension Agent for UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County. She can be contacted at or 352-955-2402.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016



Warranty deed transfers in excess of $60,000 as recorded at the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office from Oct. 24-28: ■ Alamar Village. Fulk Family Trust to Howard Maxwell: $455,000. ■ Ashley Heights. Judith Gianfarcaro to Edgard Zayas: $60,000. ■ Bahia Oaks. Gerald R. & Diane L. Van Ocker Revocable Living Trust to Rose Samuel: $89,900. ■ Bear Track Ranch. Mary Nadeau to Milagros Vieira: $225,000. ■ Belleview Hills Manor. Aderholt Trust to Angelita Orta: $77,000. ■ Benedict Farms. James Williams to George Stratton: $155,000. ■ Building 400 Condo. Baxter Enterprises of Marion County Inc. to Fulton Agency Inc.: $112,000. ■ Cherrywood Estates. George Alfred Horton to Harry Rockwell: $87,000. ■ Cherrywood Estates. Kenneth McLeod to Gary Plosker: $108,000. ■ Cherrywood Estates. Ronald Shaner to Joseph Haines Jennings: $117,500. ■ Circle Square Woods. Donald Hansen to Anton Casimer Menart: $66,000. ■ Circle Square Woods. Fredrick Dale Blume to Bruce Turkel: $80,000. ■ Coral Ridge. Wells Fargo Bank N A Trust to V & J Kingdom Holdings LLC: $62,999. ■ Country Oaks. Lisa Fox to Dale Stolze: $228,900. ■ Dalton Woods. Stephanie Smith to Scott Lehman: $340,000. ■ Deep Woods North. Joseph Olesko to Maria Del Carmen Lowry: $207,500. ■ Deer Path. Jeri Ann Compton to Carlo Catucci: $155,000. ■ Deer Path. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Manuel E. Valle Valentin: $206,950.

■ Fellowship Farms. Housing & Urban Development to Joseph Comeau: $61,000. ■ Florida Orange Grove Corp. Schack Revocable Trust to Patrick Fisher: $60,000. ■ Heritage Hills. Redfish Land Trust to Patricia Wall: $95,100. ■ High Pointe. Jennifer Wiley to Brian Frank Cho Chung Hing: $85,000. ■ Indigo East. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Paul Williamson: $215,905. ■ Indigo East. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Clyde Vincent: $282,223. ■ J.L. Mathew’s Subdivision. Chad McFarlin to Brett Stevens Beville: $199,000. ■ J.M. Hernandez Grant. Donna Needham to Clay Electric Cooperative Inc.: $216,200. ■ Jasmine Professional Park Condo. Trumpets Call Inc. to Ramunno Law Firm P A: $182,000. ■ Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn Subdivision. Jocalbro Inc. Profit Sharing Plan Trust to Kingsland Land Partners LLC: $75,000. ■ Kingsland Country Estates, Whispering Pines. Charlie Rivera to Inversiones Urbina LLC: $110,000. ■ Lake Diamond Golf & Country Club. Wells Fargo Bank N A to Zyphon Corp.: $111,700. ■ Lake Diamond Golf & Country Club. Bobby L. Zimmerman Revocable Trust to Mark Setera: $162,900. ■ Lake Weir Heights. Michael Biganzoli to Jeremy Gene Bolesta: $108,000. ■ Laurel Wood. Gaythel McCarthy to Damian Carole Disterdick: $410,000. ■ Magnolia. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Deidre Cecile Rosemond: $166,800. ■ Magnolia Forest. Richard Connor Tuck to Jeremie Nix: $160,000. ■ Majestic Oaks. Jack Gresham to Chantel Smith: $143,000. ■ Majestic Oaks. Thomas Rath to Suzanne Marie Lilly:

$170,500. ■ Majestic Oaks. Kevin Clemons to Marco Franco: $240,000. ■ Maplewood. Thomas Beneventine to Elizabeth Robles: $179,000. ■ Marion County. Black Creek Custom Homes Inc. to Lisa Cripps: $65,200. ■ Marion County. Gerald Cheney to Dianna Myrick: $81,500. ■ Marion County. Homestead Funding Corp. to Nathan Joel Sands: $129,001. ■ Marion County. Maria Arias to Luis Boveda: $160,000. ■ Marion County. Nancy Borkoski to Jessica Jean Collette: $190,000. ■ Marion County. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Ranier Aldana: $218,000. ■ Marion County. Hickory Knoll Apartments Ltd. to SP HK Apartments LLC: $5,820,000. ■ Marion Oaks. Sudaish Sharma to Keya Homes Inc.: $71,000. ■ Marion Oaks. Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Michael Silverman: $103,754. ■ Marion Oaks. Bruce Jensen to Richard Kohler: $105,000. ■ Marion Oaks. Discovery Homes LLC to Donald Wells: $105,900. ■ Marion Oaks. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Felipe Raices: $154,900. ■ Meadows at Heath Brook. Ocala Trophy Ltd. to D R Horton Inc.: $1,722,000. ■ Meadows at Stonecrest. Rosanne Steele to Douglas Hawkins: $250,000. ■ Nester Jones Subdivision. Robert Bekowitz to Heather Amelia Tuttle: $115,000. ■ North Valley of Stonecrest. Chipman Family Trust to Beverly Ann Wagner Trust: $269,500. ■ Oak Run. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Raymond Hutto: $62,000. ■ Oak Run. Gary Kriplean to Christine Schlosser: $67,500. ■ Oak Run. Katherine Walker to Peter Trgovic: $69,000.

■ Oak Run. Erroll Adams to Frederick Lane: $84,000. ■ Oak Run. Norman Ray to Susan Debra Brooks: $86,000. ■ Oak Run. Joseph Fuerneisen to Robert Callahan: $89,000. ■ Oak Run, Preserve. Phyllis B. Auerbach Revocable Trust to Barbara Gummel: $127,000. ■ Oak Run, Timbergate Track. Ruth A. Dickinson Revocable Trust to Karen Collier: $89,000. ■ Ocala Highlands. Jarvis Johnson to Richard Quihuis Bell: $90,000. ■ Ocala Oaks. Harry Wolff to Mitchell Shalna: $98,000. ■ Ocala Palms. Dawn Rapoza to Dennis Mattei: $110,000. ■ Ocala Palms. John Paul Selldorff to Kimberly Devore: $145,000. ■ Ocala Park Estates. James Berg Ira to Jason Ecker: $117,000. ■ Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to David Feitelson: $252,925. ■ Ocala Waterway Estates. John Magee to Patricia McCutchan: $170,000. ■ Ocala Waterway Estates. Kenneth Carr to Oral Evans: $260,000. ■ On Top of the World. William Jones to Stephen Warren: $139,900. ■ On Top of the World, Avalon. John White to Jerry Tobia: $157,000. ■ On Top of the World, Central. Raymond Kelly to Linda Chik: $72,000. ■ Palm Cay. Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Richard Steel: $64,000. ■ Quail Meadows. Mark Shiemke to Vincenzo Gusmano: $112,665. ■ Quail Meadows. Shepherd Family Revocable Living Trust to Marina Laws: $172,000. ■ Rainbow Heights. Kimberly Pons Wolfe to John Erik Deubel: $181,000. ■ Rainbow Lake Estates. Christine Millington King to Larry Wilson: $144,500. ■ Rainbow Springs. Kimberly Eatmon to Steven Wayne

Clark: $154,000.

Zeman: $120,000.

■ Rainbow Springs. Jonathan

■ Silver Springs Shores.

Hollmann to Cynthia McWilliams: $159,900. ■ Rainbow Springs. Adams Trust to Francescar Pierre Charles: $184,000. ■ Rainbow Springs Country Club Estates. James Dollar to Julie Buhl: $179,000. ■ Rainbow Springs Country Club Estates. Fred Strelec to Charles Culbertson: $210,000. ■ Rainbow Springs Country Club Estates. Karen Pluhar to Robert Hiltabidel: $182,000. ■ Raven Glen. Jennifer Sasser to Daniel Berbel: $150,000. ■ Raven Glen. Donald Utz to Dixie Macolino: $157,000. ■ Ridgewood Park. David Caudill to Shannon Sieber: $90,000. ■ Rlr Golden Ocala. Robert Desino to Aaron Strange: $725,000. ■ Silver City. Kenny J. Rodrigue Revocable Trust to Christopher Blue: $177,000. ■ Silver Springs Acres. Todd Duncan to Melanie Snyder: $84,900. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Mortgage Solutions & Investment Properties LLC: $81,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Stephan Gaertner to Jean Jourdain: $82,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to John Fewell: $83,500. ■ Silver Springs Shores. BCM Capital LLC to Ana Luisa Vargas Cordona: $90,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. A Plus Homes Inc. to Kenneth Sutter: $92,900. ■ Silver Springs Shores. MCM Capital Partners LLC Trust to James Nicholas Carlson: $99,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Alma Investment Properties LLC to Megan Bolling: $104,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Milagros Restrepo: $113,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Giuseppe Mignosa to Donna

William Meagher to Thomas Ronnie Cairnes: $122,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Angel Rodgers to Tammy Moore: $123,500. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Marita Garcia to Ruth Abrams: $125,000. ■ Silver Springs Shores. Kenneth Sutter to Michael Scott Seckman: $150,000. ■ South Oak. Lance Bessette to Justin Blanton: $116,000. ■ Spruce Creek Country Club, Echo Glen. Joan Aul to Michele Russo: $224,900. ■ Spruce Creek Country Club, Torrey Pines. Peter Bykowski to Ance Johnson: $235,000. ■ Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club, Candlestone. Leonard Nicholas to Edsel Luois Thayer Jr.: $124,900. ■ Spruce Creek Preserve. Manning Family Revocable Living Trust to Kenneth Soper: $93,500. ■ Spruce Creek Preserve. Danny Wood to Doris Lees: $130,000. ■ Spruce Creek Preserve. Herman L. & Rosemary A. Spaay Revocbale Living Trust to Dawn Rogal: $135,000. ■ Spruce Creek South. Rosalie Grimm to Betty Eastlake: $116,000. ■ Spruce Creek South. Cape Village Group Inc. to Joyce Emery: $117,000. ■ Spruce Creek South. Susan Mae Kratzsch to Cathy George: $119,000. ■ Stone Creek, Arlington. Pulte Home Corp. to Frances McNelis: $199,960. ■ Stone Creek, Arlington. Pulte Home Corp. to Gustave Blom: $211,290. ■ Stone Creek, Arlington Pinnacles. Kish Family Trust to Ira Levy: $318,000. ■ Stone Creek, Arlington Pinnacles. Pulte Home Corp. to Victoria Quigley: $328,550. ■ Stone Creek, Longleaf. Reynolds Family Trust to James SEE DEED, 6


Saturday, November 26, 2016


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Lithographs by artist prove valuable Dear John: I have a collection of 10 signed and numbered lithographs from Surrealist artist Man Ray in a hardbound collection titled De L’orine des Especes par Voie de Selection JOHN SIKORSKI Irrationelle. Each lithograph is signed Man Ray in the lower right and numbered 37⁄150. that turns out to be it might These were published in 1971 be best to hold on for future by XXE Siecle, Paris. I have potential increase in value that included a few photographs. What do you think these would most likely will occur. Dear John: be worth, and is it best to sell Enclosed are pictures of an them as a full collection or indietagere handed down from vidually? The only reference I another generation. Neither can find for this collection was listed by Sotheby’s and sold for of my children want it. I am in 3,750 Euros in 2014. The condi- my late 70s and ready to get rid tion of these is very good. They of it. What do you think would be a fair selling price? There have been stored since purappears to be no label on it. The chased in an air-conditioned original side panel was broken facility and have never been removed from their hardbound in a move and replaced so well, it is hard to tell. It also looks portfolio. —R.B., Gainesville to me as if a previous owner Dear R.B.: broke the second glass shelf and Emmanuel Radinski or Man replaced it with a covered piece Ray as he was known, 1890– of wood. The gold trim is miss1976, was a New York artist whose works are eagerly sought ing on the bottom of the left side. Aside from that there is no after by art collectors. He was damage to the paintings and it one of the leading painters is still an impressive piece. in the Surrealist movement, The small figures on one shelf an Avant Garde portrait and were made in Occupied Japan fashion photographer as well and would not be included. as an accomplished sculptor. Since you are thinking of selling Are they of any value?—S.L., Internet the collection of lithographs it Dear S.L.: would be best to contact SotheYou have a Vernis Martin by’s and see what they think style vitrine made in Europe the set would sell for through likely between World War and their auction house. Whatever

II. A vitrine is a glass cabinet used especially for displaying art objects. In France during the period of Louis XIV the Martin brothers invented a decorative varnish process that had great color and depth. It was an attempt to simulate Oriental lacquer work. The Vernis Martin process for decorating furniture panels became popular and was used by numerous makers throughout Europe. The scenes were usually bucolic in nature like the scene at the lower end of your cabinet door, a young lady in a woodland sitting on a branch and a pretty cherub tending baby birds.

$299,850. ■ Stone Hill. Florida Properties of Ocala LLC to Euceline Babb: $95,000. ■ Stonewood Estates. Dawn Simonet to Laura Boardman: $242,000. ■ Sun Country Estates II. David Koehn to David Robert Browne: $69,000. ■ Tanglewoods. Deborah Jean Whitley Ira to Nicholas Hendricks: $140,000. ■ Timberwood. Warren Richard Smith to Jacira Irizarry Padilla: $299,900.

■ Trails East. Byron Hutto to Ryan Preston: $89,000. ■ Turning Leaf. Redfish Land Trust to Claire Heilmann: $154,100. ■ Villages of Marion. Bruce Turkel to John Brown: $174,000. ■ Villages of Marion. Howard W. Spracklen Revocable Living Trust to Kristin Joy Keller: $220,000. ■ Villages of Marion. Peter Ewing Chow to Olive Chin: $230,000. ■ Villages of Marion. Frederick Legrand & Jean Lois Ketchum

DEED Continued from 5

Watts: $335,000. ■ Stone Creek, Sandalwood. Pulte Home Corp. to Patricia Jaffie: $264,330. ■ Stone Creek, Sandalwood. Pulte Home Corp. to Thomas Culpepper: $296,480. ■ Stone Creek, Sandalwood. Pulte Home Corp. to Dennis Williams:

A Vernis Martin-style vitrine made in Europe likely between World War I and II SUBMITTED PHOTO

One of 10 signed and numbered lithographs from Surrealist artist Man Ray in a hardbound collection titled De L’orine des Especes par Voie de Selection Irrationelle SUBMITTED PHOTO

Vernis Martin-style vitrines were reproduced in large quantities during the Victorian era and on into the 20th century. I think your reproduction vitrine would sell in the $500 range, perhaps more on a lucky day. — John Sikorski is an Ocala

antiques dealer. He hosts a call-in radio show, “Sikorski’s Attic,” on WUFT-FM (89.1 FM). It can be heard each Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala Star-Banner, 2121 SW 19th Ave. Road, Ocala, FL 34471-7752, or email

Revocable Trust to Sherry Finch: $240,000. ■ Villages of Marion. Sarah Nell Summers to Beverly Henriquez: $265,000. ■ Villages of Marion, Ashleigh Villas. Eugene Emile Massarella Jr. to Joel Franks: $177,500. ■ Villages of Marion, Forsyth Villas. Ralph Wilson to Wendy Alabeck: $235,000. ■ Villages of Marion, Greenwood Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Richard Andre: $239,000.

■ Villages of Marion, Villas of Cameron. Deborah Giggleman to Kelly Ball: $206,000. ■ West End, Ocala. Exodus Group Trust to Danny Nguyen: $80,000. ■ Westgate. R. Barry Stem to Frederic Frank: $995,000. ■ Willows at Bellechase. A Plus Homes Inc. to Daniel Gallapoo: $85,900. ■ Willows at Bellechase. James Rumpf to Joseph Lewis: $335,000. ■ Woodland Villages. William Trice to Charles Danik: $130,000.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016



Clearing up kitchen sink confusion By Ed Del Grande Tribune News Service

Q: Dear Ed: I have been looking into kitchen sinks and fireclay kitchen sinks keep popping up. What exactly is a fireclay kitchen

sink, and can you tell me a little more about them? — Kate, Kansas A: Two very popular choices for kitchen sinks are cast iron and stainless steel. But, there are other very good material choices

for kitchen sinks out there, and fireclay is one of them. Basically it’s a heavy-duty ceramic product where the clay and glaze are fired together at very high temperatures and fuse together.

Fireclay is used often to create farmhouse or apron-style kitchen sinks because of its beauty and versatility. Because it’s a very durable clay product, textured designs can be embedded in the

kitchen sink as well to create a strong artistic impression.


the desired choice, especially for home buyers. 5. Dark floors. Roughly a decade ago, when it came to flooring, the lighter the better. These days the current trend is more towards darker, deeper tones.

With people wanting to enjoy their homes as much as possible, spa features remain highly desirable and attractive to both potential buyers and homeowners. 3. Separate showers and bathtubs. If the space is available, creating a separate shower, preferably with rain shower features, is definitely the way to go to get the most bang for your buck. 4. Walk-in showers. These days both homeowners and potential buyers are looking for an experience. The luxuriousness of being in a walk-in shower provides

Continued from 4

Two-ton cabinets are one of the current trends in kitchen design.

Dark floors remain on trend.

ovens and pot fillers. Not too long ago, kitchens that were attractive to look at but not necessarily functional were on the forefront of design. Now, post-recession, homeowners demand the most for their money, and this includes spending money on sturdy, long-lasting appliances. 4. Paneled appliances. These days it still remains a trend to have appliances that are unseen. Paneled appliances, from dishwashers to refrigerators, remain

Bathrooms 1. Wallpaper. It was insanely popular in bathrooms in the ‘70s, so much so that you typically saw it on walls and even ceilings. While wallpaper made a comeback years ago, it still remains red hot and on trend. The bolder the better! 2. Deep soaking tubs.

— Master Contractor/ Plumber Ed Del Grande is known internationally as the author of the book

Deep soaking tubs remain on trend. HANDOUT/TNS PHOTOS

“Ed Del Grande’s House Call,” the host of TV and Internet shows, and a LEED green associate. Visit or write Always consult local contractors and codes. the ideal feeling of serenity, calm and luxury. 5. Sculptural faucets and fixtures. These days, utilitarian is out and sculptural statement pieces are in. When it comes time to purchase new fixtures, consider both beauty and function. — Cathy Hobbs, based in New York City, is an Emmy Award-winning television host and a nationally known interior design and home staging expert with offices in New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C. Contact her at info@


Saturday, November 26, 2016


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Saturday, November 26, 2016 9


Saturday, November 26, 2016


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Saturday, November 26, 2016 9

10 H | Saturday, NOVEMBER 26, 2016


3 BR 1 BA APARTMENT, ALL Utilities Included - Central heat & air, laundry mat, wall to wall carpet, Electric, Gas, Water, Pool. Near 8th Ave & Silver Springs BLVD, $775 Per Month, $800 Deposit, Office Hours 8am-8pm 352-857-4663 Web ID: 00014

SW Patio Home now leasing 2 BR 2 BA home with attached garage. Last available home remaining for immediate move in & has new carpet. Rent includes utilities, appliances, washer and dryer. Off Hwy 200 & SW 95th Circ. Call 352-895-8861 for more info. Web ID: 00171


Belleview & Summerfield areas: rooms for rent, seniors & SSI welcome, $500/mo may vary, + deposit, includes cable, elec., W/D & kit. privileges. Call 352-229-7877 Web ID: 99418 Fort McCoy room with Kitchen privileges, utilities included, W/D, $450 a month, SE 135th St, just off of HWY 315 Call 352812-2430 Web ID: 99112

Room for Rent, Fully Furnished, Beautiful hard wood floors, Mini Refrigerator, Microwave, Cable & Utilities Included. Use of whole house. Own A/C. $275/mo.+ $150 deposit. Call 352-512-5619 Web ID: 97252

Payments as low as $322/month, 100% financing avail.

Let us put you in a "Jen Home" Worried about your credit rating? DON"T!!!!!!! We can help fix bad credit. To apply call for an appointment 352-237-6266. Web ID: 00394

10071 SW 76 Lane - Beautiful 3/2/2 w/den (or 4th BR)! Gourmet kitchen w/stainless appliances, beautiful cherry cabinets & granite! Tray ceilings, crown molding, ceiling fans, too many upgrades to mention! Screened lanai & paver patio. On quiet cut-de-sac in very desirable Stone Creek. Tons of amenities & activities, club house, pools, golf & more! Call Marlene @ BHHS Home Team Realty 352-812-9319. Web ID: 98993 HOME FOR SALE - INVESTOR DELIGHT, 2 SINGLE FAMILY HOMES, NORTH OCALA, 2/1 EACH, REMODELED, $29,900, EAST OCALA, 2/1 REMODELED, $29,900, CALL 352459-8498 OR EMAIL: WKTTAXMAN@AOL.COM Web ID: 00541

1 BR 1 Bath In Silver Springs Shores 1ST FLOOR Beautifully furn on golf crs with lake view from a glass encl. porch. Washer and dryer. Avail. short or long term. Lease option with no $ down with good credit. Ocala Shores Realty $600 (352) 687-2121

Rainbow Park Ocala 34481. 3 bd 2 bath 2 cg cbs house ½ acre w/fenced yard. Micro, washer, dryer, range, refridge, D/W, new paint, new tile floors, ACHD, ceiling fans, well & septic. Private & quiet location. Pets ok, 1 year lease, $980/month + $980 security deposit. Call 352-445-1320 Web ID: 00907 Spruce Creek - 2 BR, 2 BA, Carport, 1,100 SF, on .25 acre in safe 55 + Community with pool, club house and activities. Close to shopping and restaurants. No Pets, $775 / mo. Call 203-874-0640. Web ID: 98092

2 BR 2 Baths In SW Ocala OPEN HOUSE from Sunday 12-3pm. Newly rehabbed villa in On Top of the World, 1748 sqft with 2 car gar. New appliances, new water heater, new laminate and tile floors.Golf cart to the great amenities and shopping. This home shows very well and is a must see! MLS#510018 Dominion Realty Exchange, LLC. $109,900 (352) 362-8824

Come join us on Sunday Nov. 27 from 1 to 4 to preview this lovely Timberwalk Home! Call me, Jerry Pascale at (352) 817-9169

Room, private bath, computer room, with kitchen provisions, gated Golf Course Community, SW area, $600/mo. Call 978-697-1820 | OCALA STAR-BANNER


13131 SE 100th Avenue, Belleview Immaculate, non-smoking 4/2/2. Gourmet kitchen, custom cabinetry, granite, travertine floors, 2 screened porches, decking, privacy fence, professional landscaping, 2194 sq. ft. For sale by owner, $239,000. Zillow for pictures. 352.288.0171 Web ID: 00090

2 BR 2 Baths In SW Ocala ON TOP OF THE WORLD - Highly desirable Augusta Model, large end unit - Villa Home 1,856 sf, with walk in closets, library/ hobby room or office, 2 car garage, fully enclosed, under air patio room. In a very active 55 and older community, with indoor and outdoor pools, golf and many activities, events and clubs to choose from. $123,900 (305) 588-0482

Hawthorne, FL, 2 BR 2 Bath Mobile Home on Clearwater Lake (sand bottom), dock, large family room, screen porch, fenced yard (approx. 1 1/4 acre), 2 car garage with shop area, laundry room, RV. hookup, fruit trees and underground sprinkler system. 85K. Call 904-7574741, 352-481-4840, 904-728-4504. Web ID: 99314

In Ocala - Gorgeous 1/2 ACRE PARCELS! Lake View! Paved Road! Easy commute to downtown. Beautiful deed-restricted Neighborhood! Great location near shopping and restaurants! Discount for purchase of both parcels. Only $205/mo $19,900 (352) 215-1018 Selling by owner located at Larch Course. .26 acres. Measurements are 107 by 107. Asking price is $9,000 Property is located behind golf course in Ocala Fl 34480. It's a quiet neighborhood consisting of 6 houses in a quiet area with professionals and retirees. It has many things to offer including a new school, day care ETC. For English 352-426-2443 For Spanish 352-362-5718 Web ID: 00420

Golden Pond Village, 1 BR completely furnished, screen porch, 2 decks, $11,200. Call 217-643-7601 Web ID: 97490


Saturday, NOVEMBER 26 ,2016 | 11 H


Saturday, November 26, 2016


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Together for the holidays By Mary Carol Garrity Tribune News Service

I learned early in life that it’s pretty awesome to help others make their holidays merry and bright. My folks owned a clothing store in Atchison, Kan., and as a kid, I was thrilled when they let me help make the bows for the packages we giftwrapped. It was fun to imaging those gifts being slid under someone’s tree, and the face of the lucky person who got to open it at Christmas. It’s been 35 years this month since I opened Nell Hill’s. And I still get a charge out of helping our customers make their holiday celebrations beautiful and memorable, full of joy, majesty and lots of fun. When it comes to Christmas spirit, we are filled to overflowing. Our lavish displays are designed to wow and inspire everyone who visits. Through the

years, many of you have made coming here during the holidays an annual tradition. In case you can’t make it this season, I wanted to give you a quick tour of the store decorated for the holidays. Enjoy!

When designing this effervescent holiday look, we took our color cues from the cheery pink ceiling and fresh white walls. HANDOUT/TNS

Merry & bright The first gallery off our entry is an ode to color. The pure joy of this magical season is almost palpable when you are enveloped in this cheerful room. When designing this effervescent holiday look, we took our color cues from the cheery pink ceiling and fresh white walls. Through our furniture, artwork, accents, and, most importantly, the holiday decor, we splashed in orange, magenta, teal, greens, blues. This fun-loving holiday hug would look wonderful in homes that lean toward contemporary or modern stylings.

This delightful setting is a more casual take, like it’s set in a snug cabin in the woods, with the snow falling outside and a fire crackling in the hearth. HANDOUT/TNS

Dramatic elegance I’ve had a lifelong love of blue and white. So when we designed this room, and filled it full of blue and white, with a few pear green accents, I wanted to pack my overnight bag and just move in. We set the stage for elegance with the moody Twilight walls, then added sensational sapphire blue velvet settees.

Love! I think this tree has been the most photographed of the season, complete with mirrors used as shelves that are topped with urns.

A cozy cabin I’ve always loved a woodland look at Christmas and have taken that theme in lots of different directions on my dining table through the years.

This delightful setting is a more casual take, like it’s set in a snug cabin in the woods, with the snow falling outside and a fire crackling in the hearth. Check out the interesting twig light fixture, a conversation piece that adds to the room’s charm. We layered the table in matching throw blankets, turned on the diagonal over the tabletop. In the 35 years I’ve had the pleasure to help people make their homes beautiful for the holidays, I’ve learned that putting in a little time to

dress your home makes you and your guests feel special, an ovation to the significance of this special time of year. But I’ve also learned that, as you fix and primp, you have to always remember that it’s not about the decorations or presents or food. It’s about the people you love. — This column was adapted from Mary Carol Garrity’s blog at www. She can be reached at marycarol@

We set the stage for elegance with the moody Twilight walls, then added sensational sapphire blue velvet settees. HANDOUT/TNS

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Saturday, November 26, 2016


Pitt, Jolie in new roles as sellers after their divorce By Neal J. Leitereg and Lauren Beale Tribune News Service

LOS ANGELES — Amid their highly publicized divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have begun to sell off their marital assets. Among the first to go: a home in New Orleans that sold for $4.9 million. Dating back to the 1830s, the French Quarter row house had been listed a year ago for as much as $6.5 million. Pitt and Jolie bought the property in 2007, following Hurricane Katrina, for $3.5 million. The brick traditionalstyle house has a front balcony and dormer windows that overlook the historic area. The nearly 7,650 square feet of living space includes scaled formal rooms, an updated kitchen, a laundry room, five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Venetian plaster walls, custom-designed marble mantels and crown moldings are among the interior details. A grand staircase and an elevator connect the three-story home. There’s also a guesthouse and a two-car garage. Pitt, 52, became involved in efforts to rebuild New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He will appear in the upcoming historical drama “Allied” alongside actress Marion Cotillard. Jolie, 41, in 2004 won

the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. This year, she lent her voice to the animated comedy “Kung Fu Panda 3.”

He’s parting with a stand-up spread It would appear that Richard Lewis is in a hurry to perform his closing act. The stand-up comic and actor listed his longtime home in Hollywood Hills West last week for $1.559 million and has already dropped the asking price to $1.399 million. Lewis, who bought the property in 1989 for $720,000, isn’t the only one connected to the Mediterraneanstyle home. Past owners and residents include actor-singer Eddie Albert, actor-dancer Gene Nelson and prolific voice-over actor Charles Judels. The Mediterraneanstyle house, built in 1926, sits up from the street and has a canopy-topped front patio. Within more than 2,500 square feet of white-walled space is a living room with a fireplace, a dining area, an updated kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Glass doors off the media room/lounge open to a balcony with another fireplace. The master retreat — with a built-in reading nook and a separate office — takes in city views.

Lewis, 69, gained fame for his appearances on “Late Night With David Letterman” as well as his HBO specials. He has had a recurring role on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” in which he plays a fictionalized version of himself, since its first season.

Finding a new beat in Bell Canyon Singer-songwriter Trey Songz has settled into a modern home in the gated community of Bell Canyon. The purchase price was $3.45 million. Set on a quiet culde-sac, the 1-acre property takes in mountain views and includes a 7,800-square-foot main house, a 900-squarefoot guesthouse, a tennis court and an orchard. The main residence features formal living and dining rooms, a theater, a game room with a wet bar, five bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. The center-island kitchen opens to a family room with retractable doors leading outside. The guesthouse has a living room, a kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom. The expansive grounds contain a swimming pool, a spa, an outdoor kitchen with barbecue, an outdoor dining area, patios and lawn. The R&B and hip-hop artist, 31, has released six studio albums including “Trigga” two years ago. SEE PROPERTY, 14

Comic and actor Richard Lewis is asking $1.559 million for his longtime home in Hollywood Hills West. DAVID TAMBURO/TNS



Saturday, November 26, 2016

PROPERTY Continued from 13

Designer’s mark remains in Topanga A secluded hideaway owned by late fashion designer and marketer Christian Audigier, who helped popularize clothing brands such as Von Dutch and Ed Hardy, has been listed in Topanga for $1.995 million.


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The bohemian-vibe estate sits behind large wooden gates on more than 3 acres of lush grounds. The main house, a 1930s hacienda, was extensively restored and features a hand-carved fireplace, a family room, a chef’s kitchen with a large center island, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Contrasting hues, patterns and materials

enliven the rustic interiors. Three guesthouses, a playroom, an outdoor kitchen and a stackedstone pavilion also lie within the grounds. A row of cabanas surrounds the swimming pool. Connecting the structures are stone pathways that wind through mature oaks, olive trees and a vineyard.

Including the guesthouses, there are seven bedrooms and five bathrooms in more than 2,300 square feet of living space. Audigier, who died last year at 57, used his connections with celebrities to help turn brands such as Ed Hardy and Von Dutch into global powerhouses. In 2011, he sold the The Topanga estate of late fashion designer Christian Audigier sits on Ed Hardy label for $62 more than three park-like acres in Los Angeles County with multiple million. outdoor spaces, a vineyard and a swimming pool. JOEY VALENTI/TNS

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Saturday, November 26, 2016



Saturday, November 26, 2016


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Big Sun Homes for November 26, 2016  

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