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colby bell 2011 m . arch


mirage/machine of perception grand ave community center spiraling ice salt lake city film center shift/fluid adagio static equilibrium analog/digital

mirage: a machine of perception

arch studio I critic: sophie masse duration: 4 weeks group: colby bell, tyler lamonda, la

In the Salt Flats your perception is easily miscued. The object of the machine of perception is to abstractly create a point to which you can reference. Mirages are seen very easily on the Salt Flats, creating the deception of water that you will be able to reach. This mirage sculpture is reachable and tangible. It distorts the mind’s perception of the untouchable thing. The mirage creates a sense of arrival in a hostile environment. What once seems so far away is at your fingertips before you know it. Defining this space helps us understand the machine of perception. Materials were contructed of recycled pallets, recycled aluminum and zinc sheets.

ance field

grand avenue community center

arch studio II critic: william miller duration: 9 weeks The new Grand Avenue development site is located in downtown Los Angeles across the street from the Walt Disney Concert hall. This block will provide the district with new housing, hotels, ticketing, and cultural space to help revitalize the downtown area. The site where the community center will be placed is heavily in shadow. The sun is crucial to the development and growth of southern California and anything living. The form of the building takes shape after study of where the light will be the most throughout the year and the building reaches and twists to get to the sun. The outside form, and also the structure mimic the vines or branches of a plant reaching for the sun. The weather permits the bottom floor to always be open to allow for maximum use 24/7. Program: third floor office space, second floor gallery and performance, first floor; ticketing cultural hub and cafĂŠ/lounge.

veins - feed plant and provide structure

veins - feed building and provide structure

plant structure diagram


section perspective

vein atrium

3rd floor

2nd floor

1st floor

spiraling ice: VE an design EVE competition celebration

fall 2009 duration: 2 weeks (design) group: colby bell, liz yonashiro, dan

The Downtown Alliance holds a celebration that has been going on for years in the downtown district of Salt Lake City. For the past few years they have held a competition for an installation piece to go on display for the 3 day event. Spiraling Ice was one of three installments chosen to go on display. The theme for the event was “light and motion through time”. The concept was “the journey”. The fluid movement of people weaving between spiraling ice forms and exposed doorways reveals the beauty hidden within obstacles. The forms were created from metal conduit wrapped with 24 inch poultry netting. They were then wrapped with over 5000 lights, and then enveloped by bubble wrap. The bases were 100 pound concrete boxes. Most of the material used was recycled and reused from waste.


lyman, kriag wilkes

constructi process


salt lake city film center

arch studio III critic: brenda scheer duration: 4 weeks The site for the new film center serves as a bridge between old industrial and newly developed. The concept is based on the Rashomon effect. Many films often depict various perspectives to uncover the truth. From each floor at different areas users are able to see through diaphanous shafts enabling unique points of view of individual areas. None are large enough that they can see the whole picture, but get a glimpse or a piece. From these pieces you can view other users, or see how the building is held up. The second floor is large and heavy, and through these slots you can glimpse some of the technology enabling its erection. Program: Approximately 26,000 square feet comprising 6 theaters ranging from 100 to 300 seats, cafĂŠ, gallery, lending library, and office space.

program lobby theater 300 gallery concessions lending library gift shop theater 250 cafe

theater 250

conference manager administration storage

theater 200

stacks restrooms

theater 200 mechanical theater 100 concesssions restrooms storage



floor sq. ft.

first floor

second floor

program concept merge

section A_A

first floor


second floor

shift: fluid adagio design competition

arch studio III critic: brenda scheer duration: 4 weeks

The Capitol Theater is a place where creations are rendered and realized. Many theatrical productions employ a very important and intricate track system in order to achieve a smooth and efficient flow of scenery and props on and off stage. Shift invokes curiosity. For some it may inspire memories of playing childhood games, for others a sense of fictitious fantasy, and escape. The experience of gliding through a series of cubes to free a certain cube or finding your way through the maze will draw in curious spectators or those waiting for their show or food. The few posted guidelines provide an entertaining objective, while more creative participants can create their own game, puzzle, city, form, or anything they want by shifting cubes and creating. It is a completely malleable reality at their fingertips, waiting for them to indulge. The design will be a gridded track system occupied by various sizes of cubes and rectangles. While vying for the want to create and play, it also gives reference to the prop system next door. The few rules to the game allow blocks to move side to side in the direction parallel to their form. But if ambitious, one can carefully align certain tracks to reorient the block to now move in a different direction.


movement diagram

analog and digital

“Discipline in art is a fundamental struggle to understand oneself, as much as to understand what one is drawing.� -unknown Works collected from architectural communication, design graphics, architectural structures, archictecture history, various sketches, and personal work.

arch structures spring 2010 critic: patrick tripen

static equilibrium



taipei university - pen and ink

hunstman cancer inst. - graphite

krak des chevaliers - charcoal

digital, watercolorcharcoal

colby bell 2011 m.arch candidate university of utah 195 S. 100 W. bountiful, ut 84010 801.529.3901

2011 M.Arch Portfolio - University of Utah  

used for UC Berkeley, Utah, and Hong Kong.

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