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The Observer’s Hurricane Phone and Website List Federal and State Florida State Emergency Ops Center 1-800-320-0519 Twitter: Florida_SWO Florida State Emergency Information Line 1-800-342-3557 FEMA Division IV 1-770-220-5230

Deerfield Beach Code Red ?page=cscodered You may sign up with the above link to have phone bursts sent to you before, during, and after a storm. City Hall 954-480-4213 BSO non-emergency line 954-480-4300 Fire Department non-emergency line 954-480-4358 Ocean Rescue 954-480-4413 Rumor Control 954-831-4000

FEMA Assistance 1-800-621-3362 State of Florida Gouging Hotline 1-800-HelpFLA FPL: 954-797-5000 Publix 1-305-653-1806 x 2009 Call for up to the minute reports on what type of food items are enroute to each individual store.

Publix Deerfield Mall 3740 West Hillsboro Boulevard Publix Hillsboro Square 150 S Federal Highway Publix Sawgrass Promenade 1337 S. Military Trail 7-Eleven Food Store #21026-32 3580 W Hillsboro Blvd 954-421-6934 Chevron #202634 3355 W Hillsboro Blvd 954-360-9962 Chevron #202647 998 S Federal HWY 954-426-0180 Chevron #51657 1790 W Hillsboro Blvd 954-360-0616 Gas City 1011 S Powerline Rd 954-725-7511 Mobil #11241 1200 W Hillsboro Blvd 954-427-4437 Mobil #12668 900 SW 10th St 954-421-4828 Mobil R/S # 11205 3601 W Hillsboro Blvd 954-426-4149 Shell Sandy’s 5 N Federal HWY (US 1) 954-354-1250 Home Depot 60 S.W. 12th Ave. 954-427-0028 Target 1200 S. Federal Hwy 954-428-4970 SuperTarget 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd 954-333-5214

The Observer’s Hurricane Phone and Website List Pompano Beach Code Red codered.html You may sign up with the above link to have phone bursts sent to you before, during and after a storm City Administration 954-786-4600 Broward Sheriff’s Office Pompano Beach/Dist. 11 (non emergency) 954-786-4200 Costco 1800 West Sample Road Publix at Palm Aire 1140 Sw 36th Avenue Publix Pompano Plaza 1405 S. Federal Highway Publix At Pine Lake Plaza 411 S. Cypress Road Winn-Dixie Shoppers Haven 3435 N. Federal Highway Mobil #11207-128511 3560 N Powerline Rd 954-973-4505 Mobil Station 5391 N Federal HWY 954-426-6058 Mobil Station-Hannas Oil Properties Inc 1501 S Cypress Rd 954-783-9933 Sample Road Marathon 3601 N Dixie HWY 954-946-7850 Shell-J D’s 598 NW 15th St 954-941-4417 Sunoco-M& M 1 N Federal HWY 954-942-2195 Sunshine Service 1120 NE 48th St 954-943-6638 BP Amoco #60861 290 W Copans Rd 954-545-4962 Hardy Bros Oil Co Inc 1126 Hammondville Rd 954-857-1138 Jem Texaxo 550 Cypress Rd 954-942-5660 Mobil #10825 901 Sample Rd W 954-941-9039 Racetrac #469 599 W Atlantic Blvd 954-782-2177 S & H Lutz 2351 Powerline Rd 954-969-5728 Shell Station 501 E Atlantic Blvd 954-946-8070 Stop N Shop 1951 W Copans Rd 954-972-6872 Texaco-palm Aire #466 1481 S Pompano Pkwy 954-971-5303 Home Depot 1151 N.W. Copans Road 954-978-6100

Hillsboro Beach City Hall 954-427-4011 Police (non-emergency) 954-427-6600 send an email to the above address to be added to the e-mail blast for updates in your town from Hillsboro Beach Police and they will also answer questions from you.

Lighthouse Point Dixon Hal Senior Center 2220 NE 38 Street, LHP Generator Powered –and offers A/C Cool Off Area and Media-Recharge Area for Residents City Hall 945-943-6500 Fire (non-emergency) 954-941-2624 Police (non-emergency) 945-942-8080 Publix Venetian Isle Shopping Center 3700 N. Federal Highway Publix Shoppes At Beacon Light 2450 North Federal Highway Sunoco Lighthouse 3900 N Federal HWY 954-941-5662

Print ou ut these lin nks and ke eep them o on the back burner in n case you u need them  http://ww  NOAA ‐ National Hurriccane Center LLink for Emaill Updates    http://ww  Allows you to view nattionwide emergency activitty reported d daily.  Allows you to view dailly emergencyy activity from m all over the state of Florid da.  p This link w will give you a access to the a actual emerg gency events rreports from the Florida sttate emergency  center  om *Excellentt private porttal site showin ng storm actiivity live as it happens. Cheeck out all thee information n on  Wilma, Ka atrina, etc tha at the genera al public neverr knew and  sswine flu day by day updattes on what a areas  have a hig gh infection rate.  http://ww ww.antennase  This site w will allow you to view wherre every cell p phone tower iis near you an nd what provvider it is so affter a  storm if one is down yo ou know where the next cllosest one Is tto try and gett a signal out. mb/engineerin ng/maps/  http://ww This link w will give you a access to a sitte that, by enttering your ziip code, will teell you the neew digital TV  strength o of stations in your area.    mergency Rad dio Station  Brroward Countty’s Official Em WIOD 610 AM Programmingg: The 24‐hou ur station, speecializing in news/talk form mat,  wiill carry all Co ounty announcements and news conferrences from the County’s  Em mergency Opeerations Centter (EOC), in tthe event of aa hurricane orr other disastter.                                        Th he station’s siggnal reaches all areas of B Broward Coun nty.  o remind you that due to th he digital chaange in televission broadcassting your old der  The Obserrver wants to portable ttelevisions may not work aand suggests portable radiios be ready iin place of them.   

Hurricane phone and web list  

Hurricane phone and web list