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Geisha Girl porcelain was sold often in dime stores written on the date she received it.

Q: I read your column in The Gainesville Sun and was wondering if you can inform me of any information of the pictures I have included.

This hand-painted chocolate pot was made in Japan, likely before World War I. [Submitted photo]

The pot was given to my mother by a friend of her grandmothers. There was a partial note inside the pot explaining how it was given to her grandmother and the date on the note was 1942. I came in possession of the pot about 10 years ago when my mother gave it to my wife and myself. Just recently we were cleaning out our china closet and found the note inside the pot and the note looks like it was

I would like to know what it is worth and if we should insure it. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. — C.C., internet A: The hand-painted chocolate pot was made in Japan, likely before World War I. It is referred to as Geisha Girl porcelain. The decoration on the pot depicts Geishas in a landscape. Geishas were pretty young women trained as singers, dancers, and companions for men. Geisha Girl porcelain was inexpensive porcelain sold often in dime stores and occasionally also used as free premiums for groceries, gasoline, et cetera. Potential dollar value is $15 to $30.

Q: I so enjoy reading your column and have saved many of your articles for reference. I am writing to you about a cedar chest that was a wedding present to my parents when they married in 1933. We have never seen another cedar chest like this. A copy of the manufacturer’s stamp is enclosed. I have tried to research the company without much success. We are planning on selling the cedar chest but need some advice on the value and the best way to proceed. Any information you can give us is greatly appreciated. — M.E., Ocala A: The style of your cedar chest is often referred to as Depression Era furniture. During the 1920s to ‘30s furniture manufacturers looked back to earlier period

styles for inspiration. The cedar chest you have displays styles taken from the 17th century in England. Currently there is very little interest in the style and when sold brings very little money. The maker of the chest, E.R.Co., is not a manufacturer of any interest in the antiques furniture category. I suggest you pass it on in the family. If you were to get more than $100 it would be a lucky day.

— Ocala-based John Sikorski has more than 35 years of experience as an antiques adviser, consultant and broker. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala Star-Banner, 2121 SW 19th Avenue Road, Ocala, FL 34471-7752 or email absantique@aol. com


Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Veterans Day with Flowers By Jacqua Ballas Pioneer Garden Club

Pioneer Garden Club will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Veterans Day with a special “Fun with Flowers” Workshop on Saturday, November 9th. This workshop is one of several activities the club offers to the public throughout the year to advance the artistic use of plant materials. Celebrating veterans has a long history dating back to 1919. Veterans Day originally began as “Armistice Day” on November 11, 1919. This date was the first anniversary of the DEED TRANSFERS Warranty deed transfers in excess of $60,000 as recorded at the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office from Sept. 2-6: • Bahia Oaks. Rodney McGinnes to Sacha Parisot: $145,000. • Bass Lake Ranches. Theresa Anderson to Joel Giraudeau: $170,000. • Belleview. Q Management of Belleview LLC to National Retail Properties LP: $2,317,752. • Belleview Heights Estates. Vincent Delorenzo to Yvonne Darts: $75,000. • Belleview Heights Estates. Pensco Trust Co. LLC to Tiffani Burger: $80,000. • Belleview Heights Estates. Landa Alger Rossman to Charles Webb: $114,000. • Belleview Heights Estates. John Hessey to Anselmo Rivera: $124,000. • Belleview Heights Estates. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Matthew Bohannan: $142,900. • Belleview Heights Estates. Clifton Younce to Judy Bedenbaugh: $285,000. • Belleview Pines Subdivision. Underwood Residential RF1 LLC to Rafael A. Olmeda Rodriguez: $119,900. • Belleview’s Sunny Skies Subdivision. Kayla Music to Amberlea Stafford: $145,000. • Candler Hills West, Stonebridge. David Robinson to Kenneth Kerl: $314,500. • Carriage Trail. Michelle Chan to Franconia Real Estate Services Inc.: $367,500. • Cedars. William Morin to Sherwood Scott Kissinger: $87,000. • Circle Square Woods. Alice Hagen to Brian McAdam: $110,000. • Circle Square Woods. Marilyn Neumann to William Sheppard: $110,500. • Cobblestone North. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Jeanne Pagano: $237,800. • Concordia Park. Furman Jones to Emily Weber: $120,000. • Country Estates West. E & S

end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 to make this event an annual observance. In 1938, Armistice Day became a national holiday. President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially changed the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day in 1954.

countries such as Great Britain, France, Australia and Canada. Great Britain and the commonwealth observe 2 minutes of silence at 11 a.m. every November 11.

Veterans Day is celebrated in other

This year, Pioneer Garden Club is promoting Veterans Day in the community by hosting a “Fun with Flowers” workshop to make special floral arrangements as a tribute to all our veterans. A “Fun with Flowers” workshop features a floral designer who teaches participants elements of design while arranging flowers and other materials. Participants

Real Estate Investments LLC to Aja Forde: $149,000. • Countryside Lakes. Tanya Vieira to Daniel Bennett: $130,000. • Countryside Lakes. McLelland Family Trust to Florida Properties LLC: $369,900. • Crestview. Robert Bostick to Gary Hinderliter: $430,000. • Deer Path. Jessica Long to Qiaoling Chen: $225,000. • Dennis Subdivision. Wyatt Conrad to Raymond Gasson: $240,000. • Diamond Cove. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Matthew Henning: $184,850. • Edgewood Park. Platinum Property Pros LLC to Patricia Brown: $250,000. • Fore Acres North. Inez Y. Buggica Living Trust to Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC: $104,500. • Fore Acres North. Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC to Theresa Mcmahon Chorney: $134,375. • Fore Oaks Estates. Thomas Chronowski to Samuel Hines: $175,000. • Fore Oaks Estates. Randy Honeycutt to Matthew McGovern: $185,000. • Fountains at Oak Run. Stanley Marshall to Leann Rudd: $134,000. • Fountains at Oak Run. Maria P. Sherblom Family Trust to Marsha Miller: $175,000. • Green Meadows. Terry Coleman to Jordan Pettinato: $154,000. • Hibiscus Park. Edda Velasco to Kristen Doyle: $130,000. • Home Acres. Jorge Ameller to Joseph Lamoureux: $159,000. • Huntington. Stefen Gitterman Living Revocable Trust to Thomas Krager: $370,000. • Indian Pines. Roger Weiss to David Crook: $240,000. • Indigo East, South. Joan Gabriel Flores Gutierrez to Sara Buchanan: $85,017. • Indigo East, South. On Top of the World Communities LLC to Thomas Cook: $218,735. • JB Ranch Subdivision. D R Horton Inc. to Jimmie Bernard Justice: $198,255. • JB Ranch Subdivision. D R Horton Inc. to Ronette

Deberry: $199,000. • Kingsland Country Estates. Mark Crist to Dewayne Hampleman: $243,000. • Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Jonathan Cagle: $209,822. • Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David Osczepinski: $223,509. • La Jolla 200. David A. Johnson Savings Trust to Jacob Ullian: $85,000. • Lake Diamond Golf & Country Club. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to David Baker: $185,750. • Lake Diamond North. D R Horton Inc. to Alba Curlin: $189,990. • Lake Weir Beach. Dana Piryk to Theodore Rodriguez: $141,400. • Lake Weir Gardens. Mary Greer to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.: $133,669. • Lake Weir Gardens. Edmond Fielden to Mackenzie Williams: $143,000. • Lake Weir Heights. Diane Sellers to U S Nadlan LLC: $85,000. • Live Oak Village Condo. Cheryl Johnson to Joan O’Neill: $64,800. • Magnolia Shores. Dennie Lougheed to Kimberly Lougheed: $130,000. • Marion County. American Dream Residential LLC to Gabriel Garcia: $69,900. • Marion County. Juan Marrero to Jairam Yerramilli: $76,000. • Marion County. Florida Power & Light Co. to Lavon Tindell: $155,000. • Marion County. Chad Kanke to Doyen Thoroughbreds LLC: $185,000. • Marion County. David Hawkins to Light Speed Equestrian LLC: $225,000. • Marion County. Arlene Cole to Michael Ingino: $267,500. • Marion County. John Herman to Joanne Hazelton: $275,000. • Marion County. Dwayne Jamar Gratz to Sean Forte: $342,288. • Marion County. Weiseman’s Auto Care LLC to Weiseman’s Total Auto Care LLC: $399,000. • Marion County. Circle K

Today, Americans give tribute to all veterans, living or dead, on November 11. Special tribute goes to living veterans who served their country honorably during war or peacetime.

then take home their beautiful arrangement and the knowledge of how to create these pieces for themselves. Members and the community are invited to come to this “Fun with Flowers” event to be held on Saturday, November 9, 2019. The event will take place at the United Way Bonnie Heath Community Room, 1401 NE 2nd Street, Ocala, FL 34470 beginning at 10 a.m. and ending approximately at noon. The cost of the event is $25 for the public and the fee includes all materials needed for the arrangement. The Stores Inc. to Lehigh Gas Wholesale Services Inc.: $881,807. • Marion County. SBUXS Ocala College LLC to SBUX Ocala JO LLC: $3,084,112. • Marion County. KTO Properties LLC to National Retail Properties LP: $3,489,122. • Marion Heights. Df Gray Inc. to Todd Kouns: $60,000. • Marion Landing. Mary Stagliano to Charles Foreman: $73,000. • Marion Landing. Larry Holeton to Kevin Smith: $153,000. • Marion Oaks. Heriberto Lopez to Carmen L. Guevara Concepcion: $100,000. • Marion Oaks. Daniel Slocum to Betzaida Concepcion: $111,000. • Marion Oaks. David Austin to Amanda Dukes: $140,000. • Marion Oaks. 14345 SW 44th CT Trust to Janice Armstrong: $153,000. • Marion Oaks. Jen Homes

public must register by November 2, 2019 to participate. The registration form can be found on the Pioneer Garden Club website at www.pioneergardenclub.org or you can contact Jacqua Ballas at ballasjl@gmail. com for a registration form. Some members will be giving their arrangements to veterans or community agencies that support veterans. We hope these arrangements will remind citizens to think about the contribution our veterans have made to keep our country safe. Please join us as LLC to Marcelina Lorenzo: $158,000. • Marion Oaks. HES Contractors Inc. to Jeannine Flores Fargas: $160,000. • Marion Oaks. Alicia Ibarra to Hector Orlando Perez Mendez: $160,000. • Marion Oaks. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Lynnette Gutierrez Guerra: $169,900. • Marion Oaks. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Rachael Dams: $194,900. • Marion Oaks. Kim Tapanes to Candice Barnett: $204,000. • Marion Ridge. Daniel Yaccarino to David Yaccarino: $125,000. • Marion Springs Condo. Laura Roweton to Cernera Team Inc.: $67,000. • Meadow Acres. Kristi Lipps to William Niehaus: $258,000. • North Valley of Stonecrest. A Plus Homes Inc. to Movement Focolare: $337,600. • Oak Hill Plantation. D R Horton Inc. to Alyssa Gervasi: $194,990.

we make a beautiful arrangement to honor Veterans on their special day.

— Jacqua Ballas is 3rd Vice-President of Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala and a member of the Daffodil Gardening Circle. Visit the club’s website for more information: www.pioneergardenclub.org References for this article: Veterans Day Facts by History. com Editors, A & E Television Networks, November 10, 2018 https://www.history. com/topics/holidays/ veterans-day-facts • Oak Run. Lora Travers to Marjorie Crawford: $100,000. • Oakcrest Estates. Deborah Vargo to Caitlin Shealy: $172,000. • Ocala Airport Commerce Center. Zefon International Inc. to Cole Parmer Instrument Co. LLC: $330,000. • Ocala Airport Commerce Center. Zefon International Inc. to Cole Parmer Instrument Co. LLC: $2,930,000. • Ocala Estates. Steven Myers to Virgil Brink: $91,000. • Ocala Highlands. Vincent Schofield to Eric Abel: $170,000. • Ocala Industrial Park. Great Lakes Carpet & Tile LLC to J&B Properties of Ocala LLC: $912,500. • Ocala Park Estates. Stephen Prosser to Jeffrey Smith: $71,000. • Ocala Park Estates. Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Kendra Dietrich: $85,900. • Ocala Park Estates. Vance

See Deeds, 4

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Make your laundry room somewhere you actually want to spend time laundry space, Nordin recommends Chasing Paper. “They make really cute removable wallpapers that I’ve been using in some laundry rooms and bathrooms,” she says. “They are budgetfriendly and easy to take down. Even if you only have one small strip of wall between cabinetry, a great paper with personality will make it feel fresh and fun.”

Jessica Centella and Kiera Kushlan of Residents Understood designed a cool laundry space as part of a total basement renovation, using encaustic porcelain tiles and a farmhouse-style cast-iron sink. [Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post]

By Jura Koncius The Washington Post

Your laundry area, whether it’s a tiny closet or a corner of the basement, can actually be a happy place. In a recent Washington project, Jessica Centella and Kiera Kushlan of Residents Understood designed a laundry space as part of a total basement renovation. Their client, who loves pink, wanted something fun with storage and a sink suitable for bathing dogs. The designers decided a patterned tile would add some spice to the tight space. “White tile was definitely not happening,” Centella says. “We wanted a unique color combination that you don’t see everywhere.” At Home Depot, they discovered Merola Egeo Quios encaustic porcelain tiles with an orange, green, black and pink Moroccan-style motif. They installed them on the floor and halfway up the walls, painted the rest of the

room with Benjamin Moore’s Super White in eggshell finish, added shelving and installed a farmhousestyle Randolph Morris cast-iron sink. “I would encourage people to think about laundry spaces like they do the rest of the rooms in the house,” Centella says. Here are some ways to refresh, energize and bring joy to the place where you wash your socks. Tile the floors

“Tile is the best pick for a high-moisture environment like a laundry room,” Centella says, “especially a laundry room in a basement where flooding is a more likely scenario. Porcelain in particular is extremely water-durable.” Patterned floor tile is definitely having a moment. Stone likes porcelain and ceramic tile for floors because they offer a lot of color and pattern options. Cement tile is another option, she says, but beware, because cement

might have to be resealed frequently in high-traffic areas. Stuart Nordin, a Richmond, Virginia, designer, says you can never go wrong with classic white subway tile, even if it’s just for a backsplash: “It elevates the overall look of a room and adds another layer of dimension and interest.” Washington designer Josh Hildreth says old concrete floors in basement laundry rooms can be made less dungeon-like by stenciling them, if you’re DIY-inclined. If not, just giving them a coat of fresh paint can be life-changing. Hildreth recalls painting the basement laundry room floor of one of his first places after college in red, and taking the red paint up the wall about 28 inches. Have fun with the walls

Don’t just paint the walls white. Wallpaper can turn a tiny room into pure eye candy. If you worry about the humidity in your

New York designer Sheila Bridges is a big fan of using wallpaper for impact. “One of my favorite things to do in a small laundry room is to install a bright and cheery wipeable wallpaper,” she says. “No reason to make doing laundry a chore, even if your laundry room is in a basement.” In her own Harlem apartment laundry station, she used a Harlem Toile de Jouy wallpaper of her own design in robin’s-egg blue. Hildreth sometimes takes a hint from old British manor houses when designing laundry spaces. “Give it a Downton Abbey look,” he says. Such details would include adding traditional beadboard or wainscotting to dress up and protect walls. And look for big wicker baskets, he says, as opposed to using plastic laundry bins. Accessorize with storage

Speaking of laundry baskets, could yours use replacing? Take a good look at the baskets and bins around your washer and dryer. Bridges likes baskets for detergent and laundry made of various materials including seagrass from West

Elm, recycled plastic from Serena & Lily and water hyacinth from the Container Store. She’s also fond of using indoor/outdoor rugs that are washable or wipeable and won’t get damaged if they get wet. “Go for anything that makes laundry less of a chore,” says Meg Wittman, a Neat Method professional organizer. Upgrade your appliances

Some of the latest machines are targeted toward millennials looking for efficient internet-connected products and condominium dwellers looking for spacesaving solutions. According to Joshua Stumacher, Samsung product marketing director, Samsung’s 6300 Smart Front Load Washer has Wi-Fi connectivity that tells you when a cycle is complete, and it has faster speeds so you can do a full load in 30 minutes. To go with some of the warmer wood tones showing up in laundry room design, Samsung recently added a champagne finish option to some of its models. Most space-strapped consumers still prefer the larger-capacity 27-inch-wide models vs. 24-inch models, says Brendan Bosch, Whirlpool’s marketing director for laundry appliances. So, Whirlpool designed a shallower “closetdepth” 27-inch washer and dryer to fit into more compact places. Some have a “load and go” feature that allows you to put 40 loads worth of detergent in a machine, alleviating the need to store big

containers of detergent. Create a folding area

If you have a sideby-side washer and dryer, consider putting a counter on top. If you’re doing a lot of renovating, you might use the same counter material as you have in your kitchen. For those with stacking units and no extra counter space, Nordin says to try a wall-mounted collapsible table. “Put a painting or photo on the bottom so it masquerades as a framed piece of art when not in use as a folding station,” she says. Make an effort to make your folding area attractive. “Even in an old, dark basement, there are things you can do without spending a lot of money,” Hildreth says. For a nice folding surface, he suggests finding an old farm table at a yard sale or flea market, or painting an old dining table. It’s nice to also upgrade the lighting (especially in a basement): A new fixture, Hildreth adds, such as the retrolooking Rejuvenation Carson or Abigail flushmount lights, would make the area brighter and cheerier. Make it multitask

When square footage is at a premium, laundry rooms can be multipurpose, combined with an entryway, utility room, home office, giftwrapping station or pet-care area. Build in room for bulk supply storage or places for household basics such as light bulbs or tools. Consider how you can use the space most efficiently.


Wall-hung vanity works well for tight bathroom space A wall-hung vanity opens up space in a tight bathroom and allows for storage space. [Kohler]

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Style At Home column that typically runs in this space was not available this week. It should return next week.

From Page 2

Fillingame to Judy Parker: $117,800. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Christopher Savoy: $222,273. • Ocala Waterway Estates. Lesma Colquhoun to Timothy Gallagher: $185,000. • Ocala Waterway Estates. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Joseph Noel: $236,925. • Ocala Waterway Estates. Richard Riviere to Michael Muffett: $279,000. • On Top of the World. Carolyn Kovac to Lieselotte Connor: $132,000. • On Top of the World. Kenneth Kerl to Linda Devine: $153,500. • On Top of the World, Avalon. On Top of the World Communities LLC to Calvin Eichman: $281,171. • Orange Blossom Hills. Newco Homes of Ocala Inc. to Hien Thi Van: $197,900. • Orange Blossom Hills. Juana Darce to Michael Grant: $200,000. • Orange Blossom Hills. Jen Homes LLC to Chandica Misir: $206,000. • Orange Blossom Hills. Clay Pederson to Terry Yeary: $214,000.

• Orange Blossom Hills. A Man Investments LLC to Dustin Madrid: $229,000. • Palm Cay. Eva Rivera to Amanda Diaz Escobar: $95,000. • Palm Cay. Melesa Stenski to Cusick Properties LLC: $104,000. • Palm Cay. William Alder to Richard Bruce: $140,000. • Pedro Rolling Oaks. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Marcel Oliveira: $105,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. Emily Drake to Rosemarie George: $87,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. Ulrich Family Living Trust to Wendy Andrei: $87,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. Antonia Delina Cooley to Stanley Szuba: $100,000. • Post Horn. John Batsch to Nick Battaglia: $520,000. • Preserve at Heath Brook. D R Horton Inc. to Zhi Qing He: $332,735. • Rainbow Heights. Bernard Devinny to Stephen F. Saint Trust: $115,000. • Rainbow Heights. Crouch Homes LLC to Duane Huss: $180,000. • Rainbow Heights. Jeffrey Wood to Robert Peterson: $315,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Carol Paisely to Ernest Louis: $120,000.

I recommend installing a wall-hung vanity (sometimes called a floating vanity). Since the vanity hangs on the wall without any bottom supports, all the space under the vanity is open.

Q: Dear Ed: We’re completely remodeling

A: I have an idea that opens up space in a tight bathroom and allows for storage space as well.

Plus, since it is a vanity sink in place of a standard wall-hung bathroom sink, you get the benefit of added cabinet space. Some models even include pull out draws and

• Rainbow Lakes Estates. Angela Stritzinger to Gary Levit: $122,400. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Ramon P. Cranert Living Trust to Leonard Huya: $155,000. • Rainbow Park. Kevin Roberts to Heather Hamblen: $127,500. • Rainbow Park. Jocalbro Inc. Profit Sharing Plan Trust to Edward Ortiz: $134,900. • Rainbow Park. Kelly Young to Julliard Roberts: $150,000. • Silver Springs Shores. David Keyser to Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC: $67,747. • Silver Springs Shores. Sylvia Leonette Beard to Harbor Creek LLC: $112,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC to Alfred Teague: $118,700. • Silver Springs Shores. A Plus Homes Inc. to Hagan Lewin Samson: $120,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Ruth Delania Linares: $126,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Gerald Campetella to Victor Arroyo Torres: $135,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Margaret E. Barnes Trust to Shela Correa Nunez: $137,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Peter J. Marerro Fonesca to Russell Jones: $141,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Florence Wright to Enrique J.

Colon Mojica: $145,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Florence Wright to Enrique J. Colon Mojica: $152,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Amanda Backlund to Tamika Rich: $152,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Douglas Kluge to Holly Young: $163,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Grace Curling to Valerie Carmichael: $171,800. • Silver Springs Shores. Jeremiah Bennett to Justin Davis: $175,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Luis Aran to Charles Odette: $176,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Homerun Realty LLC to Christopher Lange: $280,000. • Simmons Lake North. Bertram W. & Lynn J. Mickel Revocable Trust to Jeffrey Winebrenner: $249,900. • Spruce Creek. Christine Disanza to Christine Disanza: $68,318. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Sawgrass. Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Andrew Vassos: $128,999. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Torrey Pines. Robert Viti to Walter L. Samples Trust: $325,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Windward Hills. James Pierotti

to Dennis Laczo: $176,400. • Spruce Creek South. Byron Copp to Mark Heger: $135,000. • Spruce Creek South. Kathleen Olsen to Lisa Folden: $179,000. • St. James Park. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Joel Torres: $226,350. • Stone Creek, Longleaf. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Mary Booth: $316,285. • Stone Creek, Longleaf. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Robert Armagno: $354,080. • Summercrest. Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Jose G. Delgado Bermudez: $200,580. • Summercrest. Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Robert Delgado Figueroa: $204,400. • Summercrest. Horton Capital Properties LLC to Eden James Santaniello: $217,000. • Summerglen. Charles Foreman to Roy Markwardt: $196,000. • Summerglen. Lawrence Delvecchio to Randy McGinnis: $207,000. • Sunset Addition. OSBBQ LLC to National Retail Properties LP: $3,094,155. • Tree Hill Subdivision. Joshua Klugger to Brenda Hale: $110,000. • Turning Pointe Estates.

By Ed Del Grande Tribune News Service


our half-bath to finally bring it up to date. Since it is a small area without storage, we want to install modern spacesaving fixtures along with adding a little bit of storage. Any fixture ideas? — Kim, Idaho

accessory options. Wall-hung vanities are usually high-end fixtures and labor costs may be higher as well. But a wall-hung vanity can make your small bathroom a great place to hang out.

— Contact Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande at eadelg@ cs.com. Always consult local contractors and codes. Underwood Residential RF1 LLC to Jacqueline Davis: $137,000. • Villages of Marion. Gail Walker to Raymond Barber: $199,500. • Villages of Marion. William E. Kohlenbush Jr. Living Trust to James S. Walsh Trust: $222,000. • Villages of Marion. English Family Trust to Ellen Lewis: $235,000. • Villages of Marion. Sam Ozuzu to Marueen Weiss: $257,000. • Villages of Marion. Chicoyne Family Trust to Daniel Currie: $412,000. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Sunnyside. Daryl Smith to Sharon Parsley: $180,000. • Weir View Bluff. Marilyn M. Smith Revocable Trust to Marcella Richardson: $674,000. • Windsor East. Juana Hernandez to Thomas Rumora: $232,500. • Wineberry. James Parrish to Laurie White: $173,500. • Woods & Lakes Subdivision. Edward McPadden to Susan Lombard: $150,000. • Wynchase Townhomes. Carreno De to Miguel Angel Gonzalez: $117,000. • Wynchase Townhomes. David Bortnick to Jacqueline Caspari: $136,250.

Out of the great wide open


The villa-style home overlooking Lake Sherwood was owned by Tom Petty at the time of his death. The stone-clad residence, built in 1931, has 2-foot-thick walls, beamed ceilings and flagstone floors. Olive and cypress trees surround the property, which has a stone pathway leading down to the lake. [Compass]

By Neal J. Leitereg and Jack Flemming Los Angeles Times (TNS)

LOS ANGELES — Tom Petty’s scenic retreat has finally found a fan. The Lake Sherwood villa that was owned by the late rocker at the time of his death has sold for $4 million. Petty paid $4.41 million for the property in 2007, and after multiple years of relists and price cuts, it was most recently offered for $4.695 million. Olive and cypress trees surround the hilltop estate, which centers on a stone-clad home built in 1931. Spanning three stories above Lake Sherwood, the villa is awash in Old World details. A centerpiece great room features 2-foot-thick stone walls, beamed ceilings and flagstone floors. Saltillo tile floors accent the family room and kitchen. In the dining room, French doors open to a balcony overlooking the lake. The 5,300-squarefoot interior also holds three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The most impressive by far is the master suite, which features a sauna-like bathroom with a deep stone tub and a private balcony with a fireplace. Outside, stone pathways descend to 125 feet of water frontage, as well as a boat ramp and dock. Petty, who died in 2017 at 66, gained fame

in the late ‘70s as the front man of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The group’s hits include “Breakdown,” “Free Fallin’” and “Don’t Do Me Like That.” The singer-songwriter later embarked on a successful solo career that included the albums “Full Moon Fever” and “Highway Companion.” A Midcentury move for Maroon 5’s James Valentine They may not be moves like Jagger, but James Valentine is certainly making moves. The Maroon 5 guitarist has listed his Los Feliz home for sale at $3.785million and bought a Toluca Lake home from megaproducer Dana Brunetti for $6.4 million. The home Valentine is selling, a striking Midcentury Modern residence built in 1960, is known as the Steel House for its steel construction and cantilevered wing. Architect Neil A. Johnson drew inspiration from the postwar Arts & Architecture Case Study House program when designing the residence. A recent restoration by Mark Haddawy has brought it back to its original form. Set on a knoll with city-light views, the single-story home epitomizes cool California modernism with its clean lines, overhanging eaves and walls of glass. Some 2,100 square feet

of interior features terrazzo floors, beamed ceilings and an open floor plan. A suspended fireplace serves as the focal point in the living room. A garden-view dining room and an updated kitchen sit off the living room area. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The flat-roofed residence sits on about a third of an acre and has a swimming pool with a spa, a cold plunge and

a sauna. A carport is below the house. Valentine’s new residence was built by Toluca Lake pioneer William Klump in the 1920s. Among features of the 6,500-squarefoot house are modern fixtures, Kentucky oak herringbone floors and a marble-clad kitchen. Curved French doors, wood paneling and a vintage phone alcove speak to the home’s 1920s roots. The quarter-acre

property was previously owned by Eurythmics singer-songwriter Dave Stewart and TV producer Mark Brazill. Silent-film star Billie Dove, Oscar-winning actress Janet Gaynor and Park French, the original architect of Toluca Lake, are among others to have lived there. Valentine, 40, was part of the musical trio Square and also played with the ska band Reel Big Fish before joining Kara’s Flowers, later renamed Maroon 5, in

the early 2000s. The group is known for such hits as “Harder to Breathe,” “Makes Me Wonder” and “Moves Like Jagger.” Brunetti, 46, has producer credits that include the acclaimed Netflix series “House of Cards” and the films “21” and “Mastermind.” His films “The Social Network” and “Captain Phillips” both received Oscar nominations for best picture.

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Real Estate and Classified for October 6, 2019  

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Real Estate and Classified for October 6, 2019  

Official Pubblication of the Ocala StarBanner and Ocala.com