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Reader’s clock low in collector interest Potential dollar value is below $100.

This clock case was likely made in America, circa 1900. [Submitted photo]

Q: I have attached several photos below of a clock I would like to know the value of. Do you have any information you can give me? — M.P., internet

A: The photographs you sent are quite clear, but your narrative leaves all the details missing. I cannot see the manufacturer’s mark on the movement. The case was likely made in America, circa 1900. However, the movement looks like it was made in Japan for the American market. One way or the other, collector interest is low.

Pioneer Garden Club

The world has changed. Families no longer consist of 10 children to work the family farm. Most families don’t live on farms. What’s a kid to do all day? Watch TV, video games, text message friends? Maybe. But, there are thousands of kids in Florida who don’t. They have a sense of wonder past our materialistic society. The world depends on our kids to understand that we need them. We need to them to feed us into the future, clothe us, create new bioinventions, medicines, forests, erosion control, animal habitats . . . We need them to dig it, to get their hands dirty and create new life. All they have to do is look around their own community. There are DEED TRANSFERS Warranty deed transfers in excess of $60,000 as recorded at the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office from Jan. 27-31: • Alderbrook. D R Horton Inc. to Elton Snowden: $224,990. • Allred’s Addition to Ocala. Irving Isicoff to Redimere Ventures LLC: $300,000. • Autumn Oaks. Nina Leak to JM Farms LLC: $150,000. • Avondale. Robert McDonald to Brian Richardson: $240,000. • Bahia Oaks. APLT 12 LLC to Diego Palacio: $180,000. • Belle Oaks. Aderholt Trust to Rosie Lee Dobson: $75,650. • Belle Oaks. Aderholt Trust to Eloise Godfrey: $90,000. • Belleview. Old World Capital Inc. to Harvey Blackwell: $121,000. • Belleview. Old World Capital Inc. to Harvey Blackwell: $121,000. • Belleview Heights Estates. Frances Lawrence to Alanna Boldt: $95,000. • Belleview Heights Estates. Ann Scott to Three Castles LLC: $105,500. • Belleview Heights Estates. Willie Atkins to Michael Critz: $139,000. • Belleview Ridge Estates. Raymond A. & Irene S. Dlugoborski Revocable Living Trust to Healthworks LLC: $65,000. • Carriage Hill. John Galat to David Midgett: $1,500,000. • Cedar Hills Addition. Ralph Howard to Candice Calvo: $145,000. • Circle Square Woods. Ruth Ann Doherty Estate to Ricky Edmunds: $84,900. • Circle Square Woods. Andre Polome to Doris Patrick Snable Trust: $85,000. • College Heights Park. Mary

A: Sets like the one you have were manufactured in large quantities. They were often purchased by servicemen when returning to the United States after serving in Asia. There is no collector interest. Generally speaking, they get bought and sold at recognizably low prices.

I have no family at all, and no real university affiliation, although I got my Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne in Australia. It makes me sad to think the journals will simply be tossed into the rubbish when I die. I would be willing to leave a cash bequest to any organization that

A: I agree that your journals should not end up in a rubbish pile. I suggest you contact the University of Florida Archives for Special Collections, perhaps they will have an interest in the journals. The phone number is 392-6547. Q: Some time ago, you gave me the name of an excellent repair man for glass, china etc. in Bell. He did amazing work. Now I have misplaced his information. Could you send it again? Thank you. — T.D.F., internet A: I think you mean Belleview. Leak Enterprises is located

in Belleview and does excellent restoration and repair. The phone number is 245-8862. Q: Is there a place in Gainesville to have an old cedar chest refinished? — S.F., internet A: I suggest you contact Glenn Camp at Central Florida Furniture Service. He will bring your old cedar chest back to life. The phone number is 895-1157.

— Ocala-based John Sikorski has more than 35 years of experience as an antiques adviser, consultant and broker. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala Star-Banner, 2121 SW 19th Avenue Road, Ocala, FL 34471-7752 or email absantique@aol. com


Kids Dig It! By Donna Paget

Q: I read your articles in the paper each Sunday and it struck us that you might know how to help us to determine the value or possible buyer for a solid bronze table setting with case from Thailand. It was acquired by my wife’s mom sometime in the late 1960s. Photos attached. We are looking to find the right buyer and an idea of its value. Can you help? — R.H., Ocala

Q: I am an author and journalist who has kept a personal journal since 1960. There are now enough of these journals to fill a couple of bankers’ boxes. They are not the “thoughts and feelings” type of journal popular today, but more of a Samuel Pepys style recounting of life’s events. As I have lived and worked all over the world, these might prove interesting to future generations wondering "what was it like?"

would agree to preserve them, but I have no idea of what such an organization would even be called, or if it exists. Any suggestions? — G.G., internet

many opportunities for teens to volunteer their time to outdoor endeavors, “greening” and environmental practices. Are there recently burned areas that need more trees or plants for erosion control? Can we help feed a community with healthy veggies by getting involved in a community garden? Are there non-native plants invading a nearby waterway? Is there a local wildlife sanctuary that needs a habitat built? Do we need to plant more colorful plants to attract the declining population of bees?

we have many creative outlets for our teens to shine (and blossom!). Future Farmers of America (FFA), 4-H Sciences programs, the Southeastern Youth Fair, the State Fair and high school Agriculture classes are a few programs that are shaping our horticultural stars of the future. These programs encourage leadership, involvement, social interaction and creating something.

Kids can be activists, but they’re also competitive. So how can they combine their connection with the earth and their competitive natures? Luckily, here in Florida,

4-H is a national club that was started over 100 years ago to give agricultural education to youth. Today the program serves almost 250,000 youth in Florida. Kids can learn about and compete in events from dogs, hogs, horses, plants, ants, mares and marine life! Our local UF/IFAS Extension County Office can give

Parrish Revocable Trust to Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC: $80,750. • College Heights Park. Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC to Gladys Hannah: $90,350. • Coronado. I Love Florida LLC to Daniel Price: $261,000. • Country Club of Ocala. Dale Cebert to BLIII Ocala LLC: $1,000,000. • Crescent Ridge. On Top of the World Communities LLC to Ronald Boverhuis: $241,000. • Derby Downs Condo. James Reed to Jeanne Carey: $64,000. • Druid Hills. Arkoub Inc. to Chelsea Leanne Sapp: $199,900. • Druid Hills. Robin Byrne to John Prosoco: $275,000. • Edgewater Estates. Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC to Martha Sedlock: $105,000. • Edgewater Estates. Pamela Vetro to Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC: $110,000. • Ethans Glen. Jason Scott Burns McLavy to Tina Lugo: $126,000. • Fairways of Stonecrest. Pitcher Family Trust to Sharon Audet: $225,000. • Forest Lakes Park Subdivision, Big Steep Lake Addition. Alice Greenman to Lauren Hoeppel: $89,500. • Fountains. Taneisha Battles to Courtney Lynn Lamela: $172,500. • Fox Meadows. Marsha Bowers to Jacalyn Ann Pee: $129,900. • Hidden Lake. Jeffrey Sutton to Paul Gooch: $172,000. • Hilldale. Mark Von Rodenstein to Hartvan LLC: $80,000. • Hunters Trace. Mary Howard to Daniel Vavra: $223,750. • Indigo East, South. On Top of

the World Communities LLC to Gordon Appleton: $229,315. • Indigo East, South. On Top of the World Communities LLC to Rita Mann: $245,090. • Irish Acres. Irish Acres Acquisitions LLC to Sindi Martinez: $79,000. • Kings Court. John Doperalski to Justin Lemstrom: $275,000. • Kingsland Country Estates. Leroy Clement to Kimberly Smith: $270,000. • Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Matthew Simpson to Amber Burch: $224,900. • Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Christopher Vincent Eastburn: $258,350. • Lake Diamond North. D R Horton Inc. to David Jennings: $207,990. • Lake George Manor. Srinivasa Sridhar to James Farley: $160,000. • Lake Judy Homesites. Ivan C. & Jean C. Briggs Revocable Trust to Nancy Walker: $70,000. • Lake Tropicana Ranchettes. James Decamp to Ernest Foster: $115,000. • Lake Weir Gardens. Don Vining to Adrienne Elaine Hartsock: $124,900. • Lake Weir Heights. Walgun CHPC LLC to Kristina Marie Kniffen: $155,000. • Leonardo Estates. Aderholt Trust to Arlene Silver: $158,900. • Links of Stonecrest. Tantillo Family Trust to Delores Stavola: $250,000. • Little Lake Weir. Common Wealth Trust Services LLC Trust to Carolyn Bell: $80,000. • Live Oak Village Condo. W. Scott Walker to George Caterino: $63,000. • Magnolia. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Sara

more information on Beginning Gardening and even about Junior Master Gardener programs. Though the Florida FFA was started less than 100 years ago, it still offers an impressive outlet for youth to participate in and strengthen American agriculture. With over 17,000 members in the state, the youth can compete in diverse leadership, agriculture, forestry, livestock and horticulture events to name a few.

Show is a part of the Romeo Roundup 4-H. The Intermediate and Senior levels competed through their FFA associations and were from Ft. McCoy FFA and Vanguard FFA. Another great event at the Southeastern Youth Fair is Plant ID. The contestants in this event can then be better able to select, buy, use, grow, sell, and appreciate the offerings of plants. That’s exciting news for our future, as this is the start of feeding the world.

The Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala is an organization that promotes horticulture and civic beauty in Marion County, so we love hearing about our youth who compete in these areas. According to the Southeastern Youth Fair website, the winner for the Junior level at the Horticulture

Though the Southeastern Youth Fair

Grisel Rios Gonzalez: $284,450. • Magnolia Forest. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Charles Love: $244,600. • Magnolia Grove. A Plus Homes Inc. to David Smith: $328,900. • Magnolia Manor. D R Horton Inc. to Jennifer Moss Saucer: $286,695. • Magnolia Manor. D R Horton Inc. to Tonni Davis Rapier: $304,110. • Magnolia Place. Jackie Barrettt to Patrice Perron: $60,000. • Magnolia Pointe. Jonathan Sardinas to Roy Sands: $245,000. • Magnolia Ridge. John Siwak to Eileen Beauchamp Ruiz: $265,000. • Marimere Subdivision. Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC to Mary Downs: $80,400. • Marion County. Judith A. Johnson Trust to Timothy Tillman: $73,500. • Marion County. Carolyn Barber Waters to John S. Ledakis Trust: $120,000. • Marion County. Mildred R. Powell Revocable Living Trust to Lucinda Bond Martz: $127,500. • Marion County. Stacy Weeks to Ronald Hughes: $150,000. • Marion County. Elmer Heubeck to Russell Burke: $159,800. • Marion County. Larry Miller to John Rude: $170,000. • Marion County. Janice Stowers to Kenneth Clark: $171,000. • Marion County. Michael England to Christopher Hill: $200,000. • Marion County. Center for Independent Living to Springhead Properties LLC: $215,000. • Marion County. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Mesquite Trust: $220,000.

Our youth aren’t just competing in identifying, growing and showing plants and animals. At the Southeastern Youth Fair and the Florida State Fair, kids are competing in other fun endeavors like BBQ and cooking shows.

• Marion County. Sonja Martin to Brittney Beckwith: $232,690. • Marion County. Premier Home Investments LLC to Berta Lopez: $235,000. • Marion County. Matthias Boeckler to Donnie Shuler: $240,000. • Marion County. CSX Transportation Inc. to Hidden Ranch Inc.: $250,000. • Marion County. Joylen Carlson to Paul Sullivan: $260,000. • Marion County. Abode Wells Inc. to Kenneth McRae: $406,125. • Marion County. R Choice Properties LLC to TLC Nest Egg LLC: $410,000. • Marion County. Thomas Foley to Joshua Oliver: $432,500. • Marion County. Hills of Florida LLC to Seth McBride Trust: $435,000. • Marion Oaks. 322 Marion Oaks CRSE LLC to Pauline Lenamond Trust: $85,000. • Marion Oaks. Rafael Carrion to Raul Leon: $119,119. • Marion Oaks. A Plus Homes Inc. to Dorothy Nimmo: $130,300. • Marion Oaks. Southern Impression Homes LLC to Denise Danielson: $139,900. • Marion Oaks. Timothy Rowell to Billy Harrell: $154,900. • Marion Oaks. Belac Homes Inc. to Jose Miguel Feliciano Torres: $154,900. • Marion Oaks. Belac Homes Inc. to Willie Gee: $154,900. • Marion Oaks. Belac Homes Inc. to James Montjoy: $158,800. • Marion Oaks. Belac Homes Inc. to Christopher Hensley Kelley: $160,000. • Marion Oaks. Boavista Properties LLC to Sam Seymour: $163,900. • Marion Oaks. Worldwide

is specifically for FFA and 4-H competitors, the State Fair has many competitive opportunities open to any youth who has an interest in agriculture, horticulture and cooking. Besides getting a cool ribbon, there are cash and scholarship prizes for many of the events. Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) has many events to include growing, showing and landscaping through Wekiva Youth Camp, SEEK and Youth Gardeners. Pioneer Garden Club is a member of the FFGC and is actively seeking youth to create new gardening circles. You see, we need the youth. We need them for the future of our food, our air, our environment. We need those kids who dig it. Alliance LLC to Lloyd Howard: $169,900. • Marion Oaks. Crystal Park Investments LLC to Evelyn Adams: $169,900. • Marion Oaks. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Lesma Colquhoun: $174,900. • Marion Oaks. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Lesma Colquhoun: $174,900. • Marion Oaks. Deltona Corp. to Denise King: $177,000. • Marion Oaks. Jen Homes LLC to William Clifton: $180,000. • Marion Oaks. Christine Krafft to Kenneth Koester: $225,000. • Meadows at Stonecrest. William Christopher Dunston Revocable Trust to Michele Kaline: $215,000. • Millwood Acres. Netishen Land Holdings LLC to Leslie Lopardo: $65,000. • North Valley of Stonecrest. Shay Family Trust to Ronald Stuhrmann: $185,000. • Oak Hill Plantation. Justino Flores Revocable Trust to John McCutcheon: $180,000. • Oak Hill Plantation. D R Horton Inc. to David Howard: $199,990. • Oak Hill Plantation. D R Horton Inc. to Qing Chen: $219,990. • Oak Hill Plantation. Katherine Vasquez to Bryan Hernandez: $225,000. • Oak Run. Catherine Broshears to Richard Kinne: $122,300. • Oak Run. Gary Fagen to Pamela Rosa: $135,000. • Oak Run. Dottie Fay Ruston Revocable Trust to Ronald Kohl: $137,000. • Oak Run. Eleanor Benton to Ronald Thorp: $139,900. • Oak Run. Roger A. Chaffee Revocable Trust to Henry Antoniolli: $145,000.

See Deeds, 4

In print & online www.marketplace.ocala.com/classifieds To place an ad, call 352-732-9565 or 1-800-622-5237 Advertise Online 24 Hours 7 Days A Week


Print & Online Classified Packages Starting at $7.99 per week* *MERCHANDISE ONLY


Try out these designer details secrets

colors and items that look like they belong together. 3. Go white. Sometimes white or neutral colors can make a soft and soothing palette. 4. Use pops of color. Subtle but purposeful pops of color can help highlight a space. 5. Vary height. Don’t use items that are all one height. 6. Use vignettes. Vignettes are small, thought-out design elements such as successfully paired together. 7. Don’t ignore surfaces such as dressers and countertops. These are great opportunities

to continue your design statement. 8. Dress your shelves. Bookshelves or open shelves throughout the home should be functionally yet aesthetically pleasing. Blend books with decorative elements. 9. Consider artwork instead of mirrors over dressers. Often this is an opportunity to continue a color story in a room. 10. Infuse greenery or natural elements. Many designers use organic and natural elements such as moss, greenery, reeds, branches, twigs and stones as filler design elements for spaces such as shelves, countertops and side tables.

this area.

The scent then rounds out with comforting notes of clove, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, hay and musk for a relaxing and warm finish, perfect with which to end your day.

The first look I wanted to pair with a scent is the gorgeous coral, cream and rose decor found in

our entrance to the shop. The texture in this room is stunning. Our design team paired and layered all types of textiles to create a dynamic and lux look. The juxtaposition between the traditional floral pattern on the accent chairs and the geometric coral cut velvet throw pillows is eye-catching and shows how dynamic the right fabric mix can be. The space has a great balance with dark stained wood pieces and bright white and cream pops of light with the sofa, lamps and vignettes. Now, how do we translate that into a scent pairing? With so much complexity in the design, I wanted a simple scent that still had the same balance of crisp brightness and moody depth. I ended up finding the perfect match in the scent Grapefruit Vanilla. The sharp and juicy white grapefruit oil blends with the earthy cedarwood and warm vanilla notes to create a scent that seems like it was made specifically for

to Aninda Eunus: $172,000. • Renaissance Park. Robert Brown to Kathryn Leone: $247,500. • Renaissance Park. Carolyn Digiambatista to Linda M. Samuel Trust: $278,000. • Renaissance Park. Susan Rossignol to James Frazier: $294,500. • Sa Te Ke Village. Gerald Meng to Patricia Lu Herkins Trust: $60,000. • Sandy Pines. Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Marcia Bickers Baldwin: $194,389. • Sevilla Estates. Randall Hunter to Tatiana Victoria Herrero: $123,000. • Sherwood Hills. Michael Creese to Hartvan LLC: $105,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Dorothy Peterson to Patricia Hazboun: $70,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Johannes Jensen III to A&M Properties of Ocala LLC: $84,750. • Silver Springs Shores. Habitat for Humanity Marion County Community Land Trust Inc. to Nadine Council: $107,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Cape Village Group Inc. to Pedro Luis Santos Iglesias: $115,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Km Reynolds Enterprises LLC to Jessica Beylotte: $119,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Marvin Emerson to Lane Calkins: $120,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Eric Ackley: $126,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Cathy Gonzalez to Tracey Guerrero: $136,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Your Ocala Homes Corp. to Paul Thorla: $139,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Purgatory Holdings LLC to George Graham: $144,000.

• Silver Springs Shores. CGB Construction Group Inc. to Jose Agudelo: $150,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Jen Homes LLC to Briana Marissa Muti: $157,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Wabeeda Baksh Hussain to Timothy Lamorte: $159,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Core Dev LLC to Erin Akins: $162,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Craig Ulrich to Colton Harrison: $169,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Taria Burgos: $184,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Jocalbro Inc. Profit Sharing Plan Trust to Anthony Tanzola: $189,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Linh Nguyen to Raymond Presley: $189,750. • Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to John Campbell: $194,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Scott Markel to Elizabeth Plaza: $196,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Richard Coming to Sonja Martin: $157,000. • Silver Springs Village. Michael Simoneau to Teddy Luker: $94,900. • Silver Springs Village. DVP LP to Joshua Landt: $112,100. • Smith & Daugherty’s Addition to Ocala. City of Ocala to Ta2019 LLC: $115,000. • South Ocala Waterway Estates. Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc. to Gabriel Eugene: $230,100. • Sparr Meadows. Robert Tweedly to Raymond Bolinski: $175,000. • Spring Grove. Mark Humphrey to Michelle Peddicord: $827,500. • Spruce Creek. East to West Distressed LLC to Peter Kalinski: $70,000. • Spruce Creek. James

Workman to John Colagiovani: $131,000. • Spruce Creek. Sandra Babij to Brendan Byrne: $173,000. • Spruce Creek. Karen Pons to Michael Fisher: $188,000. • Spruce Creek. Daniel Poropat to Candelaria Bonilla Wilkins: $195,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Monarch. Wissner Trust to Richard Reynolds: $209,900. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Starr Pass. Carl Bannister to Julie M. Mossa Trust: $329,900. • Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club, St. Andrews. John Donato to Roger Warner: $189,000. • Spruce Creek Preserve. Allen Grissom to Nancy Reznik: $155,500. • Spruce Creek South. Piscalko Family Trust to Lesa Feeney: $135,000. • Spruce Creek South. Mary W. Sager Trust to Sandra Lee Wilkerson: $143,000. • Spruce Creek South. Robert Philp III Trust to John Sciarra: $168,000. • S.R. Pyles Plat. Victor Real Estate Investments LLC to Maria C. Lopez Taveras: $135,400. • Stone Creek, Arlington. Michale Tenerella to Charles Grayson: $218,000. • Stone Creek, Notthingham. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Justine Cancryn: $213,710. • Stone Creek, Santa Fe. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Louis H. Enloe Trust: $400,000. • Stone Creek, Silver Glen. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Garry Dale: $274,700. • Stone Creek, Weston. Mara Ferraro to James Joyner: $354,000. • Summerglen. James Moore to Michael Ordway: $168,000. • Summerton South. Charles Tanner to Matt Wymer: $325,000. • Sun Tree. Anna Norris to

By Cathy Hobbs

Tribune News Service

Design isn’t always seen and heard. Often the best design techniques are small, hidden touches. Less is often more. Some of the best designs aren’t always made in the big moments but in the small details. From color to the right furniture, fabrics, artwork and accessories, we’ve assembled some designer details secrets. 1. Incorporate shape blocking. This involves the repetition of shapes or patterns to make a design feel cohesive. 2. Use thoughtful accents. Accessories are critical elements of a room. Incorporate

White and cream creates a neutral and elegant look. [Design Recipes/TNS]

Spring scent pairings


is an art that should indulge as many of your senses as possible, from touch to hearing and smell.

Walking into a beautiful room is a treat for the eyes, but it can be a full sensory experience with the right mix of textures and perfectly paired scents! [Handout/TNS]

By Katie Laughridge Tribune News Service

Walking into a beautiful room is a treat for the eyes, but it can be DEED TRANSFERS From Page 2

• Oak Run, Laurel Oaks. Kirsten Albrecht to Linda Markov: $180,000. • Oak Run, Preserve. Wedemeyer Family Living Trust to Laura Lathrop: $198,000. • Oak Trail Estates. Edward Honkus to Timothy Hogue: $370,000. • Ocala Highlands Addition. Advanced Holdings Real Estate LLC to Stuart Venables: $167,500. • Ocala Highlands Estates. Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Raymond Stewart: $99,900. • Ocala Palms. Nora Arriola to Suslar LLC: $167,000. • Ocala Palms. Janet Greene to Dennis Gada: $205,000. • Ocala Park Estates. Donald Thomas to Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC: $87,653. • Ocala Park Estates. Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC to Raymond Pelikan: $102,350. • Ocala Park Estates. A Plus Homes Inc. to Shernard Blake: $120,700. • On Top of the World. Sines Joint Declaration of Trust to Edward Lamoureux: $213,000. • On Top of the World, Avalon. Joe Talley to John Hartney: $219,000. • On Top of the World, Avalon. On Top of the World Communities LLC to John Liqua: $317,435. • On Top of the World, Central. Harold C. & Ruth M. Rasmussen Revocable Living Trust to John Flaherty: $118,500. • Orange Blossom Hills. Kenneth Konchan to Robert Burns: $130,000. • Orange Blossom Hills. Carson Building & Development LLC to Michael

a full sensory experience with the right mix of textures and perfectly paired scents. For a room to meet its full potential, I believe interior design

Conover: $173,500. • Orange Blossom Hills. Carson Building Development LLC to James Streeter: $179,000. • Palm Cay. Louis Kaspar to Ronald Headrick: $74,900. • Palm Cay. Sharon Sechler to David Bees: $112,000. • Palm Cay. William Root to Thomas King: $120,000. • Pine Ridge Estates. Gerald Iredale to Brian Henry: $86,500. • Pine Ridge Estates. Trudi Quick to Andrea Schaffer: $87,000. • Prairie View. ML Miller LLC to Judy Long: $63,450. • Preserve at Heath Brook. D R Horton Inc. to Gaston Efren Aragon Centeno: $289,990. • Rainbow Acres. U S Bank N A Trust to C & G Investment Fund LLC: $169,950. • Rainbow Acres. James Paul Mills Estate to Vann Manuel: $230,000. • Rainbow Heights. Offerpad Spvborrower1 LLC to Juan Tomas Diaz Garcia: $250,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Myana Gibson to Eleanor Gleiter: $101,900. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Luke Crumley to Megan Ahmed: $140,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Marcus Stern to Keith Morrison: $192,500. • Rainbow Springs. James Poublon to Joy Lea Rawls: $166,000. • Rainbow Springs. William Gordon to Ricky Bateman: $175,000. • Rainbow Springs. Darlene Taylor to Julia Westervelt: $213,000. • Rainbow Springs. What Wealthy Women Do LLC to Joseph Martinez: $234,000. • Rainbow’s End Estates. Diana Waldrep to Ralph Howard: $133,500. • Red Hawk. Keya Homes Inc.

Smell is one of the senses I tend to focus on since it is the most powerful link to our emotions and feelings. I rarely get as much nostalgia as I do when I come across a scent from the past. It is also an important tool for creating ambiance and mood within a space. With a new season upon us, it’s finally time to switch out some of our go-to winter scents (goodbye for now, Frasier fir) for our beloved springtime indulgences. As our pillows and vignettes change, so must our candles. This week I am pairing some of our recent designs with our favorite Pickwick scents for a fresh springtime look (and smell).

Heading upstairs, I went straight to a bedroom display that is light and airy and surprisingly fun and colorful. While at first glance it seems like a classic blue and white setting, the closer you look the more hues pop out of the lovely paisley print pillows. Soft blue accents and a pink tasseled throw blanket make for a sweet and romantic display that is stylish yet comfortable. With the youthful colors and tropical leaf print, this bedding is a breath of fresh air. Right away I knew the perfect scent would be High Cotton. Just as this design isn’t your traditional blue and white combination, High Cotton isn’t your typical linen-inspired scent. It mixes the forever favorite floral notes like lavender, rose and carnation with bright pops of lime, grapefruit and orange blossom to add a bit of energy and excitement.

For our final pairing I was drawn to our customer-favorite coral ceiling room. With a spring display that reaches from dining room to living room, it has all the vibrant colors and whimsical patterns that make me so excited for the season. The design could only be matched with the ultimate spring scent, Screened Porch. The fresh blend of sweet honeysuckle petals, jasmine, musk and mandarin complement oils of crispy green grass, green rose and geranium leaf just as the patterns and colors are tempered by the natural element of wood and greenery. It creates the perfect simple scent that also has a few unexpected and fun surprises.

Jennifer Celeste Gregorio: $172,000. • Thornhill Manor. Timothy James Mewbern II to John Oatman: $128,000. • Towering Oaks. Safe Ira Homes LLC Trust to Amanda Garner: $145,000. • Vermillion Estates. Hector De Jesus Rodriguez to Ameer Ali: $260,000. • Villages of Marion. Ronald Marcotte to Carol Case: $215,000. • Villages of Marion. Rea Edenfield to Frank Popeleski: $257,000. • Villages of Marion. Francis Reese to Anita Kinney: $385,000. • Villages of Marion. Cannestra Family Trust to Diana Cabot: $392,000. • Villages of Marion, Forsyth Villas. Lombard McClellan Revocable Living Trust to Juliana Rozza: $300,000. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Bromley. Samuel Leavitt to Daniel Magistre: $178,000. • Villas at Bellechase. Bruce Campbell to Daniel Czapski: $340,000. • Villas of Belleview. Janet Guthery to Barbara Hull: $120,000. • West Marion Farms. Charles Lowe to Robert Vanscoten: $230,000. • Windsor. Elizabeth C. Ferris 1998 Trust to Melinda Turner: $295,000. • Winter Woods. Richard Pastucha to Roger Mintz Trust: $285,000. • Wood Acres. Ronald & Carol R. Kaplan Revocable Trust to Jax Home Ventures Inc.: $83,000. • Woodfield Estates. Woodfield Estates Investments LLC to Kinsell Custom Homes LLC: $166,155.

Where a crooner once roamed


mountainscape form a scenic backdrop for the site. The home site had been listed last year for $5.95 million before being removed from the market. Kardashian West, 39, appears on the reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” with her siblings. She and West were married in 2014 and have four children together. West, 42, has been nominated for 69 Grammy Awards, winning 21. His ninth and latest studio album, “Jesus Is King,” was released last year.

“Rancho Autry,” the Palm Springs estate of cowboy entertainer Gene Autry, is on the market for $8.25 million. The seller is his widow, Jackie Autry. The gated estate encompasses 1.5 acres with a seven-bedroom main house, a guest apartment, a tennis court and a glass mosaic swimming pool. [Ryan V Castillo/Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties/TNS]

By Neal J. Leitereg And Jack Flemming Los Angeles Times (TNS)

LOS ANGELES — A piece of Palm Springs history is up for grabs in Old Las Palmas. “Rancho Autry,” the former estate of cowboy entertainer Gene Autry, is on the market in the desert city for $8.25 million. Autry and his wife, Jackie, paid $2.05 million for the home in 1997, and the crooner died a year later at 91. He made an indelible mark on Southern California in the latter half of his life, owning a TV station, multiple radio stations, a Palm Springs hotel and the Angels baseball team for 36 years. He also picked up a few properties along the way, including an Encino mansion that eventually sold to “Survivor” host Jeff Probst and a Midcentury condo in Palm Springs’ Ocotillo Lodge. The ranch is the biggest by far, clocking in at more than 13,400 square feet. Now owned by his widow, the gated estate holds a guest apartment, a tennis court, a glass mosaic swimming pool, drought-tolerant landscaping, citrus trees and turf lawns across 1.5 acres. The main home wraps around a courtyard and boasts colorful living spaces with hardwood floors, French doors, carved ceilings and five fireplaces. The living room is colored yellow, while the chandelier-topped

dining room features a more dramatic shade of orange. In the kitchen, a wall of glass overlooks the tennis court. The master suite — one of seven bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms — includes a steam shower, spa tub and sauna with skylights. Covered patios and lofted lounges circle the palm-topped backyard. The outdoor space, clad in Saltillo tile, also has a swimming pool with a spa in addition to mountain views. Autry had a television show bearing his name from 1950 to 1956 and was in scores of films. His signature song, “Back in the Saddle Again,” was used in the 1939 film “Rovin’ Tumbleweeds” and became the theme song for his radio show, which ran from 1940 to 1956. His biggest hit song was “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” KARDASHIAN EMPIRE EXPANDS IN LA QUINTA Kim Kardashian West has followed in the footsteps of her mother, Kris Jenner, and sister Kylie Jenner, buying an undeveloped home site in La Quinta’s Madison Club community for $6.3 million, records show. The property is on the same street as the minimalist mansion that Kris Jenner purchased in 2018 for $12 million. It’s also a few doors down from the undeveloped parcel Kylie Jenner bought last year. Kardashian West and husband Kanye West

made the purchase toward the end of 2019 using a trust that holds other properties for the family. The seller was a corporate entity tied to Los Angeles-based billionaire Ron Burkle.

Comprised of two lots totaling about 2 acres, the property overlooks the sixth fairway of the Tom Fazio-designed golf course. Mature trees and the surrounding

The couple owns other property in Southern California, including a massive compound in L.A. County’s Hidden Hills neighborhood. HE’S BUTTONED UP NEW DIGS Fashion-designer-tothe-stars Bob Mackie has found a fit in South Palm Springs, buying a contemporary home in a gated community for $825,000.

The boxy single-story house, built in 2012, has a separate casita that combines to offer three bedrooms, three bathrooms and about 2,100 square feet of space. The versatile floor plan includes a great room, a formal dining room, an eat-in kitchen and multiple fireplaces. The master retreat has a sitting room. Outside, covered patios provide space for entertaining. The grounds feature desert landscaping and a heated swimming pool with a spa. A two-car garage sits off the front. The property had been listed outside the Multiple Listing Service for $825,000. Mackie, 80, is a ninetime Emmy winner and three-time Oscar nominee who dressed such stars as Cher, Bette Midler, Judy Garland and Joan Rivers. He designed costumes for Carol Burnett on “The Carol Burnett Show” during its entire run, as well as its spinoff “Mama’s Family.

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