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RCA Victor radio low on the totem pole of collector interest the folks at Radio Relics. Kris Rhoades is the co-chair, his contact phone number is 407-375-7868. Q: Here are photos of a wall plate that I bought at an antiques shop quite a few years ago in Toronto. It is marked Royal Doulton. I hope you will be kind enough to let me know what it is worth. — W.B., internet

RCA Victor radio. [Submitted photo]

Q: I have enclosed photographs of a short-wave radio that belonged to my late husband. It is an RCA Victor radio and has tubes and has

seven bands. It is in working condition and was used very little. I would like to sell it and need to have an idea of its value. I do not have a computer, only a typewriter and a telephone, and the Ocala Star-Banner for my source of information. Thank you for any help you can give. — C.R., Ocala A: Old tube radios are

a category of collector interest. RCA Victor is a name widely recognized by most folks. The overall condition of your radio appears to be really good. Within the antique and vintage radio collecting world the one you have is low on the totem pole of collector interest. Potential dollar value is below $100. Since, you plan on selling the radio I suggest you contact

A: The photographs were not clear enough to be helpful. The Royal Doulton Company is widely recognized in the antiques marketplace. The decorative wall plate you have is part of their Series Ware line known as Famous Ships. On the back is the title of the specific ship depicted, yours being the H.M.S. Victory. The plate was produced in the middle part of the 20th century. Potential dollar value is $75 to $125. Q: I am writing to see if you have information on whom I can contact about buying beer lights,

signs and mirrors. Years ago, I was on the internet and there were websites not Amazon or eBay where you could purchase them. Also, there were sites where people would purchase whole lots. Looking on the internet now only places like Amazon or eBay show up. If you could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. — C.B., Summerfield A: Since you are looking to buy various beer signs, et cetera you will find numerous sellers by doing a Google search. One good site is Morphy Auctions. The website is www. Good luck. Q: I enjoy your column in The Gainesville Sun. I am looking for suggestions. I was left a rather large collection of Beatles memorabilia, mostly teen magazines and books from the early ‘60s. Any suggestion on what I might do with them and where to find out if they might be worth anything?

Also, I was left a large collection of coins, US, Franklin proof sets and collectables plus a lot of miscellaneous coins. Any suggestion where or how to find out what each might be worth? I am afraid to go to the run of the mill coin shop. I appreciate any suggestions you might have. — J.M., internet A: For your Beatles memorabilia I suggest you contact the folks at It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll. The website is www. For the coin collection check out the website www. This site will take you stepby-step through the process of grading, valuing, and selling coins. Good luck on all.

— John Sikorski with over 35 years of experience is an Ocala based antiques advisor, consultant, and broker. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala StarBanner, 2121 SW 19th Ave. Road, Ocala, FL 34471-7752, or email


Spring Cleaning the Landscape: Managing Turf Responsibly clothes. In Florida, the warm weather pushes us outside to begin our landscape’s spring cleaning. Taylor Clem

If you are like me, you are still trying to adjust to the time change. Although our circadian rhythms have been thrown in a loop, our landscapes are teeming with life and full of color. The warm weather has brought life and activity among the community. For many homeowners our dormant landscapes are beginning to waken, which includes our turfgrass. When I was living in Ohio, all spring cleaning chores were confined to the house. I remember knocking dust off rugs, removing winter window insulation, and switching our winter clothes to summer

Over the next couple articles, I will have a “Spring Cleaning the Landscape” series that addresses common and uncommon landscape management practices we need to implement in our landscapes to help increase water conservation and protect water quality. As we think about managing our landscapes, we need to make sure we manage them responsibly, which includes our lawns.

turfgrass- causing more harm than good. When irrigating our landscapes, we can encourage happy, healthy root growth by irrigating responsibly. Turfgrass roots grow better with less frequent and deeper irrigation. In Alachua County, the time change indicated that residents may now irrigate twice a week. During each application apply no more then 2/3” of water. Anything more will be a waste of water and potentially lead to pollution of our waterways.

Managing turfgrass responsibly can be easier than expected. We often become concerned about our turfgrass health, so we over water and over fertilize. A common demise is that we “over-love” our

I recommend that everyone performs a soil test before any fertilizer applications. Soil tests help paint a clear picture of our soil’s current condition, allowing us to adjust pH and apply the appropriate amount of fertilizers. Many fertilizers we buy have

• Doublegate. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Lisa Stolzenberg: $162,500. • Dunnellon Heights. Kenneth Hays to Savanah Helton: $109,000. • East Lake Subdivision. Judith Kiley to Wayne Ware: $123,150. • Fox Trace. Ronald Rydell to James Roach: $280,000. • Glynnwood. Dynamic Transformations LLC to Brandon Travline: $162,000. • Golfview Subdivision. Justin Bigelow to Yvonne Alicea Lugo: $70,000. • Grahamville Subdivision. James Wilson to Paul Schardt: $449,000. • Hawks Point. Sebert Meadows to Arthur Wamer: $167,000. • Heavenly Meadows. Miguel A. Castro Robles to Sole of Hearts Ablaze Ministries: $67,500. • Hodges Subdivision. James Barfield to Smamim LLC: $63,000. • Indigo East. Federal

National Mortgage Assoc. to Paul Caron: $144,000. • J.L. McGahagan’s Estate. Linda Gillis to Belleview Propane Inc.: $100,000. • JB Ranch Subdivision. D R Horton Inc. to Vicente Carlo: $202,990. • Juliette Falls. Walter Wilbanks to Donald Buckley: $400,000. • Kerr Oaks. ETM Group LLLP to Mark Nechvatal: $186,500. • Kerr Oaks. ETM Group LLLP to David Nechvatal: $200,500. • Kershores. Jim Whitwood to Vicky Hollingsworth: $70,000. • Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Highland Holdings Inc. to Lana Crawford: $277,564. • Kingsland Country Estates, Whispering Pines. Martha M. Turk Estate Turk to Yoshi & Ray LLC: $175,000. • Lake Bryant Acres. Gary Alan Otto Estate to Anna Cauthen: $282,000. • Lake Tropicana

phosphorous, but phosphorous naturally occurs in Florida’s soil. Phosphorous applied irresponsibly is a contributing factor to pollution in our waterways. Call Alachua County’s extension office if you would like information on performing a soil test. Fertilizing timing is very important too. Although our weather is warmer, do not fertilize. Turfgrass, like many of our trees, go dormant. For the northern parts of Florida, including Alachua County, we should not apply fertilizers until April. If you are going to apply fertilizers, apply slowrelease products and do not apply more than one pound of nitrogen per 1000 sqft of turfgrass. Do not use any “weed and feed” products either, it can damage trees and shrubs in your

landscape. Some areas in our landscape can be difficult to grow turf successfully. Following the principles of right plant, right place, there are some situations where turfgrass is not an adequate plant material. Some deep shade areas are difficult to grow turfgrass successfully. For areas under large trees, plant bromeliads or other shade loving plants. Mondo grass is another great groundcover that looks similar to` turfgrass, but does great in deeper shade. As spring arrives and we venture outside, let’s be stewards of our environment by managing our landscapes responsibly. Although we have glossed over the very basic tips of turfgrass management, there are more detailed recommendations

based on your turfgrass types. If you are interested in learning more about turfgrass management for your landscape, join us on April 13 for a turfgrass workshop at Alachua County’s extension office. If you have any questions or need help planning, preparing, or maintaining your garden or landscape, reach out to the Master Gardener Help Desk at Alachua County’s extension office for more tips. You can call at (352)955-2402 or email your questions to mag@alachuacounty. us.

Dr. Taylor Clem is the environmental and community horticulture extension agent for UF/ IFAS Extension Alachua County. Contact him at tclem@alachuacounty. us or 352-955-2402.

DEED TRANSFERS Warranty deed transfers in excess of $60,000 as recoded at the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office from Feb. 11-15, 2019: • Alderbrook. Leon Ocala Holdings V LLC to D R Horton Inc.: $129,200. • Alderbrook. D R Horton Inc. to Roy Thompson: $242,990. • Belleview’s Sunny Skies. Jocalbro Inc. Profit Sharing Plan Trust to Weitlund Construction LLC: $89,300. • Candler Hills West, Sanctuary at Stonebridge. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Timothy Williams: $332,795. • Cedars at Bellechase. Joseph Senkovich to Center State Construction Inc.: $100,000. • Circle Square Woods. Kimberley Davis to Susan Knapp: $105,000. • Cobblestone North. Craig Phillips to Gerard Davis: $196,500. • Country Club of Ocala. Felix Fuertes to Steven Marchigiano: $455,000. • Crescent Ridge. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Kempton Howland: $202,374. • Crestwood East. Blueprint Holdings of Florida LLC to Walter Demshock: $240,000. • Deep Woods North. Marian Page to Cory Penuel: $284,000. • Deer Path. John Byrum to Joseph Wanczyk: $260,000.

Ranchettes. U S Bank Trust N A Trust to Robert Shaub: $67,000. • Lake Weir Gardens. Irene Vought to Michael Charbonneau: $138,000. • Lemonwood Ii. Scott Reichert to Barry Vance:

$307,500. • Leonardo Estates. Richard J. La Spina to Kelly Britton: $160,000. • Live Oak Village Condo. Larry Worthey to Herman Burgermeister: $83,000. • Magnolia. D R Horton Inc. to

Latisha Simpkins: $189,990. • Magnolia. Reed Homes at Meadow Glenn LLC to Edward J. Fink Trust: $235,479.

See Deeds, 4

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An Old World manor in Malibu


for $11.5 million. The 63-year-old has other holdings in Malibu. Gibson’s decades of film credits include the “Mad Max” and “Lethal Weapon” films, “Signs” (2002) and “The Patriot” (2000). He is reportedly directing “The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection,” an upcoming sequel to his 2004 film “The Passion of the Christ.” NEVERLAND RANCH PRICE IS CUT AGAIN

Mel Gibson bought the remote Malibu, Calif., estate more than a decade ago from actors David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. The gated estate sits on more than five acres and features two swimming pools, a two-bedroom guesthouse and a gym. Stonework and wrought iron chandeliers give the nearly 6,600-square-foot interior an Old World vibe. French doors bring in ocean and canyon views. [Simon Berlyn/TNS]

By Neal J. Leitereg and Jack Flemming Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — Oscar-winning actor and director Mel Gibson, who stars in the upcoming neo-noir crime thriller “Dragged Across Concrete,” has put his remote estate in Malibu on the market for $14.495 million. The rustic estate, which was once owned by actors David Duchovny and Tea Leoni, is tucked away in a canyon on five-plus acres, making it both private and secluded. Clad in stonework, the two-story house features exposed wood beams, rich

hardwood floors and massive fireplaces befitting a scene from “Braveheart,” the 1995 film for which Gibson won two Academy Awards. Wrought-iron chandeliers above the great room and den further the Old World ambience. The main house has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and nearly 6,600 square feet of living space. A French-inspired kitchen has an island and picture windows with views extending as far as the ocean. Sets of French doors border the common rooms.

Located in a private wing, the master suite comprises two walk-in closets and a lavish bath with a clawfoot soaking tub. A private balcony sits off the master bedroom. A blanket of eucalyptus trees and native plantings surround the property, which has two oceanview swimming pools, a gym/pool house, a vine-wrapped dining pergola and lawns. A two-bedroom guesthouse sits above the detached three-car garage. Gibson bought the property from Duchovny and Leoni more than a decade ago

The price keeps plummeting for Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The late pop star’s former playground in the Santa Ynez Valley is back on the market for $31 million, or $69 million less than what the property originally listed for in 2015. Encompassing some 2,700 acres, the parklike estate is anchored by a 12,000-squarefoot mansion designed by architect Robert Altevers. Built in the French Normandy style, the grand residence holds six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, including a master wing with a private garden. Nearly two dozen other structures populate the property, including three guesthouses, a movie theater with a stage, a brick train station and equestrian facilities such as barns, animal shelters, corrals and a maintenance shop.

Under the train station, colorful shrubs depict a floral clock with the word “Neverland.” The grounds offer a bucolic mix of mountains, treecovered fields and grassy plains. There’s also a four-acre lake with a waterfall. Jackson, who died in 2009, paid $19.5 million for the estate in the late 1980s. In 2008, real estate investment firm Colony Capital acquired the property after the late singer defaulted on a loan. In recent years, attempts have been made to distance the estate from Jackson, who was accused of molesting multiple children there during his decades of ownership, including rebranding the property as Sycamore Valley Ranch. A four-hour documentary titled “Leaving Neverland,” which shares the accounts of two men who allege Jackson sexually abused them as children at the home, premiered this month on HBO. Jackson was regarded as a global icon during his career, and his album “Thriller” is the top-selling record ever. LISTING BRINGS LATE-NIGHT INTRIGUE It appears Craig Ferguson is wasting no time trying to sell his

Hollywood Hills home. Finding no takers at his previous asking price of $6 million, the latenight television host has relisted the place for $5.199 million. Built 115 years ago, the Craftsman-style spot sits behind gates on two-thirds of an acre. The lushly landscaped grounds contain multiple structures including a four-bedroom home, a guest cottage and a recording studio. Original millwork and splashes of hardwood fill the main residence, which has a bright living room and a kitchen with a granite island. Upstairs, the master suite expands to a custom bathroom and a balcony with treetop views. Including the guest cottage, the property has seven bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and 6,812 square feet of space. Outdoor spaces complete the palmtopped grounds. There’s a patio with a fountain, a turf yard and a swimming pool surrounded by cabanas and flagstone. Ferguson, 56, is best known for hosting “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” for a decade on CBS. More recently, the Scotland native hosted “Join or Die With Craig Ferguson” and “Celebrity Name Game,” for which he won a pair of Daytime Emmy Awards.


• Magnolia Forest. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Nicholas Arrison: $228,450. • Marion County. Samuel Mullis to Salvatore Lipira: $78,500. • Marion County. Denise Tousignant to Eugene Empereur: $80,000. • Marion County. Nancy Stewart to Gene E. Watson Trust: $85,000. • Marion County. Marilyn L. Evesole Trust to Niall Brennan Stables LLC: $100,000. • Marion County. Beverly Baker to John Toole: $110,000. • Marion County. Ronald Wulf to Gary Jeanty: $149,000. • Marion County. Warren Bartlett to Jarrett Townley: $150,000. • Marion County. Mary L. Wescott Trust to Bruce Morris Rogol Trust: $150,000. • Marion County. Kevin Jackson to Dizney Double Diamond LLC: $171,200. • Marion County. William Jones to Geoffrey Deuel: $190,000. • Marion County. Loretta Sirk to Niall Brennan Stables LLC: $200,000. • Marion County. Marilyn L. Eversole Trust to Niall Brennan Stables LLC: $250,000. • Marion County. Carmen Micheletti to Alvarez/ Micheletti Family LLC: $250,000. • Marion County. Rachel Sprechman to John Carpenter: $259,900. • Marion County. Emily Jean Judd to Leanne Albury: $284,000. • Marion County. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Melissa Prell: $295,000. • Marion County. Robert Clark to Anne Marshall: $340,000. • Marion County. Hamlet Construction Co. LLC to Pipeline Miller: $360,000. • Marion County. Kimco of Marion County LLC to McBride Holdings LLC: $425,000. • Marion County. Evelyn Knowles to Federal National

Mortgage Assoc.: $466,432. • Marion County. 18369 NW 45th Avenue Road LLC to 8m Holdings LLC: $1,900,000. • Marion County. James Reynolds to 21st Place LLC: $2,208,000. • Marion County. Carlton Properties to Fidelity Manufacturing LLC: $3,190,000. • Marion Oaks. Bryan Jenkins to Carrie Wilkerson: $60,000. • Marion Oaks. Diego Baena to Patricia Brown: $100,000. • Marion Oaks. Frank Fasciglione to John Dempsey: $129,000. • Marion Oaks. Puma Rentals LLC to Rhina Argueta: $134,900. • Marion Oaks. Aderholt Trust to Gary Gauquie: $143,000. • Marion Oaks. Jocalbro Inc. Profit Sharing Plan Trust to Connie Leed: $149,900. • Marion Oaks. Romala Ram to Janet Watson: $162,000. • Marion Oaks. Danny Adams to Jose Tillet: $169,900. • Marion Oaks. U S Bank N A Trust to John Walters: $177,500. • Meadow Acres. Bradley Geissinger to David Letcher: $75,000. • Meadow Farms. James Bain to Kathleen Tibbets: $240,000. • Meadow Farms. Robert Hansen to David Campbell: $454,000. • Meadow View III. Moonshadow Apartments LLC to Ocala Investment One LLC: $500,000. • Moss Bluff Haven. Dillard Hunter to Calvin Souder: $63,000. • Oak Hill Plantation. D R Horton Inc. to Amelee Bayer: $173,990. • Oak Run. Alphonse Caprio to Lisa Coleman: $95,500. • Oak Run. Callie Mohn to Robin Payne: $112,000. • Oak Run. Gordon Squires to Michelle Wheeler: $143,000. • Oak Run, Timbergate. David Bosy to Thomas Goettke: $164,000. • Oakhurst. Myrna Dockery to Judy Cunningham: $165,000. • Ocala Heights Estates. Juan Yupanqui to Joshua Collop: $145,000. • Ocala Palms. Florida Properties of Ocala LLC to

Thomas Stroud: $163,500. • Ocala Palms. Bernard Cichocki to Brigitte Cassidy: $165,000. • Ocala Park Estates. Theresa Rosenfeld to Shane Carroll: $115,000. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Larry Thibodeau: $239,144. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Maureen Coonrod: $293,702. • Ocala Preserve. Ocala 623 Land Development LLC to Susan Slavich: $391,696. • Ocala Waterway Estates. 4003 Investments LLC to Peggy Peterson: $184,999. • Ocala Waterway Estates. Walter C. & Maria C. Layne Revocable Living Trust to Robert Wieger: $312,500. • On Top of the World. John Demas to Robert Demas: $135,000. • On Top of the World. Edward Conaway to Stanley Galas: $168,000. • On Top of the World, Avalon. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Juan Castro Trust: $283,228. • On Top of the World, Providence. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to James Krum: $271,538. • Orange Blossom Hills. Caldust LLC to Shelby Kiehn: $158,403. • Orange Blossom Hills. Douglas Kluge to Tina Dunkelberg: $172,900. • Orange Blossom Hills. McGinnis Builders Inc. to Christopher Crescenzo: $214,900. • Orange Blossom Hills. Gilbert Rampy to Jeffrey Pearson: $254,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. Jane Allen to Peter Kalinski: $60,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. David Miller to Alan Gibbs: $75,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. William Gipson to Michael Rhatigan: $98,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. Kathleen Fuller to Brian Dickerson: $184,000. • Preserve at Heath Brook. D R Horton Inc. to Santos Santiago: $268,280. • Rainbow Heights. Darrell Hilton to Kenneth Korey: $407,500. • Rainbow Lakes Estates.

George Ketter to Laura Rossi: $70,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Louise Woodworth to Jayson Leonard: $93,407. • Rainbow Springs. Timothy Kite to Cheryl Allgood: $81,500. • Rainbow Springs. Diane Laframboise to Kenneth King: $100,000. • Rainbow Springs. John Murray to Louis Lafourcade: $214,999. • Rainbow Springs Country Club Estates. Robert Brock to Sandra L. Hanson Trust: $165,000. • Raven Glen. 2708 Northeast 26th Land Trust to Hazel Harris: $170,000. • Reddick. Linda Billiot to Carol Martineau: $64,000. • Sevilla Estates. Greg Winningham to Matthew Baker: $110,000. • Shady Hammock. Washburn Wear to Teresa Vadney: $450,000. • Silver Meadow. Star Pointe Capital LLC to Melissa Lenihan: $250,000. • Silver Springs Gardens. Billie Thompson to Shannon Carroll: $62,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Clarence Brown to Aaron Barrett: $82,000. • Silver Springs Shores. A Plus Homes Inc. to Melissa Smyers: $113,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Christopher Mitchell to Judith Bailey Gonzales: $120,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Yau Sun Wong: $121,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Wallace & Wallace Real Estate Investment LLC to Orlando Hall: $129,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Roger Kash to Dylan Kurbanick: $135,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Jen Homes LLC to Kevin Brouillard: $140,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Linda Christensen to Warren Bartlett: $144,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Kinder Homes LLC to Toni Valdez: $149,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Barbara Saley to Bruce Short: $162,500.

• Silver Springs Shores. Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Robajoco LLC: $167,777. • Silver Springs Shores. Drake Construction Services Inc. to Clifford Cook: $426,400. • Smith Lake Estates. Charles Friedrich to Austin Clements: $150,000. • South Oak. Jill Clark to Sheila Hewett: $121,750. • Spruce Creek. Lyle Bailey to Noel W. Perry Trust: $105,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Sherwood. Frieda Hanselman to Helen Loevner: $187,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Torrey Pines. Ann Marie Festa Estate to Wayne Goller: $230,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Wellington. Audrey M.L. Whitfield Revocable Trust to Jo M. Hughes: $246,000. • Spruce Creek South. Starost Trust to Rinda Wolfe: $115,000. • Stone Creek, Fairfield. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Charles Porter: $285,960. • Stone Creek, Fairfield. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Richard Sweet: $290,410. • Stone Creek, Longleaf. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Earle Reynolds: $224,800. • Stone Creek, Pinebrook. Ricky Jimmerson to Lynne Phillips: $229,000. • Stone Creek, Weston. Rossi Family Trust to Ricky Jimmerson: $258,000. • Stonewood Villas. Charles Potter to Frederick Enterprises Inc.: $135,000. • Sugar Plum Estates. Lee Francis to Charles Dincher: $137,500. • Summerfield Terrace. Barry Vance to William Offord: $204,000. • Summerhill. Hamlet at Summerhill LLC to Thomas Sauer: $105,000. • Summerset Estates. JDL Custom LLC to Daniel Clay: $317,800. • Timucuan Island. Ivon J. & Brenda A. Page Revocable Trust to Mason Natalino: $172,000. • Turning Hawk Ranch. Theodore Lindsay to Dianne Lane: $565,000. • Twin Lakes Villages West Condo. David Mawson to Dale Banks: $69,900.

• Village North. Leanne Harvey to Linda Heppenheimer: $107,000. • Villages of Marion. Colette Geibel to Robert Veneziano: $226,500. • Villages of Marion. Maureen Simmons to Garrett Campanell: $236,000. • Villages of Marion. James M. & Jane M. Brockman Revocable Living Trust to Dearmon Floyd: $310,000. • Villages of Marion. Bonnie Schnorr to Dale Smith: $315,000. • Villages of Marion. A. Frances Ferguson to Casimir Kuchinsky: $330,900. • Villages of Marion, Ashleigh Villas. Margaret K. Eicens Living Trust to Gregory Gibson: $215,900. • Villages of Marion, Birchbrook Villas. Nicole Perry to William Woelk: $233,500. • Villages of Marion, Quail Ridge Villas. Bobby Garrett to Leonard Clark: $213,000. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Dennis Nea: $240,985. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Bruce R. Nelson Trust: $253,985. • Villages of Marion, Soulliere Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Richard Thomas: $269,985. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Sherwood. Nantucket Boys & Girls Club to Melody Burlingame: $125,000. • Wartman Park. City of Ocala to D&G Solutions Group LLC: $191,000. • Weir View Farms. Karen Keith to Steven Clavette: $135,900. • Whisper Crest. 15th Court LLC to Terry Allison: $670,000. • Woodfields. Mark O’Benour to John Fox: $255,000. • Wright Heights. Marguerite Keele to Chad Davis: $88,000. • Wright Heights. Christopher Smith to Steven Chimento: $124,900. • Wynchase Townhomes. Jason Joseph to MCCT Trust: $103,000.

Practice self-care in style


the sofa or bed. I use a lovely Santorini throw the most frequently. Not only is the style and color amazing, it is versatile and can easily go from cold to mild weather.

Katie Laughridge Tribune News Service

Is it just me, or has everyone been battling a cold that feels like it has stretched on this entire winter? With spring (and hopefully spring weather) just around the corner, I knew I needed to do something to get myself through the home stretch of this snowy season. Selfcare is something we often overlook as life gets busy, but it’s important. To be at our best for our loved ones and ourselves, we need to treat ourselves occasionally, especially when we feel under the weather. Today I want to highlight some of my must-have pickme-up items that are

Take time to relax with your favorite things. These Dana Gibson pillows and tray offer the perfect spot to get cozy. [Handout/TNS]

helping me get through a lingering cold and these last official weeks of winter. Few things make me feel better than curling up with a book and a cup of my favorite tea, except doing just that under a cozy blanket surrounded by delicious candles. When it comes to candles, I am obsessed with Kansas


10 ways to make the most of shelves

Built-in shelves serve as an alternative to a freestanding dresser or armoire in this bedroom. [Design Recipes]

By Cathy Hobbs Tribune News Service

When most people think of shelves, perhaps kitchen and bathrooms come to mind, a ledge to merely temporarily place something in the course of a daily routine. Instead, consider using shelves and shelving as a decorative area to help add interest and pizzazz. From metal to colors and even shelving of various lengths, here are some tips for how to incorporate shelves into your existing decor. 1. Consider untraditional elements such as metal shelves, especially if you are seeking a modern and minimal look and feel.

built-ins can be a turnoff, thoughtful and creative placement can be both purposeful and impactful. 5. Consider black or white shelving, depending on your wall color. The contrast can act as an interesting design element. 6. Incorporate shelves in entertainment areas such as dining and living rooms where shelves can display treasured mementos, family photos or memorabilia. 7. Consider using shelves on long walls as an alternative to traditional artwork.

2. Mix and match. Mixing shelves of different lengths and even colors can add interest.

8. Mix shelves with artwork. Often artwork can help to create a sense of balance.

3. Add elements such as framed photography, greenery and accents. Shelves don’t just have to be for books.

9. Consider placing shelves in a room that may need extra surfaces such as a child’s room or crafting space.

4. Consider builtin shelves. While an excessive amount of

10. Place shelves in a useful area such as near an entry or mudroom.

City’s own Pickwick Candles. Instead of my usual go-to scent (Front Porch) I have found myself gravitating toward the warm and sharp Black Pepper scent. A mix of black pepper, lemon, coriander and jasmine leaf on top of oakmoss, amber and patchouli leave a lingering scent in the air that is the perfect blend

of masculine spice and gentle floral tones. The perfect mix as we leave a tough winter for a (hopefully) light and fresh spring. Once I am enveloped in the scent of my candle, it’s time for the perfect blanket. That means not only is it as cozy as possible, but it also looks good artfully draped over

In a bid to remind myself that spring is around the corner, I love to create a silk floral bouquet to sit by my side. The perfect addition to any desk or tray, it really brings up my spirits. I love to use everlasting flowers that stay bright and colorful despite the changing weather. When I need an extra boost, Rootdown loose leaf tea from Headrush is my pick-me-up of choice. As a longtime tea fan, I can assure you, they know what they are doing. While I usually indulge in the gorgeous Organic Earl Grey Marie-Antoinette blend (not just because the rose petals make

for a beautiful cup, but that doesn’t hurt!) as of late I have been enjoying the Organic Immunity blend. Nancy Schneider, the creator of the Rootdown brand, helped pick out this tea after a chat about getting over my lingering cold. It’s smooth, sweet, just a little tart and has a kick of peppermint that has been incredibly soothing this winter. It is the perfect excuse to bring out my favorite willow teacup. These are only a few of the items I have been using to spoil myself this season. Keeping them within arms reach on an inspired tray has been a lovely and comfortable addition to my space. Whether it’s a lovely bouquet of silk flowers, a great book or a favorite scent, be sure to set aside time to indulge in what brings you joy!

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