Saudi Arabia

A few quotes from our readers:
"FANTASTIC!!!! It’s amazing how a magazine is capable of making me proud to be Saudi and part of its amazing youth. Oasis is becoming a mean of representation, where it’s used to define a new identity to the more eloquent and educated Saudi youth." Sara, KSA

"I admire the valuable work you are doing in promoting Saudi Arabia globally. Your magazine is very impressive, and your efforts to change the perception of KSA is admirable. I can see you are making a real difference, and I applaud you for your creativity and your leadership in getting the message out."
Amir, U.N., NewYork, USA

"A breath of fresh air." Marwan, Riyadh, KSA

"I worked for Marie Claire, Elle and even published my own magazine… so I think I do know a little bit about magazines. Oasis is amazing. Great content, creative layouts… you are doing really good work." Catherine, USA

"Finally a publication we can be proud of." Seeta, Riyadh, KSA