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O’Brien & Company Building Capacity Marketplace Training & Tools You Can Use

“The instructor gave us tools to approach the massive amounts of information available in a way that seems logical and provides a framework from which to study”

“The in-class exercises make the information ‘sticky’, easier to understand and remember”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with this instructor on an actual project and I’ve always found them to be an informative and effective communicator.”

“The instructor has an easy caring style that is encouraging to students of all levels.“

“I think this is a very valuable tool.” “The instructor was great - quick on his feet - this is a tough class to run!”

“The practice exam and quiz sessions were very helpful in knowing why an answer was right but also why other answers would not be correct.” “An excellent workshop and I would highly recommend to anyone.” “I think the most valuable [aspect] for me was gaining both real-world knowledge as well as study tips and guides and having the two be well distinguished between each other.”

“Requiring individual participation to a high level provided a better understanding and retention of information.” “Interaction with others was valuable to me.”

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Table of Contents Learning Lite Bites


● LEED® 2009 ● Integrative Design Process (IDP) ● Operations & Maintenance (O&M) ● LEED for Homes ● Credential Maintenance Program (CMP)

LEED Study Sessions


● Green Associate ● Operations and Maintenance (O+M) ● Building Design and Construction (BD+C)

Learning Tools


● LEED O+M Flash cards ● LEED O+M iPhone Flashcard App ● The Northwest Green Home Primer

Integrative Design Process


● Deep Green Performance with Integrative Design

Green Agent Essentials


● Real Estate Clock-Hour Course

Build It LEED


● Workshop ● Webinar ● Toolkit

O’Brien & Company


● Firm Profile ● Education Philosophy



Learning Lite Bites For the busy professional who needs to stay current but does not have much time, Lite Bites distill the key information from our longer courses into clear, easy to understand ‘bites’ and focus on the practical, ‘need-to-know’ information. These sessions feature a relevant introduction to current green building topics, providing participants with the working knowledge they need to apply the principles in their daily work. Each workshop is 1.5 hours long, usually scheduled over lunch or breakfast. A typical workshop includes presentations with exercises and time for question & answer session from our topic experts.

LEED® 2009 Understand how the project certification and professional accreditation requirements have changed with the release of LEED v3 and what that means for your LEED projects.

LEED-EB: O&M Learn what it takes for your existing building to succeed in achieving the LEED-EB: Operations & Maintenance certification including the key considerations for any project.

LEED for Homes Understand the features of the LEED for Homes rating system and learn why it is so different from other LEED rating systems.

Dark Green Performance with Integrative Design Learn how the Integrative Design Process (IDP) helps teams realize the value of continuous collaboration and iterative process on their projects.

Credential Maintenance Program Chart your course. LEED APs are required to join GBCI’s Credential Maintenance Program (CMP). Learn how to navigate the system.

Cost: $500; Additional travel fee may apply Buy here:


Contact us: 206-621-8626

LEED® Study Sessions Make the most of your time and increase your chance of successfully passing the LEED Professional Exams. Passing the LEED exam requires a working knowledge of LEED and green building as well as the ability to apply that knowledge to specific projects. Exercises during each section will allow participants to practice applying LEED in the way they will be tested. Experienced LEED Accredited Professionals teach each course.

LEED GA Study Session


Build your green building knowledge and gain the tools you need to pass the LEED Green Associate exam. This 8 hour workshop teaches and drills you on the specific green building principles tested on the LEED Green Associate exam. Learn from the real-life experience of LEED practitioners. Get practice quizzes and mock exam questions. Understand how the exam works and chart a successful study path. The Green Associate credential has real value in the green building marketplace and is a required first step for those who plan on becoming a LEED AP. This course meets GBCI eligibility requirements for the LEED Green Associate exam.

Cost: Up to 20 people, $3000. Over 20 people, contact us for pricing Learn More: or call us to schedule

LEED AP O+M, BD+C Specialization Study Sessions ● Operations and Maintenance ● Building Design and Construction Become a skilled LEED Accredited Professional by starting with these full-day interactive, hands-on learning courses in the LEED AP specializations. Technical exercises taught by experienced LEED practitioners build true knowledge of how to apply LEED effectively to your projects while preparing you to understand and pass the LEED AP specialty exam. Understand LEED credit intents and synergies, LEED process and implementation. Get practice quizzes and mock exam questions and chart a successful study path.

Cost: Single Session $3000, up to 20 people Learn More: or call us to schedule

Contact us: 206-621-8626


Learning Tools LEED® O+M Flashcards Think you know LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance?


Test your knowledge of the LEED AP O+M Exam with our 400-flashcard set. You’ll receive 250 flashcards covering vocabulary, calculations, reference standards, and plan/ policy requirements, PLUS 150 practice exam questions. These flashcards are available electronically in a 1.1 MB pdf file.

Cost: $45 Buy here:

LEED O+M iPhone App Focus on precisely the information you need to pass the LEED AP O+M specialization exam while on the go. Four color-coded categories: LEED-EB vocabulary terms, the required elements of plans and policies, the relevant reference standards, and the variables used in credit calculations. This application includes 250 flashcards and includes the following easy-to-use features: ● Color-coded categories ● Tagging function that helps you mark cards that need more practice ● Shuffle feature activated by shaking the deck at anytime ● Auto memory of the card you last left for ease of study ● Lite App available free

Cost: $8.99 Buy here:

The Northwest Green Home Primer The essential, real-world green home manual by Kathleen O’Brien & Kathleen Smith. Provides tools to help plan successful projects on a budget. Features a range of strategies and projects, from simple to complex. Includes an extensive list of resources.

Buy here:


Contact us: 206-621-8626

Dark Green Performance with Integrative Design Start your project off on the right foot! Integrative Design has long been recognized as essential to achieving the maximum benefit from the design process — regardless of whether sustainability is a project goal. The Integrative Design Process (IDP) is a unique approach that relies upon a multi-disciplinary project team whose members, involved from the beginning to end, make decisions together based on a shared vision and a holistic understanding of the project. As we demand more from our buildings, we find ourselves trying to do more with less. Can an integrative design approach be applied without lots of extra time and money? Are the benefits worth it? Are there ways to make it less complicated? The answer is yes, yes, and yes.

Session Structure: Workshop is designed for between 10 and 20 people. This full-day (7 hours) workshop will help project managers, project architects, and sustainable project coordinators: ● Make a solid case for investing in integrative design on your projects ● Practically apply integrative design to attain true long-term sustainability ● Understand how LEED and other rating systems can “fit” and even help in an integrative process ● Learn about and experience tools that optimize your design process and building performance ● Identify your strengths and potential role in integrative design ● Learn about and practice key skills necessary to manage an integrative design process, such as facilitation and effective meeting planning ● Apply key concepts of integrative design and practice problem solving using hypothetical scenarios Experienced sustainable building consultants and facilitators conduct the workshop using a participatory approach for adult learners. Participants will receive a customized workbook and other printed materials as takeaways. ● Learning Lite Bite also available - see page 1.

Cost: $3500 to $5000 based on number of participants (10 to 20 people) Learn More: or call us to schedule

Contact us: 206-621-8626


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Set yourself apart! Green building is here to stay and you need to know all about it. Learn about the features and benefits of green homes and details about certification programs such as Built Green®, ENERGY STAR® and LEED®. Upon completion you will command a better understanding of who your buyers are, what is important to them, and how to successfully market the many benefits of green homes. This Washington state approved 14-Clock-Hour course can be provided through one of our scheduled classes or arranged as a private course at your company. The intended audience includes: real estate agents, appraisers, home inspectors, investors, and homeowners considering buying or selling a green home. This course is created and taught by market leaders who have shaped the green building industry and understand the current marketplace.

Course Objectives: ● Understanding Green Real Estate Definitions, Concepts & Programs ● Knowing & Finding Your Buyers and Sellers ● Understanding & Differentiating (Features that Sell & Features that Matter) and Being Adept at How to Sell Both ● Marketing Green Real Estate

Four Sessions offered in a two-day intensive format: ● ● ● ●

Introduction to Green Building & the Green MLS Checkboxes Who’s Buying Green Houses & What’s Selling? Building Blocks - Understanding Sustainable Building Existing Home Opportunities & Moving Forward as a Green Agent

Course Materials: Student workbook that includes case studies, green building program checklists, exercises, and more. Students receive a complimentary copy of The Northwest Green Home Primer, by green building experts Kathleen O’Brien and Kathleen Smith.

Cost: $5000, up to 20 people 14-Clock-Hours Register here:


Contact us: 206-621-8626

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Build It LEED NC v2.2 Workshop LEED implementation training for contractors Maximize your time and simplify your job. Learn the complete, step-by-step process for managing the construction of LEED-NC v2.2 projects from pre-construction to final documentation. Designed for construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, construction companies, and builders, this training will prepare you for implementing LEED into your next project. Topics covered include: ● An introduction to LEED and the contractor’s role ● Review of the LEED scorecard ● The 17 key “contractor LEED credits” ● A walk through of contractor responsibilities by each phase of construction ● Review of contractor requirements and documentation responsibilities by LEED credit The workshop will include an overview of tools and templates from the Build It LEEDToolkit, available at a discount to workshop participants.

Cost: $1500 Learn More: or call us to schedule

Build It LEED Webinar Learn the complete step-by-step process for managing the construction process of LEED NC v2.2 projects from pre-construction to final documentation in this 2-hour webinar. Designed for construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, construction companies, and builders, this webinar will prepare you for implementing LEED on your next project.

Cost: $94 Cascadia Members, $99 non-members Buy here:

Build It LEED Toolkit The electronic Toolkit provides the complete, step-by-step process of LEED Project Management from pre-construction through documentation including checklists for each phase, prepared forms for working with subcontractors, and tools for preparing construction related LEED documentation.

Cost: $142.50 Cascadia Members, $149.75 non-members Buy here:


Firm Profile O’Brien & Company is a nationally-recognized consulting firm committed to the creation of a sustainable built environment. Working in partnership with our clients, and drawing on a strong foundation of skills, knowledge, and field experience, the firm offers finely targeted services that result in a practical, more sustainable reality. Our services include: ● consulting and analysis for green buildings ● delivery of training and educational products ● development of programs, plans and policies Our mission is to create a sustainable built environment that ensures a better quality of life for present and future generations. We are successful when we create strategies that solve multiple problems, leverage existing resources, and provided added value. We respect that each organization with whom we work has a unique path to sustainability. As our clients’ goals evolve, ours stay the same: to provide guidance, clarity and confidence on the journey towards sustainability.

Education Philosophy: Building Capacity Our goal is to build individual and organizational capacity to create a more sustainable built environment. Timely and targeted, each of our educational offerings respects and builds upon participant’s established skills to help them develop new capabilities. We provide practical workshops, trainings and educational tools that are designed for people that influence the built environment: developers, architects, engineers, builders, investors, project managers, real estate agents, government staff, urban planners, building officials, construction trades, and others. Regardless of their discipline, all our participants are busy adults with adult learning requirements and time constraints. We use the latest in adult learning philosophy and techniques to accommodate diverse learning styles and enhance knowledge retention. Courses are taught by the consulting staff at O’Brien & Company, as well as guest faculty for specialty expertise. All instructors bring their grounded, real-world experience to the classroom to help them provide the most relevant information. Our marketplace offers training, learning products and other tools which translate into practical solutions for problems faced in the field and corporate office today. We invite you visit to learn more about our latest course offerings, or call us anytime for help selecting the learning opportunity that’s right for you.


Contact us: 206-621-8626

Faculty Kathleen O’Brien,

Elizabeth Powers

CSBA, LEED AP Principal, O’Brien & Company

CSBA, LEED AP Principal, O’Brien & Company Teaches: Green Associate and Building Desing + Construction Study Sessions, LEED 2009 Lite Bite

Teaches: Dark Green Performance Workshop

Alistair Jackson

James Jenkins

CSBA, LEED AP BD+C, Homes, LEED Faculty Principal, O’Brien & Company Teaches: LEED for Homes Lite Bite

CSBA, LEED AP, LEED AP Homes Project Manager, O’Brien & Company Teaches: Green Associate and Building Design + Construction Study Sessions, Build it LEED

Nora Daley-Peng

Kelly Kirkland

CSBA, LEED AP Project Manager, O’Brien & Company Teaches: Dark Green Performance Workshop and Lite Bite

CSBA, LEED AP O+M Project Associate, O’Brien & Company Teaches: Operations + Maintenance Study Session, Operations + Maintneance Lite Bite

Jodie Clarke

Ryan Klein

CSBA, LEED AP Project Associate, O’Brien & Company Teaches: Green Associate and Building Design + Construction Study Sessions

LEED AP Guest Faculty SPD Project Manager, Turner Construction Teaches: Green Associate and Building Design + Construction Study Sessions

Cassandra Delaune

Michelle Bombeck

CSBA, LEED AP BD+C Guest Faculty Owner, Make Mine Green Teaches: Green Associate Study Session and Credential Maintenance Program Lite Bite

Marketplace & Project Assistant, O’Brien & Company

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O'Brien & Company Building Capacity Marketplace Catalog  
O'Brien & Company Building Capacity Marketplace Catalog  

A catalog of green building tools and training offered by O'Brien & Company.