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A Specialist Science College PROSPECTUS 2013/2014

Welcome Dear Parents and Carers, Yet again, this has been another incredible year for Carnforth High School! Our mission statement is to deliver a world class education in which our students are not only prepared for their future but also inspired. The sixth form, now in its second year, is already having a dramatic impact on students lower down the school. Ofsted described Carnforth High School as a place where ‘many students make outstanding progress’. We set aspirational targets for our students. Year on year, they do deliver some of the best results in Lancashire. This success reflects the combined hard work and dedication of staff and students alongside the excellent level of support received from parents. In recent years, over £5 million of capital investment has led to the creation of our new library; an English, Maths and Technology block; an artificial all weather pitch; a sixth form centre; a hair salon and, most recently, the leisure centre which includes a sports hall, dance studio and fitness suite. These high quality facilities continue to have a significant impact on the teaching and learning taking place within our school.

The school continues to work alongside the National College of School Leadership and the Local Authority (LA) to improve learning both locally and nationally. These links again reflect the passion and personal commitment of colleagues in delivering a world class education. By focusing on Community, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility and Effort, I am convinced we can, and will, produce well rounded young people who can play a full and active part in their respective communities. As Headteacher, I am determined to ensure that Carnforth High School will be an outstanding school where learning is embraced and valued. I hope you will enjoy reading our newly designed prospectus for 2013/2014 and feel encouraged to visit us in order to witness for yourselves the significant progress the school has made and continues to make. If you would like any further information or, as an alternative to the Open Evening, would like to take a tour of the school during the day, please phone the school to arrange an appointment. I look forward to meeting you all. Yours faithfully, John Shannon, Headteacher

The outstanding leadership of the Headteacher has helped create a team of staff who work well together and who focus relentlessly on improving students’ achievement. Ofsted, 2009 Vision: Carnforth High School’s mission is to deliver a world class education where all young people are ambitious to achieve, have high aspirations for their future and 2 play an integral part in the community.

Highlights and Headlines

Parents stated: ‘The school develops the individual by nurturing talent and stretching them academically.’ Ofsted, 2009

Carnforth • Carnforth High became an 11-18 High is an example school and opened its own of a school that is sixth form in September, 2011. performing well above average and everyone • For 5 consecutive years, the here is doing a great job. school has received national Helen Denton, Executive recognition for its GCSE results Director for Children and in 2012, gained record • Building projects in 2011 and Young People numbers of A/A* grades. included the Sixth Form Centre, theatre seating and the Hair Salon • Easter and Summer Schools are held to for training purposes. In 2012, a enhance and promote GCSE results (Yr11); mezzanine floor was created to extend the for Able, Gifted and Talented students (Yr6dining room facilities. Yr10) and to enhance literacy skills (Yr6) • Students’ achievements and effort were • The Leisure Centre including Sports Hall, awarded at The Oscars and a Sports Award Dance Studio and Fitness Suite opened Evening. in 2011. • We held Young Chef Competitions, the Literature Festival, Enrichment Week, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, music nights and an annual GCSE Drama production at the Grand Theatre. • Foreign trips This is a included:- annual school with residential stays in real expertise. Brittany, France; in Secretary of State Valkenburg, Holland for Children, Schools / Germany and a and Families ski trip to Austria. 2010 The school has exceeded our high expectations and we are absolutely delighted at the way in which our children have settled so quickly and remain so well motivated and happy! Year 7 Parents’ Evening, July 2011 Key Milestone: Being placed nationally in the top 25% of high performing secondary schools on an annual basis. 3

Preparing for Transition

Students feel safe and believe that any problems will be dealt with quickly. Ofsted, 2009

• Carnforth High School boasts a unique primary school liaison programme for Year 5 and Year 6 students. • Year 6 students are personally invited, by letter, to visit in July to experience a typical day at secondary school. This is a wonderful opportunity for these youngsters to meet and make new friends before starting school in September. • A special new intake evening is held in July to formally welcome new students and their parents to the school prior to the September start. • Pre-arranged visits are made to feeder primary schools by members of staff to discuss the progress and needs of individual students to ensure a smooth transition. • On arrival, all new entrants are given support on a daily basis from a team of peer mentors. The team, which consists of senior students, actively supports the school's high profile 100% of parents anti-bullying policy. surveyed were happy • The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award with the school induction has been awarded to the school on three programme and the occasions in recognition of this successful network of communication peer mentoring scheme. The most recent between school and home award was received in July, 2012. prior to transfer. • An annual team building day is held in Transition Survey, early October at Borwick Hall for new Year 7 July 2011 students to create opportunities for socialising and working as part of a team. An excellent induction process helps teachers to monitor the progress and well-being of students new to the school and identifies specific needs very well. Ofsted, 2009

The pastoral care and effort dedicated to children’s happiness was the primary factor in our choice. The induction day was fantastic. My daughter enjoyed it a lot and was reassured. Transition Survey, July 2010

Carnforth High School: A place where every child matters, a place where every child achieves. 4

Travel and Transport

Carnforth High School is a fantastic partner to the Safer Travel Unit, right from supporting our education delivery in school to fully embracing our School Bus Monitor Scheme. Craig Brown, Lancashire Safer Travel Unit Field Officer, 2011

Carnforth High School is accessible from many public and private Transition bus routes including: arrangements and Lancaster, Slyne, Open Evening were Bolton-le-Sands, excellent. Both were well Overton, organised and sensitive to Heysham, our worries and queries. Morecambe, Transition Survey, Bare, July 2010 Hest Bank, Silverdale, Yealand, Warton, Brookhouse, Caton, Halton, Nether Kellet, Over Kellet and the surrounding villages. Some journeys may be eligible for travelling expenses and colleagues in the Lancaster based Education Office can advise parents on this matter. The school works directly with The Safer Travel Unit and has a designated member of staff responsible for transport liaison. Train travel is a possible alternative as Carnforth’s railway station is within short walking distance from the school. Carnforth High School also actively supports and encourages students who wish to cycle to school to improve their health and fitness. The school has a purpose built, lockable cycle shelter for both student and staff use. Values: We are a school that values: Community, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility and Effort. 5

Science and Maths Specialism • Specialist Science College Status has enabled the school to implement many innovative steps to improve the quality of learning. • Class sizes for GCSE Science, Maths and English have been made significantly smaller by using additional staff. • Links have been further strengthened with our local primary schools to deliver Science, Maths and Technology. • Links with universities encourage further education in Science. • Participation in the United Kingdom Junior, Intermediate and Team Mathematics Challenges run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust encourages further education in Mathematics. • Year 7 students take part in the Royal Society of Chemistry Salter’s Challenge.


Science Enrichment Week

• Carnforth High is the lead school in the North Lancashire / South Lakes Triple Science Network for a fourth year. • The solar cells gained through the LCBP and the AONB’s sustainability fund have continued to supply over 5% of the school’s electrical needs and have saved over five tonnes of carbon dioxide. • The Eco-Club has increased its variety of produce from the Eco-Garden, with much of it being used in the Fusion Café. • The school’s Eco-School Green Flag status has been enhanced with the addition of a clothing bank for recycling old clothes. • Students participated in the Dig-It scheme and won £10,000 worth of local stone for the facing of the new Sports Hall.

• Year 7 trip to Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. • Year 8 visits to local caves and Back Lane Quarry. • Nature came in with the Creepy Crawly Roadshow and the Cumberland Birds of Prey. • Year 9 visited Lancaster Castle and, at a Stunt School in Morecambe, learned how to be a stunt actor. • Big Bang Science Festival for Year 10 in Birmingham. • Year 11 visited Lakeside Adventure Centre.

The school’s ethos has helped my son to begin to fulfil his potential and to realise that it is acceptable to try hard and to do his best. Letter received from Year 8 Parent, July 2010

The school’s specialist Science status has played its part in the recent rise in standards. Ofsted, 2009

Key Milestone: Using our Science specialism to gain greater insight and understanding of the environment in which we live by promoting science education and 6 research for all.

Supporting Primary Schools in our Local Community • The Primary School Science Liaison programme has expanded to include Technology with over 600 students attending from 18 primary schools. • Over 200 primary school students attended the in-house Science Club comprising of 10 weekly sessions ending in a chemical magic show. 100% of students rated the club good or outstanding. Senior students, in their role as Science Ambassadors, actively supported this after school club. • Many students attended the weekly in-house Maths Club. • Over 100 students participated in the Primary Science and Maths Festival days.

Key Milestone: Using our growing vocational expertise to develop vocational learning across the community that we serve. 7

Student Voice • Carnforth High School has a well established Student Council enabling every student to ‘have a voice’ and to become personally involved in the day to day running of the school. • As each of the five year groups has a Year Council, four representatives go forward from each group to join and thus create the Student Council. Led by the Head Girl and Head Boy, the Council has recently increased in size to 20+ members, ranging in age from 11 to 16 years old. • As students’ views play an integral part in influencing the decision making within the school, both genders have equal representation. • Student Council members and other student representatives are invited to address the Governing Body on a termly basis as the Governors Students make a show a keen interest in their positive contribution work. eg. through the Student Council and • The full Student Council is also in also actively involved in the the local community. interview process when new members of staff are Ofsted, 2009 appointed. • In 2011, Carnforth High participated in the Lancashire Schools’ Voices Project which involved linking up with eleven other secondary school councils in Lancashire and being twinned with a contrast partner school. The project culminated in schools presenting their work on the theme of ‘Community Cohesion’ in the debating chambers at County Hall, Preston.

Students say that one reason why they like coming to school is because teachers listen to them. In addition, the Student Council plays an active part in promoting the students’ views. Ofsted, 2009

Although being the youngest member of the group, this project has given me both the confidence and the opportunity to meet with other pupils from different social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and we have become friends. Year 7 Student 2011

Key Milestone: Enabling students to take an active role in the day to day running and future development of the school. 8

Making a

Positive Contribution A central theme of life at Carnforth High School is to ensure children have the skills necessary to play an active part in the community. Carnforth High School wants all of its students to be Students benefit enterprising, from a good curriculum self-confident which helps them to young develop strong team-working skills and from good guidance people who are able to on pathways for their futures develop that are well tailored to their interests and aptitudes. positive relationships Ofsted, 2009 and respect the environment.

We encourage all students to undertake roles of responsibility and contribute to the school and wider community. Opportunities include: a valued Prefect role, the buddying of new students, Subject Ambassadors, office skills assistant, supporting local primary schools, community work and, in addition to this, the Junior Sports Leader Award is delivered at Carnforth High School. This scheme gives children the chance to gain the right skills to run sports sessions for young people in the community.

Key Milestone: Becoming an e-school where New Technology is used to enhance and promote learning whilst equipping students with the skills to succeed in the scientific and developing world.


Highlight: Celebration of the annual Effort and Achievement, Oscars Evening and the Leavers’ Prom 2012. 10

Students can make informed choices about their future as a result of work placements and good careers education and guidance. Ofsted, 2009

Key Milestone: Enabling children to move seamlessly to Carnforth High and then on to higher education through strengthening partnerships and offering post 16 courses at Carnforth High in collaboration with local providers.


Enjoy and Achieve For students to achieve, they must enjoy and value their learning experience.

Supporting Learning

Visits to France and Germany are organised every year. A huge range of sporting opportunities are Carnforth High School aims to provide access available to ensure all students participate to the whole curriculum so that every child and achieve. Activities include: fencing, water can achieve their potential. polo, aerobics, golf, table tennis, hockey, The school also believes that students should netball, football, rugby, dance, athletics, kick develop friendships boxing, tennis, basketball and trips to Old across the year Trafford for football. groups. In order to An extensive range The Arts are given a high priority within school encourage this, a of extra-curricular with Drama, Music and Art offering a wide range activities, some driven by range of of opportunities for student participation. enrichment the school’s specialism, activities are further enhances the provided at students’ experiences. different points in Ofsted, 2009 the year. The Able, Gifted and Talented Summer School provided by Carnforth High School is consistently amongst the best in the county; providing youngsters with a stimulating, varied and challenging experience which succeeds in developing their social and communication skills alongside their academic learning. Paul Dysonknight, Senior Advisor (Secondary and Post-16)

Enrichment Opportunities

The Literacy Summer School is a fun and frenetic week in which pupils develop their literacy skills and have a great time in the process. With trips to exciting new places and visits from wonderful guests, the Literacy Summer School has proven invaluable in building the pupils’ confidence in their reading and writing.

Students’ strong relationships with staff and positive attitudes contribute considerably to their enjoyment of school. The praise and encouragement they receive motivates them and raises their aspirations. Ofsted, 2009

We believe in ‘The Right to Learn, The Right to Teach’ and the right for everyone to fulfil their potential. 12

Enrichment opportunities in many subjects and particularly in Science, Sports and the Arts support the inclusive ethos of the school. Ofsted, 2009

Key Milestone: Teaching being delivered in world class facilities by a highly qualified staff who share their expertise and are passionate about the learning experience. 13

Students feel safe and show a good awareness of how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Ofsted, 2009

Highlight: Expedition as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 14

Be Healthy Carnforth High School understands that a healthy lifestyle will help students perform better in school and in life generally. Carnforth High School has already achieved National Healthy Schools’ status and works within the Lancashire Healthy Schools’ framework. The school offers students the opportunity to develop healthy behaviours through a varied curriculum which reflects and encourages them to lead healthy lifestyles. The students are actively involved in consultation about school meals and the school environment through the Student Council. Carnforth High School opened the brand new sports centre, CH Leisure, in September 2011. With a new sports hall, dance studio and fitness suite available, students are encouraged to use them, both 95% of parents in and out of agreed that their child school hours. is encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle. Every Child Matters Survey, January 2011

A range of health professionals work with teaching staff to support curriculum work on healthy lifestyles throughout Key Stages 3 and 4. The school has a Student Health and Advice Centre on site. This is well established and used frequently by the students to support their physical and emotional wellbeing. This service has been identified as a model of good practice for other schools. The school dining room, The Fusion Café, serves a range of balanced food options throughout the day and is often host to themed and seasonal events.

Students appreciate that the school provides them with a balanced insight into healthy and responsible lifestyles. Many take advantage of the variety of healthy food options available in the food canteen. Ofsted, 2009 Key Milestone: Ensuring all students are happy, healthy and secure in the basics by developing the social and emotional skills required to help them acquire a sense of responsibility in preparation for later adulthood.


Life Skills Academic success needs to be matched with enabling students to see the value of gaining skills for life.

School and the World of Work

Students develop the qualities for adult working life through their Life Skills course and work experience. Ofsted, 2009

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance are provided for all students through the curriculum, attendance at school, local and national IAG events and through interviews with an independent consultant. Life Skills are taught through the curriculum and by students experiencing enrichment activities such as health fairs, work interviews, careers events and business activities.

Future Success

At Carnforth High School, we aim to ensure that all students are well prepared for life after leaving school. All our students are encouraged to progress to university or further training.

100% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the staff expect their child to work hard and do his/her best. 95% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child is making good progress. Year 7 parent questionnaire, January 2011 Key Milestone: Equipping students with the knowledge and social skills to be more tolerant, understanding, respectful and sensitive to the diverse needs of others living 16 within the local, national and international community.

An increasing number of trips and enrichment days provide good opportunities for students to develop their talents and interests. Ofsted, 2009

Key Milestone: Extending the school to facilitate community cohesion by forging strong partnerships with local primary schools, the wider community, employers and universities.


Supportive Learning Special Educational Needs

The Curriculum

Our assessment of Special Educational Needs at Carnforth High School enables us to meet the demands of each individual student. Students who require additional support to access a broad and balanced curriculum will be offered appropriate and carefully considered assistance to enable them to achieve their potential.

Short Term Targets • The Governing Body will ensure that no disabled student (or prospective student) will be placed at a disadvantage when compared with those who are not disabled. • It will, as necessary, negotiate special arrangements for disabled students taking public examinations. Medium Term Targets • It will seek the LA's guidance in providing appropriate training for teaching and support staff and the school Governors. • It will employ Learning and Behaviour Support Assistants when recommended to do so by the LA. • It will review the teaching of physical education so that physically disabled students can participate. • It will make strenuous efforts to include disabled students fully in all aspects of the life of the school. Long Term Targets • It will ensure that there are facilities for physically disabled students when extra-curricular activities are planned.

Special needs include those students who are identified as Able, Gifted and Talented. These students are offered opportunities to enrich and enhance their experiences within the curriculum. In addition, students’ learning is enhanced in the form of extracurricular GCSEs, visits and mentoring support. At Carnforth High School, we acknowledge and value the contribution made by all students to our learning community.

Students with Disabilities The school's policy on students with minor disabilities (but who do not have a Statement of Special Educational Needs) is to admit them on the same criteria as other students. If a student does have a Statement, the Local Authority's (LA) advice is sought before admission to ensure that the student's needs can be met. All students in the school who have a Statement which refers to a physical disability, take a full part in the life of the school and follow the National Curriculum.

I wanted my child to go to an inclusive and successful community high school where the child comes first. Carnforth High appears to offer this. Parent Survey, July 2010

The Physical Environment Short Term Targets • The Governing Body will actively seek and act upon the views of students on the established Disability Forum. Medium Term Targets • It will seek to provide additional specialist desks or chairs as necessary and also ICT equipment as required. • It will use the various funding streams available to schools to finance these improvements. Long Term Targets • It will work with the LA to further improve access to the school building for physically disabled students.

As a result of the school’s secure monitoring systems and the strong relationships with staff, all students benefit from extremely effective support. Ofsted, 2009

Key Milestone: Fostering an inclusive ethos which sets challenging targets by responding to students’ diverse learning needs and recognising that all children have the 18 potential to succeed and go as far as their talents can take them.

Carnforth High School

Accessibility Plan Written Information and Information Provided in Alternative Formats • The LA will provide access to information in Braille and large print formats for visually impaired students and parents. • The LA will provide access to sign language support for school information and communication for hearing impaired students and parents.

General Information In order to access sources of general information about the school, including information about the annual school achievement and attainment tables, published reports of recent school inspections and dates of significance, parents are advised to refer to the school’s website or, alternatively, make direct contact with the school by telephone or letter.

• The Governing Body will act on advice received from the LA about making written information for parents and students available in alternative formats.

Copies of policy documents relating to the following are available upon request from the school:

Access and Facilities for Students with Physical Disabilities

• Teaching and Learning (including the monitoring of student progress)

The new building has greatly enhanced the school’s provision for students with disabilities. A lift has enabled access to the major part of the school. A toilet for the disabled, adjustable benches in workshops and laboratories, specialist desks and seating in Maths, English and Technology departments, have all transformed the provision available. In the original building, an additional corridor has been created on the upper floor for ease of access and a lift is installed to allow students access to the Music and Drama studios.

• The Curriculum

• Attendance • Behaviour

Data confirms that students made • The provision for significantly greater gains students with in their learning than identified Special similar students in Educational Needs other schools. • The provision for students identified as Ofsted, 2009 • Anti-Bullying

Able, Gifted and Talented • The promotion of Equality of Opportunity for all • The promotion of positive attitudes towards disabled persons • The promotion of Race Equality • The promotion of Community Cohesion • Collective Worship • Uniform Regulations • Charging and Remissions

Key Milestone: Supporting parents in this rapidly changing world by ensuring they receive the information they need to ensure their children are happy and successful. 19

During my visit, I was hugely impressed with the very real efforts you are making to ensure that you are a school serving its local community. Your vision and commitment to Carnforth High School shines through. Your examination results are improving rapidly and the language of the school is one of positive reinforcement of high expectations. I thank you for all of the hard work that you, your staff and governors do to improve the life chances of the children and young people that you serve. Helen Denton Executive Director for Children and Young People Lancashire County Council


Carnforth High School is an 11-18 Comprehensive. Email: Web: Tel: 01524 732424 Fax: 01524 720167 Kellet Road, Carnforth, Lancashire LA5 9LS Headteacher: Mr J Shannon Chairman of Governors: Mr M Dudfield

Community, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, Effort

Carnforth High Prospectus 2013-2014  

Carnforth High Prospectus 2013-2014

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