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Student Information Packet


I hope your summer is going well and you are enthused about next year in the Outdoor Adventure LLC! We are very excited about what the year will hold and having you as a part of it. Enclosed in this packet you will find the following sections of information; • Fall activity schedule • HP 1112 Syllabus and course information • Room assignments • Room floorplan and pictures • Tips and pointers page • Tentative move-in schedule • Local & National resources As you think about your outdoor equipment you want to bring to campus, keep in mind that the HHPR departmen will be able to provide you with most of the equipment you will need. It is not imperative that you buy new gear before the semester begins. However, we will not supply bicycles for our trip in October. You will need to have a bike for that trip or make arrangements to borrow or rent. As a member of the OA LLC, you may have an opportunity to purchase certain outdoor equipment and clothing at a discounted rate during the semester.

As you prepare for the fall semester, it is vitally important that you come with a full commitment to the OA LLC, ready to engage in community activities, educational clinics and weekend trips. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You will see the benefits for years to come. We are looking forward to a great year of adventure!

Jeremy Yarbrough Program Director


calendar 2 0 1 3

August 30-31 Challenge Weekend *

Sept 13-15 Galveston Island State Park

Setpember 18: Austin, TX Backpacker Magazine Gear & Go Tour

October 10-13 Fall Break Camping Trip (TBD) November 1-2 Great Brazos Relay

November 2 Stepin Out Service day November 22-24 Colorado Bend State Natural Area HP1112 Requried Trip *

December TBD OA LLC Christmas Party

* required trip


calendar 2 0 1 4

TENTATIVE SPRING TRIPS Caving in Austin Paddling the Brazos Rock Climbing at Enchanted Rock Mountain Biking at Lake Waco

mission statement To provide like-minded students an opportunity for personal growth, intellectual stimulation and leadership skills through outdoor adventure experiences.



an agreement or pledge to do something in the future

Your decision to join or return to the OA LLC comes with responsibilities as outlined in the OA covenant. I would like to expound on this commitment so everyone has the same understanding and the cost of failure to meet these requirements. The bulleted points below are a recap of the covenant you agreed to.

• Remain in good academic standing within your program or major • Attend the OA LLC class for the Fall and Spring • Attend the monthly workshops/clinics • Meet the trip requirements each semester • Live in the North Village • Commit the time and energy needed to make the OA-LLC a successful experience It is important to remember that should you not meet the requirements above, your space in the OA LLC could be in jeopardy. You would have to move out of the North Village to other on-campus housing and would no longer be able to take trips with the OA. There is never a shortage of things to do at Baylor so as you begin the Fall semester, for some of you your first, remember that there still are only 24 hours in the day. Between your class time, studying, working, sleeping, playing and the OA LLC your schedule may already be getting full. As you consider getting involved with groups and organizations on campus keep in mind that the OA LLC takes a monthly weekend trip. It is vitally important to plan ahead. Required Trips

The major time commitment of the OA LLC is the weekend trips. Each semester you will be required to attend 2 specific trips, the only exception being a significant academic conflict. An academic conflict in one that puts a scholarship or class grade in danger. For example, a choir concert or honors retreat. These trips are an essential way to deepen relationships within the OA. Without each member of the community present, the OA trips will not be complete. Fall required trips: Aug 30th-31st Nov 22nd-24th

Challenge Weekend Colorado Bend State Natural Area Backpacking

Tentative Spring required trips: Austin rock climbing Paddling the Brazos


room assignments & layouts North Village Staff: Joe Oliver -Resident Hall Director Elizabeth Leslie -Texana Graduate Director Sean Rollolazo-University Graduate Director Faculty in Residence Dr. Brennan Davis - Texana House Dr. Robert Creech - University House Chaplin in Residence - Joanna Sowards

texana house

l i vi n g / d i n i n g

l i vi n g / d i n i n g / e n t r y

room first name baines rooms 2401-A Valerie 2401-B Kelly 2401-C Becca 2401-D Amy

last name


Briell McClain Parker Magruder

Sophomore Senior Senior Freshman

2402-A 2402-B 2402-C 2402-D

Cayla Courtney Hannah Tara

Weber Penland Forrester Brynell

Junior Freshman Freshman Sophomore

crane room 2404-A 2404-B 2404-Ca 2404-Cb 2404-Da 2404-Db

Ellen Amanda Miranda Hannah Brianna Katie

Hefner Lindsey Beard Sutton Lesack Cross-Powers

Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman

Hall CL CL Mentor

Devan Hannah

Mayer Baley

Sophomore Senior

ki t ch en


university house



first name

last name


baines rooms 1201-A 1201-B 1201-C 1201-D

Austin Cary Greg Christopher

Scott McMahon Nicholls Potts

Sophomore Sophomore Senior Freshman

1202-A 1202-B 1202-C 1202-D

Nick Rob Michael Zachary

Shirley Fuller Chuang Brynell

Junior Sophomore Freshman Freshman

crane room 1203-A 1203-B 1203-Ca 1203-Cb 1203-Da 1203-Db

Ross Nick Alex Brennan

Sinicropi Scanlan Hoeft Smith

Senior Sophomore Junior Freshman




Hall CL


b e d ro om / d e s k / c l os e t

b ed room


OA LLC move-in schedule wednesday & thursday . august 21-22, 2013 (times and activites are tentative)









unpack and get settled

unpack and get settled

lunch is on your own

lunch is on your own


on campus: Student Union Building Food Court and Chili’s Too off campus: Take 5th Street exit off of I-35 for fast food options (Sonic, Fazoli’s, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, McAllister’s, Taco Cabana, Whataburger, Wendi’s, etc)

1-3pm continue room set-up


activities and dinner

- get-to-know-you activies - more details to come

continue room set-up

parents can say goodbye at this time or the following day

dinner and evening on your own

nearby restaurants: Ninfa’s, Buzzard Billy’s, Cheddar’s, Texas Roadhouse

THURSDAY 7:30-11am

assist with campus move in


OA LLC lunch


clean-up, rest, continue room set-up, etc.

spend time with your student

president’s picnic burleson quadrangle

president’s picnic



morning on your own

burleson quadrangle

small group roundup founders mall



To encourage your involvement with the OA LLC as well as with Campus Recreation OA and local recreation areas. Get Out & Gear Up will allow you to gain experiences in the outdoors that will lead you towards making outdoor living a lifestyle.


Score some outdoor gear, like backpacks, stoves, tent, apparel, or other items to equip you for further adventures!

How It Works

By participating in the activities below, you will accumulate points during your semester in the OA LLC. As you GET OUT, you will log in your points. And the ones with the most points will GEAR UP with great product!

Outdoor Adventure LLC Weekend Trip: Overnight Trip: Day Trip: Clinics/Workshops:


Found New cache

40 pts 30 pts 20 pts 10 pts

2 pts 4 pts


OA Campus Recreation Weekend Trip: Overnight Trip: Day Trip: Clinic:

Personal Trips

Weekend Trip Overnight Trip Day Trip

20 pts 15 pts 10 pts 5 pts

35 pts 25 pts 15 pts

weekend trip - spending at least two nights outside in a tent, tarp, or sleeping out. A cabin or RV does not count. overnight trip - one night in length.

day trip - 4 consecutive hours in length and would qualify in one or more of the following areas: biking, hiking, rock climbing/bouldering, paddling.

a found geocache - one that is found from official caches listed on You must document with a picture and post your find on the website as well. You may not use caches found from the previous year. new cache - one you create and list the coordinates and description with New caches must follow the guidelines listed on

Campus Recreation and personal trips - must be documented with pictures and an OA LLC trip log which must be submitted within 3 days of returning to campus. Tiebreakers:

• Student with the most OA LLC Points • Student with the most Campus Rec Points • Student with the most Personal Points • Student with the most found geocaches • Student with the most new geocaches



Instructor: Jeremy Yarbrough Office: Russell Gym Phone: 254-710-4016 Cell: 254-366-9925 E-mail:

abbreviated syllabus

Class location: North Village Classroom 4126 Class time: Tuesday, 3:30-5:30pm COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to teach the value of wilderness experience and base level knowledge and skills necessary for enjoyable and safe wilderness trips. Topics receiving emphasis include: safety, ecology, clothing, equipment, food preparation, emergency care, survival, and navigation. COURSE OBJECTIVES • Demonstrate the ability to plan and pack for a backpacking trip. • Exhibit an understanding of proper use and care of equipment –practically during the trip and cognitively during the exams. • Demonstrate knowledge basic of backcountry skills (orienteering/ GPS, survival strategies, campsite selection, knowledge of various environmental hazards, etc.). • Demonstrate knowledge of basic first aid. TEXT Curtis, Rick (2005, updated). The Backpacker’s Field Manual. New York: Three Rivers Press ATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION • University Policy States- One must attend 75% of the classes during the semester in order to receive credit for the course. This starts the first day the class is held, regardless of whether or not you were registered for the class. 5 ABSENCES = F. An excused absence only allows you to make up any work missed; it still counts as an absence. • Attitude/Participation: A poor attitude/lack of participation will result in a reduction in your attendance/ participation grade. • Each student must participate in the weekend backpacking trip, scheduled for TOPICS COVERED • Clothing and Equipment • Leave No Trace • Stoves and Water Purification • Shelters • Backcountry Cooking • Trip Planning • Navigation • Knots • Survival • Wilderness First Aid



questions you may have about the OA LLC...

Q: What if I don’t have experience in the trip activity? A: There is no experience necessary for any of the OA trips. One of the goals of the OA is to teach skills and assist students to try new activities. Though there will be a variety of skill level among students in the OA, everyone will be challenged in some way. Don’t be afraid to step out and try something new. Q: What happens when there is unexpected weather before a trip? A: We will always try to come up with an alternative activity, but it may not be what you were expecting. It is important to be flexible and keep a positive attitude. Q: What gear do I need to have for the OA trips? A: The only gear required is personal clothes and toiletries. HHPR will provide your backpack, sleeping bag and pad, tent, rain gear, stoves, cookwear and utensils. However, you are certainly welcome to use any of your own personal gear. A few bikes are available for rent through campus recreation. Q: How much money will be needed for OA trips? A: For most trips we will stop for 2 fast food meals and possibly snacks as we travel. You can assume that $20-25 will be enough, unless your own appetite requires more. Q: I’m considering being involved in additional organizations. What is my monthy time commitment in the OA? A: The HP class is 2 hours a week which also requires out-of-class prep and work. There is one required OA workshop each month, lasting 1-2 hours in the evening. The weekend trips may extend as long as 2 nights (Friday-Sunday). Typically there is one trip a month, some required and others optional. See schedule. Therefore, when considering other organizations, rushing, or work, make sure that the OA schedule does not conflict with those expectations. Be sure to not overschedule your semesters. Q: How can I best resolve roommate issues? A: Show each other respect. Talk out your conflicts in person (not using social media). Seek out the advice of your CL, your hall director, myself, or Brandi. Q: What activities are provided on campus or in the Waco area? A: We strongly encourage you to participate in climbing and bouldering at The Rock, sailing/canoeing/kayaking at the Baylor marina, slacklining, hiking, biking, and disc golf in Cameron Park. Slacklining kits and disc golf gear can be checked out from my office. Waco’s Cameron Park extends over 400 acres and has some of the best mountain bike trails in Texas. The Park recently hosted the XTERRA (Off-road Triathlon) South Central Championships. We also hope you take advantage of central Texas’ lakes, rivers, and state parks.


map & directions

to help you navigate your way around this first week...

Cameron Park directions to Cameron Park from campus:

• turn left onto University Parks Blvd towards I-35 • stay on University Parks Blvd for 2 miles, it will turn into Cameron Park Drive • just under the Herring Street bridge, turn right into the Pecan Bottoms parking lot (parking lot is under the bridge)

Colorado Outdoor Adventure Line Camp

Lost Creek Wilderness

Bison Peak: 12,479 ft


local outdoor gear shops

bike sales, service, and rentals 4425 W Waco Dr Waco, TX 76710 254-772-GEAR

outdoor gear and apparel 4707 W Waco Dr Waco, TX 76710 254-772-4327

Monday- Friday: 10-6pm Saturday: 10-5pm Sunday: Closed

Monday- Friday: 10-6pm Saturday: 10-5pm Sunday: Closed From Baylor: Head South on IH-35 towards Austin. Exit valley Mills and go right. Turn Left on Waco Drive. We are on the right just after New Road.

From Baylor: Head South on IH-35 towards Austin. Exit Valley Mills and go right. Turn Left on Waco Drive. We are on the right just after Towne Oaks Drive.

bike sales, service, and rentals 215 S. Universtiy Parks Dr. Waco, TX 76706

(Corner of South University Parks and Franklin)

(254) 300-4448 Mon - Sat: 7am - 9pm Sunday: 12-6pm

From Baylor: Head West on Univ Parks towards I-35. Drive just under a mile and take make a U turn at Franklin and turn right into the parking lot.


• • • • • • •

The Bear Mountain - Bicycles Outback - Outdoor Waco - Waco Bicycle Club - Cameron Park - Central Texas Flyrodders - Texas Cave Conservancy -

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

American Camping Association - American Canoeing Association - American Mountain Guides Association - Association for Challenge Course Technology - Association for Experiential Education - Association for Outdoor and Recreation Education - Christian Adventure Association - Christian Camp and Conference Association - Leave No Trace: Center for Outdoor Ethics - National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification - National Outdoor Leadership School - National Recreation and Parks Association - National Speleological Society - Outward Bound - Solid Rock Climbers for Christ - Wilderness Education Association - Wilderness Medical Associates - Wilderness Medicine Institute - SOLO -

Professional Development and Training:

Gear: • • • • • •

resources & links

Central Texas

Chaco – Gregory - Marmot - Patagonia- REI - Sierra Trading Post –

Trip Planning and Other Resources: • • • • • •

Backpacker Magazine - National Park Service - Texas Parks and Wildlife - TopoZone - – USDA Forest Service -


1 Bear Place #97313 Waco, TX 76798 254-710-4016

Outdoor Adventure student packet  
Outdoor Adventure student packet