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EarthSmart Species / Prices Oakwood Veneer - 800-426-6018 - Figured Honeytree - FHN853 - Honeytree is a deep goldenbrown wood with tan to brown grain lines, and an extraordinary full figure reminiscent of Fiddleback Anigre or Fiddleback Maple. This is an impressive looking wood, and is certain to turn heads. 4X8 - $9.39 4X10 - $10.39 European Eucalyptus - EEU738 - In a world of brown, red, or mostly pale wood, we thought it'd be nice if there were an option for a light shade wood with a beautiful grain pattern. Enter European Eucalyptus. A nice, light tan background provides the perfect base for straight, multi-shade pale to dark brown grain lines. 4X8 - $6.89 4X10 - $7.89 Italian Teak Qtr - ITK445 - A classic veneer for boats, ships, and aircraft carriers, Italian Teak can add a unique style to any type of building. The veneer is golden brown in color with multicolored straight grain lines ranging from light tan to black. 4X8 - $6.99 4X10 - $7.99 Gold Coast Mahogany - GCM205 - This veneer truly lives up to its name, sporting grain lines that almost look like rays from the sun. Gold Coast Mahogany has a golden red and tan multi-shade grain pattern which adds to its exotic flavor. It can brighten up a room or add a conversation piece to any project. 4X8 - $6.99 4X10 - $7.99 Naugatuck Cherry – NCH168 - Naugatuck Cherry is a premium beautiful grade of Cherry that provides a deep cherry-red grain with exceptional flat cut wavy grain lines. There is a reason Cherry Veneer has remained one of the world's most popular veneers over the years, and this prestigious grade of Naugatuck Cherry will only add to its reputation. 4X8 - $6.09 4X10 - $7.09 Mangu Flat Cut – MGF-935 - Never heard of Mangu? We hadn't either, but we were sold the minute we saw it. Golden red and yellow flat cut grain, This South American wood has an exceptionally deep exotic color that will become the centerpiece of wherever it is placed. 4X8 - $7.29 4X10 - $8.29 Italian Ebony Qtr – IEB146 - Perfect for any location needing a dark striking look, Italian Ebony is always matched across sheets, making any job look stunning. The veneer is a deep reddish-brown with mostly-straight black stripes concentrated across the sheet. 4X8 - $8.99 4X10 - $9.99 Ghost Maple – GMP294 - Using Ghost Maple Veneer can be a dramatic way to add some rustic character to your project. Ghost Maple has a bright tan base with large brown to black oval shapes over the top, with most having two holes like the eyes of a ghost. The eye-catching pattern is distinctively charming. 4X8 - $8.59 4X10 - $9.59

Winthrop Walnut – WWL643 - Winthrop Walnut is the premium version of an American classic. Picture a light to medium brown base with dark brown cathedral grain lines. With the Earthsmart premium selected grain and magnificent pre-finish, Winthrop Walnut takes Walnut Veneer to a whole new level. 4X8 - $6.29 4X10 - $7.29 Medford Maple – MMP354 - One of the most tried and true species available, Medford Maple is versatile, can go anywhere, matches anything, and is lightly toned with a subdued grain pattern. Add the premium EarthSmart grain and pre-finish and you can’t go wrong with Medford Maple Veneer. 4X8 - $5.99 4X10 - $6.99 Morado Qtr – MRQ582 - With a better look in person than a camera lens could ever capture, Morado is truly breathtaking. Golden tan with light orange-brown grain lines, this South American wood shimmers with an effect so luxurious, it is hard to believe it simply came from nature. 4X8 - $7.29 4X10 - $8.29 Tobacco Wenge Qtr – TWG284 - South America’s answer to Africa’s always-popular Wenge Veneer, Tobacco Wenge is a deep, beautiful red-brown color with understated straight grain lines that flow into each other. Tobacco Wenge is a wood you'll definitely want to consider for your next project. 4X8 - $8.79 4X10 - $9.79 Mangu Quartered – MGQ-859 - Mangu is the new veneer in town, and is quickly finding its way on everyone’s short list of preferred veneers. With golden red and yellow straight grain in a multicolored exotic blend, Mangu will really spice up its surroundings and create a picturesque setting. 4X8 - $7.99 4X10 - $8.99 Italian Walnut Qtr - IWN284 - A bit more exotic looking version of Walnut, Italian Walnut has bold, multi-shade straight grain lines that are matched across sheets. This makes it perfect for a big job, or any job where a lustrous tan and dark-brown striped pattern would fit. 4X8 - $5.99 4X10 - $6.99 Pomona Pine – PPN482 - Probably the most popular of all softwoods, Yellow Pine is a staple for a reason. Pomona Pine has among the world's finest concentrated straight grain lines in light brown running over Pine's signature yellow heartwood. 4X8 - $5.99 4X10 - $6.99 Tamari – TMQ573 - You’ve heard of brown woods, tan woods, and even grey woods. But it’s not often that you see a golden red-orange wood. That’s the color of Tamari Veneer. Tamari’s look is so beautiful, some might compare its color scheme to a summer sunset. 4X8 - $6.99 4X10 - $7.99

Earthsmart Veneer by Oakwood - Wood Veneer Prices  

FSC Certified wood veneer lineup, Earthsmart Veneer by Oakwood is prefinished, bubble-free, and is a beautiful premium grade. Available fire...

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