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‘Things that go “bump” in the night should not really give one a fright. It’s the hole in each ear that lets in the fear. That, and the absence of light!’ goes a poem by Spike Milligan, and we couldn’t agree more. So, banish bad thoughts, and colour your world a little brighter with our winter issue. Meet the team behind our delightfully demented fairy-tale cover. Hi! We are: Flick Visual Foundry By day: We take boring and difficultto-understand information and put our spin on it. This always involves a picture of some kind and it always involves a story. By night: We’re all uniquely alternative. From beer drinkers, teetotallers and gamers to accordion players, we are a diverse bunch, but what brings us together is visual communication. Tell us a bit about the cover. Well, we got our super-talented designer Nicole to illustrate it. We decided to just let her live out her wildest dreams and do what she felt ‘looks rad’.

If you ask me, I think deep down inside this is a self-portrait. Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Well, that is how the saying goes. We do visual communication, from interactive presentations and infographics through to video. Video is our favourite tool, though – it’s been calculated that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That’s insane for someone who is trying to explain something that is complex. More than that,

though, pictures are a language that everyone speaks and everyone can understand. So what’s your company’s genre? We are from an advertising background but we realised that as people become more and more time-poor, there was a massive need to explain complex things simply, so that’s the space we occupy. We are not a production company and we are not an agency, we are a specialist company. Is the devil in the detail or is it all about

the bigger picture? Everything in life is about the big picture but you can’t fulfil it without dealing with the details. To cut a long story short, you’d like to be remembered for… Making a difference. If you could be one kind of beer, which one would you be and why? I think Flick is a Porter – dark and rich with complex flavours. Nicole, on the other hand is not a beer, she’s a cider. And finally, any famous last words? If you’re going to drink a beer (or a cider), make it craft. Find out more at: ★

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OBRIGADO 39 Winter 2015  

My Coffee, My Life!

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