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April 29, 2015

Issue 1579

Tea Party expected to challenge McCain in 2016, but with what?

Court hears landmark marriage equality cases, will rule in June

Likely to generate far more interest is which Tea Party intellectual giant (insert guffaws here) can be recruited to run against him in the GOP primary. At least three supposedly prominent conservatives said publicly U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., reacts to his they had asked his 2008 presidential loss against Obama. 2008 vice presiOBSERVER STAFF dential candidate, Sarah Palin, to challenge him. PHOENIX -- Sen. John McCain's recent announceBut that was before Palin ment that he'll run for a sixth be-shat her own bloomers with term in 2016 (when he'll be 80) an incoherent performance at revved up about as much me- the Conservative Political Acdia excitement as you'd expect tion Caucus last year. (Huffing(yawn). Continued on page 6

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Tituss Burgess flits into major fame playing Titus Page 12

'Jackass Act' takes aim at kill-the-gays filing in California “My 'Intolerant Jackass Act' actually reflects the sentiments of Californians."

On Monday, hundreds of people were already gathering at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court building, some bellowing biblical condemnations against homosexuality through bullhorns and others huddled for the fourth consecutive night in line, hoping to be among the few members of the public to get in to watch the oral arguments in the historic case.

'I'd Bottom for Hillary' campaign spreads its . . . er . . . wings OBSERVER STAFF SAN FRANCISCO -- One breathlessly awaited aspect of the coming presidential race is the recently announced "I'd Bottom for Hillary" campaign.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -Woodland Hills author/activist Charlotte Laws has filed a ballot initiative to be known as the Intolerant Jackass Act that would impose a $5,000 "donation" from anyone who files ballot measures calling for the death of LGBT people. Laws is obviously having a little joke at the expense of Matthew McLaughlin, who filed the Sodomite Suppression Act last month to collect signatures for a vote on killing all gays and lesbians. "I wanted the world to see that California is a very openminded state and that he is a lone voice, a minority voice, and that my 'Intolerant Jackass Act' actually reflects the sentiments of Californians," Laws said after paying the filing fee for her initiative. There is still little known about McLaughlin, who uses a Huntington Beach post-office box as an address. A petition at Change.org calling for McLaughlin's disbarment is approaching 150,000 signatures.

As Andy Towle at Towleroad described it: The campaign "is selling T-shirts and tank tops that promote one's willingness to receive anal penetration (metaphorically, of course) from the former secretary of state who is now the top (ahem) Democratic candidate." The Observer staff is not quite sure WHAT these boys could be getContinued on page 15

Bruce Jenner’s interview opens doors for transgender community OBSERVER STAFF Olympic athlete and American hero Bruce Jenner has been the talk of the tabloids for months now as his gender transition pulled him into the national spotlight and into a broader conversation about what it means to be trans. A recent interview with ABC-TV’s Diane Sawyer brought cameras into Jenner’s home and his story into the homes of millions. Jenner, who was identified Continued on page 3

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Straight guy asks gay friend to be his date for prom LAS VEGAS -- A straight male Las Vegas high school student has asked his gay best friend to be his prom date. Jacob Lescenski, the straight guy, got some other friends to help hold a huge banner in a school hallway, saying, "You're hella gay. I'm hella str8, but you're like my brother, so be my d8?" Anthony Martinez, the gay guy, had no trouble figuring out what to say. "I couldn't ask for a better person in my life," Martinez tweeted. "Thank you Jacob can't wait for May 2nd."

Two gay men host special dinner for #@%! Sen. Ted Cruz NEW YORK CITY -- Two wealthy gay men recently hosted a dinner for anti-gay U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, just weeks after Cruz sent a letter to "tens of thousands of pastors" demanding that "we should reject attempts by the Obama administration to force same-sex marriage on all 50 states." Hoteliers Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner pretended not to look ridiculous when called out on it. Reisner, generally considered a gay activist, said it doesn't matter that Cruz opposes marriage equality because same-sex marriage "is done -it's just going to happen." No explanation yet on how that justifies helping one of the biggest gaybashers in U.S. politics. By the end of last week, the event spawned a potential boycott of the Fire Island Pines properties and Out NYC Hotel owned by Weiderpass and Reisner. Ya think?

Lawyer: Marriage equality to cause 900,000 abortions The lawyer who failed to defend Utah's ban on same-sex marriage has written in a right-wing publication that allowing same-sex marriages will produce 900,000 extra abortions. Gene Schaerr made the "argument" -- if it can even be called that -- in the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal. He proclaims that same-sex marriage will result in 1.275 million fewer women being married to men, producing 900,000 more abortions -- meaning three abortions for every four of the women involved. Schaerr seems to ignore the fact that if those women aren't marrying men because of same-sex marriage, many of them would be likely to marry women. And even if they didn't, by what logic does he predict so many abortions?

OBSERVER are hogwash, since heterosexual marriage rates are already declining in states like Texas and Utah, same-sex marriage or not.

S. Carolina trans wins lawsuit over driver's license ANDERSON, S.C. -- A transgender teenager won a lawsuit last week to force South Carolina's Department of Motor Vehicles to allow a license photo showing her the way she appears -with makeup. "From Day 1, all I wanted was to get a driver's license that looks like me," said Chase Culpepper, 17. "My clothing and makeup reflect who I am." When Culpepper originally appeared for a driver's license, she was ordered to remove the makeup. Regardless of the DMV clerks' personal opinion, what is the point of issuing an ID that doesn't look like the person it's supposed to identify? A new DMV policy taking effect in May states that an applicant is not misrepresenting his or her identity "when the applicant's makeup, clothing or accessories do not match traditional expectations."


freedom of association, ensures that "popular morality and religion" are not legal bases for limiting citizens' rights. Just last December, a Kenyan court affirmed rights for intersex people. Earlier last year, though, Kenya's president signed a law legalizing heterosexual polygamy but leaving same-sex sex illegal.

Court rules against same-sex ban in state of Sinaloa MEXICO CITY -- The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled last week that the state of Sinaloa's ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional, according to the Washington Blade. Unfortunately, the ruling does not bring any immediate change. Because of a quirk in the Mexican judicial system, five such rulings from each state are required in order to toss out the state's existing family code. The ruling was unequivocal, however, stating that "the contested provisions are clearly discriminatory" and the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage "is totally unjustified."

New York opens Scrabble champion investigation of killed herself over Scouts' hiring bias abuse, inquest told ALBANY, N.Y. -- The New York CARLISLE, England -- A transgender Scrabble champion stepped in front of a train last November after prolonged abuse on the streets of Carlisle, according to testimony at an inquest into her death. Mikki Nicholson, 36, had been in the headlines when she was crowned UK Scrabble Champion in 2010. She was in psychiatric care in the months prior to her death and had been forced to leave her temporary accommodation despite not being able to find a new home. The News and Star reported that community psychiatric nurse Clive Guyo said, "She described Carlisle as hostile to people who are different. She spoke of facing verbal abuse while walking in the streets because of how she appeared to other people. "She had a negative view of Carlisle based on past experience ... she felt stigmatized."

Kenya High Court: Nation can't ban LGBT organizations NAIROBI, Kenya -- Kenya's High Court ruled last week that the government can no longer refuse to formally register LGBT organizations. The National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission has fought for such recognition since 2012. By refusing to register the group during its past five applications, the government was withholding a number of legal protections.

He doesn't explain any of it -- like so many Republican theories these days, he apparently simply "decided" that's how it would be.

The government had contended the group's name was unacceptable because "gay and lesbian liaisons" are against the law in Kenya.

Washington Post writer Dana Milbank pointed out that Schaerr's "facts"

The court ruled that Article 36 of the country's constitution, which deals with

state attorney general's office announced last week that it will investigate employment practices at the Boy Scouts of America to determine whether the Texas-based group has violated New York anti-discrimination law, according to a report in The New York Times. The announcement came days after the Scouts' Greater New York Councils announced the hiring of Pascal Tessier, a gay 18-year-old Eagle Scout who will work in a Scout camp this summer. Boy Scouts' national policy prohibits the involvement of gay people age 18 and over. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld that ban in 2000, but the Scouts recently were notified by Kristen Clarke, chief of the New York attorney general's civil-rights bureau, that such a ban is against the law in her state.

Indiana brewery hires Big Freedia to flip off the trolls MUNSTER, Ind. -- Three Floyds Brewery in this eastern Chicago suburb produces what many consider the world's best brew, and makes it available on only one day per year. This year's event was scheduled for this week. Some people wanted the brewery to cancel "Dark Lord Day" -named for the Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout -- to protest Indiana's recent debacle over a religious discrimination law. Instead, the brewery decided to bring in Big Freedia, the "gender-bending gay bounce artist and Fuse reality TV star," to turn Dark Lord Day into a protest. The brewery is also taking advantage of the event to introduce Big Freedia Ale, a pink, daiquiri-like Belgian brew.

April 29, 2015 The artist is all agog. "People should expect to have a belly full of Big Freedia beer and to get those asses bouncing" -- that's the word from Big Freedia.

Supreme Court ends NOM's attack on Oregon marriages WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The U.S. Supreme Court last week declined to hear an attempt by the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage to stop same-sex marriages in Oregon. According to The Oregonian, the court ruled that NOM has no legal standing to argue for reinstatement of Oregon's ban, which was struck down last May. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum had declined to defend the ban in court, so NOM sought to intervene. The original judge, Michael MacShane, had pointed out that NOM is a national organization with few members in Oregon, meaning it could hardly sustain damage there if same-sex marriage is allowed. The Supreme Court apparently agreed. Should the Supremes rule against marriage equality in the four cases now before it, NOM is expected to try again Continued on next page

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April 29, 2015 Continued from previous page to reinstate the marriage ban in Oregon by finding an Oregon resident to serve as a figurehead in a new lawsuit. However, NOM had tried and failed to find an Oregon resident willing to sign on in the lawsuit it just lost.

5,000 Hula Hoopers to break the world record in Tucson TUCSON – My Healthy Globe, Home Court Advantage and GoGo Karma have teamed up to present “The Great Hula Challenge & Fit Friday Field Day,” a global challenge to break the Guinness Book of World records for “Most People Hula Hooping at the Same Time and Location,” on May 1, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Kino North Sports Complex, 2817 E. Ajo Way. Tucson is aiming to have 5,000 hula hoopers spinning for eight straight minutes to break the current record in Thailand with 4,183 hoopers spinning for seven minutes. This free all-ages community event kicks off May as “National PE, Sports & Fitness Month” and includes challenge zone areas of activities, performancebased awards and prizes, and an after party with the Science Cheerleaders. Hula hoops, t-shirts, and raffle tickets are available for purchase. Non-hoopers are also welcome. “We support this challenge, which not only combines exercise with fun, but also builds community,” says Jane Ballesteros, Director of Healthy and Safe Schools Program. The production team selected Tucson because of its passionate, collaborative, nimble, and healthy nature. Gates open at 4 p.m. and at 6:30 p.m. sharp the great hula challenge to break the world record begins. Before the gates close at 8 p.m. there will be an after party and awards ceremony. Pre-registration is available at www. TheGreatHulaChalenge.com.

Gift of Adoption raises funds to help adoptions in Ariz. TUCSON – Gift of Adoption, a national charitable organization providing financial assistance to complete both domestic and international adoptions, is hosting its inaugural Arizona chapter event on May 1 at the Community of Rancho Sin Vacas in Tucson.



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Adoption advocate, author and former University of Arizona and Lehigh University President Dr. Peter Likins will join Gift of Adoption in raising awareness and funds to make more adoptions possible for families stepping forward to adopt in Arizona. Proceeds from the event will make it possible for more children to be united with a family in 2015.

Bruce Jenner’s interview opens doors for transgender community

“Every child should grow up in a loving family and with the sense of belonging that comes from being a permanent part of a family and home,” said Gift of Adoption Arizona Chapter President Lee Ann Hamilton. “Our goal is to make more adoptions possible by eliminating the financial barriers that stand in the way for those building their families through adoption.”

Kris Jenner, the Kardashian mom and Jenner’s wife for 25 years, said the two of them watched the interview broadcast together.

Likins, an adoptive father to six adopted children and author of “The New American Family”, will serve as the keynote speaker. Tucson residents Dr. and Mrs. David Bowman will host the event and join Likins in welcoming 50 guests and inspiring them to make an investment in the lives of children. For more information on Gift of Adoption, visit: www.giftofadoption.org.

World Labyrinth Day to create wave of peace on Earth GLOBAL EVENT – The Labyrinth Society invites the world to cross mental borders in a shared symbolic walk for peace in celebration of the 7th Annual World Labyrinth Day on May 2. The society invites you to “Walk as One at 1” in the afternoon, joining others around the globe to create a wave of peaceful energy washing across the time zones. “While many use labyrinths for personal reflection, World Labyrinth Day is an opportunity to ‘Walk as One at 1’ in the afternoon (local time) in solidarity with others around the world to promote peace. “It’s heartwarming to think of hundreds of people walking in Australia, Poland, Scotland, and Colombia, among other countries where participants organized local events last year,” notes coordinator Lars Howlett. “The first person to sign up this year is from Zambia!” Participants can share their photos and stories on the Labyrinth Society’s Events Facebook page. For those new to labyrinths, find one (or dozens) in your area using the World Wide Labyrinth Locator at: http://www. labyrinthlocator.com/

Continued from page 1 as male at birth, has now officially confirmed that he identifies as a woman. Because Jenner has not yet indicated a desire to be called by a name other than his birth name, and has not yet expressed a preference for female pronoun usage, the Observer will respectfully refer to the celebrity as Bruce Jenner without assuming female pronoun usage. In Jenner’s Saturday-night interview with Diane Sawyer, he said he had “always been confused with my gender” and had been in a slow process of transitioning for 30 years. When Sawyer asked Jenner, “Are you a woman?” and Jenner replied, “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman,” millions of people for the first time experienced gender transitioning in someone they felt they knew. What it must have been like to go through this in a public fishbowl is something no one but Jenner can ever describe. Locally and on social media, many trans individuals have expressed positive reactions towards the interview and the transparency and visibility it symbolizes for a community which has long struggled to be seen. Supportive tweets from Jenner’s

family -- assuming they’re sincere -- indicate that he has had a positive influence on the people closest to him.

The world first noticed him in 1976 as the Olympic decathlon gold medalist. For nearly 40 years, we haven’t given him much privacy in which to be himself. Since the Olympics, and since playing the cute boy in “Can’t Stop the Music,” Jenner has been the guy on the Wheaties box and the guy who endured a 25-year marriage into the Kardashian clan -- the latter of which could be nightmare enough for most people. Since he was Kardashian-ized, he’s been a regular on reality TV and in the tabloids. Still, none of it quite matched the past year of sensationalized speculation about his gender identity. Now 65 and the father of six children from three marriages, plus stepfather to four including Kim Kardashian, maybe Jenner can finally be himself without hiding in a masculine gender identity.


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NOM: Angie's List CEO was forced to resign because our boycott cost him 1/1,000th of his customers

April 29, 2015

SAGA to host party to celebrate community

OBSERVER STAFF Lately the Observer has observed that we need to stop publicizing right-wing idiocy, but every day the wingnuts do something more idiotic than the last thing. Last week the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage bragged that its Dump Angie campaign forced CEO Bill Oesterle to resign over his opposition to Indiana's brief religious discrimination law. They spelled his name "Oesterie" throughout the report, but it was obvious who they meant. They bragged that 2,290 "former Angie's List members have canceled their accounts following the company's attack on the rights of Christians and other faiths." They neglected to mention that Angie's List has well over 3 million members, so 2,290 is such a minuscule percentage that it would barely register on the company's computers. "Whether Oesterie [sic] or the media will admit it, it was the men and women who believe in their religious freedom rights who showed Oesterie [sic] the real effects of attacking the 1st Amendment," NOM stated on its website. "Oesterie [sic] is one of many who have learned the hard way that marriage defenders are not submissive: They are refusing to compromise on something as important as marriage and family," it concluded. While it's certainly true that NOM's tactics have harmed a lot of people, it's hard to see how losing less than 1/1,000th of Angie's List customers could have destroyed Bill Oesterle. Oesterle, a co-founder of Angie's List in 1995, said

TUCSON – The Southern Arizona Gender Alliance will host a community party and reintroduction event on May 9.

Brian S. Brown, head of the National Organization for Marriage since he took over from Maggie Gallagher in 2010.

he quit the company to devote more time to politics and restoring Indiana's tarnished image as a state. It's up to you which version sounds more credible.


The event is a free celebration for the transgender community and all allies and supporters. The party will be at Fluxx Studio, 414 E 9th Ninth St., from 7-11 p.m. Food, beverages, activities, dancing, and a cash bar will be provided. Call 520-477-7096 for more info. The SAFA is a non-profit organization which provides support and advocacy for the transgender community.

Popular British university adds classes in drag studies Senior Lecturer Mark Edward, who devised the module to include third- and fourth-year students, told PinkNews in a statement: "Despite the fact that performers have been 'dragging up' since Shakespearean times, this module is completely unique in exploring the crossing of boundaries in terms of gender and performance. ... There's a lot more to drag studies than wigs, makeup and high heels!"

OBSERVER STAFF ORMSKIRK, England -- Edge Hill University in Ormskirk will become the first institution of higher education in the United Kingdom to offer a course in the art of drag. While not well-known in the U.S., Edge Hill was named university of the year for 2014 in the 10th annual Times Higher Education Awards, and is the only university to be short-listed for the award four times in seven years. The same awards picked it as the best university workplace for 2015, and the safest campus in the northwestern UK. Performing arts students at the school will be able to take the course, "Drag Kings and Drag Queens of Performance," beginning next year.

Going beyond the study of drag as "highly camp performance art," the course of study will include the use of drag to convey specific political and cultural agendas as well as HIV/AIDS activism.

The Supreme Fabulettes dispense hell to an ex-boyfriend in the classic video for "You Ruined My Xmas."

April 29, 2015

Anti-gay protesters outnumbered by counter-protesters RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. -- If you doubt that the attitude toward the LGBT community has changed in the American heartland, consider what happened last weekend in Russellville -- hardly known as a progressive outlier. The Courier, a Russellville newspaper, had reported that a Tea Party group was organizing a rally against samesex marriage. About 30 people showed up, according to various professional media, with many carrying signs reading "Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman." LOL . . . and 200 counter-protesters showed up to support marriage equality, even though right-wing media initially reported that the two crowds were about the same size. If it can happen in Russellville, Ark., where is it impossible? Or as one media wag recently said about the change in public attitudes toward same-sex marriage, "Pigs have not yet flown, but really, what is there left to happen?"


OBSERVER STAFF The anti-gay Family Research Council organized (or tried to) one of the more exotic lead-ins to this week's opening of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on same-sex marriage cases from four states. The council wanted opponents of marriage equality to "pray and fast" for three weeks. The group's website said its president, Tony Perkins, was "asking praying believers everywhere to pray and fast from April 7 to April 28 that God will intervene to guide our Supreme Court to protect, not destroy, natural marriage as the legal standard for our nation. He urges that we pray up to the day of battle and go into that day with strength, praising God for the victory!" Praying, OK. Fasting, OK. But the idea that marriage would be limited to one man, one woman clearly is an invention of man because the Bible plainly and without mincing words says polygamy is OK, too. Perhaps not really expecting the fasting tactic to work, the council submitted a CYA legal brief as well.

"It's America," she said. "I have no problem with them being here, but never have they been allowed where we were. I was fine if they'd have stayed on the other side of the street."

Repeating the idea that allowing same-sex marriage opens the door to incest and all kinds of combinations involving multiple people (we know, WTF???), the brief states: "Having abandoned the historical meaning of marriage and the limitations that have always and everywhere been placed on the right to marry, petitioners are unable to offer any principled rationale for limiting marriage to one spouse or to non-relatives."

Russellville, you rock!

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Family Research Council hopes three weeks of fasting kills same-sex marriage in Supreme Court

Deborah De Sousa Owens of Russellville's Coalition of African-American Pastors said it was disrespectful of the pro-gay crowd to chant "Love is love" while she was speaking.

Jeannie Stone, a counter-protester who described herself as an "ally and a Christian," merely said "it's not American to use God's word to deny people their rights."


But that document contains some outright whoppers.

where" didn't include many of the Native American cultures that were in place right here before Europeans invaded and destroyed them.

move a strong majority of the justices to reaffirm natural marriage and reject the idea of inventing any right to same-sex 'marriage' in the Constitution!"

In fact, it would mean that "always and everywhere" didn't include most of the planet at some time or another before those cultures also were overrun.

To which we can only add: May hundreds of thousands, even millions, join us in ending the crass glorification of ignorance that prompts these outbursts of ridiculous claims about "history" that can be disproved with 15 minutes' worth of research.

The website sums up: "May hundreds of thousands, even millions, join us in prayer and fasting for the members of the Supreme Court; that God will


To be factual, that statement would have to mean that "always and every-

Member of the Month: Tierra Antigua Realty Downtown 36 years as Real Estate Broker in Tucson MaryLou Thompson 216 E. Congress Tucson, AZ 85701 Phone: 520-668-8222 Email: MaryLouDowntown@gmail.com Website: MaryLouDowntown.com

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Buckley grandson comes out, remains staunchly GOP OBSERVER STAFF A college-age grandson of the family credited with founding modern conservatism has come out as gay and endorsed marriage equality, but remains staunchly pro-Republican and pro-Roman Catholic.

According to a blog called Letters to the Catholic Right, Buckley even says that although his family has been active in the fight against marriage equality, there is no contradiction between en-

Sean Buckley

dorsing marriage equality and his family's true values. OK . . . er . . . maybe now that it's for one of their own, his family will actually ENDORSE those true values publicly? Buckley is the grandson of former Conservative Party New York Sen. James Buckley and a great-nephew of National Review founder William F. Buckley.

April 29, 2015

Tea Party expected to challenge McCain in 2016, but with what? Continued from page 1 ton Post headline: Sarah Palin's CPAC speech might as well be the next Dr. Seuss book)

munity as the one who vehemently opposes same-sex marriage even as his gay son is in a relationship with another nice Mormon boy.

Those prominent conservatives probably don't even want to answer to their own names after picking Palin to proudly pounce, only to see her crawl away in defeat.

Another name that's been tossed in the hopper (sorry, that's where it'll end up) as a potential McCain challenger is state Sen. Kelli Ward from Lake Havasu City.

So who gets to be McCain's next victim? For that's almost surely the way it will go.

Now there's a brain like a jellybean -- but of course that could describe most members of the Arizona Legislature ...

Look at the last go-round. Former congressman and TV/radio personality (and, according to one scribe at Daily Kos, "Foghorn Leghorn impersonator") JD Hayworth had about as much name recognition as it's possible to get in Arizona, plus the adoration of Tea Party masses, and he went nowhere against the aging dimwit.

Sean Buckley, writing at The Daily Beast, said that he previously was against the freedom to marry because he considered it anti-conservative and anti-Catholic and "I grew up with an extremely negative view of gay people." It's amazing how when a conservative's self-interest changes, things that were forbidden suddenly become "OK" . . . now that it's something they want to do, everybody else should be allowed to do it, too, but not until they decide . . .


In fact, former Maricopa County GOP Chairman A.J. LaFaro once described the longtime battle between McCain and the party's wingnuts as "one of the bloodiest political civil wars." (Right now, of course, LaFaro probably isn't concentrating heavily on McCain because LaFaro's longtime ally Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been in court and close enough to jail time himself that he's smelling the aroma of green baloney and unwashed pink underwear.) One name that keeps bobbing up is U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon, a serious wingnut but mainly known in the LGBT com-

Ward was the one who couldn't stay out of the frame when the cameras were on Nevada's crazy old coot, Cliven Bundy, while his cohorts aimed their rifles at federal agents -- without penalties, as you may recall. During that "standoff," Ward is the one who gave the speech calling for an end to all driving laws because freedom Obama Kelli-needs-counseling gaggleflap. Then when Bundy gave his speech about the Negro and what Bundy thought should be done about that problem, the Ward-Bundy photos went back in the closet so fast we're still feeling the breeze. So yeah, let Sen. Ward challenge McCain. Sweet Jesus on a sardine boat -- that'll resurrect all the Bundy bullshit and give Ward a whole new audience. But probably NOT a Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate.

April 29, 2015



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Not scared of the new GOP plot to wipe out marriage equality? Maybe you should be!

Sen. Ted Cruz plays messiah at the recent National Rifle Association convention, just before he introduced two measures in Congress to overrule the courts on marriage equality.

By R.D. Smith GUEST COLUMNIST All these GOP presidential candidates running around saying they still oppose marriage equality but have attended a reception for one (Gov. Scott Walker), "might" attend one (Sen. Marco Rubio), or at least wouldn't disown his daughter if she were lesbian (Sen. Ted Cruz) are simply telling us they finally don't want to look like homophobic chupacabras in 2016. But note: It's not that they're any less opposed to same-sex marriage. They just want to look human while they're running for president. Gregory T. Angelo, executive director of the pro-gay Log Cabin Republicans, said recently that he still thinks being against gay marriage is far from the kiss of death for a GOP politician. Angelo put his finger on the problem, though. He said the U.S. Supreme Court "would be doing the Republican field an incredible favor" by affirming marriage equality, thereby getting the monkey off the candidate's back. That way, Angelo said, individual

candidates can either continue a cultural war their side has lost, or they can hope to get away with simply walking off and talking about something else. This brings us to last week, when Cruz introduced a pair of doozies in the U.S. Senate. One is a resolution endorsing a constitutional amendment to ban samesex marriage in every state no matter what courts say. OK, you say -- that's only a resolution. It isn't binding on anyone. Ah, but it's a trial balloon. The wingnuts want to see how many Senate votes they have in favor of grabbing the marriage issue away from the courts. There's not much question that the House of Representatives would have the 2/3 majority for proposing a constitutional ban, so they need to test the Senate waters. Then there's Cruz's other ploy: A law banning federal courts from ruling on marriage at all. This strikes me as parallel to Republicans' recent attempt to declare

themselves rather than the president in charge of immigration -- I don't see how they have a legal basis to merely wave a wand and say their branch of government takes over something that's always been up to another of the three branches. With federal judges as they are these days, though, constitutional precedent might not even be taken into consideration, in which case a naked power grab might get court approval. Recent polls show 52 percent of Republicans under the age of 50 now support marriage equality; 60 percent of evangelicals under 30 also oppose their old-white-guy elders on this issue. That doesn't mean for one minute that those people are willing to VOTE for anything but a Republican. The GOP already controls more than the 34 state Senates needed to ratify a constitutional amendment. If Hillary Clinton falters again and Republicans make a few gains in state representatives, then the states could initiate a constitutional amendment. If 34 state legislatures come under GOP

control, voila! you could face starting the whole fight for marriage equality from scratch. That doesn't appear likely. But then, not that long ago, how many of you thought the currrent situation "appeared likely"? Things change, sometimes rapidly. So if you're LGBT and eligible to vote but not registered, get your ass registered -- and when the time comes, don't give us a bunch of excuses, give us your vote. There has never been a more critical time to make every vote count for our side.

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April 29, 2015

April 29, 2015


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‘A Little Night Music’ a little satisfying

Photo: Ed Flores

The characters from “A Little Night Music” out for a day in the country. From left to right: Henrik (Josh Dunn), Petra (Sarah Bartley), Anne (Taylor Pearlstein), Fredrik (Charlie Hall), Countess Charlotte (Sarah Ambrose), Count Carl-Magnus (Micah Bond), Osa (Chandler Corley-Essex) in Arizona Repertory Theatre’s production, running through May 3 in the UA Marroney Theatre.

By Christopher L. Pankratz OBSERVER WEEKLY There’s nothing more exciting to me than the anticipation of enjoying a Sondheim show which I have never seen on stage. Stephen Sondheim’s music and lyric wisdom have always been deeply satisfying and moving for me. Having only seen snippets of “A Little Night Music” one of Sondheim’s more obscure musicals, on YouTube, I was thrilled to attend Arizona Repertory Theatre’s production. The music, and performances did not disappoint. The actors brought nuance, subtext, and liveliness to Sondheim’s already nuanced and complex score. Unfortunately, there was little they could bring to the plot. Perhaps I hold the show to a higher standard because I compare

it to the life-altering journeys “Into the Woods,” “Company,” “Sweeney Todd,” and “Sunday In the Park With George” have brought to the stage. With book by Hugh Wheeler, this story on the other hand fell just short of satisfying. Haughty characters with somewhat simplistic motivations and story arcs waltzed in and out of the scene moving the action along a mostly predictable plotline which didn’t fully start to be interesting until the second act. But that’s not to say the show was unenjoyable. The cast brought life to the characters and their in-the-moment revelations about relationships and love. The scenic elements were sparkling. In short, the production was a success, stifled only by the script. “Night Music” plays at the Marroney Theatre through May 3.


April 29, 2015

April 29, 2015

Community Voices


Page 11

An interview about the groundbreaking book “Mia’s Two Grammas” by local author Judy Gomez By Scott Blades Executive Director TIHAN

this when I was raising my kids,” and then bought a few copies for others. A woman who heard the book read at a book club told me that everyone was in tears. Mostly, people thank me because there are so very few books about gay families, and none with gay Grandparents. SB: What impact are you hoping your book will make? JG: I am hoping the impact of the book will be to stimulate conversations about gay families, about acceptance within families and communities, and about supporting children to feel proud of themselves and their families, embracing all life choices and all kinds of love. In fact, I am putting together a series of workshops which I want to offer to school districts, religious institutions, and other community organizations called “LOVE IS LOVE — Toward a World of Inclusion and Acceptance” — using the book as a jumping off place to help communities move beyond legal marriage, to truly include gay families as equal members of every neighborhood, PTA, church, synagogue, team etc. I have 50 years of experience leading interactive transformative workshops. The book is a way to start the dialogue and then bring it home!!

Dr. Judy Shepherd Gomez

I had the chance recently to interview a fascinating woman. Dr. Judy Shepherd Gomez has dedicated her life to helping others become aware of the importance of embracing diversity. She currently works with refugees from all over the world in helping them to overcome the trauma of war and dislocation and adapt successfully to life in the United States. Judy has three adult children and, with her partner, ten grandchildren ranging in age from 5 to 23. She and her partner Marjorie Hochberg, Cantorial Soloist of Temple Emanu-El, a Reform synagogue in central Tucson, were joined in a Jewish ceremony on March 30, 2014, before same-sex marriage was legalized in the state of Arizona. They were legally married February 5, along with 99 other couples in the Ft. Lauderdale “Love is Love” event celebrating marriage equality. Judy was excited to tell me about the new book that she wrote, and I asked her to tell me more about it: JG: Mia’s Two Grammas is a book about love. It is a joyful sharing of the way that a 6-year old overcomes fear to embrace the love and trust she feels for her gay married Grammas. She embraces her Grammas’ love even in her classroom where every other child comes to Grandparents Day with a Granma and a Granpa. It is inclusion, acceptance, love of diversity from the moving and real eyes of a child. It is not an issue book, but a joyful and loving journey into the heart of a new kind of multigenerational gay family.” SB: Tell me how you decided to write this book. What was the impetus?

SB: Is the book for sale locally or online only?

How long have you been thinking about it and planning it?

for you in the process of writing and publishing the book?

JG: I have been thinking about writing this book for many years The impetus is my personal experience that even when laws change, people hearts need to change, and acceptance of gay families is challenging, particularly for children in schools where the majority of the families are traditional, often coming from cultures where the concept of gay parents, not to mention gay grandparents, is unknown and often dismissed as not acceptable or legitimate. I have experienced this with my grandkids at Grandparents Days through the years and have suffered with them, and celebrated their courage. I wanted to encourage all families to embrace their uniqueness, and the love they share, and for them to be able to feel strong when they enter a world of families that are not gay.

JG: The most wonderful and surprising thing was the way in which my very talented illustrator (Christo Carire), who is straight, totally got our family, and was able to capture Marjorie, me, Mia, the joy, the fear, the sadness, the triumph. We worked very closely with him and are thrilled with the outcome. The other surprising thing is how hard it still is to get a book published by a traditional publisher when the main story is about gay families. It shows how much work we still have to do.

SB: What was most surprising

SB: What kind of response have you received from readers? JG: Readers have been so positive, so emotionally moved, so generous in their praise. One couple in my daughter’s restaurant was in tears when she shared the book with them. They said, “I wish I had had

JG: It is for sale locally at Antigone’s, Jonathan’s Educational Resources, and the Kid’s Center. It is also available online at amazon.com. Now that gay marriage is legal in so many states, I am resending the actual book, which was self-published, to a few selected publishers. I hope they will be receptive and believe there is a huge market for it all over the world. It is currently being translated into French and Spanish! Judy is very open to hearing comments and suggestions for promoting the book, and hearing about how readers react to the story. She can be reached at abuela8@comcasat.net. More information about the book and its author and illustrator is available on the Facebook page “Mia’s Two Grammas.” And we’re excited that Judy has donated two signed copies of the book for our Treasures for TIHAN auction! Thank you, Judy, and to Marjorie, and especially to Mia for modeling that love is love, and loving, supportive families come in many forms.

Where God's love for all is the good news!

Page 12

As Clark Saw It

Zoe’s World

OBSERVER By Gary Clark


April 29, 2015

Tituss Burgess flits into major fame playing Titus

By Zoe Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

"Who in their right minds was going to tell Tina no? You obey that diva." -- Tituss Burgess, on his reaction when Tina Fey wanted to create a role especially for him

OBSERVER STAFF If you haven't dropped everything yet and watched Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," you're missing what Kevin Fallon of The Daily Beast recently called "the comedy breakout star of the year." Tituss Burgess (with two s's in his first name) plays Titus (one s) Andromedon on the show, a character inspired by the real-life two-s Tituss.

Creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock created the TV role from what they knew of the real Burgess, who is something of a Broadway regular but probably new to Netflix audiences. One of those useful traits is Burgess' fixation on pinot noir, which leads on the show to a ridiculously over-thetop amateurish song called "Peeno Noir," in which various and sundry phrases are contorted to rhyme with "noir." Topping it off, the whole thing is set to the melody of a ringtone.

Confused? The song is a viral sensation and Burgess claims not to understand why -- he claims he thought it was a disaster in the making. "I thought we were in trouble!" he told The Daily Beast. "I thought, 'Oh god, these people have lost their minds!' First of all, it was done so offthe-cuff. They were literally shouting things at me to say. I made up the melody. I thought, 'Oh, no no no no no no.' I thought certainly we had driven off course!" In Burgess' case, he had driven right into phenomenal success. "Suddenly I am everywhere in the world, and my trip to the 99-cent store will never be the same," he chimes. He and Fey met each other when he played the flamboyant D'Fwan on "30 Rock." And, of course, with his high profile has come controversy -- that his role perpetuates racial stereotypes. "Most of the time I’m thinking, 'Honey, you booked the wrong person to be on your show. You need Tina and Robert here. I didn't write it! I just said the lines and did my best!' It's a fascinating thing how suddenly your participation in said show holds you accountable for the entire thing, not just your contribution." He says he's ready for THAT conversation "to be over," and just let him revel in what's happening to him. "I think about my little high school self trying to sort out my feelings and my sexuality, trying to sort out my father issues — he was not present ... " We vote for the world to leave him alone and give him time to get his bearings.

April 29, 2015

Page 13 OBSERVER WEEKLY Miley’s pits set Twitter on fire Suicide claims 18-year-

old porn actor

OBSERVER STAFF These days, nobody can match Miley Cyrus when it comes to riling up the reactionary masses.

OBSERVER STAFF OWENSBORO, Ky. -- An 18-year-old actor in Corbin Fisher porn films killed himself after apparently firing a gun at a restaurant where he had been fired.

She didn’t disappoint earlier this month when she appeared at Cleveland’s 30th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies to pay tribute to her musical idol, Joan Jett, one of this year’s inductees.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

For most young subversives (or subversive wannabes, depending on your personal view of the 22-year-old Cyrus), her opening would have been enough: “I’m going to start off this induction with the first time I wanted to have sex with Joan Jett.”

A related refrain is that feminists should be addressing big issues and armpit hair is not a big issue. By going into mass apoplexy, they were, of course, demonstrating that armpit maintenance is indeed a big deal -- at least to them.

Cue Mike Huckabee, collapsing face-first into his morning oatmeal. But our Miley was just getting started.

And as would be expected, the pro-hair side was more creative in its comments.

Wearing a sleeveless black top, Cyrus raised her arms high for emphasis and showed the universe that she’s a normal human who can -- gasp! -- grow armpit hair.

sailor drake ‫@‏‬sophergrace “some ppl are freaking out over miley cyrus’s armpit hair and it’s like maybe three hairs???? y’all should see mine, I got two manes growing”

You’d think Saturn had shifted course and headed straight for Planet Earth.

Though even the pro-hair side had its conventional types:

Twitter basically split into two armed camps, #TeamBare and #TeamHair. Someone apparently named Claire Morris summed up the pro-shaving side. Claire Morris ‫@‏‬ClaireLMorrisX “Miley Cyrus’ recent Instagram posts . . . Come on girl there’s no excuse for that armpit hair” Despite trying to appear cool, the anti-hair side pretty much kept repeating that armpit hair on women is not conventional and therefore should not be done.

Police said Christopher Luke McAteer, who went by the name Clay, was suspected in the drive-by firing of shots at Ninki's Japanese Restaurant in Owensboro. Reports said McAteer got sacked after making threats during an argument with a fellow employee at the restaurant. Nobody was hurt in the drive-by, but McAteer was later found with a bullet wound and died in a hospital the following morning. The bullet wound was presumed to be self-inflicted. Scenes featuring Clay were removed from CorbinFisher.com's website.

Christopher Luke McAteer An obituary written by McAteer's family reads, "Thankfully, Luke knew the Lord and had recently rededicated his life. He had been pursuing a daily relationship with Christ in the recent weeks before his unfortunate loss with the battle of depression."

Confessions ‫@‏‬honestfandom “Miley Cyrus’ armpit hair isn’t ‘hideous’, we all see men’s armpit hair but that’s apparently acceptable because they’re men.” While pit hair may grab the attention of the masses, it was Cyrus’ tweet after the ceremony that made a statement to us: She posed in her free-the-nipple reverse top with her perky little boobs standing right up there saying hello to the camera. That’s a statement we can endorse!


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April 29, 2015


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April 29, 2015



Page 15

Arpaio's credibility takes 'I'd Bottom for Hillary' cambeating in court hearing paign spreads its . . . er . . . wings Then, Arpaio was asked directly by the judge, "Are you aware that I've been investigated by anyone?" "We weren't investigating you," Arpaio said, then admitted in court that he had hired a private investigator to conduct a secret investigation into the judge's wife. Generally, it's a federal violation for anyone to intimidate or influence a sitting judge, so we'll see where that one ends up.

Joe Arpaio

OBSERVER STAFF PHOENIX -- "America's toughest sheriff" was in federal court last week for a hearing on contempt of court allegations in regard to his department's defying a court order in its treatment of Latinos. Instead of his usual blustery demeanor, though, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio tried to appear like a contrite little puppy caught wetting the floor. "I have a deep respect for the courts," he said. "It really hurts me after 55 years to be in this position. I want to apologize to the judge. I should have known more about these court orders that slipped through the cracks." For God's sake, Joe, could you just shut up? You're giving all of us an assache. The Arizona Republic, the state's largest daily newspaper, ran an op-ed column by the executive director of the Arizona ACLU stating that "If court orders can 'slip through the cracks,' then Arpaio isn't fit for office." Two of his aides had testified the previous day that Arpaio did indeed ignore court orders from U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow and told his subordinates to ignore them, too, so Arpaio either had to suck it up or accuse his former aides of perjury.

To top it all off, Arpaio's lead attorney Tom Liddy quit the case on the first day of court, saying he was "filing an application to withdraw." Liddy, by the way, is the son of Nixon Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy. Snow assigned a federal monitor in 2013 to oversee Arpaio's office, and the same judge will now decide whether Arpaio ignored the monitor, and if so, whether it was serious enough to constitute a crime. The monitor was assigned because of allegations that Arpaio had been ignoring Snow's 2011 order in a racialprofiling case. Arpaio has admitted violating that court order, and last month offered to settle the case for $350,000 of the taxpayers' money and a $100,000 personal donation to a civil-rights organization, in order to avoid this trial. The judge declined the offer. J. Scott Halvorson, a Maricopa County civil-rights attorney, has said that civil penalties against Arpaio are more likely than criminal ones, but even civil penalties can carry stiff fines. Jail time isn't impossible in extreme civil cases. Three Arpaio aides are included in the charges.

This beautiful, talkative gentleman is a year old, and has so much love to give his forever family! He’s a cuddle-bug, as long as you don’t mess with his tail; he’s not partial to it being touched. He’s still young, and needs a lot of exercise, and play time, to work off that kitten energy! But once he’s done running around, he’d love a treat and to be told how beautiful he is. Come by the Hermitage and meet this beautiful gentleman.


Continued from page 1 ting at, but in the spirit of always giving the public what it wants, we'll go along and punch your ticket for you. The group's website attempts to spell it out: "It does not matter if you usually bottom, or if you usually top but can't resist the Clinton. She is a bad-ass bitch. She is the head bitch in charge. She is the Ma'damnnnnn President. Ideally we would be bottoming for her as we were voting for her." As Ryan (no last name revealed), who is apparently the head bottom, told Fusion, "With bottoming, there's a lot that goes into it. A lot of homosexuals understand the concept. Bottoming for someone takes a lot of trust and understanding. . . . A lot of Republicans follow the Instagram handle, and they think it's satire. It really is a compliment to Hillary." Now if someone will explain to us celibate virginal types at the Observer what the hell is going on here . . .

April 29, 2015 OBSERVER WEEKLY Tallywackers hopes to penetrate market for gay Hooters Page 16

OBSERVER STAFF DALLAS -- Coming soon (OK, maybe that's over the top) to Dallas' Oak Lawn gayborhood is what John Wright at Towleroad has labeled "the male equivalent of the breastaurant Hooters." The term "dickstaurant" got in there somewhere as well. Anyway, up to now you probably thought the only attraction in Oak Lawn was casual, sweaty sex. (Don't even THINK you're the only one who discovered that hedge, honey -- that bush has seen more sex than Pamela Anderson's.) According to a recent help-wanted ad on Craiglist, though, you may soon not even have to put sexual fantasies aside for a few minutes during dinner -Tallywackers is a-fixin' to hepp y'all out. Photos were posted on Facebook from a recent "hiring event" for which, of course, applicants didn't need to bring much in the way of clothing. Reportedly, Tallywackers will occupy a spot where several restaurants in recent years went tits up. But hey, the Big D is famous for strip bars (which in turn feature some fairly Big D's of their own), so maybe a semi-strip restaurant is just what the location needs. As one commenter stated, "Just as tacky as Hooters. Now that's equality." Far, far too risque for the nuns at the Observer. But, as stated elsewhere in this issue, we consider it our sacred duty to give you horndawgs the trash you crave.

Profile for Observer Weekly

1579 April 29, 2015  

1579 April 29, 2015