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Paradise Is Less Than 3 Hours Away!

Costa Rica

“With almost two decades of experience with Continuing Education, we understand and deliver on the expectations of top universities. Our courses are held in first class teaching facilities and attendees stay in beautiful and comfortable accommodations.

Dr. Douglas K. Benn Founder & President CostaRicaCE

“We constantly receive compliments based on our quality of service and in-depth knowledge of Costa Rica. That local knowledge and experience, plus our relationships with many top hospitality and services providers in the area, allows universities to offer CME courses at surprisingly good value.”

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HIGH QUALITY ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Founded by Professor with two decades of Continuing Education experience.

PROFITABLE RELATIONSHIP CostaRicaCE does not charge universities. We work together to create attractive packages that represent excellent value.

SIMPLICITY Turn-key solutions make it so easy for universities to hold courses in Costa Rica.

EXCITING DESTINATION Costa Rica is the location for adventure, relaxation and ecotourism, and nearly one million U.S. visitors per year agree!


A TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS Our endorsements and recommendations, from both course administrators and attendees, highlight why major universities work with us. We are happy to supply references for our partner universities.

We really couldn’t have run such a successful and enjoyable course in Costa Rica without your help . . . I am already planning two more courses for this year.

We received very positive feedback from the course participants and they particularly noted the personal touch you and your staff provided and your constant availability.

It was a successful and wonderful experience for the 59 participants and myself. - Letter from Ilan Rotstein, Associate Dean, University of Southern California

“The University . . . and its host, Dr. Douglas Benn, are to be congratulated on creating an outstanding training & travel combination.” - Ross Webb, 2006 Course Attendee “The course was quality continuing education in an unbelievably beautiful environment at a cost that is similar to local courses where you´re stuffed into a 66 degree hotel lecture room with 200 other dentists on folding chairs. You have to experience Costa Rica and the wonderful Hotel Martino - good CE is ‘icing’.” - Dr. Robert Davidson, 2005 Course Attendee

“Our course on oral pathology was excellent, and we particularly enjoyed the instructor . . . Costa Rica itself was beautiful, safe, and friendly. We are planning on attending another seminar. ” - Dr. Lynn Thomas, 2005 Course Attendee


Decades of Experience

Under stand Academic and Business Needs

Partnerships with Major Unive rsities

HIGHEST QUALITY EDUCATION CostaRicaCE was founded by Dr. Douglas Benn, Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry. Douglas has taught Continuing Education courses for nearly two decades. His vision was to collaborate with top universities to offer CE of the highest quality to licensed professionals, all in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.

based on the reputation of the school and its speakers, plus the relevance of the course topics to their professions. Attendees demand educational excellence as well as a wonderful vacation and we are committed to providing the best of both worlds.

Our understanding of both the academic and business needs of universities makes us unique. We use hotels with excellent teaching facilities so that the acoustics, air conditioning, and visual technology enhance the learning experience.

University of Florida

University of Southern California

University of Toronto

North American Veterinary Conference

We are very selective in choosing universities to partner with, because we know from our market research that professionals select CE courses

The universities and other educational bodies that we currently have relationships with include:

We are happy to provide references for each school, and you can see on the page opposite the type of feedback and praise we receive from our partner universities!

“I've attended a number of surgery meetings, and this was by far the most interesting and helpful. Outstanding surroundings and organization.” - Dr. Charles Schaepler, DDS, 2005 Course Attendee


We Do Everything In Cos ta Ric a

We Provide Marketing Support and Register Attendees

Unive rsity Supplie s Speaker, Topic, Accreditation and Marketing


Hotels — Carefully select first class hotels and conference facilities.

Transportation — Arrange airport pick-up and drop-off.

Planning — coordinate course events, cocktail parties and tours of Costa Rica

Attendee Support — Provide toll free telephone support, to answer attendees’ questions before and after registration.

Online Registration — Set-up secure online registration site, tailored to each course

Marketing support — Provide marketing materials which, based on experience, helps schools market courses more successfully

University support — Our detailed local knowledge enables schools to seamlessly overcome the cultural and bureaucratic barriers that might otherwise make Costa Rica a challenging place to do business.

University’s Role


Topic — Select course subject(s) that will be attractive and educational.

Speaker — Provide suitable lecturer to deliver the material to attendees.

Accreditation — School must be accredited by the appropriate state or national body to provide continuing education credit units to attendees.

Marketing — After developing marketing plan with CostaRicaCE, market course to potential attendees.

Unive rsity Sets Its Ow n Reve nue

CostaRicaCE Creates Attr active Course Package

CostaRicaCE D o e s N o t Charge The University


FLEXIBILITY— University sets its own revenue. The relationship between the university and CostaRicaCE must be one of mutual benefit. To this end, the school determines its own education fees that it will charge each attendee.

TURNKEY PACKAGES — CostaRicaCE combines the school’s fee with the hotel, meal and other course features into one attractively-priced overall course package. CostaRicaCE’s services means that universities need do nothing more than they already do—in fact, because we take care of all the planning and logistics in Costa Rica, and provide marketing support, the university will actually have significantly less to worry about than for its other courses.

WE DO NOT CHARGE THE UNIVERSITY—we make our money from the hotels. Based on the volume of business we bring to the hotels, we can offer substantially discounted rates. Our package prices take this into account. As a result of this model, the school retains all of its education fee. (We also make money from offering additional services, tours, etc., to attendees).

Kris Krug

COURSES ARE IMMEDIATELY PROFITABLE — This is true even from the very first course. Our experience with other major universities suggests that it is not only possible but extremely likely that a university will make a profit from its very first course. Costa Rica is a very popular travel destination and alumni jump at the opportunity to gain their professional education in a new and exciting environment. 7

COSTA Find out why nearly come to explore the Rica every year.


Patty Gallivan

VOLCANOES - Among the many natural wonders to explore in Costa Rica, perhaps the most exciting are the volcanoes. These include the constantly lava-spewing Arenal (pictured left), and the also-activebut-more-friendly Poas, which you can peer into from very close (the picture below was taken by one of our team, not a pro!)

For adventurous travelers that love the water, activities include whitewater rafting, for every level of experience, as well as scuba diving and sea kayaking in the Pacific. Also in the sea, for those who love sport fishing, there are abundant marlin, mahi mahi, tuna and sailfish.

NEW EXPERIENCES - In addition to the rainforests and EXCITEMENT - There is wildlife (see p. 10), many people nothing like the thrill of being marvel at the Cloud Forests found hundreds of feet in the air and throughout Costa Rica, especially the zipping at high speed through the famous Monteverde reserve. Also, canopy of a rain forest. Costa the climate is perfect for growing Ricans have perfected the art of zipsome of the best coffee in the world, lining through trees, and in and visits to a Coffee Plantation practically every part of the country, are included in many of our tours. a canopy tour awaits. Fun Things To Do Three Active Volcanoes; Canopy Tours; Butterfly Gardens; River Rafting; Jungle Cruises; Cloudforests; Rainforests; Scuba Diving; Horseback


RICA a million Americans wonders of Costa

REST, RELAX AND RECHARGE BEACHES - Costa Rica’s miles and miles of lush, unspoiled beaches are just waiting to relieve stress and help improve that tan. There are scores of books dedicated exclusively to describing Costa Rica’s beaches. In short, though, there are beaches for everyone, from pristine paradise beaches like Playa Carrillo near Sámara, to the world’s best surfing beaches such as Tamarindo and Jacó, to wildlife-replete beaches including Manuel Antonio, where it’s not uncommon to see monkeys and sloths, or to be approached by a friendly iguana!

Arenal, and are actually thermally heated by the magma of the active volcano. Closer to home, the hotels provide a full range of spa therapies and treatments that allow attendees to relax and rejuvenate. COSTA RICA QUICK FACTS •

SAFE: Costa Rica is a politically stable democracy with no army.

ACCESSIBLE: Direct flights from most major cities - less than three hours flight from Florida, and fares start at $200 return.

DYNAMIC: Wonderful culture; cuisine with Caribbean, Hispanic & European influences.

SPAS - As well as relaxing at beaches and the hotels’ luxurious facilities, • Costa Rica also has many spas, including the famous Tabacón Springs. These springs are located at the foot of Volcano

MODERN: Educated population with 96% literacy rate; safe drinking water; good infrastructure.


Hatching Sea Turtles






Marcio Scatrut

AN ECOLOGICAL HAVEN It’s no coincidence that Costa Rica is the most widely sought after destination for ecotourism around the world. In the 1970s and 1980s, the government began to tackle the plague of deforestation that was close to permanently destroying the ecosystems of Costa Rica. Since that time, Costa Rica has become an environmental jewel, with approximately 25% of the country covered by different forms of official protection. About 5% of all known flora and fauna species can be found in Costa Rica, including over double the number of bird species found in all of the United States!

One of the most famous national parks is at Tortuguero, where newly hatched green sea turtles make their magical scramble each year across the beach and into the Caribbean Sea. The variety of animal and plant species is endless. From monkeys and sloths at Manuel Antonio, to crocodiles and caimans in sections of the Tárcoles River, to snakes, iguanas, macaws, parrots, toucans, manatees, jaguars and so much more in the forests, jungles and nature reserves all throughout the country, if someone’s passion is nature, Costa Rica is undoubtedly the place to be.

Our Commitment to the Environment and Our Tú También! Program. We value Costa Rica’s biodiversity and consequently have become a CarbonFree Small Business through, offsetting our carbon emissions every year. Because international air travel is a significant contributor to global warming, we have created our ¡Tú También! Program so that course attendees can choose to contribute too. When registering for a course, an attendee can choose to offset his or her entire trip’s footprint, for as little as $7. We send this money to, which then pools it to support renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects, such as the Paso Pacífico program that restores large areas of tropical dry forest habitat in Central America. 10

Exclusive Relationships with Best Hotels In-Depth Knowledge of Costa Rica Packages Tailored for Each Group’s Needs

HOSPITALITY & SERVICE We have special arrangements with modern, beautiful hotels selected for their educational facilities, comfort, value and locations. One of our greatest assets is our knowledge of virtually every major hotel in Costa Rica and our own relationships with them. Based on the volume of business we bring to these hotels, plus our personal relationships (the value of which cannot be understated in a small country), we are able to offer rates that simply are not available to other businesses. On several occasions our rates were literally 50% less than the best prices available at the major online travel sites like Expedia. We offer several different package types depending on the needs of our educational partners and the demographics of the group.

The most attractively priced courses tend to take place at inland hotels, such as the five-star Melia Cariari. Even these facilities are not far from the beach (the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are only 75 miles apart!), and offer the same luxuries and amenities as the more expensive coastal hotels. All of our hotels are near top-notch golf courses, prepare magnificent food and have locations that allow for easy exploration of Costa Rica’s many wonders. For groups with more financial flexibility, Costa Rica’s finest hotels await, and at values that just cannot be found in comparable Hawaii or Vegas resorts! And, of course, we take care of all of our attendees’ needs in Costa Rica. From airport pickup and welcome baskets, to constantly availability for questions and problem solving, to event planning, we are there!

What is Pura Vida? The expression literally means the pure life, and is used as a greeting and an expression of a positive attitude. Costa Rica is a safe, stable democracy with a high literacy rate (96%). The Costa Ricans (affectionately known as ticos) are proud of their beautiful country and their way of living. In short, pura vida is their relaxed, happy way of life. 11 11

WHO WE ARE Dr. Douglas K. Benn (Founder & President, Douglas was formerly a full professor of maxillofacial radiology at the University of Florida College of Dentistry where, in addition to his regular teaching and research duties, he taught dental CE courses for nearly two decades. He therefore understands both the academic and business aspects of continuing education. Douglas lives in the beautiful town of Atenas, about 20 miles west of San Jose, where he runs the Costa Rican office of In his free time, Douglas in an avid amateur astronomer and a big movie buff. Oliver Benn (CEO, CostaRicaCE University Services, Inc.). Ollie formerly worked as an attorney in both litigation and transactional matters in the San Francisco Bay Area. He obtained his B.A. from the Univ. of Pennsylvania where he graduated cum laude, and subsequently earned his J.D. from the Univ. of California - Hastings College of the Law. He also has significant marketing and business experience, including working at an international advertising agency in New York. Ollie lives in San Francisco where he runs our U.S. operations. When not working, he loves to ski, play soccer and travel through the Americas. The CostaRicaCE Team. We owe much gratitude to our incredible staff. All the members of our team speak fluent English and have university degrees. Our partner universities in the U.S. and Canada interact with them on a frequent basis. During the C.E. courses themselves, we constantly have staff members on hand to help the attendees and university personnel and answer questions as they arise.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US IN THE U.S. OR COSTA RICA AT: Oliver Benn ▪ CostaRicaCE University Services, Inc. 1592 Union Street ▪ Suite 382 ▪ San Francisco, CA 94123 ▪ Office (415) 830–3409 ▪ Fax (866) 420-4903 Douglas Benn ▪, N.A. Apdo 189-4013 ▪ Atenas ▪ Costa Rica ▪ Office (888) 609–6686 ▪ Fax (866) 420-4903

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