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HAPPINESS IS… HOT CHOCOLATE Try our new range of hot chocolate flavours, a great addition to the delicious chocolate quente. These yummy new flavours – toasted marshmallow, cherry and amaretto – are sure to warm you up this winter!

FAR OUT Formerly one half of the avant-garde dance duo Gazelle, local producer and performer Nick Matthews has now embarked on a sonic journey that sees his onstage persona DJ InviZAble joining with The Champions of the Sonarverse. These unusual suspects are on a quest to unite people from all walks of life through music. Their sound celebrates diverse cultures, and blends their unique, futuristic aesthetic with storytelling – a project that they wish to see translated into short films and graphic novels.

Note Cards (R55 for 12)

WAKE UP, SMELL THE COFFEE… And win a vida hamper worth R1 000 for doing it! Send us your best #morningswithvida pic by tweeting it to our @vidaecaffe account or posting it on Instagram and tagging @vidaecaffe_official and you could win. Who said it’s not worth getting out of bed on a cold wintery morning? The closing date for entries is 31 August 2015.


Hi, I am: DJ InviZAble and I embody the sono-chip called N1c, a weapon that was designed to amplify the waves of resonance and become the spirit of unity. Who are the Champions of the Sonarverse? A group of intergalactic super musos. The group’s powers: DJ InviZAble is armed with a sonic-frequency keytar and is summoned by the powerful Sangoma, a sonarversal medium. Computer General is skilled in sound frequency combat and trains the Champions. Shadow, with metal in his veins, is DJ InviZAble’s alter ego. Sephooko is a shape-shifting owl creature and, lastly, we have the power-crazed dictator Admiral Anarchy who has enslaved the people on planet Xi with his sonic mind control. Our genre: Is a crossover sound with electronic, African, funk and rock elements, woven together to create what we call ‘Xi-Fi’. Our mission: To free the sonarverse of its imperialistic oppressors. If the group do not succeed, the people of Xi and, indeed, the entire sonarverse face the destruction of their planets through the greed and gain of Anarchy. We realise that this power struggle is a universal theme that people of all nations face. We want to show people of this world that music can overcome any divisions and imbalances that society faces, even if it’s just for that moment. Our performances in three words: From. Outer. Space. Where can we find you? Details of all upcoming performance battles are listed on


NOTED We think there’s still something to be said for taking the time to pen your thoughts – whether it’s your feelings in a journal, a thank you to someone or an invitation to get the party started. So, if your stationery stash is looking a bit hungover, look no further than the Party Bunch & Co. The designs are created using watercolour paint, gouache, ink or Adobe Illustrator and all the paper is FSC approved, says Jozelle du Plessis, owner and party person in chief. Find them at

OBRIGADO 39 Winter 2015  

My Coffee, My Life!

OBRIGADO 39 Winter 2015  

My Coffee, My Life!