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Outlook Oakton

Volume 45; Issue 6; March 30, 2011

What’s Yours is Mine Examining the expectations and realities of cheating at Oakton


Ryan Hentzman performs on the cello at the Kennedy Center.




Annual Cultural Festival features traditions from around the world.

The Outlook calls to free the global press of our generation.

March Madness; spring sports’ season begins.

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page 3, march 30, 2011

news Cultural festival

Oakton’s annual cultural festival assembly features an array of diverse student talent, connecting the student body to numerous world cultures.


feature Students participate in ROTC Students interested in joining the military are given a unique opportunity to pursue their interests in high school and to experience a career of service to the nation.


opinions TV shows are increasingly unrealistic Shows like ‘Skins’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ have garnered a large fan base but depict unrealistic and immoral representations of American teenage and social society.


indepth On my honor - Cheating at Oakton Various forms of cheating, including emotional, physical and academic, affect the majorty of Oakton’s student body. Cover photography by Daniel Chait


sports March madness The NCAA’s annual March Madness tournament pits the 68 best college basketball teams against each other. The excitement will surround Oakton students until April 5.

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letter from the editors

page 4, march 31, 2011

the buzz in the newsroom...

Madness in March

Zoë: Guys! Wasn’t Cultural Festival so much fun? I really like the acts this year. Senior Michelle Oh was great! (Page 7)

been rough lately, because cheating has been on a rise recently, which is kind of alarming. (Page 17)

Vipin: I guess, but Michelle can be such a bully. But can you believe VCU has made it so far in March Madness!

Kirin: Yes, it really is. But not just academic, physical and emotional as well. Didn’t you hear about--

Kirin: They’re doing so well this year, it’s amazing. It’s getting me so excited for spring sports! (Page 24)

Zoë: Oh! Did you guys hear about the “Cello Fellow,” Ryan Hentzman? He’s really good, and he’s playing at the Kennedy Center! (Page 10)

Vipin: Kirin, you know nothing about sports. How would you know? Kirin: Well, I mean I know that Chris Cooley is on the Redskins. Zoë: That’s football. In the fall... Wow, guys it’s already spring. We’re going to graduate soon!

tara gupta

Vipin: Well, we still have AP exams, finals, SOL’s, and much more. And our teachers have

Kirin: No one listens to me. Vipin: That’s really cool. I’m intimidated by people that talented. Kirin: No one loves me. Zoë: Not as intimidating as the students in ROTC. To dedicate oneself to service to the nation is just remarkable. (Page 12) Vipin: The kids at Oakton are so diversely talented. Kirin: And ridiculously good looking. (If you haven’t seen Zoolander and don’t understand that reference... Awk McGawk).

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We Speak: Farsi Spanish Hindi Urdu Punjabi

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this month in your words “ For my SOL essay, I wrote the true story of how I fly

dragons and get paid to do it. I finished with

an account of how I am an apprentice under Merlin. I fully expect a perfect score. aidan smith, unimaginative junior

loved it. It was the first warm day and shirtless guys were lying everywhere. sophia sellars, college-weary senior I met Chris He is nice.

Cooley at Buffalo Wing Factory.

shannon holcombe, overly excitable sophomore I made a milkshake out of celery and baby

intestines. It was stellar.

alex kaufold, undeniably humane freshman I had my Eagle Scout Court of Honor this weekend. So now I am officially always

prepared. I actually provided the pen for these interviews. Yeahh.

“ “

“ “ “

“ “ “

I went to the College of Charleston, and of course I

rachel schwartz

jon grove, humble senior

I spent all of Saturday running in circles. You

know... track meet. greg petruncio, athletically invigorated junior page 5 outlook news march 30, 2011

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Cultures take center stage at annual festival

all photos courtesy of gianna sheffield MESA, the Middle Eastern Students Association, preformed a traditional Indian dance, Bhangra, from the state of Punjab; at the cultural festival. Members of MESA also preformed a general Bollywood-style dance later in the festival. “I performed at the cultural festival because I love to dance with my friends,” said sophomore Shreya Dahal. “While we practiced for the festival we grew closer and became a family. I loved doing the cultural festival because I got to dance, dress up and show off some Indian culture.”

Eric Schonthaler performed in two acts, one in a break dancing group and the other in a Capoeira act, featured above. Capoeira is an art form originating in Brazil, which combines different elements of martial arts and music. “Capoeira is about freedom of expression and performing for the joy of it. It’s not about trying to be the best,” Schonthaler said.

Marina Fondin, featured above, and Emma Costanzi sang a song entirely in Japanese. “I taught myself Japanese shortly before I entered high school, and I’ve been taking it officially for about three years,” said Fondin, junior. “I’ve always been really interested in Japanese culture, so learning the language came as second nature to me.”

Malcolm Lee, a new math teacher, performed his own outstanding, a capella version of U2’s classic, “One”. “Oakton High School has welcomed me with open arms. After I performed and heard such tremendous applause, it was really comforting, and it made me realize that I was in a good place.”

madlin mekelburg staff writer page 7 outlook news march 30, 2011

news in brief

page 8, march 30, 2011

government students visit 1. AP UK Embassy O

n Feb. 24, AP Comparative Government/U.S Government/ Literature- “Trifecta”- students took a trip to the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Washington, D.C. to observe and gather information on Britain’s government. The trip was planned by government teacher, Rebecca Small, who viewed the trip as an excellent opportunity for students to voice their opinions. rebecca small Students participated in a Q&A session, foreign to me.” asking a variety of questions to speakers Scott This surprised Ray Daniels, senior. Furssedonn, Head of the Politics Team, and Tim “I didn’t know about their views on gun control. Wood, Deputy Head of the Politics Team. Topics Almost no one in England has a gun,” said brought up during the session included possible Daniels. global outcomes of the economic crisis, Northern “It was nice to see students interact with Ireland and independence movements. “One of the professionals. I took pictures and made a the guys was just a pure Brit,” said Steven Jordan, slideshow to reflect our experience during this senior, describing Furseedonn. trip,” said Small.“It’s convenient that our school’s “The US is a big country, but I love it,” said location is outside the nation’s capitol, because Furssedonn. “However, gun control is an issue; students in other parts of the country wouldn’t we don’t carry guns in the UK. The notion that have this opportunity.” we could be more secure when armed is really

Bachman 2. Ron adresses bullying M

otivational speaker Ron Bachman, whose legs were amputated at age four, came to Oakton HS on Monday March 21 to speak to freshmen students about the effects of bullying. Bachman has been visiting schools and corporations to spread the message of accepting one another and loving oneself. His message inspired students to seek his forgiveness for bullying others in the past.

For more on these stories and others, go to www.

oaktonoutlook. com


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page 10, march 30, 2011

The Cello Fellow M

Sophomore Ryan Heintzman performs at the Kennedy Center

ost of us dream of high level so early on in life. Heintzman However, all of Heintzman’s hard performing. Whether it’s himself had to go through a rigorous work preparing for the audition paid off showcasing our talent in front audition process and even more when he was accepted into the program. of a captivated crowd or scoring the challenging practice sessions before he “Now the other members of the game-winning goal, we’ve all fantasized could play on the Millennium Stage. program and I meet two Thursdays a about what it would be like to make it. “It’s a full scholarship program, so month to observe National Symphony Ryan Heintzman, sophomore, has had the audition process is really nervedress rehearsals. [We] attend master a dream of performing since classes, where the entire group plays he first picked up a cello in the for the Symphony musicians and an fourth grade. But what makes audience, and we attend sectional him different from most of us classes, where I get to play with other dreamers is that his fantasy has cellists,” Heintzman said. become reality. Though this program only meets In January on the famous twice a month, Heintzman fills up Millennium Stage at the his extra time playing for other Kennedy Center for the Arts in symphonies and programs. Washington D.C., Heintzman “I play for the American Youth lived his dream. Philharmonic, which is a local youth “I’m in the National orchestra conducted by Daniel Symphony Youth Fellowship Spalding, a really famous musician Program,” Heintzman said. “It’s a and Grammy nominee,” Heintzman group of about twenty kids from said. “I also am spending the summer the Virginia/Maryland/D.C. area at a six week arts camp in Michigan that are able to observe National where I’ll be taught by Juilliard Symphony Orchestra rehearsals professors.” and perform on the Kennedy Heintzman’s already impressive Center stage.” resumé will only grow longer as he At his first solo performance heads off to college. on the Millennium Stage, “I want to continue playing the Heintzman played a difficult cello and major in music when I 20-minute Tchaikovsky-Rococo get to college,” Heintzman said. variation with 500 people “My dream is to attend the Curtis morgan harwood watching and listening. Institute of Music, but they morgan harwood Ryan Heintzman, sophomore, rehearses a piece only take 12 cellists in the entire “I didn’t really realize there was such a big crowd until the end,” for the National Symphony Youth Fellowship school.” Program. “It’s a really competitive program, so I Heintzman said. “I was too lost in have to practice every day,” Heintzman said. Though the odds may be the moment when I was playing to against him, Heintzman has already notice, but when I finished I heard made an impressive mark on the the applause and was like ‘Oh, there’s a wracking,” Heintzman said. “About 50 music scene because of his love for lot of people here!’” of us auditioned and they only picked performing. Obviously, the promising musicians eight. I prepared a 40-minute Dvorak “It gives me the chance to express in the National Symphony Youth solo for a panel of five National things I can’t say in words,” Heintzman Fellowship Program must be the best Symphony musicians but only ended up said. morgan harwood of the best in order to play at such a playing a 10-minute section.” staff writer

Academy classes provide shortcuts to the future


n the place of classes at Oakton, Fashion Design at Fairfax hs academy classes at other high schools offer courses in specific fields, ranging “You shouldn’t take the class simply from animal science to fashion design because you like fashion. The class to JROTC, that jumpstart one’s career. requires a lot of hard work and dediTaking this class now instead of saving cation. You should take it if you are it for college allows students to explore the interested in pursuing it in university.” different aspects of a career as well as have -Rawan Elbaba, jr better opportunities of getting a job during high school or the summer. “I decided to take the TV Production JROTC at Chantilly hs jake hirsch course at Fairfax Academy because I wanted “I wanted to do JROTC because I want to take a class that focused on my main Students in TV Production at Fairfax Academy test out the equipment before starting their interest: filmmaking,” said Jake Hirsch, to be in the military. If I did go into the day’s project. junior. “With this class I get to study these military, I’d start out with a higher payOne downside that may steer students subjects intensively by learning all of the away from academy is the amount of time it grade than others. If I decided not to, technical jargon associated with this field.” demands. Taking one acadamy course means then I still get descipline and leadership Academy enabled Hirsch to become an skills out of the class.” giving up two electives. official employee of FCPS and to get paid -Alina Sherman, jr “Academy takes two class periods, but it for every assignment he completes for the also gives two grades. If I get an A, it means academy associated company, Digital Wave. Chinese at Fairfax I have two on my transcript.” Hirsch said. “The idea of academy is to prepare me Thanks to Cougar Time, even freshmen for a career in the field of TV and Film can try out potential careers while dedicating “People who want to take this class production,” Hirsch said. “I have worked should keep in mind that it would be only one class period to academy. After with the company that is associated with my experiencing their first year of academy, a lot of hard work, because you have academy class, Digital Wave Productions, students recommend isabella kidane the class everyday and the homework is and through this company I get experience classes to those who due immediately the next day.” sarah hong with clients filming events around Fairfax are truly interested. -Helen Zhang, jr County.” staff writers

Best Buddies host tournament to stop use of the R-word


or many students basketball season is now a memory, but for the Best Buddies students the excitement of basketball is still in the air. On March 12, Best Buddies held their annual basketball tournament - this time with a twist by sponsoring the “Shoot Out the R-Word” campaign. “The tournament was really fun,” said Lauren Hyer. “It felt great playing and making a difference all for a good cause.” The tournament itself is a yearly event held during Best Buddies Month. Each regional chapter has a team made up of students from the club who participate in the tournament. “Playing and getting friends together was great,” Hyer said. “The best part was our effort to stop spreading the R-word. We don’t want people to say that word any more; it can be hurtful for other kids, especially kids with disabilities.” daniel chait The campaign did not just consist of the tournament. On While playing in the tournament, Oakton Best Buddies raised March 2, Best Buddies made a public service announcement to awareness for a good cause. ““The greatest part was seeing your stop the use of the R-word. friends,” Hyer said, “It gave me something fun to do.” “The tournament was more to reach out to the community on “The term is a medical diagnosis,” said Special Education how the R-word hurts,” said senior president, Caroline McGrath. advisor Maria Knight. “Like any other derogatory term people “We see everyone by his or her abilities rather than his or her disstarted using it the wrong way. States have even recognized this abilities.” To pledge your commitment to stop and have decided to change the term, ‘mental Also on March 2, Best Buddies placed a the use of the R-word, you can go to retardation’ as ‘intellectual disabilities.’” poster in the cafeteria for students to sign alex belden Oakton Best Buddies their names and pledge to not to use the staff writer came in second place in the tournament. word in a derogatory manner. page 11 outlook feature march 30, 2011

Students in JROTC build character and community

JROTC 411 Q. What influenced

kyle you to join JROTC? delgado junior A. I actually had no idea this

tim collins

Juniors Kyle Delgado and Jonathan DeFreece, and Seniors Kaden Norwood and Kevin Melgares wait for the bus to take them to Academy at Chantilly Highschool. igh school students have the opportunity to choose from an abundance of classes. One can enroll in anything from astronomy to multivariable calculus. However, there is one class that stands out from the rest. This particular class is special in that its purpose is to build leadership and create model citizens. This course is Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, JROTC. “The class is not meant to be a recruiting tool,” said junior Kyle Delgado, “but a way to create better citizens by applying what is learned in class such as leadership, character and accountability to everyday life.” Students enrolled in the program commute to Chantilly every day in order to learn in academy classes with students from other high schools in the District. It provides a social outlet to those involved. “People who you would never be friends with at regular school you are friends with in this program,” said Seth Pacheco, senior. “It brings us together by our desire to learn more about the military and pursuing what we want to accomplish.” While there, students learn basic military knowledge, military history, how to march properly, and effective communication skills. The learning experience, however, is not confined to the classroom alone. “Once the year goes on you learn other things like proper etiquette if you were to go to a proper dinner,” said Kaden Norwood,senior, “or how to present yourself if you were giving a presentation to an audience, etc.” For some, JROTC is not just a class, but preparation for the future. Some who take the class end up pursuing a career in the military. “I am planning on [joining] the U.S. Air Force, participating in ROTC in college and coming out as an officer,” Pacheco said. JROTC is not just an academy class, but a pathway on the journey to character development.


emma mankin staff writer page 12 outlook feature march 30, 2011

tim collins

was a class offered to Oakton students until the end of freshman year, if even that early. I had always wanted to join the military, but my dad always said I had to go to college. That’s when I learned about the military academies such as West Point. While I was reasearching the academies I learned about these high school classes called JROTC. I soon realized that the kids wearing these blue uniforms around school were in JROTC. From that point, I wanted to take the class.

Q. What’s up with the uniforms? A.

The attire is a very simple concept. Wear your uniform when your teachers tell you to wear it. For us, it is normally on Thursdays but it can be at any time. There are three uniforms with a couple different combinations. There is the PT (physical training) uniform that only has to be worn at academy on Fridays, almost like gym class. Then there are your dress blues which is the suit and service jacket. There are certain requirements and combinations for these uniforms. They can be interchanged on Thursdays and the dress blues don’t always have to be worn. It can be worn if you want to on Thursdays but it’s easier to just wear the jacket. One thing that is learned fast is how to shine shoes.

Q. How has JROTC impacted your life?

A. One extra point I want to get across is that this class offers so

many out of school opportunities. Whoever wants to take advantage of these opportunites should know that the possibilities are endless. For example, by taking this class I was informed about a cyber security class/competition. I knew nothing about cyber anything but I still did it. Then through particpipating, though not accomplishing much, I was invited to the Pentagon to do a career shadow day of the cyber security portion of the Pentagon. This shadow day allowed me to also see what other jobs were available at the Pentagon and Department of Defense. A week later, I recieved a letter from the DOD offering me a paid summer internship. From just taking advantage of an opportunity presented through JROTC, learning basically nothing about it and going to the pentagon, I ended up with an offer for a paid intership with the United States Department of Defense. JROTC opens doors.


page 13, march 30, 2011

Cheating is detrimental to students in the long run


shannon ragan

n my Honor, I pledge that I have neither given harder classes, do more extracurricular activities, get better nor received assistance on this assessment or grades, earn more degrees. In a society that’s speeding into the assignment.” This is the honor pledge students future with technology and science, more education is quintesof Oakton have written time and time again on the back of sential for one to leave one’s mark in the world. their tests. It’s a promise from student to teacher, and really With the pressure coming from society, parents, teachfrom student to student, not to cheat on homework, tests or ers and themselves, students feel obliged to take as many AP projects. It’s also a promise that’s easily broken. classes and fit in as many extracurricular activities as possible, It’s no secret that cheating exists. Especially in recent years, without taking into account the amount of work that kind of cheating has morphed from a shameful secret into a commonschedule will actually be. When they get home late at night ality; an activity that almost everyone participates in to make after practice, homework and studying just don’t seem as their busy lives just that much easier. The average teenager’s important as they should. As long as the work gets done, the life is a lot more hectic than it used to be—there are sports, AP methods shouldn’t matter—or so the thought process seems to classes, volunteer work and part time jobs, with the necessary be these days. Due to this abundance of cheating and desire friends and family time squeezed in on the side. to get things done as quickly as possible, the This kind of lifestyle makes it hard to find the value of education has also diminished. StuThe Staff Editorial motivation and energy to do homework; at this is the official opinion dents’ desire to learn has disappeared, replaced point, why bother if there’s an obstacle-free path by a desire for good grades. There is rarely of the Outlook to an easy A? Friends offer the answers, so why genuine interest in the material, it seems, as not take them? actually learning material would take time and Cheating ranges from the home to the school to the effort that students don’t have. classroom. From leisurely sharing answers over Facebook to There is a solution for this dishonesty however, and it’s a scribbling down the answers before class to stealthily sneaking fairly simple one. For students who find that they don’t have a peek during a test, cheating exists through several different time to study or actually do their homework themselves, the mediums in a teenager’s life. Maybe the constant presence answer is clear. Don’t take so many AP classes. Taking these of this easy way out makes students more likely to cheat. Or classes will mean nothing if nothing is actually learned. Don’t maybe this willingness is a product of the times. join so many extracurricular activities. It may seem like a terWe live in a society where we strive to be better. It’s inrible loss, but really, learning the material of the AP classes grained in our very psyche as Americans to constantly improve you do take will carry you a lot further. Take the time to care and change. The Constitution itself declares that all men are about education. In a world where technology bursts forth and entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” not people start demanding for more, quality, not quantity, is really happiness itself. The need to be better, faster, smarter is always the key to getting further ahead not just in school, but also in in the back of our generation’s mind. We’re prompted to take students’ future careers.

Freedom of speech, the TV shows do not accurately Middle East and us depict normal teenage lives


ttempts at kirin gupta democracy are nikki clemons often linked to editor-in-chief the freedom of the press. opinions co-editor The genesis of a revolu-

tion is essentially an act of speech. During the recent upheaval in the Middle East, dictatorial suppression, sometimes violent, has resulted in various restrictions in both freedom of speech and freedom of the press. In the midst of the turmoil, some borders are so tightly controlled that one may see forms of press control as extreme as in North Korea or Iran. In China and Russia, a state-controlled press is the norm, but there are factions which speak out in opposition to the partyline. In Egypt, a similar reality is on the brink of transformation– either in the direction of pro-democratic “freedom of speech” or a provisional return to the governmental control of newspapers, radio and TV. In the other areas that have been touched in a more violent manner, such as the western end of Libya, foreign journalists are forbidden from entering; national papers, where allowed, must stick to the government-dictated story. A free press can be instrumental in opening channels of communication and drawing attention to international crises which must be faced immediately. Nonviolent transitions of power and allowance of rights have often relied on such a press. The difference between a bloodletting and a bloodless revolution is the same as the difference between having a newspaper or a gun shoved in your face. High school papers across America deal with restrictions on their journalistic freedom. The Oakton Outlook writes from one end of the spectrum of free speech in schools. The amount of freedom allotted to students depends on the school’s administration. So long as student journalists do not abuse these privileges their freedoms of speech will not be reprobated. The Outlook’s editors and staff writers are directly accountable (legally, monetarily, etc.) for any reader, administrator or interviewee who takes umbrage with something written in the paper. In the past, complaints have been dealt with for more in-depth coverage of a subject by removing controversial interviews and replacing them with substantive information or by editing the archived editions. Journalists who exercise their rights responsibly have the power to foment serious change. A realization of the Outlook’s accountability increased the respect of many of the editors and writers for our First Amendment. Oftentimes, journalists in the Middle East face torture or death when attempting to publish stories which would run easily in a student paper. People given free rein over their own existence are not as prone to a lack of self-sufficiency as authoritarian rulers deceive themselves into believing. If we can do it in a high school setting, imagine the power of a press run by the same brave human voices that began our generation’s global revolution. page 14 outlook opinions march 30, 2011


ccording to Jessica marilyn Bennett of Newsweek, yang the controversial MTV staff writer show “Skins” “may be the most realistic show on television.” Unless I have been living in a hole for the past decade and a half, the show is not even close to depicting my personal life or my social circle. I am aware that “Skins” is not the only show of its kind. I am not specifically criticizing the show itself, but rather the statements made by television critics and individuals involved with the show’s development. Although I may be in a minority group of teens, it is infuriating that even grown adults such as Bennett have such a degrading opinion of us. Producer Brian Elsley “makes sure that real teens are in the writing room” and actress Eleanor Zichy, 15, claims that “all the material comes from real teenagers.” While many plotlines may indeed come from real teens, it is important to keep in mind that not all teens are the drinking, partying, sexually active drug addicts the show portrays them as. Even if some teens are, I doubt that very many of them commit all of those atrocities every single night. Zichy admits that “some of the experiences are exaggerated – it’s television.” Nevertheless, the actions that they could provoke cause a problem for the future state of society. Bennett, Elsley and Zichy imply that the behavior featured in “Skins” is a social norm. Implications suggesting that it is normal to drink, smoke or do drugs encourage those acts rather than discourage them. Admittedly, “Gossip Girl,” has received similar criticism for undermining the severity of dangerous behavior. “Gossip Girl” does not try as hard to be realistic, however. In contrast, “Skins” is made up of unknown actors who are legally minors and has writers who claim to receive their material directly from teens. Although many teens today still recognize the concern caused by the breakdown of morality, this number will continue to decline in future generations unless something is done to restore the direness of the consequences. It is of utmost importance to reassure teens that while many of their peers do indeed act greg pavek recklessly, there is always a greg pavek choice to uphold morality.


camille may staff writer

America’s obsession with celebrities is ridiculous

op culture has become a huge point of interest for many high school students. While some people will admit that the obsession with celebrities is fairly unwarranted, many still feel compelled to stay updated with their favorite celebrities, whether on Twitter or snarky gossip websites. While these websites can occasionally be entertaining, they can also be time-consuming and reality-distorting. High school students are usually easily swayed by what is cool or in style, so unfavorable qualities may be praised because they are so often reiterated by the media or their peers. A celebrity’s dramatic flair for attention is often what catches the public’s eye. Most celebrities are aware of their potential notoriety and use that to their advantage. These artists implement these advertising tactics because they know they work, especially on younger generations. If after analyzing a celebrity’s promotional activi-


hen the Oakton ice hockey team met the 10-1 Stone Bridge Bulldogs in the Northern Virginia Scholastic Hockey League semi-finals, a David vs. Goliath-like rematch after Oakton had walked away victorious earlier in the season, it was universally described as the team’s biggest game of the year. On the same day that the girls basketball team’s Regional semi-final was announced across the PA system, the hockey team received not a word of good tidings. This travesty goes to illustrate a fundamental problem that exists at this school. Athletics exist at all levels of Oakton. Unfortunately, many of the great accomplishments achieved are either overshadowed by other sports or are simply not advertised enough. Girls gymnastics was nearly written off in recent years, but Oakton still fields a team that competes at the varsity level. The golf season, while short, is just as difficult as any other. These

ties one still agrees with the underlying message, then there is nothing to criticize. Some celebrities are famous for notso-positive reasons, but they use that as a vantage point to sell a product or make money. Kim Kardashian didn’t mooch her fame from her father, OJ Simpson’s lawyer; she made her own claim to fame with a sex tape with the moderately famous Ray J. Kardashian grew to have her own reality show (with several spinoffs), shoe line, clothing stores and fragrances. Also, Charlie Sheen, the former star of “Wall Street” and “Two and a Half Men,” has been notorious for several years now for his outspoken remarks about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, his alleged anti-Semitism and his excessive drug abuse. Nobody is perfect, including celebrities. The sooner we remove them from the pedestal on which they’ve been placed, the better. If someone

is famous, it should be for their talent, kindness or generosity—not how many notches they have on their bedpost or the outlandish things they can wear or say to get attention. If students become more aware of the ideas they endorse, they will hopefully become more conscious of what they do to promote or negate these ideas.

Certain Oakton sports deserve more recognition sports are not ingrained into the high school psyche by the tradition of Americana like football or basketball are. These games are not just athletic events, but also social ones. This is not to condemn these mammoths but rather to say that every other team deserves the same attention. However, the real travesty comes when smaller sports enter the school’s social psyche yet remain ignored by the administration of the school. Even on weeknights, hockey games drew respectable crowds to the Ashburn Ice House, which is an hour from school. For the administration to maintain total silence on the team’s triumphs even as they announce the successes of other sports is saddening. The official position of the school is that the hockey team, for liability reasons, has no technical affiliation with the school. There is an ice hockey interest club at the school, but it exists only to provide students with information on a team

chris papas news editor

whose only relation to the school is that it is entirely staffed by Oakton students wearing burgundy and gold jerseys with Oakton on the front. Apparently, that seemingly concrete relation is too tenuous for the administration to acknowledge. We live in a highly litigous society, and few places are more open to a lawsuit then a school in lawyer-filled Northern Virginia. But the number one sport at this school remains football, a veritable modern day gladiator fight every Friday night, a game that, according to a UNC study, was responsible for 13 deaths in 2007. The adminstration heralds other sports, but still does not say a word about hockey. Would it be so hard to give a simple sentence of congratulations to a bunch of guys who proudly represent this school on the ice? The school’s two main excuses, popularity and violence, for ignoring one of the best teams at this school, in one of its greatest seasons ever, are no longer viable. page 15 outlook opinions march 30, 2011


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page 18, march 30, 2011

Before he (or she) cheats The Enabler


Students at Oakton weigh in on cheating in their relationships

my* has never been cheated on and she’s never cheated, but she certainly has played the third corner in a love triangle. “He had been engaged for four years,” Amy said. “They weren’t living together, they weren’t really seeing each other, and I guess that was part of my way of justifying it.” To Amy this looked like a broken relationship, and she viewed becoming involved in the relationship as something that would be relatively guiltfree. “I wasn’t really thinking too much about the effects of what I was doing at the time,” Amy said. “I was just really excited and got caught up in it.” Justifying her role in the relationship, Amy was initially able to evade feelings of guilt. But she was never able to put it out of her mind, and eventually that guilt caught up with her. “I got really stressed out,” Amy said, recounting the turbulent period that ensued upon realizing the gravity of the situation. “I lost 15 pounds in July because I was just freaking out. I felt so guilty that I physically felt sick. I wasn’t eating, and I wasn’t sleeping... I was just not a functioning person.” However, the role she had played, which had caused her so much grief, carried with it an allure. “It was a big power thing for me,” Amy said. “He had a kind of untouchable appeal, I’d only dreamt of being able to be with him. I didn’t know that I could seduce him, that I was capable of that kind of power, so it was really exciting.” The only thing Amy could do in the face of such overwhelmingly conflicting emotions was learn to cope. “You get to the point where you have to be able to live with yourself,” Amy said. “My friends would accuse me of making excuses, but I had to make excuses. I did a horrible thing and I have to live with myself- because it beats the alternative.” As time has passed, Amy has come to develop a much better understanding of what happened and why it happened. “I’ve since come to realize that I wouldn’t want to be with him,” Amy said. “It’s not healthy, and it’s not how a relationship should work.”

allen luethke indepth co-editor kate zhukova staff writer

*All names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the sources.

The Cheater


ryan* is not the stereotypical sleazy guy lurking around any and all girls that we all picture when thinking of someone who would cheat in a relationship. In fact, he’s a pretty normal and reasonable guy. But he still cheated. The difference between Bryan and most other sordid cheaters though is that he sees his infidelity as an opportunity for others to learn more about how to maintain a healthy relationship. “It was summer going into my next school year,” Bryan said. “I was on vacation somewhere else with a friend, and yeah… the relationship I was in wasn’t really working.” Bryan had been dating his girlfriend for a month, but had already seen the signs of a failing relationship. “I met somebody on that vacation,” Bryan said, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. “I ended up cheating on my girlfriend, and we ended up breaking up afterwards.” Even though they had only *Models in picture been together for a month not related to the and Bryan already felt story. the relationship was coming to an end, he still regretted what he did. “I felt guilty,” said Bryan, “but at the same time the reason it

by the numbers 76% 75%

boys have

been in a relationship

girls have

been in a relationship

62% of students think cheating is wrong



who’s to blame? 22% 78% yes


32% 68% yes




cheated on in a relationship

percent of students

29% 71%



cheated in a relationship

27% 73% yes

the cheater


happened was because in my mind the relationship was ending, and it was already essentially over.” As Bryan learned though, such sweeping assumptions can’t be made without both people in the relationship agreeing. “It’s a lot easier just to be honest and avoid it in the first place,” Bryan said. “It’s a lot easier to just break up with someone than to cheat.” While Bryan’s advocacy of honesty is notable, even he concedes that it is ultimately too idealistic. “The reason people cheat is that they are in a relationship that is kind of declining and they know that, but they aren’t sure if they can find anything better,” Bryan said. While both partners having their own opinions on the status of the relationship is certainly a facilitator to cheating, a lack of honesty is always the nail in the coffin. “They aren’t willing to talk to each other about it, and end up making pretty drastic decisions,” Bryan said. “I think that’s what really did our relationship in – it’s really what does most relationships in.” The lying ends up perpetuating itself, as Bryan explains “people don’t want to commit to their responsibilities so they will just lie about [cheating] and pretend it didn’t happen, and even lock it up in their own minds so that they can deny it.” It’s a horrible cycle that can afflict anyone, even an upstanding guy like Bryan. And ultimately, the only way to keep a relationship healthy is to be honest, as Bryan makes clear, “I know it’s hard to not lie if you cheat or if you want to, but it’ll really all work out for the better if you’re just straight up with what you’re feeling.”

the cheat-ee the enabler

The Cheat-ee


mily* and her boyfriend had been together for a year and a half in a long distance relationship before she found out he had cheated on her. “The day before Valentine’s Day my boyfriend called me and said ‘Well, I cheated on you. I met this girl and we’ve kind of had a thing for a week now.’” This breach in trust hurt Emily, who admitted to being distraught for several days after the incident. “It hurts to be cheated on,” said Emily, “but by the next day I was like screw this guy, he’s a loser.” Emily’s ability to regain her composure so quickly after discovering her boyfriend cheated on her can also be in part attributed to her own infidelity in the relationship. “I also cheated on him,” said Emily, “In June [the year before] this guy was texting me asking me to come over and I agreed because I thought we were just going to hang out. But then he started kissing me.” However, just because she was able to calmly accept her own transgression in the relationship doesn’t mean she didn’t feel guilty. “I did feel guilty,” explained Emily, “but I didn’t have any emotional connection [with the other guy], it was just strictly sexual frustration because I was in a long distance relationship.” All justification aside though, Emily concedes that cheating is wrong, regardless of whether or not an emotional connection was made. Despite the guilt Emily felt for cheating on her boyfriend, the emotional pain she experienced after he cheated on her was infinitely greater. “I was hurt,” said Emily, “I’m still hurt. I don’t like being vulnerable. I don’t like people thinking that it affects me. But it hurt.” Regardless of any emotional pain she experienced, Emily has been able to develop a very pragmatic view on the issue of cheating. “I don’t think it’s wrong to cheat because, obviously, I cheated,” Emily said. “It sucks to be cheated on, but it’s human nature to cheat. We’re not anything special. We’re just like dogs; all we want to do is reproduce.” page 19 outlook indepth march 30, 2011


Invisible Scars Emotional Cheating in a Relationship

ara Dean believed in perfection. She believed she could live it. “What we had was everything I had ever asked for. I didn’t want anything more – he gave me everything I needed,” she said of her boyfriend of two years, Michael. But while “attentive, sweet [and] sexy” Michael had the label, her best friend James was receiving all of her attention. And perfection lost some of its shine. Long phone calls would stretch into the small hours as Cara “poured [her] heart out, every night” until James sang her a lullaby to put her to sleep. But, she said, “nothing outwardly changed.” “My perceptions of what happened here are always screwy,” Cara lamented, “Because I can never quite get past all the small crimes I committed.” When we sat down with Michael, we found he had simply been obliviously confident in their relationship. “She may have said less, but I never would have thought she was falling in love with someone else... I thought we were made for each other,” he admitted. “I liked [James] and couldn’t think of him as a threat. If I ever felt [Cara] getting… distant, I would mention something, and she would laugh it off, kiss me and move on with the conservation. Her tricks worked on me, for sure.” Cara lamented that “none of it was meant to be a secret, or meant to hurt him. I thought I still liked [Michael]. But, a few months after I started taking [James’] calls, I was the one calling him. I would ask him silly things, like if he thought I was pretty, if he would save me if I was in trouble, if he would die for me. I thought he answered sweetly because he wanted me, too. And it never felt page 20 outlook indepth march 30, 2011

wrong when I was on the phone.” Cara says that she did not usually see James outside of school, but thought about him “through my whole day – like an obsession.” James declined to speak with us for this article. “I asked James, maybe two and a half months in, if he loved me. He wouldn’t say. He didn’t think it was right. I should have respected that, but instead I pushed him. I talked about his hair, his eyes, his songs, his soul – all the things I admired – and then I let something slip out that shouldn’t have. I told him I loved him,” Cara said, leaning back and running her fingers through her hair. “And then he hung up.”

She was cruel about it, because she was hurt too. But she had no excuse. Not really. It was all her fault. She knew she would have to tell Michael, but was less concerned about him than about James refusing to take her calls. She broke the news to him as he drove her home from school the next day, simply by saying “I’m in love with [James].” “She was cruel about it, because she was hurt too,” recalled Michael. “But ... [she] had no excuses. Not really. It was all her… fault. She let him in to all the secrets and emotions I never even knew existed. She had layers that I didn’t see, and maybe I should be thankful for that, because she was crazy over him. When she told me, flat out, as I was telling her about my day, I felt like she had hit me, but most of all, was confused. That hurt doesn’t go away easy.” Michael dropped her off and didn’t

speak to her for an entire summer. “I don’t know if we ever officially broke up,” Cara said with a small laugh. “He said, when I told him, a lot of bad words, and then that I was just mean. That was bad to hear. I think it was worse for him than if I had slept with someone else, but felt nothing, because he realized that he didn’t matter to me. I wish I hadn’t been like that, but I was.” Michael said, before he left, that “It was the worst relationship experience of my life. If she had [done something physical] with several guys, it would have been easier for me to handle than for her to tell me, all along, that she loved me, and then finally reveal that there was little to no emotion behind that. She only cared about him, and I don’t even think he cared about her. I did, and she lost out on that, ‘cause she couldn’t keep her head in one relationship. I don’t know if she’ll ever find somebody, if that’s how she acts.” Cara says that she realizes now - and that she knew then - that she was “emotionally cheating” throughout. “I know it was. I didn’t even think it was a thing, then, but that is exactly what James wanted. He wanted me to want him,” Cara stated baldly. “And he won, because I wanted him so bad, and I still do, I think. It’s stupid of me, especially when I know that he just wanted to mess things up. But with everything he did, he still charmed me out of my mind, and now he is so cold. I am still in love with him, the way I never loved my boyfriend.” Cara says she fully believes that she “made all the mistakes in that relationship, because who let into your heart matters more than who you go home with – and every time, emotions win.” kirin gupta


Where to draw the line Students reveal why and how they cheat


ric Smith*, senior, sat back in his chair, not at all apprehensive about discussing his cheating habits. “Cheating in heads-up seven-up was like my training ground,” Smith said. To him and many others, cheating is no big deal. Class time devoted to anti-cheating tiraides often has no more effect than eliciting a few eye rolls and vacant expressions, but cheating is a serious offense with real consequences. “Scientists don’t do research without being surrounded by books and looking things up, asking other people things. Outside of school, it’s called collaboration; but inside of school it’s called cheating,” Smith said. “In the real world it’s all a cooperative effort. It’s not a bunch of people individually working on their own thing. It’s a bunch of people working together to produce a bunch of different things.” Sarah Nighthawk, junior, took that idea even further. “[I am part of] a coalition of cheaters; it’s a collaborative effort,” Nighthawk said. “Cheating promotes cooperation.” Smith was not alone on his sentiment that what happens in high school isn’t really representative of how life works beyond Oakton’s hallowed halls. “It’s not that I think the work load is too great; I just think the work load they give us is the wrong work load,” said Rory Brown, senior. It is this “wrong work load” that is the impetus for cheating for many. “If I care

about the work that I’m doing [then] I’m Smith also felt that the expectations a very invested person,” Brown said. “But placed on students are unreasonable. “I I’m not going to invest brain power and just think that there’s too much pressure effort into work that I don’t need to do. As on kids.” of last semester I had a 4.1 GPA. I got by Nighthawk too expressed a similar without doing any of the busy work that sentiment. “You’ve [got to] do what you’ve they claim we need to do to learn the mate- [got to] do to survive.” rial and do better on the AP exams,” The special type of arrogance only If Smith feels he is not going to get expressed by teenagers was furthered by anything out of the work assigned then Smith. “I once got caught and moved to he will cheat. “I know my own ways of the back of the class and nothing else learning,” Smith said. “I don’t always do happened.” Smith did however say that he the homework, but before the test I’ll read sometimes finds it easier to learn the matethe material and pass the tests.” Smith is rial than to cheat. “On vocab quizzes it a firm believer in doing only the work he takes me less time to learn the words than needs to do. to write them all out.” “I think that being lazy and being However, Smith’s sense of security is resourceful are two different things,” Smith false. Brown was not as fortunate. After said. “If I’m told to do a task and there is being caught copying homework in class an easier way to do the task then I’m going both she and the student whose work to do that.” she was copying received zeros on the Jane Hart, senior, insisted that cutting assignment. Though it was not a large corners hasn’t changed her grade. “I could assignment the teacher contacted both do the work, I’m very confident in that. her parents and the department head. It’s just there are other ways I would rather Because it was a first offense she was not spend my time.” While some would say punished further. The personal fury she that Hart neglects her studies merely as faces from her parents and teachers is far a result of senioritis, this is not a recent worse than the official troubles from the change in her work habits. She insisted that school. “Ultimately when things play out, she has the time for all of her homework, the people who screw themselves over get but it would leave her with no free time, screwed over. The people who have actuwhich is “unreasonable.” She went on to ally put in the becky singerman say “I’m 18, I’m not going to get these work end up indepth co-editor high school years back. Besides, there are benefiting,” gabriela driscoll a lot of other worse things you could be said Brown. staff writer doing in high school.” *All names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the sources.

What do you cheat most on?

Is cheating wrong?

Have you cheated for school? yes

10 people =


page 21 outlook indepth march 30, 2011

One time, I pretended to talk to a random person in the front of a long line so I could cut.

Sometimes, when I’m really hungry I’ll go through the drive through at McDonalds, order and pay. Then, I’ll go through the drive through a second time, eating my cheeseburger while I wait. Once I get to the last window, I’ll show them my receipt and tell them I never got my cheeseburger and I’ll get another one for free. male, 11

I cheat all the time. It’s perfectly acceptable. But it’s not all right if we’re talking about cheating on a girlfriend. That’s bad.

male, 11

I feel bad about it, but I always fill up a water cup with Sprite because they look exactly the same. female, 11

I go to the self-checkout line in Giant, scan everything and then when it asks ‘amount ok?’ I hit ‘no’ and then leave without paying. female, 11

page 22 outlook indepth march 30, 2011

male, 10

I’ve convinced people to trade Pokemon cards with me by telling them it was a good trade. It wasn’t a good trade. male, 11

“ “

“ “ “

I haven’t read a book since sixth grade. Books are just too long these days. Instead, I just skim the books or use Sparknotes. female, 11

When my iPod broke, I went to the Apple Store and asked to talk to a consultant. They had me fill out a form, and when it asked about the warranty, I lied. Basically, I got my 10-year-old iPod repaired for free. female, 10

At Santini’s, I really wanted a sub but I didn’t have enough money. I ordered the sub, but when I got to the cashier I told her I’d ordered a slice of pizza. I paid for pizza but ate a sub. female, 9

“ “

I pretended to be deaf so I wouldn’t have to talk to a neighbor about my dog’s poop in their yard. male, 10

michelle lorusso staff writer


Mason Madness



page 23, march 30, 2011

George Mason hoped to cap off a historic season with a run similar to that in 2006 but came up short in the second round

rom March 4 to 7, the 12-team Cothe team with four three-pointers and 21 lonial Athletic Association (CAA) points. The Rams’ 79-63 defeat of GMU held its annual men’s basketball con- advanced them to the CAA championship ference championship tournament. George game. Because of their victory over GMU Mason, the conference’s regular season and their many other accomplishments champion, went into the tournament with over the course of the year, VCU was high hopes of winning and earning an augiven access to the NCAA Tournament via tomatic bid to the NCAA tournament, an at-large bid. invitation extended to any team who wins Despite this loss, GMU still earned an its conference tournament. at-large bid to the NCAA tournament as George Mason handily defeated an eight seed. They played the nine seed Georgia State in the first round of their Villanova in the first round of the tournaconference tournament, but was afterward ment in Cleveland on March 20. Mason defeated by one of its most hated rivals, got down early, but all around solid play the Virginia Commonwealth (VCU) Rams. helped the Patriots cut their half time defiVCU had an incredible shooting perforcit to six points. With time winding down, mance as senior forward Jamie Skeen led a put back dunk by Mike Morrison and a 2. Cam Long, 1. Andre Cornelius, junior guard senior guard As a fiery and quick guard, Cornelius helped vault the team “What we got to under- forward with clutch baskets and a team leading 55 three-pointers stand is, with the CAA, made during the regular season. you never know how the game is going to turn out, and close games are 3. always capable of happening, that’s just what basketball is all about,” Long said.

step back three-pointer by Luke Hancock vaulted Mason ahead of Villanova. Mason went on to play the overall number one seed Ohio State Buckeyes. Outstanding performances by Buckeyes Jared Sullinger, David Lighty and William Buford led Ohio State to a 98-66 victory. GMU’s star performer from their first round game, Luke Hancock, came down with food poisoning and was unable to participate, but Mason was clearly outplayed by the more athletic Buckeyes team. Overall, Mason had one of their best seasons including a one-time nation leading 16 game win streak. An inability to hang with a great Ohio State team ended a historic season for the Patriots.

Patriot Prodigies 2.


3. Mike Morrison, junior forward The dominant big man for Mason’s starting five, Morrison played a major role as one of the team’s leading rebounders, getting 5.3 a game. 4. Ryan Pearson, junior forward “I think basically us just sticking together, just following our team motto of help defense and help offense, we will be good going into the CAA tournament,” Pearson said.


5. Luke Hancock, sophomore forward A sophomore sensation, Hancock was one of the most consistent performers on the team, in a year that resembles the 2006 Final Four squad. He led the team in assists with 4.3 a game.


6. player photos from George Mason Athletics court from

6. Jim Larranaga, head coach “I was thinking to myself, ‘I wonder who is going to step up, and make a couple of big shots.’ It’s been someone different, but always somebody seems to step up, and my job was to try to find that guys,” Larranaga said.



“Usually it is our goal to end on a win. I think it is a good goal to reach for,” said head coach Jean Counts. “Things to work on: I think we need on finding our team chemistry and maturing mentally. We have great individuals but we want more chemistry on the team. We are constantly trying to be better in all aspects of the game.”

3/15 Yorktown W 12-1 3/19 Madison L 2-6 “The big thing is preparing for everything that we know we will encounter, and it is my job to make sure that the players are prepared,” said head coach Justin Janis. “We do a lot of drill work to work fundamentals. We place a big emphasis on situation scrimmages in order to simulate certain situations so that the players know what they need to do. We like to be aggressive in our play & place pressure on the other team so they are the ones to make mistakes and not us.”

previous watch for: record Game at home against Westfield April 26, 6:30


SOFTBALL “I’m a catcher so during games I get signal from coaches and I relay that to the pitcher and that’s what pitch she throws,” said Amanda Krage, junior. “During a scrimmage I was calling pitches, but during games it was more important so he likes to decide what to throw. I like when there’s a pop up to me or when a player running home and I get to tag her out. Balls rarely get hit to the catcher unless it is a mistake, so I like having my rare opportunity to make an out. I think we’re going to do really well we have a really young team which can be either beneficial or detrimental but if we play to our potential we’ll be really good.”

athletes to watch emily corridon, outfield mandy krage, catcher mackenzie lynn, pitcher previous watch for: record Game away at Chantilly April 8, 6:30 p.m.


page 24 outlook sports march 30, 2011

athletes to watch chad carroll, infield taiyo francis, pitcher chris hansen, catcher luke willis, outfield

Signing just before the spring season, junior Carly Palmucci signed her letter of intent to play lacrosse at UConn.

athletes to watch Kelsey Weathers, Att. Jackie Rupp, Midfield Alex Revel, Midfield previous watch for: record Game at home against Chantilly March 30, 7:15 p.m.


BOYS LACROSSE “We want our team to be as competitive and physically fit as they can be this season. I try to make the practice drills as game like possible, the key for us is short and fast paced drills. The practices should be more difficult than the games are.”

athletes to watch Connor Anderson, GK Zack Bartee, Defense Sean Miller, Attack previous watch for: record Game at home against Madison April 8 at 7:15 p.m.


OUTDOOR TRACK “I want to get as many people to states as possible. Also, I want all of our boy mile runners to break 5 minutes and all girl mile runners to break 5:40,” said track coach Allysa Byers. “They have to go out hot, and come in hotter. They need to find ‘it’ somewhere on the second rep. [At practice] they should be running by the time I say on you marks.”

“I played for a half [against battlefield] didn’t get scored on, and the defense was pretty good,” said junior Logan Cropper. “[In the offseason] we did conditioning, running and weight-lifting. I did some training, everyday I had training to go to, lifted a lot of weights, buffed up. Bubba, Charlie, Jay, Ahmed, they [will be key players because they] all have experience, and we have a good unit. [This is our coach’s] second season so we’re better than last year because he knows how our team acts and how we perform.”

100 m;100 m hurdles; 4x100 m 200 m;4x200 m 300 hurdles

previous record

field events shot put pole vault high jump long jump triple jump additional events 400 m 800 m 1600 m 3200 m 4x400 m 4x800 m 4x1600 m

watch for:

District Meet at Oakton on April 13, 5 p.m.

“My favorite part is scoring goals; I’ve scored 5 including the scrimmages, 3 in the regular season,” said forward Bubba Delgado. “Our team is going to do pretty well, we’re going to win districts.” athletes to watch Logan Cropper, GK Charlie Ahn, midfield Bubba Delgado, forward

watch for:


Game at Robinson April 7, 7:00 p.m.


Finishing the recruiting process, juniors Danielle Fitzgerald and Alex Weaver signed to play for Kentucky and University of South Florida respectively in the spring of 2011.

athletes to watch Alex Weaver, GK Emma Rouse, midfield Danielle Fitzgerald, forward previous watch for: record Game home vs. Robinson April 7, 7:00 p.m.



lady cougars’ top 4 katie clark, so. alina suyama, jr. alexis klein, sr. rachel schwartz, sr.



In the eyes of coaches, Betsy Tyskowski and Jolie Walecka “After winning matches we want the kids to get a sense of a team spirit and improve their game. We like to build their confidence. We strive for consistency. The more comfortable that they become they more they can focus on the game, and all movements should become natural.”

“It was the first time we beat Robinson in four years. Robinson is the top competitor in the district, next to us, so beating them right out of the chute was really good for us especially since we beat previous watch for: them in singles,” said Alina previous watch for: record the tennis match Suyama, junior. “When record Game away at Chantilly at Robinson on we have to play Robinson April 7, 3:30 p.m. April 12 at 3:30 again and they’re going to come out to kill us.”



page 25 outlook sports march 30, 2011


SPOLIGHT shinar Jain monica larsen jennifer prosser staff writers

JV BASEBALL Name: Brian Boehm Experience: Eleven years Position: Shortstop

BOYS JV LAX Name: Michael Ficarra Experience: Three Years Position: Defense What you may not know:

Ficarra didn’t expect to make the junior varsity team, and instead, tried out for the freshman team. “The coach said I was good enough, and [he] pulled me up to junior varsity,” said Ficarra. He was surprised, but took the opportunity to play on JV his first year, and used it to his best advantage. Practices have consisted of conditioning and drills, both of which are often a rude awakening to players. Ficarra, although a freshman, has kept up with the practices well. Ficarra is swift and light-footed, making it easy for him to defend the goal. Ficarra displays a passion for the game in practice, and works extremely hard which shows in his game performance. “When I play, I feel like nothing stands in the way of me,” Ficarra said. Along with Ficarra’s experience, he has natural talent for the game. Ficarra is expected to be an outstanding player during the 2011 spring season, according to coaches E.J. Stapler, Sean Cassidy, and Mike Patriarco. photo courtesy of sara yaseen page 26 outlook sports march 30, 2011

GIRLS JV SOCCER Name: Lacy McCleskey Experience: Ten Years Position: Midfielder

What you may not know: What you may not know: When freshman Brian Boehm was born, one of the first things the doctors and his parents noticed were his pinkies. On both hands the top segments of his pinkies are bent at a 45° angle, a condition he calls “Acute Pinkyitis.” Just three years later he used his uniquely shaped fingers on the baseball diamond and ever since trained for a spot on the high school baseball team. By the end of try-outs everyone was comfortable with each other and often played practical jokes with one another. One day mid-tryouts Boehm decided to fool his coaches and tell them he hurt his pinkies in practice. “It was great, they totally believed me!” Boehm said. “But I told them the truth after a minute, it was pretty funny though.” However, Boehm hasn’t always been the one to point it out. He has been overlooked before because coaches think that it affects his ability to play. Boehm must hold the ball differently when he throws it and he bats alternatively too. “I’m sick on the [pitcher’s] mound, though,” Boehm said. “With my Acute Pinkyitis I can throw a wicked knuckleball.” While doctors say that the condition is not rare, Boehm has only ever seen one other person with pinkies that are comparable. Ironically, he played baseball too. photo courtesy of carson carrol

Lacy McCleskey was born to a college soccer star and an avid runner. Her dad played for the UVA varsity team and she has followed in his footsteps. McCleskey began CYA peewee soccer when she was four years old. She moved up in house and played for the Fireballs when she was seven. She was the top scorer many season and always made the All-Stars team because her coaches saw potential. When she was nine she moved up to the travel team, Blast. Her team was much better and here she wasn’t always the star. Her team kept improving and when she was in fifth grade they made WAGS 5. The Blast changed to the Comets and McCleskey kept advancing to reach a division 2 status. McCleskey tried out for the JV Girls Oakton soccer team freshman year, hopeful she would make the team. “I think I have a good chance of making the team because I’m on the Comets now, but there are a lot of talented girls out there who are better than me,” McCleskey said. She made the JV team and is practicing hard to have a good season. Through the skills she shows off at practice, her coaches and teammates have high expectations for what she will contribute to the Oakton girls JV soccer team. photo courtesy of lacy mcclesky

sports in brief

page 10, march 30, 2011

basketball enjoys rams its way 2. Richmond NCAA tournament success into the final four 1. VCU T T

he Virginia Commonwealth Rams have quickly become the biggest Cinderella story in the tournament since George Mason’s now famous run in 2006. On Selection Sunday VCU was widely considered to be a long shot to make the field of 68, but thanks to this tournament’s new format the Rams were placed in the inaugural “first four” round, reserved for the squads that barely gained entry. However, since their first game the Rams have had little trouble. The team has been led by the outstanding play of point guard Joey Rodriguez, who has averaged 7.6 assists through the teams’ first five tournament games. Rodriguez’ main target has been Bradford Burgess, who has led the team by averaging 17.5 points in the tournament. The Rams pulled off upsets over the three seeded Purdue Boilermakers 94-76. With a final four bid on the line, the team played on of its best games of the year, ousting the number two team in the nation, the Kansas Jayhawks, with a 71-61 victory. VCU will play fellow underdog Butler in the final four.

he Richmond Spiders entered the NCAA tournament as a number 12 seed, matched up against the heavily favored Vanderbilt Commodores. However, the Spiders earned a hard fought win after a last second heave fell short for Vanderbilt. The Spiders were led by a 25 point performance from star guard Kevin Anderson. In the round of 32, Richmond ran into another underdog, Morehead State. Morehead center Kenneth Faried is a bona fide superstar who is expected to be a first round pick in this summer’s NBA draft. However, Faried was limited to just 11 points, while Richmond forward

Justin Harper scored 19 as Richmond dismantled the Eagles 65-48. In the sweet sixteen Richmond was set to play the top seeded Kansas Jayhawks. It was there that the miracle run ended, with a 77-57 loss.

*graphics from official websites

Concorde All-District Basketball revealed 3. Boys T

he Concorde All-District basketball team was recently announced, and Oakton’s boys team was well represented as two starters were honored. Adi Hajrovic, Oakton varsity’s starting center, was named to first team All-District. Hajrovic averaged 18.5 points per game this season, the best on the team, while also leading in rebounds. Guard Steele Shemeld earned a place on second team AllDistrict for his efforts this season. Shemeld has averaged 15.4 points per game.

Concorde All-District 4. Girls basketball annouced O

marcela hawkins

akton’s girls basketball team instantaneously cemented themselves as the most dominant in the region upon the release of the Concorde All-District teams. All five starters were honored in some way, including Caroline Coyer being named player of the year. Caroline’s sister, Katherine, was named defensive player of the year in addition to being

named to second team AllDistrict. Zora Stephenson, the team’s leading scorer, was named to first team All-District. Center Elizabeth Manner was named to third team All-District, while Danielle Davis received second team All-District and second team AllDefense. page 25 outlook sports march 30, 2011

COUGAR CARIC A TURES the Oakton Outlook satire page



alex buscemi

sports co-editor

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page 28 outlook satire march 30, 2011

Amanda Lynne

Don’t kid yourself, that girl you like still has no idea who you are

cole neuffer


page 29, march 30, 2011

DJ Cole reviews local morning shows logos from official sites

Turn it up...

Turn it down...

Turn it off...

“The Kane Show” is a breath


“Elliot In the Morning” is a pretty

of fresh air amidst the notoriously infinite number of commercials on this station. They discuss some interesting stories but most end up being really unintelligent. While the show overall can be a bit irritating, it does have one segment that is incredibly entertaining called “War of the Roses.” This segment is addictive; there is a guilty pleasure in listening to a lovers’ quarrel with thousands of other people. If you like the Top 40 and discussions about relationships, try “The Kane Show.”


Wake-Up Show”

is tame compared to “Elliot in the Morning” and “The Kane Show.” The host is older and more mature, able to distinguish between stories that are intelligent and those that have no substance. He is like the grandpa that tells too many stories, calm and comforting, but droning and sleepinducing. If you want calm listening that provides a good amount of alternative/pop music, try listening to “The WINK WakeUp Show.”

Taylor Momsen and Lady Gaga rock DC

aylor Momsen and her opening act, A Thousand Horses, preformed at Jammin’ Java on March 17. A Thousand Horses warmed up the crowd with what they described as “dirty southern rock,” a crossover of country, rock and blues. Teen starlet Taylor Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless, finally took the stage two hours later than scheduled. After an excruciatingly long 45-minute sound check in between performances, the band opened with “Just Tonight,” with a more relaxed sound than usual. The band then progressed into the speaker-blasting songs they are known for, such as “My Medicine” and “Goin Down.” With their heavy eyeliner, revealing clothing and bold fashion statements, the collective group blended right in with the underground atmosphere of the joint. Like Momsen, her fans emulate the punk rock fashion that dominated the greater part of the 70s and early 80s. With a high energy, rock and roll vibe, The Pretty Reckless played a mixture of songs off of their latest album “Light Me Up” for a sensual show that will cater to those interested in alternative-rock. erin bennett pictures taken from official website

good show, playing a good amount of music compared to how much other morning shows play. The main problem is the host himself. He is incredibly immature, always throwing in a rude remark followed by an obnoxious laugh, which always makes me cringe. If you like alternative music, listen to this station in the afternoon when your music listening won’t be interrupted by Elliot.

staff writer


cole neuffer a&e editor

ady Gaga played a sold-out show at the Verizon Center on Feb. 24. The show was part of her Monster Ball Tour, which is currently in the duration of its third leg. Super fans were dressed the part, some emulating Gaga outfits and others wearing various self-created costumes. The show itself was prop and costume-heavy, consisting of about a dozen costume changes for Gaga alone. Each song had a corresponding dance routine involving numerous backup dancers and an extravagant set. Gaga opened with “Dance in the Dark” and began by standing behind a transparent screen. The stadium was immediately filled with the energy of about 20,000 screaming fans. She performed “Alejandro” while dancing on top of a blood spewing fountain. The show concluded with two versions of her newest single, “Born This Way”- the studio version and an a cappella with backup singers. The song had been released just 13 days prior to the concert, so the excitement for the lyrics and message were evident in Gaga and her “little monsters.” The vivid combination of Gaga’s musical talent, the performance art and the crazed fans made the entire nicole jakstas night a flawless spectacle. staff writer

media mix

Taste Questing: The search for Northern VA’s.....

Coming Soon

Energy Bars W

ith spring sports finally in full swing, it’s important for athletes to keep track of their diet and nutrition. Here are several protein-rich sports bars that are great for a pre- or post-practice snack.

Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie- 10g protein: This

bar’s smooth texture and crispy oats perfectly complement the sweet chocolate flavor that is consistent throughout the bar. The bar’s appearance is that of an actual brownie, and it tastes more like a treat than a nutritious snack, leaving anyone satisfied and ready for practice. The bar is also organic and has five grams of fiber. It will cost $1.25 to get your hands on one of these.

PowerBar ProteinPlus Cookies & Cream- 23g protein: The delicious chocolate coating of this bar does little to make

up for its boring, pasty consistency and lack of flavor. The smell alone is enough to turn my stomach, but its bitter aftertaste, excessive dryness and resulting headache seriously makes me wonder if a dog would find it fit to feast on. Despite its repulsiveness, the bar is filling and its nutrition content is perfect for any rigorous workout. You can find these snacks on the shelves for $2.00 per bar.

Chris Fowler history teacher

Favorite Genre: Rock and Country Favorite Artist: Aerosmith Favorite Songs: 1. “No One Like You”- Scorpions 2. “A Little More Country Than That”- Easton Corbin 3. “Thunderstruck”- AC/DC 4. The Star Spangled Banner 5. “Great Day to be Alive”- Travis Tritt

Kashi GOLEAN Roll! Caramel Peanut- 12g protein: A chewy caramel center with a crunchy outer layer makes this

bar by far the most exciting with respect to consistency; however, the instant dry sensation left me parched and with a chalky feeling in my mouth. The variety of flavor in this all-natural bar is delicious, but the overly chewy inner contents take away from the overall enjoyment of the bar. These bars run for about $1.35 per bar. kim gibbons

staff writer



eaming up, Catherine Hardwicke, director of “Twilight,” and Leonardo DiCaprio inject a spooky twist on the 700 year-old legend of Little Red Riding Hood. Amanda Seyfried portrays Valerie, a beautiful young woman whose life takes an unfavorable turn after she encounters page 30 outlook a&e march 30, 2011

the ravenous but mysterious village werewolf. Although this version of the legend is certainly more gruesome and romanticized, Hardwicke stayed loyal to the components of the original plot line, including Valerie’s red cloak, the line “Grandma, what big eyes you have,” and the woodcutter coming to save her from getting eaten by the wolf. “Red Riding Hood” is a constant guessing game. Although there is only one werewolf, Hardwicke drops the hint that anybody could be the werewolf. After re-

Red Riding Hood

vealing a few innocent suspects, the drama gets drawn out. The ending was so surprising that it seemed to be too outlandish to believe. Seyfried and her on-screen love interest Shiloh Fernandez have good chemistry and manage to save the movie from wreaking more havoc. In short, “Red Riding Hood” is just another forbidden-love-fantasy movie. If you just make minor plot changes and replace some of the characters, you would have the Twilight Saga. christina lee

staff writer

Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Facing the decision between love and money, Russell Brand plays an immature heir whose wealthy family threatens to cut him off.

Following a decade long gap, the popular slasher film series returns with a fourth installment and ensemble cast of stars.

After almost 40 years of development, the first film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s controversial novel comes to fruition.


The Rules According to JWOWW by Jenni “Jwoww” Farley


aving captivated audience on hit show Jersey Shore, Jenni “JWoWW” Farley has released a guide to the ultimate life of a Guidette, depicting Farley’s experiences with men, sex and dealing with her female competition. Although one may think the idea of one of the Jersey Shore members writing an advice book is downright hilarious, there are quite a few snippets that may indeed be useful when seeking a quality relationship. If not, it is a guaranteed laugh out loud. Broken down into eight chapters with 60 rules in each, Farley elaborates them in detail, guaranteeing that these rules apply to every relationship, whether a hook up or potential wedding-bells-shall-ring situation. The book also contains fun little things like meals to cook your beau in order to make him feel he’s more committed to you and easy steps to get over break ups, as well as various letters from the fans in which she addresses their relationship concerns. Farley does not censor her vulgar language and overall overwhelming personality, therefore the book really does read as if she’s talking to you one on one. And if for any reason you are not convinced about her rules, there is a poster on the inside book cover of JWoWW looking classy. roxanna ghamgosarnia

staff writer




ango’ is the latest children’s movie to hit box offices. The film takes a cute, modern spin on the classic old Western, only this time with a lizard. After seeing the commercials, “Rango” appeared to be the typical animated movie that we have seen hundreds


April 15

Scream 4

April 15

April 8


Vice & Virtues Panic! at the Disco


fter recovering from the loss of two band members, Panic! at the Disco’s third album, “Vices & Virtues,” is ingenious. Taking after their first album, “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out,” the new record is full of the unique, electronically-infused pop-rock that first brought Panic! into the spotlight. The catchy opening songs “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” and “Let’s Kill Tonight” are impressively memorable with their explosive hooks. However, standout tracks “Trade Mistakes,” “Hurricane” and “The Calendar” are easily the most monumental tunes. Many of the best aspects of the album are at the hand of Panic!’s exceptional knack for being consistently one-ofa-kind. The clever blend of electronics and classical string instruments has reached a whole new level of mastery on “Vices & Virtues.” Singer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist Brendon Urie’s prodigious voice is notably powerful in every single track. You won’t hear an album this exciting for a while. Each song is completely different from the rest, each lyric is on a whole new level of clarity and cleverness, each chorus soars. sofia crutchfield It’s an album that you’ll want to staff writer blast, full volume, in your car.

of times, then after seeing the movie, I can assure you it is. The main character Rango (Jonny Depp) is a scrawny green ordinary lizard with a knack for Hawaiian shirts and a dream of being in show biz. Through a mix of unfortunate events Rango finds himself in the town of Dirt where he befriends Beans (Isla Fisher) and becomes the sheriff of a town in desperate need of water. Depp and co-star Fisher did a marvel-

ous job in playing their roles. Both have some of the finest speaking voices in the business. While the animation in “Rango” was fantastic, the plot was boring and too predictable. It’s not every day you see a lizard in a “heroic journey to save the town of Dirt,” but it is every day where we see the classic “hero saves the day and wins the girl” story line. Buying a ticket to see it again is problauren embroski ably not going staff writer to happen. page 31 outlook a&e march 30, 2011

Outlook 2010-2011 Issue 6  

Issue 6 of the Oakton Outlook for the 2010-2011 school year.

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