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January 8, 2011 began the final year of my ten year journey to Potentate of Oasis Shriners. There have been ups and downs along the way, but here is my plan: LET’S HAVE FUN! Our 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children are healthy thanks to the changes mandated over the past two years. As a matter of fact, our leaders in Tampa recently voted to rebuild the Montreal Hospital. 2011 will be a year of new ideas; did you notice the cover of the Desert Dust? Changes in the status quo, and we now have a new leadership team in place. The Board (all the elected Divan members) will now govern the Temple. This will allow me some free time to interact with clubs and units, and hopefully help turn the corner in membership losses. My theory is simple. If you and your club/unit have fun doing projects and you invite non-Shriners to join you they may just want to hang around. Think about why you became a Shriner. It wasn’t because everyone was complaining about having to work, it was because you saw an opportunity to help kids and at the same time enjoy the camaraderie of like- minded people. If it worked when you joined, it can work now! Become a leader in your club or unit. Involve the younger members. They are our future. Convince our senior members that they are not too old, they offer experience and leadership qualities that can be passed on. And most of all, ask your members what they would like. When is the last hospital trip your group made? Better yet, have you ever ridden with one of our wonderful Tripsters to deliver a child to Greenville or Cincinnati? There are hundreds of opportunities. When you learn of a club holding a fish fry or any other fundraiser, ask if you can help. You’ll make new friends and get ideas of what they do for fun. I am struggling to move into the 21st Century. If you are interested, get logged into Twitter. Sign up to follow “Pote 11.” I promise not to bombard you with Tweets, but I will send out reminders for upcoming events and let you know what is happening. Our new Desert Dust Editor, Richard Ivey has more ideas to make the Dust look better, and bring more “thought provoking stories.” The Desert Dust is the one communication device that everyone receives, and Richard will give 110% to make it interesting. That’s a promise! To all those who attended our Installation; Lady Judy and I want to say thank you for your support. Our 2011 slogan, “Shriners United” See MESSAGE / page 4

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Executive Director Harvey Burgess says farewell In a cost cutting effort Oasis Potentate John Sullivan announces that the position of Executive Director has been eliminated. Noble Harvey Burgess, who has guided Oasis’ staff for over a decade, left his office for the final time on Monday, January 31. “Noble Harvey has become the Go-To man in the Temple and will certainly be missed both for his knowledge of Shrine business and for his friendship that he spread.” said Illustrious Sir John. “We wish Harvey all the best in his future endeavors.”

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Most Worshipful Lew Ledford and your Divan. We’ll serve BBQ from Kevin Bodeheimer, and it’s all free. (Continued From Page 2) was well represented. Our Most May 12-15 is our Five Temple CerWorshipful Grand Master Noble Lew emonial in Myrtle Beach. Go ahead Ledford and his Lady Susan attended and ask for Friday off and make it a so that Lady Susan could “officially” long beach weekend. We get started present his Oasis Grand Masters Fez. Friday morning. Bring your candiMW Lewis is a great leader for North dates and plan to have a blast. There Carolina Masons and we are truly proud are 2 HQ hotels, the Sheraton and the Breakers. Schedule this now! that he is an Oasis Shriner. My good friends from Sudan We need your stories and pictures!!! Simply send us a Word docuShriners showed up in force. Never has the Potentate, Chief Rabban, High Priest ment and any digital photos. Tell us & Prophet, Outer Guard and four Past who the folks are in the pictures. Potentates from another Temple at- Show us how YOU have fun. Try and tended an installation in Charlotte. It is get interesting photos, not the orditruly moving to have support from our nary smile and handshake we see so friend’s down East. much of. Email to our Editor: We have lots of opportunities coming up. If you missed the Potentate’s, or to Valentine Ball, plan to join us March 26 me: We will reply to you a brief (“got for A Taste of Mardi Gras at the Temple. It’s free, we have a great Cajun band it”), so you will know everything went coming and the Oasis Camping Club is thru. Oh, and don’t send more than 3 cooking Etoufee’, Gumbo and pictures since my IPhone gets Jambalaya. jammed with too much info. I have heard lots of folks complain April 16 is Grand Master Appreciation Day at the Winston-Salem Shrine that their stories don’t get published. Club. Bring your non-Shrine and/or Well we want to change that. No non-Mason buddies. Spend time with jokes please.


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P.P. Taylor, hit in the Face! During the Oasis Drum & Bugle Corps thirty something annual golf tournament I had to opportunity to poke fun at Oasis 2007 Potentate Gary Taylor. I asked him after he hit a nasty hard left slice into never-never land what was his secret to the success of golf. With his most common sheepish grin, he said; Son, you’ve got to hit in the face,” I couldn’t resist, so I replied; well sir where did you hit that ball? Taylor’s quick wit was; I didn’t hit it all, that ball was so afraid of my power that it jumped off the “T” and

little five dollar raffle offering a really nice 4,000 watt generator which was won by Metrolina Shine Club past president, Pat Glover. Interesting note; our 2009 Potentate Mike

golf tournament is there were so many prizes that every one of the nearly 120 players won something. This year’s event was won by Divan Todd Ham and his father. Todd is

Top Shelf Food Prepared by D&B Dickie Smith & Eddie Wilson

hauled butt into the woods.” Lesson to learn from all this…you will rarely get one over on Taylor. Except last year someone found a photo taken of Sir Taylor riding a top of the line Harley Davidson motorcycle with “training wheels.” I think the model is called a “Fat Boy” or were they referring to Sir Taylor…not sure, you make the call. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the D&B golf tournament, you need to pay attention. Divan Todd Ham, Lady Mary and the Ham family have been putting this event on for so long they have lost count, but boast it’s over 30 years. As if that in itself isn’t impressive enough, you should note the amount of prizes they give away each year. This year it was reported that the prizes were in excess of $5,400 thanks to the hard work of D&B Noble Rick Griffin. They had 4 generators, a pressure washer, 12 golf bags, binoculars, tool, 8 Apple i-pods, a winch, and all kinds of boy-toys. There was tons of stuff, just look at the photo. On hole 11 they had a

Downs was given the opportunity to purchase more than one ticket, but oh no…Sir Downs refused my kind and generous offer, and that extra ticket was purchase by Pat Glover. Pat knows a good deal when he sees it and for those of you who don’t know Pat, you should seek him out…he is one heck of a great guy and I’m proud to call him my friend. The one overwhelming benefit of this

happy with their golf lesson certificates. With all joking aside, this is truly one one of those guys you run into from fantastic event. I could pass out Kutime to time that has that preverbal dos my noted everyone deserving of “Lucky Horseshoe” stuck in his…well you know where! Todd captured his second “hole in one” this summer in Myrtle Beach, SC. Another almost unbelievable award for private golf tutoring lessons was present to D&B upcoming president Tommy Helms and his sidekick Sir Gary Taylor for the highest score. It’s hard to get your arms around that they shot 122 and

credits, but there just isn’t enough room or time. I conclude by saying the Drum & Bugle Corps is a family and they all come together Nobles & Ladies as one, when the rubber hits the road. If you’re interest in playing in the next year’s event, then you better mark your calendars for October 12, 2011 and last year on the same course, Stevie call Todd Ham: 704-399-2897. This Wonder shot a 104…go figure. Nev- event is limited to the first 120 playertheless Helms and Taylor seem to be ers and it is a blast.

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DD Editor - COMMITTED Running a paper comes with a certain amount of responsibilities, which are not explained or described when one takes on the role of Editor. No one warns you of the forth-coming long days that are ahead. Those days run into the wee hours of the night while trying to meet the set deadlines. Combined that with the everyday demands of attention from the outside world only adds to the physical and mental deterioration of the soul. Pressure from the boss, pressure from public, pressure from the left, pressure from the right, pressure…pressure…pressure, and no one wants to abide by the rules or guidelines set forth to keep the process running smoothly. Being editor of the Oasis Desert Dust is not much different. Instead of a boss, there’s a Potentate. Instead of the public, there is the Nobility. The left consist of friends within the editor’s Clubs and or Units and the right is the editors wife who will remind him regularly, like a precision timepiece of the number of hours the editor is taking away from her/their quiet time. After three years of service as Editor of the Oasis Desert Dust, Noble John Harder has decided to give it up. Noble Harder served Oasis well and will be missed. Your editor for the ensuing year of 2011 will be Noble Richard Ivey. With no help, no guidance, no real understanding of what I was supposed to do, how to combine all the components, or how to get it to press, I had to first define; “What are the duties or definition of an editor?” Editing is the process of selecting and preparing language, images, or film through processes of correction, condensation, organization, and other modifications in various media. In a sense, the editing process originates with the idea for the work itself and continues in the relationship between the author and the editor. Editing is, therefore, also a practice that includes creative skills, human relations, and a precise set of methods. Well this didn’t help much, so I took a trip to the Printer and decided to work the process backwards. Your editor was informed that the words “I, we, and us” should not be used when writing an article as it becomes about the writer. This is a lesson that everyone should keep in mind; not sure, however, if I can abide by this, since we are all human.

The Desert Dust is about the Nobility. After being asked at the time by Potentate Elect Noble John Sullivan to take on this role, I felt it was necessary for him to understand my thoughts and concerns about our paper. We both agreed that curiosity needed to be invoked and it needed to become something that the Nobility looks forward to reading. The Desert Dust needs a little kick to it…A “Spicy” feel…kind of like adding Texas Pete to your mashed potatoes. Over the next months the Desert Dust will feature articles that will cause everyone to stop and think…it will bring us back to our grass roots and the God we believe in. Articles like: • Power of an Apology • Resolving Conflicts • Identity and Destiny • How to correctly use the Phone Tree • Increasing Membership • What it means to be a Mason Potentate Illustrious Sir John Sullivan and the Desert Dust editor are committed to raising the bar on quality. One basic rule in marketing is the KISS principle; “Keep It Simple Stupid,” and that concept means the Desert Dust will feature larger photos with a twist. Don’t you agree, it would be better to have a 100 great photos, than a 1,000 you can’t tell if it’s you or is that your neighbor’s dog? The Printer has certain guidelines that determine the outcome of any printed piece. The information below may appear to be foreign to you, but don’t run, ask for help. We need to learn to work together as a team, therefore remember…we are here to help you advance your cause. 1. Documents/text submitted need to be a Word document 2. Photographs need to be JPEG 3. Photographs also need to be 300 dpi There’s no doubt that 2011 will be an exciting year, and with your help the Oasis Desert Dust will be here to support you, your club, and your unit. Remember this: two can do more than one, four can do more than three, and working together builds relationships. It’s been said; that the person who stands alone to receive all the praise, places himself upon a pedestal…making him an easy target. See EDITOR / page 8

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“It’s A Family Thing” By: Captain Tommy Helms III

Noble Kenneth and Lady Heather Abernathy gave birth to a bouncing baby boy Wyatt Mack Abernathy in January. Noble Jay and Lady April Sadler also gave birth to a bouncing baby boy – Cooper David Sadler in February. Noble Steve and Lady Donna Happy New Year from the Drum and Bill Stewart went to be with our Lord. McTyre are proud to announce the birth Bugle Family! He and his wife Lady Margaret were of their granddaughter Addison Lyn Wow what a great year 2010 was. members of Oasis Shrine for 45 years Greenwood and honorary member IlUnder our leadership of Past Captain and D&B for 43. Not only was Bill an lustrious Sir Billy and Lady Patsy Farris Hood Dulin, along with many members asset to the Oasis Shrine, but a loyal also were blessed with a new grandand fund raiser supporters, we had a and dedicated member of the Drum and daughter - Emery Ellen Hinson. record D&B donation to the hospital in Bugle Corp. Bill loved to play his drum We also had two spectacular wedthe amount of $19,021.51. We would and faithfully marched to the young age dings this year. Bass drummer Noble like to thank PC Hood and Lady Carole of 80. Not only will his presence be Joey Ham married his Lady Lindsey on for their years of continuous and tire- missed in the D&B family, but his beat May 22nd 2010. Joey is the son of Past less work and for serving two outstand- at every parade. Captain & Oriental Guide Noble Todd ing years as captain. However with death come births. and Lady Mary Ham, and grandson of Our family had an emotional year as We are proud to report four new Past Captain Joe and Lady Charlotte well. Our dear friend and Brother Noble “little” additions to the D&B family. Ham. Lindsey is the daughter of Illus-

trious Sir Billy and Lady Patsy Farris. On July24 Erin Downs married Daniel Yow. Erin is the daughter of honorary member Illustrious Sir Mike and Lady Beth Downs. We had the privilege to induct our two trainees to become official members. Noble Steve McTyre and his Lady Donna and Noble Richard Ivey and his Lady Tracee are our newest members of the D&B family. Last year we had to find a new home to meet and practice. We would like to thank Metrolina Shrine Club for welcoming us in and allowing the D&B the use of their facility. We would especially like to thank Metrolina members Steve Chekhov & Larry Quick for their hospitality and for putting up with us at each meeting. So long for now and remember …Drum & Bugle It’s a Family Thing!

EDITOR (Continued From Page 7) For all the critics; and I’ve been one, we are discussing the possibility of designating a section for your comments. You are encouraged to speak your mind with the understanding that your name is attached with it as in any other publication. Everything printed in the Desert Dust goes past the Potentates’ desk first. I leave you with these words of wisdom; “It’s better to be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.”

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OASIS SHRINE BAND By: John Elder, PC-PP 1st from the left) is Divan / Outer Guard Fez Shrine Club. This month I’m spotlighting our – Noble PC Earl Beckham (standing REMEMBER: No matter how you Christmas Banquet that was held at the 8th from left) is President of the Red feel – Get up, Dress up and Show up… Sands Restaurant, December 13th. Noble Captain Doug Teague, along with his committee, put on a really nice event. This picture is from that evening featuring our band members and guests. Capt. Doug handed out three awards. Honorees were: Noble PC Johnnie Walker(sitting 2nd from the right) for his years of service as Treasurer – Noble Boyce Roberts (sitting 1st from the right) for his tireless work in helping us all to be better musicians – Noble PC John Elder (standing 4th from the right) for assisting Doug any way possible – Noble Brent Wilson (standing 2nd from the right) received a large ovation for his efforts with our truck and trailer. Our officers for 2011 are (seated L to R): 2nd Lt / Director Noble Paul Blosser – 1st Lt / Ass. Director Noble Allen Jones – Captain Noble Doug Teague. Our Secretary is Noble Boyce Roberts and Treasurer Noble Brent Wilson. Two members active outside the Band: Noble PC Shea Fadel (standing

One more: There’s no limit as to what you can accomplish if you don’t mind who gets the credit.

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plans on transferring to a different college. Megan, with 27 surgeries is (Continued From Page 13) going to endure one more in March Her favorite place to shop is Wal- of this year. Mart where she buys the material to For those who weren’t able to atmake her blankets and other clothing tend the 116th Installation of Officitems for the homeless. She became ers on Saturday, January 8, 2011 you so well known and loved at the store, missed meeting one of the most inthat she was featured in one of Wal- credible young ladies that ever walked Mart’s national commercials, which out of a Shriners Hospital. You could ends with Jilleen a Wal-Mart associ- not have scripted, molded or designed ate saying; “Megan inspires me, she a more incredible individual. From the is what the Spirit of giving is all moment our newly installed Potentate about.” Illustrious Sir, John Sullivan and Lady Megan finances all of her projects Judy announced Megan, she entered and every penny goes into charity from stage right focused with deterwork. One of her favorite ways to mination, confident, secure, and more raise money is by selling cider in her importantly, she had a message for front yard during the cold winter days all to see and hear. As she sat down in Washington State. Several years and began to play the piano; although ago, she collected over $4,000 just there was a missed note, she never from cider. She has written and illus- wavered, never flinched and finished trated several children’s books, she as the entire auditorium of Shriners sells wrist bands, and many other fund and their family members stood in raising projects, all too numerous to amazement. Then she turned and list. strutted toward our Potentate and as Most describe Megan with pro- all Shriners do as we greet the Illusfound phrases that would make any trious Sir, she had witnessed just parent proud; she’s an incredible kid, enough, though not a necessary saluenergetic, compassionate, a caring tation; Megan bowed with her arms person, an incredible soul, but ironi- stretched forward in respect of Pocally no one speaks of her as differ- tentate Sullivan. It was a sight that ent. At the age 14, she had accom- took everyone by surprise and one plished more than most do in a life- would say; “It was a Kodak moment.” time. Even with tremendous physical Then taking the microphone, she sang challenges, Megan has a profound and expressed her deeply emotional impact on thousands of lives as she heartfelt love for Shriners. continues to give so much of herself. Megan is definitely different. She Now 18, her first year at Highline has redefined the word. Different, is College in Des Moines, Washington, what we all should strive to be. Her Megan is a straight “A” student. Her presents, her compassion, and her love focus is to first obtain a Nursing De- for the less fortunate, makes us all gree as well as a degree in Social proud and better Shriners. Work; once this is accomplished she Megan, thank you!

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Patrol News By: Past Captain Graham Wilson HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! On December 8th, Howard Prevette, Jan Garmon and Graham Wilson traveled to Greenville Shrine Hospital. We delivered a bundle of material to make children’s clothes, donated by Mary Jo’s Cloth shop in Gastonia. Thanks to Howard Prevette, an Oasis Patrol veteran, we delivered a bag of toys and 116 Afghans. Howard has donated Afghans thru his Company for many years to Shrine Hospital Patients. They are a real hit with the children. We had a chance to visit with several of the patients there and their parents. What a satisfying feeling it is to see what our labor goes for as Shriners. All items were donated in the name of Oasis Patrol. Jan had a chance to visit several of her contacts while there and we enjoyed a great lunch in the Hospital dining room. There was a group of Union County Shriners and wives from Monroe there touring the hospital the same day we were there. The Panthers Home games were completed, with a win, on December 19th. Thanks to Lt. Jason Damiano and his crew for the fund raising at each Panther home game. Thousands of dollars were collected for Shrine Hospitals. Thanks to WFNZ for letting us use their broadcast area for this worthy cause. By the time you read this, Unit appreciation night as well as Potentate’s installation will have been completed. The Patrol looks forward to 2011 and pledges it’s 100% support to our Temple. Captain Tim Daniels will lead us again as he did in 2010 and we look forward to an exciting year. January 29th will be Club/Unit orientation at Oasis headquarters. Patrol officers will attend and the years schedule and projects will be addressed. February 5th will be the Potentate’s valentine Ball at Oasis Headquarters. The Potentate’s Home town parade was December 12th in Waxhaw, N.C. The Patrol Color Guard led the parade and many of the Oasis Units paraded. A big crowd turned out to watch the parade.

We lost another great Patrolman. Patrol veteran Buddy Turbyfill passed away on January 2nd. Buddy had served in the Patrol for 49 years. He was a dedicated member of the Patrol and he and Grace attended most Patrol functions until their health no longer permitted. He will be missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts are with Grace and her family during this most difficult time. As we celebrate the new Year, let’s all give thanks for our many blessings. We have much to be thankful for. Keep all our members who are experiencing difficult times in your prayers. We wish you Health & Happiness in 2011.

All Star Games Has New Chairman… Oasis All Star Games has new leadership as Illustrious Sir John Sullivan just appointed P.P. Mike Downs as General Chairman. “I am excited about becoming the General Chairman of the Oasis Shrine All Star Classic. The game and its associated activities have proven to be very successful in promoting Oasis Shriners and Shriner’s Hospitals for Children in very positive manner.” “A solid foundation is already in place thanks to the hard work of several of our members. It is a good time to create an even stronger team to take the event to the next level.” “The players, coaches, and parents are very excited about participating in the ballgame. We need to work on opportunities to get Oasis Shriners and the general public more involved and excited as well.”

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Snails; small and repulsive as they may be…they know you need to pry yourself from the couch and make plans to take Friday Off and be part

of a historic day when Five Temples come together for an incredible Ceremonial. That is the message for the Five

Temple Ceremonial being held in Myrtle Beach. May 13, 14 & 15 will be a Wild One! Five Temples’ members, all from North and South Carolina, all converging on the Grand Strand to bring new members, party, dance, eat... Oh, and did I mention Party? The Sheraton adjacent to the Convention Center is the HQ hotel for all five Temples (Oasis, Amran, Jamil, Omar & Hejaz) and the overflow crowd from Oasis will have ocean front rooms available at the Breakers. Our hospitality will begin Thursday night. Friday morning (yes Friday) we’ll begin with the First Section. Omar, being host temple, will bring their Ritualistic Cast for all candidates. Note: You will have to shell out $5.00 each for official Oasis badges. We know most of Oasis’ members, but we do not know the other Temples’ people, nor do they know ours. So to prevent party crashers, you are required to wear your badge for access into the dance (Friday & Saturday

nights), participate in the parade, the hospitality room (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), and the Ceremonial First and Second Sections. The Parade is Friday evening beginning around 6:30. The Ladies will have a breakfast in the Sheraton. Our Class Honorees and Class photos will be taken on the top floor of the Breakers, where our Hospitality room will be located. So, shortly after lunch, we are through with everything except the Saturday night dance. You have the rest of the weekend to do whatever you like without missing any Shrine activities. Info on hotels; Sheraton 1-888-627-8203 Mention Oasis Shriners 2 nights minimum The Breakers 1-800-390-4433 Mention Oasis Shriners 2 nights minimum To order your badges call Ginny at Oasis Shrine Center 704-549-9600 Ext. 221

News from the Ragtops By: John Eichler The Ragtop Unit held their Christmas Party on December 5, 2010 at the Texas Land and Cattle Restaurant. There were 26 in attendance. The food was delicious as you could tell by the number of empty plates. The room was decorated with Christmas Cheer and the fireplace lit to make it so delightful. We were happy to see Captain Gordon Ellis and his Lady Barbara in attendance since Gordon has been under the weather. We welcomed our

newest member Brian Heinz and his Lady Lisa along with Will King and his guest. Also, we were happy to have Illustrious Sir Wayne King and his Lay Kay with us. Our prayers go out to Past Potentate Rolla Rogers and Lady Mary as his brother is very ill. Also to James Flowe as his wife, Frances, is in a nursing home. Please keep these Nobles in your thoughts and prayers. So until next time-“Keep your top down-on your car-that is.”

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Let’s Talk Dirty! We’ve all seen high profile people like George Bush, Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, and even our Potentate chatting away on their cell phones. And let’s not forget that secret agent, Maxwell Smart who used his shoe as a phone. Believe it or not, his shoe phone is probably cleaner that your cell phone. A recent study aired on Good Morning America, an ABC network show, revealed that when people in New York City were asked which they thought was dirtier—the sole of your shoe, a toilet seat, or a cell phone—the overwhelming answer was the toilet seat. But they were all wrong—your cell phone is much filthier! It appears our cell phones are literally a Petri dish for tens of thousands of germ. Why? Germs love warm places. Between the germs on our face and hands, combined with the heat generated by our phones, well you’ve got a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Microbiologist Chuck Gerba said, “The reason is simple, you put it in a warm place, you hold it in your hand, you put it in your pocket like I do, all nice and warm.” Bacteria love that. It’s hard to believe, but there are more bacteria on our cell phones than on a toilet seat. However, you won’t catch me washing my hands in a toilet. Germs that pass from your phone, to your hand, and vice-versa to the food we eat. Bacteria that keep us sick and the medical industry in business are; Flu, Staph, MRSA ones especially common among teenagers’ phone, but don’t think for one minute, you’re exempt. Out of the 25 mobile phones tested nearly half had the Staph bug growing. If you’re worried about germs and you should be, Motorola has come up with a clever tactic—some of its phones have an anti-microbial coating which prevents bacteria from growing. In the meantime, keep your phone to yourself, clean it frequently with antibacterial wipes, and if you must use someone’s phone, just remember my phone is broken.

By: Terry Cox COLFAX, N.C. — More than 100 people, including Potentate Elect Noble John Sullivan and Lady Judy, were in attendance at the 34th Annual Cox New Year’s Day Pig Pickin’. There is a great deal to be said about enjoying delicious chopped barbecue, pinto beans, slaw, corn bread, and many other goodies while in the company of so many friends. Noble Terry Cox and Lady Janice have, for the past several years, made a no-pressure request of the guests that they make a donation to the Shriners Children’s Hospitals. The generosity of the guests has been tremendous, and thousands dollars have been collected, turned over to the Oasis Scooter Patrol for donation to

the Hospital fund. In addition, several new Masons and Shriners have evolved from this event after seeing the camaraderie of the Brothers in attendance. Noble John spoke briefly about the Hospitals, and afterward, a little 7 year old girl, who happened to be standing near Noble John, approached Lady Janice and told her that she did not have much money, but wanted to give what she had to the “children”. She dug deep into her pocket and pulled out a penny, and proudly dropped it into the collection jar. The amount may appear insignificant, but; “To whom much is given, much is required, Luke 12:48.” Though she gave little in our eyes, the gesture was Huge!

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Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of North Carolina, M. W. Grand Master Lewis R. Ledford and his wife were on hand to celebrate the installation of Illustrious Sir John Sullivan. M.W. Grand Master Lewis was presented a special Grand Master Fez and spoke of what an honor it was to celebrate with the Oasis Nobility, family and friends.

$141,500.00 raised for Shriners Hospitals for Children Charity Golf Classic results announced Fund raising results were announced in December for the NFL Alumni/ Shriners Charity Golf Classic which was played in June at Verdict Ridge Country Club in Denver, N.C. Results were announced at the regular meeting of the Lake Norman Shrine Club by President Ben Goins. The Golf Classic is held each year for the benefit of the children at Shriners Hospitals. Results were as follows: $5,000 was credited to the Oasis Ragtops;

$5,000 to the Oasis Golf Club; $15,000 to the Gaston County Shrine Club; $40,000 to the Ashe County Shrine Club and $76,000 to the Lake Norman Shrine Club for a grand total of $141,500 for Shriners Hospitals for Children. Heading the annual event were Imperial Sir Al Madsen of Cornelius, Shriners coordinator, and the late Bill Herr of Denver, golf chairman. Both are members of the Lake Norman Shrine Club.

Potentate for 2002 Illustrious Sir Winfield Beroth flew in from Texas to perform the Installation of Potentate Elect and now Illustrious Sir John Sullivan.

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By Lady Judy Valentine Was early January a blast for the Oasis Camping Club, or what?!?! With one of our very own ascending to the sublime position of 2011 Oasis Potentate, we were ecstatic!! Illustrious Sir John Sullivan, 2011 Potentate, was a cofounder of the OCC and has been with us “every step of the way”. His support and dedication to our club has helped to make us the outstanding club that we have grown to be!! We were definitely there in force on January 8, 2011, to give back some of the support and dedication to him and Lady Judy. Their year is going to be fantastic and the OCC is going to help make it so!! Then, just a few days later, on January 12, 2011, the Illustrious Sir honored us by installing our 2011 officers, his first official act as Potentate 2011. Both he and Lady Judy joined us for the delightful evening at Riverview Inn for a delicious buffet meal. Officers installed that evening are as follows: Noble Ron Valentine, President, of Statesville, NC; Noble Don Lee, 1st Vice-President, of Kings Mountain, NC; Noble Mike Smalley, 2nd Vice-President, of Shelby, NC; Noble John Schwab, Secretary, of Waxhaw, NC; and, Noble Dwight (Buzz) Benson, Treasurer, of Indian Land, SC. With this slate of officers and the enthusiasm they all exhibit for the club, our 2011 will be exciting!! President Noble Valentine expressed his pleasure with the great turn-out of OCC members for the Potentate’s installation and for the evening at Riverview Inn. Thanks were expressed to Noble Bob Harwell, 2010 OCC President, and his Lady Sandy for an outstanding year. The OCC prospered and grew under Noble Harwell’s lead-

ership, not to mention the fun we had!! President Noble Valentine continued by giving a detailed overview of his plans for the club for 2011. A listing of the camp-outs we plan to enjoy this year follows: April 7-9, 2011 – Bald Head Mountain Camping Resort, Hiawassee, GA May 13-14, 2011 – Ocean Lakes Campground, Myrtle Beach, SC, to coincide with the Five Temple Ceremonial being held at Myrtle Beach, SC SUMMER BREAK!!! September 22-24, 2011 – Riverside Campground and RV Resort, Sevierville, TN, to coincide with SASA being held in Pigeon Forge, TN. October 20-22, 2011 – Mayberry Campground, Mt. Airy, NC, Potentate’s Appreciation Camp-Out. This will be our annual business session and election of officers for 2012. November 3-5, 2011 – Fall Ceremonial, Hickory, NC. Facilities TBA later. December 8-11, 2011 – Campground at James Island County Park, Charleston, SC. Christmas Festival of Lights (Guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit!!) For 2011, President Noble Valentine announced that ice and cream will be the “by-words” for the OCC because he plans to have at least one or more ice cream social(s) at each and every campout! We invite all camping club members and any other Shriner’s who enjoy camping to join us for the good times we are sure to have in 2011!! To quote President Noble Valentine, “It will be a hoot!” Contact President Noble Valentine at 704528-6206 or at if you have questions concerning any of the camp-outs or if you need more information about joining the OCC.




Robert J. Reynolds

Marion, NC




Billy R. Rowe

Statesville, NC




Thomas W. Johnson

Southern Pines, NC




Harley E. Bean

Pinehurst, NC




M. Wayne Hooks

Matthews, NC




James L. Sealy

Summerville, SC




Claude B. Barbre, Jr.

Charlotte, NC




Barry K. Cowan

Belmont, NC




Bert A. Guthrie A.

Blowing Rock, NC




Jerry W. Wyrick

Greensboro, NC




Norman R. Ramsey

Bessemer City, NC




Joe L. Crowell, Jr.

Indian Trail, NC




Zebulon Morris, Jr.

Charlotte, NC




Stacy A. Byrd

Charlotte, NC




Marvin L. Richardson

Greensboro, NC



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NEWS FROM THE CABIRI By: John Elder, PP The Oasis Cabiri (Past Potentates club) had its first meeting for 2011 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Charlotte on January 7th. This first meeting each year is when we roast and vote to bring the outgoing Potentate into our group. This year, after a rather long roasting and a lot of laughs, we gladly brought Ill. Sir Noble Wayne King into our International organization. The assigned “pack” that led the abuse consisted of Illustrious Sirs: Noble Doug Mayes (1976), Noble Paul Whitfield (1992), Noble Bob Burroughs (2001) and Noble Gary Taylor (2007). They did a wonderful job of stretching very true stories and making them hilarious for the rest of us. Others in attendance were Ill. Sirs: Noble Harry Bryant (1965), Noble George

McDonald (1981), Noble Gene Morrison (1986), Noble Asa Roper (1990), Noble Tom Price (1994), Noble John Stanley (1997), Noble Bill Harward (1998), Noble Doyle Simmons (1999), Noble Al Madsen (2000), Noble Rolla Rogers (2005) and Noble John Elder (2008). We did have a good time, as we always do when we get together. We discussed having a lunch or dinner with our ladies this spring. If it works well, we’ll have another in a different district of Oasis by late summer. I’ve been in contact with our Associate Past Potentates. They’re anxious to meet and greet with us any time. From your Oasis Cabiri, we hope each of you have a healthy and prosperous 2011.

M.W. Grand Master honored… As we were first Masons, then Shriners, sometimes our roots in Masonry need to be renewed. On Saturday, April 16 the #1 Mason in North Carolina will be honored by Oasis Shriners at the Winston-Salem Shrine Club on Hampton Road in Clemmons. On hand for the festivities, beginning at 10:00am, will be Oasis Potentate Illustrious Sir John Sullivan, the Board of Directors (AKA Divan) and parade units plus club members. We are inviting Blue Lodge Masons and (especially) their non-Mason friends to join us. MW Grand Master Lewis Ledford will be on hand to meet, greet and discuss our Fraternities. BBQ by Noble Kevin Bodenheimer will be served. There is no charge to attend. Come and join us for friendly conversation and the opportunity to spend time with our Grand Master.

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Noble Tommy Helms of the Drum & Bugle Corps demonstrates the proper and highly preferred method of applying Cheese to a bowl of Nacho Chips while working the tent during the last Oasis All Star Shrine Classic game. On Thursday, January 13th Noble Tommy was installed as Captain. Tommy’s motto for his year is; “It’s A Family Thing.” Visit this unit just one time and you’ll understand why!

December 17, 2010 • High Point Shrine Club 2011 Installation of Officers

From left to right: John Eller (installing Officer); Bill Robinson; Carl Adams; Mike Megimose; Jack Ellis; Ed Hurley; Wayne Hurley; David Tocheny; Ed Robertson and Mike Wilson.

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