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There aren’t enough words to thank donors for supporting OTMH. Because of caring people like you, the staff was able to make a tremendous investment in my health and recovery. You helped get me to where I am today.� Jason Laughlin


Letter to Our Friends You have so much to be proud of. That’s our first thought when we think back on everything you helped us accomplish at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) this past year. Last year, thousands of patients came to OTMH and found the lifesaving care and latest treatments they needed right here in our community. They found hope for recovery or a better quality of life because of you. Caring supporters like you are the reason OTMH was able to ramp up our interventional radiology services with minimally invasive leading-edge technology and implement a new vascular program which has already saved many lives. You also helped the Paediatric Unit launch a brand new endoscopy diagnostic program. You equipped our bright new dialysis space with leading edge machines. And thanks to you, we were able to open a Cancer Clinic offering chemotherapy treatment for the first time in Oakville. All of this fills us with gratitude on behalf of all the people in our community who are benefitting from your loyal support. Your donations, regardless of size, made a tremendous impact for patients and their families and you will read some of their stories in this year’s annual report. This community has helped shape OTMH into what it is today and this community’s support will determine what our Hospital grows into tomorrow.

In the last decade we have seen advances in areas such as diagnostic imaging and surgical procedures. This kind of medical progress leads to tremendous possibilities – and with ongoing donor support, we can turn these possibilities into realities. Today and going forward, philanthropy plays an even more critical role. With your help, we can fuel innovation at OTMH that will enable caregivers to focus on what they do best – deliver exemplary patient care. With a larger hospital offering more complex medical procedures, the need for your investment is even greater. We’ve seen the exceptional generosity of our community from dedicated supporters like you and we believe we can achieve our future healthcare goals together. Improving lives is not an easy task but with your support we face the future with confidence. Yours in philanthropy,

Tina Triano Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Flemington Chair, Board of Directors


After 601 days at OTMH, Jason Laughlin is ready to go home. Nearly two years ago, Jason woke up unable to move his left arm or sit up in bed. By the time he arrived at OTMH, the paralysis had worsened and it was becoming harder for him to breathe. Fortunately, the neurologist and ER doctors recognized what was going on and immediately started treatment for GuillainBarre Syndrome (GBS), a rare but serious disorder where your immune system attacks your nervous system. “I remember being in my ICU bed at OTMH, looking into the terrified eyes of my wife and desperately wanting to talk to her, to squeeze her hand and ask her what was going on,” recalled Jason. “Was this going to be my life? Was I even going to have a life? But I couldn’t say or do a single thing. I was literally trapped, paralyzed from the mouth down.”


Jason was 41 when he came to OTMH. “I never thought something like this could happen to me. Three weeks before coming to the Hospital, my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary hiking in Switzerland. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be in the hospital in my early 40s. It’s been a very humbling experience. I appreciate how fragile the human body is and how strong relationships are as well.” For Jason, it has been a very long and painful road back to health, one that he is still on to this day. “I’m just thankful I haven’t been on this journey alone. The incredible people at OTMH have been by my side every step of the way over the past 20 months. From the beginning, I learned to celebrate the smallest milestones: The ability to wiggle my toes for the first time; the feel of the floor beneath my feet after I

hadn’t taken a step in four months; the pure joy of placing my arm around my wife’s shoulder and giving her a partial hug. As I got stronger, the focus shifted from lifesaving care to rehabilitation.” “There aren’t enough words to thank donors for supporting OTMH. Because of caring people like you, the staff was able to make a tremendous investment in my health and recovery. You helped get me to where I am today – eating, sitting up, and walking all on my own. Your donations and the incredible healthcare team at OTMH are helping me recover so that one day soon I’ll be able to return home.” Jason was one of more than 270 patients we moved in December 2015 from our legacy site to the new Hospital. He experienced first-hand the impact a state-of-theart facility and donor-funded equipment can have on a patient’s journey of healing.

There are so many people to thank, including the ones I’m not aware of and that’s the donors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everything you contributed to this community and OTMH is greatly appreciated, I think more than anybody could ever express.” Jason Laughlin


Your Generosity in Action Breast DAP Waiting to get the results of a cancer diagnosis is an extremely stressful time for patients. During the diagnostic phase, patients can undergo multiple tests before they are referred to a surgeon. In the case of breast cancer, a family physician may order additional follow-up diagnostic tests, each one requiring another waiting period for the patient, before referring them to a specialist. Fortunately, Ontario’s Regional Cancer Program’s Diagnostic Assessment Programs (DAPs) are helping patients and healthcare providers deal with the challenges they face during this time. Last year, the Breast Diagnostic Assessment Program opened at OTMH, thanks to seed funding from Cancer Care Ontario and private donor funding from Betty Birmingham. The program is designed to manage and coordinate diagnostic care from first alert, to definitive diagnosis and surgical treatment of breast cancer. Patients with suspected breast cancer are referred directly to the Breast DAP. At the Breast DAP, surgeons, radiologists and patient navigators work as a multidisciplinary care team to coordinate and facilitate the required diagnostic tests and processes to minimize the time to biopsy and ultimately to treatment. The Breast DAP is already having a significant impact on the lives of women in our communities that are facing a potential breast cancer diagnosis. The program provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ – a coordinated approach to the diagnosis of breast cancer with quick diagnostic workups and shorter wait times. It also offers a patient-centred approach to care. With the addition of a patient navigator we can support the educational and emotional needs of the patient and minimize patient anxiety. A specialized team of committed healthcare providers work closely together to ensure high-quality care.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the centre of the flurry of protocols and appointments there stand the individuals, who in doing their jobs well, have made an impact on my life and my impressions of the healthcare system. First I wish to point out Dr. Samir Parikh who sounded the alarm and was able to get a second mammogram booked quickly and who quickly referred me to a surgeon. Enough good things cannot be said about my surgeon, Dr. Miles Kealey. His presence when I came out of the anaesthetic reassuring me that everything was routine with no complications is exactly what I needed to hear.� Heidi Ram 7

Vascular Surgery Two of the leading causes of death, heart attack and stroke can be the direct result of an arterial system that has been slowly and progressively compromised. OTMH’s vascular surgery team treats diseases of the vascular system, arteries and veins in many cases through minimally invasive procedures and surgical reconstruction. Instead of spending days in the Hospital, most patients can go home the next day. And since these procedures are much less invasive than open surgeries, patients experience less pain and the risk of infection is lower. These techniques can also help people with complex health issues who are too high a risk for open surgery. For those patients, minimally invasive surgeries are a much safer solution. This past year, you funded equipment such as a carbon fluoride table, angiography software for a C-arm, and a portable X-ray machine that fits around this specialized operating table so imaging can be taken and viewed during surgery. Advances in technology allow for more complex interventions to be done with a mobile C-arm – providing excellent image quality and low radiation dose settings.


My husband Cliff was raced to OTMH where an ultrasound revealed the frightening truth. Cliff had a huge aneurysm in his abdomen and it had burst. Dr. Lo and Dr. Wong explained that Cliff’s operation was high risk but assured us he was in the best hands. Today, Cliff is still recovering but he’s determined to get back to where he was before. I can’t say enough about the care Cliff received at OTMH. In the 10 weeks Cliff was a patient, I’ve seen with my own eyes the difference donor support makes. You have the power to save lives by putting the right tools into the right people’s hands.” Joan Hardman

Cancer Clinic The Cancer Care Clinic at OTMH began treating patients last February and has so far helped hundreds of Halton residents facing a battle with cancer remain in their community instead of seeking treatment outside of Oakville. The Cancer Clinic provides patient assessment, teaching, counselling, information resources, chemotherapy administration, blood transfusions, procedures and clinical trials for oncology patients. Other services include radiation treatment assessments, consultations and education. The Clinic is the result of a partnership between Halton Healthcare and the Mississauga Halton Central West Regional Cancer Program along with support from Cancer Care Ontario.

Prior to the Clinic opening, cancer patients were receiving services at OTMH for diagnosis, surgical and symptom management. However since February 2016, patients identified with a malignancy are being seen in the Cancer Care Clinic. An experienced team of specialized oncology nurses and allied health staff can now offer their services in support of patient care needs including chemotherapy treatment. Since the Clinic began operating, patients with haematological malignancies (such as lymphoma and leukemia) and tumours (such as breast cancer and gastrointestinal cancer) have been able to receive treatement.

When you are getting your treatments, there is a reliance, a bond that’s established between the nurses and the patients and I had two of the greatest nurses that one could ever ask for. I had Jen and Carrie. These two ladies are true professionals. Their knowledge base, their compassion, I can’t say enough about them.� Frank Cooney


Photo courtesy of Riziero Vertolli/Metroland. 10

Little Taylor Pierce couldn’t wait to get here. Due on January 4, he came a few days early making him Oakville’s first baby of 2017. Taylor was born at OTMH on Sunday, January 1 at 1:52 a.m. weighing 6-lbs.-15 ounces. “My son’s healthy and that’s all I could ever ask for. It was the best birthday I could ever ask for,” said Julia Le who was born on New Year’s Day herself.

“The little guy had a mind of his own and wanted to be out. Within half an hour, he was out and ready to greet the world,” said Julia. “This is my son’s way of telling me he calls the shots,” laughed Julia. “All I really wanted was for everything to go smoothly and for Julia and our baby to both be healthy and everything turned out that way,” said proud new dad, Jason. “I’m happy and excited. This New Year is going to be a hard one to beat.”

“All I really wanted was for everything to go smoothly and for Julia and our baby to both be healthy and everything turned out that way,” said proud new dad, Jason. “I’m happy and excited. This New Year is going to be a hard one to beat.”

Julia, an Oakville resident who was born in Regina but grew up in neighbouring Mississauga, arrived at OTMH with her husband Jason Pierce shortly after 1 a.m. on January 1 and were told they were not likely to have the New Year’s baby. “When we arrived, someone else was already here and they told us we were in the race to have the New Year’s baby,” said Julia, admitting when the other mom was ahead of her in the labour process, she breathed a sigh of relief from having to be in the spotlight. In fact, Le’s co-workers, who annually herald the arrival of Oakville’s first baby of the New Year, had teased her that she could likely be in the news. “I was hoping they wouldn’t be right,” laughed Julia, a veteran news reporter with the Oakville Beaver, who formerly worked at both the Milton Canadian Champion and Mississauga News, other Metroland-owned newspapers. However, after arriving at the Hospital it didn’t take long for young Taylor to arrive.

“At four months old, Taylor has already learned how to charm a room with his infectious baby giggles and smile,” said Julia. “He is happiest when he’s chatting with someone and he loves kicking, grabbing toys and being awake at all hours — just like his older brother Hayden was when he was Taylor’s age.” Hayden, who will be three in July, has taken on his new big brother role in strides, helping his mom and dad with diaper changes, story time and bath time. He dotes on Taylor, who has just learned to roll over. Looking back at her stay at OTMH, Julia reflected on how nice it was to have her baby at the new Hospital. “My morning breakfast had a sweet note wishing me a ‘Happy birthday’,” she said, adding how the care she received from nurses was also exceptional. The handmade hat and blanket she was gifted for having the New Year’s baby was also a “nice, personable touch,” she said.


Trinison Management Corp. has played an integral role in building new communities in Oakville. As one of three companies comprising the M.A.M. Group Inc. (Starlane Home Corporation, Trinison Management Corp. and Trinistar Corporation), Trinison is one of the top land development companies in the GTA. This past year their dedication and passion to community building inspired them to make a $250,000 gift to OTMH. Their gift was used towards developing AV integration in our operating rooms. Beyond aiding the surgical procedure and improving efficiency, integrated operating theatres also have the potential to connect the surgeon to the wider world including consulting with the lab, ICU, or a consulting surgeon at another location. OTMH’s surgical department provides care for patients of all ages – from ear tubes to appendectomies, from joint replacements to tumour removals. In recognition of Trinison’s generous gift the northwest courtyard, a spacious 7,950 square foot getaway overlooked by rehab and cancer care outpatient clinics, is named in their honour.

In lieu of birthday gifts, Lauren asked her friends and family donate to OTMH. She raised the funds through a crowd funding platform for group gifts for any occasion.

Giving Back to Move Forward Thanks to the generous support from our donors this past year, OTMH was able to invest in technology to detect illness earlier, reduce recovery time and improve the patient experience. Your contributions have improved the lives of so many patients and their loved ones, now and for years to come.


“We are delighted to make this gift to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital,” said Mauro Baldassarra, a representative of Trinison Management Corp. “Trinison is known for being a forward thinking, community builder and we recognize that OTMH is the heart of this wonderful Oakville community.”

Dr. Joseph and Monika Paradi have a relationship with OTMH that extends over three decades. Donors since 1987, this past year they were inspired by the opportunity of the Amarna matching challenge to name the Cystoscopy Zone in the Ambulatory Procedures Unit, an innovative centre within the Surgical Department. As an engineer and professor at U of T, Dr. Paradi was particularly interested in OTMH’s move to North Oakville and took the opportunity to attend events with his wife Monika throughout the transition to our new facility to learn more about our emerging priorities. “We have a philosophy of giving back to society which has given us so much. We are both immigrants from the 1950s and witnessed enormous changes in society, but especially in medical technology such as the case in urology. Being an engineer, this is fascinating and the changes in patient care as a result are nothing short of fantastic. So we are pleased to be able to express our thanks, in this small way, for all we have received from this excellent hospital,” said Dr. Paradi.

Loyal to the cause is a phrase that defines Donald and Nancy Scarrow, who have been supporting OTMH each year for more than 20 years. Since the new Hospital opened, they decided they wanted to learn more about how they could have a bigger impact and give back to the community they have lived in for 50 years and express their thanks to the healthcare team who cared for them over the years. Donald and Nancy connected with the Foundation team, attended tours of the new facility and spoke with their physicians about how they could best make a difference. Earlier this year they decided to give immediately to the urgent equipment appeal, and had a single patient room named in honour of their donation. They also wanted to have an impact for the long term and have arranged for a bequest in their will to support future equipment needs.

We have been fortunate in life and wish to share some of our good fortune. We feel this will encourage others to make a similar contribution to such a wonderful hospital.” Donald and Nancy Scarrow

Giving back to their community is both important and personally meaningful for the Bajwa Family. Owners of Accu Electric Motors, specialists in industrial service (repairing, distribution and sales), their first gift to the Hospital in 2014 equipped a critical care exam room in the Emergency Department. This year, they generously responded to the urgent equipment appeal to help purchase a bed for one of the new ICU rooms. “I immigrated to Canada in 1972 and have been blessed with a loving family and a loyal, hardworking group of employees,” explained patriarch Gurcharan Singh Bajwa. “It is important for to us to give back to our community and is a way to also support our employees, their families and their loved ones as many of them also live here in Oakville.”

Dr. Stephen Chin understands donations are investments in the future of patient care at OTMH. It is the reason why he made a five-year pledge in his first weeks at OTMH this spring. As Chief of Hospitalist Medicine at OTMH, Dr. Chin leads a team of 42 frontline physicians dedicated to providing coordinated care for hospitalized patients admitted to OTMH. Every day, Dr. Chin sees first-hand the impact donations have at OTMH. “The right equipment ensures that we have the tools and technology we need to provide the best possible patient-centred care,” shared Dr. Chin. “I am grateful that many members of the community have contributed generously to this hospital. I am also proud of our dedicated team of hospitalists, consultants, nurses, allied health and support staff here at Halton Healthcare. As a physician and father of three young children, I think it is important to show my support through giving back.”


Ken Somerville, 60, knew something was wrong for weeks before he arrived at OTMH’s Emergency Department on a Friday in February 2017. “I had this sharp, shooting pain in my arm and at first we thought it was a pinched nerve,” recalled Ken. When the pain did not go away, Ken’s wife Brenda convinced him to go to OTMH. An X-ray revealed that Ken’s arm was broken – a complete fracture, but it also showed something more concerning. “I was told there were lesions,” said Ken. Additional X-rays and blood work strongly suggested the cause of the lesions was cancer, specifically multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a cancer that forms in a type of white blood cells called plasma cells. In multiple myeloma, abnormal plasma cells accumulate in the bone marrow, where they crowd out healthy blood cells and destroy the bones. Rather than produce helpful antibodies, the cancereous plasma cells produce abnormal proteins that can also damage other organs, most often the kidneys. OTMH hospitalist Dr. Massoud and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Zabtia, explained to Ken and his wife Brenda that surgery was necessary to remove the tumour and a plate and screws needed to be placed in his arm to stabilize the damaged bone tissue. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Haverstock performed the surgery a few days later and although the surgery was a success, Ken required a blood transfusion. “The next day Dr. Lee (a haematologist with OTMH’s Cancer Clinic) came to see me and she told me she was confident she could get me in deep, deep remission,” shared Ken. Multiple myeloma is considered treatable but incurable. Remissions may be brought about with chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant in some patients. “After the surgery Ken had a rough few days,” said Brenda. “His blood pressure dropped suddenly on Saturday, he developed an infection and he needed another blood transfusion. All of these complications required his vital signs to be monitored every five minutes.” “Dr. Haverstock came to see me that weekend, I think he wasn’t even scheduled to be at work that day,” added Ken. “He told me I had given everyone a scare and I was not going home until they could get me stable.” By the time the weekend was over, the next step was for Ken to have a bone marrow biopsy to confirm the diagnosis but because he was still weak Dr. Lee and her team came to Ken’s inpatient room to perform the biopsy. “My wife Brenda and I were so impressed that Dr. Lee would go out of her way to make things easier for me,” said Ken. Dr. Lee explained the treatment plan to Ken and Brenda: Chemotherapy once a week at OTMH from March until the end of June, one week of radiation at a nearby hospital and a possible bone marrow transplant in the summer. “Dr. Lee is so sharp. She may be little but I felt like she could move mountains to get me the care I needed,” said Ken. “She is upbeat but gives it to you straight. I told Brenda she didn’t tell me to get my affairs in order so I’m optimistic things will be fine.” “When you hear the word cancer it feels like your world is spinning,” added Brenda. “I just feel we are so fortunate to get this type of care at OTMH, so close to home and such expertise.”


When you hear the word cancer it feels like your world is spinning. I just feel we are so fortunate to get this type of care at OTMH, so close to home, and such expertise.� Brenda Somerville


Financial Statement For the year ended March 31, 2017

The Oakville Hospital Foundation is conscious of its responsibilities and is accountable to those in the community who place their trust in us. In fiscal year 2016/2017, thanks to the tremendous support of 8,571 donors, we raised more than $13.32 million for OTMH.

How Funds Were Spent

Your support will allow us to address the priority needs of our Hospital – both the immediate purchase of vital equipment and for the equipment needs of tomorrow through endowments and investments.

Statement of Operations (expressed in thousands)







Fundraising revenue Net Investment Income
































Investment income



Investment expenses





Expenses Net Fundraising Revenue Ancillary Revenues (net)*


Total Net Revenue

Fundraising Revenue (expressed in thousands)

OTMH Equipment Fund Fundraising Expenses Restricted Grants to OTMH

Capital Donations (net of deferred donations) Donor Designated Donations Endowments

Donations & Grants Distributed (expressed in thousands)

How Funds Were Raised 7%

Unrestricted Grant to OTMH - Equipment Restricted Endowment Funds Restricted Grant to OTMH - Equipment



Endowed Funds

(expressed in thousands)


Balance, beginning of year 56%


Donations and bequests net of fees

Allocation to unrestricted net assets Disbursed to Halton Healthcare Balance, end of year

Personal Giving Events Direct Response & Tribute Giving Corporate Giving Foundation Giving Legacy Giving







Donor Restricted Endowment Funds



Total Balance, end of year



Effective April 1, 2016, parking operations transferred to Halton Healthcare and are no longer reflected in Foundation financial results.


Equipment You Helped Fund

Providing exemplary patient care takes more than just the best medical team. Our healthcare professionals must have the right equipment to help patients in need of life-changing care. As a community, we are responsible for funding virtually all of the medical equipment necessary for Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. This year your donations supported the ever growing and changing healthcare needs of a much larger and more advanced Hospital and helped bring new and innovative procedures to OTMH.

Orthopaedic Navigation System The navigation system performs minimallyinvasive total knee and hip replacement surgery. This technology has the most accurate optical navigation camera available that provides surgeons with real-time images giving a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s knee before any bone is cut. It also allows surgeons to make pre- and intra-operative adjustments to within a fraction of a degree, helping ensure the best possible fit and placement of the knee prosthesis.

CO2 Laser The new CO2 laser is a surgical laser for soft tissue used to perform precise, minimally invasive surgery. The CO2 Laser can be used in places a scalpel would not be used including the delicate areas such as the ear, nose and throat where trauma could damage the area. CO2 lasers allow for shorter surgery time, minimal discomfort, less scarring and quicker recovery time – what every patient hopes for when undergoing a surgical procedure.

Ultrasound Unit The new ultrasound unit captures in real-time the structure and movement of the body’s internal organs, as well as blood flowing through blood vessels. The latest ultrasound units deliver exceptional image quality and advanced technologies taking today’s methods for identifying early stages of disease to a new level. Ultrasound units are non-invasive and cost effective and allow for images to be obtained immediately and at repeated intervals. 17

Board of Directors

The Oakville Hospital Foundation is grateful for the dedicated support of our 2016/17 leadership volunteers.

Pictured here from left to right:


Back row

Middle row

Front row

Not pictured:

Joel Clark Christopher Montague Scott Collier John Piper Jamie Ziegel Dr. Hanif Jamal Michael Bogle

Sarah Adams Denise Baker Betty Ann Jarrett Eve Willis Nigela Purboo Patte Seaton

Tina Triano, Secretary & CEO, OHF Jeff Flemington, Chair Denise Hardenne, President & CEO, Halton Healthcare Tim Porter, Vice Chair Lilian Scime, Treasurer

Michele Bailey Loren Francis Matt Macdonald

Lifetime Donors Altruist

$10,000,000+ Amarna & June and Ian Cockwell* Peter Gilgan*


$5 million - $9,999,999 Mr. & Mrs. T. Robert Beamish The WB Family Foundation Betty & Bruce Birmingham* Oakville Hospital Volunteer Association*


$2.5 million - $4,999,999 HATCH Ltd. Craig & Eleanor Mellish Pierre L. Morrissette Family Foundation* The Samuel Family Foundation


$1 million - $2,499,999 A.W.B. Charitable Foundation* Birmingham Bank Bed Challenge* Brookfield* Paula & Gerry Coleman Peter D’Attoma Memorial Fund* Deloitte Partners, Employees & Corporate Foundation Wayne & Isabel Fox* Lochan Family * Oakville Community Foundation* OTMH Hospital Family* Royal Bank of Canada* Scotiabank* Michael & Christine Selim* Roger & Mags Shorey* TD Bank Group* Darko Vranich The Walmley Foundation* Warren Y. Soper Charitable Trust The Larry & Gerry Wilson Family* Red & Brenda Wilson*


$500,000 - $999,999 Mary Lillian Adamson Hugh & Colleen Balders* Shirley & Ed Barr* BMO Financial Group* John & Grace Buchan*

We are grateful to these most generous donors who have given $100,000 or more cumulatively, including pledges, to the Oakville Hospital Foundation up to March 31, 2017.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce* Charles & Sallie Caty* Susan & Andrew Cockwell* Olive Mary Cowling & Everard Francis Cowling Michael & Carrie DeGroote and Family* EllisDon Corporation Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. Bruce & Kelly Galloway* GlaxoSmithKline Inc. Willy & Hildegard Godel Gordon & Mary Hawker Lorna-Marie & Darrel Hayes Paul B. Helliwell Foundation Kelson Family Foundation Donald & Eileen Leaver* Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation* In Memory of Thelma Meyer The Oakville Beaver Charity Golf Tournament Heather Cockwell Paul & Michael Paul* Mark Samuel Estate of Douglas M. Simmonds Tour de Halton* Jim & Deborah Westlake* Peter & Carol Willson / Willson International


$250,000 - $499,999 AIC Limited Dr. Naveen Arya, Dr. Doug Bair & Dr. Joe Pham The Atkinson Charitable Foundation Banyan Tree Foundation Barrington’s of Oakville Lynn & Jonathan Beach Bosco & Gigliotti Family Frank & Heide Breddermann The Brenninkmeijer Family* Ann Bucke* The Budd Family* Carillion Norman & Leslie Clubb Come Bond with Us Bill & Gill Cooper* Ann Cunningham-Dunlop Mark Dawson & Wendy Millar* Ralph & Marguerite Edwards In Memory of James Lucas Fenn & Vera A.J. Fenn

Fern Hill School Pierre G. & Carolyn Gagnon* Genworth Canada Giovanni & Concetta Guglietti Family* Mrs. Ruth A. Hindmarsh Hoffmann-La Roche Limited Estate of Mrs. Dorothy Hollingsworth Ernest & Catherine Humphries IBM Canada Inc.* Christopher & Lesley Invidiata and The Invidiata Team* Iovate Health Sciences & the Gardiner Family Dr. Robert G. Jones & Joan Manwaring and Family Dr. Julie Khanna & Dr. Sheetal Sapra* The Estate of Myrtle Knox-Leet Peter & Lisa Kotsopoulos and Family* Kurl for Kids Pro-Am Charity Bonspiel* The Lawson Foundation Arthur & Joanne Leitch Minor Oaks Hockey Association Inc.* Stephen & Carol Mitchell* Kathy & Steve Mueller The Connors Foundation* Arvind G. Naik Frank & Vey Nesdale Rickart New Oakville Italian Invitational Golf Tournament* Oakville Diwali Piper Foods / McDonald’s Restaurant* Rotary Club of Oakville* Sleeman Brewery / Sleeman Family Mrs. Pauline Steen Sun Life Financial* Charles & Ret Swire* Brian & Susan Thomas* Mark & Kim Thompson Trinison Management Corp. George & Rosemary Vassallo and The Bothwell Accurate Team Ms. Florence Vuckson Art Weston & Family Stephen Williamson & Margot Hallman Peter M. & Eve Willis* Jean E. Wyler


$100,000 - $249,999 Allergan Inc. American Barrick Resources Corporation - In Memory of Robert E. Smith Students of Appleby College* Avison Young Michele & Patrick Bailey / Blazing the Agency* Mr. Richard Balaz & Family Jean et Yolande Bastien Jeanne Belford Bot Construction Group & The Silvio Bot Charitable Foundation Estate of George Bolton Bowen Kevin & Anita Boyce* Joseph Brick Burlington Convention Centre* David & Judy Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Neil Cawse Paul & Gerri Charette In Memory of Marie & Luciano Cianfarani Cogeco Cable Inc. Estate of Mrs. Agnes Cook Corbetts Ski + Snowboard* Bill Cowan Patricia E. Craddock Chris Creed, Karen Glover and Family CRH Canada Group* D. Grant Crosbie & Karen Harrington* In Memory of Dorothy Cuthbert Stanley & Audrey Cutts Joseph & Najat Dableh Family Foundation Estate of Violet Dorothy Dalton Alexander & Bernice DeMaio Foundation The Derick Brenninkmeyer Charitable Foundation* The D’Orazio Family* John Stanley Duffy Fengate Capital Management Ltd.* Formula Publications Dick & Diane Freeborough* John & Pat Gandy* Khalid (Kal) & Thecla Ghory Glen Abbey United Church Glen Oaks Funeral Home & Cemetery Stephen C. Goodrich Foundation The Govan Family*


In Memory of Barbara Grzegorzko Mrs. Eleanor Gunning In memory of Helen E. & Norman R. Hain Halton Region Chinese Canadian Association 荷 頓 加 華 協 會 Mr. & Mrs. Ewout Heersink Helmitin Canada Inc. Henderson Partners, LLP Chartered Accountants* David & Mariella Holmes* Charles & Diana Howard Mark & Anne Hughes and Family* The Interfaith Council of Halton Angela Bruce Chapter - IODE* Bonnie & Terry Jackson* The Jean Family / National Bank Financial In memory of Elena Jean Cathy & Henry Jelinek* Peter & Joanne Kenny* Estate of Walter G. King Knights of Columbus Marian Council #3881* Kodak Canada Inc. Rudy & Ilona Kopriva* Suzanne Labarge The Lions Club of Oakville Jay & Mary Lockwood Carol & Mac Nichol Cari & Ron MacLean The Madon Family

Martin Malivoire Dean & Debbie Marks Philip Martin Mattamy Homes Limited May Court Club of Oakville* Bruce A. McMillan Alice E. McRae The Metrontario Group* Mr. & Mrs. Edward Minich Misek Family Gale & Marjan Misiurak Edward & Anna Molnar* Chris & Linda Montague* The Mundy Family* Ms. Emily E. Murphy Murron’s Cabinetree Mye Japanese Restaurant* Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nadon National Bank of Canada Richard & Judith Nunn* Oak-Land Ford Lincoln & The Sanci Family Kay & Ike Oka Bryan & Wendy Osmar Mario & Jeannie Paladino and Family in Memory of Christina Paladino Dr. Joseph & Monika Paradi Estate of Susan Belle Peacock Pearce Belden Fund Steve & Gail Pearson and Family* Pelmorex Media Inc.*

2016/ 17 Donors $1,000,000+ Peter Gilgan*^

$100,000 - $999,999 A.W.B. Charitable Foundation*^ Mr. & Mrs. T. Robert Beamish The WB Family Foundation^ Betty Birmingham* Brookfield*^ David & Judy Campbell Paul & Gerri Charette Amarna & June and Ian Cockwell*^ Joseph & Najat Dableh Family Foundation Arthur & Joanne Leitch Lochan Family*^ Pierre L. Morrissette Family Foundation*^ 20

Petro-Canada* John & Barrie Platt Alex & Emily Polimac* John & Betty Pritchard Peter & Tina Pritchard Procor Limited* Wayne & Nigela Purboo James & Yola Rager Frank Rea, Forget Me Not Flowers of Oakville* In Memory of John Rizzuti & Giovanni Lopez* June & Vincent Robbinson Rotary Club of Oakville West Foundation Rotary Club of Oakville-Trafalgar Tom & Erin Rothfischer* Royal Canadian Legion Oakville Branch #114 & Ladies Auxiliary* Sam Fromson Investments Ltd. The Samuel Group of Companies Donald & Nancy Scarrow* Schulte Family* Scotiabank Skates John & Kathy See* Shoppers Drug Mart Oakville Tree of Life L. Rodney Sim & Terry Wells Jane & Robert M. Smith In Memory of Mrs. Dorothy G. Evans Don & Pauline Smith* Bruce Smith Estate of Herman L. Smith

Estate of Mr. Leslie J. Smith James & Barbara Snow* Paul Strongman & Family* Surya Foundation TD Waterhouse In Memory of Frederick David Thorpe Tim Hortons Oakville Restaurant Owners Travelers Canada Estate of Ellen Georgina Vint Chris Wade Memorial Golf Tournament Shirley Walmsley, in loving memory of Dr. Doug Walmsley Robert & Mary Westcott Estate of Marion Elaine Wilson George & Isobel Winnett The Ruth Anne Winter Family* Winterfest Ski & Snowboard Dr. Arthur Wu The Youssef-Warren Foundation George Youssef & Susan Warren Mr. & Mrs. Frank Zamuner* ______________________________ * Indicates consecutive giving of 5 or more years

The Oakville Hospital Foundation greatly appreciates all gifts to OTMH this past year. The following lists are individuals, families, foundations, businesses and other organizations who have made contributions of $500 or more between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017. Thank you for your generosity.

Royal Bank of Canada*^ Michael & Christine Selim*^ Warren Y. Soper Charitable Trust^ Surya Foundation TD Bank Group*^ Tour de Halton* The Walmley Foundation*^ Jim & Deborah Westlake*^ The Larry & Gerry Wilson Family*^ Red & Brenda Wilson*^

$50,000 - $99,999 Bosco & Gigliotti Family^ Ann Bucke* The Budd Family*^ Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce*^

Wayne & Isabel Fox*^ Giovanni & Concetta Guglietti Family*^ Willy & Hildegard Godel Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation*^ Philip Martin^ Arvind G. Naik^ Kay & Ike Oka Dr. Joseph & Monika Paradi^ Scotiabank*^ Jim & Lois Smith and Family* Mahendra Thacker^ George & Rosemary Vassallo and The Bothwell Accurate Team^ Shirley Walmsley, in loving memory of Dr. Doug Walmsley

$25,000 - $49,999 Hugh & Colleen Balders* Shirley & Ed Barr*^ The Brenninkmeijer Family* The Derick Brenninkmeyer Charitable Foundation*^ Linda Budd Charles & Sallie Caty* Eileen Patricia Chalmers Concordia Healthcare Corp Bill & Gill Cooper* Pierre G. & Carolyn Gagnon*^ Bruce & Kelly Galloway^ Thomas & Elizabeth Heatherwick Don Honey* Mrs. Bette Hubacheck* Mark & Anne Hughes and Family*^

Warren Y. Soper Charitable Trust pledges $1 million to OTMH. Pictured here are Stephanie Kennedy, Meghan Kennedy, Jane Soper Kennedy and Lesley Kennedy

Ernest & Catherine Humphries Peter & Lisa Kotsopoulos and Family*^ Donald & Eileen Leaver* Elizabeth Lloyd^ Mr. & Mrs. Paul McNicol* Stephen & Carol Mitchell* Morguard Corporation Steve & Gail Pearson and Family*^ Piper Foods / McDonald’s Restaurant*^ Dr. Julie Khanna & Dr. Sheetal Sapra*^ Donald & Nancy Scarrow*^ The Schulte Family*^ Scotiabank Skates Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women Roger & Mags Shorey*^ Tim Hortons Oakville Restaurant Owners^ Tina Triano*^ Peter & Carol Willson / Wilson International^ Winterfest Ski & Snowboard The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation The Youssef-Warren Foundation

$15,000 - $24,999 Students of Appleby College*^ Bot Construction Group & The Silvio Bot Charitable Foundation^

Michael Bowick & Joanne Peters - In Memory of Fremont Bowick & Ray and Joan Peters* The Caine Family*^ Geoffrey & Sayre Cooke^ Corbetts Ski + Snowboard*^ Mark Dawson & Wendy Millar*^ Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life^ The Christilaw-Emerson Family Fengate Capital Management Ltd.*^ Khalid (Kal) & Thecla Ghory^ Glen Oaks Funeral Home & Cemetery^ The Govan Family*^ Halton Region Chinese Canadian Association 荷 頓 加 華 協 會^ Christopher & Lesley Invidiata and The Invidiata Team*^ The Jean Family / National Bank Financial In memory of Elena Jean^ Victor & Pearl Jones Richard & Jean Kado Peter & Joanne Kenny*^ Suzanne Labarge^ Jay & Mary Lockwood Cari & Ron MacLean^ Dean & Debbie Marks May Court Club of Oakville^ McMillan Family Foundation* Brian Baker & Colleen McMorrow^ The Metrontario Group*^

Gale & Marjan Misiurak^ Moen*^ O.E.C.T.A. - Catholic Teacher’s Union Mario & Jeannie Paladino and Family in Memory of Christina Paladino^ Sanofi-Aventis Canada Inc. John & Kathy See*^ Warren & Alexandra Somers* Paul Strongman & Family*^ Charles & Ret Swire* Brian & Susan Thomas*

$10,000 - $14,999 407 ETR^ Accu Electric Motors Bajwa Family David Agnew Sara Angelucci BCG Logistics Group Ronald & Frances Black*^ Grace Buchan* Carillion^ Celernus Nick Cianci Joel Clark & Kelly Hyatt and Family^ Coivic Contracting Ltd. Ian Collins & Olga Sanchez Peggy Coupland^ The Dell’Elce Family^ Darin & Lisa Deschamps*

Dobson and Toncic Financial Services Limited* Reinhard & Marlene Dotzlaw and Family*^ In Honour of Alexandra Edgar & Maria Villagomez Fern Hill School^ John & Pat Gandy* Geotab Stephen C. Goodrich Foundation Robert & Kelly Green Gujarati Seniors - GSSM^ Robb & Marie Heintzman and Marie Heintzman Photography Henderson Partners, LLP Chartered Accountants* Epic Tour Cycling Event Peter & Patti Hnatiw*^ Mariella & David Holmes*^ Diana Howard^ Betty Ann & Brian Jarrett*^ Cathy & Henry Jelinek*^ KJ Harrison Robert & Janice MacDonald* Heather & Ralph McCormick and Family Estate of Leonard A. Mills Minor Oaks Hockey Association Inc.*^ Minto Communities Inc Kathy & Steve Mueller The Connors Foundation* Oakville Italian Invitational Golf Tournament*^ 21

BMO Financial Group, CIBC, National Bank, RBC, Scotiabank and TD raised $98,200 during this year’s Birmingham Bank Bed Challenge.

Policaro Family Estate of Warren & Jean Powley In Honour of James Douglas Pryde*^ Wayne & Nigela Purboo^ John & Diane Richardson Kevin & Charlotte Riddell*^ Lee & Lisa Rocca and Family*^ The Ross Family*^ Tom & Erin Rothfischer* Dr. Lawrence Roy Royal Canadian Legion Oakville Branch #114 & Ladies Auxiliary*^ Oak-Land Ford Lincoln & The Sanci Family^ Sandra Schmirler Foundation The Semkiw Family^ James & Barbara Snow* Speers Flooring - Ricci Family*^ Dr. Tom Stanton & Mrs. Julie Rennie* Paul & Cathy Sustronk^ Vision Transportation Inc.* Averil & Joe Wiley and Family* Peter M. & Eve Willis* Judy & Michael Wilson*^ Zayouna Law Firm^

$5,000 - $9,999 Drs. Nalin & Vandana Ahluwalia^ Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada^ Riaz & Nimet Ahmed Bakul & Sarla Ajmera^ 22

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp Allied Properties Real Estate Investment American Iron and Metal Anita Anand & John Knowlton^ John & Barbara Armstrong*^ Alex Irish Perry & Kathy Badham^ Dick & Jean Beaumont* Bell Canada Bennington Financial Services Corp. The Bindlish Family^ BMO Bank of Montreal*^ Ken & Sharon Bradwell^ The Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation Bum Contract Furniture Ltd. Chau Family^ Ramesh & Krishna Chotai^ Danny Cisterna & Joan Devine*^ Norman & Leslie Clubb Credit Valley Oral Surgery Cross Avenue Auto Services & Sales Inc.* Michael & Patricia Danyluk*^ Tony & Melinda D’Attoma Theresa & Stephen Daub Jyotsna, Jigna, Jignesh & Jayanti Davda^ Santo De Arcangelis & High Reach Inc.*^ Nancy & Tim Deakon* Christine Donaldson

The D’Orazio Family* David & Helene Dougherty*^ Dr. Robert Saunders Dentistry Equipment Sales & Service Limited Extendicare Inc.* Fengate Real Asset Investments The Finelli Family Bill & Sue Finkle and Family^ First Ontario Credit Union Dick & Diane Freeborough* Mr. David Gagner^ Mark & Liz Galloway*^ GHD Limited Rukaiya Godhrawala & Shabbir Safri*^ Nancy Gossling*^ Tom & Lynda Green*^ Guido & Anna Groppini Hadrian Manufacturing Inc.* Jim & Melinda Harrison^ Raza & Sadaf Hasan^ HATCH Ltd. Terry & Karen Hatherell*^ Charles Havill Craig & Tami Hayman and Family^ Dr. Michael & Judi Heffernan*^ Mary Elizabeth Heisey Christie Henderson & Kirk Biggar*^ High Reach Inc.* Highview Financial Group John Hoey

Honeywell Building Solutions Lila Irving Javelin Technologies*^ In Honour of Otto Jelinek^ John W S Preston Foundation Kennedy Ford Wayne and Dawn Kreppner Kurl for Kids Pro-Am Charity Bonspiel* Nathan LaFayette Jean-Paul Laurin Daniel Ledgerwood* Lee Rocca Forming Ltd.* Helmut & Annette Liehr* Lighting Center* MacNaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson Planning Limited The Alice and Murray Maitland Foundation Manulife Financial Dr. Russell Mao & Dr. Gwen Liu^ McAlpine Family, In memory of Wayne McAlpine*^ James & Laurie McCarney*^ Dr. David & Elaine McConachie and Family*^ Michael McSorley - In Memory of Marion P. McSorley*^ Brian & Cindy Meagher and Family^ K J Meinert Family^ The Melo Family^ Edward & Anna Molnar*^ Reg & Joyce Monaghan and Family

Monastery Bakery & Delicatessen Ltd.^ Chris & Linda Montague^ The Mundy Family* Mye Japanese Restaurant*^ Mark Harrington - National Academy of Health & Business^ David Nourse Malcolm & Linda Nourse Aleks & Donna Novakovic^ Novartis Pharma Canada Inc. John & Ellie Nyholt*^ Oakville United Taxi Ltd.^ Ontario Arts Council Marie Jose Overweel* Brad & Kathy Owen* Dr. Sanjay & Tracey Pandeya^ Don & Roseanna Parans Lillian H. Parsons Jitendra Patel & Prakash Patel^ Late Savitaben & Kantibhai Patel^ In Memory of Kusumben & Vithalbhai Patel^ Nita & Shailesh Patel^ Dr. Girdhari & Chanda Devi Patodia^ John & Leslie Pearson* John Philp & Sara Turner* Genevieve Plank, in memory of William J. Plank^ Ed & Kim Podivinsky Alex & Emily Polimac* PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Procor Limited* Brad & Sheila Purkis* RBC Dominion Securties Michael & Sylvia Reilly Cynthia Robins* Rotary Club of Oakville^ Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Provincial Command Branches & Ladies’ Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation Saints Peter and Paul Serbain Orthodox Parish of Oakville and Mississauga^ Frank & Susan Salvatore*^

Dr. Danny Sapir & Bryna Kaplan^ Schiavone Diamond Rolf Schoene* Mahendra & Malti Shah*^ Ramnik & Champa Shah^ Sharma & Gautam Families in honour of Kirti Holmes and Kiran Gautam^ Surinder, Pravin Sharma & Family^ Magdy & Sylvia Sidhom* The Hunter Family Signature Authentics Skate Oakville^ Snapd Oakville^ Jane Soper Kennedy Stantec Consulting Ltd.* Mark & Kim Thompson Town of Oakville Kokila & Shantilal Vashi^ Brian & Ann Veale* Paul Vienneau*^ WalterFedy^ Jennifer Walton Ms Irene Whalley & Ms Norma Stewart Don & Carol Wharin* Whitehall Homes / The Farris Family^ The Ruth Anne Winter Family*^ Mrs. Moira Wood^ Cristian & James Ziegel*^

$2,500 - $4,999 The Altamira Foundation Ancam Solutions Company Ltd. Andreopoulos Family (Owners Sunset Grill Oakville)^ Bill & Margie Andrews*^ Angela Bruce Chapter - IODE* Artists Studio Avison Young Bill & Debbie Aziz^ Bob & Anne Aziz and Family*^ Michele & Patrick Bailey / Blazing the Agency

The Baker & McCormick Families^ John & Kelly Beales^ Bearing Capital Partners Derek & Melanie Blakely Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. Bruce & Karen Etherington^ Karl & Darlene Burnham* Peggy Cameron* John & Kim Catalano*^ The Civitan Club of Oakville Scott & Caroline Collier* Geoffrey Creighton Family Crescent Hill Gallery CRH Canada Group Inc.* Robin & Cynthia Das Jones Delauriers Dr. & Mrs. Leslie Dennis* Scott & Linda Dobson Enterprise Holdings Sandra & James Farley and Family - Violet & Douglas Maxwell and Family^ Ford Motor Company - Global Consumer Systems* The Grilli Fournier Family Foundation^ Sean & Jodi French* Patrick French Bruce & Monica Friesen^ Molly Fuller Fuller Landau LLP GL Chemtec International Ltd.^ Golf for Grant Michael Grey The Groves/Hunter Family^ Dr. Kenny Handelman Timothy Henry & L. Christy Winder Fobes Hewlett* John & Doreen Hobbs* The Ruby & Jack Jackson Fund^ Bonnie & Terry Jackson* Kaars Sijpesteinjn Family Dr. Aliya Khan & Dr. Mohammed V. Khan^

Kingridge Developments Frank Klemenchuk KPMG* Landmark Sport Group Inc. Dr. Alex & Mary Lui Mark A. Macartney* Gary & Karen MacDonald Al & Christine Magee Dr. Lorne Martin*^ James McKergow Rob Mollenhauer Bill & Brenda Murphy*^ National Bank of Canada John & Marie Neal* Oakville Italian Club*^ Dr. Jan Orfi & Dr. Heather Brien*^ Palvi & Devendra Patel^ Penalta Group Ltd. Paul & Jan Peters*^ Edward Pettinato* James Politeski & Laura Klemenchuk*^ Bill & Sheila Polley* Andy Potter* RBC Insurance David & Alanna Reckin Ross Reimer* River Side Macedonian Senior Citizens Club of Oakville and Mississauga*^ Rotherglen School* Royal Canadian Legion Branch 486 Bronte and Ladies Auxiliary* Claire Salisbury Mr. and Mrs. Scheuring Lilian Scime*^ M.A. Louise & Michael Scott* Mr. John Sheedy & Dr. Patricia Plaxton* Susie Shorey & Jamie List*^ Pasquale & Loredana Sinaguglia from Pasquale’s Trattoria^ The Somers Family*^ James Spence Squint Eyewear

Filipino Social Club completes their $25,000 pledge to OTMH. 23

St. John Paul II Elementary^ St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church*^ Star Fleet Construction Elizabeth Strong* Chris Thatcher* Trafalgar Ridge Montessori School and TRMS Families^ Union Gas Limited The Watson Family* Western Regency Construction Inc. Allen Wightman^ Margaret & David (Davy) Wilson^ Ron & Helen Worton*^ Fan Wu Irene & Walter Yersh, in honour of Serena Lynn Yersh*

$1,000 - $2,499 A. Wesley Paving Ltd.* Accents for Living Acura of Oakville* Reginald & Maureen Adams*^ Andrew Adams Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Aicklen*^ Carmina Alcantra Tom & Janet Alton Lorne & Mary Ames* George & Angèle Anastasopoulos^ Arcamm Electric Paul C. Armstrong Jagjit & Santokh Assi Gary Atkin Stephanie & Peter Atkinson* William E. Bailey*

Doris Baker Patricia M. Balme* Constantin D. Barcados* Bark Place Art Doug & Katy Bartlett Roger & Brenda Beach* Becks-D’Souza Family George & Cheryl Bell^ Cathy Benbow Plewes*^ Jacqueline & Roy Benin^ Lorenzo Biondi Harold & Susan Blackadar Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bloemen* Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Blowers* Blue Star Trucking Limited Michael & Michelle Bogle^ Jim & Lisa Booth* Mr. & Mrs. Robert Booth*^ Mr. Don Bowder* Joe Brandt* Mr. Harold & Dr. Kathleen Bridge* Rick & Sharron Brown*^ Budd’s Imported Cars Pearce & Stephanie Bunting* Robert Burgess Burlington Lions Club^ Steve & Martha Burnham Francis Bury*^ Tim Byrne C.I.P. C.M. Whiteside Roofing* Peter & Cassandra Callahan Vittorio Cambone* Paul & Susan Cameron^ Richard & Alison Campbell^

Canadian Centre for Healthcare Facilities Canadian Tire Financial Services Ansie Carew Pete & Erlinda Carin^ Marc B. Carrafiello* Cliff Carson Sam & Gloria Carusi* Linda Cavasin* Tony & Alicia Cestra Jane Chaboryk Sanjiv Chadha Wing Ching Chan Yue Chun Chan Norman & Janet Chandler* Colin Chappell Dr. Stephen & Vicky Chin^ Gary Chin Clanmore Montessori School^ Mr. & Mrs. Ted Cook Eleanor & Will Cornelissen^ Stephen & Patricia Coulson Frederick Cowell Edward Crighton* In Loving Memory of Diane E. Cross & Dr. Ronald G. Cross* Cushman & Wakefield Ltd. Customized Lending Solutions Group Gina D’Attoma* Joe Daurizio* Charles Davidson Leanna Dean Demetre Deliyanakis & Brigitte Dupre^ Thomas & Julia Della Maestra Delmanor Glen Abbey^

Design 4 Construction* Jacob DeVries^ Jonathan DeVries^ Carey Diamond Tim & Jennifer Diamond^ Diblasio Construction Gary Dobbie Jerome & Anita Dorschell Segun & Bunmi Dosunmu^ James Douglas* Dr. Hussam Al Fakir Dentistry Professional Corportation Denley & Karina Drummond^ Dunpar Homes Tim Durrant & Linda Austin*^ Eastside Auto Victoria Edmunds Lenore Edmunds Stanley Einarson* Mark & Lindsay Ellis^ Harold & Evelyn Elsie*^ Victor & Joyce Enns* Everstrong Construction Daphne & Robert Excell Expressions In Art F1 Freight Systems* Carol Fahey* Eleonor Falbo FarAway Greens Indoor Golf Alan & Jeanne Farmaner*^ Alan & Jennifer Farrer* Wendy Fasken & Frank Herbert* Dr. Jillian & Adam Feberwee* Paulene Ferenci* Ann & Blair Ferguson^ Filipino Social Club of Oakville^

This year Kurl for Kids raised more than $80,000 for OTMH’s Special Care Nursery.


John and Sabine Findlay Marnie Fleming & Colin Mooers Jeff & Bonnie Flemington*^ Bert Fong Donalda Fordham* Foresters Alexander G. Balogh & Marie Fortier-Balogh Mark & Loren Francis^ Chris Fregren Peter & Carol Furlong Robert Gale Uma & Krishnamurthi Ganesan^ Bedros Garabetian* GHM Contracting* Goemans Appliances Goh Family George & Carol Gordon*^ William & Grace Gowanlock*^ Sean & Stacey Graglia^ Suzanne Graham Pamela Green & Family^ Marny & Brem Green* Valerie Jean Griffiths* Karna & Maria Gupta Geoffrey Gyles Suzanne Hallsworth*^ Dale R. Hancocks* Brian & Julia Hanna^ Denise & Anthony Hardenne* D. Grant Crosbie & Karen Harrington*^ Rayner & Jean Hayhow* Helen Healey Graham Henderson Ren & Marion Henderson James & Hannelore Hewitt Peter & Audrey Hirst^ Shirley Hitchcox* The Hledin Family^ David Hoff Dr. Aaron Hong Fraser & Samantha Horn Derek & Peggy Horsey*^ Peter Hundeck*^ Imperial Rug Galleries Inc. E. Ruth Inglehart Paul Ivanoff & Teresa Howarth^ J.H. Rattray Trust* Rawdon Jackson Marzieh Jajarmi Dr. Hanif Jamal Nick & Andria Jelinek^ Jonathon D. Fischer Foundation Dr. Robert G. Jones & Joan Manwaring and Family Russell Kemp* Lionel C. Kilburn, P.Eng., PhD Paul & Dorothy Kinsman* Aletha Kirkwood* Knar Michael Knuckey^ Charles & Jane Kucey Lanhack Architects*

Betty Larish Fong Lau Jay & Tanya Leedale*^ Ian & Barbara Lennox Colin & Helen Litton*^ Wen Zhan Liu John & Mary Lofts F. Long*^ Longford International Ltd.* Dale & Maureen Lukassen* Lunch Box Orders Inc Todd & Katherine MacGregor and Family*^ Cathryn Mackel Catherine MacMaster*^ Phyllis Madill Badr & Karina Malak Christina Marsh* John R. Marshall*^ David & Gladys Martin* Kathy Marton* The Massage Clinic Health Centres Robert Mayhew Peter & Lynn McAdam Joan & Brian McCann Dr. Robert & Bertha McCarney Ann McCulloch* Greg McDonald & Sarah Adams* John McKechnie R. Stuart McKenzie* Barbara McLean* Douglas & Lorraine McMullen*^ John & Kim McPhaden Doug & Amanda McPherson Jessie McTavish* Megaloid Laboratories Ltd Melrose Investments Inc. Trevor & Britta Miles^ Milestone Foster Homes Brian Mills Misani Custom Design Brigitte Misera^ Thomas & Sandra Monahan Kevin Moniz Carole Moore^ Morneau Shepell Patrick & Wendy Morris Willard Morrison* Mosaik Homes Suzanne Muir Joan & Ian Murray* Dr. Yoshinobu Nabeta* Paul Newman* David & Eileen Newton Issa Nicholas Atef Nicholas Ross Nishimura Ted & Peggy Nobbs* North Star Electric* Scott & Steff Nourse Richard & Judith Nunn* Sharon Oake

O’Connor MacLeod Hanna, Barristers and Solicitors*^ John & Joanna Oliver*^ Ontario Power Generation Employees’ Charity Trust* Lyn O’Reilly* Tony Oresti Nancy Osberg Borden & Jeanne Osmak* Otis Canada, Inc. Paintech Ltd.* David Pakrul Don & Judi Pangman*^ John & Phyllis Parish* Margaret Parker Dr. Donald & Beverley Peat^ Steven Peros Peter D’Attoma Memorial Fund*^ Ronald & Loretta Phinney Linda Picheca^ Janet Pinney John Pinney Martin Pinney Trevor Pinney William Pirie* PM WYRE PMA Canada Dan & Karen Poole* Timothy & Tricia Porter Kenneth, Dayle, Cody & Matthew Price*^ Pusateri’s Oakville Limited John & Maureen Quinn*^ R. Roszell Plumbing* Sansar Singh & Surrinder Kaur Rai, In honour of my father Puran Singh Rai^ Harley & Jean Ranson*^ John M. Reading*^ Remington Homes Revera - Trafalgar Lodge Lois Rice Oscar Rieger Beth Robertson Michelle Roche^ Angela Roode^ Rovinelli Construction Inc.* Matthew & Tanya Rowntree Edward Ruddy Jason Rupert Ryan Sanderson Victor & Jelka Saric*^ Saunders, Saxton & Winter Inc. John & Marianne Sawyer* Ronald & Irene Schelfhaut*^ Patte Seaton* Barbara Seymour* Carlo Sguassero Shan Freightway Inc. In Honour of Surinder Kumar & Pravin Lata Sharma and Family Peggy and Dick Sharpe* Jarvis & Susan Sheridan*^ Bhajan S. Shoan* Preston Shorey

David & Karen Simmonds Lorn & Beryl Sinclair* Lois Patricia Sinclair*^ Roop Singh Mand Ronald Smit Darrin Smith & Tina Sullivan^ Don & Pauline Smith* Maurice & Patricia Solar* Steven & Tannia Sotnick Monica Soulabaille Lloyd & Michele Sparling Timothy Speed*^ Geoff Sprang* Sharrol & Jim Sprott and Family* Jason Squires Robert & Ruth Stapleford* Juanita Stavro*^ Ian Stephenson Donald J. Stewart Hazel & David Strachan* Robert Streeton* Studio 49 Supreme Insurance* Kyle & Monique Talbot Tee Zone Driving Range Silvano & Marilyn Tesainer*^ Larry Theall Sally & James Thomson Timm Enterprises Ltd.* Stanley & Janet Tingle Gloria Topping Helena Trabulsi*^ Dan & Nancy Tregunno^ In Memory of Jan Truman* Urs & Judith Uhlmann The Valadka family^ John & Sharon Van Den Elzen^ Innes Van Nostrand Ros & Al Vanderburgh Karen & Alan Vaughan*^ Harold Vogt* Paul Wadland Joe Walsh*^ Mandy Walsh*^ The Ward Family Foundation^ Benjamin Ward Ken Wedlake Mrs. Wendy Wehrli* Steve Weishar & Amber Newall* West Metro Express* Wick Phillips Gould & Martin Llp Dagmar Wieshofer*^ Will Davidson LLP The Marjorie & Briggs Williams Foundation* Eric Winn Boris & Judith Wintonyk Bo & Arlene Wisser Jeff & Leanne Zabudsky^ Rob & Ann Zamuner and Family* Zamuner Family* Greg & Nancy Zavitz


$500 - $999 The Acheson Family Foundation* ADI Development Group Clayton Adliff Joseph Alberga* Zaid Aldajani*^ Allworth & Associates Sharon Alton Altruists of Oakville Ambient Mechanical Ltd. Brandon Anderson Philip & Christina Annis June Archer Marco Armilio Doreen Atkinson*^ Doug & Donna Auld*^ Arnold & Signy Austen Austin Carroll Pool Construction* Kyle Badham Ryan Badham Arslan Baig Thomas Bain Baking Up Treble Manju Bala^ Ron Bannerman*^ Joan Barber* C. Barnard & M. Bristol* Irene Baynes*^ Barbara & Dell Bedard*^ Mark Bellino L. Benfeitinho Anthony Bennett* Bernardi Building Supply* Louisette Bevans Gerald Bird*^ Brian Bissessar John & Barbara Black Joanna Blair John Blair^ Andrew Bland David Bloor* Ursula Bock*^ Boffo’s The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada* Roger Boire*^ Christina Bloczak Ian & Constance Diana Bovey* Jeffrey Bowles Gary Brent Anthony Breuer* Valerie Bricknell Louis Brooks*^ Martin & Lynn Brown* Barbara Brown* Jason Brown^ Thomas Budd* Trudy Burchell Paula Burghardt* John & Ann Burkus* Nigel Byars* Jamie Caeiro 26

Rita Callan^ Susan Calvert-Gordon^ Ted & Cecile Caputo^ Lorne Carrier^ Richard J. Carryer Dr. David & Jane Cartwright* CEO Global Network Inc.* Deepak Chagger Jacki Challenger^ Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage Ramez & Ragaa Chouhaiber* Mrs. T.N. Christilaw* CI Investments Cimmaster Inc. CMP Wholesale Meats Ann Coates* Coco Paving Inc. Jocelyn & Chris Coderre^ Coldmax Group Inc. Joseph Colicos Anthony Colledge^ Concept Lighting Group Roger Cook* The Adrian & Mary Coote Family Trust* John & Fay Copland Cornerstone Builders Megan Cote Terry Coughlin Deron Cousens Croatian Folklore Ensemble Tim Crowder^ Curt Cumming Howard & Edna Dale Joan D’Arcy* Peter D’Attoma Thomas & Jane Davis*^ Mike DeFreitas Martin Dekkers Diane Del Monte^ Steve & Tammy Demaine Dentons Canada The Di-Mond Group Stephen & Ruth Dixon Gillian Doherty Alison Doherty^ James Dol In Loving Memory of Muriel Donnelly (Maureen Donnelly)* Kevin Donnelly - in memory of Mrs. Muriel Donnelly* Fridrich Drews* Tim D’Souza Michelle Dubiel Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Dubreuil*^ Mrs. Ann J. Dunbar* Robert Dunsmore* Sylvia Dupuis* Dynergy Energy Management Inc. David Eagles*^ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Edey*^ Ted Edgar^

Safaa Elashmawy^ Ibrahim El-Rayes*^ Mary Ann Elvidge* Dr. Eric Engmann & Dr. Mary Zachos and Family^ Exsalonce Laser & Esthetics Eli Faerge Paul Fahey James & Elizabeth Fahey* W. Andrew Falls Mr. and Mrs. Jan Feberwee* Mary Fellner Harry & Kathleen Ferguson* Fidelity Investments Canada Limited Financial Professionals Inc. Helen Flemington* James & Virginia Fletcher*^ Margaret Foley* Mario & Michelle Forgione Elma & Al Forto*^ Foto Reflection Four Corners Group Inc. Catriona Franc*^ Bonnie Franklin James Fraser* William & Mary-Belle Fulton* Robert J. Fulton* Sheila Garner Khalid Gazala & Lina Saeed Derek George*^ Robert Gibbons*^ Kelly Gibbs^ Marcel Gingras* Glazier Opticians Ltd Brian & Caroline Glenn* Catherine Goacher*^ The Goddard, Fahey, McCartney Wealth Management Group Harvey & Marianne Gold Sandra & Jeffery Goldstein Thomas Goldstein* Laurence Goldwater Golf Canada Sheila & David Gore*^ Robert R. Graham* The Wendy & Keith Gray Foundation Joan Gregory*^ Hardial Singh Grewal Grguric Architects Alexander & Hazel Grozier*^ George Guedikian Donald & Amy Hall Hussam Hanieh*^ David W. Hanna* Neil Harrison*^ Kenneth & Patricia Hart Eleanor Harvey^ Larissa Hastings Hauser Michael & Rosemary Hawkins* John Hawthorne David & Karen Hayes^

Theresa Heckman Kenneth & Sonia Hedges*^ Cedric Henderson* Paul Henderson Mike Herniakl Karl Herrmann* Shawn Hewitt & Deb Campbell Graeme & Elizabeth Hibberd* Jose & Frances Hilado* Alfred Hilton William & Margaret Hockin* Elaine Hooper*^ Terry & Ruth Hope John Horsfield Ross & Rita Hotchkiss* Chris & Laura Hughes Marcia Hutchison* Investors Group J.W. Smith Customs Brokers* Rob Jackman Raymond Jackson* Margaret Jardine*^ Ray Jasavala*^ Dhanya Jayaleth Elizabeth Jefferson Henry Jekel* Anita Jelinek^ Julie Jelinek^ Ross Johnson Julie Johnson^ Michelle Kerby* Saadia Khan Valli Kichodhan* Kidsopolis Family Entertainment Centre^ Cecilia Kish*^ Kler Dental Centre Kristian Knibutat Peter Kolisnyk In Memory of Rudy Kopriva* Christopher Kowalchuk Adam Kozak John Krznaric*^ Edwin Kukurs Labatt Breweries Of Canada Ronald Lanthier Peter Law Stephanie Lebaron^ Ken & Carma Lecuyer Clara Lee Lexus of Oakville* Liuna Local 183 Carina Lochan* Geoffrey & Susan Logan Rose Longo^ Mr. Gary S. Love* Joseph & Maryellen Love* Anthony Lyons & Juhu Karma M.G. Miscellaneous Metals Inc.* April Macdonald, in memory of John K. Macdonald* Brian MacDonald* William MacDonald*

The 2016 Shoppers Love You Run for Women event raised more than $40,000 for women’s mental health programs at OTMH.

Marci MacDonald*^ Cynthia MacDonald*^ Leah Macey Paula Mackay^ Terry MacKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Neil MacMillan* Tony Maddalena^ Maicon ICI Inc Dana Maloney Steve & Frances Mantle Guy Marcil*^ Marek Hospitality Inc. Christopher Marmont Geoff Marshall* Aleta Mayer*^ James McAskill & Agata Stelmach*^ Heather McCann & Douglas Jaffray James McGee Tim McIntosh^

Ken McKenzie* Janet & Jim McLauchlan* Alexander McLean Carolyn & Jim McLeod and Family*^ Lester McLeod*^ McMaster University* Neil & Hendrika McNeill Michael Melanson^ Odette Melendez Ortega^ Mico Systems Inc.* Ryaan Middleton Mirjana Mihaljcic Elaine & Ron Miller* Mr. & Mrs. William Miller* Minks Contracting Ltd. Allyson Mitchell Catherine Moore*^ Will & Jennifer Moore^ Bridget Moran Mountainview Mortgage

Sam & Betty Muller* Glenn Munro Alireza Naderipour^ Naiem Nairouz Nisar and Khalida Naziri* Jay Neadles*^ Ralph Neville* Maryam Niazi Gillian Niblett* David Nielsen* Kazuo Nishimura* Sharon Norris^ Northwood Family Office The Oakville Club Oakville Cycle and Sports Oakville Feis Association Oakville Glass and Mirror Limited Gwen Oliver Oracle Eyewear John & Elizabeth Osborne^

Nazmieh & Amine Osman’s Family^ Palroc Investments* Paragon Security Parkland Industries Ltd Mark Partington Dr. Jayesh & Jahnvi Patel and Family Joan Patterson Joe Pearce* Sherly Pearson Stacy Peereboom Shaun Persaud Lucia Pinheiro Anne Pollock*^ Dan & Margaret Ponn Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Porter* Andris Priede PTP Contracting Rookmin Ramprashad Mumtaz Rana*^ 27

Dr. Neil Rau* Hamid Razzaghi Re/Max Aboutowne Realty Corp. Andrew Redmond Ryan & Pamela Reid^ Frederich & Hannelore Reimer* Kjell Renstrom*^ Alan & Nancy Richmond Fund* Nick Rinaldi Dieter & Ingrid Ringler* Anne & James Ritchie* Marguerite Robichaud^ Sylvia Rodgers* David Rodier* Henry L. Roeser* Paul Roeser*^ The Rogers & Quinn Family* Kelly Roy^ Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. Ryerson University RZCD Law Firm LLP* Nargis Saher Peter & Carmella Saiolla Charles Sanderson Dean & Olivia Sane^ Pierre Scharette^ Fred Schmid Allan & Wendy Schmidt*^ Mark Schober

Bertha Scott Ronald & Deborah Scott* Karen Scott* Sentry Investments Muhammad U Shah^ David & Rosemary Shea* Joy Shore* Donald Sinclair Mary Sinclair^ Rajpal Singh Diljit Singh Barry Slater Norm Sneyd Ralf Soeder*^ A. Lorne & Elaine Sparrow*^ Max Spear Joan Spencer* Carolyn Spriggs* St. Ignatius of Loyola Secondary School St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School Steer Insurance Rex & Sharon Stephenson*^ Pamela Strachan* Ronald & Kathleen Strathdee* Strickland Mateljan Design Associates Sun Life Financial* Marie Sutcliffe

Mary M. Sutherland*^ William Szego Alex Tait Marie Temple Bolt Patricia Ternan Larry Thomas* Matthew Thomas Beverley Thomas* Thorek/Scott And Partners In Memory of Frederick David Thorpe Tiga Industrial Inc. Cheryl Tilson*^ Miles Tisdale William Tofflemire Paul Tomkinson Top Notch Cabinets Inc. Andrea Torrens Total Tech Pools And Leisure Trikore Construction Inc. Michael Trowell Anthony Turco Edward Turner Turnkey Modular Systems Inc. George & Doris Usher* Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Vaughan VelocityEHS William Verity Gudurn Vernaleken Sachi Voruganti^

Craig Wadsworth^ Gary Walker Ronald Warren^ Robert Waurick* Janette Weiler WeirFoulds LLP Donald & Zografia Welch* Brian H. Wheatley, Q.C.* Charles W. Whipple* Gwen Whittall* Alfred & Eileen Wiens Stephen Williams Jim & Rachel Williams^ Joan Wilson* Mr. & Mrs. Richard I.R. Winter Stephen Wright Eric & Margaret Wyler Sung-Sik Yu*^ Zamuner Family Marie Zehr^ Ronald & Beverley Ziegel*^ Cathy Zuraw* Ken Zwarich* ______________________________ ^ Indicates part of a larger pledge * Indicates consecutive giving of 5 or more years

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, the 2016 OTMH Sunset Cinema raised more than $23,000 net. 28

Endowment Funds We gratefully acknowledge community members who have established the following funds to benefit the Oakville Hospital Foundation in perpetuity. American Women’s Club of Oakville Hospital Fund Pearce Belden Fund The Marjorie and Briggs Williams Foundation The Elizabeth Bush Memorial Fund The Daphne and William Cockwell Oakville Hospital Fund Wayne and Isabel Fox Endowment Patricia Anne Hayes Wilson Fund The Don and Eileen Leaver Foundation John Lloyd Memorial Fund The Frank and Azniv Lochan OHF Fund Eleanor Mellish Fund Mental Wellness Network Endowment Fund

Kelly New and Barbara Hepburn Fund Lillian H. Parsons Bursary Graham and Christine Rennie Family Fund The Alan and Nancy Richmond Fund The Shorey Family Fund - OTMH James and Barbara Snow Family Foundation Charles and Ret Swire Fund Dr. Owen Warr Memorial Fund Isobel G. Welch Bursary Fund Jack and Eleanor Whitely Fund Harry and Edna Rosier Memorial Fund

Friends of Tomorrow The Foundation is proud to recognize the following donors who have provided for the Oakville Hospital Foundation in their will, in addition to the many families who wish to remain anonymous. Tom & Janet Alton Doug & Donna Auld The Bob & Anne Aziz Family Shirley & Ed Barr Mike & Alissa Bartlett Jean & Dick Beaumont John & Jeanne Belford Hector & Lily Boyd Carol Brayman Tina Breckenridge June & Barry Brooks Frances & Monty Brown The Bucke Joint Partner Trust Joan & Jack Burkholder Alayne & Kenneth Christie Judith Cooper Bruce & Marie Cumming Carol Fahey James & Sandra Farley Donalda Fordham

Gordon M. Grant & Shirley L. Grant Marny Green Ian & Jean Grieve Thomas Anthony Hennelly Donald & Linda Higgins Bette Hubacheck Ross & Patricia Hutchison Lauraine Lauber John & Margaret Mackay Christopher & Pamela Manning Maria & Sal Marino Joyce McLean MacDonald The Muddiman Family Sam and Betty Muller John Christopher Munro Heidi Nadon John & Ellie Nyholt Gale O’Brien Claire R. O’Quinn Lyn O’Reilly

Winsor & Ruth Ann Pepall Sheila & Bill Polley Jean Powley Mike & Verna Purcell John & Maureen Quinn Jack Robertson Donald & Nancy Scarrow Mags & Roger Shorey James & Barbara Snow Gordon & Joan Stevenson Terry & Margaret Still Moira Thom Dr. Ravindranjali Trivedi Janette Weiler Peter & Eve Willis Glen & Lorraine Yates William Zimmerman Peter & Sandra Zulauf


Abraham Lincoln

3001 Hospital Gate, Oakville ON L6M 0L8 905.338.4642 | Charitable Registration Number: 13145 3490 RR0001

Oakville Hospital Foundation 2016/17 Annual Report  
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