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Saturday, February 10, 2018 1

Saturday, February 10, 2018

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Saturday, February 10, 2018


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Saturday, February 10, 2018 3


Saturday, February 10, 2018


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4-H’ers learning about plants through judging teams Small gold figurines used to style a bookshelf helps make the bookcase an attractive focal point. [DESIGN RECIPES]

All that glitters is gold (accents) By Cathy Hobbs Tribune News Service

Gold has long been associated with luxury and glamour. And it’s currently one of the hottest and most utilized finishes in home decor. Gold or brass accents remain more popular than ever and can serve as the perfect complement to your existing decor. When looking for ways to incorporate gold accents into your home, here are some basic design rules to keep in mind. Do: • Use gold as accents in accessory items such as toss pillows. • Consider infusing gold or brass accents through your use of artwork, either in the artwork itself or in the frame. • Consider using gold in a series of similar accent pieces such as a long row of

mirrors hung in a space. • Incorporate small gold accents in smaller surface areas such as nightstands or bookcases. • Experiment with accent pieces of different sizes and shapes. Don’t: • Overdo it. In many cases, less is more. Use your gold accents purposefully and sparingly. • Use gold on too many primary or large pieces in a room, as this can overwhelm. • Miss an opportunity to mix gold with other metallic elements such as silver. • Forget it’s OK to mix different materials such as lacquer and wood with some of your gold elements. • Pair gold accents with too many patterns. Solid colors such as black and white can help enhance gold accent pieces.

Amanda Morgan


ver heard of a judging team? In Alachua County we have six youth judging teams that meet to study anything from livestock to horticulture. Four of these teams — Marine Ecology, Forest Ecology, Horticulture and Entomology — include plant identification as a section in their state contest. The judging team events are seasonal, with Forest Ecology in the spring, Marine Ecology and Horticulture during the summer months and Entomology in the fall. Currently, most of the youth involved in a judging team are members of all the teams, so their knowledge base is extensive and impressive. The Horticulture team learns 50 woody ornamentals, 50 flowers and foliage, 50 vegetables and 50 fruits and nuts. Last year Alachua had the statewinning intermediate team and high-placing individual for Forest Ecology. In 4-H we believe in hands-on learning and lifeskill development, meaning that anything we do is an activity and is linked to life skills. 4-H’ers learn a variety of skills from participating on a judging team including reasoning, critical thinking, teamwork, decision making and communication. The teams

The senior entomology team teaches both national and international audiences about the 4-H entomology project. [SUBMITTED PHOTO]

practice around 20 times over the three months leading up to the state contest. Each team has a coach who is a volunteer or UF faculty member that organizes the practices. The coach coordinates with local experts and University of Florida faculty. 4-H connects youth with the experts in specific knowledge areas. For example, the Forest Ecology team will hike with local forestry experts and identify trees and plants during the hike. The forestry and Horticulture team also visited the UF herbarium for a behind-the-scenes tour and to learn how to properly mount and preserve specimens. The Marine Ecology team spent a day learning new plant species at Anastasia State Park with a park ranger. The Entomology team is a brand new team developed because of Alachua

4-H’ers interest in insects. Youth work on collecting, identifying, labeling and curating hundreds of insects through the year. Youth plan trips across the Southeast to collect and can be found with collecting equipment 24/7. The team went with UF faculty on an overnight trip to Archold Biological Station to collect insects in a new ecosystem. This connects back to the Forest Ecology contest where youth have to identify insects and diseases. Another neat thing these 4-H’ers do is participate in environmental community service. These youth have helped develop gardens at the Altrusa House and in Micanopy, as well as participate in the Great Invader Rally removing invasive plants. They also can be found in classrooms teaching other See GARDEN, 9

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Saturday, February 10, 2018 5


Warranty deed transfers in excess of $60,000 as recorded at the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court's office from Jan. 8-12: • 302 Broadway Condo. McBride Development Sprint LLC to 4 Sisters Land Holdings LLC: $287,500. • Arnold Acres. US Bank N A Trust to Blas Perez Padilla: $76,125. • Belleview Hills. Richard Baiardi to Sundaree Nanan: $70,000. • Breezewood Estates. Sheila Kelly to Hector R. Fernandez Rivera: $82,000. • Brighton Condo. Randall Scott Schoultz to Steven Ferrell: $142,000. • Caldwell's Addition to Ocala. Amy Sue Liebmann to Carol Gerwig McCammon: $215,000. • Candler Hills East. Gerald Battey to Florida Home Exchange LLC: $200,000. • Candler Hills West, Sanctuary at Stonebridge. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Bruce Woodall: $331,690. • Candler Hills West, Sanctuary at Stonebridge. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Paul Dell: $332,640. • Candler Hills West, Stonebridge. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Richard C. Ross Trust: $342,540. • Churchill. Jocelyn Carrillo to Angela Worley: $152,800. • Churchill. Don Doerfler to Kenneth Weyrauch: $165,000. • Circle Square Woods. Michael Valentino to Allen Berkowitz: $70,000. • Citrus Park. Neu Family Trust to WWRD House Buyers LLC: $95,000. • Citrus Park. WWRD House Buyers LLC to Mathis Properties LLC: $105,000. • Citrus Park. Evelyn Marie Dsouza to Shane Austin

Diaz: $135,000. • Cobblestone. Norma Sanders to Virgil Whitecotten: $241,000. • Diamond Ridge. Rayna Pounds to Jessica Audit: $255,000. • Edgewood Park. Jeffery Shealy to Erik Rauba: $343,000. • Fairfield Oaks. L B Holdings LLC to Karen Boggs: $120,000. • Forest Green. Richard Montefesco to Tommie Reitenauer: $65,000. • Forty Ninth Street Village. Larry Stone to Dawn Morris: $100,000. • Foxrun Estates. Rowe Family Trust to Luis Taborda: $340,000. • Grapeland Terrace. 611 & 613 LLC to Renee Noble Vathroder: $125,000. • Heritage Hills. Delynn Parlier to Berg & Berg Properties LLC: $92,500. • High Pointe. Preston Properties of Ocala LLC to Silvia Gutierrez: $112,000. • Huntington. Damion Jae Schinnerer to Naomi Shanti Ballard: $237,000. • Jumbolair Aviation Estates. William Perez to Raymond Morris McIntosh: $275,000. • Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Highland Holdings Inc. to Scott Parker: $199,773. • Kingsland Country Estates, Forest Glenn. Highland Holdings Inc. to Peter Spiropoulos: $236,584. • Kingsland Country Estates, Whispering Pines. Elaine Moore to Thomas Louis: $249,000. • Kozicks. Clerk of the Circuit Court to East Ocala LLC: $175,000. • Lake Tropicana Ranchettes. David Rose to Jose Mclean: $229,999. • Lake Tropicana Ranchettes. Cecil Johnson to Jospeh Griffiths: $233,000. • Lake Weir Beach. Ocklawaha United Methodist

Church to Bradley Steger: $105,000. • Lake Weir Gardens. David Lewis to David William Manges: $127,500. • Lakes of Stonecrest. Maxine Williams to Terry Lee Allen: $188,000. • Laurel Wood. Joseph Poirier to Sridhar Reddy Sagili: $435,000. • Leeward Air Ranch. William Doty to James Doty: $265,000. • Lexington Estates. Circle B of Ocala Inc. to Delvina Colette Hanson: $103,000. • Magnolia. Vincent Kossak to Cesar A. Puello Sanchez: $193,000. • Marion County. Priest Revocable Trust to Thomas Sanders: $67,500. • Marion County. City of Ocala to Worldwide Alliance LLC: $75,000. • Marion County. Christian Worship Center of Central Florida Inc. to Robert Vickers: $125,000. • Marion County. Edgar Mounsey to Healing Land Solutions LLC: $139,500. • Marion County. Fred Beshears to Shannon Stepp: $258,000. • Marion County. Dondra Burgess to Richard Dutton: $260,000. • Marion County. Victor Rafael Diaz to Dwight Littlefield: $310,000. • Marion County. Paul Andrew Buchkovich Revocable Trust to Hercules Fence Co. Inc: $395,000. • Marion County. Nancy W. Browder Declaration of Trust to Jackie Weber: $435,000. • Marion County. Sharlotte Rierson to Pasco Turf & Tractor LLC: $475,000. • Marion County. Shane Allen to Alan Rank: $560,000. • Marion County. Ruth Rutherford to Golden Ocala Equestrian Land L L C: $649,900. • Marion Oaks. A Plus

Homes Inc. to Nicholas John Ramos: $106,900. • Marion Oaks. Diane Ingvaldsen to Francisco Agosto Berrios: $113,000. • Marion Oaks. Edward J. Fink Revocable Living Trust to George Thomas: $120,000. • Marion Oaks. Traci McDavitt to Doris Rebeca Pena: $124,900. • Marion Oaks. Michael Camp to Candy Cane Walk: $128,000. • Marion Oaks. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Ulysses Robles: $137,900. • Marion Oaks. Barbara Hackett to Imran Khan: $138,000. • Marion Oaks. Maura Mcnulty to Benjamin Ocampo: $148,000. • Marion Oaks. Daniel Cronin to Harry Russell:

$150,000. • McIntosh Subdivision. Tazmet LLC to G5 Property Group LLLP: $315,000. • New Survey South Ocala. Judy L. Pulsipher Revocable Trust to Venture 601 LLC: $275,000. • North Ocala Waterway Estates. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Brian Smith: $179,900. • North Valley of Stonecrest. Hite Family Trust to Gregory Riegel: $213,000. • Oak Run. Chester A. Jr. & Marianne A. Richard Revocable Trust to Madeline Durand Brown: $85,000. • Oak Run, Baytree Greens. Raymond Hagerman to Dennis Hurst: $192,900. • Ocala Highlands. Thomas Mello to Diane Schoolcraft: $141,500. • Ocala Highlands. Wilfredo

Antonio Comas Estate to Virginio Orlando Machado: $183,000. • Ocala Industrial Park. D A Properties II LLC to Lashree Holdings LLC: $850,000. • Ocala Park Estates. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Otania Dominguez: $109,900. • On Top of the World, Avalon. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to Douglas Allan Himes: $246,855. • On Top of the World, Providence. On Top of the World Communities Inc. to David Allan Rearcik: $250,005. • Orange Blossom Hills. Kenneth G. & Peggy S. Cassels Revocable Living Trust to Darielle Spafford:

See DEEDS, 6


Saturday, February 10, 2018


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Alphabet bowl includes Kewpie decorated surface specialties was nursery ware. Current potential dollar value is below $100.

John Sikorski Q: I have this child’s bowl. Underneath it says “DEM, East Liverpool WET.” It measures 5 1/2 inches across the inside and 7 1/2 across the outside. The bowl belonged to my grandmother and my mother thinks it was made in the 1920s. I have included a photo, as you can see it is in really good condition. What is it worth and how old do you think it is? — C.N., internet A: You have a child’s alphabet bowl with a Kewpie decorated surface. Rose O’Neill created the pixie-like figure that was first depicted in the Ladies Home Journal. The mark on the back of the bowl indicates it was produced by the D.E. McNicol Company in East Liverpool, Ohio, between 1915 and 1923. One of their

DEEDS From Page 5 $113,000. • Oronoque. Wendell Sellers to Christopher Ulrich: $324,000. • Paddock Park Medical Center Condo. Rheumatology Office Condominium LLC to Jupiter Chase Investments LLC: $655,000. • Palm Cay. Kindred Spirits Holdings LLC to Daniel Lee Hilger: $84,900. • Preserve at Heath Brook. Ian Javier Figueroa Quinones to

This child’s alphabet bowl was produced by the D.E. McNicol Company in East Liverpool, Ohio, between 1915 and 1923.

Q: Enclosed please find a couple of pictures of a telephone coffee grinder. It was made by Arcade Mfg. Co, Patent date 1893. It is 6 1/2 by 13 inches high. Would you know how much I could sell it for? — U.B., internet A: Coffee mills or grinders have been a specific category of collector interest for some time now. New boutique coffee retailing chains have helped increase collector interest in coffee paraphernalia in the general population as well. Coffee shops often display different types of antique coffee mills as decorative accents in store windows, etcetera. The Arcade Mfg. Company made several versions of the hand crank telephone motif coffee mill during the last two decades of the 1800s. The one you have with an ornate cast iron floral motif front was their fancy model. Current potential dollar value is below $500.

Q: My husband stayed in Germany after World War II and I joined him there in 1946. We lived in Augsburg. This is in Bavaria. The Germans were starving then, hard to believe now, and sold or exchanged their most prized family possessions for food. I became the owner of several items which may have value and perhaps you could tell me about them. One is a silver plate about 11 inches in diameter with five coins embedded in it. Each coin is about 3 inches in diameter. One has Arabic numerals 1642. The other have Roman

numerals from the 1600s to the 1700s. The plate and the coins are in good condition. They bear the pictures and names of various kings of that period such as Leopold. I have about five demitasse cups in good condition. Several others in not so good condition. I was told they were from royal households and they look like they could have been. I have a post World War II Rosenthal figure of a boy with a sheep. It bears the stamp on the bottom, Occupied Germany. Evidently they got back

Payvand Shahram: $260,000. • Quail Meadow. Lyle David Winchester to Miguel T. Cruz Arias: $170,000. • Quail Meadow. David Gavidia to Donald Aiton: $175,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Margaret Revel to Equity Trust Co: $70,000. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Diann Marcum: $85,500. • Rainbow Lakes Estates. H. Irene McFadden to Marla Marie Bencomo: $90,000. • Rainbow Rolling Ranch Acres. Gwendolyn Smith to Thomas Yarosh: $127,000.

• Rainbow Springs Country Club Estates. R. Alan McIver to Steven Worden: $95,000. • Reddick. Mlc Realty Holdings LLC to Donald W. Darley Properties LLC: $145,000. • Sherman Oaks. Belford Cox to Charles Tintera: $229,100. • Silver Acres. William Pardee to Julian Osorno: $166,000. • Silver Springs Forest. Eric Shannon to Mildred Perez Rodriguez: $150,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Trust to Albert Garfield: $60,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Caliber

Home Loans Inc. to J.B. Jones Jr. Trust Jones Jr. Trust: $60,944. • Silver Springs Shores. Russell Victor Grace to Margaret Murray: $65,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Icon Real Estate Investments LLC to BLLM Enterprises LLC: $65,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Your Reliable Property Solutions LLC to Richard Bechtold: $65,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Leona Barratt to Florida Properties of Ocala LLC: $70,987. • Silver Springs Shores. Mark Goldstein to Geraldine Potter: $73,000.


into production very fast. — Sincerely, B.C., Crystal River A: The type of silver or plated plate, you have, with embedded coins were produced usually in conjunction with a celebration of some event or notable person. If it is sterling there will be sterling hallmarks on the bottom. They will give the town and date of origin. Without these it is impossible to say more. The demitasse cups are likely to be of some specific collector interest. Send photographs and include information on the marks, if any, on the underside of the cups. A photograph of the figurine is also necessary for me to help you. John Sikorski is an Ocala antiques dealer. He hosts a call-in radio show, “Sikorski’s Attic,’’ on WUFT-FM (89.1 FM). It can be heard each Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala Star-Banner, 2121 SW 19th Ave. Road, Ocala, FL 34471-7752, or email

• Silver Springs Shores. Nichelle Peaks to Michael Taccetta: $83,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Jason Buckingham to Gary White: $103,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Tammy Jo Gillette to Kyle Nathan Davis: $105,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Randall Getz: $134,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Perfect Deed Homes LLC to Hector Pascual: $137,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Jon

See DEEDS, 7

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Saturday, February 10, 2018 7


Encino sale hits it out of the park By Neal J. Leitereg Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — Former professional baseball player Jimmy Rollins has circled the bases on a record home sale. A trust tied to the former Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop has bought a gated estate in Encino for $10.65 million, setting a new record for the community. The sale price is also among the highest ever recorded in the San Fernando Valley, according to real estate agents with knowledge of the area. Set behind walls and gates, the neoclassical-vibe house is fronted by a horseshoe driveway that surrounds a circular fountain feature. The facade features four thick pillars supporting a covered porch, a balcony

DEEDS From Page 6 Simms to Cartus Financial Corp: $137,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Cartus Financial Corp. to Frank Torres: $137,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Worldwide Alliance LLC to Dale Bellanceau: $137,900. • Silver Springs Shores. Jen Homes LLC to Fredrick Mobley: $138,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Rajasekhar Ventrapragada to Jorge Beltran: $140,000. • Silver Springs Shores. Steek Structures of Florida Inc. to Jose Angel Lugo Martinez: $144,100. • Silver Springs Shores. Dustin Wiechens to Angel Galicia: $154,900.

and an ornate frontispiece. Beyond the double front doors of the 14,900-squarefoot house is a two-story entry with a sweeping double staircase and domed ceilings. Crisp white walls are awash in wainscoting and gold trim. Sconces and contemporary chandeliers keep the interior well lit. Living spaces include formal living and dining rooms, a theater room and a wine cellar. The openplan kitchen and family room has bi-folding doors that open to the grounds. Elsewhere are a gym, a sauna and an indoor pool. A cabana with a fireplace, a swimming pool and spa, lawns and a sports court make up the grounds. A two-bedroom guesthouse sits near the pool. There are eight bedrooms

and 10 bathrooms in all. The 2017-built estate had been listed for $11.999 million. Rollins, 39, is a three-time all-star, four-time Gold Glove Award winner and the 2007 National League Most Valuable Player. He spent the majority of his 17-season career with Philadelphia and won a World Series title with the team in 2007.

• Silver Springs Shores. OLLEB Homes LLC Trust to Mark Albinger: $173,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Jerry Perry to Natalie Marin: $196,500. • Silver Springs Shores. Frank Edmunds to Frank Lee Edmunds III: $224,200. • Silver Springs Shores. Drake Construction Services Inc. to William Jacobsen: $320,000. • Silver Springs Village. Richard Blake to Lisa Renee Gruber: $75,000. • Spring Highlands. Jeane M. Watkins Wurtz Revocable Living Trust to Miguel Angel Pena Sr.: $103,000. • Spruce Creek. Hernando Investment Fund LLC to Liantine Paris: $74,900. • Spruce Creek. David Atkinson to Leroy Justice: $89,900. • Spruce Creek Country Club,

Actress Natalie Zea, who stars on the TBS show “The Detour,” and her husband, actor-producer Travis Schuldt, have bought the Glendale compound of music industry veteran Henry Marx for $2.15 million. The Spanish-style home,

built in 1926, is full of character and romantic details such as the vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, arched windows and three tiled fireplaces. A fireplace decorated in floral tile work creates visual interest in the outdoor courtyard. Beyond the hand-carved double-entry doors, the roughly 5,000 square feet of living space includes a great room, a step-up dining room, a center-island kitchen, four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The den is filled with wood-paneled built-ins and a skylight-topped wet bar. Outside, the gated halfacre lot holds a swimming pool and spa, expansive decking, a sports court and an outdoor kitchen. There are attached and detached guesthouses, a pool house and a three-car garage.

See HOT, 13

Sherwood. Robert Hughes to Better Call Gary LLC: $244,000. • Spruce Creek Country Club, Windward Hills. Francis Hagmann Trust to Nancy Greulich: $230,000. • Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club, Avenel. Todt Living Trust to Joyce E. Barney Trust: $185,000. • Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club, Reston. Patricia Weddle to Paul Schmidt: $255,500. • Spruce Creek South. Terry Waters to Barbara Phyllis Psihogios: $162,000. • Spruce Creek South. Roudebush Family Trust to Frederick Burger: $165,000. • Stone Creek, Arlington. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Dorothy Linda Wells: $163,170. • Stone Creek, Fairfield. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Knute E. Farness Trust: $424,210.

• Stone Creek, Longleaf. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Ronald Paul Wojack: $198,500. • Stone Creek, Longleaf. Pulte Home Co. LLC to Douglas Mickle: $251,100. • Stonewood Villas. Nancy Smith to Donna Sellers: $176,500. • Summerton South. Christopher Francis to Alin Siladi: $330,000. • Ub 28-12-22. James Basham to Timothy Hushion: $130,000. • Villages of Marion. Carol Picone Trust to Carlo Prosia: $216,000. • Villages of Marion. Thomas Denofa to Michael Siegert: $220,000. • Villages of Marion. Patricia Reilley to Arleen Anderson: $225,000. • Villages of Marion. Wood Trust to Mary Puthuff: $239,000. • Villages of Marion. Joseph Michaud to Susan Campbell:

$365,000. • Villages of Marion, Phillips Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to John Delong: $232,222. • Villages of Marion, Phillips Villas. Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. to Kenneth Cuave: $240,047. • Villages of Marion, Quail Ridge Villas. Sandra Allen to Christopher Robbins: $335,000. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Chadwick. Bradley Smith to Barbara Lenkus: $205,000. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Sherwood. Alfredo Clarke to Thomas Denofa: $177,000. • Villages of Marion, Villas of Sunnyside. Villages Sunnybrook LLC to David John Hamaty: $184,000. • Wineberry. John Helms to Rickie Allen Rhoades: $175,000. • Woodland Villages. Robert Beck to Ming Hu: $252,000.

This is how you get to Glendale

Views take in the surrounding treetops and mountains. Marx, founder of the Music Force publishing company, bought the property four years ago for $1.5 million, records show. Oscar-winning sound editor-designer Stephen Hunter Flick is another former owner. Zea, 42, is known for her television roles on “Justified” and “The Shield.” Schuldt, 43, has credits that include the daytime soap opera “Passions” and the sitcoms “Scrubs” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Last year he appeared on “General Hospital” and “NCIS.” Tv doctor is ready to check out Actress Kim Raver


Saturday, February 10, 2018


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BIG SUN HOMES | Ocala Star-Banner |


S T Y L E AT H O M E | M A R Y C A R O L G A R R I T Y

Kids room transformation: Annabelle’s room


would love to have grown up as one of the Cook girls, with a mother who is a fearless decorator, who follows her spot-on instincts to create living spaces that are packed with personality. When I saw how Lisa and her middle daughter, Annabelle, reinvented Annabelle’s bedroom, I was agog. I wanted to pack my bags and move in that day. When we first featured Annabelle’s room in my book “Feather Your Nest,” she was just 5. Back then, her room was sugar and spice and everything nice. Cupids, flowers and fancy tea sets were the choice of this little princess. Today, Annabelle is a 16-year-old high school junior, and boy, how her taste has changed. Lisa uses these two words to describe her middle daughter: Creative and smart. Annabelle is the assistant editor of her high school newspaper, and likes marketing and graphic design. Her room needed to be an

oasis that fueled her creative engine. I think they nailed it. Once the walls were washed in vibrant pink, next up was to give Annabelle a bed more in keeping with her personality. Her flouncy four poster bed, capped by a crown, gave way to a contemporary bedframe upholstered in pale pink fabric. The bed alone instantly changed the look of the room, Lisa said. One thing that’s great about having sisters is you get to share each other’s stuff. For the Cook girls, this extends far beyond borrowing sweaters or earrings. They swap furniture. This fabulous chair was last seen in little sister Georgia’s room. Lisa gave it a facelift by reupholstering it in this sassy pink and white buffalo check. Once again, Lisa artfully uses a bookcase to tell the story of the room’s inhabitant. The wall of built-in bookcases hosts the things Annabelle holds dear, from her childhood to today: collections of horse figures and dolls,

books, travel mementos and framed snapshots celebrating life’s special moments. Lisa knows the secret to making a room feel evolved and interesting is to mix together a variety of styles. The chinoiserie-style mirror adds an exotic touch. Lisa and I are simpatico when it comes to artwork. Like me, she likes to experiment with art treatments, mixing all kinds of things together. She purposely chose different frame styles and sizes for this gallery on Annabelle’s wall. In other spots in the room, she’s pulled in three dimensional pieces, like the whimsical gilded deer head over Annabelle’s bed. Once again, Lisa used new lamps to help finish this reimagined space. She knew she was taking a risk when she picked statement lamps with a coral base and apple green shades. I’m so glad she pushed the envelope a bit, because the bold lamps work brilliantly in this high energy room. The wall of built-in bookcases hosts the things Annabelle holds dear, from her childhood to today: collections of horse figures and dolls, books, travel mementos and framed snapshots. [BOB GREENSPAN/ TNS]


Saturday, February 10, 2018 9

From Page 4

as clubs and summer camps. For more information check out our website at http://

youth in the county, state and internationally. Youth 5-18 years old are welcome to join 4-H and be a part of these teams. We offer many other experiences such

Amanda Morgan is the 4-H Extension Agent for UF/ IFAS Extension Alachua County. Contact Amanda at amorgan@alachuacounty. us or 352-955-2402. The horticulture team practices with UF horticulture faculty on landscape plant identification. [SUBMITTED PHOTO]


Saving water in the kitchen By Ed Del Grande Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: My proposed kitchen remodel will include new appliances, countertops, sink and faucet. Since I plan to use efficient appliances, I also want an efficient kitchen faucet. Can you please go over some water-saving kitchen faucet information for me to think about? — Sasha, Mississippi Dear Sasha: In past years, water-saving kitchen faucets have not received as much attention as water-saving bathroom faucets. The thinking was in the kitchen a lot of the water use was to fill things like pots for cooking and cups for drinking. What difference would it make if the faucet used less gallons per minute (gpm), since the end goal was to fill up the pot or cup? However, even with a dishwasher, pots, pans, cups and dishes do get

Usually an efficient kitchen faucet uses less than 1.9 gpm. [KOHLER]

washed in the sink as well. Usually an efficient kitchen faucet uses less than 1.9 gpm. But, don’t be a drip, check local codes and choose an approved water-saving kitchen faucet for your area. Contact Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande at Always consult local contractors and codes.

10 H | Saturday, FEBRUARY 10, 2018


2 BR, Historic District, $725 White Tile Floors, Newly Remodeled Central A/C, Laundry, Cats ok Purr 24 hr. Stores Nearby Call 352-484-0963, See MGR Apt. A 926 SE FT KING ST. OPEN 8AM-8PM Web ID: 25101 DOWNTOWN OCALA: 1 BR 1 BA, QUIET AREA, ADULT COMMUNITY, TRASH PICK UP & WATER INCL. NO DOGS $435 / MO, $250 SEC. DEPOSIT. BACKGROUND CHECK $80. CALL 352-875-0379 Web ID: 26722

Large 2 BR, $725

Historic District. White Tile Floors, Newly Remodeled Central A/C, Laundry, Cats ok Purr 24 hr. Stores Nearby Call 352-484-0963, See MGR Apt. A 926 SE FT KING ST. OPEN 8AM-8PM Web ID: 26642

.4 acres in Eureka. NE 165th Pl. Electric, well, partial septic. Frontage on 2 roads. $10,000 OBO, or trade. Willing to finance. Call or text 845-800-5936. Web ID: 26470

3/2 mobile home in NW Ocala. ½ acre, private, quiet, secure gated property. 5 mins to I-75, 15 min to downtown. Central air/heat, washer/dryer & utility shed. Sorry no pets. $250/week or $1000/ month. $750 to move in. Background check run & job reference required. 352-789-6061 Web ID: 26333

Mobile Home for Sale in 55+ community. Large well maintained furnished home with 2bd/2ba on golf course lot. Glass enclosed lanai, doublewide carport, large utility room with work bench, many built ins & much storage. $10,500 Call 570-660-0584 Web ID: 23598

OCALA: SHARE NICE POOL HOME! $100 off in FEB Private BR & Bath. Includes laundry, water, septic. Mowing gets discount.. Call 352-694-3674 Web ID: 24534

Belleview & Summerfield areas: rooms for rent, seniors & SSI welcome, $500/mo may vary, + deposit, includes cable, elec., W/D & kit. privileges. Call 352-233-1234 Web ID: 26168 Furnished room for rent in Silver Springs Shores walking distance to shopping. $600/month includes utilities & cable. Call 352-678-8958 Web ID: 25447

3 BR 2 Baths In Silver Springs Shores Great home. Open kitchen with an abundance of storage, stainless steel appliances, including dishwasher and microwave. Large living area. Inside laundry, nice sized carpetted bedrooms, huge outdoor space. Great location. Close to Walmart. No pets $950 (352) 216-7274


FURNISHED ROOM. SHARE MY PRIVATE COMFORTABLE HOME. CALL 352-245-1507 Web ID: 23203 Furnished Room w/ TV, all utilities included, $400/mo, no deposit, Located 475A, SW Ocala. Call 352-426-9112 or 352-300-3793 Leave message please Web ID: 25929 Room for rent, incl. util., NO laundry privileges. Rent per mo. Off Maricamp Rd. E past Wells Fargo, near new Wal-Mart in SSShores. 352-426-0222 Web ID: 24139

Mobile Home in a over 50 park. 2bd/1.5ba 1+ room, 1 XL shed. Stove, new fridge, dishwasher, new w/d included. Lot rental fees. Selling mobile home for $6500 or best reasonable offer. Call 352-671-1208 after 10am and before 9pm. Web ID: 26829

4 BR 3 Baths In Weirsdale WATERFRONT on 22 Acre Private Springfed Lake near Eaton’s Beach, 4.50 ACRES, Metal Roof, 36 x 52 Morton Barn with 2- 12 x 12 stalls, and being CLOSE to THE VILLAGES Shopping & RESTAURANTS are just a few features. FABIAN CUSTOM BUILT home in 2007 has 2600 sq ft heated PLUS an add’l 2800 sq ft BASEMENT & a Large completed 984 sq ft garage under house in addition to the 1 1/2 car garage on main level!! FENCED on THREE sides with the exception of the lakeside. BRING the HORSES, TOYS & ANIMALS. RARE FIND!! So much more- call today!! $444,900 (352) 636-4539

By Owner, 3bedroom 2.5 bath home with garage, pool, 1/2 acre corner lot inRainbow Springs. 2637 sq feet. Asking $265,000 Call 352-465-8144 Web ID: 26255

Room For rent, located 1 mile from I75, Exit 341, SW. Ocala. TV, shared Bathroom. Incl WIFI & utilities. No W/D. Call or text 352-307-3311 or email Web ID: 23771

2 BR 1 Bath 10 Minutes From Silver Springs located in safe, clean, quiet 55+ park. 1 & 2 bedroom starting at $450 per month. Water, garbage and lawn care included. Laundromat on premises. From Silver Springs Attraction, go 40 east, over the bridge, thru the red light, turn left on NE 145 Ave Rd, (Wiggler’s Bait on corner) go approx.1 mile, Deep Woods MHP is on the right. Deposit & 1st month to move in. Will send pictures of mobiles if requested. (14551 NE 28 Place) $450 (352) 266-2632

3BR, 2 Bath in Summerfield between 301 & 475 on 5 acres. House has been updated inside and out. New roof, siding, A/C, flooring, bathrooms. Ready for a happy family with room for animals and garden. $174,900. Call (352) 804-0401 Web ID: 25191

For Sale, 1910 NW 29th Court, Ocala, FL, Golden Holiday Mobile Home Park, 1972 Single Wide, 1.5 bedrooms, 2 bath, sunroom, laundry room in carport, 3 sheds on 0.7 acres, completely fenced. Asking $17,500. Call 910-8500556 Web ID: 23486 | OCALA STAR-BANNER


Saturday, FEBRUARY 10, 2018 | 11 H

One hour a week, one life changed Americans have spoken and the consensus is out: improving education is a community responsibility. Today, fewer Americans are likely to earn a diploma than their parents, a distinction not shared by any other industrialized country. When schools improve, communities improve. Sometimes kids just need someone who believes in them. United Way needs your help to increase the reading scores of our students.

United Way is looking for volunteer readers that are willing to give one hour a week (two 30 minute sessions) for 25 weeks to spend reading with a child at a targeted Marion County school. t5SBJOJOHJTQSPWJEFE t"MMNBUFSJBMTBSFQSPWJEFE t$IPPTFUIFTDIPPMZPVXBOUUPXPSLXJUI

To sign up to be a ReadingPal or for more information, contact Jan Hathaway at 732-9696 ext. 212 or at


Saturday, February 10, 2018


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Your Car Search COMMAND CENTER awaits...

BestRide is your car search Command Center. From you can browse over 6 million new and pre-owned vehicles, create shopping lists of your potential purchases, track price changes, and keep up to date with new listings. When you are ready to purchase, connects you with trusted automotive dealers in your hometown. 9GOCMGKVUKORNGHQT[QWVQÆ‚PF[QWT$GUV4KFG


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— known for her roles on the television dramas “24” and “Grey’s Anatomy” — and her husband, director Manu Boyer, have listed their home in Venice for sale at $3.699 million. Designed by architect Lise Claiborne Matthews, the multilevel house mixes modern design features with industrial finishes such as polished concrete floors and corrugated metal siding. Open-plan living spaces include a den/ family room and a newly renovated chef’s kitchen on the main floor. The living room has a pocketing glass wall that opens to the grounds. A private balcony sits off the upstairs master suite, which has a walk-in closet and updated bath. There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms in 2,018 square feet of living space. The garage functions as a creative space and has a separate entrance. A fire pit with builtin benches, an outdoor shower, drought-tolerant landscaping and bamboo hedges fill out the grounds. Raver, 48, last year appeared on the show “Ray Donovan” and reprised her role as Dr. Teddy Altman on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Among her other TV credits are “Revolution” and “Third Watch.” Boyer wrote and directed the 2015 film drama “To Whom It May Concern.” The very model of Streamline Moderne “Zoolander” producer

Stuart Cornfeld and his wife, performance artist Johanna Went, have listed their home in the Hollywood Hills for sale at $2.65 million. Set above the famed Chateau Marmont, the three-story house is a stellar example of Streamline Moderne design. Built in the 1930s, the house has emphasized curves, clean lines and sets of metal-framed windows characteristic of the late Art Deco-period style. Porthole cutouts and period fixtures give the interior a nautical vibe. The 2,771 square feet of living space includes a living room and sitting area that share a two-sided fireplace. The formal dining room has seating for a dozen, and the updated kitchen stays true to the period, with chrome, hardwood and checkerboard floors. A balcony sits off the master suite, which features a one-of-a-kind pitched skylight and en suite bathroom awash in artistic tile. In total, there are three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a sauna. A wine room with walls of curved bookshelves sits next to the garage and has a door that leads to the patio. Bamboo and privacy hedges complete the setting. Cornfeld, 65, is a producer for Red Hour Productions, which he operates with actor Ben Stiller. Among his film credits are “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” (2004) and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (2013). He also served as an executive producer for the Comedy Central shows “The Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail” and “Another Period.”

She left, and now he’s gone too Music producer Richard Perry has officially beat it out of Beverly Hills, selling his home of six years for $8.535 million. Perry bought the home six years ago for $7.2 million and lived there with actress Jane Fonda, his partner at the time. The couple announced last year that they were ending their relationship of nearly a decade; Fonda has since decamped to Century City, where she bought a town home in a gated community for $5.45 million. The gated contemporary home, built in 1961 and since renovated, was previously owned by late television director John Rich. It features clean lines, beamed ceilings and a glass-walled elevator. Large doubleglazed windows take in leafy backyard views. Within more than 7,500 square feet are an updated kitchen, a large great room, four bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. The lower level holds a recording studio, media room and dinerstyle wet bar. The master suite has a sitting room and an adjoining office. A paver patio encloses a solar-heated swimming pool in the backyard. Elsewhere are a meditation garden, a fire pit and a lookout point for enjoying canyon-to-ocean views. Perry, 75, is credited with scores of popular music hits during the 1960s and ’70s and has won producer of the year awards from Rolling Stone and Billboard magazines. He has produced hit albums and singles for such artists as Rod Stewart, Carly Simon and the Pointer Sisters.


Saturday, February 10, 2018 13


Saturday, February 10, 2018


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Saturday, February 10, 2018


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Big Sun Homes for February 10, 2018  

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Big Sun Homes for February 10, 2018  

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