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noun, something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.

Greetings, Oasis Creative Studios, Media consists of; poets, visualists, sound engineers, managers, coordinators, and artists. The motive of this group is to provide modern, mind captivating cultural experiences exhibited to the world by emotional and intellectual enlightenment which touches souls and moves spirits. With that said; their inspirations shall inspire, their life experiences shall guide and teach, the arts they exhibit shall captivate their audience as if from another dimension where beings exist only as intellectual, spiritual, and emotional entities. Art of The Mind is their medium. This varies from digital content to tangible and intangible products branded with this name. These, including the group name should never be used, reproduced, modified nor extracted without the explicit permission of the respective creators and the group itself. “Creative native, Art of the Mind: Initiative. Relative to the concepts and theories spewed from my cerebrum, Open your eyes young writers and fight for your Freedom!!!� ... ~Christopher Lee Murray~ 20.09.2012

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07 JIK: Jamnesia


INDEX 2013 VOL. 1

08 JIK: Bob Marley Earth Strong


JIK:Earth Hour, Acoustic

10 JIK: Live From The Capital an excerpt from Jade Leatham’s upcoming Noelle: Book 1


Featured Poet

Stanley Sutherland


8 poems, and an interview

Leebie’s Henna


Amey Adchule

indian producer, director, visual effects supervisor, photographer, guitarist QUARTERLY POETRY II


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2013 1ST QUARTER 6 | Art of 1. Events Of the TheMind Mind2013 2013Vol Vol1.




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Robert Nesta Marley 2013 CELEBRATIONS

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Affair 10 | Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1.

It’s Live From The Capital... City! “It’s all about ‘Live From The Capital’! Protoje’s first and probably only presentation of his sophmore Album, ‘The 8 Year Affair’” -Yaadcore The event kicked off with Yaadcore mixing a variety of reggae, from the classic old school songs which set the pace for authentic reggae, to the more recent hits from the likes of Sizzla, i-Wayne, Jr. Gong. Jah Cure, Kabaka Pyramid, and Chronixx. In.Digg.Nation entered the stage with beautiful reggae dub intro, welcoming the Anubis girls and then Dutty BookMan introduced the star of the night, Oje “Protoje” Oliviere. It was a legendary night, with surprise performances from Toi, Tessanne Chin, and Chris Watts. The crowd was was surely satisfied. Protoje controlled the stage with his lively performance, all over the stage dancing. This was definate evidence that Reggae Music is NOT dead.

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What is Earth Hour? Earth Hour is the single, largest, symbolic mass participation event in the world. Born out of a hope that we could mobilize people to take action on climate change, Earth Hour now inspires a global community of millions of people in 7,001 cities and towns across 152 countries and territories to switch lights off for an hour as a massive show of concern for the environment.

Now that you know what it is, As a part of Jamaica’s participation in Earth Hour efforts in association with Jamaica Cultural Development Commission hosted a FREE acoustic concert last Saturday Night at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, March 23rd, 2013. The show was MC’ed by Stephen Newland(Of Rootz Underground) and the lovely Terri Karelle. The event featured an array of artiste starting with Kim Nain with other members of the Gorgon family Group ,Kelissa, Keznamdi, Conkarah, BlackasCole, Pentateuch, SkyGrass, Keida, Jesse Royal, Rootz Underground, Jah9 and Protoje & Kabaka Pyramid.

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Earth Hour 2013 Acoustic Concert

BluKid during lantern lighting

Nicholas “Conkarah� Murray performing

Protoje enjoying the crowd while he performs

Jesse Royal delivering one of the most vibrant performances ever

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supports Earth Hour

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Scream the frequency with the magnitude to break it through, take it through and make it through that frame which entraps you. It bounders you, entangles you and shackles in you the intricate limitless innate mystic that awaits to embody you Let that mystic flow from the depths of the inside like a smoke that surrounds you Let it crystalize, materialize, maximize- even origalize. Let them realize, recognize, you moved beyond what they will criticize. Dance with the moves and the waves to persuade the ways of the ones who do not think you belong Let your rhythm mesmerize, hypnotize, capture their eyes and elevate the level that will conquer their lives and de-vize even the wise. Let your rhythm seek to improve a world that they used to rulethought up eclectic disorder, German subtitles and borders. Step with the tremors of sorrows and all the painful tomorrows. Let your tears wash away threats like the tsunamis that follow. All ancestors who gave and sacrifices they made only so you can exude their strength and have the power to save. When you’re down on the last coin of encouragement and life pulses that loud silent whisper that roars that you’re undone Let it quake, awake and break that glass for fear will run Amanda Davis 30.09.2012

18 | Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1.

Like the sounds that emit from deep within the jungles of Africa, Across the desert, the congo and bingie drums rock the roots of the soul. A blaze of rhythm in the form of vibrations through the night, You see, music tells a story of life which will never grow old. Everything we do is in harmony, one with nature, naturally. Our spirits long to bond to the symphony of our very voices, A cry for true, irie vibrations. Our souls seek each other, actually, Our souls are one with nature and deviants will face consequences of their choices. From the existence of the possibility to exist, spirits roamed the universe. Divine and true, believing in Love and Good Will. From thus, Life was created, With a covenant to be in harmony with every intricate sub entity first. That was preference and priority and adhering to this made the creator spirits elated. There is no debating that we all hold purpose to harmonize naturally like a rhythm. It is evident that our souls have an uncontrollable voice, to be listened to, which lives within. You must find the instrument you are, your tempo, the emotion you move to. And join Earth to make music, harmonizing with us, then We All Shall Salute You. Christopher Lee Murray 27.08.2012

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I’ll Be Your Phantom Lover It hurts so much sometimes to love, Though loved, now lost, still here thinking of, You. How close I came to you, How much it seemed to be true. But it wasn’t you... Why didn’t you come along and tell me? And save me from her, she ripped my heart through my belly. Yet still I feel you here. Yet still I know you’re near. Yet still I think of all the possibilities of memories we could share. Time after time I’ve reached out to hold you here in my arms, To console you and be entirely swept away by your charm. As I think I’ve got you and begin to tighten my grip, Nothing but a wisp of air appears and again I’m left like this. You keep playing hide and seek. I’m constantly eluded and reaching, For the love you’ve got for me. I end up in Lonely’s choir while preaching. When shall I find you, so we can go home to my mother? Why must it be so distant, tell me oh phantom lover? I’ve got an idea, that I’ll implement now n even after tomorrow, I’ll be your phantom too, Baby I’ll be your Zoro. You always come in my dreams to replace my broken heart, With the magic of your existence. You do this like its art. So my ballerina, I’ll be your prince, your phantom danseur. When your heart cries, I’ll be there to answer, In your dreams is a place I’ll make my home. A wisp of wind will feel like my fingers through your hair like a comb.

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In the nights while you sleep, you’ll feel my arms around you like your sheet. You’ll know I love you when I speak. When I’m around you, you’ll feel my heat. I’ll be the one you now seek, the kiss upon your cheek, The one you will think about seven days of every week. I’ll challenge your high score in this crazy game of masochism, This estranged yet affectionate form of romanticism. Cause if in the end, winner takes all and its “winwin” for one another, Then sweetheart, I will be your phantom lover. Christopher Lee Murray 01.08.2012 Inspired by A. D.

Angel Eyes They open mine full of surprise The Brightest light that shines from her fire deep inside It’s not tainted by sin oh dear it draws me in Her eyes set fire to my soul within It brings me inner peace It keeps me on my feet Gotta stay on my grind just to keep those eyes on me My heart flies My impatience dies I just want to keep staring at those Angel Eyes Tarek X.M. Williams 21.01.2013

Undecided Stuck between reality and what I want to be, No one seem to know how to get me there. I try and I fail, and i still try again. And after years of trying, I’m yet to find the trick. Love, loving loved; yet there is pain and agony Endless nights and unbearable days. My heart seems to be dying out but my mind says try again. pause, thinking... The one I loved, doesn’t want me. The one who loves me, I cannot bear And the one I love has ostracized me from his thoughts. Yet strange, for he “hopes that his dreams never loses the hope of being his reality”. Hahaha! Our dreams are the same, But reality unfortunately different. I ponder at times, ‘if he had said this, done that, meant this’, then how happy we would be. Thinking... “ I will now give up, for it seems as if I were born never to have love but to share it. If so be my sole purpose; to educate about something I’ll never have, Then so be it. Who am I to defile the natural purpose of my life, A mere man, and even that I still question. Paused. Sighed.. This could just be a mere infatuation of my mind, Which never epitomize the traits of sanity. But this seemingly insane cranium thinks logic beyond compare: ‘Why after so many years, you so awkwardly appear. For a GREAT purpose I presume.’ But what, I am yet to figure out.”....

Love Me!...?

Sometimes I get emotional When I’m listening to music…like Adele I‘m hurting! Why can’t you tell???? I search your eyes for love But I don’t see it You said I love you…Could you repeat it? So maybe I could believe it… This plastic smile can’t last any longer There are tears welling up in my eyes Maybe I need to hear the lies I’m not getting any stronger! So don’t look away Don’t you dare look away… Please? Look at me! I know I’m pathetic But our love…I don’t regret it So I need to know, do you? Do you feel what I feel ? Don’t lie! Just break my heart before the old wounds heal Tara Manderson 01.11.2012

Latoya Smith 07.01.2012

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jade LEATHAM young dominican





I furrowed my brow as I heard my aunt’s parting message again. It sounded a lot like the message I got from my aunt’s sister Angeline. Hmm. Innocent enough words, but for some reason it didn’t convey the lightheartedness of the words. The way my aunts told me to call them if I ever needed to talk was as if they expected me to need to talk. Maybe I was being paranoid. I stepped outside and sniffed the air. Mmm. Today was going to be just how I liked it; sunny in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon and rainy all night. I reveled in the warmth of the sun on my skin, the rays making my nerves tingle and vibrate. I felt so… alive. I closed my eyes and smiled. Yup, today was going to be a good day. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Yonkers staring at me curiously as he collected his paper. I waved to him and he raised a hand in acknowledgement and hurried back inside. Poor man, always thought I was strange. 24 | Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1.

I went inside and closed the door behind me to see blushing and giggling in Carmen’s lap as they both looked up. Kim trying to right herself but Carmen held her firmly in his lap. I walked towards the stairs, expressionless, intending to fully ignore them both. I got to the foot of the stairs when Carmen’s voice stopped me. “Hey Ellie,” he called to me by his pet name for me. “I, uh, suppose you and Kim had a talk last night.” “yup,” I answered flatly, not bothering to turn around. “And she told you about her and me?” he asked. “Mmhmm,” I replied, same flat tone. “And you’re okay with it?” I paused then replied, “I don’t think it really matters.” And with that I bounded up the stairs to my room. I felt my white shorts vibrate as soon as I entered my room. I reached in my back pocket to see Auntie N on my caller ID. I clicked the answer button. “Really Auntie its been like minutes!” I laughed into the phone. I heard wind in the background , no doubt they were on the freeway and then my aunt’s voice came in, “Alejandro, I think she should know as soon as possible. “ “Hello?” I said, but I got no reply. I figured she butt-dialed me. I was about to hang up when I heard name. “Noelle has been through enough, mi amor. Let her enjoy as much of a normal as she get. Once she finds out, whatever she decides, her world will change forever. And who knows how she may react. Just let her be happy and leave her be for now.” What was Tio Alejandro talking about? “She is not as fragile as you think, you know,” I heard my grandmother’s voice. “Che-y fo,” she said in our native tongue, “her heart is strong,” she translated for my uncle. “Se vwe , mama, its true,” my aunt concurred. “I can remember when mama first told me. I wasn’t scared. I was a bit overwhelmed at first but I didn’t fall apart. And neither will she.” “Ah, that’s where you’re wrong, mi amor,” my uncle disagreed, ”you grew up knowing your heritage, knowing what you are and what you would become. Noelle has no clue of what she carries.” “I used to tell her stories as a child,” my granny interjected. “Stories no doubt she regarded as fairytales,’ my uncle refuted. “Noel tried to keep her untouched by what she is until she was old enough to choose who she wanted to be. He entrusted us with her. So I think we should honor him and do the same,” my uncle ended firmly. My grandmother spoke next. “She turned twenty one this June, my son, she has reached the age.” “There’s no more time babe,” my aunt said to her husband quietly. I heard my uncle sigh heavily. “is she showing any signs?” he asked, defeatedly. “She’s stronger, her muscle tone has definitely changed. She moves better.“ my aunt replied . “But other than that no other visible signs. “ “Good, “my uncle said. “Then we let her be until we have no other choice.” “But—“ “I say we let her be Nanette!” my uncle bellowed. “I think you’re making a mistake, Alejandro,” my aunt said tightly. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… My head was spinning. I was struggling to make sense of what I had just heard. I hung up the phone, zombie-like, sat on my bed in a daze, staring dumbly at the phone. What in the world was going on? What was my family hiding from me? What age had I come of? Was I dying? I gasped. Did I have some hereditary disease that presented when I turned 21? Are those the signs they were looking for? Suddenly the weirdness at dinner last night made sense. The close looks, the scrutinizing stares. They were inspecting me! That’s why my aunt wanted me to sleep at her house before I went home. The betrayal I felt was palpable. I needed to get out of this house; this house of lies. AN EXCERPT FROM JADE LEATHAM’S NOELLE: BOOK1

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This quarter’s featured poet is:

Stanley “StanPapi”Sutherland

28 | Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1.

The Struggle Came from a far place my mind was straight Can you relate to the faith and the power it takes to be bussing up Out through the gate What will I make trying to be great I’m giving my all Fighting through these bitches pacing n stressing just to stand tall And fuck the world I have it all No more people pleasing snatching for dreams till my heart stops

Now I’m finally breathing But I’m wrong fo holding unto this wishful image Thinking life’s gonna progress just like a perfect picture Living in hell will I prevail Fuck I’m barely eating, can’t pay the rent and I’m studying save me my brain is seizing Until I lay to sleep I beg fo better way of breathing stuck in this life borned as a cursed semen Running past time I couldn’t find what I thought was mine Still I try to make the hard and far all go comply Caught confused of what I choosed I got so much to loose Feeling deceased I wasn’t pleased what I did to me But still I cannot see! How after all these years the struggle I bear Guzzle down the pain swallow it all Now I’m drinking fear Stanley Sutherland 23.11.2012

Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1. | 29

Speaking Is there a message you have for the world? There are some motivational quotes that are quite controversial.

with STAN

To The world: Stop looking to point fingers at others to blame and point the finger at yourself. You’re the man/woman of your life. If you claim to walk alone and are responsible for your own life then why are you shouting and blaming the government and their system. Did you sue the opportunity given as a youth, your education? That was the key to unlock your mind and make yourself grow which would lead to your country’s growth. We are all strong people. As for Jamaica, speaking of strong we survive hurricanes and always regenerate after all the damage. We don’t need to depend on any country for food; we have the best natural strong food and the best unlimited source of water. Let’s make things better by studying our country’s full potential. What do other countries have implemented in their system that we don’t have but could greatly profit from. Let’s also make tomorrow a better day by starting today with the upcoming generation, if we want to make a profound difference on our system. I don’t think the majority of the world fully understands the mental capacity of the mind. How it can be trained to learn, and with a bit of omniscience, know many different aspects of life, whether fluently knowing over 5 different languages, expertly knowing 3/4 different careers (a distinct portion of life)...what is the limit of human intelligence? For sure it takes time and dedication. In a job they say time is money, as a student I say time is knowledge, an opportunity that lasts up until you graduate. How much time it takes to learn as much as you can possibly learn?? What exactly is, as much as you can possibly learn? What, is possible?

Why did you start to write poetry, when you start and what’s keeps you going? The first poem I wrote was unexpected, I never wrote a poem before in my life yet when it happened and I read it I was shocked at how profound it was. It was rainy day and a bad period already because I didn’t even have a place to live I was freeloading off a friend. I had to go the police station all the way across the city to try and get my permit of stay. I had no umbrella and I was forced to sacrifice class to make the appointment. Only one stoplight from the station a car splashed me with the darkest dirt garbage cigarette infested puddle from shoe to belt. Later got inside the station, old dirt stained walls and low wooden log benches looked like they were made from slavery days. I couldn’t sit normally because the backside of my jeans were soaked and if I bent my knew it would touch my skin, so I sat there with my leg straight out, stink, in a police station, trying to get their approval. My mind was racing and my intuition told me to channel this energy somewhere, without thinking I took out my nokia flashlight, started texting my first poem “Keeping A Composure” and everything flowed off the top I didn’t hesitate with any word and when finished I saved it to drafts. 30 | Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1.

What’s your plan after you graduate and become an Architect? Will you still write your poetry, make them into songs? My idea through architecture is to build schools, more schools, educational centers, art schools, marine schools, science labs for plant research etc etc to build a level of competence and intelligence in the Jamaican community first then worldwide. The world is already in a bad state, jobs are hard to find, and this generation is focusing on swag, looking good for the internet with tumblr, girls twerking, lots of bullshit..this generation is going nowhere! Sometimes I blame technology, instead of pushing people to derive new ideas and unbelievable creations people are too relaxed and not doing anything. It’s made everything too easy for them and maybe technology is not to blame but people themselves need a better mind set, which should be taught from an early age. We read from an online source that you started university in Italy at 16 then got sent home after one semester. You then spent a year in Jamaica, reapplied and passed the entrance exam a 2nd time. How do you feel about that? Knowing you got left 2yrs behind the people you were once classmates with? It’s like God pushed me two steps backwards to test me because he saw something in me. He saw my potential going a direction but a better direction was being left behind. The first time I got accepted it was a dream come true, got the scholarship, free residence, I travelled Europe a bit, would’ve just became an architect and live my own happy life. Instead, he made that situation happen and made me do an extra year in Jamaica and retake the entrance exam. Only this time I didn’t get the scholarship, so maybe i’ll learn things the hard way, the true value of everything, what it means to struggle, to come from nothing, still have nothing while you’re trying to make it then have everything. To share this message and make the younger generation more conscious. No-one else is going to talk about this educational struggle I talk about, the points that mend this story together are too strong. No-one goes to university and looks back to make songs for the less fortunate unless they came from there. Not everyone has the skill of writing songs, who has the heart to write for the less fortunate, who got kicked out, reapplied and passed an entrance exam twice? And realised what it feels like to lose everything? Not everyone can do what I’m trying to do, you have to be satisfied with where you are in life, accomplished your own goals to feel ready and prepared to lead. Greatness can be measured by how fast a man climbs back up the mountain he was knocked off. You seem multi talented, you do gymnastics, karate, basketball, write poetry, studying architecture, teach dancing and made you settle down and decide an educational career path? Most people go with the flow. Some people do sports in high school and go with that flow. Some people are nerds and go with that flow. Some people are privileged with rich families and they go with that flow. I had too many flows going on at the same time. Which is what has me constantly thinking from an early age. Because I don’t want to drop one flow to improve another. From day one I’ve been making my own decisions planning my life. I told my parents at 4 that I wanted to start karate and they should send me to a school, I remember it like it was yesterday. I choose to start track and field, I choose to join the my prep school football team then later start basketball alone instead. Now I regret stopping football since I’m in Europe!! Haha anyways and I decided to come to Italy. It’s really draining me out but is teaching me a lot, now I’m deciding to move up and improve and take this to the next level, high grades, best shape body, speak fluent italian, lots of accomplishments and a secure future.Amen

Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1. | 31

All Roots Grow Deeper When Dry by Stanley Sutherland

Lethally injected thoughts laced of mind infect the hands of time When I rhyme polished lines to cut deep So steep Inside you’ll find your darkest and most passionate feelings It’s strong your mine Almost a crime but never wrong upon this time to carry on Sacrifice is to pay the price Commitment seperates do-ers from dreamers That’s why I grab the mic And If I die tonight Place me a prophet publicised Play my pieces to all the people and let it touch em See through my eyes visualized But don’t cry This is the struggle life Equipped with obstacles so stay focused and everythings gonna be alright Pick up improve and presume Hard work rewards are due Remain true 32 | Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1.

Your enemy’s you if the risk to fall lingers on the tips of your fingers Don’t let the fear for failure first fufill your foundation Just Look at me Over on the other side of the planet far from home alone stepping on these cold streets Walking with a heart full of hope feeling bleak Bleeding but seeking reading books and writing lyrics in my bed Today’s situation gave incentive to clear my head Never enough said Poetry pages fed Written down alone a piece of me its like a clone Some lonley time on my own now it’s time to grow Dry roots dig deep when I dream to escape the present incomplete In my own way gotta make mama proud this year But how it appears Never compare Every problem introduces you to yourself it shows Just push yourself beyond your comfort zone And make it a regular practice The costs of comfortable inaction weighs more than a fraction Never hesitiate to initiate but recognize when problems arise Your desire determines destiny The greater the stronger the fire Stanely Sutherland 08.01.2013

Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1. | 33


Dreams Repetitive days glued of gloom Walking ghosts reappear Post positions reassumed to soon Vision’s blurred Which way to choose confused Lost in transition Lonely moods true to presume Familiar pictures past as floating already knew that they’re phony Until I looked and saw my future subconsciously figured I showed me Such imagination too holy closest and crazy is it for me Foreshadowing in the end it all flows Future flashing coast to coast mindsipping a deadly dose Im seeing before I even stepped too close Stripping every puppet trapping me believing im enclosed I suppose seeing these periodic precognitive dreams Seems scattered memories of my future that bleeds for means Still the enemy’s sleep So I creep on my feet defeat the dream to reap While our only contact to this earth are the streets Stepping in puddles seeing rippled images of my presently whole Take a deep breath I release my soul Step back into zone did you know Life passes with every second spent Enigmatic feelings felt a conscience melt Read to breed but awaken the dead Enough said Stanley Sutherland


Sleep Star gazing in a steady motion Drunken thoughts obliged to glide Time flys another adoring spiritual abortion Out of proportion this broken soul is free and has the chance to flow Maybe I know why in the night the wind is chilling cold Could be the feeling of froze hope piercing through my coat Stripping my dreams lifting them afloat Leaving a hole no title as I continue to coast as ghost Overthinking about the most Why this struggle’s progress such a heavily downing dose Troubles scribbled ink dibbled in the dark with doom Too soon sophisticate can’t remain calm in my sleep Sought my pen to free clustered thoughts that haunt my heartbeat It’s hard to believe steady falling life’s dim like a fish without fins Fighting only with my vision having vivified sights Pixels proceeding providing epiphanic heights Feeding my preliminary potential proving the impossbile possible Perceptions impulsed in ink finding my way in this life of sin Is why my rhymes are fishing lines in the depths of darkness Finding a cause for the lost that fought for sought through hardness Hoping for the future that my songs be bought for the sounds the truth Spitting the real Stanpapi proves the best to choose To lead telling exactly how I feel without conceal or veil Only the real Stanley Sutherland

34 | Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1.

Immeasureable Minds Paranoid transfixed on my future and past Staring through my present Reflecting off the glass puzzeled as time passes Vernacular thoughts gasping Pictoral hints blasting as im asking These voices in my head when will they last Stagnant without these wondering words that feed my cerebral That started at only 16 got a sign from God told me to leave Go chase my dreams by any means Call me crazy stupendous or insane Because every challenge given I gave my heart in vain holding the blame Self realization came with faith I debate Was it fate for life to wait until im on my own Broken bones and stomach holes trapped in this stitched bodily flow I breathe to free my soul I freeze to hold the moment I please that heaven’s for me Daydreams stressing is holding me Maybe it’s just a sign An intricate incline to climb Although you’ll find We all have immeasureable minds Close your eyes when your stranded beyond time You’ll find, a certain darkness is needed for stars to shine I found mine when starving became a everyday thang In life’s game can’t panick to play cards played to loose is of the lesser Your in the presence of a God sent messenger Only truth glowing flowing through my blood pressure Flooding inspiring the flame the pain inspired rhymes that burn For a better perspective to gain yet to obtain Mysteriously insane inserted in my mind every song is a sight Given in my sleep sweating the sheets Fighting the pain with all my might when will it cease Too late Stanpapi deceased Stanley Sutherland


Dimension The only thing present is life controlled by my pretention Looking for the next step to die and reborn in another dimension Free from the stress and tension of uninteresting judgement A chance to fly soar through painted skies inside and synchronize Then dive in a sea of peace the purest sensual relation Unfiltered information flowing around a friendly formation Gold skies and open minds accomplished eyes spell participation United binds that try for spiritual high immaculately mesmerized to guide Searching the sun for a hole bury my soul to this lifetime I apply A climax point of omega when I lay apexed to the sky But everything ive seen through my eyes was a disguise Approached and realized tears cry cuz it’s deep resting troubles alseep Afterthought as im lost as the waves that ride then fleet inevitable to depart then retreat Welcome to this world of complicated clouds that cover comprehension Looking for the next step to die and reborn in another dimension Stanley Sutherland

Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1. | 35

Self Confidence is Sane I’ve been fighting since my adolescence years steady climbing In life’s game follow me if you can relate to the pain One way or another The force for progression we face is all the same Fuck the shame Such feelings detained When there’s goals to claim Your soul’s your rail To grow Prevail Past any need for any exterior to explain Trained self confidence is sane Search and stretch Your horizon Strengthen efforts from being blinded Anticipated boundaries shining Hope provided For the best but plan for the worst A position to solve unexpected problems should be the first On a whole re-examine everything’s that’s ever been told Dissmiss what dosen’t exist and insults your soul Turn to stone in barrels of dust and bone Once known then I found If buried this sound it’ll make grass grow underground So profound I am the sun feeding every soul around I assume Turn the confused into great minds that bloom Whom I passionately spark the fire in the mind in you With the truth ---------------------------------------------------------Stanley Sutherland

36 | Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1.

Rise Up Spoken truth from the youth Governments wearing suits Taking loot in a pursuit Wearing ties telling lies Sitting high off your supply Worked hard and people die Circumstances circumcised In the serpent’s eyes Procrastinating people getting high Wheres the try Raise up to the sky Owed to none that’s the sign Power to the people now’s the time To find and to derive The sun shines into your hand To protect and save your land The next generation is on a stand It’s time to be a man and plan for all you can In this life make a demand For no more longer deprived of power for tomorrow ---------------------------------------------------------Stanley Sutherland

Art of the Mind 2013 Vol 1. | 37

Wring a ring o’ roses, ‘Tis the tune I now softly sing Squeezing till the nectar cries ‘Tis the thorns to which I now cling. QUARTERLY POETICAL DIGEST II

Ring a ring o’ roses A pocket full o’ posies Atishoo atishoo I fall down. Alain N’Dalla 29.01.12

Ring a ring o’ roses A pocket full o’ posies Atishoo atishoo we all fall down. Like rattle in hand, your hand I held You wrung my right hand Atishoo atishoo I fell. I still skipped along Whilst you sweetly echoed your song Now the tale you live and sing to tell. Your ring game of folly Nursed my wounds to bleed, Damn you, nursery rhyme! Do dear damsel depart! Lest I wreathe thee with wreaths and do time. For I waddled like a baby, Like a playful child, Like a mad man! Good grief! You stripped me of my affection For the sake of brevity, the rest I tell in brief.

Love means pain and sorrow Its what it has always been to us. Were both damaged goods right? Love means all I want is you happy The silver lining to my gray cloud is your smile, even if I’m not the one who put it there Love means I will always be there Fuck anything that’s happening I always have time for you Love means I want your pain Any pain I take from you is hopefully pain you don’t have to deal with anymore Love means I will adapt If i must I will undergo a metamorphosis because you deserve me at my best Love means I’ll take a bullet for you And if I still stand as they reload, I will smile as I take the second clip This is not a confession. This is a declaration to all interests past/present/future. I did/do/will love you So don’t don’t hurt my heart Love is everlasting but I am not Tarek X.M. Williams 13.09.2012

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Still flowing are the emotions which result in the inescapable fetal positions in the night, in an attempt to disappear from the problems which surround you. You try to disappear or to crawl out of your skin. Just to become invisible would be enough.

I don’t do it beause I ings wrong so im not the topic of your group discussions Ive done what they hated to say expect the unexpected I know how to smile and pretend I wasn’t just disrespected I figured it out how to be resistant Mom told me to pray for perseverance, tolerance and endurance I’ll let you think what you want because I have nothing to prove I’ll let you stab me in the back i’ve got nothing to lose I cry because im hurt I want you to know what im worth but i’ll never say it I wrote that then erased it 3 times before I saved this... Tara Manderson 27.08.2012

Still Remains The heart eventually gets used to the lonelinessthe isolated displacement. The worst of all progresses though, when tears are in short supply and the responsive well has dried up.

The imagination too proves futile, for when you open your eyes, you never moved. Things are how they have been and that which hurts you still remains. Amanda Davis 24.06.2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder Yet out of sight, out of mind you are I swing on your see-sawed emotions And on my jungle gym you climb each bar. Higher and higher, I raise the bar and still you climb Till atop you gracefully sit and Poise in beauty simply sublime. Fair and square I come full circle To the state of a fair, Affairs of my heartAn amusement park you ride. For all’s fair in love and war And fools rush in where angels fear Still I pay my fare And take my turn on your slide. Alain N’Dalla 03.03.12

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