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Food Codice Project outline – Due April 25th beginning of class Below is the outline for how your Food Codice should be organized. This is only an outline. The Food Codice should be done in larger poster paper (that I will provide) however you should start by doing research first on the following: 1. For each vitamin and mineral write its function in a few short sentences to a paragraph. Be specific. 2. Illustrate (draw or print from the computer and glue) at least two and list at least another three to five healthy sources of each vitamin and mineral below. (no saturated fats or trans fats for example). 3. Must be colored. Black and white is boring for a finished codice. 4. Indicate with an asterisk the food sources are in the garden boxes on the school campus. Proteins


Vitamins A

Function in the body Drawings, list of examples of foods

B B12 C D E K Iron Group

Minerals Calcium Zinc Iodine


Carbohydrates Selenium Phosphorus Potassium



A lesson plan used by health teachers at Oakland Unity High School helps students keep track of their nutritional intake by using codices, a...