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a. Personal information Name


Vicente Manuel

Zapata Hernández

Area of knowledge


Human Geography


Academic or scientific post


Researcher in the area of immigrant settlement patterns and economic activity

University of La Laguna

Address Despacho A2-22. Departamento de Geografía. Campus de Guajara.

Key recent contributions to the knowledge of migrations, and specifically to the study of immigration Academic Director of the Tenerife Immigration Observatory, an initiative he promoted in 2001 after completing his Doctoral Thesis on immigration from abroad to the island of Tenerife, and published by the Council of Tenerife in 2002. Along with Professor Dirk Godenau, he coordinated the two recent works published recently in the Canaries on irregular immigration: Irregular Immigration: A Multidisciplinary Approach (2005), and Irregular Immigration in Tenerife (2007). He has authored various recent papers on immigration. Of note is the one published in 2009 by the University of Navarre on “Scientific Research on Immigration in Spain: Reflections on Our Current Multidisciplinary Knowledge”. Promoter and director of the Technical Workshop on Foreign Immigration in Tenerife, which has been held at the University of La Laguna every year since 2001. Coordinator and member of the Expert Group on immigration that prepared a multidisciplinary report on the subject for the Parliament of the Canaries between 2008 and 2010.

Areas of research involving migrations and immigration



Foreign immigration in the Canaries. The geographical perspective in researching immigration phenomena.

(+34) 922 317 762 / 747

(+34) 922 317 723

Member of the following research groups


Web page

Migration Research Group (ULL)


Key words related to their research activities on migratory phenomena, specifically to the study of immigration Geography, geodemographics, migrations, immigration, Canaries. Revised: August 2010

b. Data on research into immigration phenomena Tenerife Immigration Observatory OBITen. Department of Geography Faculty of Geography and History. Guajara Campus. University of La Laguna. 38071 San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Tel. +34 922 317 762. Fax +34 922 317 723.

Researcher fact sheet Vicente Manuel Zapata  

Researcher fact sheet Vicente Manuel Zapata Hernández

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