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Crazy about gardening? Want to cultivate plants where you live but don't have enough space? Did you know that you can learn to grow your own little lush paradise without the use of soil? Impossible? With general hydroponics, it's not! What is general hydroponics? Simply put, general hydroponics is gardening without the use of soil as a medium. "Hydro" in Latin means "water", while "ponos" means "labor." Thus, if you string the two words together, you come up with the word "water-labor" (Hurrah!). Believe it or not, hydroponics has been applied by different cultures for a really long time. The Aztecs, for example, practiced hydroponics with their gorgeous floating gardens. Today, with more and more people living in apartment or condominium buildings, general hydroponics has gained popularity once again. Hydroponics is also beneficial on a world-wide scale because it allows countries with bad soil to cultivate crops to feed their people. Want to create your own indoor hydroponic garden? Here are some tips to get you started. Set up a place for your garden. It doesn't have to take too much space. A little box off the living room, the kitchen area or even out on the balcony will do. Just make sure that the area is protected from the elements. Make sure you have all the materials you need. You'll need a water pump, oxygen pump, a reservoir, and a tray among other things. Research about general-hydroponics and what else you'll need to successfully cultivate plants in water. Also research about proper lighting for your mini-garden. With proper care and nutrients, your small garden will be thriving in no time. General hydroponics is quite simple, really, and all it really takes is a little study to figure it out. So, go ahead, green thumb. Impress your friends with your garden planted on water.

With general hydroponics, it's possible.

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==== ==== Green Thumb Gardening ==== ====

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