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Roads and Transport to strengthen law enforcement

October 10, 2013



>> Vows to clamp down on un-roadworthy vehicles >> Will address issue of stray animals on our roads

MEC for Roads and Transport, Mr Lehlogonolo Masoga shares a lighter moment with guests during the launch of October Transport Month. Warren Blunt >>


ctober Transport Month was officially launched in Limpopo by the Department of Roads and Transport (DRT) last Thursday with the announcement that moving forward there will be a high visibility of traffic officers throughout the province, to strengthen law enforcement and to ensure the free and smooth flow of traffic until the festive season and beyond. Speaking at the media briefing, MEC for Roads and Transport, Mr Lehlogonolo Masoga said despite negative perceptions by members of the public due to subjective media coverage he has discovered after 76 days of taking up the position of MEC, that the DRT happens to be a vibrant and dynamic well-oiled machinery operated by dedicated men and women. He added that an efficient transport system is a critical component of economic development, globally and nationally. Masoga went on to say that transportation investments link factors of production together in a web of relationships between producers and consumers to create a more efficient division of production and provide the means to expand the economy. “As a province, we can only become the real gateway to Southern Africa if we have a proper transport network and services to enable the smooth movement of people and

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goods.” The MEC said the biggest challenges to reliable and safe journeys remain congestion and accidents and it is incumbent on all road users to make the province’s roads as safe as possible by reducing accidents. Masoga pointed out that the International Transport Forum’s latest road safety report released in May 2013, ranked South Africa the worst out of 36 other countries when it came to the number of road fatalities and the estimated economic cost to the country is around R307 billion annually. “As a caring government we will not rest until we rid our roads of these unnecessary deaths. We will ensure that our aim of having accident free roads continues without hindrance. There will be a high visibility of traffic officers to strengthen law enforcement until the festive season and beyond. During this period motor vehicle operating and entering the province will be subjected to heightened inspections on the road to ensure that only roadworthy vehicles are allowed to operate while un-roadworthy vehicles face possible impoundment or hefty fines. We call on all road users to change their behaviour for better and safer roads,” Masoga urged both drivers and pedestrians using Limpopo’s roads. Regarding the danger of stray animals on provincial roads, Masoga explained that in October Transport Month the DRT will be interacting with livestock owners, traditional leaders and agricultural organisations about accidents caused by unattended stray animals along public roads. He urged members of the community to refrain from removing fencing meant to keep livestock off the province’s roads. Lastly, Masoga said in reference to the impact road crashes cause to the lives and economy of the province and country: “The DRT has taken it upon itself to make sure that accidents and deaths throughout Limpopo are reduced dramatically in line with the prescripts of the international Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.”

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Polokwane observer 10102013