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La Mariposa Pawprint La Mariposa School 4800 Corte Olivas, Camarillo, CA 93012 (805) 987-8333 Member of Camarillo PTA Council, Twelfth District PTA, California Congress of Parents, Teachers, Students, Inc. and the National Congress of Parents and Teachers

Principal’s Message

November 2010

One day each year is often overlooked as one of the most important days in America. It occurs on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. Each year, Election Day comes and goes with varying levels of fanfare. Every 4 years, there is more attention given, since we are electing a President. I would argue that this even year election is no less important.




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No matter the issues or positions upon which we are voting, Election Day is the ultimate example of democracy in action. Each of us has the chance to vote for people or initiatives that we feel best represent our own values and goals. On the state and national level, much of the attention falls on the commercials and negative campaigning. (If you are like me, you are ready for November 3rd, just so the commercials will be gone.) Whatever your personal politics, though, Election Day is your chance to be heard. Locally, there are elections for School Board, City Council, and County government positions. Though these races do not receive the media coverage as does the race for Governor, they are similarly important to your daily lives. For instance, elections will be held for the Pleasant Valley School District, Oxnard Union High School District, Camarillo City Council, Camarillo Health Care District, Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District, and the Camrosa Water District. As you can see, many aspects of civic life are bound to change based on the outcomes of these elections. In addition, there are ballot initiatives that can greatly impact your community (and pocket book). While voting is an annual rite to exercise your democratic freedom, there are other ways to-throughout the year- exercise your democratic freedoms. Namely, being involved in and informed about local government. Have you ever attended a School Board meeting? Have you written to either the City Council or State legislature regarding an issue of personal importance? Remember this November that it is your right -and responsibility- as a citizen to be informed and participate in the governance of your community. We hope that our children grow up to be informed about their country and community. It is only through modeling these traits that we ensure the continued value of our democracy.

Mr. Jay Greenlinger

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

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Message from the PTA President “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, dance, and other art forms, they grow intellectually and socially. They learn to analyze their thoughts, feelings, and ideas; learn to look at things, people, and experiences in a fresh and exciting way; and become more interested in the ideas and works of others. I am proud to say that the arts are a priority at La Mariposa. Thanks to Dinner Dance proceeds, Jog-a-thon proceeds, and grants, your La Mariposa PTA has pledged more than $17,000 for art and music education this school year. From classroom instruction to PTA sponsored programs and events, every child in every grade will experience art in the form of music, literature, and the visual arts. 1st Grade Art Show My favorite arts event at La Mariposa has nothing at all to do with the La Mariposa PTA. Instead it comes completely from our first grade teaching team. It is the 1st Grade Art Show. Each fall first grade students spend five weeks learning about impressionist artists. They listen to biographies and study the artists’ paintings. They write about the artists and create their own versions of the impressionists’ works. The program culminates in an Art Show held every October. More than 700 works of art are mounted in the MPR each year where students show off their efforts to friends and family. Reflections This month, the La Mariposa PTA will host it’s annual Reflections Showcase. The PTA Reflections Program is designed to enhance a quality arts education by providing an opportunity for students to explore their artistic talents and receive positive recognition for their efforts. Students make submissions in the areas of visual arts, photography, musical composition, literature, dance choreography, and video production based around a theme. Our theme this year is “Together We Can.” You may support our budding artists the evening of Thursday, November 4, in the MPR. You will be both impressed and humbled by what you see. Art Docent Springing up with the tulips in March is our Art Docent Program. Each class in second through fifth grades receives four to six art lessons taught by parent volunteers using predetermined lesson plans. I have had the opportunity of teaching art to three La Mariposa classes through this program. The curriculum is easy to follow, the materials are easy to prepare, the kids have a blast, and the finished products are wonderful. This program is typically sponsored by your La Mariposa PTA, however, this year it will be funded by a grant from the Ventura County Arts Council. Look for Art Docent projects at Open House Night in May. Music We’ve had a bit of a bumpy start to our Music Program this year. We have been diligently searching for a credentialed music teacher since losing the one we’d counted on in late August. In the Meantime, we have scheduled two musical assemblies: Beth Sussman, a Julliard trained pianist, and Taiko Drums, Japanese drumming and dance. We will also be working in some lunchtime music presentations, as well as, checking into some special programs provided by New West Symphony. It is our goal to expose La Mariposa students to music and dance from varying genres and cultures. We work hard to provide La Mariposa students with enriching arts experiences both in and beyond the classroom. If you have ideas or suggestions please don’t to hesitate to email me personally. Sincerely,

Veterans Day - November 11 No School Kamala Nahas President, La Mariposa PTA 2010-2011

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WAY TO GO TIGERS! WE DID IT! La Mariposa’s 9th annual Let’s Move! Jog-A-Thon was a huge success! Our ultimate goal this year was to raise $50,000 and because of your continued support and participation we were able to hit our goal! Most importantly, we were able to meet our ultimate objective of providing a fun and healthy activity for our students while raising needed funds for La Mariposa’s continued success. Thank you to all of our volunteers, dedicated staff, and generous corporate sponsors that supported this fun event. We would also like to thank the numerous community businesses for all of our fitness oriented prizes. This money raised will be allocated to this year’s budgeted programs and technology upgrades. Look for more detail from the PTA next month. As some of you may know, we started planning for this event in May of last year. Our plan included introducing America’s initiative, Let’s Move!, promoting healthy lifestyle choices. We announced this at our entertaining Jog-A-Thon Kick-Off Assembly on Sept. 23rd. The students cheered on while their teachers and classmates showed us how they can move with hula hoops and do the Chicken Dance. Throughout the following 2 weeks, the students were then able to participate in our morning Jog-A-Thon trivia questions. These questions were based on the easy healthy tips that were given in their morning announcements. It was wonderful to see the kids anxiously waiting for the questions every morning so they could write down their answers. For more healthy tips, please visit Thanks to Skating Plus and Golf N’ Stuff, we were able to award prizes to 30 happy winners. The added bonus was that we also had the kids thinking about eating healthier and incorporating exercise into their daily routines. On October 8th, all the students and staff came to school in their Jog-A-Thon t-shirts, READY TO MOVE! It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day! The students had a great time moving to the music around their tracks while their families cheered them on. While the kids were stretching and getting ready, Coach “U” helped everyone warm up and practice their breathing. Thanks to donations from Ali’i group and Sodexo, each student enjoyed cold water from their own re-useable water bottles and yummy fresh oranges and bananas. It was a great day in support of our effort to help promote healthy lifestyle choices and sustainability! Thank you again to everyone who helped make the Jog-A-Thon a successful event! Please visit our JAT website for more details and to view some fun pictures. Due to rain, our Jog-A-Thon Assembly has been rescheduled to Friday, November 5th at 1:30PM at the field. Please mark your calendars for this event. We will be seeing Mr. Greenlinger in action doing a crazy obstacle course that we are sure the students will enjoy! In the mean time, we are working diligently to assure everyone gets their awards. On Friday, October 22nd, Individual / Family awards were presented to the winners. The Class and Grade prizes will be scheduled with the each winning teacher. The Pizza Party will be on November 5th during the lunch period. The trivia question awards have been handed out.

Kelly Long Co-Chair Cell: 818.438.5247

Denise Bolish Co-Chair Cell: 805.402.2484

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JOG-A-THON SPONSORS A special THANK YOU to all of our Jog-A-Thon sponsors for their generous contributions! Please help support these local businesses that are a part of our La Mariposa community! Click on the logos below to go directly to their websites for more information. We are very fortunate to be able to give out so many awards for the Jog-A-Thon this year. To give you an idea, we have totaled them up. Prize Amounts to Hand Out 585 individual awards, 7 class awards (approx 175 students), 1 grade award (approx 120 students) This is a total of 880 prizes not to mention a Jamba Juice for every student. This could not be done with out all of our support from out sponsors and donations.

Caulfield Consulting Group, LLC Employment Consulting Expert

Additional thanks to the following businesses for their contributions: Corporate Matches: Amgen, Intuit, Bank of America, ADP, UPS, Baxter, Vanguard, Nokia Spanish Hills Country Club, Channel Islands Kayak Center, LA Workout, McDonald's, SR Entertainment Group (Roxy Theater Passes), Costco, Sodexo, Skating Plus, Panera Bread, Golf-n-Stuff, B&B Hardware, Jamba Juice

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Top Grade with Highest % Participation: Prize: Ice Cream Social 2nd Grade Top Class/Grade with Highest Amount Raised: Prize: Free Recess and Fruit Bar Kindergarten: Mrs. Celic 1st Grade: Mrs. Davis 2nd Grade: Mrs. Huntting 3rd Grade: Mrs. Martin 4th Grade: Mrs. Sadowsky 5th Grade: Mrs. Hudacko Top Individual/Family Prizes: 1st Place: Isabella and Juliana Renteria (Wins Fitness Package) 2nd Place: Anneliese and Colin Wong (Wins Water Sport Package) 3rd Place: Kyle Clark (Wins Santa Barbra Zoo Package) Individual Prizes – Runner-ups: Prize: Skating Plus or Golf N’ Stuff Tickets and Apple Dippers Serena Bolish Tyler Persons Madelynn Long Carolyn Flittie Joe Nishimori Asha Nahas Niko DiStefano Sassin Nahas Garrett Dawson

When: December 2 - December 10 Where: Multi-Purpose Room Time: 9am - 3:30pm Daily

Special Events: December 2 - Doughnuts for Dad from 7am - 9am December 8 - Family Night from 4pm to 8pm

For more information and / or if you can volunteer to help with this event, please visit:

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SMART BOARDS INSTALLED! It’s Tuesday, September 29 in Mrs. Elliott’s first grade classroom. The first grade teaching team has been training, working, and creating for months and finally the day has come...the SMART Boards have been installed. There is definitely a buzz outside the classroom this morning as more than twenty five and six year olds stand patiently for the door to open. They can’t wait to get inside...they can’t wait to learn. Slowly the door swings open, they all clamor in and Mrs. Elliott immediately gives them instructions. One can’t help but notice a number of curious parents loitering in the doorway...and finally the fun begins. What is a SMART Board? SMART Boards are Interactive White Boards that, when used with a computer and some type of large video display, make the surface of the display become touch sensitive in some manner and allows it to be used to control the computer. You know, like a touch screen smart phone, only you can write on it.

Student answers calendar questions using a special SMART marker. Teacher has the option of saving all the work that is completed at the SMART Board.

Student moves their picture over with the drag of a finger.

Student learns place value by choosing to move a single item or a bundle of ten into the proper column. Objects can be dragged by hand, but many of the students enjoy using the apple at the end of a pointer.

What are the Benefits? Students love to interact with these boards, whether it be writing on them, Your watching the teacher use them, interacting with them by moving objects or Dinner / Dance clicking on interactive links, etc. This raises the interest level for each and Donations every subject. at work! Teachers compose lessons dynamically on these boards, never needing to "erase" what was written, allowing for time savings, consistency of delivery of information and more. The software is freely downloadable and usable on any computer without having a board present allowing teachers and students alike to be able to work and create outside of school. Students can develop presentations using the software in our lab, then they present on the SMART Boards. SMART Technologies has a wealth of pre-designed lessons online, searchable by grade, standard, lesson type making it very easy to quickly download a lesson in an instant and either use it, or modify it to meet your specific needs. Click here to learn more about other Interactive Technology in our classrooms and your PTA’s commitment to building 21st Century Classrooms.

REFLECTIONS Showcase on November 14 Participants Pizza Party on November 5

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LA MARIPOSA STUDENT LEADERSHIP The La Mariposa 4th and 5th grade students have elected their new Student Leadership members to start off the school year. The officers will serve for the entire year, and the classroom representatives will serve half the year with the next elections being held in early February. The officers are: President Kyle Blauert, Vice President Evan Schweers, Secretary Justin Lieb, and Sergeant at Arms Karlee Blauert. The classroom representatives are Jaime Wu, Bella Roske, Taylen Hodges, Hunter Brunett, Kristen Ruehlin, Delanee Upchurch, Charlie Holman, Taylor Bowers, Bella Pantoja, Trevor Garcia, Asha Nahas, Madison Escobar, Christy Guglielmo, and Nicole Thornton.

Teachers Receive $3400 from PTA for Back-to-School Classroom Set Up Nothing says back-to-school like school supplies. Last month, the your La Mariposa PTA reimbursed each teacher $100, including our resource teachers and our County School, for set up of their classrooms. Teachers use this money for all kinds of things. Usually they spend a bit at Lakeshore, purchasing borders and Your anti-fade paper for bulletin boards, fun learning games, name plates, flip Jog-a-Thon charts, inspirational posters, and stickers. Next they hit Staples and Donations Target getting the best deals they can on notebooks, folders, baskets, at work! bins, and office supplies. Many shop online to bolster their classroom libraries, add to their computer learning game collection, and maybe pick up a DVD for a rainy day. One of of county teachers even went to Home Depot, purchased chalk board paint, and converted the back of one of his classroom cabinets to an additional classroom chalkboard. Creating fun learning environments is what it is all about!

Las Colinas Newsletter Interested in learning what goes on at the middle school as your child prepares for their transition to Las Colinas? Click here to sign up. You’ll receive the following by e-mail: The Mustanger Newsletter Important due date reminders Bi-monthly email of Las Colinas updates PTSA information

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Calendar of Upcoming Events 11/3: Walk or Wheel Wednesday 11/4: Reflections Showcase 11/5: Jog-a-Thon Assembly 11/7: Turn Back Clocks 11/10: Movie Night “Megamind” 11/11: No School - Veteran's Day 11/15: Family Picture Night 11/16: PTA Meeting 11/17-11/19: 2nd Grade Plays 11/17-11/19: Minimum Day (Grades 4/5) 11/18: Spirit Wear Sale 11/19: End of 1st Trimester 11/22 - 11/26: Thanksgiving Break

Gift Cards Raise money for La Mariposa by purchasing gift cards for retailers that you shop everyday! Orders due by Nov. 12 for delivery by Nov. 19, 2010. Click here for more information.

This year AAUW (American Association of University Women) and La Mariposa Elementary are again asking for your help for Women’s History Week in March. We need volunteers to portray the famous women scheduled for this year. Time donated can be anything from a morning to several days. The children really look forward to these performances. The women that we will be portrayed this year and recommended grades are as follows: • • • • • • • •

Jan Brett-Author and illustrator of children’s books (Grades K-2) Rosa Parks- African American who many feel started the Civil Rights Movement (Grades K-2) Elizabeth Blackwell- First American woman doctor (Grades K-3) Pocahontas- the true story (Grades K-3) Florence Nightingale – Founder of modern nursing (Grades 3-5) Elizabeth Wimmer - Western Movement and California history (Grades 4-5) Deborah Samson- Revolutionary War soldier (Grades 4-5) Grandma Moses- Famous American folk artist (Grades K-5)

If you are interested in portraying any of these women, please contact Alvy Davis 805/987-3435 or email Short biographies of the women and some information about the script, costuming, etc... will be available to help you decide if you wish to volunteer.


Kristin Frank

Hello, my name is Kristin Frank. This is my first year teaching in my own classroom and I have loved every minute of it. La Mariposa is a wonderful school with a great community. Since I am new to La Mariposa, I would like to share a little about myself. I grew up in Camarillo and attended Las Colinas and Camarillo High School. I received my Bachelor's in psychology at UC Santa Cruz. After a year of substitute teaching in Camarillo, I returned to UCSC and earned my California teaching credential and Masters in Education in 2009. I student taught in Santa Cruz and Watsonville. Last year, I long term substituted at Meadows Arts and Technology charter school in Thousand Oaks and I also taught movement classes at Kids’ Arts in Ventura. I have learned a lot about teaching through these experiences, but most importantly I have confirmed that education is my passion. Through teaching, I not only have the privilege of continuing my own education, but I get to the joys of learning everyday with my students. I am thrilled to be teaching at La Mariposa on the second grade team. Right now, teaching is the majority of my life, but when I am not at school, I enjoy reading, an array of crafts, hiking, biking, and camping. I look forward to meeting you if I haven't done so yet. Thank you for the warm welcome.

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Megamind in 3D When: November 10, 2010 @ 6:30 P.M. Where: Roxy Stadium 11 Camarillo Cost: $10 ticket includes movie and a FREE popcorn! Rated PG, for action and some language. Support our school and come have a wonderful evening with our school. Invite your family and friends to this special opportunity to see a private screening of Megamind. There is limited seating for this 3D showing, so don’t miss this event and get your order in ASAP (Tickets must be preordered to ensure availability). Click here for the order form.

Come Join Us at Swirl! An Affordable Way for the Family to Get Out and have a Healthy Treat! When: December 9, 2010 Time: 11am - 9pm

25% of the Entire Day's Sales goes to La Mariposa! (No flyer needed)


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Book your Appointment Today! For more information, contact Tami Michelson at Download the order form here. La Mariposa Elementary School Pawprint Newsletter— Page 11

For questions or general information, please contact Kim Dawson, Box Tops Coordinator at .

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Through your generous donation of Labels for Education, we were able to purchase from Campbell’s a set of 6 digital cameras. These cameras will be used by La Mariposa students on class field trips. They will also allow students to document class projects. By simply clipping the UPC coupons from items you already purchase, you can help our school obtain valuable educational tools. You can download a collection sheet from the La Mariposa website or drop them in the collection tin in the office. Thank you…and keep clipping!

Click here for a list of Participating Products. Click here for the Labels for Education Website.

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SOFTBALL Camarillo Girls Softball Association registrations for Spring begin in October. Check their calendar for dates and locations. BASEBALL Registration begins November 1. Check for details.

DHP Thanksgiving Day 5K/10K Run November 23, Camarillo, Calleguas Creek Join us on Thanksgiving and run to benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Operation Rebound. This is our third year, the first year was a blast, this one will be even better! Get home in time to feast with family and feel good knowing that you made some room for the extra calories and know that the support you provided was for a worthy cause. Event Website. Santa To The Sea Half Marathon and Relay December 12, Oxnard Run it by yourself or with a team, beautiful flat course, and lots of fun, fun, fun. Wear something festive and catch the holiday spirit! Event Website.

November is a great month to purchase fresh local produce. McGrath Family Farms Organic Farm Tierra Rejada "Underwood" Family Farms Organic and Conventional Farm FarmerFreshToYou.Net Farmer Fresh To You is a weekly or bi-weekly service that delivers fresh, local, and organic produce to your home or office.

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