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anniversary issue january / february MMXIV

We’ve made it! OBSCURUS is officially one year old. It’s amazing how fast the magazine has grown, from a ten-image photoset on Tumblr featuring the lovely Lucinda Sinclair and her label Sanctus, to issues with over 50 pages and thousands of followers and readers alike from all over the world! I’ve gotten the chance to work with some amazing and ridiculously talented designers, photographers, and now artist! It has been such an honor and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future! This brings me to another detail that I’m on the fence about. As much as I love OBSCURUS, I need to get some “grown up” priorities in order (higher education, working on my own label and even the possibility of moving out on my own this year), and the work that goes into each issue of the magazine is extensive to a point and it takes a lot of my free time I may need in the future for pattern making, classes or taking up an extra shift. As much as I hate it, it needs to be done. For now, issues of OBSCURUS will be on hold, until later this year when all my ducks are in a row. I will however, still be doing features on the official blog of designers, photographers and artist as well! I hope you all understand.

But with that being said, enjoy this issue! You’ll notice that the main feature is missing, which is due to a scheduling conflict with the featured, but you’ll be seeing them on the blog! P.S.: how do you like the new minimalist layout?

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6. Saccstry spread: “Creep it Surreal”


18. “Winter’s Last Breath” by Chuck Kovach

e With a knack for all things creepy and cute, 20year old artist Saccstry uses her talent on the tablet from the middle of nowhere to create offthe-wall masterpieces, and she also reminds myself personally of a kawaii gore Mark Ryden. It’s up to you though, whether you “awe” and “ooh” or make some sort of face (we’re hoping it’s the first though)!

Winter’s Last Breath Photographer Chuck Kovach Project Manager Francesca Greenwood Designer Dianka DesignZ Model Eva Guisseppina Hinckley [KPT Modeling Agency] Hair/MUA Melinda Clark Henry

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OBSCURUS Magazine / Jan/Feb Anniversary Issue  

OBSCURUS is a year old! A special thank you to all the designers, bloggers, labels and photographers I've gotten to work with this year, it'...