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ACWUA 4th Best Practices Conference (Water and Wastewater Utilities Reform: Changes & Challenges) 7-8 December 2011 Detailed Program Day (1) Wednesday 7 December 2011

Time Conference Official Opening Session


H.E. Eng. Khladon Khashman, Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) Secretary General H.E. General Sayyed Nasser, Chairperson of Holding Company for water and wastewater, Egypt Ms. Inas Abdel Azzim, Arab Ministerial Water Council, League of Arab States H.E. Dr. Stefan Girod, Chairman of German Water Partnership, Germany Ms. Cornelia Wolff von der Sahl, Wasser Berlin International H.E. Prime Minister of Arab Republic of Egypt ACWUA Honorary Membership Award, H.E. Prime Minister of Arab Republic of Egypt and Eng. Khaldon Khashman Coffee Break

10:00-10:30 10:30-11:30

Plenary Session (Keynote Speakers) Eng. Mamdouh Raslan, Deputy Chairman of Holding Company for Water and Wastewater, Egypt “Water Sector Reform in Egypt” Mr. Ahmad Tahboub, Chairman of the National Law Center, Jordan “The framework of procurement and contractual relationships in the light of water sector reform” Session (1) The Paradigm Shift in Managing Water Utilities (I) Chairperson: Dr. Walid Abdel Rahman, Mihaona, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Session (2) Challenges Prohibiting a Successful Utility Reform Chairperson: Eng. Sa’ad Abu Hammour, Jordan Valley Authority, Jordan

11:30-13:00 1. Experiences from the Modernization of the Syrian Water Supply and Sanitation Sector. Ahmad AlKasir, Water Programme of the German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), Syrian Arab Republic.

1. Aqaba Water Changes Made, Challenges Met, Naem Saleh, Aqaba Water W.L.L, Jordan 2. Improvement management of the water sector in Oman, Salah Al Mahrooqi, Public Authority of Electricity & Water, Oman


Day (1) Wednesday 7 December 2011 2. Selecting the proper metrics for a utility 3. Setting up Northwest Jerusalem Villages New Water and Performance Based Management Contract. Basem Wastewater Department, Results and Progress. Fayez Abu Telfah, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan. Hilou, Palestinian Water Authority, Palestine. 3. Performance Based Contracts as Water Loss Reduction tools at water utilities, Contract (Case Study: Madaba), Feras Matar, Jordan

20 min Discussion

20 min Discussion Lunch Break

13:00-14:00 Session (3) German Water Partnership sessionorganized with inter 3

Session (4) Best practices in water utilities reform (I)

Chairperson: Mohamed Badran, Inter 3 GmbH 1. Integrated Water & Wastewater Services Programme (IWSP) Keith Brooke, Dorsch Consult, Egypt

Chairperson: Eng. Ahmad Nizam, Southern Lebanon Water Establishment, Lebanon

1. Approach for water network resource management  (WNRM); synthesis of GIS, hydraulic analysis, and strategic  planning. Ahmad Moawad, Holding Company for Water  and Wastewater, Egypt.    2. Improving Water Efficiency in Stone and Marble Industry  through Private Public Community Partnership. Bassam  Hayek, Al Hayek for Environmental Consultancy, Jordan. 

2. Ways of Describing Best Technology and How 14:00-15:30

to Develop it Further Into a Technical Standard Roland Knitschky, DWA e.V.

3. Strategies for a successful utility reform - the example of a German water utility from Leipzig. Jürgen Wummel, Sachsen Wasser GmbH

4. Highly Efficient and Sustainable Water Supply in Jordan. Amer Mokbel (Wilo)

3. The Economist of Supplying Water in Sultanate of Oman  Khalid Al Saadi, Public Authority of Electricity & Water,  Oman.  20 min Discussion

20 min Discussion 15:30-16:00

PM Coffee Break Session (5) German Water Partnership sessionorganized with inter 3

16:00-17:30 Chairperson: Azmi Ghneim, German Water Partnership Head Office. 1. Enhanced Water Cycle Systems and Water Saving

Session (6) Capacity building in water utilities reform  Chairperson:  Mostafa Biad, ACWUA Capacity Building & Training technical working group, Morocco    1. Capacity building challenges in Water and Wastewater 


Day (1) Wednesday 7 December 2011 Concepts. Marcus Lopp, Ingenieurbüro Lopp GmbH sector, Mohamed Moawad, Egypt  

2. Building Institutional Capacity during the Assessment Stage  of  the  Project  Cycle:  The  Case  of  Four  Affiliated  Companies  in  Egypt.  Tony  De  Seta,  RODECO  Consulting  GmbH, Germany.    3. Sustainable  Water  Improves  Tomorrow’s  Cities  Health  Managing  Water  for  the  City  Of  Future,  Hanan  Taha,  Alexandria Water Company, Egypt. 

2. DEMAPLAN - Demand-Oriented Management and Planning for Water Utilities. Mohamed Badran, inter 3 GmbH 3. Ways towards a Centralized Management of decentralized Wastewater treatment Clusters: A new approach to enhance investments in innovative infrastructures for Jordan. Roland A. Müller, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research 4. Energy Optimisation of a 2.1 Million PE WWTP Against The Background Of General Cost Increase, Decreasing Water Consumption And Demanded Stability Of Charges. Mathias Stief, Consulaqua Hamburg GmbH 20 min Discussion 20:00

4. Delegation  –  The  Quickest  and  Easiest  Way  to  Improve  your Organization, Nancy Barnes, USA         

20 min Discussion Gala Dinner



Day (2) Thursday 8 December 2011 Session (7) Best practices in water utilities reform (II) Session (8) GIZ Regional Dialogue: Regulation and Water Chairperson: Dr. Ahmad Moawad, Holding Company for Sector Reform – Learning from Experiences from Zambia, Kenya and Egypt Water and Wastewater, Egypt Chairperson: Dr. Ahmad Tahboub, National Law Center, Jordan 1. Information and Communication Technology for Water Utility Management. Nabil Chemaly, German Presentations from: 1. Peter Mutale, Chief Inspector, National Water Supply and Agency for International Cooperation , Lebanon Sanitation Council (NWASCO), Zambia 2. Sharing Best Practices: Rollout of Maintenance Management in 5 Utilities in Upper Egypt. Herrie Heckman, Fayoum Drinking Water and Sanitation Project, Egypt 3. Automation of Program Management for Investment Programs, PMIS in the Egyptian Water Sector Clemens Mauel, CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH, Germany

2. Malaquen Milgo, CEO Athi Water Service Board, Kenya 3. Hisham Gafaar, General Manager, Egyptian W&WW Regulatory Agency (EWRA), Egypt. 40 min round tables and moderated discussion

4. ecoBETA help you saving 30% of your water consuming, Mohamed El Sayed, Egypt 20 min Discussion 10:30-11:00

AM Coffee Break

Session (9) IWA Session‐Strategic Asset Management –  critical steps towards effective O&M  11:00-12:30

Chairperson: Ms. Kirsten de Vette, International Water Association (IWA), The Netherlands 1. Enabling the environment for a better Strategic

Session (10) GIZ Dialogue: The challenge of decentralized  sanitation for water utilities – experiences from MENA, Africa  and Germany  Chairperson: Dr. Thomas Petermann, GIZ Human Capacity Development Short presentations from 1. Hans Hartung, Germany. Sustainable on-site sanitation.

Time Management for the sector , Mona Salem

Day (2) Thursday 8 December 2011 Technical alternatives for faecal sludge management.

2. Utility reform and the link to Strategic asset management, Joao Feliciano

3. Strategic Asset Management - Egyptian experience, Moustafa Mousa


Jürgen Wummel. Demonstration Center for decentralized sanitation concepts, Leipzig BDZ

40 min round tables and moderated discussion

20 min Discussion 13:00-14:00

2. Status of Sanitation in MENA: the main challenges for decentralized options, Mostafa Biad, Morocco

Lunch Break Session (11) Best practices in water utilities reform (III) Chairperson: Dr. Rifa’at Abdelwahab, Holding Company for Water and Wastewater, Egypt

Session (12) KfW Session-"Adaptation to Climate Change through water utilities reform" Chairperson: Ms. Claudia Bürkin, KfW, Egypt

1. Operator Certification: Striving for Excellence AbdelRahman Al-Omari, Jordan Water and Wastewater Sector Services Team, Jordan


1. The impact of climate change on utilities: How to adapt. Martin Kerres, KfW office, Germany 2. Climate Change and Utilities. DAWSSA - Case Study. Mohamad Kayyal, KfW office, Syria

2. Creation of a Customer Service Center in South Lebanon Water Establishment. Nidal Hachicho, South Lebanon Water Establishment, Lebanon

  20 min Discussion

3. Reduction the Impact of Uncertain Socioeconomic Conditions and Improvement water utilities performance by Pro Poor Water Tariff, Abdelrahman Tamimi, Palestinian Hydrology Group for Water & Environmental resources development Palestine. 4. Best Practice for Energy Management at Nubaria WTP in Alexandria Water Company, Faten Alkhouly, Alexandria Water Company, Egypt. 20 min Discussion 15:30-16:00

PM Coffee Break


Day (2) Thursday 8 December 2011 Session (13) The paradigm shift in managing water utilities (II) Chairperson: Eng. Ra’ed Daoud, ECO Consult, Jordan 1. Making Commercialization Work (What businesses are we in anyway?) John Sitton, Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd, USA.


2. How to get water from the Nile to the desert? Reforms, water networks and strategies in Khartoum, Sudan. Laure Crombe, CEDEJ Khartoum, France 3. Integrating Management Initiatives under Total Quality Management Approach: A Case Study in Alexandria, Egypt Siham Shoukry, Alexandria sanitary Drainage Company, Holding Company for Water and Wastewater, Egypt 4. Water sector transformation in Jordan – the path from fragmented governmental structures towards integrated utility management , Stephan Kugler, Dorsch International Consultants GmbH, Jordan


20 min Discussion Conference Closing Session Speakers: Chairperson of each session 5 min conclusion per each


4th BP Conference