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SLEEP SYSTEM Introducing the OBA Playmat Activity System from Switzerland for children aged 6 months to 5 years Promoting purposeful activity is extremely important for infants and young children. Nowhere is it more important than in the disabled child’s daily regime. Without movement the intellectual and social growth of the child is stunted, as well as the physical and functional development. Children with neurological problems such as Head Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy often have spasticity and contractures which lead to difficulties in bed positioning and comfortable seating. Placing the child safely in a variety of positions throughout the day; 쮿 쮿 쮿 쮿 쮿

encourages supported movement, reduces the potential for contractures and spasticity improves functions such as breathing and swallowing stimulates the child to look at objects and views helps maintain healthy and blemish free skin

POLYMOOVE foam granules filling

Easy to use POLYMOOVE cushion filling does not form «balls» and is suitable for all types of patients as well as all sitting or lying down positions. The density of the POLYMOOVE granules ensures the filling remains consistent and stable.

OBA AG Auf dem Wolf 20 CH-4002 Basel

Manufacturer of mattresses and upholstered furniture Bedding articles and medical support accessories

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Playmate pieces POL 200 Playmat, complete set Obatex cover

POL 202 Pad, Obatex cover

POL 204 Roll, large with Velcro Obatex cover

POL 201 Cotton cover

POL 203 Pad, cotton

Size: 80 x 11 cm

POL 205 Roll, small with Velcro Obatex cover

POL 206 Pillow back support Obatex cover

POL 207 Pillow square, Velcro Obatex cover

Size: 70 x 8 cm

Size: 50 x 25 x 40 cm

Size: 28 x 40 x 4 cm

POL 208 Pillow ring, 2 rolls, velcro 34 x 33 cm Obatex cover

POL 210 Strap, Velcro Obatex cover

POL 211 Playmat bag Obatex cover

POL 209 Pillow ring, 2 rolls, velcro 23 x 8 cm Obatex cover

Size: 90 x 12 cm

Some suggested Uses and positions

«Look, I can kneel»

«See, I can sit»

«I can kick my legs»

«I like to lie on my side»

«I 'm on my tummy»

쮿 Spasticity and muscle spasms can be painful and can lead to further disability.

쮿 Soft yet maintains position, and can be safely left in place. No hard plastic or metal.

«I’m lying on my back»

쮿 Washable. In the machine at 95 degrees or topically with an antiseptic solution.

쮿 Has bacteria reducing material covers and is easy to use.

About the OBA Playmat System: The OBA Playmat System has a wide variety of shapes and sizes of pillows that come covered with a bacteria reducing cover called Obatex. It is flame resistant and flame retardant. Inside each item are small oval shaped beads that conform for comfort but lock to provide positioning and support. Adjustments to the rigidity of the devices can be made by increasing or decreasing the number of beads after making a small opening along the seam. Using your Playmat system is easy. Gently shake the beads, and apply, closing the Velcro straps where applicable. It can be purchased in a bag as a complete set or by individual items. We, at OBA, welcome your comments and suggestions. If you would like a custom made item. Or If you need some clinical advice please contact our product specialist Angela Pilski Occupational Therapist or

OBA AG Auf dem Wolf 20 CH-4002 Basel

Manufacturer of mattresses and upholstered furniture Bedding articles and medical support accessories

T +41 61 317 93 00 F +41 61 317 93 01 路

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