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Disabled-friendly “travel for all” Germany has introduced a nationwide certification system for all areas that offer “Disabled access as a mark of quality and convenience” – and Oberstdorf has earned its official stamp.

coordination with the relevant associations and tourist operators.


Now, for the first time, information for visitors is collected by specially qualified professionals and evaluated using clear quality criteria, developed through several years of cooperation and

F or further information and a list of certified companies as well as leisure services in Oberstdorf, please visit and see our feel-good brochure.

Holidays for allergy sufferers Since December 2015, Oberstdorf has been certified as an “allergy-friendly municipality” with a network of allergy-friendly accommodation options, gastronomic establishments and shops. Visitors who suffer from allergies or food intolerances will find a wide range of companies in Oberstdorf that are able to meet their needs. All have received training from the Bayerischer Heilbäder-Verband e. V. (Bavarian health spa association) and been certified as allergy-friendly by the European Centre for Allergy Research

Foundation (ECARF). The certified quality of these companies is indicated by the combined BHV-ECARF logos. The criteria that have to be met by the participating companies lead to a vastly reduced level of contact with the most frequently occurring allergens.


F or further information and a list of certified companies in Oberstdorf, please visit and see our feel-good brochure.

Kneipp and climatic health resort Enjoy all-round wellbeing and relaxation


With a wonderfully mild climate, outstanding air quality and an untouched natural landscape, Oberstdorf has been regarded as a climatic health resort since 1937, receiving the accolade of the Premium Class label in 2002.

Oberstdorf has been a recognised Kneipp location since 1964. The Kneipp-based understanding of a healthy life and natural healing looks at the person as a whole and aims to maintain or restore good health.

In a climatic health resort, nurturing and stimulating factors can be administered in such a way as to support people’s health. Negative ­factors are largely excluded. In recent times, regular fine dust measurements have also been introduced to guarantee high air quality. Thanks to consistent traffic calming measures, targeted urban planning and forestry programmes, we can still live in harmony with nature. In addition to the commitment to a healthy climate, P ­ remium Class locations also take care of nature in all other respects. For example, they primarily use local products in order to protect their own landscape.

It is with good reason that Oberstdorf is one of only a small number of healing resorts in Germany to have been twice awarded highly sought-after certifications as a climatic health resort and a Kneipp resort.

Disabled-friendly holidays

As such, Tourismus Oberstdorf offers you a very special service to enable you to optimally plan your holiday and your health requirements.


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Winter Brochure 18/19