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/OANA CAMBREA/ s e l e c t e d

w o r k s

/Hi there./ N i c e

t o

m e e t

y o u .

/What do I have to say about myself?/ N o t m u c h r e a l l y .

I m your regular 26 year-old person who has a job, doesn t speak much and is rather boring at times.

/What do other people have to say about me?/ W e l l ,


w h o l e

d i f f e r e n t s t o r y .

Our inspiration for the day comes from Bucharest, Romania based digital artist, Oana Cambrea. She has been dabbling in digital art creations and photomanipulations for over 6 years now since she started off with DeviantArt. Her work is well known for the new styles that she employs in every art piece and the awe-inspiring effects she produces. Cambrea uses contrast with sterling effect in her digital art pictures as she pits strange figures with strong contrasts and bizarre notions. Major galleries such as the American International School of Bucharest and 115 Digital Art Gallery in Romania have hosted her work and she has envisioned and created the digital art cover design images for a variety of books like Zoe Valdes The Instant of Eternity and more. The works of this 26 year old artist are constantly categorized as bizarre and intriguing .


But nothing speaks about who I am better than my work. S o

w h y

n o t

t a k e


l o o k ?


/Digital Art/ P h o t o m a n i p u l a t i o n

/Fear of Light /

/Saeglopur /

/Spring /

/Metamorphoza /

/Rebirth /

/Broken Dreams /

/Night Air /

/Optimism /

/Play Dead /

/Detasare /

/Fix You /

/A Perfect Spot /

/Pressure /

/Autumn /

/Mistaken Identity /

/Memory Loss /

/Flying /

/The Monument of Nonexistence / C o l l a b o r a t i o n w i t h d i g i t a l a r t i s t M a r i o S a n c h e z N e v a d o

/Sad Song /

/I See You /

/Be Yourself /

/Black Widow /

/Domestic Violence /

/Posters & Co./ E v e n t s , c o n c e p t s

/Hey! Events & Yazee - Aquasky /

/Hey! Events - 1 year Birthday Bash /

/Hey! Events - Karl Sav & Marty B /

/Hey! Events - Lenzman /

/BASICS Series - 005 /

/BASICS Series - 006 /

/BASICS Series - 010 /

/BASICS Series - 014 /


o a n a . c a m b r e a @ g m a i l . c o m + 4 0 7 2 1 5 0 9 9 1 3

Oana Cambrea - Selected Works  

There are a few of my images. For more work, please contact me.

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