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Objects of Desire

Clarice Cliff (1899 - 1972) During the inter war years Cliff interpreted the modernest look from Europe for British taste producing a variety of patterns and shapes to achieve the broadest possible appeal for her wares Above left. Shape 469 in Latona Stained Glass and Geometric Garden. A preserve pot in the Propeller pattern Above. A selection of Shapes in the Geometric Garden pattern Right. A mallet vase in an Inspiration version of Geometric Flowers. Vases in Geometric Garden. Both have gold ‘Fantasque’ marks to the base which indicate an early production date

Above. Clarice Cliff - Stamford Tea ware in Orange House (above) Above right. A Clarice Cliff wall plaque in the Propeller pattern. Sabots in Orange Battle and Propeller. Right. Clarice Cliff - Stamford shape tea set in the Red Carpet pattern based on a design by da Silva Bruhns

Left. Clarice Cliff - A selection of vases in the Apples pattern Right. Clarice Cliff - A rare advertising plaque in the May Avenue pattern. These were supplied to retailers to allow customers to order ware in a variety of patterns. Right. Clarice Cliff - An inkwell, preserve pot and sugar shaker in the Apples pattern

Left - Clarice Cliff - A conical tea set in the Apples pattern

Left. Clarice Cliff - A selection of vases in the Apples pattern

Above. Lenci Primo Romanzo figure by Helen Konig Scavini Left. Lenci figure by Helen Konig Scavini Opposite page. A ginger jar and cover by Susie Cooper (pattern number 5155). The leaping deer was synonyms with the work of Cooper. This Gloria Lustre version is dated c1924

Above. Vases in the House pattern (1950) by Albert Hallam Beswick Pottery Right. Poole pottery charger - Freya designed by Ann Read (c1960) Right. Vases and bowl in the House pattern by Albert Hallam Beswick Pottery

Marcello Fantoni Vase (c.1950’s Italy 48 cm x 28 cm x 12 cm ) Sgraffito decoration Fantoni This may have been a commissioned piece for Harrods as it has the Harrods ‘H’ logo incorporated into the dress of one of the figures and the original retailers label to the base. Harrods have confirmed that the retailers label is suggestive of a 1950’s date and the ‘H’ logo may confirm that this was a commissioned piece for the store to retail.

Above. Fantoni in his studio c1950’s

Right. Clarice Cliff - A large plate in the Propellor pattern Right. Clarice Cliff - A vase and conical sugar sifter in the Oranges and Lemons pattern Below. Clarice Cliff - A pair of cube candle sticks in the Football pattern. These may have been a stand alone pair of candle sticks or part of a table decoration arrangement called ‘as you like it’

Above. Clarice Cliff - A plate and preserve pot in the Propellor pattern. A pitcher in the Geometric Flowers pattern

Left. John Butler - Wilkinson Pottery Aquatic vase

Above. Knowledge in the Brain - bookends by Karim Rashid

Right. Andy Shaw ( 2005 ). Heinz Baked Beans Time Capsule 07. Pottery sculpture

Above. Alessandro Pianon for Vatreria Vistosi. ‘Pulcino’ glass bird (c1963)

Left. John Kall for the Elme Glasbruk factory (c1970)

Right. Clarice Cliff - Advertising plaque and conical sugar sifter in the May Avenue pattern Right. Clarice Cliff - Daffodil shape vase, conical sifter and preserve pot in Geometric Garden Below. Clarice Cliff - Conical sifters in Oranges, Berries, Melon, Picasso Flower and Comets

Opposite page. Clarice Cliff - A Daffodil shaped vase in the Geometric Garden pattern

Above. T.Wat Corporate Gangsters - Blue (artists proof). This image was seen on the peace hut in Parliament square with the tag line ‘ every little hurts’

Right. James Cauty (2006) - Barely Legal Queens Set - The Definitive Red 22nd

Above. Jamie Reid Never mind the bollocks here’s the Sex Pistols Poster - red (1997). Limited edition of 200. Based on his original design for the Sex Pistols album in 1977

Left. Oceans 12 teaser poster (2004). The second film in this series

Opposite page. Andy Shaw (2004) Acid Drop

Opposite page. Erik Hoglund for Kosta Boda Pojke (c1960) Left. Clarice Cliff - A smokers set in the Bobbins pattern Below. Clarice Cliff - Conical sugar sifters in Mountain, Trees and House, May Avenue, Red Roofs and House and Bridge Below. Clarice Cliff - Vases in Geometric Flowers. Preserve Pot in Geometric Flowers

Objects of Desire… from then to now

Photography by Vincent Pascua

Objects of desire  

Objects Of Desire From then to now..... Gavin Casey

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