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The Church was built in the year 1912 by Angel Goicoechea, in Gothic style. The main front, the portico arcs and the sotocoro were saved from the old church and used again in this one.

In 2009, the church was painted and its wooden floor was replaced by the present one.

This is the Baptistery. The grate was built in the 16th century. It has got twisted rhomboid bars. Tradition says that it belonged to the chapel in the house of Juan de Jaso y Azpilicueta, brother of Saint Francisco Javier, Navarra´s Patron Saint.

Saint Peter, Romanist statue of the 16th century.

Saint Paul. This statue, together with Saint Peter, belonged to the main altarpiece in the old church.

Saint John the Baptist, in Baroque style, from the 12th century.

Baptismal font, with a cylindric shaft, also from the old church.

This is a neoclassical style altar from the 19th century.

La Dolorosa, from the 19th century. It is carried in procession in Easter, together with some of the other statues in the church.

Recumbent figure of Jesus, covered with a carved sheet. It is also carried in procession in Easter.

Statue of San Luis Gonzaga.

Statue of unborn San Ram贸n.

This is a relic of San Guillermo, who is venerated in Obanos every first Thursday after Easter. Traditionally, wine and water are consecrated after being passed through the head, which is covered by silver

Altarpiece in Rococo style, from the

San Sebastian, 18th century.

The White Virgin, home of Wisdom. It is a Romanesque statue from the 13th century. She is holding a spherical map in her right hand and the Child on her lap holds a book.

This bas-relief shows Saint Martin sharing his cloak with a poor man. It is a Renaissance image dating from the 16th century.

Saint Guillaume of Aquitaine in penance pose, a statue made in the 18th century.

This pulpit integrates with the main altarpiece and the smaller ones to the left and the right sides, all forming a set in gothic style. The one in the right is dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

The imagery in the main altarpiece is modern, except for the Calvary.

Saint John the Baptist.

This image of Jesus crucified is Baroque in style. At the sides we can see MarĂ­a and San Juan, after which this church was called.

The image of Virgen de Arnotegui dates back to the 12th century.

This piece is dedicated to Immaculate Mary and completes the main altarpiece.

This is a statue of Saint John the Baptist that dates back to the 16th century.

This altar dates back to the 18th century. Its elaborate ornament is typical of the Rococo style as the one opposite.

Virgen de Soterra単a dates from the 18th century.

Virgen del Rosario, from the 16th century. She is holding the rosary on her right hand.

San Ant贸n is a statue in Baroque style

It dates from the Renaissance (second half of the16th century)

This altar is similar to the opposite one, and was built in neo-classical style.

This image was carved from a piece of walnut with only one affix. It retains its original polychrome. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary, the Child and Saint John.

San Lorenzo

San Marcos

The leaded window pane on the front shows the images of the four Evangelists.

Obanos Parish (English version)  

A visit to the our Church in Obanos

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