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Michigan City Train Station With the growing demand for faster travel options, Michigan City, Indiana, is in need of a new train station. With the addition of offices, retail, restaurants, and hotel, this 415,000 square foot facility suits the needs of a growing sector.


Site and Floor 1

Floor 4

Floor 2

Section through Hotel

Section through Parking

Section through Office

Cross Section

George Street Commons Community is the central idea for the Trinity Complex design in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Trinity Lutheran Church sits on ten acres of land in the middle of town and desired to use that land to knit a closer community. A community center, condominiums,

Floor 1

and retirement housing are all part of the proposal.

Front Elevation


Site and Floor 1

Cross Section through Site

Rear Elevation

Fort Wayne Health Center With the mission to provide the people of Fort Wayne restoration while catering to the homeless population, this building is designed to do just that. Combining practicality and functionality with a classic design results in a building that fits well with the community.

Street Perspective

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

Wall Section

Roof Garden

Tryon Farm Garden House The community of Tryon Farm is unique in that all land is shared. Residents have no boundaries for their lots. Having a central garden house that includes a greenhouse space and storage for gardening supplies allows residents the ease and freedom of gardening as a hobby.

Front Elevation

Partial Section

Partial Elevation


East Elevation

Tryon Farm House The community of Tryon Farm contains homes that tie together many styles, making its homes unique. With the entire community surrounded by woods, natural and rustic details are important in each home’s design. A rustic home with a modern twist fits well in the Tryon Farm Community.

Front Elevation

Floor 1

East Section

Floor 2

Partial Section and Elevation

Side Elevation

Interior Perspective

Law Office This law office was created in Revit . It includes overhangs to block the direct sunlight from enetering through the large windows and curtain wall as well as a large, two-story lobby with an open staircase. Exterior Perspective

Interior Perspective of Lobby

Stockholm Restaurant Watercolor

Shed on a Lake

Analytique of a Church



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