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Right here, right now, make a promise to learn how, stay healthy, eat right, exercise the right way, set some goals and extend your lifespan. The human body can easily live to be 100 years old or more. It is an amazing machine, one of the only machines that break down when not used on a regular basis. In order to live to a ripe old age, enjoy good health and have all of your mental faculties intact, you need to avoid three things; oxidation, inflammation and glycation. Actually, you can not avoid them entirely, but you can keep them to a minimum, if you know how. Goal setting is important, because our minds and our bodies are connected. There is only a small amount of evidence right now, but it is growing. The evidence indicates that the power of your mind, particularly of positive thinking, can make you healthier, happier and maybe wealthier, too. Are you exercising every day? Are you exercising the right way? People that spend hours running on a treadmill every day might not be doing their bodies any favors. Those that get 20-30 minutes of aerobics and include 10-20 minutes of strength building are healthier and have an easier time maintaining their weight. Those with know how stay healthy by doing a variety of things. But, in order to avoid those three things mentioned above, they eat the right foods. We are some of the luckiest people on the planet, because we have a vast assortment of foods to choose from. Why do so many people seem to choose the wrong ones? Sometimes, they just do not know what they are doing. But, anyone can develop the eating know how, stay healthy and, maybe, live a long life. There are some foods that you should eat regularly and others that you should avoid whenever possible. Making fruits, vegetables and plant foods your main courses, using meats and healthy fats as side dishes is one of the things that you can do. Generally speaking, plant foods are healthier than meats. They contain more micronutrients, such as antioxidants, which address the issue of oxidation. They contain natural anti-inflammatories, which address the issue of chronic inflammation. But, in order to prevent glycation, there are some foods that you need to avoid. You can take a supplement containing l-carnosine. So far, it is the only anti-glycation nutrient that we have found. But, an important part of the "eating know how stay healthy regimen" is avoiding simple carbohydrates. Those include:

· White bread, made from bleached flour · White rice and other polished grains with the bran and other parts removed · White sugar, which is processed and refined-honey and brown sugar are healthier alternatives for people that have a sweet tooth. · Pasta, unless it is made from whole grains The keys in this article may get you started down the "know how stay healthy path". But, there is always more to learn. This was just a brief overview of the subject, maybe enough to make you curious.

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==== ==== Staying Healthy ==== ====

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