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March 31, 2010 * Volume 14 * Issue 12

Call to Order Wayne Hunter Invocation Given By David Liner & Pledge Led By Wayne Hunter 67 In Attendance

OFFICERS President President Elect VP/Marketing VP/Membership Secretary Treasurer

Wayne Hunter Tom Loury Charles Gordon Howard Moon Laura Bradford Linda Gygax


Lifetime Director



Mike McKee Hank Progar Phil Dolfi Cathy Ranges

Clint Jones Gary Fisher Adam Woods Les Singleton

Visioning Committee

Tom Loury, Chairman Clint Jones Nate Gilman Wayne Hunter

Dave Liner Charles Gordon Adam Woods

MARKETING COMMITTEE C. Gordon, Chairman Paul Joranlien Hank Progar Les Singleton Clint Jones Linda Gygax

671-9292 236-1010 690-9574 208-9582 351-1163 425-1910

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE H. Moon, Chairman Mike McKee Linda Gygax Nate Gilman Adam Woods

427-5935 368-1044 425-1910 629-6707 427-3038

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE Howard Moon Dr. Charles Simpson

427-5935 732-2745

SPECIAL POSITIONS Newsletter Printed By: The Copy Shoppe 351-1163 News. Typeset & Print: Charles Gordon 671-9292




The largest platform to display your business is the FRONT PAGE OF GOOGLE. Statistics: Google is ranked as the #1 search engine. 83% of people use search engines to find products and services. Most consumers do not go past the 1st page when searching. Within 8 seconds, a consumer begins deciding who they will do business with. What iShop Marion County can do for you – ON DEMAND ADVERTISING! We focus on grabbing your potential customers attention when they are in the decision making state of mind! Market Position. 1st page ranking on Google. Position you 1 in 7 of local map. We drive your business to the top. Billboard Promotion. Entice consumer action with an ad. Simple & effective coupon / promotion. Community Awareness. One site with local promotions. Cross exposure from other searches. Update promotions in real time. No waiting. iShop Marion County manages your position and ad so you can focus on running your business. What we have is SIMPLE. MANAGED.


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ANNOUNCEMENTS NETWORKING EVENTS Yandle's Building Materials April, 15, 2010 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM 834 N. Magnolia Ave Ocala, FL 34475 Contact: Clark Yandle (352) 732-4035

Gatorland Gang Tuesday, May 11, 2010 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Location TBD Contacts: Les Singleton (352) 208-9582

Want to Show Case your Company for a Networking Event? Call Hank Progar

352-690-9574 Come Advertise with Us Ocala Business Leaders, Inc. We have Ad Space available in the OBL Directory Best Value for Your Money Contact Clint Jones Copy Shoppe

351-1163 GUESTS

"If you would lift me up you must be on higher ground." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Bill Stavola iShop Marion County P.O. Box 1984 Ocala, FL 34478 352-572-5056 Invited By; Teresa Hofacker

"What comes from the heart, goes to the heart." ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge~

Matthew Norcross T-Cellular 352-757-5536

"By perseverance the Snail reached the Ark”

John R. Myers Integrity Home Inspections 1020 NE 45 St. Ocala, FL 34479 352-812-5670 Invited By; David Liner

OBL BUSINESS OBL Board Meeting April 5th 2010 7:00AM Elks Lodge OBL Marketing Meeting April 19, 2010 Holiday Inn Express Silver Springs 7:00 AM.

OBL Membership Meeting April 26, 2010 7:00AM Holiday Inn Express Silver Springs

Vision Committee TBA Holiday Inn Express Silver Springs 7:00 AM

Scott Smith Coastal Craftsmen\1406 SW 15th Ave. Ocala, FL 34471 3532-369-1444

GUEST SPEAKER April 14. Bill DeFeo “Another look at Networking”

'Out of the Mouths of Babes' Cute Things Kids Say ... and Parents Never Will Forget!

Who Scratched the Sky? My 2-year-old watched out the window as I was driving. Suddenly he got very upset, saying "Oh, they are really gonna get now! Oh, are they ever gonna get it now!" Seeing nothing remarkable happening outside, I asked my son, "Who's gonna get it? What did they do?" Then, with all the seriousness of a 2-year-old, and pointing to the stream of vapor behind a plane in the sky, he explained, "The guy driving that plane up there! Look at that! He scratched the sky, everywhere he goes -and is God gonna ever be mad!" -- Diane Dew, Milw., Wis.

Grow-a-Burger My 3-year-old was sitting in the middle seat of our van as we ran errands one morning. "Mom, can we plant this when we get home, and grow some hamburgers?" I turned to see what had prompted such an unusual question, and saw in his tiny little outstretched hand, one single sesame seed! --Rebecca Cleary, Kingsland, GA

Do Unto Others My children, Blake and Cindi, in grade school, were running 'round and 'round the house. Blake's long legs taking him on a gallop of about 4 feet per stride, with Cindi chasing him, half a dozen strides to each one of his, scowling and screeching at him. I called them in, sat them down on the couch and proceeded to lecture them. The lecture started out with the standard Love-Thy-Sibling chapter and was ending with the Do-Unto-Others- As-You-Would - Have-Them-Do- Unto-You summation, when Cindi exclaimed: "But Mother! He already did-it-unto me!" -- Rose Mary Allmendinger, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Why Businesses Need To Be PCI Compliant By A Nutt We all want to know that our financial information is protected when shopping at online and traditional businesses. Unfortunately, many people have learned the hard way about fraud after they have lost thousands of dollars. Although businesses have taken a number of measures to improve their security, there are still many online shady individuals engaging in credit and debit card fraud. Online criminals are constantly seeking new ways of gaining access to people’s financial and personal information. The financial cost of fraud is massive. Any business that accepts credit and debit card payment information should comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Businesses need to assure their customers that they are protected by complying with the PCI DSS. Consumer confidence in how personal information is managed is one of the most critical elements required for a business' success. Creating and fostering a good business reputation can take years, but destroying it can be instant. A multimillion-dollar business can be irrevocably harmed by the loss of its reputation. With the creation of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the assistance that has been much needed has now been developed to secure the use of credit and debit cards. Businesses that process and store customer credit and debit card data are now required legally to be PCI-compliant and to conduct business practices under a strict set of rules. PCI compliancy has boosted confidence in spending by implementing twelve strict regulations that protect customers' personal and financial information from threats such as hackers, viruses, worms, Trojans and more. PCI compliance covers a number of areas such as installing a firewall, including encryption during transmission of card data, implementing regular updates of anti-virus software, and implementing computer maintenance and protocols, such as monitoring and testing the networks in order to reduce security breaches. Customers Know They Can Trust You PCI compliance has provided consumers and businesses with the security and assurance to trust in carrying out business transactions safely and securely online and in person. PCI DSS drastically reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud, thereby reducing customer loss and profit loss. Increased knowledge of the PCI system and the implemented safeguards and regulations, tells customers that the risk of having their information stolen is significantly reduced. As well, the sizeable fines for non-compliance are a huge deterrent for one who fails to maintain compliancy. Smart shoppers look for a secure site that is a PCI compliant company. Most people will not do business with an unprotected company. Because business today depends on electronic transactions and payment processing for the majority of their payments, PCI compliance needs to be the highest priority. A business that fails to register for payment card identity compliancy will fall behind in an extremely competitive business world. With the expansion and constant development of the internet, consumers are now demanding high quality goods and services with a minimum risk of fraud. Being PCI compliant allows a customer to feel confidant and secure about the purchases they make. Knowledgeable and cautious shoppers look for security when shopping so it makes sense that a business becomes PCI compliant. The result will be repeat customers and an increase in conversions which will lead to an increase in profits. About the Author: As credit card fraud is increasing, businesses are becoming PCI compliant. In addition, SAS 70 Type II is practicing audits on a regular basis, combined with Data Centres Canada, a high degree of security is being offered to customers so they may be able to obtain a peace-of-mind to customers. Source:

Coming Soon To Show Case Your Business

Charles Gordon V.P. OBL Marketing will be visiting OBL members once again to show their businesses to other OBL members. We will call to schedule a day and time. Should take no more than one hour. We will take pictures for the newsletter so other OBL members can see your business. If you have any questions call Charles Gordon at 352-671-9292

All members have the opportunity to advertise in the OBL Business Directory. 3000 to 4000 are distributed throughout the area each quarter. Members are billed every 3 months for the Black & White ads as follows: Business Card size - $20.00 Business Card size times 2 - $30.00 Business Card size times 3 - $40.00 Business Card size times 4 - $50.00 1/2 page - $75.00 Full page - $150.00 Your ad will continue to run until you notify the Treasurer that you would like it to be discontinued. The full color ads on the inside covers and on the back, must be paid up front for a year as follows: 1/4 page - $300.00 1/2 page - $600.00 Full page - $1200.00

PO BOX 2194 OCALA, FL 34478-2194

Ocala Business Leaders, Inc.

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