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How to build your OWN database of VERY interested prospects 1. Use your press/magazine ads to build a direct mail database; 2. Use direct mail to move them further through the buying process; 3. Follow them up. YOUR FIRST STEP: Build your database Just for the heck of it, have a closer look at the advertisements as you flick through your weekend newspapers or magazines, and then trawl through the flyers in your letterbox … Notice anything? Most of these ads scream, buy from me NOW because you want it NOW! This type of BUY NOW offer is fine for

So how HOT prospects, do you make and inYOUR some ad work situations, harder? Byparticularly generatingina aresponse pricecompetitive from those who (yech!) are retail not YET situation, ready itto MAY be the best way to go. (I said, buy! MAY, not IS!) As well as your buy-now offer for hot However, what prospects, put an about extra those element WARM into prospects? your advertisement All thosethat people will encourage who are in the warm market, prospects but are not to introduce ready to act just yet? themselves to you. An offer of free Remember the problem-solving last time you were warm aboutworks information the idea really of making well. A booklet a purchase is great! Especially of, say, plantation if your offer shutters, a computer,a or includes listaofservice benefits such to create as a financial strong desire planning? to getOnce this booklet. you had this idea, the first thing that happened was If you were selling plantation shutters, that just about every newspaper, it would be something like this … magazine or TV program seemed to have an Order your ad free or information booklet right on away. this It item? you— gives •No, Tips it wasn't on just creative interior coincidence. The ads were there decoration: How all get to the that time, but you didn't notice "glossy them. However, magazine" look because in your home you yet weremake still in theit feel market for inviting andthat particular liveable; product/service • Pros and cons as a warm of blinds, prospect, they shutters and leapt off the curtains in our page or screen! Australian However, you climate; weren't ready to • How to choose buy, so your only the best window relationship with treatment for the advertiser your home; was the 30 •seconds Five things of to airtime look foror when the 1/4 page space they choosing had invested in modern you. And if you plantation didn't act, that shutters. was the end of Can you see the relationship how even VERY till the ad of a warm prospects competitor would want to caught your eye. get their free

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copy of this useful information? And can you see how they would be happy to give you their name and address to get it? You with me? What you now have on your hands are the beginnings of a database … and a pretty good one too! What wouldn't your competitors give for a list of hundreds of people, who have all

indicated that they are interested in buying your type of product in the future? Continued page 7 Continued from page 3. YOUR SECOND STEP: Persuasion through the mail You've collected all the responses from the ads you placed (and tracked which publications worked best). You've updated your database. NOTE: If you don't have an appropriate database for collecting and managing prospect and customer information, give me a call. I'll point you to some great developers who, in my experience, know how to give you a competitive edge and make your life SO much easier! Onward … Now it's time to tell your respondents exactly how and why their lives will take a significant turn for the better with YOUR product or service. And you'll tell them just how easy it is to take action. A carefully crafted letter to accompany the free information—

whenever you see it.

Want happy clients who feel GOOD about their loan? Itʼs not a pipe-dream. Itʼs as simple as talking to PMP about their huge range of loan products. Every day, you deal with a range of clients——from investors and first homebuyers to construction and development clients. Obviously, thereʼs not ONE loan to suit them all. Itʼs your job to connect them with the lender and the loan that suits their needs. And your reputation rests on getting it right! Thatʼs why you (and your clients!) will be happy to deal with PMP. With their wide selection of products to suit a range of capabilities, youʼll find the appropriate loan for each of your clients. Hereʼs just two of the products that PMP offers: 1. Basic Loan—the “no frills” option that makes things happen. With simple features and a “get it done” focus, PMPʼs Basic Loan is ideal for clients who want a loan they donʼt have to think about too much. They can just borrow the money, pay it back and not fuss too much in between. With a low interest rate and flexible repayments (including direct debit and free redraw), your clients wonʼt feel weighed down by this loan. Itʼs good for first homebuyers who may not want to deal with more developed features, or investors who wish to combine an easy-to-handle investment loan with their current home loan. 2. Premium Loan—the sophisticated loan strategy with features to match! The “Premium Loan” is a more advanced option for clients who want to take advantage of a range of beneficial features. Your clients can offset their income and savings against their loan balance, allowing them to pay their loan off faster. A 100% offset account lets your clients bring all of their finance into one facility for increased control of, and confidence in, their financial situation. They also have the choice to split their loan into two subaccounts to capitalise on either fixed or variable rates, set individual limits and receive separate statements. Ideal for development and construction clients, the serious investor or homebuyers, PMPʼs Premium Loan is a competitive loan that benefits your clients. Why deal with PMP? With their reputation for offering brokers exceptional commission and trail fees, youʼll be pleased to deal with them. And with their focus on personal, efficient and accountable service, the close knit team will give their all to your clients; ensuring that they are happy, and that your reputation as a professional is protected and enhanced. Talk to the lender who provides solutions, exceptional products and outstanding service. Call PMP on 1300 728 248.

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How to build your OWN database of VERY interested prospects .. continued personally addressed, talking about THEIR dreams and THEIR problems, and offering your solution—is an amazingly powerful tool. For example, here are elements of a letter we wrote for a law firm: Dear Mr Flubb, It's deeply frightening and stressful when your situation suddenly changes—and even threatens your home. As you will read in the enclosed booklet … …and then, before you know what's happened, it gets even worse … We've all heard many such stories from people who experience the sort of "hiccup" that could crop up in ANYONE'S life. Some of us here have personally weathered this sort of crisis, so we know how you're feeling … Here's both reassurance and hope You won't tell us anything we haven't heard—and helped— before, so there's no need to feel self-conscious. We know you deserve respect and understanding, so you get it. Here at XYZ Lawyers Inc, we know all the … and we know what's available to help in your situation … It all adds up to fast, practical assistance. So after you have read this information, just ask us how we can help you! You're likely to be pleasantly surprised by our answer. Ring us NOW on < PHONE> or email us at < EMAIL ADDRESS> Your third step: Follow up, again

and again! This final step is the one that sorts the sheep from the lambs. Now, you need to make the most of your database …and that's where you need an ongoing strategy to contact them REPEATEDLY to convert as many of these warm prospects as possible into paying customers.

far better return on your investment in your initial ad WITHOUT your competitors knowing what you are doing. Call Crockford Carlisle on (07) 3891 3800.

Repeatedly? Absolutely! The correct strategy will depend on your product, price tag, sales process and so forth; however, in most cases—talk to us for more information about this—you should plan to connect with the people on your list around seven times in an 18-month period. These contacts can be done in a number of ways, including … a. Telephone b. A newsletter (See other articles on this in our online library) c. Personalised letters d. Special offers e. Success stories from other clients f. And anything else that assists you to add to the perceived value of what you are offering, break down hesitations and reservations and make people feel good about ACTING RIGHT NOW The added bonuses that comes from planning ahead like this are manifold. For starters, you will be geared up to take a more long-term approach —as opposed to planting seeds during a frenzy of activity and failing to water them by following up. And you will, over time, see a

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Get Yourself A Partner In any market there are lots of non-competing companies that have a client list that you'd like to market to.

example you could get all enquiries to go to the partner, who then forwards them to you. Theyʼll then know who enquired, and can follow up with their client later on to see

So why not build on the goodwill that exists between these companies and their clients. n simple terms it would work like this. The company sends a letter to their clients saying how great you are, and that if they ever need your type of service they should give you a try. Because of the trust between the company and their clients this very powerful form of recommendation can result in a number of new clients for you. Choosing Partners So which type of companies could be your endorsement partners? For a mortgage broker some of the more obvious partners are accountants, financial planners, lawyers, and real estate agents. However, you should also look more broadly for any companies with clients who could be home purchasers. Examples include car dealers, restaurants, private health clubs, retailers and beauty salons. What about dentists, sports clubs, garden centres? The beauty of this idea is that you can experiment at a relatively low upfront cost. The Partner Incentive To encourage the company to become your endorsement partner you need to offer them a valuable incentive. This is not a time to be stingy. Remember, this idea can bring new clients with comparatively little effort or upfront cost - so look to be generous in the pay-off to the partner company and theyʼll be more likely to say “letʼs do it!” Youʼll need to think about how the system is administered so that the system works in an honest way. For

how they went. An alternative to a financial incentive might be to offer the company a simple reciprocal endorsement to your clients. Depending on the lifetime value of a client, this could be a much more valuable offer to the company. The Client Offer In order to maximise the response you need to develop a special offer to the company's clients. For exampls as a mortgage broker you could offer them a “no application fee” home loan deal, a weekend away for two, etc. Use your imagination! Whatever the offer, include a deadline to encourage immediate action. Write To Each Potential Partner Having identified some likely partners and the offer, you need to write to each potential partner company. This sales letter should very clearly point out the benefits: Your service is non-competitive It increases their profits They donʼt have to do anything or spend a cent. Youʼll create the letter and any marketing material, plus pay for printing and postage. Youʼll unconditionally guarantee your services, and indemnify them. They can have all enquiries routed through them for verification if they wish. Send out the letter and then follow up with phone calls to arrange meetings.

By: Peter Griffin

The Client Letter Once youʼve got an endorsement partner, then you should draft the client letter. This is well worth spending lots of time on, to get it right. Highlight a problem your service solves Mention the relationship the partner has with you Explain the benefits you offer Describe your risk-reversal guarantee Discuss the special offer available if they respond quickly Give them the response mechanism – eg fax back, e-mail. The Campaign Review the letter with the endorsement partner Agree on timings Get the partner to mail merge the letter with their database Pay their printing, stationery and postage costs Get ready for the replies! Final Thoughts For the first relationship, be prepared to accept less as long as you are making a profit. That way once the relationship is set up and running you can then sell the concept more easily to other potential endorsement partners. Make sure you keep all the paperwork so that you can show it to other potential endorsement partners. Get a testimonial from the endorsement partner, eg “For no cost and virtually no effort we made $4,538 in seven weeks – and importantly, our clients are delighted with the service they received from ABC mortgage brokers.” Now - go and find some partners! Peter Griffin: Your Newsletters Tel: 02 9484 7752

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WEALTH WARNING: Bank Errors Could Be Costing You A Fortune. We Show You How To Find Them And Get Your Money Back. A study published in the Sydney Morning Herald discovered that chances are you are being overcharged on your home loan you don't even know about. This is not only unfair but insulting. This study found that .... • 54% of monthly bank statements contain errors. • 80% of errors favour the banks (that percentage has to make you suspicious). • The average monthly error is $242. As you can see the odds are NOT stacked in your favour so chances are your lender actually owes you some money.

"Find Errors In Your Statements Or They'll Give You ... $250 For Wasting Your Time." That is how confident the people at are that you are sitting on errors in your statements. You get their software, check your statements and if there are no errors they will give you your money back PLUS another $250. MortgageWatchdog have over 11,000 and guess how many times people have found zero errors in their statements? Would you believe 6 times ... 6 times in over 11,000 people who have used their software to check their statements .. so you can see the chances of you not having errors in your statements is nearly impossible.

Why Would Anyone Think They Don't Have Errors In Their Statements? Have at look at some of their latest success stories.... "I have now been reimbursed the exact amount of discrepancy I had found using your program of $7,563.04 plus reimbursement of the cost of the package against my loan." Ann-Maree Enders - Kingsley, WA. “Your software has uncovered overcharging by my bank to the tune of almost $1,300 just for the last two years. Like so many others, I had assumed the Bank would get the figures correct.” Mike V Bungendore, NSW "We found a discrepancy of $8,643.00 on our fixed loan and this has now saved us $33,000 over the life of our loan." - Mrs. Mackenzie - Logan QLD.

Special Discount for Broker Success Readers As a special gift for our readers we have contacted and asked if you could have a special discount on the software ... and the end result is that you have a 20% discount waiting there for you. This is not available through the front of their website, to receive the discount CLICK HERE. The best thing is that you still get their famous SuccessGuarantee - find errors in your statements or they refund you and give you an additional $250 for wasting your time. You can't get fairer than that can you?

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LEASING FINANCE FOR - Equipment & Plant, Machinery & Vehicles




CONSUMER LENDING - Personal Loans, Car Loans.


GENERAL INSURANCE â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Business, Motor, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability (corporate authorised representative 303068 - AI&F afsl 238433)

The Auswest Financial Services Group is a complete financial services provider. Established in 1998 initially providing general leasing products, Auswest Financial Services has significantly expanded and currently provides a comprehensive array of finance and general insurance products. Our constant growth has warranted the creation of four stand-alone businesses; Auswest Loan & Mortgage Options, Ausquip Rentals & Leasing, Ausure Insurance (Newcastle) & Auswest Town & Country Finance (Aggregations) The Head office for the group is located in New Lambton and operates nationally as the processing centre for Auswest Town & Country Finance (Aggregations), Auswest Mortgage & Loan Options and Ausquip Rentals & Leasing . The Auswest Financial Services Group plays a major role in an unparalleled business model which consists of strategic alliances with a number of Mortgage Broking Groups, Accountancy Firms and Individual Finance Brokers. Auswest Town & Country Finance is the aggregation and agency arm of the Auswest Financial Services Group. Accreditation with Auswest Town & Country Finance allows finance brokers to be directly accredited with Auswest with a choice of two options either as a referring broker or a direct agent of Auswest with full rights to trading names and other benefits. Our business purpose is simple; to provide all current and future clients with all their finance solutions, as well as assisting with their insurance. PHONE 1300 855 646â&#x20AC;&#x201D;email-

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Hallmark Mortgage Management acts as a mortgage manager for many of Australia's largest and most respected wholesale home loan lenders. Our role is to assist small independent home loan brokers obtain access to wholesale lending at interest rates normally only available to the bigger players in the home loan market. a lower rate can be given to the customer or higher commission can be taken. This opens up a lot of opportunity for a broker as they can market a product at a rate that suits their needs. Hallmark Mortgage Management has the responsibility of managing the loan approval process as well as assisting the wholesale funder to manage the loan after settlement. By working as a co-operative with smaller brokers the effect of the combined monthly loan volume means that Hallmark Mortgage Management is able to obtain wholesale funding at very cheap interest rates. The rates are passed on to our broker members who have the flexibility of pricing their loans at rates that are very competitive.

Loans via Hallmark Mortgage Management are as safe and secure as a loan from any of the other major lenders.

Additionally brokers are able to access retail lenders via our sub origination agreement and receive close to 100% of the upfront and trail commissions. Brokers have the Brokers can sell standard variable rate loans option of choosing a flat fee per loan of $250 between 7.03% and 7.35%. The amount of per loan (on settlement) or a monthly flat fee commission received will vary depending on of $500. Apart from these the rate the loan is sold at. As volumes charges, 100% of the upfront and increase the delivery rate received from the trail commission paid by the wholesale funder will decrease meaning that lender is passed on to the broker.

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The right loan, E first time, S I H S C E N I A T I guaranteed! R N F U


1800 4 OASIS

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UNDERSTANDING YOUR AML OBLIGATIONS With the deadline to comply with the recently introduced AML/ CTF legislation quickly approaching, Peter White from the FBAA discusses the impact the new laws will have on your business and the key steps you must take to ensure compliance. Under the phased introduction of the Anti-Money Laundering and CounterTerrorism Financing (AML/CTF) Act 2006 (the Act), “Reporting Entities” that provide “designated services” must have in place by December 2007 an AML/CTF program with appropriate procedures around the identification and verification of customers, including robust record-keeping processes. Then in December 2008 ongoing customer due diligence, suspicious matter and threshold transaction reporting obligations will come into effect. As making a loan is a designated service under the Act, lenders are responsible for implementing an AML/ CTF program. As the agents of lenders, brokers will be directly impacted. With less than four months before the new client identification procedures commence, it is important to be familiar with the rules and how they will effect the dayto-day operations of your business. To help brokers better understand the implications of AML/CTF and minimise disruption to their business, the FBAA has partnered with Deloitte to offer its members access to Deloitteʼs online AML/CTF solution.

The comprehensive solution provides a suite of tools, including training modules and the ability to perform name checks against national and international proscribed lists. Our aim is to help ensure brokers have the means to quickly, easily, and economically satisfy any requirements they face in the coming months and in subsequent phases of lendersʼ AML/ CTF programs.

Australian best practice, a positive for all industry participants. Peter White is the Vice President of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)

The FBAA is playing a leading role to help develop best-practice for the broking industry and minimise confusion for members. Coupled with its Deloitte initiative, the FBAA has also created a National Lenders sub-committee that will drive the formation of a uniform program for all FBAA member mortgage and finance brokers. The sub-committee will conduct surveys and ʻrisk profilingʼ to create a ʻNational Standard AML/ CTF Compliance Checklistʼ that can be used by all Australian institutions dealing with brokers. This will allow brokers to save time and money by adopting a consistent approach to dealing with multiple lenders. The FBAA has also met with key representatives from AUSTRAC and will continue to do so to assist in clarifying their expectations and help smooth the transition for brokers. The new AML/CTF legislation is a positive step towards maintaining the credibility and legitimacy of the broking industry. I believe that having a simple and straight forward system for compliance will ensure all industry participants will be in alignment with

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Do you have a health concern? Health Matters Australia whenever you see it.

EXACTLY What To Say To Get Connected Comfortably With A Referral It's a great feeling when someone thinks of someone to refer to your mortgage broking / consulting / planning service. You'll notice I said to your service and not to you. At the end of the day your clients want what you can do for them, not necessarily you. (Took me a while to get my head around the fact that I'm not as important as I'd like to think I am)

important priorities, that it be the most comfortable way to work in the mortgage industry. So here's some EXACT words to get connected comfortably. They say: My friend John and his wife Julie are going to be buying a new home soon. You say: Your friends John and Julie, ok, would you tell me a little about John and Julie, to see if they might be right for my consulting service?

When you're in the moment, talking with someone who's going to be borrowing money, it's important that you know EXACTLY what to say to get connected comfortably with the referral.

They say: Sure, John and Julie are.... (here are a few questions you could ask about John and Julie)

When I was creating my complete consulting system, this was 1 of the 3

What challenges are they facing right now?

What do you like about John and Julie?

Do they have any special interests? You say: So tell me (first name), what's the most comfortable way to get connected with John and Julie? They'll say: How about I call them and tell them a little about you, then I'll call you back. You say: Sure thing, I'll give you a call tomorrow if I havn't heard from you. Note: I had clients say to me, "here's there nmber, give them a call and tell them I told you to". I tried this approach and I wouldn't recommend it, because there's been no prior introduction, it can come across as a bit of a cold call, and that certainly isn't the most comfortable way for all parties, particularly you and the referral. Continued page 18

Learn How To Earn A Six Figure Income, Working Less Than 40 Hours Per Week, When You Thought It Couldn’t Be Done. Imagine what it would feel like to know the EXACT words to say to your clients, supported by a complete consulting system, that compels each client to introduce you to one of their friends, family members, or co-workers, as they’re going through the borrowing process with you, resulting in a consistent stream of referrals after settlement too. Marc Jarman, Founder and National Trainer of Lending By Referral (LBR), after being in the mortgage industry only 8 months with Wizard Home Loans, set and reached his goal of settling 150 mortgages in the 2002–03 financial year. Then after starting his own business, Informed Home Loans, earned over $100,000 in commissions in 2004, working less than 40 hours per week. LBR is the first independent training organisation teaching mortgage brokers and lenders to grow their business primarily by referral, the most lucrative, enjoyable, secure and smart way to work in our industry.

Here’s what mortgage brokers have to say about Lending By Referral: “The most impressive business building system I’ve seen. I’ve been to that many seminars on sales and marketing before and nothing has come close to this system for increasing my business cashflow.” Trevor Gielnik – Mortgage broker

“Finally, a way to gather referrals step by step which is not obtrusive for my clients.” Richard Holland – Mortgage broker

“Marc, you have provided a service that has been lacking in our industry so far. You will help many brokers achieve their dreams.” Judy Rogers – Mortgage broker

FREE Recorded Message reveals how you can start earning your six figure income, working less than 40 hours per week. Call 1800 754 200 or visit our FREE training website:

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Outsourcing – making the best of your time As a mortgage professional you know one of the major benefits you provide to both the mortgagee and the mortgagor is saving time. Have you considered that you could save your own time by outsourcing activities you could easily, and more affordably, get others to do? For example, maintaining regular written contact with clients and prospects. Keep top of mind

Visit for all the details of our services. You can choose from our standard writing service through to our premium full service package where we manage the whole process for you. We also have over 350 articles in our online financial articles library that can be accessed 24/7 on an annual subscription basis and articles downloaded straight into your newsletter.

To grow and develop a business it is important to nurture relationships and stay in contact with clients and prospects. As the mortgage broking industry gets even more crowded, that need becomes crucial to the survival and growth of each business. Being ʻtop of mindʼ through regular contact gives you the advantage over your competitors. Do it smart Why reinvent the wheel? By using a proven system you can ensure your communication is done regularly and professionally without placing extra work on yourself or your staff. Your staff will be sure to thank you for that! Since 1999 Words Unlimited has encouraged financial professionals to let go of one of the most timeconsuming yet crucial marketing activities – client newsletters – to someone who can do it on time, every time and in less time. In the words of Managing Director, Julianne Bell, “We continually see mortgage professionals using their most limited commodity – time – trying to keep in regular contact with their market at the expense of using that time more effectively to build their

businesses.” Your time is best spent in front of your clients. The smart strategy is to outsource non-client contact tasks to professionals. Then you know that while you are doing what you are good at, someone else is doing what they are good at. A not-so-smart strategy is to burn the midnight oil trying to do it yourself… just to save a few dollars. Outsource to a professional Words Unlimited employ financial professionals to write exactly what you want your clients to read. With a vast array of knowledge and experience you can be assured that the information is correct and the articles are relevant to your clients. “The finished product was excellent and delivered very promptly.” Mark Harris, Home Loan Connexion

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“We decided to outsource our quarterly client newsletter and decided on Words Unlimited. They were not the cheapest provider but we were impressed with their professionalism, accessibility and high quality product. Client feedback has been excellent.” Chris Kelso, ApproveIt Home Loans Donʼt risk it Send a newsletter or e-news to your clients and prospects at least once every four weeks and youʼll be the one theyʼll call, and perhaps most importantly, refer you to their family and friends. If you donʼt have the time to do it yourself, call us on 07 3821 3773 for a quote. We have a variety of options available to suit every busy mortgage professional.

whenever you see it.

Generate your own leads from your own website Traditionally leads generated from a web site are very poor at best with a lower conversation rate. This soul destroying labour intensive process often turns brokers off trying to generate leads from their own website. At the same time consider the user because they are reluctant to leave their contact details when they make a casual enquiry. Let's face it, we've all seen those "wishy washy" web sites that provide the user with a poor experience just so they can get the users contact details. There is now a solution! Now for the first time, a mortgage broker can add a tool to their web site, a bit like mortgage calculators, that will offer users a quality experience and "instant gratification" and a reason to leave their contact details. The My Home Loan Approval program allows users to click on an invitation on a broker's website that will take them to a unique landing page that has the brokers logo and company name. CLICK HERE to see a sample of the landing page The user simply completes the 13 custom written questions which are profiled matched against the individual loan products of up to 173 lenders. The user instantly receives advice on how many loan products they may qualify for and invites them to give their contact details. Up to this point, the whole user experience is anonymous which gives the user great peace of mind.

assessment they are offered a copy of the eBook Mortgage Secrets Exposed. If they also provide their contact details they are offered a copy of the software Equity+ which is designed to help users improve the value of their home. CLICK HERE to see the Equity+ website Free resources: Both the eBook and the software are provided along with marketing and web optomisation tips as part of the program. Costs: The full participation cost of the program is a low monthly licencing fee. All leads greeted are the property of the participating mortgage broker. This is the most innovative low cost and effective lead program available in Australia that rewards potential clients for each action they take. Users prequalify themselves so you only ever speak with serious enquiries. For more information and to arrange your booking call Michael at Lead Management Services now on: 1300 7676 13

If they provide their email address it's verified and if accurate, the broker receives a email that contains their contact details, the answers to the original questions and a list of the loan products the user may qualify for. Encouragement: To encourage the user to do their own

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Equity+ Much more than a lead generator Equity+ is a software package that guides shows users how they can improve the value of their homes. The system was developed after discussions with the Real estate Institute of NSW and the Australian Valuers Institute. For a broker it's a great signup incentive for potential clients as the software package has a retail value of $189. In addition to that, Equity+ provides a fantastic opportunity to obtain referrals at the first meeting. It should be mentioned that Equity+ is not available as a download as the program is designed for participating brokers to meet with prospective clients thereby substantially improving the opportunity for conversion and referrals. The full Equity+ program is available exclusively by area for a fixed low monthly licence fee. Call Michael at Lead Management Services now on:

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How to Turn More Referrals into Paying Clients According to a survey conducted by SBA (Small Business Administration) 60 out a 100 small business owners claim that over 60% of their new business comes from referrals. But only a handful of professionals can clearly pinpoint where their referrals come from and the exact process they use to turn them into paying clients. Amazingly – when it comes to referral marketing - majority of entrepreneurs seem to rely on luck! Ouch – this is not exactly the best formula for business success! When asked about how they turn referrals into clients, most professionals have a deer-caught-inthe-headlights, puzzled look on their faces and keep quiet. The First Two Key Success Factors of Referral Marketing Those who truly can sleep peacefully at night knowing their referral generating process is working with the predictable precision of a Swiss banking system understand the power of using FREQUENCY of EXPOSURE. To best illustrate this, let's look at how two consultants handle their referrals. At first glance John and Steve have virtually identical Businesses:

astounding 95% of them into new clients. How, you ask? See if you can spot a difference... Steve's name occasionally pops up in conversations his clients have with their business associates. Since he does a good job people are often intrigued by the results he creates for his clients. They ask for his contact info and call him to inquire about his services. Those calls typically lead to an appointment. But in terms of frequency of exposure Steve's potential clients might hear his marketing message only twice before the meeting: when they initially get his information from a colleague, and again during the initial phone conversation. Here Is What John Does Differently: At first glance, John's situation isn't much different. His name comes up in conversations where he's praised for his great work. His contact information is passed on, and he too gets an inquiring phone call leading to an appointment with a prospective client. But that's pretty much where the similarity ends. Immediately after the call, John sends out a hand-written card saying "thank you for interest in my services. I'm looking forward to our meeting."

>> Both are management consultants working with small and mid-size corporate clients

John makes an additional smart move - he sends another hand -written thank-you card and a small gift (like a >> In the last year they both added Starbucks gift card) to the person who executive coaching to their product mix gave him the referral. >> They both are excellent at what they do and have stellar reputation among their customers and peers But there is a difference… How Is John Getting 5 Times More Referrals? John gets almost five times as many referrals as Steve, and he turns an

He does it because he understands the best way to develop a habit is to reward it in the first place (remember Pavlov's dog experiment?) so he tries to make his referral sources feel good about mentioning his name. And it works – they talk about him more often!

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The following day, John sends out a small package with POSITIONING MATERIALS: a welcome letter, an article relevant to prospect's situation, his short self-published book, and an audio CD. This allows the potential client to "sample" John's expertise on the subject. It also builds trust, increases prospect's appetite for his services, and position him as an authority. Now he'll be treated as a trusted advisor and not just another salesman trying to close a deal. Incidentally, John knows that many of his best prospects won't have time to fully review those materials. He also knows it really doesn't matter. All he wants is to see his "stuff" sitting on prospect's desk when he walks into their office. But he's still not done. A couple of days before the scheduled meeting he calls his potential client to briefly confirm the meeting objectives, time and place. Continued page 19

Referrals .... Continued from page 14. So if this happens to you, here's how to handle it. You say: Can I ask a favour? Would you give John a quick call and tell him a little about my service and how I helped you, then give me a quick call letting me know to call John and Julie? I think you'll agree it's a far more comfortable approach, and 9 times out of 10, probably 10 or 10, will be met favourably. So that's how to get connected comfortably with a referred lead. Marc Jarman Founder and National Trainer Lending By Referral

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How to Turn More Referrals into Paying Clients ... Continued from page 18 After the meeting, John immediately sends out another handwritten "pleasure meeting you/thank you" card. Higher Frequency Leads to Greater Familiarity Visibility equals credibility. And frequency translates into familiarity. Don't believe me? Just ask yourself how many people you "feel like you know" because you see them or hear from (about) them frequently... Point made! So let's now review how many times John's referrals are exposed to his marketing message: 1. When they first are referred to him in a conversation with a business colleague. 2. When they call him to inquire about his services. 3. When they get his handwritten "looking forward to meeting you" card. 4. When they get his Positioning Packet. (And again when they make time to look through the materials he sends out) 5. When he makes the reminder call two days before the meeting. 6. During the first meeting. Notice, that at this point prospect has been exposed to John's marketing message five times – comparing to only two times in Steve's process. That's a 150% increase in frequency of exposure! 7. When they get the handwritten "thank you" card after the meeting. Now, that they "know" John so well, they TUST him enough to start doing business with him. (Can you say KACHING!) Plus, sending a thank-you card and a small gift to the referral source proves helpful as well. Motivated by his small

gesture of appreciation, John's referral sources now take a more active part in the process, inquire about how things are going, and frequently offer additional help. Clear Expectations and Education Lead to More Referrals There is one other thing that separates John from Steve. Hi understands that his clients want to give him referrals but often don't know how to do this. So he takes the time to educate them and makes it easy for them to "give him away as a gift"! Say what?! He hands each new client a sample of a great Attraction Tool (most likely an audio program or a book), and informs them that he'll gladly send this Attraction Tool to any of his new client's business associates at absolutely no cost and no obligation – all they have to do is ask for it.

Factor to Referral Success I can already hear you whining, "but that's too much work, I can't do that in my business", etc., etc. And you are right – but consider the upside: getting more clients! And the key is to SYSTEMIZE, AUTOMATE, and DELEGATE. Do you have to do this? Hey, it's your business – you don't have to do anything you don't want! But the fact is – frequency builds familiarity. Familiarity builds trust. And we all do business with people we know, like and trust. So you decide if getting more referrals and turning them into paying clients is worth adding a few easy steps to your marketing system. By: Adam Urbanski

He might even hand the new client a few postcards promoting the Attraction Tool and encourage him to send it to their associates. Why bother? Because by sharing this information John's new clients are actually helping their colleagues. And it's easier and less awkward to send out a postcard and to share a resource, than to hand over names of business friends. All this increases the chances of John's name coming up in many casual conversations. Here Is the Final Key Success

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Why not take on a coach? "We are in the SUCCESS Broker business Coaching of Providing is aSolutions specialised to mortgage brokers". broker coach and mentor. Our programs mortgage

give the practical tools takeayou the topto If you you are wondering how you cantomake real to difference and keep you there. Our coaching is based on your business, we have the answer. techniques that really work and we give you detailed instruction on how to use and implement them. You learn not only from us but from brokers who have proved their success. The SUCCESS Broker Coaching program is a series of modules covering every aspect of the broking business. Everything from how to plan, build, recruit, manage, even how to sell your business. From over forty years experience, we've learned and compiled a huge library of information on what made us money and what lost us money. Through our systems we will share this with you. You will discover that what works is not a mystery - it is a system. It can be learned and it can be reproduced. WHO WE THEY SUCCESS Broker Coaching is a specialised mortgage broker coach and mentor. Our programs give you the practical tools to take you to the top and keep you there. Our coaching is based on techniques that really work and we give you detailed instruction on how to use and implement them. You learn not only from us but from brokers who have proved their success. The SUCCESS Broker Coaching program is a series of modules covering every aspect of the broking business. Everything from how to plan, build, recruit, manage, even how to sell your business. From over forty years experience, we've learned and compiled a huge library of information on what made us money and what lost us money. Through our systems we will share this with you. You will discover that what works is not a mystery - it is a system. It can be learned and it can be reproduced. Their Programs: Monthly Insights DVD jam packed with tips and techniques from Australia and New Zealand's top brokers Solution Driven Selling System Seminars and workshops Systems library - learn at your own pace We have a "no fluff, how to" approach that is unique in the industry. We believe Mortgage Brokers are in the problem solving business. Because we have been brokers ourselves, we understand the demanding nature of the industry and the challenges you face. So all of our systems are created with our core philosophy in mind.

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Health and Fitness 12 Ways to Boost Your Positive Energy By: John Place

3. Dress When mainstream the Part: YouAmerica donʼt have to dress like Bond everyday thinks ofJames the stereotypical (unless maybe youʼre athey caterer), but “positive person,” envision dressing near thehis peak of buried in someone with head appropriateness for your surroundings the sand, ignoring lifeʼs has 2 important effects: people may challenges, smiling like a gomer lend you greater legitimacy and as his life falls apart. respect, and because of this, you may feel and act more empowered. But devil-may-care personalities Superficial the effectof is real. do not fit or mynot, definition a

positive person.Nice: A real positive 4. Say Something Every day, life person seeks be a positive presents you withtoanother opportunity force in the world, make a and to say something kind,to generous, difference. genuine to somebody. He also Whether keeps his itʼs complimenting a co-worker onworks his new head out of the sand and tie admiring to or correct hissomeoneʼs problems instead accomplishment, boosting thedown positive of allowing them to bear energy in someone elseʼs life boosts it on him year after year. And in your own too. perhaps the defining characteristic 5. Increase Positive of a Relationships: positive If you surround yourself with positive, person is his willingness to think supportive people instead happy thoughts as he of works deadbeats and abusers – well, thatʼs against insurmountable odds.

impotent word. When a problem descends upon your life, think of it as a puzzle. Is there a way to solve this puzzle? If so, start putting the pieces together, calmly and with confidence. 9. Fill that Glass: Yes, the world is full of negative circumstances that require your attention, so donʼt bury your head in the sand. But do remind yourself that there are just as many positive forces in the world as negative ones; your fixation on the negative is a matter of perspective and choice. Click here for the rest of the article 10. Make Negative Thoughts Count: Make sure the time you spend thinking unhappy thoughts is productive: planning solutions, developing serenity, or learning a valuable lesson. 11. Positive Introspection: Take time

half the battle, isnʼt it? After all, if weʼre going to change the 6. Group Learning: Find something world (or ourselves), we donʼt get extra productive that you love to (writing, points for being miserable. do With that in dancing, acting, programming, or mind, here are 12 simple surface whatever) thenanyone find a group of techniquesand to help be more like-minded people who are interested positive while overcoming lifeʼs in learning this activity with you. The challenges: group is your support structure and 1. Smile: If you smile,and youʼll notice your growth catalyst, it will helptwo things: smiles are contagious, you accomplish something youand canthey be actually proud of.improve your mood. People respond to smiles with friendliness and 7. Morning which Gratitude: morning, generosity, could Every turn your remind yourself of all the things whole day around. Smiles even you work have be thankful for: relationships, duringtotelephone conversations, where shelter, family, andas whatever they canfood, be heard clear day by else makes you youʼre feel happy to bewith. alive. whomever speaking 8. a Problem into aBoost Puzzle: 2. Turn Project Confidence: the Sometimes a single word can make all positive energy in your the difference, and communications by“problem” providing is one of those words. Iʼve often wondered additional non-verbal cues: uprightif children would take more readily to posture, firm handshake, uncrossed mathematics if we called them math arms, calm demeanor, and appropriate puzzles instead of math problems: eye contact. problem is such a negative, hopeless,

to inventory the characteristics that make you valuable: skills, attitudes, generosity, capacity to love, and so forth. Be aware of all the wonderful abilities you bring to the table. Write them down if you have to. Everyone has something valuable to contribute. 12. Positive Affirmation: Iʼve never been much of an affirmation specialist, but my motto on affirmations is simple: as long as affirmations are representative of reality and are not keeping you from dealing with true problem areas, theyʼre good; do them if they work. To some, positive thinking sounds like a bunch of Ned Flanders hogwash, but isnʼt it better to greet your problems with a burst of enthusiasm than a Doldrum of despair? As long as you remain aware of your challenges, a positive train of thought is more likely to get you from here to there so you can resolve them. Of course, even the most positive person in the world isnʼt happy all the time, nor should that be the goal. The goal, ever elusive, is to remain positive whenever itʼs helpful.

Negativity and unhappiness have many causes, each requiring its own unique treatment. But as you work to solve your lifeʼs problems, these 12 simple surface techniques can improve your relationships, state of mind, and general outlook. Think positively, and live powerfully.

Perhaps youʼll find satisfaction in being a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day, a sign of hope when the world is

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Broker Wheels

Baby Racer Knee-High to a MINI Me If your baby wonʼt take the morning train, then the MINI Baby Racer II is the next best transport option. Itʼs not a pink Cadillac or a little red Corvette, but the New MINI Baby Racer II will have the younger family members throwing their toys out of the cot until one is delivered, in its distinctive Chilli red with contrasting black seat. Complete with big, cute-as-a-button bright eye headlights, shiny chromelook grin, ahem, grille, and nappyfriendly large plush seat, the new MINI for the 1-3 year-old driver comes ready

to race down hallways and across the lawn. More advanced speed merchants can perch one knee on the specially grooved seat pad, grip the soft-feel

large-diameter steering wheel and scoot their way around the veranda, using the built-in horn to warn unwary family members (and pets) of their impending arrival. With large look-alike alloy wheels and big plastic tyres (itʼs OK Mum, they wonʼt be leaving skid marks), the MINI Baby Racer II can handle all surfaces with ease.

on walls or furniture if the advanced Corner Baby Control traction system fails to prevent low speed impacts. Test drives are now available at MINI Garages across Australia. The take home price is $150 plus GST. So, baby, now you can drive your own car.

And with softly contoured extremities, the MINI Baby Racer II wonʼt be leaving any tell-tale marks

Unlimited leads

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