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donates food to homeless for holidays


t’s that time of year again: the malls are crowded, the lines are long and the air is filled with holiday cheer. You walk into the grocery store with a list of foods for a holiday feast, and as you hand your money to the cashier, a small photo of a boy with big, pleading eyes just begging for holiday donations catches your eye. “Poor thing,” you say to yourself as you imagine a place that could be so cruel. Meanwhile, less than three miles away, family’s stand in line with the same desperate expression at “Food for Families,” a non profit organization that serves free food to unemployed and low income residents. The day before Thanksgiving, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) went to the food bank and helped organize food into meal boxes, each with nine different categories of food and a small turkey for each family. “The people who worked there full-time immediately gave us assignments when we arrived like bagging, packaging, stocking canned foods or delivering the boxes to cars,” said senior Nader Hussein. “The experience taught me to be more thankful for the food I have, because the people who go to these banks can’t get food as easily as we can. Sometimes we throw food away when other people really need

it, so we should make an effort to help them because it’s not their fault if they’re hurt at work and can’t get a job.” President of MSA, Ibrahim Al-Khalaf, brought the project to the clubs attention, not only to fulfill a fundamental duty of Islam, but also to spread a more positive image of the religion around the community. “One of the pillars of Islam is to give a donation to the poor,” Al-Khalaf said. “Usually people interpret that as giving money, but what I want to emphasize this year is that money can only go so far, and what we really need to give is our time so that we can truly give everything and not only be humble, but understand what other people go to so that we can appreciate what we have.” History teacher Donald Clark adopted the group three years ago and continues to sponsor their meetings, which take place every Tuesday in room 216, and their prayer sessions, which are held Fridays after school in the Lecture Hall. “Haywon Yi, a former history teacher at Oakton, thought that I would be open minded and tolerant enough to take on the club, so how could I resist?” Clark said. “They didn’t have a sponsor, and they are such an energetic, engaged group of committed students. I think it’s very important for Muslims in America both to assimilate as Americans, but to also retain the pride in their tradition and culture, and this group gives the students an opportunity to share experiences and show that terrorists are a very small extremist

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- roya crider, staff writer, can be reached at roya.crider@

Students spend their winter breaks traveling around the world

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December 18, 2008

segment of the Middle Eastern society, and that it is unIslamic.” Signs of the ‘giving spirit’ wearing out between holiday seasons persuaded Al-Khalaf to steer the club in a positive and productive direction by continuing to spread service throughout the community for the entire year. “It was interesting because when I called the food bank to ask if they needed help, the woman answering the phones said that they needed a lot of help, but also that a lot of people come to help during Thanksgiving or other holidays but not so much in between,” said Al-Khalaf. “These people need to eat all year round though, which is why I’m dedicated to going back to the food bank and helping the rest of the year.” The MSA already has a list of volunteer activities they will be attending for the rest of the year, and Al-Khalaf plans to participate in a collaborative effort with the Jewish club and the Fellowship of Christian athletes to further enhance Oakton’s involvement in the community. “Community service is not just something that only a religious community can participate in- it’s open for everybody, and you don’t have to be Muslim to join the club,” Al-Khalaf said.

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“Gears of War 2” is a perfect example of everything fun in shooting games today. The graphics are impeccable, the guns are big, the things you shoot are giant and the game throws you into the action early on, not letting up for a second. Overall, the story mode campaign is a blast to play through, and it’s backed by an excellent multiplayer setting. Blowing your friends apart on Xbox Live with the awesome weapons in “Gears of War 1” was always fun, and it’s been made even better in the sequel. Host advantage has been greatly reduced, and several new game modes like “Capture the Flag” and “King of the Hill” are now available. In the new Horde mode, you and up to four friends work together to survive wave after wave of Locust. If you’re looking for an intense and thrilling good time, then rev up your chainsaw bayonets and dive into “Gears of War 2” this holiday season; just keep this one away from the little ones in the family.

December 18, 2008

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What was the best or worst holiday gift you ever received?

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Do Fairfax County Public School holiday breaks discriminate based on religion?

Three students of differing religions discuss Fairfax County’s break policies and their own religious holiday family traditions. Heather Hildreth, senior What religion are you? “I don’t practice any religion. I’m an atheist.”

Were you raised atheist or did you choose that for yourself? “My parents never took me or my brother to church or temple or mosque because they wanted me and my brother to figure out what we believe in. I just developed into believing that there is no God but that has

Do you think it is fair that Fairfax County only gives Christian holidays off of school? “I definitely think that breaks are geared towards Christian holidays but I like them so I can’t complain. Everyone deserves a break so it’s nice that they happen to be during the holidays.” Should students of other religions be forced to take school off for their major holidays? “People who have a religious holiday take school off and I don’t think that’s really fair but I don’t know how that’s going to be fixed.”



When are the major holidays celebrated? “It’s not a certain time of year like Christianity, it’s all around.”

a sc

What does your family do to celebrate the major holidays? “We pray to God. We get together with family; it’s not very formal.”

What are the major Jewish holidays? “Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the most important. They are known as the high holidays. Other smaller holidays include Hannukah, Passover and Porum.” rz

What religion do you practice? “I’m Hindu.”


Anita Tadakamalla, sophomore

What religion do you practice? “I’m Jewish.”

Do you think it is fair that school holidays always fall on Christian holidays? “Because we do have some holidays that fall during winter break or other breaks as well. I do think it’s fair because our student body isn’t very diverse. We also don’t get off for Jewish and Muslim holidays, so it seems fair.”


For the major holidays do you take school off? “Normally we take school off but we don’t get school off. This year I had three tests and music auditions on Yom Kippur. These obligations make taking off school difficult.” Should Fairfax County give time off for other major holidays besides Christmas and Easter? “We are a minority, and the county doesn’t have time to give off for every major holiday. I know there are some counties where you do get time off, but in Fairfax County we aren’t a big enough minority to get the high holidays off.” What, if anything, does your family do to celebrate the holidays over winter break? “We put up some decorations around the house, nothing very ostentatious. We usually have a Hannukah party over winter break. We have a dinner and exchange gifts.”

drew gunther

Do you miss school for major religious holidays? “The only reason I would take off school for major holidays is if our celebrations and stuff went on late in the night but we wouldn’t really take off. Since we have school, we celebrate holidays and things at night when we don’t have school.” Does missing school for holidays affect your academic performance? “It really doesn’t because I am really good at keeping up with things. Even if I am absent, I can catch up.”


Becky Singerman, sophomore

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Although you don’t celebrate Christmas religiously, what do you do to celebrate Christmas, if anything? “We have a Christmas tree like any other American family. And we give each other gifts and eat a lot of food. We give thanks to each other but not God. We don’t attend any religious services and we don’t pray. Every Christams instead of going to church we read The Night Before Christams together and open one present on Christmas Eve.”

probably been influenced by my parents. Recently, my parents and I have been exploring new religions together. We attended a Jehovah’s witness meeting together once.”

- ellie kaufman, academics editor, can be reached at elena.


Vacation Discrimination

Breaks for everyone? Not with FCPS school schedule


erik gunther

Sometimes Hanukkah ends up all the way back in late November, while other times it happens around Christmas. Ramadan, an Islamic high holiday, lasts an entire month. With holidays like these, it makes it difficult to plan breaks for students. Today’s system allows students of any religion to legally miss school to observe holidays, but students must make up the work they miss. Teachers are not allowed to make any major assignments due on those days, as it provides an unfair advantage to students who are able to attend school. The easiest and most sufficient solution to this problem is to just keep the breaks we have off from school the way they are. This would appeal to the majority of religious students in Fairfax County who conform to Christian holidays, while at the same time, be seen as just being considered a vacation and a break from school for everyone.


he Fairfax County school calendar revolves around Christian holidays. Christmas falls asst. opinions editor perfectly within Winter Break, and Spring Break conveniently occurs the week before the Easter holiday. Although many FCPS students celebrate these Christian holidays, this calendar organization leaves students of other religions without breaks to celebrate their religious holidays. Take for example Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday which began at sunset on Oct. 8 this year. Jewish students, although having received an excused absence for the day, missed school on the holiday due to their religious obligations to themselves and their families. Jewish holidays are

not the only celebrations overlooked by the school system. Hindu students did not receive a break for Diwali, Islamic students will not receive a break for Eid and other religious holidays are not considered for time off. When students miss a single day of school, they miss out on valuable class and instruction time, as well as develop the inability to actively participate while the teacher covers the instructions. A day missed can also mean a large amount of make-up work that the student must spend extra time completing. Clubs or sports after school may be missed by students who choose to observe their religious holiday instead of attending school. If students were to choose to attend school on the day of their religious holiday, it would take away from the religious value that a person gains from spending the holiday with their family or their religious group. Students who attend school to avoid the consequences of missing a day don’t receive the full value of their celebration. Fairfax County schools are required to hold 180 days of school, and taking off for every religious holiday would not be possible. The county should recognize that not all students celebrate Christian holidays and should give these students the allowance of a school break, if not every year, but every other year. This would allow different religions to have school days off on their holidays, not just on Christian holidays. Although the allowance for more holiday breaks may cut into summer, it would allow more three-day weekends for students who don’t celebrate certain holidays to observe their religious traditions.

alex perry

December 18, 2008

unthe r


erik g

zoe mitch

FCPS should recognize more religions in holiday calendar

zoe mitchell

magine having school off not only for Christmas and Easter, but Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Yom staff writer Kippur, Ramadan and other religious holidays throughout the year. It seems like a great idea for students who are religious. Some students of religions besides Christianity do not see the current schedule as fair because Winter Break and Spring Break are centered around two very important Christian holidays. As most students know, Christianity is a religion followed by a large majority of students in Fairfax County. This makes it convenient to have large breaks around important Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter. What some students do not realize, though, is that we cannot afford to take time off for every faith-based holiday for every major religion, let alone all minor. We would have no time for education and the school calendar would be completely disorganized. State law requires there to be 180 school days in a year. If we were to have time off for every religious holiday, we would have to cut significant time off of our summer break. This would displease many students who participate in summer jobs or need further education in summer school. The problem is that so many of these holidays occur at different times. Yom Kippur occurs in October. Christmas occurs on Dec. 25. Hanukah lasts eight days and falls at a different time each year.

Holiday breaks in Fairfax County coincide with two major Christian Holidays: Christmas and Easter. Should the county stay with the current schedule or give breaks for students whose religious holidays coincide with school?


Insight Issue 5 2008-2009  

Insight Issue 5 for the 2008-2009 school year.