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We need to get a solar park to generate energy for our homes. This will save the environment and we will use much less fossil fuels and will make a cleaner future for everybody. By Abbey O’Brien

Summary. Australia has a serious addiction with fossil fuels. We can take a step in dealing with this addiction by installing a solar park just outside of Alice Springs. This will help the environment by not polluting and will defiantly decrease the amount of fossil fuels that we use to generate electricity every day. Solar parks are a much cheaper alternative for public users all over the world. This is also a much healthier choice for us, as reducing pollution ensures that we will have a cleaner future ahead and making the Earth a better place to live in.

Statement of the issue or Problem. We use too much fossil fuels to generate our electricity, which produces significant pollution.The issue here is that people all over the world are polluting too much and we need to stop this! To stop this problem we will have to do much more than they are doing right now. So I suggest that we can install a solar park in Alice Springs so that this township can produce solar power. Such a park will use less fossil fuels and decreases the CO2 emissions, which is much better for the environment. In my project









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environmental factors include the burning of fossil fuels that creates pollution in the form of CO2 gases. Obviously these CO2 gases are bad for the earth, environment and its people. It is a fact that in Australia close to 50% of all CO2 emissions comes from electricity generation through the burning of coal. Therefore my solar park will assist to significantly reduce emissions. The graph above shows the CO2 emissions all around the world and it illustrates Australia as one of the highest emitting countries.

Statement of Goals and Objectives. The Solar Park we are building is expected to provide 150 households with solar power for each year. The park is estimated to generate 420 MWh of solar energy each year and will prevent 570 tonnes of carbon emission being released into our atmosphere each

year. The project will decrease the town’s energy bills however the end result will be reduced pollution and a cleaner environment. Another significant point would be that we would use less fossil fuels and will be much more cost effective.

Description of project

The diagram below shows how the radiant heat of the sun is converted into solar energy. The diagram shows the materials that you would need to build a solar plant. This includes photovoltaic solar array panels, an inverter (battery charger AC to DC), giant storage batteries and approximately 7.5 acres of land.

The Materials needed. The materials that are required to build a solar park that is 300kw: 

Land- A flat surface of approximately 30,000 square metres, which is equivalent to 7.5 acres. Picture one and a half Aussie rules ovals or three soccer fields.





Array Panels 

Inverter (Battery Charger from AC to DC )

Giant storage battery

Electricity grid to link into uses

Lots of sun I have located a vacant land which is 5km west of Alice Springs the city center near the suburb Araluen. See picture above of the land in Alice Springs where my solar park is going to be built.

Budget. My budget for a 300kw solar park is based on the completed Ballart solar park. When this project was built in late 2009 it cost $42 million and this project for Alice Springs is a similar size. We understand with reference to the University of Queensland project that the cost of the solar panels has reduced by approximately 30% to 40%. Based on these references we estimate the project will cost in the order of $25 million to $30 million. To establish a more reliable estimate of project costs I recommend you commission a feasibility and cost study.

Justification and Supporting Evidence. I have researched numerous projects where solar parks have been successfully built and completed. One example is the recently built park at Bendigo and Ballart they have installed a 300kw solar park which takes up 29,300 square metres. These two solar parks were built in late 2009. This park is part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities program which has a mission to test new approaches in local, large-scale solar provision and it was also Victoria’s first ground mounted project.

A more recent project at the University of Queensland, has installed a 1220 kW solar plant that cost around $7.75 million. This all adds up to more than five thousand 240W flat solar panels to collect all of the energy from the sun. They installed this solar plant in 2011, which was just this year. The University of Queensland are extremely happy with their solar plant which covers the roof space at the university campus in Queensland. They are also very excited they have gone solar and they are very enthusiastic that they are saving fossil fuels and electricity bills. Their commitment was to produce clean energy which they have now achieved.

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Solar power Proposal book example  

This is my Proposal for my Solar power project. This was for our UOI.

Solar power Proposal book example  

This is my Proposal for my Solar power project. This was for our UOI.